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Something Wicked this Way Comes: Screenshots Home » Age of Sigmar » News Headlines » Videos » Something Wicked this Way Comes: Screenshots Stills from the Something stirs in Shyish video from the big reveal at Adepticon yesterday. Thanks for sending these in. I believe the new "Death is Coming" video is of a new black coach model.

Are Tau Still Competitive - Chapter Tactics Today PeteyPab calls on the aid of two Tau players to dissect the new Tau Codex and determine its competitiveness. Chapter Tactics is a 40k podcast which focuses on promoting better tactical play and situational awareness across all variations of the game.

PAINTING STREAMING NOW: Veteran Sergeant & Full of Monkey Grab your paintbrush and hobby along with the Veteran Sergeant and Goatboy on Hobby Thursday! Settle in and hobby with Thomas, the original Goatboy. He's one of the fastest and most unique painters and converters out there with plenty of tips and tricks for the community.

Steel Your Heart and Mind in The 'Tower of Madness' You are attempting to save the world from a great and powerful evil or will you lose your marbles along the way and become the Doom Bringer? Tower of Madness is a competitive dice rolling, dexterity game with betrayer mechanics set in a Cthulhu theme.

Geekery: 'Terminal' Goes Down the Rabbit Hole A tale of two assassins, an enigmatic janitor, and a waitress leading a double life - with a great cast. Terminal is Margot Robbie's second self produced film with her studio LuckyChap Entertainment.

40K: Nihilakh Dynasty Preview The Nihilakh Dynasty rises again with the next Necron Preview from Games Workshop. Step aside Hedonismbot, the Nihilakh Dynasty is here and they are all about the wealth. GW is showcasing the dynasty that embodies the old ways - don't move, just shoot.

AoS: Dread Solstice - Week 6 Begins "Trapped In Shyish" Last week, Eye claimed the victory…but maybe rushing into Nagash's turf wasn't the best idea. The Dread Solstice Global Campaign continues as the community casts more votes as to what to do next. Last week, Eye finally managed to score a victory in the campaign, although the results might not have been exactly what folks were expecting:.

Necrons Codex Preview: The Nihilakh Dynasty, Doomsday Arks, and Lychguard Home » 8th Edition » Necrons » Warhammer 40k » Necrons Codex Preview: The Nihilakh Dynasty, Doomsday Arks, and Lychguard Today the previews move to that immovable gun line the Necrons have always had, exploring the Nihilakh Dynasty and some of our favorite units, like Doomsday Arks.

Star War Legion Is The Best Game To Come Out This Year Star Wars Legion is out today. Run, don't walk, to get your copy. Star Wars Legion, the new table top wargame from Fantasy Flight Games, comes out today. I've already talked a bit here and there about why I like it so much. It's a game that's truly poised to shake up the gaming scene.

Pathfinder: Quests For Glory, Quests For Family Come take a look at what's next for Pathfinder Society. The Year of Factions' Favor continues apace with two more adventures, both set to advance the storylines of an the various secret societies and showcases some of the upcoming narrative challenges players can look forward to in the coming months.

New Games, Minis, and More from the GAMA Trade Show We saw a bunch of great games and minis at the show - take a look! Weta Workshop and Cryptozoic - GKR: Heavy Hitters. They're fulfilling their Kickstarted pledges now, when that's done you'll be able to purchase this mech based board game. They have un-painted minis, new factions, and resin buildings in the works.

D&D: Realizing a Rogue - Raiding, Retreating, and Remuneration Do you want to deftly dance through shadows, duel with opponents, and have the skills to pay the bills? If so, a Rogue may be right for you. Rogues are one of big three classic archetypes of D&D: Fighter, Magic User, and Thief.

WIP: Aeldari Harlequins #4 News from the Harlequins: Mr. Green entered the scene! Another specialist / leader, and thus gets a 'spade' sign on his coat. '+titles+'';if;titles.splice;document.getElementById.innerHTML=dw}; Support Tale of Painters and place your next order at or Element Games by clicking on the banner below.

Plastic Sisters of Battle Announced!!!!!! + a Whole Lot More There is a lot more here to see, including the miniatures for the Idoneth Deepkin. The Knight Households of the Imperium are moving from being a force represented with one kit to a fully realised faction with a wider choice of units and army building options than ever.

Age of Sigmar BREAKING: Idoneth Deepkin Mini Pics The mer-aelfs are here and jumping the shark can't even come close to describing them! More than 30 years after GW first mentioned "Menfish" in Warhammer first edition - they are here! No eyes - creepy… Aelfs riding sharks! Nice pet octopus! There's the mystery boat we were all wondering about!

40K BREAKING: Behold the Knight Castellan Model The newest biggest plastic Imperial Knight is here and it is a beauty! We will now have three classes of plastic Imperial Knights, which should round out the codex nicely! Not only is the new codex coming, but GW said we should expect some more variations of the Armigers… Here's the video for completeness:.

Adeptus Mechanicus Turn Based Tactical Game Announcement Home » 8th Edition » Video Games » Warhammer 40k » Adeptus Mechanicus Turn Based Tactical Game Announcement In the spirit of Forgebane, a new video game is on the near horizon, and here is the first look at it.

Centaurs From Hell: Some Crazy Good Miniatures. Home » Raging Heroes » Centaurs From Hell: Some Crazy Good Miniatures. Some crazy sculpts from Raging Heroes that would be so much fun to have in an army. Amazing sculpts as usual. Some were finish-offs and a few were start-to-finish paintjobs, though the scheme f… Things are rumbling along!

Red Hatchets and Black Powder This new scenario supplement has been published for the Fistful of Lead: Horse and Musket skirmish rules, which I have yet to try out having been undecided about what to do with them.

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus - Gameplay and Developer Interview T… Salamanders Inceptor - VoilÃ, j'ai terminà mon premier Inceptor pour mon armÃe Salamanders. Une pièce que j'apprÃcie. Je continue à me fixer 3h de limite de peinture et je m'y ti… Serpents of Hellfire, Devastator Squad - Hello!

40k League Cycle? - Game? Well I finally got in another game of 40k this week. It has been awhile and part of that was a delay in when we got our new pairings. It was too late last week to get my games scheduled for normal game nights. So, I skipped a week and took a break.

Geekery: First Look at George R.R. Martin's 'Nightflyers' This Syfy series is not shying away from gore and high tension. Nighflyers tells the story of a group of maverick scientists and a telepath venture into interstellar space to find extraterrestrial life. Instead of finding alien life, the crew ends up dealing with a horror from within the ship.

STREAMING NOW - Star Wars LEGION Check out FFG's big new Star Wars miniatures wargame right now! This is the biggest new wargame to hit the industry - come see for yourself! This week on The Dice Strike Back. Come join us every week for all the games we can jam in. Here's the NEW schedule:.

March to War - 11th Update It's the penultimate March to War post. Possibly. As it stands it's the final one for just Adam and I, after which there could be one more from Mike and Dave, and then a final post from all of us. It's bringing about feelings of horror, excitement and dread.

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