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Beastly Kemper Chews Up Competition and Spits out Fourth Jaws Win You knew that a WSL Big Wave event was about to be underway when the broadcast team started using words like "commitment," "bravery," and "Herculean" to describe the what we were about to witness. The WSL has never shied away from hyperbole, but when it comes to Jaws, you kinda can't blame 'em.

Billy Kemper wins 2019 Jaws Big Wave Championships Kai Lenny surfed on a small board - a 9'4'' - and fueled by pre-surf burritos. Can you believe that? Fortunately, the flotation vests worked flawlessly, and there were no life-threatening moments, even though we saw a jet ski capsizing while trying to pick up an athlete from the impact zone.

Teahupoo will host the Paris 2024 Olympic surfing competition The Paris 2024 organizing committee and the International Surfing Association agree that Tahiti is surfing's best option for the 2024 Olympic Games.

2024 Olympics to be held at Chopes - Have the French just saved the Olympic dream? Have the French just saved the Olympic dream?

All hail the GOAT and other stories from the Pipe comp. Toledo and Smith Knocked out of World Title Race at Billabong Pipe MastersWith so much on the line in today's competition, each heat was a mini-drama series as World Title hopeful Toledo became the first casualty at the hands of New Zealand's Christie, 11.04 to 9.84.

Carve Christmas Gift Guide for Surfers 2019 - Here's our inspiring Christmas Gift List for the surfer in your life. Forget socks and aftershave, make Christmas special and give him or her a unique gift that takes the stress out of shopping. Or make a list and put it in front of parents / grandparents / partner, you know you're worth it!

Kelly Slater scores a Perfect 10 at the age of 47 The greatest competitive surfer of all time has done it again. Watch his flawless ride at Backdoor.

Counting Down the 10 Best Clips of November Even if you've been living under a rock with no reception for the past month, you'd probably still guess that the best surf clip of November was shot at Pipeline. By this time in the season, Pipe has usually had a chance to fire on all of it's innumerable cylinders, and this year is no exception.

This is Baiyungu Country Western Australia is rich in resources and to local surfers the most valuable of them is found where the desert meets the sea. Filmmaker Kim Feast's latest Taking Off edit dives deep into this special zone.

Congrats Carissa Moore: 2019 Champion of the World! Carissa Moore managed to win her fourth world surfing title on the Maui Pro 2019 on Monday, December 2. From Atlantik Surf, we'd like to congratulate her and all her team and family and we would also like to say… that we were right on our October prediction in which we though that Moore was going to end up Number 1 as she finally did.

50 Best Surf Quotes Surfers can be unexpectedly poetic when describing the surfing experience. Many of their quotes are surprisingly poignant and inspiring. We've compiled a list of 50 of the best surfing quotes from world champions through to authors and celebrities. What is your favourite surf quote?

16 Surfing Hollywood Movies From Gidget to Point Break and then to Surfer Dude - the portrayal of surfers is art reflecting culture in a feedback loop that draws people to the beach and creates new subcultures along the way. Here is a list of surfing Hollywood movies for your viewing pleasure.

The Most Common Surfing Mistakes Here’s the questions we get asked the most from surfers.

Kelly Goes Full GOAT, Filipe and Jordy Exit Title Race Much bigger out there this morning. Much more on the line. As Ronnie put it, "How good is Pipeline! It's on fire today." Ronnie might have been having the subtlest of digs at the Australian Prime Minister, a former marketing man who's stock slogan has become, "How good is Australia!" Not so good right now, actually.

A SoCal Kind of Christmas A SoCal Kind of Christmas. 'Tis the season for sharing the stoke and 70 degree weather. Whatever your plans might be this Holiday season, we hope San Diego makes a debut. From delightful beach weather, to Holiday parades, San Diego delivers it's own special kind of winter wonderland-making it one for the books.

Slater Decides He Can Have Fun Losing, Universe Immediately Rewards Him With Winning 10-Point Tube A few months back, the internet had a field day when the WSL released an episode of their "Sound Waves" series with the GOAT, Kelly Slater, at his miraculous cow country barrel during the Freshwater Pro.

Peony Knight, Lucy Campbell, Bonita Whitelock and Tegan Blackford hit Portugal… Footage from a recent photo trip to Portugal with a crew of Brit rippers.

Green Alert for Jaws Big Wave Championships. PE'AHI, Maui, Hawaii/USA - Today, the World Surf League issued a Green Alert for the cbdMD Jaws Big Wave Championships to run on Thursday, December 12, 2019. The world's best big wave surfers are now in transit to Pe'ahi, Maui, Hawaii to defy nature and challenge themselves in waves forecast to be in the 35-to-50-foot range on the face.

2019 Jaws Big Wave Championships gets green light The first event of the new World Surf League competitive big wave surfing era is expecting waves in the 35-to-50-foot range. The world's finest male and female performers will compete in a paddle-only contest and defy Nature's raw power in one of the most powerful waves on the planet.

Cracked Vault Holding Nuclear Waste Could Leak Untold Radiation into the Ocean The garbage inside is not ours. It's theirs." This is, of course, a problem for all of humanity not just our little corner of the world as surfers, but surfers have discovered perfect reef pass surf nearby in recent years. Slater has been surfing there for at least a decade.

Billabong Pipe Masters in Memory of Andy Irons kicks off. World title hopefuls keep dreams alive. The Billabong Pipe Masters in Memory of Andy Irons, the final stop on the 2019 World Surf League Men's Championship Tour and third gem of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, completed its first two rounds of competition in six-to-ten foot waves at the world-famous Banzai Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu.

Front seat action at OTW with Nathan Florence Experience the paddle out, pull in and get worked at OTW, all from the comfort of your chair whilst having a brew and noshing on a biscuit. Now we wouldn't advise that you spend your entire life as a spectator, living through the lens of social media, but avoiding getting battered into the reef has it's plus sides.

The Paddle Out - Ep 026 In this episode we get to have a chat with the lovely Ellie J Brooks. Ellie is an ambassador for the Global Wave Conference 2020 and currently on the Challenger Series ranked 58th in the world… enjoy!

Gabby Looks Primed For Title, John and Kelly Keep Olympic Dreams Alive at Pipe Baby-blue dream day for title contenders. North Pacific cracks await over the horizon. A third Medina world title and a beach washed with yellow awaits sometime in the next week. Anybody feel differently? The world title contenders rolled out in a conga line this morning, one after another, all five of them.

The Jaws Comp Gets Green Lit, Will Run Thursday In Huge Surf Well, there goes any chance of office-going surf fans getting any actual work done this week. On top of the Pipe Masters kicking off today and likely running again tomorrow, the cbdMD Jaws Big Wave Championships just got green lit for Thursday.

The Surfer Awards Fan Favorite Poll Results Are In…And Some Are Shocking In case you hadn't heard, last Thursday was the capital-b Biggest Night in Surfing. It was a big ol' party at Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of Oahu, where elite surfers dressed to the nines, The Mattson 2 melted some faces and gorgeous bronze statues were handed to the year's most impressive surfers.

Billy Kemper conquers 2019 Pipe Invitational The 29-year-old surfer from Maui defeated Imaikalani deVault, Keanu Asing, and Koa Smith in the final held in pumping six-foot barreling waves. As a result, Kemper and deVault secured the two wildcard spots available for the 2019 Billabong Pipeline Masters in Memory of Andy Irons.

Kemper Wins Pipe Trials, Wants to "Draw Some Title Guys and Mess Some Things Up" Glancing at the heat draw yesterday morning for the Pipe Invitational, which serves as a one day trials for entry into the main event, Billy Kemper and Imai deVault's names didn't jump off the screen. Yes, they both rush Pipe, but deVault is still working his way up the Pipe ranks, and Kemper is known more for his Jaws heroics.

SurfGirl 2019 Christmas Gift Guide: Top Picks - SurfGirl Magazine Check out our top picks for gifts this Christmas for surf girls.

Pumping Pipe with JOB… When Carve started in 1994 you had to wait until the late spring, and paid good money, to get your hands on a VHS video of Hawaii 9-4, or similar, to see what went down during the Hawaiian season. These days half* the surfers on the North Shore have their own vlog series bringing near daily doses.

Will Teahupo'o Be the Olympic Surfing Venue in 2024? France, according to the Guardian, is considering hosting the surfing portion of the 2024 Summer Olympics at Teahupo'o in French Polynesia, an overseas territory of the nation.

Jordy Smith, Eli Olson, Brett Barley and Co Had One Hell of a Start to Winter Watch Team O'Neill score a winter's worth of waves in only one month Last month we spoke to SwellWatch forecaster Nathan Cool about the surf outlook for Hawaii. He told us that, thanks to a "neutral Niño" state in the Pacific Ocean this winter, we should see a nonstop conveyor belt of swell for Oahu.

The Soldiers of stoke hit Shark Cove When they found Ben Gravy on the North Shore he was surfing a place most people like to stay away from. Mason tried to think of a polite way to tell him he didn't want to surf that spot but Ben talked him into it. One of the most fun days ever.

Filipe Toledo opens up about mental health issues On the down points, it's really hard to talk to somebody. You just want to be in your own space, doing your things, or just doing nothing, which was my case." "It was like: 'it's just me. I don't want to talk to anybody. I'm fine.

Best Of Who is JOB: All the wipeouts and surf slams Sit back and enjoy other people getting slammed into the sand… Ouchy.

Team England at ISA SUP and Paddleboard World Championships El Sunzal, El Salvador 2019. The beautiful resort and right hand point break of a Playa El Sunzal in El Salvador, Central America was the venue for the 2109 International Surfing Association SUP and Paddleboard World Championships from 24 November to 2 `December 2019.

Honolua Blomfield and Justin Quintal Win WSL Longboard Titles on Single Fins Hawaii and Florida have new World Champions. And now, after a week of pumping surf Taiwan Open of Surfing, it's official. Blomfield was crowned Champ in windy conditions at The Left in Taitung. The 20-year-old stylist now has two world titles and a pair of Duct Tape Invitational titles to her name.

Hawaii Live Ep1 Jordy Smith, Eli Olson, Brett Barley, Soli Bailey, Ian Crane, Jake Kelley, Timmy Reyes and Dwight Pastrana haven't missed an opportunity to get under the hood of Oahu's finest breaks. Looks like plenty of juice coming down the track with the Pipe comp likely to start and Jaws possible for Thursday.

Getting Better At Canada Canadian surfer Hanna Scott and friends explore the remote coastline in search of surf.

Minds Were Thoroughly Blown at Vans' "Pentacoastal" Premiere Last Night It was probably 3 years ago when people first started whispering about Vans doing a Wade Goodall movie, which is a pretty long time for people to be talking about anything, considering how science has proven that the modern human brain can only hold focus on something for the length of an Instagram story.

BYKATHRYN support Peony Knight & Emily Currie surfing The Wave Back in September we announced our latest partner BYKATHRYN who are supporting Surfing England with their oceanic fragrance, PADSTOW ROCKS. The partnership is focused to support and promote some of England's Top Female Surfers, all who have British Team and Olympic ambitions.

Advanced Tube Ride Retreat Highlights November Click for the tube rides, stay for the wipeouts. Our twice yearly advanced tube riding retreat is always one of the most entertaining of the year, full of guests who are ready to charge and push their levels which results in awesome rides and spectacular wipeouts.

Maiden Victories for Moretti and Tawharu Paul Moretti and Elin Tawharu have claimed their maiden New Zealand Surf Series victories today winning the season-ending Backdoor Pro presented by Billabong held at Fitzroy Beach, New Plymouth. The event was relocated to Fitzroy Beach with the pending weather for the day looking ominous.

Will John John Florence Win a Pipeline Masters? The Billabong Pipe Masters, the last event of the 2019 'CT season, is just a day away and much is on the line this year: a world title, a Triple Crown win, Olympic qualification, requalification and, of course, one massive check for $100,000.

Celebrating DIY Board Building at an Old-School Beach Hang After a week in which a new Women's Champ was crowned, several upstarts punched their Tour cards, and we handed out a few accolades of our own, it's hard to imagine Oahu any busier.

Brown Left With Destiny In Own Hands Great Barrier surfer Amiee Brown has been left with her own destiny in her hands to clinch the NZ Surf Series overall title this weekend after front runner and closest rival Raiha Ensor crashed out of contention at the Backdoor Pro presented by Billabong being held at Taranaki this weekend.

50+ Awesome Gifts for Surfers / Gift Guide 2019 Gifts for surfers – The Ultimate Guide to the coolest gifts for your wave-loving tribe. From surfboard bags and beach towels to fins and art prints…

Instructor Highlight - Jeff Carver I have had the pleasure of working with nearly one hundred different surf instructors over my time with WB Surf Camp. One of our all-time favorite instructors is none other than Jeff Carver.

Kelly Slater dissects his life and career on the Olympic Channel Don't be jealous." Instead, I sort of became the victim of getting made fun of. I didn't love it, and so it was hard for me; I was sort of embarrassed about it, but it drove me in my competitive aspects. I would just think in my head: "this guy's thinking about Baywatch; he wants to make fun of me.

Nazare Kneehab Cotty manages to get two good shortboard sessions in one day and it's time to start getting knees and shoulders ready for paddling the big ones! He also talks you through a rehab session focused on knee strength and stability.

Snaps from Surfing's Biggest Night Surfing's biggest party went off last night as only the Surfer Awards can, with the World Tour elite, stratospheric punters, heavy.

Quintal claims World Title, Skindog through the quarters at 2019 Taiwan Open of Surfing THE LEFT, TAITUNG / TPE - Florida's Justin Quintal has claimed his maiden WSL World Longboard Championship at the 2019 Taiwan Open of Surfing in pumping three-to-four foot surf at 'The Left' in Taitiung.

The 2019 Surfer Awards Winners Are… The following names put on this year's best performances in the way of landing stratosphere-reaching airs, threading bottomless tubes and telling the most compelling stories, which is what Surfer Awards is all about-celebrating everything awesome and inspiring from the year in surfing, and having a hell of a time while doing it.

This Is How You Make an Entrance At The 2019 Surfer Awards The surf world gets fancy AF and hits the red carpet for the 2019 Surfer Awards.

Swiss Alps will get a wave pool by Wavegarden It will now be possible to snowboard, ski, skateboard, and surf on the same day here in Switzerland." The water sports facility will, as always, provide waves for all levels of surfing, as well as other amenities and viewing areas.

Canadian goofy footers dream Instead of seeking out massive slabs in remote Oz, he jetted off to Canada in search of hurricane surf and silky point breaks. As you can see in filmmaker Owen Milne's latest Sessions edit, Mooney was not disappointed.

Watch The Edit That Earned Chippa Wilson a Nomination at Surfer Awards You know, typical Chippa Wilson stuff. After we were finished watching it, we picked our jaws off the floor and decided it not only deserved a nomination for the Best Short category-thanks to Kai's beautiful cinematography and Chippa's hi-fi shredding-but also a Best Maneuver nomination for the air Chippa lands at 9:41.

The 2019 Surfer Awards Trophies Were Basically Forged In The Fires of Mordor When fine artist Alrik Yuill was only 5 years old, he would collect discarded surf wax he'd find in the sand at his local beach, warmed malleable by the relentless heat of Southern California. With his sand-caked medium, he would sculpt little figurines.

Billabong Women's: Know The Feeling We are excited to announce Billabong Womens' newest instalment of its "Know the Feeling" campaign with the launch of our Spring 20 collection. The team has travelled to China, Morocco, and Sri Lanka to uncover stories of women who are pioneers in their community and instrumental in breaking down diversity barriers.

Backdoor Pro pres by Billabong Set to Complete Year in Taranaki The 2019 New Zealand Surf Series will be determined this weekend with the Backdoor Pro presented by Billabong providing the stage for the final event of the year. Four surfers in the Men's Division have the chance to topple Waihi Beach surfer Levi Stewart and claim the title.

349 Surfers Issue As I sit here and write this, nearly all of Australia's populated east coast is ablaze. Nearly a million hectares, they're saying. Already more than what went up in the Amazon fires of 2019, and it's not even summer yet.

Scenes from the Offbeat Concrete Party That Was The Vans Duct Tape Skate Jam A mix of food, art, music and shredding to kick off the Vans Duct Tape Festival.

How to score a Perfect 10 in competitive surfing It's the competitive surfer's ultimate goal. Performing a flawless display of wave riding is not easy, as the athlete depends on the behavior and his or her ability and skills to do it. So, how does surfing's scoring system work? In competitive surfing, judges award scores using a scale that goes from one to ten.

Surfer Vs Crocodile: A story of Survival Jon Becker lost his leg in a crocodile attack while surfing, this is the story of him getting back in the water.

Boy knocked off surfboard by shark 'I'm like the luckiest boy ever,': Kid knocked off surfboard by shark with major beef.

Torren Martyn On Two Fins At Pumping Greenbush Is Must-See TV "On The Light Side" has a hypnotic quality about it. With a strictly instrumental soundtrack, and filmed entirely in epic surf at three of Indonesia's best waves, this 17-minute film will draw you in with beautiful cinematography, and keep your attention with Martyn's unique approach to pumping tubes.

West Oz Tube Hound Jack Robinson Qualifies For The 2020 Championship Tour at Sunset Scores highest heat total in the history of finals at the Vans World Cup of Surfing.

Fight For The Bight Among the enterprises that haven't backed off, Equinor, a Norwegian-based international energy company, continues to pursue its plans to drill an offshore exploratory well - which would be the deepest in Australia and one of the most remote in the globe - in a region roughly 370 km off the coast, 476 km west of Port Lincoln.

Jack Robinson wins 2019 Vans World Cup of Surfing However, and most importantly, he secured the last spot on the 2020 World Surf League Men's Championship Tour. "We're ready. It was a while coming; a lot of build-up to this. I felt like I wanted to get on the CT]earlier, but it happens when it happens.

Mason Ho Red Retro Fish Rock Dancing Join Mason Ho and his ongoing quest to surf and pile drive himself into or onto rocks. He's helluva fun to watch.

An All-Women Camping Trip Along the Untamed Coast of Vancouver Island Hanna Scott, Tatum Monod and Sara Taylor explore Canada’s outer reaches via Zodiak.

Eduardo Arena, founder of the ISA, passes away at 92 The ISA - originally named International Surfing Federation between 1964 and 1973 - is the official governing body for the sport of surfing recognized by the International Olympic Committee. Arena was responsible for running the ISF World Surfing Championships, an open, one-off event held every two years between 1964 to 1972.

Carissa Moore claims fourth WSL Women's Championship Tour title Moore has also become the most successful competitive surfer of the Hawaiian archipelago - Andy Irons won three world titles, and John John Florence has two. The 27-year-old from Honolulu has had a highly consistent season. She was the only surfer who was never knocked out before the quarterfinals.

Carissa Moore Claims Fourth World Title Although she defeated her closest opponent, 17-year-old Caroline Marks, to clinch her fourth World Title, the two will represent America together as surfing makes its Olympic debut in Tokyo next year. "That was crazy and I was trying to keep my focus and emotions in check," said Moore.

Carissa Moore makes it four and other stories… In the season's ten events, Moore hasn't lost before the Quarterfinals, racking up three wins, two runner-up finishes, three equal 3rds and two equal 5ths to seal the deal on her fourth World Title. She is the only Top 17 surfer who managed to advance into the Quarters or better at all the events this year.

Steph Claims 5th Honolua Bay Win, Tyler Wright Is Back and More Stylish Than Ever The crumbling self-belief. A loss in the quarters against Nikki Van Dijk would open the door for her opponent Caroline Marks to steal the world title. Carissa is the best female surfer on tour. Steph picks her moments for a grace note, but across all waves Carissa is imperious.

Carissa Clinches Her Fourth World Title at Honolua Yesterday, during a grey day at Honolua Bay, Carissa Moore, Lakey Peterson and Caroline Marks all paddled out in Round 1 of the lululemon Maui Pro with one goal in mind: to maneuver their way to the finals and claim that big metal trophy belonging to the 2019 World Champ.

Sarah Dean: Overcoming The Challenges Sarah Dean is an amputee surfer who has overcome huge challenges.

Sperm whale dies with 100kg of plastics and litter in stomach In this whale's stomach was approximately 100kg of marine debris - a whole range of plastic including sections of net, bundles of rope, plastic cups, bags, gloves, packing straps and tubing. All this material was in a huge ball in the stomach and some of it it looked like it had been there for some time.

Will Italo Ferreira Win His First World Title At The Pipeline Masters? Six weeks ago, just before the start of the Portugal event, Gabriel Medina was the clear front-runner for the 2019 world title, and even had an outside shot to clinch with a win at Supertubos. How things have changed since then.

Shipsterns 'inside The Bluff' Who fancies hiking 9km then surfing Shipsterns Bluff? Meet hell man hiker surfer Kipp Caddy.

Tyler Wright Knocks Lakey Peterson Out of Title Race When the WSL took over and immediately started throwing money in the general direction of the women, it was a genuine effort to make things right with the sisterhood… but there was also a huge commercial opportunity there. With the men's surf brands in decline, where was the growth going to come?

The Paddle Out - Ep 025 In this episode of The Paddle Out we are joined by Bede Durbidge. Runner up to the World Title and now the Head Coach at Surfing Australia heading up our Olympic assault on the real world stage. Join us for another great yarn.

Want to Win a Free Wetsuit? Equipped with Channel Flex tech, triple glued and blind stitched seams, as well as something Xcel calls radiant rebound-a liner which effectively blocks cold from the outside and keeps your body warmth in-the Infiniti 3/2 just might be your new favorite suit.

Four time World Champion Gigs Celliers win the Open Division at the 2019 SA Kneeboard Championships. Tuesday November 26th: Four time World and multiple South African Champion, Gigs Celliers won the premier Open Division at the 2019 South African Kneeboard Championships which was completed in Mossel Bay on Sunday.

South African wins Gold at the 2019 International Surfing Association World Stand-up Paddleboarding Championships in El Salvador. Tuesday November 26th: Tyra Buncombe of the Western Cape was crowned the 2019 ISA Woman's World Long Distance Prone Paddleboard Champion yesterday, after winning the 18km race in brutally hot conditions at Playa El Tunco, El Salvador.

Highlight Video From Our First Morocco Retreat Continuing to add new locations to our offering, this is a highlight video of our first ever retreat in Morocco. The ladies scored really fun user-friendly but also performance right hand waves and explored the culture of Morocco. Join us next year in October in Morocco!

The man who saved surfing in California forever Did he receive feedback from the local communities and surfers? "The communities, yes - and the surfers definitely. I was not sure about the safety of surfing, but I said 'yes' every time a surfer offered me his board, just to please him at first.

Meet the Grom Who Published A Surf Mag at Just 8 Years Old "And I'd be like, 'No, I'm right here, I made the magazine.'" Before Bromberg's ninth birthday, 5,000 copies of the first issue of Grom It were published with Hawaiian shredder Zoe McDougall making the cover.

Non stop Nazare - Bounce Back Ep8 This week the waves slowed down, but just for a couple days and Cotty and Tom Butler managed to surf another proper midsize swell. We've got tons coming up so pop your email in this box to subscribe and keep in the loop - we're talking giveaways, exclusive subscriber sales, discounts, competitions, brand news and the chance to win surf trips.

How to prepare for your next surfing vacation But if you want to get the most out of your vacation, you'll have to put in some work ahead of time. Planning a great trip takes time. When you do some research and carefully choose your destinations, you can create a fun, low-stress travel experience that allows you to catch some great waves.

Have You Ever Seen a Finless Board in Pumping Indo Surf? But you know what happens when you assume. Of course, Jay Davies was there too, rounding out the quiver of boards on display, laying down heavy-footed arcs on high-performance thrusters. Press play and enjoy a smorgasbord of styles featured in the edit above.

Bob McTavish receives inaugural FCS Legend Shaper Award Recently, the craftsman shaped a board that represents his vision and philosophy for the three-time world champion, Mick Fanning. Bob opted for the "McTavish Bluebird," one of his most memorable models of the 1970s, and a board that changed the way many surfers rode waves in that era.

Snapshots From the Epicenter of North Shore Surfing Many of the same faces still frequent the Seven Mile Miracle and new, energetic faces continually put in their time at these waves to have the chance at being recognized, or maybe more importantly, eventually getting a crack at a proper set wave out at the Banzai Pipeline.

Meet the Slab Slayer Who Sleeps at the Foot of Shipstern Bluff The majority of those who paddle out at the nightmare of a wave that is Shipstern Bluff get to the harrowing slab by way of a 30-min, not-very-comfortable boat ride. But there are an intrepid few who decide to take the even harder route to get there, which involves a 5-plus-mile hike through the bush.

Six Moments of Perfect Surfing, As Seen in Our Style Issue The gallery below, which was originally published in the mag, features six moments of perfect surfing displayed by style masters like Torren Martyn, Ryan Burch, Mikey February and more. Be sure to click here and here to read more stories from the magazine.

New Zealand Claim Oceania Cup The New Zealand Surfing Team has claimed the overall team title at the 2019 Oceania Cup surfing to three titles across four divisions with the fourth going to American Samoa. The reinvented Ocean Cup was held at Aganoa Resort on Savaii, Samoa and completed this week.

Surf, Play & Where to Stay in San Diego Surf, Play and Where to Stay in San Diego. With San Diego crushing the charts from one of the best places to live to the top 15 places to visit in the US-it's a no wonder this has become a prime destination for honeymooners, business conferences, spring breakers, Holidays and staycations.

Australian Surfers Give Collective Middle Finger to Oil Industry This Weekend These were coastal communities. Most of them had never protested anything before and that's why these gatherings were so important. There was nothing "fringe" about this crew. They weren't easily dismissed. They also tapped into possibly the most Australian thing you can do-going to the beach and throwing yourself into a three-foot shorey.

New Jersey mall debuts indoor wave pool by PerfectSwell The DreamWorks Water Park will also feature more than 40 water slides and 15 attractions, including a lazy river and the world's tallest indoor body slide. "The whole experience surfing indoors through crystal clear water is really cool. It's awesome to see this technology fit into the footprint of the waterpark at the mall.

San Onofre's Log Lords Radiate Style at Old Man's I'm talking about the crew of loggers who frequent San O on a regular basis, sliding stylishly along crumbly peelers, noseriding, taking off switch stance and doing whatever the hell they feel like doing on a single-fin from sun-up to sun down.

Patagonia - Black Friday - Double Your Impact to Fight the Environmental Crisis This Friday is… Black Friday and this year Patagonia is all about supporting environmental NGO’s through donation matching on Action Works, including many UK charities.

Banzai Raw With Mason Ho & Crew Check out Mason Ho's amazing recovery amongst other Pipeline madness.

The Paddle Out - Ep 024 In this episode of The Paddle Out we do the "The Paddle Out" as we hit the beach for the "Fight for the Bight". When we join together as a surfing community we a voice that cannot be ignored. So join us in our voice together as we #fightforthebight.

Rip Curl European Hell Team Rip Curl European Hell Team Fire Up At Waco, Texas.

British Team Manager and Coach Applications British Surfing are opening up applications for people who would like to apply for the role of Team Coach and also Team Manager for the British Surfing Team. These are separate roles and the job descriptions are here to download. British-Surfing-Team-Manager-JD.

Why Surfers in California and Hawaii Could See Plenty of Swell This Winter Forecaster Nathan Cool has the answers.

Lakey Peterson is Looking Lethal in Her Honolua Warm Ups 2 is looking ready to rock in the three-way 2019 title showdown.

Surf guitar music rocks Surf guitar music is up-tempo, instrumental, electric guitar led, with waves of 'wet' reverb and lots of vibrato arm pulling. Remember the opening credits to Pulp Fiction? That's surf guitar music.

Selection policy for 2020 ISA World Surfing Games announced British Surfing, in agreement with the four Home Nations, have announced the criteria for the 2020 British Team selection. The selection policy says that athletes wishing to gain a place on the British Team for the 2020 World Games in Japan must initially secure their place by:.

Surf photo by Ben Thouard wins 2019 Red Bull Illume The French surf photographer took a stunning picture of Adrian Buchan getting barreled at Teahupoo.

Nazare Jet Ski Rescue Seems to Defy Laws of Nature Fresh out of the What The Actual F#$& Department, big-wave tow team Lucas Chumbo and Ian Cosenza pulled off something seemingly miraculous during an XXL swell at Nazare last week when ski driver Cosenza swooped in to grab Chumbo after ride, while another monster wall of water was bearing down on them.

Frederico Morais Wins The Hawaiian Pro At Haleiwa, Qualifies For The Championship Tour In 2020 Finals day at Haleiwa means big moves for Tour hopefuls.

Balaram Stack claims 2019 Red Bull Night Riders Jacksonville Beach has once again hosted the legendary tow-out night surfing contest.

The new Waydoo Flyer electric hydrofoil is lighter and cheaper The slip-resistant, textured carbon fiber Waydoo Flyer has a 6,000W battery, which not only packs a proper punch but can also give users a steady and long-lasting ride of up to 75 minutes on one full battery charge. Thanks to a first-class electric propulsion system, the Waydoo Flyer is capable of reaching a top speed of 28 mph.

Teresa Padilla ratifies Spain's Bodyboard Championship Teresa Padilla, a 17 year old girl from Los Realejos, Tenerife, has ratified her title from 2018 and has won the 2019 Spain's Bodyboard national championship. We informed about her last year title in our Spanish blog, but she's made it again and we are very proud of speaking about her again.

What Made This Perfect Slab Just Disappear? Yes, Italy gets swell and yes, there are even a few spots along the Mediterranean country that produce waves that would put an ear-to-ear grin on any surfer's face. Case in point: the secret slab featured above. According to Roberto D'Amico, the Italian tube-hound you backdooring the playful wedge, this secret wave turned on only after a storm.

Is surfing a display of vanity? Are surfers riding waves for themselves or to impress others? Is surfing all about showing off or a creative and artistic performative sport?

Shark Proof Wetsuits, Yay! "The aim of this study was to assess the ability of new fabrics incorporated into neoprene to reduce injuries from white shark bites," says Associate Professor Huveneers.

Mobility for Surfers For surfing, as with for any physical activity, an appropriate level of mobility is key in order to maximise performance, make improvements, and practice regularly without being encumbered by injury. Mobility is the ability to apply strength across the entire range of motion.

Adventure is Calling Winter Travel Guide - SurfGirl Magazine Pack your boards, and go in search of quiet peaks and reef break perfection.

Frederico Morais wins 2019 Hawaiian Pro The Portuguese surfer won the first jewel of the Triple Crown of Surfing after defeating Leonardo Fioravanti, Matthew McGillivray, and Ethan Ewing in the final. Morais, who has just qualified for the 2020 World Surf League Championship Tour, locked in one of the most important victories of his career.

Which Surf Nations Will Likely be Represented at the 2020 Olympics Now that the 'CT is winding down and surfers on the Tour have more or less secured their provisional spots, we're starting to have a vague idea of which surfers, from which nations, will head to Tokyo.

Tyler Wright Will Return to Competition at the Maui Pro This Week The 2x World Champ opens up about her health issues and 17-month-long recovery.

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A World Title, An Olympic Slot and $100,000 Are All Up For Grabs at Honolua Bay Somehow 2019 has flashed before our eyes and now we are just days away from the final event of the women's 'CT season. As you likely know, the title is still very much up for grabs, with Carissa Moore, Lakey Peterson and supergrom Caroline Marks all having a solid chance at becoming the 2019 World Champ.

This Hawaii-Based Nonprofit Is Trying to Turn the Tide of Ocean Pollution An interview with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, a Hawaii-based nonprofit trying to turn the tide of ocean pollution.

Giant Nazare After a strike mission to Ireland and scoring some great waves, Cotty came back to Nazarà with an injury, but managed to recover and surf some of the biggest waves he has ever caught at NazarÃ!

Prescription The pair journeyed hours to a mystical place that they had only heard about in myths and legend. The temperature in February exceeded our expectations, sunlight and little wind allowed Sebastian Smart to wear only a wetsuit and boots. The sensory advantage that this allowed helped with navigation through shallow grinding wave tunnels.

Program Highlight: Advanced Teen Costa Rica Surf & Adventure Camp Have you ever wanted to explore Costa Rica's surf rich Northern Pacific coast? I don't mean just taking a visit to one of the beaches, but rather a true exploration where you see something new each day.

Kerby Brown Defies Death at This Demented-Looking Left The hard-charging hellman dances with one of Oz's heaviest slabs November 22, 2019 By Ashtyn Douglas Social icon rssSocial icon instagram If you were given the opportunity to get towed into mutant waves like the ones above, at a sketchy, likely-very-sharky slab in the middle of god knows where, would you take it?

Speed Painting with Mermaid's Coin Get inspired with your creative side and try this video from Mermaid’s Coin.

Dolce Far Niente: Go Slow Don't Burn Out Whether you're ready to embark on a cold winter or settling in for a summer filled with warm golden sunshine days, have you thought about how to approach the changing weather and to opt for a slower pace of life?

Oceania Cup Returns to the Pacific Surfing Calendar The Oceania Surfing Cup returns to the Pacific with the eight-day event taking place at Aganoa Beach, Savaii, Samoa starting this Saturday. Six teams from across the Pacific will be participating at the event which is being held for the first time in twelve years.

Australians Are Paddling Out En Masse This Weekend to Fight for the Bight If you haven't, here's a quick breakdown of what's been going on: Last year, Equinor submitted an environmental draft plan for a deep-sea drilling operation in the Great Australian Bight-a stretch of marine-rich ocean off the coast of South Australia.

Membership Coordinator Vacancy - Surfing England Role: Membership Coordinator. Location: Surfing England Office - Braunton, North Devon. Hours: Part time and full time considered. Salary: £17,000 p/a pro rata. Employment type: Permanent. Start date: As soon as possible. Surfing England. There has never been a more exciting time to be involved in English surfing.

Introducing the Kids of Queens When the hooter sounded, her cousin, Kaniela Stewart-who now sat across from me at the table devouring a bowl of pasta-made his way through the umbrella-packed beach, handed her the Hawaiian flag and helped carry her to the podium. Stewart, who just turned 18, is one of the oldest in the bunch.

Mentawai Remix Banish the winter blues, pull into some aqua blue pits with Angelo Bonomelli.

Toxic Point… Ephemeral waves in Italy with Roberto D'Amico. Scoring good waves in Italy is very hard, but when it happens, take a deep breath and make the most of it, because it will not happen again anytime soon. From the bottom of my heart, thanks to the locals for taking me there and sharing one of the best sessions of my life.

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How much money does an average pro surfer make? Do surfers make a lot of money? Only a few will become rich, and only a handful will become millionaires. Let's understand why. The Championship Tour is the elite of surfing and features 34 professional athletes. The winner of each of the 11 CT events takes home $100,000.

Blue Collar Charger Laurie Towner Trades the Job Site for Draining Desert Tubes The hard-charging Aussie scores tube after perfect tube on a hard-earned holiday.

The Art of Making Freezing Cold, Backless Slabs Look Fun Coldwater tube whisperers Dane Anderson and Wilem Banks get deep in the North Atlantic.

Solite invent custom fit surf boots. But two men, Jamie Meiselman and Tyler Callaway, have come up with a unique concept using a Thermo-Form sole to create custom fit boots. Jamie and Tyler grew up surfing in freezing winters in the northeastern United States so they knew that booties were the key to cold water performance surfing.

Top 10 reasons for retiring from professional surfing Why do professional surfers retire sooner or later? The decision to hang the jersey and the leash is never easy but, sometimes, it's quite inevitable.

Surfer Awards Announcing the 2019 Surfer Awards nominees for Movie of the Year Subscribe to our free newsletter and stay up-to-date with the latest from SURFER Magazine SURFER has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services.

Jake Kelly Gets All Kinds of Radical at Home in Ventura County November 19, 2019 By SURFER Social icon websiteSocial icon rssSocial icon twitter If you're looking for a quick hit to get you amped for your next session, look no further than the short above, featuring aerial wizard and Ventura County native Jake Kelly.

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Kai Lenny Is Making Flips in Big Waves a Thing And more insane performances from photographer Ryan "Chachi" Craig during the last epic run of swell to hit the Aloha State.

What Carissa Needs to Do at Honolua Bay to Clinch The 2019 World Title The waiting period for the final event of the women's 2019 'CT season starts next Monday at Honolua Bay, the famed right point where we'll witness a three-way showdown between Carissa Moore, Lakey Peterson and supergrom Caroline Marks. Not only will they be vying for the title but also the two yet-to-be-filled spots on the U.S Olympic team.

SurfGirl Magazine Understand the water temperatures you will be surfing in. : Depending on where you are in the world will determine what thickness wetsuit you will get. Doing a bit of research before you spend the cash will make all the difference. Find out how cold the water will get and then go from there.

Invitees announced for 2019/2020 Perfect Chapter The event commission awarded two wildcards to a Portuguese and an international surfer who weren't picked in the poll, based on recent performances, notoriety, and relevance for the Perfect Chapter. They are defending event champion, William Aliotti, and local surfer, João Moreira.

And Caroline Marks wins again Dear surfers Caroline Marks, the Rookie we talked about a couple of weeks ago has done it again. At only 17 years of age, Caroline Marks has won here second event of the season at the MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal.

Electric Surfing Fin with Motor! Yay, another crack pot surfing invention just in time for Christmas.

10 Reasons why surfing is bad for you There are many reasons to start surfing and lots of articles have been written about the reasons why you should try. However, there is a dark side to the surfing that many of us forget. Surfing can be bad for you. Here are ten reasons why. I used to seriously wonder what non-surfers do on weekends.

Move Over Wavejet, There's a New Completely Ridiculous Surf Technology in Town You have to admire the entrepreneurial spirit. After nearly a century of failed attempts to popularize motorize surfboards, starting with the gas-powered Surf Scooter in the 1930s, business-minds new to surfing are still pondering the age-old question: What if surfing, but, like, easier?

Introducing Battle of the Vlogs The newly revamped 2019 Surfer Awards are officially just a few weeks away and we've begun announcing the nominees for each category. This year's show will continue to celebrate many of the categories you've seen in the past, but with the addition of a few new ones, including the "Battle of the Vlogs".

Coco Ho Looks More Than Ready for Honolua Bay The Queen of the North Shore goes ham in brother Mason's new edit November 16, 2019 By Ashtyn Douglas Social icon rssSocial icon instagram The Maui Pro begins in a little over a week, and you can bet the women on the 'CT are doing everything they can to gear up for the final event of the season.

This Playful Slab Makes Coldwater Surfing Actually Look Inviting The North Atlantic is an unruly beast, with the wind and waves in a constant state of unpredictable flux. Which makes even the best laid plans to the region somewhat of a crapshoot. So, when Dane Anderson joined Wilem Banks on strike trip across the pond, he knew they were rolling the dice, despite a solid forecast.

Beast Mode… More footage from the new Melbourne pool turned up to 11 for the pros. We've got tons coming up so pop your email in this box to subscribe and keep in the loop - we're talking giveaways, exclusive subscriber sales, discounts, competitions, brand news and the chance to win surf trips.

Is This The Biggest Wave Ridden By a Woman? Those who witnessed the insane feat were saying the Praia do Norte monster was over 65 feet tall, possibly rivaling Maya Gabeira's world record, which she secured back in 2018. "This was for sure the bomb of the day, and one of the most impressive and critical rides I've ever watched in Nazaré," says Pedro Miranda, who filmed the cutdown above.

Justine Dupont surfed "the greatest wave of her life" in Nazaré The official wave height is currently being determined to be a contender for a new world record for Dupont for the largest wave surfed by a female athlete. An experienced big wave surfer, Dupont admits that this type of wave is "hard to deal with." In fact, she's spent the last three winters in Nazaré, Portugal, to train specifically for it.

Is Hawaii's New Law Aimed at AirBnB and VRBO Kind of Screwing Surfers? "The guys coming for the 'QS who can't commit to more than 30 days, it's a disaster for them." Aside from the legally permitted rentals, there aren't many options when it comes finding accommodation on the North Shore, save for Turtle Bay Resort and the Backpackers hostel.

Europe on fire - Illa Pancha Go big or go home as spots across Europe light up.

Pedro Scooby escapes death by drowning in Nazaré The wave I caught was a beast. Life goes on. Let's celebrate!" "So, we have to cherish life and enjoy it to the fullest. We never know when it's over. Make friends, no enemies. Enjoy each moment like if it was the last because tomorrow you may not be here," concluded the 31-year-old surfer.

The Best Full-Length Surf Movies of 2019 Today we're announcing the nominees for the coveted Movie of the Year award-a category recognizing all the hard work and talent that goes into producing a full-length surf flick.

Heart stopping footage of Pedro Scooby 4 wave Nazare hold down and rescue. The whole thing captured on drone in 4k. Pedro was not seriously injured, he said it was the worst hold down he is has ever experienced. Mental stuff, great rescue, we salute you all, hit play.

New SurfGirl 69 Out Soon - SurfGirl Magazine The Adventure Issue, nothing beats find out what's around the corner.

Beautiful footage as surfers share waves With Gray Whale. Drone shows Gray Whale cruising the line up at Doheny State Beach, Dana Point.

Women's World Adaptive Surfing champion Dani Burt's journey from near-fatal accident to world champion.

The footballer who would rather go surfing Scott Jones is a talented striker who plays for Chichester City FC. But he also surfs. And if the swell's good, there's no way he will miss it.

Kelly Slater to host reality show "Ultimate Surfer" The Big Brother-style reality show will take place at the Surf Ranch and will be aired on ABC. The winners will join the WSL World Tour.

Italo Ferreira wins in Portugal Italo Ferreira from Brazil won the second to last event of the season, the MEO Rip Curl PRO Portugal, climbing up 3 positions in the ranking and positioning himself on the first position. Jordy Smith from South Africa was second so he remains on third position while Gabriel Medina ended up 9th so went down from 1st to 2nd position in the ranking.

The Best Short Films of 2019 Announcing an incredibly stacked field of Surfer Award nominees for "Best Short"

'Ultimate Surfer' Announced Production will begin in 2020 and an airdate will be announced later this season. Slater will serve as on-air talent and special correspondent for the show. Alliances and rivalries will be front and centre in "Ultimate Surfer" as men and women compete in individual and team challenges focused on specific surfing disciplines.

Progressive Surf Coaching Tips Yes, the WCT surfers have surf coaching, trainers and people around them to help them improve their surfing prowess. So, if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for us. My name is Corinne, I am a self-confessed distinctly average surfer, who favours the smaller waves, loves surfing in the cold and hates busy surf.

URBNSURF show off the Southern Hemi's first Wavegarden Perfect waves have been ridden by a select group of Victorian and Australian pro surfers for the first time at URBNSURF Melbourne, just minutes from Melbourne Airport's terminals.

Surfers Get Properly Shacked at Australia’s First Public Wave Pool Surfers get properly shacked at Australia’s first public wave pool.

The WSL Is Getting into the Reality TV Game With "The Ultimate Surfer" "The Ultimate Surfer". According to the press release, the series, which will air on ABC television, will "gather some of the world's greatest up-and-coming surfers to train and live together" as they battle it out at the Surf Ranch in Lemoore, California.

Surfing officially better than scoring a FA Cup goal. Best MOTD interview ever. Hats off to Chichester City and former Newport striker Scott Jones for the best BBC Match of the Day interview ever admitting that surfing beats scoring in the FA Cup everyday…As we all knew already… 'Pro surfer, adventurer.

The Best Maneuvers of 2019 Technical, radical and nominated for the 2019 Surfer Awards.

What is the appeal of surfing? In everyday life, you may struggle, but inside the water, you marvel at how instinctively your body responds to what's happening around you; your senses are alert, focused on the next opportunity to take flight - your mind is fully in the now. It all happens so fast; you have to grab the opportunity before it fleas.

How Surfing Helped Me Cope with Trump's Travel Ban A firsthand account of how Trumps's travel ban upended the life of one Iranian surfer.

Wave Wahines Founder: Sportswoman Award Describe what's happening with the Sunday Times Vitality Grassroots Sportswoman of the year award - how did it come about? I'm still so incredibly overwhelmed and flattered at this! Can you imagine having such female sporting royalty discussing what you do in a room….and then choosing you!

70 million of coke washed up on French beaches Over 1,000 kilos of coke worth over £70 million has washed up on France beaches and the French public prosecutor has said over 100k's of coke are washing up each day! Cocaine has been washing up the beaches of France stretching from Nantes to as far south as the resort town of Biarritz, including Capbreton and Le Porge.

Kalani - Gift from Heaven - Body Surfing Nazaré! Fancy body surfing Nazaré, shut the front door, hell no! Kalani Lattanzi thinks the opposite, check out the hell man body surfer in action.

Being Aggressive isn't Always Bad, and Other Surfing Lessons I've Learned Being an aggressive surfer, in the positive sense of aggression, means paddling towards peaks, hunting for waves, and staying engaged and active in the ocean. Being an aggressive surfer doesn't mean you yell at people, or run people over. Those are just aggressive people who happen to surf.

Will Inflatable Artificial Reefs Turn Lackluster Beaches into Pumping Peaks? Bottegal's brainchild is called the "Airwave"-the UFO-looking object you see below. It's a two-meter tall, twelve-meter wide dome-shaped bladder that, according to Waveco's site, is designed to mimic a reef's shallow leading edge to transform closeouts into fun, peaky A-frame wedges.

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Shalomic Intervention - Pete Mendia Pete Mendia and some fine tube threading…

Meet the Man Bodysurfing Massive Nazare It defies belief when you hear such things. Then, this video of Kalani Lattanzi emerges. It's Lattanzi, a Brazilian charger, throwing himself, quite literally, over the ledge of waves reaching the 20-foot realm. What? Why? Who can say.

Team England Juniors secure 17th place in the World Cruising down into Los Angeles, California the excitement was tangible. The sun was setting, the lights of LA were bright and we were amped for 2 weeks of sunshine and surf. Surfing England's Junior Team were ready. It was time for the 2019 VISSLA ISA World Junior Surfing Championships.

Jay Quinn & Ellie Turner Win Surfaced Pro Surf Event Runner up went to Swansea's Patrick Langdon-Dark who clinched the UKPSA Men's Tour title with his second place. Third and fourth went to the new stars in British surfing Stanley Norman and Seth Morris. In the Women's Division Ellie Turner turned up the heat and battled it out with Peony Knight.

Knost, Ericson, Doheny and Buttonshaw Explore Other Dimensions This year we wanted to tweak the concept, getting some shapers together in the bay, sure, but also having them converge at a perfect wave-a shit-science laboratory, if you will-where they could test their designs and discuss with each other in real time.

JJ Florence is back… whoop whoop Looking forward to doing some of this A post shared by John john Florence on Nov 11, 2019 at 3:32pm PST If the world of social media is to be beleived the two time world champion is well and truly o the mend, we look forward to seeing him back in a jersey soon.

Ear Checks in Portugal Earlier this year we offered free checks for surfer's ear on the Boardroom Show in Del Mar in California and the MexiLogFest in Mexico. Now we have brought the same concept to surf shops. Last week we offered free ear checks in 8 different stores in Portugal and also a store in Sweden.

The Hardest Chargers of 2019 And still, each year, even with limited opportunity to rush the planet's most terrifying waves, the world's hardest-charging men and women manage to put on must-watch performances for the rest of us surfers sitting on the sidelines.

Nazaré, 1st giant swell of 2019 When the wave breaks here, don’t be there! The beast that is Nazaré awakes.

The 2019/2020 Nazaré winter season is officially open Nic Von Rupp, Lucas Chianca, Justine Dupont, Iain Cosenza, and Francisco Porcella were some of the first big wave surfers to taste the first bombs of the 2019/2020 Nazaré winter season. Porcella was also one of the first to feel the consequences of a wipeout at Praia do Norte.

The Wild, Weird Moments of Surfer Awards Past And when you throw a stage and a microphone into the mix, well that's why we love the Surfer Awards. Press play to watch some of more interesting moments of Surfer Awards in recent years, and be sure to tune in on December 5th for this year's show.

Nat Fox on a micro plastics mission We were setting sail from Plymouth in late October and heading for the Azores - a mid Atlantic Archipelago belonging to Portugal - a fitting start and finish; as I started surfing in Cornwall and currently spend my summers teaching yoga in the Algarve.

Counting Down the 10 Best Surf Clips of October Between Russell Bierke's "Flow State", Ian Crane's "Beach Head", Creed McTaggart's "Cult Of Freedom", and Noa Deane's "Ru.Bu 994"-not to mention a wild early season swell in Hawaii-October may have been the busiest month of the year in terms of web clips.

This Is What Logging Is All About It spoke to Nieblas' spontaneous, unconventional approach to riding waves-and also to his figure-skater like sense of balance. The dizzying clip was taken by Kevin Jansen, the filmmaker and creator of "Please Have Fun" and "Robots From Outerspace", during a fun-looking day at San Onofre and makes up just a quick few seconds of the edit above.

The Steeziest Performances of the Year The list of steezy men and women below were nominated for this new category based on the grace, flow and personality they surfed with in a film or short released this year.

Best sunscreen for surfers: Surfmud Surfmud is an Australian-made zinc-based covering cream that offers protection by forming a physical barrier between skin and the elements. It is made from natural ingredients including 30% Zinc Oxide, which is non-irritating, non-allergenic and non-comedogenic.

Mikey Feb’s Trestles Lines are Pure Poetry The stylish South African tests out a new CI thruster one afternoon at Lowers November 8, 2019 By Ashtyn Douglas Social icon rssSocial icon instagram The few recent edits starring stylist Mikey February have featured the lanky South African, bobbing, weaving and grooving on a twin-fin, a twin pin or some other not-so-standard surfboard.

The Wave opens a new chapter for English surfing in Bristol England's first inland surfing destination The Wave opened its doors in Bristol and turned on the waves for the public last week offering perfect surf for all abilities. We were lucky enough to be among the first to get a taste of what this visionary project has to offer.

Why Iconic Waves Aren't All They're Cracked Up to Be It's a nightmare out there! But the heart wants what it wants. After nearly 30 years of surfing, it occurred to me recently that almost none of the best sessions I think back on fondly happened at famous waves. My best tubes have been at beaches that I don't even think have names and dot empty stretches of the California coast.

How to take care of surfers' skin A surfer's skin is continuously exposed to saltwater and the sun's UV rays. Learn how to keep your epidermis healthy before and after riding waves.

Lee Bartlett and Paul Barrington do The Wave Here is their first show remarkable for Barracats fine North Devon tones and the fact he missed two waves one after another in a wavepool. Also Lee Bartletts admission that he likes to go right. Which to be honest is hard to believe.

Surfing’s Most Entertaining Web Series Which series kept you coming back, week after week.

River Surfer - Short Film The film is a glimpse into the unique sport of river surfing through the mind of Gannet Horn. Gannet was a long time ocean surfer before discovering he could surf the river in his own backyard. From this point onward he became obsessed. Gannet's passion for place and commitment to the community is what inspired this project.

SurfGirl Beach Boutique Winter Fayre SurfGirl Beach Boutique launches festive pop up shop in Newquay.

Nazare Awakes, Seems Very Angry About It Watch a handful of big-wave surfers survive opening day at the terrifying break November 7, 2019 By SURFER Social icon websiteSocial icon rssSocial icon twitter A few days ago, the most terrifying wave in the world awoke from its slumber, and in a very grumpy mood.

Should pro surfing accept sponsorship from CBD, alcohol and energy drinks? The World Surf League has been signing sponsorship deals with companies that don't necessarily represent the original values of the sport.

London Surf / Film Festival 2019 x VANS - REDUX All the winners from the LSFF that touched down in the capital last month.

The 2020 World Surf League Championship Tour schedule The world's best surfers will compete at G-Land, the famous Indonesia left-hand wave.

The Best Tube Rides of the Year The newly revamped 2019 Surfer Awards are officially less than a month away and starting today, we'll be announcing the nominees for each category. This year's show will continue to celebrate many of the categories you've seen in the past, but with the addition of a few new ones, including Best Style, Best Surfer, Battle of the Vlogs and more.

Smith bros outer island mission… Follow us on a journey through faraway outer islands of Indonesia as we chase perfect waves, eat spicy food with our hands like the locals and survive the funniest drive of our lives with the LEGEND, Jimmy.

Mathea Olin and Paige Alms in Northern Tides The history of wave riding in Haida Gwaii dates back to ancient times, but it's only in this century that the act of riding a wave while standing on a surfboard has come to prominence in the area. Canadian surfers Mathea Olin and Paige Alms travelled to the stunning archipelago off of Canada's west coast for the making of Northern Tides.

A Record Number of Women Invited to the 2019/2020 Eddie Aikau Invitational Surfing's most storied big-wave event returns.

WSL Adds G-Land As a Stop to the 2020 Championship Tour Schedule Keramas gets the axe, the Freshwater Pro somehow remains.

The Quiksilver Pro G-land Is Back For 2020! Quiksilver and the World Surf League have announced the return of the most anticipated and exciting surf event in twenty-five years, the Quiksilver Pro G-Land, which will hold a coveted spot on the 2020 WSL Championship Tour from 4th - 14th June 2020.

WSL announce 2020 tour locations… Corona Open JBay July 7 - 19th: One of the most popular stops for the pros and viewers the epic African point retains its spot. Tahiti Pro Teahupo'o Aug 26 - Sept 6th: The scariest wave on tour keeps it spot. Phew. Michelob Ultra Pure Gold Freshwater Pro Sept 15 - 21st: Kelly's tub is not popular with the riders or viewers.

The Wave - An Update… Still hard to believe this is rolling through a field in Bristol… Catching up with The Waves Nick Hounsfield after a pretty eventful 12 days! It's hard to believe it is less than two weeks into the history of The Wave. The amount of hype, expectation and smiling faces must have exceeded all hope.

Surf Girls Jamaica. Now playing Watch the full length version of this powerful and thought provoking film.

Galicia XXL With RÃmi Arauzo, LÃo Havion, Eric Rebière, Lucas Chumbo, Julian Reichman, Pierre Rollet, Ian Cosenza, Joao De Macedo… We've got tons coming up so pop your email in this box to subscribe and keep in the loop - we're talking giveaways, exclusive subscriber sales, discounts, competitions, brand news and the chance to win surf trips.

The 7 attributes of a great surfer Natural talent and prolific skills are not enough to make you the best surfer you can be. There are extra layers you'll need to add to your persona.

Luke Hynd - Imagination Roulette Ep003 Slide and glide Luke Hynd, twinning his way through Indonesia, now playing.

An Autonomous "Surfboard" is Exploring Antarctic Waters According to the University of Washington, a riderless, solar-powered "surfboard" is making its way around Antarctica at this very moment. The craft in question is known as the Wave Glider and scientists at UW are using it to gather data to gain a better understanding of ocean warming.

How Surfing Does Help Our Mental Health For one reason or another, when I was a young surfer in the early 1990s, I picked Sunny out of the constellation of hard-ass Hawaiians I could have feared to be the surfing boogeyman.

Invitees announced for 2019 The Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational Tyler Larronde Kyle Shipman Kohl Christensen Chris Bertish Chris Owens Mike Pietsch Torrey Meister Alex Martins Ryan Seelbach Matt Bromley Reef McIntosh Ezekiel Lau Jamie SterlingFemale Alternates. Bianca Valenti Raquel Heckert Justine Dupont Silvia Nabuco Laura EneverLegends.

Warming Up For North Shore Season in Kegging Portuguese Tubes What better excuse to visit Portugal than to support one of your best friends on the Championship Tour? For Hawaiian Noa Mizuno, watching Seth Moniz compete in person at Supertubes was reason enough to book a flight over to Europe. Of course, Portugal is also home to the best beachbreaks in the world, and this October was especially firing.

Cannabidiol brand will sponsor World Surf League WSL confirmed that the partnership with cbdMD is the biggest deal ever made in the history of professional big wave surfing. "Performance and recovery are key to surfing, especially big wave surfing, with the sport's unique challenges.

The History of Surfboard Design: Nat Young's Magic Sam The 1966 World Championships in San Diego, California, marked a turning point both in the history of surfing and board design, with Young's self-shaped Magic Sam - the embodiment of the Aussies' progressive mindset - showing the world that noseriding wasn't the only way to ride a wave well.

This Airline is Offering Flight Discounts to Hawaii Based on Swell Is the aviation industry finally atoning for their board fee sins?

Honolua Blomfield and Andy Nieblas Win Big in Japan at the Vans Duct Tape Surf Festival Kugenuma Beach, Fujisawa, Japan - Making its highly anticipated debut before a massive crowd of fans, the Vans Duct Tape series premiered in Japan for the first time in the competition's history this past weekend.

South Africa Finishes Ninth at VISSLA ISA World Junior Surfing Championships The South African team finished ninth among the 44 nations who competed in the 2019 VISSLA ISA World Junior Surfing Championships at Huntington Beach in California, with Daniel Emslie posting the best performance of the 12 team members when he narrowly missed out on medal in the U16 Boys division.

Surfing: the ballet of the waves Surfing embodies many of the characteristics that are usually associated with femininity. Could the sport of dancing on waves reflect the XX chromosome?

Successful Sea Harvest Western Cape Interschools Championships held in Muizenberg on Sunday Twenty four team from 21 Western Cape schools participated in the annual Sea Harvest Interschool's Surfing Championships which was presented by the Surf Emporium and supported by the Department of Sport and Recreation and the Roxy Davis Foundation at Muizenberg yesterday.

Watch "Handmade 2", A Journey Through Perfect Waves and Handshaped Boards Case in point: Alex Knost, Ellis Ericson, Andrew Doheny and Shyama Buttonshaw. These four surfers, the stars of the film above, started their handshaping journeys many years ago. And amid all the clouds of foam dust they learned a thing or two about how their equipment works and what feelings they wanted to chase in their surfing.

William Aliotti - Winter is coming One of the most stylish surfers in Europe and frequent face in the mag, William Aliotti, tunnelling deep in Hossegor.

Ocean Activists Challenge Water Companies O Up to 80% of sewage pollution events take place outside of the official bathing season when many people still actively use the water, particularly those that require winter conditions, such as surfers.

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USA Reclaims Team Gold Huntington Beach, California, USA, November 3, 2019 - After eight days of world-class surfing from the top 342 U-18 surfers from 44 nations, Team USA earned the Team Gold Medal at the 2019 VISSLA ISA World Junior Surfing Championship presented by Visit Huntington Beach.

The Paddle Out - Ep 023 We head long and hard into World Title talks, what's happening at the pro level, what dreams Cheyne has had about who will win the title and if it's a good omen if Cheyne does indeed "Dream" about you. It's pro surf talk at its best.

Sixth Place Finish for Vette at World Junior Championship New Zealand's Saffi Vette surfed her way to sixth at the Vissla ISA World Junior Surfing Championship today, a truly courageous result after her campaign started in the worst way possible earlier last week. The 17-year-old Gisborne surfer contested eleven heats throughout the week after her early exit from the main round of the event on day two.

Slater Says, “There Will Be a Few Really Great Surfers Left Out” of the 2020 Olympics The GOAT expresses concerns about Olympic qualification, Fukushima radiation and more with Graham Bensinger.

Vette Moves Through to Final Day of World Championships From: Surfing New ZealandSport: International SurfingEvent: 2019 VISSLA ISA World Junior Surfing ChampionshipDivisions: Under 18 and 16 Boys and GirlsDate: 26 October - 3 November 2019Location: Huntington Beach, California, USAWebsites: ISA World Juniors and Surfing New Zealand.

What Surfboards from the 1800s Can Teach Us About Surfing's Past Mai Kinohi Mai: Surfing in Hawai’i”, a new exhibit at Honolulu’s Bernice Paul Bishop Museum set to open this December, will feature the oldest surfboards known to exist, including Princess Victoria Ka‘iulani board from the 1890s.