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A selection of the latest tabletop wargaming news and blog posts.

Tabletop Gallery: Dead Man and the Sea Those ghosts look mighty fishy. Enjoy. If You Have An Awesome Wargame Shot You Think Would Make A Great BoLS Pic Of The Day, Email Us. We Love Spectacle And Characterful Shots So Let's See What You Budding Photographers Can Do!

New Sisters of Battle Previews Home » Adeptas Sororitas » Sisters of Battle » Warhammer 40k » New Sisters of Battle Previews New Adeptas Sororitas reveals today showing off Backpacks, a Cuirass, and more.

The Black Legion: Abaddon's Stat Lines, New Stratagems, and More\ New Terminators! Home » Black Legion » Chaos Space Marines » Vigilus Ablaze » Warhammer 40k » The Black Legion: Abaddon's Stat Lines, New Stratagems, and More\ New Terminators! Today the Warhammer Community takes a look at the Black Legion.

Plague Marines As this/was a journey through time, it was dark imperium time! Being a model painter seems to attract people with the attention span of an overexcited kitten, me being a model painter I decided that my life would not be complete without dark imperium…Totally forgetting about the elder for now.

Fear is the Mind Killer with David Annandale - FTN Author Interview This week we're joined by the amazing David Annandale to kick off the Warhammer Horror series we'll soon be finding on the bookshelves. In between learning about these awesome books we do a rundown of a few units in the ShadowSpear box set. Hey guys,.

Boardgame RETRO: International Women's Day & 'Pank-A-Squith' In 1909, women's right to vote rested entirely on a board game…. okay, not really. If there's one thing I've learned from my time on the internet, it's that there's a non-zero chance I'm going to start an argument simply by bringing up a political issue, even one that we can all agree is pretty well decided.

Streaming: Tabletop Hour Episode 42 - Vigilus, CSMs & Blades of Khorne News Join us for our weekly industry talk show. We have Blades of Khorne and are going bananas over the new Vigilus and CSM reveals! Today the Tabletop Hour opens with all things Vigilus 2 and Chaos Marines. We will be going over every mini and reveal, and minis, and what we think it means for the future of 40K.

Geekery: 'Pet Sematary' Gets High Marks at SXSW - Plus New Footage In this new sneak peek the directors and actors talk about the themes of the classic horror story, and we to get see some new terrifying scenes. The first time the story made it to the screen was not great, as was the trend with a lot of the King adaptations in the 1980s - yes, they're horror classics but that doesn't make them amazing movies.

ToyLand: New Nerf Blasters Hitting Shelves this Fall Four of Nerf's signature lines are getting new models this year - check out the new ways you can blast foam projectiles at your friends, family, and coworkers. There's something for every fan - a powerful, compact new Rival blaster all the way to a cartoonish new Megaladon.

40K: Black Legion Gets New Terminators, Specialist Detachments & More! Games Workshop pulls the covers off the new Black Legion rules along with a preview of the brand new Chaos Terminators coming soon! We had a feeling these guys were on the teleporter pad ready to make the jump to real-space any time now.

FW: The Doom Of Molech Bids You Good Knight The Doom of Molech promises to bring new conflict to the fields of Afeptus Titanicus, including many new options for Imperial Knights. Check out the latest rules previews that make it a good day to be a knight.

40K: Daemon Engine - More Reveals & More Mysteries The GW Daemon Engine left us with a ton of teasers. This past weekend revealed a few but we still have lots of questions that are in need of answers! The Reign of the Daemon Engine was a fun time. I still miss the little guy in the machine feeding us previews every day.

Weekend Tournament Round-Up 22 Can the great changer of ways prove triumphant? Greetings, welcome to another thrilling installment of my treacherous trophy travels. I'm on a journey to win with every single Warhammer Underworlds warband and now I only have 4 left! These are: Garek's Reavers, Eyes of the Nine, Zarbag's Gitz and Godsworn hunt.

The Prices for Abaddon, Vigilus Ablaze, Codex Space Marines and More. Home » Abaddon the Despoiler » Chaos Space Marines » Vigilus Ablaze » Warhammer 40k » The Prices for Abaddon, Vigilus Ablaze, Codex Space Marines and More. Here are this week's prices. I will be filling in the US/CA, EU and other prices as I get them.

The Doom of Molech Preview Home » Adeptus Titanicus » Doom of Molech » Horus Heresy » Warhammer The Doom of Molech is the upcoming expansion for Adeptus Titanicus that expand the game towards entire lists of Imperial Knights for your games. New rules, new missions, and more focused primarily towards Imperial Knights.

Privateer: Creating the Seeker of Silence - The last day to get April's exclusive MiniCrate model - the Seeker of Silence - is tomorrow. Mike Vaillancourt walks us through the design process of the book loving mini in this Insider. Take a look, and make sure you don't miss out by subscribing today!via Privateer:.

D&D Retro Corner: Dungeoneer's Survival Guide Step back in time and underground with the Dungeoneer's Survival Guide from AD&D. The Dungeoneer's Survival Guide takes you into the Underdark-or any underground realm really.

40K Loremasters: Erebus - Architect of the Horus Heresy Today Adepts, we delve into the one man most responsible for the Horus Heresy - the father of lies - First Chaplain Erebus of the Word Bearers. Erebus is one of the most prominent members of the Word Bearers Chaos Space Marines and a member of the Dark Council of Sicarus.

D&D: An Unannounced New Setting Is Coming To D&D 2019 is proving to be full of unexpected surprises for D&D: an "as yet unannounced new setting" is coming to Dungeons and Dragons this fall. Here's what we know so far.

Review: Warhammer 40.000 Shadowspear Boxed Game Tale of Painters is a daily updated hobby blog dedicated to Warhammer and Games Workshop models. We post tutorials, reviews and high quality pictures of miniatures.

I have been to… Skirmish SKIRMISH takes place twice a year at Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School, Sidcup, Kent. As it is by far and away the closest wargame show to where I live, I always try to attend, and despite a few domestic problems, I managed to spend just over an hour there yesterday morning.

40K Tough Love: TROOPS Units Need a Minimum Point Value We've seen enough point tweaks, FAQs, and spammy lists for us to finally see that TROOPS units aren't like the others… I've noticed a funny little thing this past year. Over and over, GW goes back to the ultra-cheap TROOPS units in the game and slowly but surely bumps them up in value.

Cruel Seas Conversion Continued I need a break from tank modelling, so thought I'd dig out the Cruel Seas S-Boat flotilla and get it painted before the holidays in a couple of weeks time. I have a full flotilla of S-Boats to assemble and paint including five S-100 class and one converted S-38b class mid-war craft.

Lord Fielding’s Regiment of Horse. Quoth I, "waste not, want not", and so they were out together under-coated, and have become my first cavalry in the project. For no other reason than that they were in the OOB list near the top, these have been designated as Lord Fielding's Regiment, a Parliamentary cavalry unit at Edgehill.

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