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OTL#348 - Manu Koenig & Ethan Bearman Our guest Manu Koenig is vying for the seat of 1st District Supervisor of Santa Cruz, and we were also joined by Fox News pundit Ethan Bearman, and also former radio show host with San Francisco’s KGO and Santa Cruz KSCO. Off The Lip Radio Show
Men's World Title Preview feat Cooper Chapman Presented by Dragon and Salt Brewing Co It's world title time and Lipped has all the news, views and banter from the craziest world title showdown in years. Plus we look at Carissa Moore's 4th World Title and an amazing day of Aussie glory at Sunset including Zeke's paddle-gate. Lipped the Surfer's Podcast
146 - December 5, 2019 In today's episode Scott and David discuss Jack Robinson's Sunset domination, Zeke's valid plea for an interference call, the WSL's culpability and liability for Zeke's demotion, Kelly's justified hypocrisy, plus Dukes, Kooks, and so much more. Enjoy! Spit! - Surf Podcast
300 - Dick Metz: Part One Photos and stories from Dick Metz's three year global surf trip in 1958 inspired his friend Bruce Brown to chase The Endless Summer. Metz was the first employee at Clark Foam. He opened the ever surfboard shop and he co-founded The Surfing Heritage and Culture Center. Surf Splendor
049: CC#4 - Cure 'Poo Stance' with Twiggy Van Ryan Surf Coach Twiggy Van Ryan shares some surf coaching tips. Podcast - Surf Mastery
299 - Upcycled Surfboards with Donald Brink Donald Brink chats with Surfrider CEO Chad Nelson and surfboard shapers around the world who have built boards from lobster buoys, miso barrels, and 200 year old savaged barn wood to outline options for sustainable surfboard building. Learn more about your ad choices. Surf Splendor
OTL#347 - Pacific Roots and Tunnel Vision Two incredible reggae bands, Santa Cruz’s Pacific Roots and San Clemente’s Tunnel Vision were live in concert on the Off the Lip Radio Show. Off The Lip Radio Show
035 - Mike Benedict My friend Michael Benedict went on a pilgrimage; a long, relatively undefined expedition. His final destination was known but the journey fell at his discretion based on various seen and unforeseen factors such as swell, wind, and also social, political and economic forces. The Boardroom Podcast
OTL#346 - Jeff Clark Jeff Clark is a legend in the world of surfing, Mavericks pioneer, and a true waterman, whether surfing, stand up paddling, or foiling, his name is synonymous with big wave surfing. Off The Lip Radio Show
Women's World Title Showdown and Europe Wrap feat Isabella Nichols and Damo Cole Presented by Dragon and Salt Brewing Co. Lipped is back with all the surfing news and views coming out of a long Europe leg. Medina-gate, French passion and the new Jack Freestone - it's all there. We are also joined by WQS 2019 Champion Isabella Nichols to chat her QS win, the world title and Ultimate Surfer. Lipped the Surfer's Podcast
145 - Spit! November 20, 2019 In today's show Scott and David discuss the joys of exhibitionism but the dangers of voyeurism, the fallacy of handmade craftsmanship, Ethan Ewing's trite approach, and Scott aims for a respectable 3rd place. Plus Dukes, Kooks and so much more! Learn more about your ad choices. Spit! - Surf Podcast
298 - Jamie Brisick: Origin Story Jamie Brisick joins us for a discussion about the first time he smoked pot, his foray into BDSM, the absurdity of giant logos, losing his home to a fire, and how his life would have been different if he "succeeded" in his pro surfing goals. Learn more about your ad choices. Surf Splendor
OTL#345 - Emmanuel Guzman Celebrating 15 years as a professional skateboarder Emmanuel Guzman, share his experiences and his plans for a skate program that will reward kids in local schools. Off The Lip Radio Show
OTL#344 - Chris Bertish Chris Bertish will tell you how this South-African-born surfer, stand-up paddleboarder, adventurer, and motivational speaker, won the Mavericks Big Wave Surf contest in 2009, in the biggest waves ever seen there for a contest.In March 2017 he completed another remarkable feat by completing in 90 days the first solo, unsupported stand-up paddle... Off The Lip Radio Show
297 - Jack Coleman: Zone Frequency Filmmaker Jack Coleman discusses his latest film, the value of making radical life changes, and why he's leaving his home of 20 years to vagabond around the world. Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit Surf Splendor
048: CC#3 - Reading Waves with Clayton Nienaber. Clayton talks about the importance of reading the bottom of the wave, how water moves and where the power of the wave is. Podcast - Surf Mastery
034 - Jeff Divine Jeff Divine is a legendary and hardworking lens-man surf photographer extraordinaire; who has chronicled surf culture for over 50 years. We dive deep to discuss those decades and his thoughts on numerous topics including digital vs film, the dot com surf boom, who should be on the Mt Rushmore of surf photography and much more. The Boardroom Podcast
OTL#343 - Dr. Doug Hetzler World renowned Surfers Ear surgeon Dr. Doug Hetzler was our guest along with Justin Stack designer and maker of the worlds finest custom made ear plugs for surfers. Off The Lip Radio Show
047: JESSE FAEN - Former WSL Media Director Jesse Faen is a talented surfer from North Narrabeen, Sydney turned surf media guru, former editor of Waves mag, Surfing mag, former WSL Media Director, has worked for brands like Insight, Magicseaweed, Malibu Popoyo. In this episode he shares; his playful take on surfing and lessons form his experiences with elite surfers. Podcast - Surf Mastery
144 - Spit! November 5, 2019 In today's show Scott and David discuss an equitable price to sell one's soul, world title scenarios, why Sunset's inside bowl is overrated, and why you are your own worst enemy. Plus Dukes, Kooks, and so much more! Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Spit! - Surf Podcast
295 - Matt Warshaw Father, husband, surf historian, Matt Warshaw chats about how to nurse the bruising of online commenters, the virtues of quitting surfing, pays tributes to surf's little known stories, and he outlines a grander EOS. Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Surf Splendor
033 - JoJo Roper Jojo Roper, son of San Diego surfing legend Joe Roper, had a large shadow from which to move out from. Like his dad Jojo is solid; his values, his beliefs, a quiet, striking confidence and a vast resumes of big wave surfing from Jaws, Nazare, Mavericks, Puerto Escondido, and Cortez bank. The Boardroom Podcast
OTL#341 - Soulwise Santa Cruz Reggae band Soulwise were our guests who rocked the Santa Cruz Boardroom, with their unique brand of music. Off The Lip Radio Show
294 - Post Script: Meo Rip Curl Pro Portugal Welcome back to Post-Script, a quick overview of each event on the WSL championship tour. Today, a review of the off season and recap of the Meo Rip Curl Pro Portugal. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit Surf Splendor
046: Going DEEP with Matt Griggs & Taylor Knox Taylor Knox and Matt Griggs share some wisdom around surfing, performance and Kelee meditation. Learn what their Nature of Success surf trips are all about. Podcast - Surf Mastery
293 - Derek Rielly BeachGrit co-founder, writer, and general surf influencer through his many roles in media, Derek Rielly confesses to accidental overachievement, reflects on his departure from Stab, shares the perils of partnering with Chas Smith, and discusses his latest book "Gulpilil". Surf Splendor
143 - Spit! October 22, 2019 In today's show Scott and David discuss Gabriel Medina's major malfunction, his priority blunder in Portugal, his entitled mentality, plus they analyze Kelly's neurosis, and Donald Takayama's most unpleasant surf experience, plus Dukes, Kooks and so much more! Spit! - Surf Podcast
OTL#340 - Congressman Jimmy Panetta TC and I were again honored to Congressman Jimmy Panetta who returned to the show to discuss local and national issues…. We thank him for his service, and look forward to him returning in the near future. Off The Lip Radio Show
OTL #339 - Santa Cruz Bodysurfing Association The Santa Cruz Bodysurfing Association was established in 1983 and whose annual contest has bodysurfers from all around the globe coming to Santa Cruz, specifically Laguna Beach… Thank you to Ryan Masters and former 2 time world champion for being my Off the Lip Radio Show guests to talk about their event. Off The Lip Radio Show
69 - The Morning After The Century Before Humanity has to collectively tidy up its bedroom before it can go out to play! That’s right it’s an environment special where we talk about the surprising data on ocean plastics, what individuals can do to combat climate change and recycling surfboards. The Surf Simply Podcast
OTL#338 - Jake Nielsen and Triple Threat Jake Nielsen’s guitar prowess will blow you away, Jake and his band Triple Threat gave as always an incredible concert of Rock, Blues and Reggae. Off The Lip Radio Show
292 - Drew Kampion In an apple orchard on an island thirty miles north of Seattle and eight years removed from his last surf is where I found Drew Kampion. Surf Splendor
142 - Spit! October 10, 2019 In today's show David seeks to restrict the usage of the term "pro" surfer, Scott admits to a habit of aqua dumping, and the boys analyze Led Zeppelin's affiliation with the occult. Plus Kooks, Dukes, and so much more! Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Spit! - Surf Podcast
291 - Bert Burger Industrious surfboard shaper from Western Australia, Sunova Surfboard's Bert Burger joins us to extol the virtues of alternative materials, detail his role in co-founding Firewire Surfboards, and explain the benefits and misconceptions about building surfboards in Thailand. Surf Splendor
032 - Wayne Rich Wayne Rich boards are a hot commodity at various California beaches, from Goleta to Mitch's Surf Shop in Solana Beach. Wayne seems to know somebody everywhere. He's a kind soul, thoughtful and intelligent, but with a sharp edge that occasional reveals itself. The Boardroom Podcast
041 - The Grit! with Jamie Brisick Chas Smith and David Lee Scales welcome Jamie Brisick to the podcast. The boys analyze why backwards politics seem to plague the surf world, philosophy, psilocybin, Kooks and Currens, and Jamie's 30-foot schlong. Enjoy! The Grit! with Chas Smith