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A selection of the latest tabletop wargaming news and blog posts.

Grab your Stillsuit & Get Ready to Adventure on Arrakis - GF9 Picks Up Dune License Fans have been asking for games in set in Herbert's classic sci-fi universe for ages. The wait is over! The company has stuck a deal with Legendary Entertainment to make games based on the novels - including works from Frank Herbert, Brain Herbert, and Kevin J.

Tabletop Gallery: Let No Gun Go Unlooted There can never bee too much Dakka. Enjoy. If You Have An Awesome Wargame Shot You Think Would Make A Great BoLS Pic Of The Day, Email Us. We Love Spectacle And Characterful Shots So Let's See What You Budding Photographers Can Do!

Codex Space Marine Troop Analysis and Comparison. The holy writ of Roboute Guilliman himself outlining the structure of the Space Marine Chapters. Within he penned the structure of the troop types used by all Codex Space Marine players. And it is these Troop options we will be analyzing today. As in what should you be looking to grab to fill in the meat of your Space Marine army.

Mynock Podcast: X-Wing European Aces We've got Phil GC, Łukasz Golonka and Oliver Pocknell on to discuss the European Team Championship! This week three of Europe's top players join us to talk about the European Team Championships. Phil GC, Oliver Pocknell, and Łukasz Golonka give us an in depth look at the ETC including: the results, unexpected lists, and plans for the future.

1870 Anglo-French Naval Campaign Ideas I've been having some tentative thoughts about a solo naval campaign using Broadside and Ram, loosely based on the campaign system used in different forms for the various Long Face Games supplements.

Tabletop Spotlight: New Releases for Age of Sigmar: Nighthaunt and Stormcasts Today we take a look at what to expect in with new models for Stormcast Eternals and Nighthaunts. Once again, we team up with Dragon's Lair Comics to get a closer peel at the sprues for these new releases and some stats for each unit as well.

Geekery: Netflix and Mark Millar Ink Deal for New Comics, Movies, & Series The partnership that began with The Magic Order in June is being extended with a new comic book series and film projects based in Millarworld. Edison Crane is the world's smartest man. He's a genius composer, an expert in the occult, an Olympic-level athlete, and Nobel-Prize winning scientist that runs a company on the top of the Fortune 500.

ToyLand: This Batman Fig from Revoltech is All About Drama Figs in Revoltech's Amazing Yamaguchi line are well known for their possibility and exaggerated sculpts. They've added a Batman fig that has an awesome cape, and it perfect for those that like to give their figs dynamic display poses.

Excellent Tutorial on Painting your New Warlord Titan Home » Adeptus Titanicus » Painting Miniatures » Warhammer 40k » Excellent Tutorial on Painting your New Warlord Titan This is an excellent tutorial being shared with us by it's creator, and if you really want to learn some weathering techniques, this is is top notch.

FFG: Discovery - A New 'Unique Game' Of Exploration & Survival Move over Legacy Games, Fantasy Flight Games is pushing all sorts of envelops with their new "Unique Game" system. In Discovery: Lands Unknown, each box comes with it's own adventure - and no two sets are the same! A few years ago Legacy Games took the board gaming world by storm.

40K: Speed Freeks Rumors Abound Now that we know Orks are getting a new buggy in the Speed Freeks box, rumors have begun to filter out revealing more details about what Speed Freeks is. Get out your salt and let's dive in. I wonder if that expression hasn't done more harm than good.

Adeptus Titanicus: Awakening The Machine Spirit When the Machine Spirit of a Titan is pushed, it can push right back. Sometimes that can give you an extra edge in battle and sometimes the results can be…catastrophic. Awaken them at your own risk. The god-machines of the Adeptus Titanicus aren't exactly alive - but they aren't soulless automatons either.

Quick update! The Kharadrons are still getting the love at the moment. I plan to get enough done for a solid 1000pts game, with 2000pts not far behind. Then…I'll probably do some work on Shadespire warbands. Then…maybe some 40k.

40K: Space Wolves On The Prowl - Codex Previews The Sons of Russ are arriving for pre-order this weekend and Games Workshop is showing off some of the new things you'll find in the army. Make way for the Space Wolves! Games Workshop has some new previews for the Space Wolves and they are sounding meaner than ever.

Space Wolf Codex Preview Home » 8th Edition » pre-orders » Space Wolves » Warhammer 40k » The Space Wolf codex is coming to pre-orders this weekend and we got a preview of it. Take a look at the latest from the Warhammer Community….

Tabletop Spotlight: Pathfinder Playtest Tabletop Spotlight hops aboard the Pathfinder express-today we take you through the Pathfinder Playtest documents. This is one of the longer Tabletop Spotlights you'll find folks, so let's dive right in to the Pathfinder Playtest. There's no time Toulouse.

Paizo At Gen Con - Erik Mona Talks Playtest, Starfinder, And More With the Pathfinder Playtest officially launched, we tracked down Erik Mona at Gen Con to talk about what it meant for the future of Pathfinder, Starfinder, and beyond.

Showcase: Tyranids Carnifex and Trygon by Aurélie It's AurÃlie, I'm back with two Tyranid beasts from my latest commission, a Carnifex and a Trygon, painted with an intriguing colour shifting effect. Check out more pictures after the jump. I got the colour shifting paint from a local craft store. It's also known as "flip effect paint", "flip flop paint", or "chameleon paint".

Flying Tiger magnetic sheet As regular blog readers will already know, I'm always on the lookout for things that might be re-purposed for wargaming. On Monday, whilst visiting Maidstone in Kent, I came across something that certainly can be re-purposed… A4-sized magnetic sheet.

40K Lore: 30 Years of Ork Buggies Gather round Meks and BigMeks alike and see what the Orks have been up to for the past thirty years. The BIG News of course is the all new 2018 Ork Buggy that has just been unveiled. Just look at this fantastic hot rod:. This think looks GREAT, and really gives that sense of speed and danger.

Legions Of The Adeptus Titanicus - Gryphonicus And Tempestus Take a look at two of the Legions of the Adeptus Titanicus and find out what distinguishes them-one has an unquenchable lust for glory, and the other hungers for it ravenously. That's right friends, just a quick one to round out the evening.

This Weeks Rumour Engine teaser. Just not as exciting as everything else going on. Any ideas on what this is? Es un panfleto que se daba hace 20-25 a… Kymerae - Drukhari Codex - Unit by Unit - Warhammer 40k 8th Edition - Hasslefree Miniatures "Ray" aka Shaun of the Dead aka "You've got red on you." - Originally posted on Azazel's Bitz Box.

Discussion on How to Choose a 40K Faction for the Tabletop. So you want to play Warhammer 40,000? Maybe you've been reading the lore, maybe you went to buy some Magic: The Gathering cards and saw some guys with some cool models, throwing some dice, and getting all too excited about the thick rule books and an unholy number of dice being thrown.

Tabletop Gallery: Titanic Enemies Sometimes even Knights feel short. Enjoy. If You Have An Awesome Wargame Shot You Think Would Make A Great BoLS Pic Of The Day, Email Us. We Love Spectacle And Characterful Shots So Let's See What You Budding Photographers Can Do!

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