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A selection of the latest tabletop wargaming news and blog posts.

Introducing Cerebus Studios…. Cerebus Studios is a newer studio producing miniatures for rpgs and tabletop games. They had ran a Kickstarter last year and are now and running with their current miniatures line. There are some very cool minis here and I have a few of them now to really take a closer look.

The Dark Angel Primaris I did this diorama model as a 10th anniversary for my tabletop hobby after reaching my tenth year in February. This was also done in memory of my friend, Leo. A dog with no manners, very greedy for anything that's food related and always distracted me so he can steal the paint covered kitchen papers.

40K: Playtest Playtest Playtest - Nothing Beats It - FTN Paul talks about a couple of his playtest games this past week. We talk about it a lot but nothing replaces playtesting. It can, in the long run, save you tons of time and money. Skari joins us to talk about it and media influencing. In the middle of the show we're joined by one of the organizers from Battle for the Peak - a 40k tournament.

The Boss Is in the Room Finally got the leader of my Khorne Mortal force done. Overall I'm fairly happy with this model, I wanted the skull to stand out and his cloak to billow around like a black cloud, and I reckon I'm close enough. I tried a very odd way to paint his deamon dog dry brushing with progressively darker colour until I got to black.

Boardgames: 7 Wonders Wins Platinum Pawn By Selling Over 1 Million Copies Our congratulations go out to 7 Wonders and 7 Wonders Duel for selling 1.5 million combined units sold! 7 Wonders is a great game. I say this subjectively, but Repos Productions also boasts that 7 Wonders is "the most awarded board game". I haven't checked, but seems like a reasonable claim to make.

Streaming: Tabletop Hour Episode 52 - Age of Sigmar Forbidden Power Today the Tabletop Hour is going over Age of Sigmar's Forbidden Power rules and MASSIVE new kits. Come join in the show. Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community for gamers. More than 45 million gamers gather every month on Twitch to broadcast, watch and chat about gaming.

Geekery: The Game of Thrones is Done - An Open Thread It's done - come talk about it. Some facts about the show… The comments are a spoiler filled zone - you have been warned. Thoughts on the final episode, final season, and the entire run in 3,2,1…GO!

ToyLand: Jet Black is Ready with His Trusty Walther This nearly 2 foot tall rendition of the anime character gets the details right, and doesn't overcomplicate his design. Jet Black is the captain of the Bebop and a great bounty hunter with experience with the Intra Solar System Police. He's also known as "Black Dog" for his ferocity and tenacity.

The Responsible One's Wargaming Blog Well, mostly, I was at WarhammerFest last weekend, and while I had the Monday afterwards off work, I spent most of it tidying around the flat. I still don't have a working hobby desk, and there's tons to be done. This is still the state of the hobby room, so I'll be trying to up the pace of sorting things a little from here.

D&D: Warlock Witchery - Five Spells To Please Your Patron With only two slots, Warlocks have to make every spell they cast go the extra mile. Here are five that will keep on giving. Warlocks are an interesting place. They're spellcasters, technically-but what they really do is shoot Eldritch Blast at things and on occasion drop a spell that can change up the whole battle.

40K: The King Of The Giant Robots It's all about the big boys as 40k is going more and more Anime. Let's rank them! Games Workshop has been creating larger, centerpiece kits for 40k for a long time now. The game really seems to be at an interesting crossroads with the prevalence of these larger "knight-sized" kits.

AoS: Forbidden Power - New Armies, New Battletraits Forbidden Power has two new Allegiance Armies you can muster. Come take a look at both and see what shenanigans you can get up to! Games Workshop revealed earlier that Forbidden Power would have two new Allegiance Armies to play: The Lethisian Army and Legion of Grief.

Prices and Releases for the Week. This week we will be seeing Necromunda and Blood Bowl releases. Not certain what's coming and need to get a jump on how much it will cost ya. I have the UK, pricing atm, like always, if I can get a hold of the other currencies, I will update here as I get them.UK Prices.

GW: Kal Jericho & Halflings Return To Specialist Games Blood Bowl is getting a new team that plays on Hard Mode and Kal Jericho, the legend, returns to Necromunda! Life in the hive is about to heat-up. Not one, but TWO bounty hunters are returning to Necromunda - Kal Jericho and his trusty sidekick Scabs are coming back and are ready for action.

Halflings this Week…. Halflings are geetting releases this week for Blood Bowl. See the latest on them, and see if you as luckily as they are. Are you bored by well-trained and heavily muscled athletes doing epic things like roaring down the pitch, catching the ball skillfully, expertly evading or crushing the other team's heaviest hitters?

Bob's Miniature Wargaming Blog Bruce had me over for another test drive of his old west adaptation of Congo. This time the scenario was Little Round Top. The visiting team arrived from the left and top of the board. The only home team units were in the village at the bottom right. Other home team units could appear on a die roll.

D&D: Eberron Hardcover Announced, Other News From The Descent Descent into Avernus isn't the only new D&D release this year-here's a look at everything else announced at D&D Live 2019-including Hardcover Eberron. D&D Live 2019 has ended, though you can watch the whole thing up on the Twitch Archive, which you might want to do because you'll find out little tidbits and details like the one mentioned below:.

40K Loremaster: Adeptus Astartes Gene-seed Today Loremasters we delve into that which defines the Adeptus Astartes from their fellow man - the chapter's future and its living past. Its most precious resource - Gene-seed. Gene-seed is the unique genetic material used to transform a normal human into a super-human Space Marine.

D&D: Adventure Awaits In Avernus The road to hell is paved with adventure, according to the latest D&D module. Find out why everyone's descending into Avernus. This last weekend saw D&D Live 2019 aka The Descent, a massive live stream event / festival/announcement ceremony during which WotC announced the next big adventure module: Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus.

"The Battle for Spain". a review. This was a Kindle bargain a while ago and having had an interest in this particular war since my youth it was a "must buy".

Soviet Torpedo Bombers for Cruel Seas For some reason the writers of Cruel Seas decided to make the Il-2 Shturmovik the default aircraft in the rules, despite the fact that they weren't really used in a maritime role, except on an ad-hoc basis and as a non-operational torpedo armed variant.

Goatboy's 40k: Preparing for a Big Event Goatboy here again and if you've read my articles you know, I love to play competitive 40k. Here's the method to my madness. There is just something in how I like to the table and try to win. Sure, I play for fun and look to do something goofy - but in the end, I desire to try and bring my A game to any match I play.

Showcase: Showcase: Shadowspear Word Bearer Chaos Obliterator And with them, the team is already finished. Next up is the Orc Team and something bigger… Word Bearers Dark Apostle with Dark Disciples - After the rule changes for the Dark Apostle I need 2 Dark Disciples for him to make him more effective with his prayers.

Time Team, Shooters Hill, and Shrewsbury House Later this morning Sue and I will be walking the short distance to Shrewsbury House, our local community centre. From 10.30am to 12.30pm Andy Brockman will be talking about the making of the TIME TEAM episode that was filmed on Shooters Hill during the Summer of 2007.

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