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A selection of the latest tabletop wargaming news and blog posts.

New Rumors: Space Marine Codex Getting Released….When? Home » 40k Rumors » Primaris Space Marines » New Rumors: Space Marine Codex Getting Released….When? While I don't have a lot of additional information…. I have heard that the Space Marine codex will be coming in August. Please remember that these are rumors…… These sound very credible from the source.

AoS Warcry: Beyond Chaos Rules Preview The Eightpoints is a blasted landscape, and a bastion of Chaos-but more than just the devoted servants of the ruinous powers lurk in the Varanspire. Chaos might be the order of the day in the Eightpoints, but the ruinous powers aren't the only ones to have servants and champions battling for glory under the shadow of Archaon's fortresses.

Ghoul Gutbusters: Ghoul Grots unleashed! Creeping in the undergrowth, clattering their bone charms, scratching on the walls, blood smeared on their decaying skin and a giggling madness from a small spiteful form. The Ghoul Grots are cunning in trap making and devious plots, but also cowardly when something bigger than them threatens them.

Warcry Previewing the Forces of Order, Destruction, and Death! Home » Age of Sigmar » Games Workshop » Warcry » Warcry Previewing the Forces of Order, Destruction, and Death! A huge look into the other warbands you can have in Warcry that are non-chaos warbands. Here is another preview into what we can expect on Warcry.

Historicals: Showcase - Blood and Plunder's Native Warrior Unit In this post, we are going to take a look at the Blood and Plunder Native Warrior Unit. For those that don't know, Blood and Plunder is an excellent 32mm Historical Pirates game published by Firelock Games. The game is a lot of fun and the miniatures are some of the best looking figures and ships that I have seen.

Tabletop Spotlight: Weekly Retailer Releases We're talking about the big releases of the week from Fantasy Flight Games, WizKids and more! This Tabletop Spotlight was streamed live on Friday, July 12th. Follow BoLS on Facebook and Twitch to always stay up to date in the latest in tabletop and RPG news and releases.

Cosplay: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe! As long as we're here, lets pay Skeletor a visit! Join us this week as we take a look at some fantastic cosplays discovered by Legend of Micah at this year's Blerdcon! The Masters of the Universe are back - dropping mix tapes and dropping jaws in the Cosplay Scene.

Chaos Daemons in Kill Team… Home » Chaos Daemons » Kill Team » White Dwarf » Chaos Daemons in Kill Team… Here in this months White Dwarf… rules for Kill Team with Chaos Daemons. Lets look at a preview. That's right - July's issue of White Dwarf includes rules for kill teams of Chaos Daemons!

ToyLand: The Unicron of Your Dreams is Here - 2 Feet Tall and Fully Converts The Planet Eater is one of the most terrifying villains of the Transformers - able to eat entire worlds, destroying civilizations in the process. Hasbro has decided he needs a fig that really reflects just how big he is. If this goes into production it will be the company's largest converting Transformers fig ever created.

Top Gun Maverick I was never a big fan of the original but this looks awesome…about time I had another crack at Target Locked On! perhaps, especially as I am now officially on holiday!

RPG: World Building Workshop - 4 Free Map Building Programs Let's talk about a few types of maps you can build for your game - and some nifty tools to save you hours of time. There comes a time in almost every DM's life when they want to move beyond the existing settings and create one of their own. Maybe you have an amazing story to tell, and it needs its own world to be told in.

40K: Eisenhorn's TV Entourage - Dark Detectives Can't wait for the Eisenhorn TV show? Neither can we! Check out these shows to hold you over. If you're excited for Eisenhorn, we can't blame you - it's crosses off quite a few things that we consider our collective "jam" here at BoLS.

Combat Primer - The Genesys Project Home » Kickstarter » The Genesys Project » Combat Primer - The Genesys Project Its time to jump into combat and dive into the mechanics for the Genesys Project.

Warband Showcase: Thundrik's Profiteers You've probably seen them around the internet many a time but today I'll be showing off my Thundrik's Profiteers as well as how I painted them. These were my review copy warband but also one of my personal favourites. I've always liked the Khadaron Overlord aesthetic so it was a great chance to finally paint up a few models from that faction.

40K: Daemons Invade Kill Team The forces of the four chaos gods gather to dive into 40k: Kill Team. Recruit them at your own peril! This may come as a shock to folks who haven't been playing Kill Team but Chaos Daemons weren't an option as a warband. Until now.

FW Pre-Order: Squats Return With Ragnir Gunnstein Forge World has another Squat up for Pre-Order! It's Ragnir Gunnstein, Squat Ammo-Jack reporting in! via Forge World. If your gang has been having issues with ammunition, then Ragnir Gunnstein is the Hanger-on for you. This Squat Ammo-jack comes covered in bullets and grenades, and carries a wealth of tools that he uses to fix weapons.

A Squad Ammo-Jack for Pre-orders are Live Now. Home » Forgeworld » Necromunda » A Squad Ammo-Jack for Pre-orders are Live Now. New from Forgeworld today is Ragnir Gunnstein, Squat Ammo-Jack for Necromunda. Ragnir Gunnstein is one such warrior - and he's available to pre-order today.

Battletech: The Clans Invade Kickstarter Bringing 3049 To 2019 Catalyst Game Labs launched a phenomenally successful Kickstarter just yesterday that is poised to bring the Clans back to Battletech. If you have not been keeping up with the revamp that Catalyst has been bringing to Battletech over the last few years, here's the gist.

Outside the Box - July 19th Welcome to another issue of Outside the Box. This week with news from Fantasy Flight Games, Corvus Belli, Perry Miniatures, Crooked Dice, Black Site Studio and more!Fantasy Flight Games released a new wave of X-Wing miniatures: And a new multiplayer Epic Battle mode is coming as well as the return of huge ships: - > More Fantasy Flight Games News.

D&D: WotC Gears Up For A Good Cause - 2019 These new official D&D t-shirts might be inspired by the upcoming adventures in Avernus, but they'll help you do some real world good. Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus, will take a party of adventurers into the lower planes, where all manner of fiends carry out their misdeeds and malevolence, battling with each other to claim mortal souls.

What's On Your Table: Custom Custodes Castellan Knight Home » What's On Your Table » What's On Your Table: Custom Custodes Castellan Knight What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics or short video to [email protected] Mate, I thought I would share some images I have yet to put on my blog, these are sneaky peaks.

Contrast Paints, Separation, and Dropper Bottles A quick and important interlude before I get to the paint scheme I tried next with the contrast paints for my Sylvaneth army. I want to talk about Contrast Paints themselves. The hype behind them made them out to be the next evolution of painting and that you could use them to get amazing results with just one coat.

The United States Naval War College 1936 Wargame Rules I've always had a great interest in naval wargaming, and when John Curry announced that he was going to add THE UNITED STATES NAVAL WAR COLLEGE 1936 WARGAME RULES to the list of titles published by the 'History of Wargaming' Project, I just had to have a copy!

40K Loremasters: To Build a Space Marine Come Loremasters and learn how the Imperium shapes the clay of humanity into our Angels of Death - the Adeptus Astartes. It takes a considerable deal of time to transform a normal human into a Space Marine.

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