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A selection of the latest tabletop wargaming news and blog posts.

Age of Sigmar: It Turns Out Slaanesh Wasn't Winning Hide And Seek All This Time After All Far from winning a Daemonic game of Hide and Seek that spans the Mortal Realms, it turns out the Prince of Pain has been imprisoned within a special magical subrealm of twilight and shadow because the Mortal Realms are weird. Cool, mind you, but weird.

Finished Models - Obliterators "Trying to keep up my recent pace of blog posts," ~Prometian Painting, June 2018. …So it's been a while since I did a post.

Chapter Approved 2018 - Adepta Sororitas Review - FTN Chapter Approved is a shot in the arm for competitive 40k. Instead of making any particular army worse, a whole lot of armies got better, with radical point reductions for a bunch of struggling factions. We run down some major points and the Sisters of Battle Beta Codex.

Dice Masters: Battle for Ultramar If you're a fan of Warhammer, you like rolling dice. Let's not pretend that's not true. If you're looking for a new way to scratch that itch, Dice Masters is for you! I don't think I'm spinning any fake news by saying that Dice Masters is a popular series of games.

Streaming NOW: Tabletop Hour - Episode 30 - Vigilus Defiant AMA Join us for our weekly industry talk show. We have Vigilus Defiant in the studio and want your questions. Today the Tabletop Hour opens with everything we know about Vigilus Defiant, Chapter Approved 2018 and the latest from Wrath and Rapture. Join us on Twitch every Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays for talkshows, hobby streams and games.

Geekery: New 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Teaser - Let the Theorizing Begin The final battle between light and dark, life and death, is coming and the throne will be claimed by the victor. The last season of the acclaimed series hits small screens this coming April, and HBO just started dropping hints at what is to come for the houses of Westeros that remain.

Regular update: mid December So this is my next update already and let's see. 10 December, this will be the second-last regular update post of this year. It has been a great year hobby-wise for me already with some ups and downs. But let's see what we can still rack up this year with an upcoming holiday with some extra days also!

ToyLand: These New Fallout Figs Pack in a Ton of Detail Unlike Fallout 76, this new line of figs from ThreeZero are correctly proportioned, and they won't require multiple software patches to enjoy. This 14 1/2 inch tall X-01 Power Armor fig has 35 points of articulation and comes with a new, realistic male head sculpt that can be swapped out for a helmet with LED lights.

40K: Adepta Sororitas of Vigilus As the War of the Beasts rages on Vigilus, the Adepta Sororitas have stepped up their presence and helped led the counter-attack and defense of the planet. Let's meet the players of the Sisters of Battle!

Exploring Where Slaanesh has Gone…….Revealed Home » Age of Sigmar » Chaos Daemons » Rumors » Slaanesh » Warhammer 40k » Exploring Where Slaanesh has Gone…….Revealed Slaanesh was thought dead by many in our community a while back, but we now know Slaanesh is hidden away. Here is the latest in Lore on exactly where…….

40K: Vigilus Defiant Threads Together The Last Several Releases, Sets The Stage For The Future In case you missed it: Vigilus Defiant is an expansive book that weaves together the big releases of the last few months, while setting the stage for the next chapter of life, war, and perhaps even love in the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium. Let us take you through its pages and show you how.

The Battle of Beta-Garmon - Where All The God-Machines Died The Grimdark Universe is a place where the Imperial Warmachine rolled over the galaxy with Legions of Space Marines, countless Imperial Guardsmen, and the mighty God-Machines known as Titans before the Horus Heresy. But where did all the Titans go? The greatest weapons of war the Imperium ever created were the Titans.

This Past Year in Hobby / State of my Hobby Review part 1 - 12.10.18 It has been another busy year for me… and now Christmas is upon us… the year is drawing to a close. About this time every year I try to take stock in my hobby life. Things that are working, thi…

FOW: New German Heavy Metal Battlefront's 15mm scale WWII game is adding more plastic and resin minis for the German treadheads out there. Ferdinand Tank-hunter Platoon - $30.00. The Ferdinand Tank-hunter is a fearsome anti-tank vehicle. Not only a can-opener, the Ferdinand is unmatched in armour with 200mm of frontal armour.

40K: Top Narrative Reveals from Vigilus & Mystery Flyer Vigilus is narrative writ large from GW in a way we haven't seen ever - and there are a lot of surprises within it's pages. First of all, Vigilus is the most detailed and exhaustive campaign set on a single world GW has ever given us.

D&D: Support The Final Stretch Of Worldbuilders And Earn Fantastic Boons For Your D&D Campaign Now's your chance to mess with your DM-with permission from Pat Rothfuss, Wil Wheaton, Mike Mearls, and a host of others. As Worldbuilders draws to a close, D&D's prizes get serious.

British Platoon Vehicles I haven't done much for the Sandbox Skirmish project lately, as the festive season has started to take a toll on my weekends and at work, but I did get all of the British vehicles undercoated yesterday in Humbrol Dark Green.

WIP: Death Guard Foul Blightspawn Above, the preshaded minis. Below, the palettes and their results. Limited palettes on these to help keep them uniform and s… Starting Survivors - Hello all! After a some break, a small update, I finished painting the KD:M starting models, and below You will find effects of my work.

Fort Michelangelo, Civitavecchia, Italy Back in March, Sue and I visited Civitavecchia in Italy. It is the main harbour that serves Rome, and the entrance to the harbour is dominated by Fort Michelangelo. The fort was originally commissioned by Pope Julius II to defend the port of Rome, and its designer was Donato Bramante.

Goatboy's Thoughts: Vigilus - Winners, Losers, and What Tha? Goatboy here again and at BoLS HQ we got the Viglius Campaign book to look at. I want to go into a quick break down on what I feel are the winners, losers, and what tha? Overall the book is a big pile of fluff with some exciting formations thrown in. I think the formations are okay - fluffy in some ways and decent in others.

What's On Your Table End of the Year/Holiday Giveaway: Transfers are in the post! I was really keen to get a loyalist metallic yellow as the 30k scene has several strong metallic paint themes for the traitors. The metallic yellow is achieved really easily via a silver base coat, 1x black wash, 2x yellow washes and a final yellow glaze.

Vigilus Unveiled, New GW Minis, Warmachine 2019, Wrath & Rapture, Avengers & More Vigilus is here, and we've got all the info, plus GW's latest minis, next week's releases, Privateer Press' 2019 plans for Warmachine, OMG Avengers trailer and more! Marvel rounded out a week of big announcements and a new Captain Marvel trailer with our first look at Avengers 4, which has an official name now: Endgame.

40K: Black Library Advent Roundup - Iron, Blood, Shadows, And Skulls There's a theme to the first wave of Black Library Advent Stories. And right now you can grab nine of them -so whether you're looking for a short story or an audio drama, the Black Library has you covered.

Tabletop Gallery: Prepare For Takeoff "Arvus Lighters - there's no better choice when you need to bug out in a hurry!" Enjoy. If You Have An Awesome Wargame Shot You Think Would Make A Great BoLS Pic Of The Day, Email Us. We Love Spectacle And Characterful Shots So Let's See What You Budding Photographers Can Do!

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