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A selection of the latest tabletop wargaming news and blog posts.

40K Rumors: Mekboy Workshop Rules Leaked The Mekboy Workshop is a piece of terrain that lets any good Ork kommander soup up their vehicles with kustom jobs, krush their enemies with a klaw, and basically make your army Ork smarter, faster, stronger. With the Mekboy workshop, you can rebuild it.

Tabletop Gallery: The Russians Are Coming! If You Have An Awesome Wargame Shot You Think Would Make A Great BoLS Pic Of The Day, Email Us. We Love Spectacle And Characterful Shots So Let's See What You Budding Photographers Can Do! Warhammer 40,000, Age Of Sigmar, X-Wing, Warmachine / Hordes, Star Wars LEGION, Bolt Action, Infinity, Armada and Flames Of War Miniatures Photos Are Welcome.

Tyranid Review: Hormagaunts Leaping to Victory Today let's look at our little, sometimes wobbly option for cheap chaff, the Hormagaunt! If you like fast chaff that is exceptional at pinning units in place - the Hormagaunt is your go-to bug. Danny from TFG Radio here,. Equipment and Biomorphs:. Special Rules:.

RETRO: 'Berserk' Board Game Probably Won't Give You A Heart Attack "Interest detected in player! Player alert! Player alert! Entertain the player!" are a few of the phrases you might utter if you got a little too into the roleplay aspects of your retro board game night with Berserk.

My Take: Six Pillars of the Hobby The Independent Characters podcast recently put out a buzz-worthy episode where the hosts tackled the Five Pillars of the Hobby. As you might imagine, these are the essential activities around which our hobby revolves.

What's Up with Wyrd This Month - The Otherside Rules, ME3, and New Minis The spookiest month of the year brings some big releases and sneak peeks. The Otherside rules are available for free, and the Allegiance Boxes are here, as well as new terrain, and a look at one of the new Malifaux 3E masters. The Otherside rules and cards are available for free right now!

40K RUMORS: Ork Relic Rules Revealed The Orks are getting a whole bunch of new 'Gubbinz' to use in battle and the rumor mill is spilling the beans on them! Come take a look at what special relics the Orks are going to wield in battle! Codex: Ork is around the corner and that means that the rumors are starting to flow.

Shogun 2 and the Total War series The successor of the first Total War can be remembered as the peak of the Total War series in 2011. Let me explain… The series features a characteristic style of strategic gameplay, mixing real-time combat with turn based management.

40K: Space Marines Are The Next Thunder Warriors It's only a matter of time before those same Primaris Marines get access to the equipment and combat doctrines that make 'standard' marines more flexible. Also - what about Fact #146? What are those three organs, but more importantly why do they need MORE hypnotherapy?

40K: Orks - Snakebite Rules And Psychic Power Spoilers Orktober continues on, the green tide roaring. This time, Snakebites step into the spotlight, with their mastery of da old wayz and two new psychic powers previewed within. The Snakebite Clan is known for having the toughest boyz and shunning technology.

Ork Codex Clan Preview: Snakebites Home » 40k » Orks » Previews » Warhammer 40k » Ork Codex Clan Preview: Snakebites The Snakebites are up and looking back to "Da Old Ways". Grab your choppa and smash somtin. Runnin' around, blasting each other with dakka, too fancy and high-falutin' to use exploding squigs.

GW Rumor Engine: Put a Feather In Your Cap Games Workshop's latest Rumor Engine is here to get you guessing. What's got feathers and spikes? Take a look and guess for yourself! It's Tuesday, which means it time for another Rumor Engine. This one will have you scratching your head…or maybe just dusting your desktop.

More Ork Leaks: Shiney Gobbinz and a Stratagem. Home » 40k leaks » Orks » Rumors » Warhammer 40k » More Ork Leaks: Shiney Gobbinz and A new set of leaks titled "Orks Shiny Gubbinz For Da Boyz LEAKED! + Extra Gubbinz Stratagem".

This Week's Rumour Engine Teaser: A Plume? Home » Age of Sigmar » Games Workshop » Teasers » Warhammer 40k » It looks like the plume of a helm, but only time will tell what will be revealed. Bad Moon Orks: Gretchin - Hello everyone, With it being Orktober I'm back to show you how I have been getting along with my 40K Orks.

Tabletop Spotlight: Magic Item Cards - GF9 Today on Tabletop Spotlight, we take you through a deck of many things-the Magic Item Card deck from Gale Force 9. Full of both tricks and treats you can hand out to your players, these are a perfect game aid for any DM's table. Magic Items are a part of any adventurer's hopes and dreams, if not essential gear.

Tabletop Crowdfunding Round-Up: October 23 Mystical guardians, rampaging dragons, and crafty hunters. Come check out this week's batch of Kickstarter highlights! First on today's list is Tidal Blades, a worker placement and dice management game set in a tropical high fantasy water world.

D&D: Check Out Ravnica's Table Of Contents And New Druid Subclass Step inside Ravnica once more with a look at the Table of Contents and the new Circle of Spores subclass. Come see what exactly awaits you within the pages of the Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica. The Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica due out in just a few short weeks adds a host of new options for players and DMs alike.

Malayan Emergency Inspiration There's a really good article by Steve Blease in this month's Wargames Illustrated on the Malayan Emergency. I'd thought about skirmish wargaming this way back in 2010 but then switched focus to the Indonesian Confrontation and Aden.

I have been to… the La Spezia Naval Museum: The Artillery Hall - The low-angle guns One part of the museum that I had previously visited was the Artillery Hall. This contains examples of many of the smaller weapons carried by Italian warships.

Necromunda Underhive Complete Set Raffle. Home » Charities » Necromunda » NOCF » Raffles » Necromunda Underhive Complete Set The entire box set complete with rules, tiles, cards, dice plus 20 gangers from both House Escher and Goliath. Basically this is everything you need…. plus its fully painted by Wes Cogdal of Stiff Neck Studio.

40K The Biggest Loser: Space Marine Weapons Edition Every edition has its winners and losers. Today lets take a lot of some Space Marine Weapons that have lost big since the start of the 8th, and see which one is the biggest loser of them all. Units and weapons go up and down in popularity all the time.

The journals of Maxilus Domio: Entry 1 A Terran Battleship on the way to replenish the shrinking ranks of Imperium of Man on some forsaken, distant world locked in eternal warfare. A previously undocumented Warp Gate, crackling, flickering.

What's On Your Table: Grot Scuttlings Home » What's On Your Table » What's On Your Table: Grot Scuttlings What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to [email protected]'s Age of Sigmar time! Here's a nine-strong cluster of Grot Scuttlings from the modern Warhammer Quest Silver Tower game.

SPEEDWAAAGH! Next Week's 40K Products & Pricing CONFIRMED Codex Orks, the Speedwaaagh, and some Sly opposition arrives! Here's the list of products and prices for this weekend's GW releases about to hit the shelves. THE STORY In the perilous jungles just north of the great city of Hammerhal Aqsha, Chaos reigns.

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