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A selection of the latest tabletop wargaming news and blog posts.

Codex Dark Angels, Primarch Updates, X-Wing, Pathfinder & More The Unforgiven are back with Primarch updates, a nasty new unit, plus X-Wing's new waves and RPG goodies form Paizo. Take a look! The Dark Angels have some big secrets - but this one could rock The Rock! Fantasy Flight Games has some excellent new releases this weekend - check them out!

British Centaur AA tank from Britannia Miniatures My own self written rules of engagement are that I have to stick to making plastic models of any vehicles for my WW2 armies. However, if there is some unusual vehicle required for a unit that is not available in a plastic kit form, I do have an allowance that allows me to buy resin or metal vehicles.

KOW - NZ Masters Photos Here are a few photos from the recent NZ Masters won by Ryan Lister with Undead. The First Round was an exact copy of what we would see in the Championship Round - Undead vs. Goblins, Orcs vs. Dwarfs and Trident Realms vs. Forces of the Abyss. Bizarrely the results were the same as well even though the tables were different.

Tabletop Gallery - "That's no Monolith" The Canoptek Wraiths "repaired" the fallen drop pod. Now it is home to an ancient dynasty 30,000,000 years old. Don't ask. Enjoy. If you have an awesome wargames shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and characterful shots so lets see what you budding photographers can do!

Tabletop Podcast Review: December 10th Adam here for another week of tabletop podcast reviews! New codex talk, narrative play, interviews and more! Hey all, Adam here, from TFG Radio, for this week's reviews! A lot to listen to this holiday weekend. This week we are seeing talk about the Blood Angel codex, Dark Angel codex, narrative talk, and more!

Dark Apocrypha - Charge of the Blood Brigade Jump pack and Relic blade - 114. Lt w. power sword - 64. Lt w. power sword - 64. The Sanguinor - 170. Brother Corbulo - 94. 5x Tactical Squad, Pwr Swd - 69. 5x Tactical Squad, Pwr Swd - 69. 5x Tactical Squad, Pwr Swd - 69. 5x Tactical Squad, Pwr Swd - 69.

NZ Event Calendar - Warhammer 40k and Kings of War I have updated the Event Calendar for known Warhammer 40k and Kings of War events in 2018. You can access it here or by clicking the "Event Calendar" Button below the "Fields of Blood" banner. I am happy to add any Warhammer 40k or Kings of War events, the aim being to encourage participation.

Panther Tanks - German Army & Waffen-SS, Normandy Campaign 1944 - Review I recently purchased a model kit of a Panther tank. Actually, I purchased a lot of model kits of tanks, one of which was a Panther.

40K: Dark Angels Codex - First Looks Come take a look inside the Dark Angels Codex. That's right folks, today we've got a look at the new Dark Angels Codex. Adam Harry and Stable Abe sat down with the book after determining that it was not, in fact, a ruse by Alpha Legion. Come join them as we take a look at what the Dark Angels gain from their Codex.

Dremel Dremel I got absolutely frozen and soaked this morning at the sprog's rugby practice, so didn't fancy sitting in an equally frozen garage at the workbench this afternoon with shaky painting hands.

Colouring with Washes I obviously don't want to spend several weeks / months painting an entire box of these guys, so I decided to test out a very dirty technique that I've been looking at for a while. You can see what I do after the jump.

Green Ronin: Blue Rose RPG On Sale For a Good Cause For the remainder of 2017, you can pick up The Blue Rose and also benefit a good cause. That's right.

40K Lore: Death Company - Fit For Consumption Today Loremasters, a quandary. What makes for good bio-mass? Join the debate. Greetings Loremasters. There are so many of us now-it is good to see your smiling faces, bright eyes, and gleaming carapaces.

La Ultima Cruzada has been released for publication! The printed proof copies have arrived, and after checking I have been able to release my latest book - the third edition of LA ULTIMA CRUZADA - for publication. It is now available in hardback format for £24.99 from, and should be on sale with Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other online retailers within a matter of weeks.

BoLS Book Club: Fabius Bile Everyone's favorite genetic engineering madman, the craftsman of chaos, Fabius Bile, returns. via the Black Library. Drawn back into the deadly machinations of his former Legion, Fabius Bile finds his destiny lies in a forgotten world on the Eastern Fringe… a world called Solemnace.

Dark Angels Codex Reviews: Here are the Two you Should Watch Home » 8th Edition » Dark Angels » Warhammer 40k » Dark Angels Codex Reviews: Here are the Two you Should Watch The information from the Dark Angels codex is free flowing atm, with these two videos that should be ranking upon the top two to check out.

40K: New Angles of Darkness Take a look at the new unit from the new Dark Angels Codex-the Talonmaster in a Landspeeder. That's right friends.

Lion fully healed / Luther Escaped, extract from the Dark Angel Codex This extract for me confirms that something big is happening soon with the Lion, we'll finally see him come out of his slumber. Perry Miniatures - New Pre-Painted ACW Sets - Perry Miniatures released a new range of pre-painted miniatures: Link: Perry Miniatures ¿Que hay en Pre Pedido de Ángeles Oscuros?

The Pilgrim's Lament Within the Hulk we stood, Guard and Watch as landings shook.Distant screams, gunshots, cries, In our silence; something lies. The Lighting of grandeur spills.Inside the lobby, empty, shrill.A guillotine of death drawing near:That monument of Flesh;That Chandelier.

GW: Pre-Orders December 9 "Pricing & Links" The Dark Angel's Pre-Orders have arrived! The Angels of Caliban await… via Games Workshop. No matter the foe, regardless of the odds, the proud warriors of the Dark Angels stubbornly refuse to accept defeat. Descendants of the First Legion, they stand foremost amongst the Chapters of the Space Marines, Mankind's mightiest defenders.

Tabletop Gallery: "Elimination Game" "Oh no… I meant to program you for Imitation Games!!!" Enjoy. If you have an awesome wargames shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and characterful shots so lets see what you budding photographers can do!

Pathfinder: Brave the Depths of the Underworld Explore the dark underneath the world with this new supplement for Pathfinder. Dive into a world of Mushroom People and Drow. Into a lightless world that is as full of deadly machinations and magics as it is murk and mushrooms. Malcontents and mayhem.

Launch and Recover Just the job as inspiration for my planned Target Locked On! Flashpoint: Fleet Air Arm project next year. There are sev…

Dark Apocrypha: Blood Angels Week With the Blood Angels back, we put them through their paces on Dark Apocrypha! This past week on Dark Apocrypha… Join us as we tear into Codex Blood Angels and take your questions with the book and an hour long Q&A. Then we take a CSM list and put it up against the ENTIRE BA 3rd BATTLE COMPANY.

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