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A selection of the latest tabletop wargaming news and blog posts.

40K Lore: Magus Or Magos - The Only Thing Between Heresy And Heroism Is U The line between heroism and heresy is razor thin, Loremasters. It is important to be ever on your guard against the traitorous Xenos and the Ruinous Powers, even something as simple as a letter can lead to the doom of an entire world.

Historicals: Meet an Incredible Civilization in 'Flint and Feather' In this post, I introduce readers to some great historical miniatures by a North American Company. Today we are looking at miniatures from the game Flint and Feather by Crucible Crush.Flint and Feather focuses in on the skirmishes of the Great Lakes First Nations before contact with Europeans.

Reconnaissance Briefing The Blood Angel scouts, on Pelgas III, returned from their reconnoitring of their immediate surroundings. Despite the brevity of their shallow foray their report was no less time-sensitive. Despite the brutal nature of our incursion to extract Inquisitor Tyra the general alarm has not been sounded.

Other people's Portable Wargame battle reports: The Battle of Newark Please note that the photographs featured above are  Kaptain Kobold. 'Nothing can be done contrary to what could or would be done in actual war.' 'Wargames are played, for the most part, without the supervision of an umpire.

What's On Your Table: Customized Culexus Assassin Home » What's On Your Table » What's On Your Table: Customized Culexus Assassin What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to [email protected] Assassins are my favourite assassins In any game/world and I wanted to make a completely individual one off assassin.

Privateer Press: Wreck Face, Get Paid - Riot Quest Wreck Face and Get Paid in a post-apocalyptic world next year-there's a new miniatures game coming from Privateer Press. What is Riot Quest? Come join us and let's find out. First up, here's the teaser announcement for Riot Quest.

GW: Second Week of Soul Wars Pre-Orders - Pricing & Links The Soul Wars Pre-orders continue this week from Games Workshop. It's the same pre-orders from last week available this weekend. It looks like Games Workshop is giving folks lots of time to order and lots of space for this new edition of Age of Sigmar.

Tabletop Gallery: Death Comes For Us All "…And with strange aeons even death may die." ~H.P. Lovecraft, The Nameless City. Enjoy. If you have an awesome wargame shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and characterful shots so let's see what you budding photographers can do!

Adepticon 2019 The dates for 2019 Adepticon have been announced and it will be held over 27-31 March at the Renaissance Schaumberg in Chicago. I've been three times now and I'm going back again next year. It is now easier to get to as Air New Zealand flies Auckland Chicago direct.

Pathfinder: Distant Realms Are Not So Distant Now The name of the game is Distant Realms. Well, okay the name of the game is Pathfinder, but the name of the book is Distant Realms, and it is exactly what you would expect. As long as what you're expecting is a setting guide that outlines a few of the major inter / extraplanar cities.

Talk Wargames New Platform: What's Your Hobby Story Home » Faeit 212 BlogExchange » Talk Wargames New Platform: What's Your Hobby Story Talk Wargaming has a new platform they asked to share here which has a chance to win some Army Painter Tufts. Essentially its a hobby place to share your stories and for updates with others.

Geekery: Saturday Short - 'Tank' Harks Back to Early Vector Video Games This short is inspired by classic games like Tempest, Battlezone, Asteroids, and the amazing graphics of Tron. Tank tells the story of a group of pilots that must save their world by stopping a weapon of mass destruction. Veteran animator Stu Maschwitz had to reverse engineer modern software to achieve the awesome retro look.

AoS: The Return of HeroHammer…Sort of With Command Points changing the game and allowing all heroes to use their Command Abilites it's time to bust out the Heroes once again. But is this a return to the days of HeroHammer? Not exactly.

AoS: Tournaments & Battle Realm Rules - TO Discretion Advised With the location of where your battles in Age of Sigmar take place mattering MUCH more in the new edition, we have to ask: How will tournaments and tournament organizers handle the new Battle Realm rules? Let's chat. We previewed the Shyish Realm of Battle rules this past week.

Heroes in the New Edition… Continuing Pre-Orders Home » Games Workshop » Heroes in the New Edition… Continuing Pre-Orders With Heroes getting stronger in the new edition of Age of Sigmar, the Warhammer Community team has a new list of heroes they want you to take a look at and get onto the tabletop.

Get Three for the Price of Two. Plus New Releases For both the vehicles of Bolt Action and selected Test of Honour Kits. Warlord Games also has new releases for Konflict 47' and Test of Honour. Buenas noticias desde Grim and Perilous Studios*. Aunque Daniel D.

Lock & Load 2018 Live Stream Day 2 - AM Masters & PM Iron Gauntlet Lock and Load 2018 is happening now and Privateer Press is streaming it all - come check out some top tier Warmachine / Hordes action! Privateer Press is holding Lock and Load GameFest 2018 this weekend in Bellevue, Washington. It started yesterday with the Keynote and a few events - all of which you can catch on their Youtube Page:.

FFG: LotR LCG Limited Edition Grants Early Access To Digital Version Fantasy Flight Games is celebrating both the physical and digital versions of their Lord of the Rings Living Card Game with a new Limited Edition Set. Let your journey begin! The Lord of the Rings LCG has been a mainstay for FFG - it's a fantastic Co-op or Solo adventure LCG set in the realm of Middle-earth.

Warlord: Head To The Dragon House It is a test of honor to visit the home of the Dragon - check out this new terrain kit from Warlord Games! Warlord Games' Test of Honour is a skrimish wargame that takes place in feudal Japan. It's got a sweet theme and some great plastics to go along with the game.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: The Great Distractor! If you're a Warhammer nerd like me, you probably know that the reboot of Warhammer Fantasy-Age of Sigmar-has been rebooted again. AOS 2nd edition is out now and is all the buzz among the swarming flies of Nurgle.

Privateer Press Teases The New Warmachine Faction - Infernals One of the biggest announcements at Lock and Load was the teaser everyone was waiting for as a brand new faction was rumored to be in the works. Say hello to the Infernals! via Privateer Press. The Gyrmkin might have hit that creep-factor but this faction makes me afraid to go to sleep!

D&D: Dice, Camera, Action with Chris Perkins The D&D team, along with some friends from the YouTube and Twitch community, play in an ongoing live stream of Dungeons and Dragons, titled Dice, Camera, Action!DCA is a live play-through of D&D's latest storyline run by Dungeon Master extraordinaire, Chris Perkins.

Showcase: Roboute Guilliman by Alejo Specifically kids 8 to 12 years old. Despite some initial setbacks, I've managed to be reasonably productive. These models ar… DieCon Live Blog - Join Andrew, Dexter and Ben as they head to Collinsville, IL to compete at DieCon 2018. Sunday, 4:18 p.m - Off we go!

What's On Your Table: WIP Talos Home » What's On Your Table » What's On Your Table: WIP Talos What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to [email protected] here from 40kwarzone. Here is the WIP of a few of my Talos.

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