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A selection of the latest tabletop wargaming news and blog posts.

FFG: Join the Brotherhood Without Banners Today Beric Dondarrion and the Brotherhood without Banners fight for the smallfolk. Outlaws or heroes, how do you see them? via FFG. The Brotherhood without Banners fight for no great house, have no lords, and to many, that makes them dangerous.

Chaos Space Marines: Alpha Legion In the Balance SaltyJohn here to bring you a review of the new 8th edition Chaos Space Marines rules for Alpha Legion. I am Alpharius! Hello fans of Frontline Gaming and TFGRadio; SaltyJohn here to bring you a review of the new 8th edition Chaos Space Marines rules for Alpha Legion.

Tabletop Spotlight: Exoplanets Manipulate a planetary system and influence the creation of life in Exoplanets! Our friends at Dragon's Lair Comics and Fantasy are big fans of space games, just like us.

SJG: Interview With An Ogre We interviewed Steve Jackson Games and Auroch Digital about the upcoming Ogre Video Game. That's right folks.

Bag the Hun Card Deck I've been thinking about the cards that I'll need for the club game next week and have decided to use some old ones that I already have, adding the extra cards for the game using the same style and format.

Cosplaying Pointillist Art The TCE Trash Makeover Challenge theme "Living Masterpieces" brought designer dreams to life! Team Dot, the winning Design for the TCE Trash Makeover Challenge, in Pointillist Style. Trash Makeover Challenge 2017 Event Poster.

40K: Astra Militarum - Regiments of Renown The Astra Militarum is a galaxy-spanning force and these are the top Regiments we'd like to see get rules soon! We all remember the news that GW announced Astra Militarum, Tyranids and Aeldari as the next 3 books, right? And we also all remember that Pete Foley mentioned that Regimental Rules would be in the next Astra Militarum book, right?

What Happens When We Think Games Are Childish I have been playing games my entire life. I am a lover of video games, card games, board games, and role-playing games. I love the thrill of competition, the challenge of solving a hard puzzle, and spending time with my friends and family doing something fun.

AoS: Face The Wrath of the Deadman's Fleet You didn't think that the forces of Order were the only faction to get new allegiances, did you? The Wraith Fleet's flag is flying high! What could be worse for your opponent that having to deal with Blood Knights? Dealing with Pirate Blood Knight who can attack without warning from the FLANKS!

The Fall of Damnos While I've been reading all manner of stuff at the minute, I thought I'd talk today about a book that I read a few weeks ago, back when I was moving house and all that attendant nonsense.

Firestorm Preview: The Wraith Fleet Home » Age of Sigmar » Firestorm Preview: The Wraith Fleet Another faction preview for Firestorm is out, the Wraith Fleet. In Firestorm, you'll be able to theme your Death army around the Wraith Fleet, a new allegiance representing the forces of vampire corsair Varkos Varactyr.

Cygnar: Cpt Jeremiah Kraye 2.0 Gallops Ahead MKIII took a toll on Kraye, he didn't see much light of day. But no longer. Come check out the errata rules for Kraye! MKIII took a toll on Kraye, he didn't see much light of day with clunky rules and high cost spells on a low resource caster. Captain Jeremiah Kraye was stuck trying to do to many things.

Tau Battlefield Slot Review - Elite Like the HQ choice though, there are some Elite choices that are not taken to personally deal damage, but to buff other units. For that reason, we will again separate the choices into Synergistic and Combat choices, spending most of our mathhammer'ing on the Combat choices.

Space Marine Captain As stated in the last post, i've been painting a little bit. As I promised to you and to myself, i've finished my Captain. I'm so happy about that! Both because i've finally painted him after a long procrastination and because of the result. It was hard to decide how to paint him.

Dark Age: Unboxing Raze and his Disciples Here's an unboxing of some of my favorite minis from Gencon50. Time for Raze and his loyal disciples. Raze is one of the most powerful beings on Samaria. While he is clearly an ally of the Skarrd, he has no allegiance to any Cult. His origins are unknown, but he has been alive and fighting for as long as anyone can remember.

D&D: Creating Spells With AI War Cape, Conjure Bark, Shield of Farts…yeah those all sound like D&D Spells someone would create. Look it's no secret that one of the best parts of Dungeons and Dragons is creating your own custom content.

Rogue Trader Space Ork in power armour This is a Space Ork I started painting quite some time ago, but only got as far as some base coats and ink washes. Some recent Ork posts by Azazel inspired me to finish him off, along with a couple of his mates, who will appear soon.

Admiral Sir Lionel Halsey GCMG, GCVO, KCIE, CB, ADC Having tantalized some of my regular blog readers with a reference to one of the naval members of the Halsey family in yesterday's bog entry, I thought that I might add a few biographical details about him today.

Showcase: Custodes themed Imperial Knight by ComradeQuiche Every piece needs filing both ends, a few mm here and there just to have them fit…. Tutorial: building a ruined bridge base - Yesterday I completed my Orruk Warboss on Wyvern that included the fancy base you can see below.

Our Rage Won't Die - Part 1 Few kits currently available in the chaos range can conjure such disgust and disappointment from fans as the Khorne Berserkers. First released over a century ago, the fact that the Berserkers remain on sale today makes a mockery of the company's proud boast to make the finest toy soldiers in the world.

Next Week's 40K - AoS Prices & Products CONFIRMED This week more Death Guard arrive with a helping of the Age of Sigmar. Get your wallet ready for a glorious month! Here's what's headed your way this weekend according to numerous industry professionals:. Week 3 of the Death Guard and a Campaign supplement for Age of Sigmar players looking for a narrative setting.

What's On Your Table: Converted Tau I had play… Spartember - End of Week 3 - Tracks Nearly Derail My Progress - Hi All, thanks for dropping in. So, tracks progress… yes. What a git. Every piece needs filing both ends, a few mm here and there just to have them fit….

40K: We Have Enough Codexes to See GW's Plan GW is cranking out the Codexes like a machine gun - but we've gotten enough to understand what 8th is. Let's start back at the beginning. We got the initial five index books 3 months back to get us playing and reset the game:.

What's On Your Table: Howling Griffons The gantries and stanchions are very long winded to paint, so between work… Warhammer Community hoy: Horus Heresy the end is Nigh - Otro día mas poco interesante en Warhammer Community*, pero pese a todo hay cosas, aun así, de cierto interÃs que merece la pena comentar, aunque sea br… Wedensday Night Fight: New Adeptus Mechanicus vs.

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