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A selection of the latest tabletop wargaming news and blog posts.

A birthday present for an old friend It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago, and a good old friend of mine - Tony Hawkins - sent me a copy of GLADSTONE, GORDON AND THE SUDAN WARS: THE BATTLE OVER IMPERIAL INTERVENTION IN THE VICTORIAN AGE as a present. The book was written by Fergus Nicholl, and is a reappraisal of the roles played by both men in the Sudan Crisis.

40K Op-ed: No One Plays The Game Right There are a thousand and one ways to play Warhammer 40K. Warhammer 40K is played all over the world in FLGSs, Event halls and basements. Over the years it has grown into a vast and varied game and community. It's very easy to sit here on the internet and talk about large picture topics in Warhammer, like "the meta" and how the game is played.

What's On Your Table: Space Marines Cheers!: Виталий Рукосуев Court of the ecstatic thought - Queen Sweetdream smiled as the wooden chalices where filled to the brim with her secreted honey.

Next Week's Age of Sigmar & 40K Products & Prices CONFIRMED This week a dark legend of the World That Was rises in the Mortal Realms! Get your wallet ready! Morathi returns from lost Naggaroth, to the Mortal Realms with the Daughters of Khaine in tow! Morathai $130. Battletome: Daughters of Khaine: $40. Daughters of Khaine Warscroll Cards: $25.

AoS: Daughters of Khaine - Origins and… Order The Daughters of Khaine have stepped from the shadows of Hag Narr, and now join Order's ranks. Take a look at how and why. As you've doubtless seen over the last weekend, Morathi herself has stepped forward to lead the Daughters of Khaine to prominence in the Mortal Realms.

Tabletop Gallery: Sinister Triplets "Did it just get cold in the room?" Enjoy. If you have an awesome wargames shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and characterful shots so lets see what you budding photographers can do!

STREAMING NOW: NeverQuest Episode 30 Join us for our continuing 5e D&D campaign - Neverquest. Grab a cold one, settle in and adventure with the BoLS party. Someone might find glory, gold - or die! Barnabus Annabelle Goodfellow Hawthorne Merriweather Jr., etc. aka Bags.

Culture Crafting 40k Tournaments, Shadespire & Necromunda - FTN Organizers are empowered to try new things at events. Enthusiasm for matched play is at an all time high people WANT to come to events. We explore more culture crafting topics on the episode this week and state that Organizers are more empowered than ever to try new things at their events.

Preview: Daughters of Khaine Home » Age of Sigmar » Previews » Warhammer Community » Preview: Daughters of Khaine A preview from the Warhammer Community this afternoon for the Battletome: Daughters of Khaine.

Super Controversial Op-Ed: Mage Knight Is Really Good This opinion might make some people mad, some might be confused and angry and some outright furious, but I won't be silenced! Howdy, friends! Mage Knight very well might be my favorite game ever. I don't care how many people I offend!

The Blackbarrow Chronicles, Episode 2 - The Gauntlet Part 2 Labels: Fantasy Gaming, Hirst Arts, The Black Hack, The Blackbarrow Chronicles, Village of Blackbarrow.

MiG Alley Royal Navy / USMC Aircraft This is the last lot of 1/600th aircraft for the MiG Alley and Bag the MiG project, at least for the next few weeks leading up to Easter, as I need to do something else for a bit to take the strain off the eyes!

The Silver Tower The lads chipped-in to buy the utterly GLORIOUS boxed set that is Warhammer Quest Silver Tower. The models are absolutely beautiful and we spent an evening together feverishly building them all. We were all big fans of the quality of the card tiles and accessories, and after a few practice games, we were hooked.

Geekery: The Music of 'Black Panther' There are a lot of amazing things in the latest addition to the MCU - sound is definitely one. I've been talking about the music featured in the trailers as they've come out - the soundscape for those movie started building with Run the Jewels, Vince Staples, and new work from Kendrick Lamar.

STREAMING NOW - Dark Apocrypha "Fear the Deathwatch" Deep in the heart of the Enigmus Sector the T'au have grown too bold. The Inquisition and Deathwatch strike with vengeance! This week on Dark Apocrypha… Welcome to the Enigmus Sector - the setting for Dark Apocrypha.

ToyLand: These Predator Figs are Ready for the Hunt New York Toy Fair is in full swing - NECA is showed off more awesome looking Predators. These new figs are based on the Predator: Bad Blood and Predator: 1718 comic book series from Dark Horse. These will be available this fall - shortly after the release of the new movie.

AoS: Daughters of Khaine - Money Talks Are the Daughters of Khaine Dead on Arrival? It happened before but that was a long time ago… We got a look at Morathi and her true form this weekend. The model looks pretty awesome and the Daughters of Khaine line looks to be getting a revisit. However, they have one of the biggest hurdles ahead of them: Cold Hard Cash.

GW: Blitz Bowl & Space Marine Adventures Officially Announced Games Workshop has two new introductory games on the way - here's the official announcement. This past weekend at the New York Toy Fair, Games Workshop unveiled two new games that will be making they debut later. They are both introductory games designed for first-timers with quicker play-times.

Tau Rumors……. As part of a forum conversation, there are some rumored bits for the Tau that were spilled over the weekend. Definitely worth checking out, but remember that these are a little vague in places, and these are considered to be rumors at this point. Please remember that these are rumors.

FW: Guild Previews For Necromunda Necromunda has gone through economic expansion and the Guilds are coming - let's take a look at the new players in town! In the long history of the Underhive, Necromunda has traditionally had 6 houses that the gangs were formed from.

This Week's Releases With Prices Home » Age of Sigmar » Black Library » pre-orders » This Week's Releases With Prices We have full confirmations on the prices now for this week's pre-orders. They of course include the new Daughters of Khaine Battletome, Morathi, Cards, and Dice.

Necromunda Preview: Guilds - Corpse, Power Grid, Water These will be coming soon, as we have already seen bits and pieces of this from the last Forgeworld Event. Great Expansions are coming. One of the most exciting upcoming additions to Necromunda are the forces of the Guilds, the economic powerhouses that administrate the constant flow of vital supplies into the hives.

2 New Stand-Alone Games Official Announcement Home » Blood Bowl » New Releases » News Headlines » Warhammer 40k » 2 Space Marine Adventures and Blitz Bowl are two games being shown off at the New York Toy Fair. They are self contained sets of games, Blitz Bowl, and Space Marine Adventures.

Goatboy's 40k: Dreams of Golden Bikers Saving my Soul from Chaos Goatboy here again - and currently I am somewhat enamored with the idea of Golden Bikers… Golden bikers - streaking down from the heavens on a trail of broken Chaos Space Marine tears. I am also enamored by the thought of a Cabal of Thousand Son Daemon Princes - but the Bikers just seem pretty dang cool.

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