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Get More Out of Your Table with Game Toppers This new system is built to work with your existing dining or coffee table, and features a host of accessories. The price point on these makes them much more affordable than buying a custom game table. Pledge levels start at $299 for the Hudson up to $1,149 for a decked out Holmes.

EUREKA! Steampunk "Tech Bases" Arrive Class up your army with these gear, tubing and brass themed steampunk bases by Thor Miniatures. Blister contains 5 resin bases in size 25mm. Designed for 28mm scale futuristic tabletop games. Pattern randomly selected. Supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Geekery: Anna & the Apocalypse is Delightfully Weird A teen comedy musical set during Christmastime in Scotland with plenty of zombies and gore. Wait… what? Director John McPhail has made what is bound to become a cult holiday classic. Move over A Christmas Story, the zombies are here.

Firestorm Preview: Stoneklaw's Gustompas Home » Age of Sigmar » Firestorm Preview: Stoneklaw's Gustompas The final day of previews for the Firestorm Campaign set being released tomorrow features the Stoneklaw's Gustompas.

ToyLand: Show Your Fandom with this Massive Deathwing Statue This 1:4 scale bad boy stands at 29″ tall, and is packing some serious fire power! Games Workshop adds a third giant collectable to their offerings. This Deathwing statue is being made by Silver Fox Collectibles, and is based on one of the characters in Spacehulk: Deathwing.

Outside the Box - September 22nd Hello again, today we have news from Knight Models, Modiphius Entertainment, Micro Art Studio, Sarissa Precision and more!New Batman skirmish crews can now be pre-ordered from Knight Models:: - > More Knight Models News. Modiphius Entertainment presents new previews of Fallout: - > More Modiphius Entertainment News.

AoS: Stoneklaw's Gutstompas Stomp Guts, Use Stratagems Stoneklaw's Gutstompas are a bastion of Destruction. One of their abilities is literally insane, check it out. via Warhammer Community. Destruction might be one of the scrappiest Age of Sigmar forces out there.

Welcome! Greetings and felicitations,. Welcome to my little page on this stormy internet. I've decided to start a blog of my wargaming hobby, partially for my own reference but also to try and get at least some kind of echo and response from the community. So please do comment!

Reinforcing the Tyranid swarm As you may have seen I recently 'finished' my Tyranid army. When new 40k came out and the Indexes were released I hastily added up the points of my existing Tyranids, which were about 1750 points in old money to see how close I was to the magic 2000 points of a matched play games in the new edition.

This is Cool. World of Tanks meets Warhammer 40,000 Official Teaser for WAr It's a tank lover's dream game, with more than 100 playable tanks to choose from, lightning-fast gameplay, support for clans and cross-platform gameplay. It's also free to download and play.

40K: Macragge's Thunder Rumbles In World of Tanks The World of Tanks Blitz is getting an extra dose of Grim-Dark with Macragge's Thunder! We first reported back in August that the Tanks of the Dark Millennium were heading into the battlefields of the past. Now, we have an update on how that is going down plus a new teaser video with a few hints at what's to come:.

Legio Custodes Aquilon Terminators with Firepikes Home » Forgeworld » Legio Custodes Aquilon Terminators with Firepikes New From Forgeworld today are the new Legio Custodes Aquilon Terminators with Infernus Firepikes.

FW: New Releases "Custodes Infernus Firepikes" Get your flame on with new upgrades for the Legio Custodes - Aquilon Terminators with Infernus Firepikes! via Forge World.

Runewars: First Gameplay Impressions Come take a closer look at the newest ranked up fantasy battles war game from FFG! I've been a huge fan of massed / ranked up battle wargames since as far back as I can remember. It was in fact these sort of games that got me into wargamming in the first place.

Cygnar's New Theme Force Set Digs In Cygnar's got an all new Trencher Theme force boxed set digging in and fortifying for battle! via Privateer Press. Once More unto the Breach! The trenchers of Cygnar are among the most tenacious soldiers ever to take the battlefields of the Iron Kingdoms.

D&D: The Community of D&D Beyond D&D Beyond is helping build a community for D&D, and soon we'll see a D&D e-reader-esque app. Check it out! D&D Beyond is an app that provides you access to D&D's rules and is a repository for homebrewed content, as well as a campaign manager type app.

Showcase: Orruk Ironjawz, Bonesplitterz, and Greenskinz Heroes by Jörg Being a judge for Crystal Brush, Placing 3 medals at World Expo, Another fabulous medal at Sword and Brus, My son's first compe… Allies of Inconvenience - Episode 6: "Marine Biology" and Malal - I know we have lapsed a few months. I had to move from CA to VA and then get ready for and go to NOVA.

Captain Sir Thomas Edgar Halsey, Bt, DSO, DL, JP Admiral Sir Lionel Halsey's nephew, who became the third Baronet, also joined the Royal Navy. His life was almost as interesting as that of his uncle, but for rather different reasons. Thomas Edgar Halsey was educated at Eton and Jesus College, Cambridge, and besides being a naval officer he was a first-class cricketer.

Pimpcron: How To Deal With Haters Pimpcron has some tips for fledgling bloggers and people in general. Hey guys! It's your old pal Pimpcron! There's no writer tighter, and no gamer… lamer. Ah, rhyming you let me down. Why isn't there a word rhyming with gamer that makes me better? Flamer?

What's On Your Table: Warmaster Bretonians! Home » What's On Your Table » What's On Your Table: Warmaster Bretonians! What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to [email protected] I'm usually a 28mm guy a few of us in my group have taken up the call of warmaster!

Project Deathwatch… Part 6 It's been a hobby heavy week this week in an attempt to keep on track for October. All I can say is that it's good that I really wanted a Deathwatch army or these buggers were never getting painted…black is such a chore. Anyway, this week I've managed to sort out the second Killteam for the list, Artemis and the Librarian so I'm quite pleased.

What's On Your Table: PanOceania Home » What's On Your Table » What's On Your Table: PanOceania What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to [email protected] are some pictures of my newly finished additions to my force for Infinity.

Black Crusading with the Black Legion: Termies FTW If you like all things terminator and are evil this could be the army for you. For the Warmaster! This is the first part on a tactical article on Black Legion. If you like all things terminator and are evil this could be the army for you.

FFG: Join the Brotherhood Without Banners Today Beric Dondarrion and the Brotherhood without Banners fight for the smallfolk. Outlaws or heroes, how do you see them? via FFG. The Brotherhood without Banners fight for no great house, have no lords, and to many, that makes them dangerous.

Chaos Space Marines: Alpha Legion In the Balance SaltyJohn here to bring you a review of the new 8th edition Chaos Space Marines rules for Alpha Legion. I am Alpharius! Hello fans of Frontline Gaming and TFGRadio; SaltyJohn here to bring you a review of the new 8th edition Chaos Space Marines rules for Alpha Legion.

Hobby Update The last couple of weeks have seen me working on my Emperor's Children army, getting it 8th Ed compliant. I've signed up for a local tournament at the end of next month to give me the impetus to get the army finished. The event is now full which shows the demand that the new Warhammer 40k has engendered.

Tabletop Spotlight: Exoplanets Manipulate a planetary system and influence the creation of life in Exoplanets! Our friends at Dragon's Lair Comics and Fantasy are big fans of space games, just like us.

SJG: Interview With An Ogre We interviewed Steve Jackson Games and Auroch Digital about the upcoming Ogre Video Game. That's right folks.

KOW - Vermintide on November 5 Neil Williamson is running Vermintide, a one day KOW event at Warlords on the first weekend in November. It is a five round affair using 1400 point armies. However it has a novel twist. You only use your own army once. After the first round you will use an opponent's army.

Geekery: First the Teasers, Now the Trailers Both Castle and Croft have experienced loss, both seek answers. Both are in a lot of action sequences. Beyond that they don't have a lot in common, but I only get 6 articles a week so y'all get a twofer today. This series is going to ramp up the level of violence we've seen in past Marvel series.

Bag the Hun Card Deck I've been thinking about the cards that I'll need for the club game next week and have decided to use some old ones that I already have, adding the extra cards for the game using the same style and format.

Cosplaying Pointillist Art The TCE Trash Makeover Challenge theme "Living Masterpieces" brought designer dreams to life! Team Dot, the winning Design for the TCE Trash Makeover Challenge, in Pointillist Style. Trash Makeover Challenge 2017 Event Poster.

40K: Dark Apocrypha - Death Guard Week This past week on Dark Apocrypha-Mortarion and the Death Guard fought everyone we can throw at them. Find out how they did below! Last time on Dark Apocrypha… We start off our testing of Codex Death Guard with an hour of Codex Q&A. After that we all get to enjoy a Primarch fight.

40K: Astra Militarum - Regiments of Renown The Astra Militarum is a galaxy-spanning force and these are the top Regiments we'd like to see get rules soon! We all remember the news that GW announced Astra Militarum, Tyranids and Aeldari as the next 3 books, right? And we also all remember that Pete Foley mentioned that Regimental Rules would be in the next Astra Militarum book, right?

What Happens When We Think Games Are Childish I have been playing games my entire life. I am a lover of video games, card games, board games, and role-playing games. I love the thrill of competition, the challenge of solving a hard puzzle, and spending time with my friends and family doing something fun.

AoS: Face The Wrath of the Deadman's Fleet You didn't think that the forces of Order were the only faction to get new allegiances, did you? The Wraith Fleet's flag is flying high! What could be worse for your opponent that having to deal with Blood Knights? Dealing with Pirate Blood Knight who can attack without warning from the FLANKS!

The Fall of Damnos While I've been reading all manner of stuff at the minute, I thought I'd talk today about a book that I read a few weeks ago, back when I was moving house and all that attendant nonsense.

Firestorm Preview: The Wraith Fleet Home » Age of Sigmar » Firestorm Preview: The Wraith Fleet Another faction preview for Firestorm is out, the Wraith Fleet. In Firestorm, you'll be able to theme your Death army around the Wraith Fleet, a new allegiance representing the forces of vampire corsair Varkos Varactyr.

Cygnar: Cpt Jeremiah Kraye 2.0 Gallops Ahead MKIII took a toll on Kraye, he didn't see much light of day. But no longer. Come check out the errata rules for Kraye! MKIII took a toll on Kraye, he didn't see much light of day with clunky rules and high cost spells on a low resource caster. Captain Jeremiah Kraye was stuck trying to do to many things.

Tau Battlefield Slot Review - Elite Like the HQ choice though, there are some Elite choices that are not taken to personally deal damage, but to buff other units. For that reason, we will again separate the choices into Synergistic and Combat choices, spending most of our mathhammer'ing on the Combat choices.

Space Marine Captain As stated in the last post, i've been painting a little bit. As I promised to you and to myself, i've finished my Captain. I'm so happy about that! Both because i've finally painted him after a long procrastination and because of the result. It was hard to decide how to paint him.

FFG: Mansions of Madness - Alchemical Mayhem The Streets of Arkham get deadlier in the new Mansions of Madness Expansion. Things that go bump in different dimensions are leaving the mansions of arkham and invading the streets.

Dark Age: Unboxing Raze and his Disciples Here's an unboxing of some of my favorite minis from Gencon50. Time for Raze and his loyal disciples. Raze is one of the most powerful beings on Samaria. While he is clearly an ally of the Skarrd, he has no allegiance to any Cult. His origins are unknown, but he has been alive and fighting for as long as anyone can remember.

D&D: Creating Spells With AI War Cape, Conjure Bark, Shield of Farts…yeah those all sound like D&D Spells someone would create. Look it's no secret that one of the best parts of Dungeons and Dragons is creating your own custom content.

Rogue Trader Space Ork in power armour This is a Space Ork I started painting quite some time ago, but only got as far as some base coats and ink washes. Some recent Ork posts by Azazel inspired me to finish him off, along with a couple of his mates, who will appear soon.

Admiral Sir Lionel Halsey GCMG, GCVO, KCIE, CB, ADC Having tantalized some of my regular blog readers with a reference to one of the naval members of the Halsey family in yesterday's bog entry, I thought that I might add a few biographical details about him today.

Showcase: Custodes themed Imperial Knight by ComradeQuiche Every piece needs filing both ends, a few mm here and there just to have them fit…. Tutorial: building a ruined bridge base - Yesterday I completed my Orruk Warboss on Wyvern that included the fancy base you can see below.

Our Rage Won't Die - Part 1 Few kits currently available in the chaos range can conjure such disgust and disappointment from fans as the Khorne Berserkers. First released over a century ago, the fact that the Berserkers remain on sale today makes a mockery of the company's proud boast to make the finest toy soldiers in the world.

Next Week's 40K - AoS Prices & Products CONFIRMED This week more Death Guard arrive with a helping of the Age of Sigmar. Get your wallet ready for a glorious month! Here's what's headed your way this weekend according to numerous industry professionals:. Week 3 of the Death Guard and a Campaign supplement for Age of Sigmar players looking for a narrative setting.

What's On Your Table: Converted Tau I had play… Spartember - End of Week 3 - Tracks Nearly Derail My Progress - Hi All, thanks for dropping in. So, tracks progress… yes. What a git. Every piece needs filing both ends, a few mm here and there just to have them fit….

40K: We Have Enough Codexes to See GW's Plan GW is cranking out the Codexes like a machine gun - but we've gotten enough to understand what 8th is. Let's start back at the beginning. We got the initial five index books 3 months back to get us playing and reset the game:.

What's On Your Table: Howling Griffons The gantries and stanchions are very long winded to paint, so between work… Warhammer Community hoy: Horus Heresy the end is Nigh - Otro día mas poco interesante en Warhammer Community*, pero pese a todo hay cosas, aun así, de cierto interÃs que merece la pena comentar, aunque sea br… Wedensday Night Fight: New Adeptus Mechanicus vs.

D&D: Enter The Tomb Of Annihilation with Tales From Cnadlekeep Come and take a look at the first big teaser video for Tales From Candlekeep-the new Tomb of Annihilation game. Tales From Candlekeep is an upcoming digital D&D game-if you've played through one of the D&D Adventure System board games like Wrath of Ashardalon or Castle Ravenloft, you've got a good jumping off point.

Mynock Squadron: Action Advantage with Ravncat X-Wing pilots, report in! Flight school is in session with Ravncat aka Joseph Woodworth talking about a key metric in the game. Welcome to the Mynock Podcast LXXXVI. Hello pilots, smugglers, and wookies everywhere!

Tabletop Spotlight: FlipShips Can you save the planet in this dexterity based game of Spaceships and Alien Invaders? It's FlipShips! Do you remember playing Space Invaders in the arcade? Are you old enough to drink adult beverages legally now? Then have we got the game for you!

Boardgame Bonanaza: Takenoko And Snake Oil Come join the BoLS Boardgame Bunch for an intricate game of Takenoko-whose garden will be the best, and whose will the panda consume? Every Tuesday is the BoLS Board Game Bonanza where our gang of gamers takes on a different selection of board games chosen by you, the viewer.

Geekery: Frank Means Business in New Punisher Teaser Netflix isn't pulling any punches in their newest Marvel series. Watch Frank at work in this new teaser! It looks like the series is going to follow Frank's core story line:.

Warhammer 40k: A Flow Chart In Case You've Been Shot Home » Regimental Standard » Warhammer 40k: A Flow Chart In Case You've Been Shot This is hilarious, and the Regimental Standard has done it again…… This is a must read for anyone serving the Imperium. Firestorm city allegiance spoil by gw !!

Abaddon the Despoiler scratchbuild Last year, I decided that I wasn't keen on the Abaddon the Despoiler miniature from GW, which, for someone so poignant to so many events, isn't very impressive. I decided to build my own, and got to a certain point earlier this year where he was shelved, and stood lonely among a smattering of Red Corsairs and undercoated Chaos Space Marines.

ToyLand: The DinoBots Are Back & They Are Dinomyte Hasbro is bringing back Dinobot Grimlock, Snarl, and they're adding some new dinos! They were revived for the most recent Transformers movie, but I'd rather remember them from this… Hasbro shared a bunch of photos of the new line during Hascon. They look nice and retro, just how I like em'!

The Lost City of Exactamundo Pt 5: Eternity Stair Stadium pop rock meets high fantasy in the form of EXACTAMUNDO's second set of… STAIRS… THAT… GO… NOWHERE!:. The "Magical Fulcrums" from the Warhammer Storm of Chaos range are peculiar looking things. Oddly, that makes the Eternity Stair one of the more restrained pieces.

AoS: The Tempest's Eye Opens - Firestorm The armies of the Tempest's Eye are a stalwart and vigilant bunch. Check out some of their rules. The Tempest's Eye is one of the Great Cities left in the Mortal Realms, nestled in not-at-all-ominously named Realm of Fire where it is a bastion of safety-an eye in the storm, if you will.

Thunderbolt! I thought I'd read this in the run up to the Bag the Hun multiplayer club game next week and while I'm painting the P47D's over the weekend. I don't think I've read it before but, as I have a mountain of air warfare books, I could be mistaken? I'm sure it will be worth it either way!

Horus Heresy The End Draws Near…Finally After 11 years and 45+ books - the finish line is in sight. The Horus Heresy is coming to a close… It's been a long time coming but the Siege of Terra is finally on the horizon. The forces of Horus and the Emperor are setting the stage for an epic throw down.

Video 'How to: Paint Stone' Today's video is a short tutorial showing a quick and easy method of painting stone, which is ideal for bases, scenery, etc. If you have any thoughts please comment below, and please follow us on our other social media listed below:. Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Youtube.

New GW Models - No more Grimdark? Warhammer Community has released an article showing off next week pre-orders which are Typhus and a box of Terminators. In this video I wanted to discuss these new models but also look at the way GW is making their new models, are they better or do you prefer the old stuff?

Well that's one task completed; only a load more to do… I've spent the last three days putting together the talk I have to present when I am Installed as the new Worshipful Master of the Veritatem Sequere Lodge in Hertfordshire. It is the Province's Research Lodge, and it is a tradition that the incoming Master gives a talk on a subject of their choosing.

40K: Top 5 Ad Mech Stratagems The Adeptus Mechancius have 28 Stratagems to remember. These are the Top 5 most devastating ones to keep an eye on. We've been rocking the Ad Mech all week on our Twitch Channel. They are surprisingly versatile force with some super effective close-combat units and some fierce firepower options, too.

Firestorm Previews: Anvilguard and Tempest's Eye Home » Age of Sigmar » Warhammer Community » Firestorm Previews: Anvilguard and Tempest's Eye Firestorm is a campaign system that takes you on a new way to play your Age of Sigmar games. Here you can take territory and create a kingdom of your own.

Lustria LIVES: Total War Warhammer 2 Mazdamundi Gameplay Watch Mazdamundi and the lizardmen defend a choke point in Total War: Warhammer 2. In this game play preview, the team at Creative Assembly show off Lord Mazdamundi and his army from the city of the sun. Featured in this video are the stealthy Chameleon Skinks, the heavily armored Temple Guard, and the destructive Kroxigors.

FFG: Arkham Horror: A Phantom of Truth Follows the Yellow King The Path to Carcosa gets another Mythos Pack - are you prepared for A Phantom of Truth? We've been really enjoying Arkham Horror The Card Game here at BoLS. Recently, we got a copy of The Path to Carcosa when we at GenCon and I've been enthralled by this game…again.

Mantic - Kings of War: Edge of The Abyss Reaches its Climax Mantic has a new update for their Edge of the Abyss Campaign! via Mantic Games. As the battle for Mantica reaches its peak, there are tales of heroism and villainy abound, as the forces of good struggle to counter the Abyss and their allies.

D&D: Charity Packets And A Customized Subclass Alright, this time for real-the Tortles are here. Plus: your own unique custom subclass personally designed by Mike Mearls maybe? Though it was delayed last Friday, the Tortle package is now available on the DM's Guild.

Rediscovering the Death Guard - Plague Marines The new Death Guard codex has dropped and it's made many players very excited. The pictures of new models have stoked many a hobbyists fires and there was a real sense of anticipation when the codex videos and reviews started appearing late last week.

WIP: Ultramarines Assault Squad #5 Another update on my Assault Squad. Slowest squad reworking ever. But I hardly find time to paint at the moment. Nevertheless, I'll grind through, only one more model after this batch. The two models with the flamethrowers are almost complete, while the Sergeant is about half-way done.

What's On Your Table: Unassembled Spartan Assault Tanks taking up space in our hobby closets Home » What's On Your Table » What's On Your Table: Unassembled Spartan Assault Tanks taking up space in our hobby closets What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to [email protected] Months ago NafNaf at Objective Secured and I talked about our unassembled Spartan Assault Tanks taking up space in our hobby closets.

Stupid 40K Tricks: The Armylist With Unlimited Models The ultimate horde has no limit. Horde armies are all the rage these days. But despite their popularity they all have one glaring weakness: when you kill them they die. But what if this wasn't the case? What if killing your army only made it stronger?

What's On Your Table: III Legionaries Home » What's On Your Table » What's On Your Table: III Legionaries What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to [email protected] The paint is flowing here in the hot and humid South. III Legion tacticals, heavy support, and a slightly converted terminator librarian.

Goatboy's Favorite Forgeworld Unit Everyone has a favorite unit from Forgeworld - come take a look inside the twisted mind of Goatboy! Goatboy here today with a quick bit of chatter on my favorite Forgeworld model/unit. I just recently completed 3 of them for myself and have had one chance to throw down with the models.

40K: Questor Mechanicus Knights & The Ad Mech The Ad Mech has some big friendly robots helping them out - Let's take a look at each of the Five Questor Mechanicus Knights. We have a copy of the Ad Mech book and we've been playing with it all week on our Twitch Channel.

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The long night "There was once a time when all the stars in the night sky were within our reach, mankind crawled across space with hope and purpose to build new lives for themselves beyond the dying world of Earth. We colonised hundreds of worlds and in doing so thought we saved ourselves from our own annihilation.

Tabletop Spotlight: Lazer Ryderz I hope you still have all your neon accessories from the 80's because the Lazer Ryderz are on a nostalgia driven trip into Retro-land! The 80's are big right now and Lazer Ryderz is totally cashing in on that fact - but that's not a bad thing!

Goblins: Skarsnik and the Squigs I've come back to my Goblins for Age of Sigmar. The majority of the army has been done for some time, but I wanted to expand my options. The Grot Warboss has a variety of weapon options to choose from. I've already painted up a Warboss with sword and shield, and another with great weapon.

NeverQuest: Pitfights and Perils! Come and join NeverQuest, a weekly D&D campaign where heroes are definitely not zeros. This week: Pitfights and a new friend! NeverQuest is a weekly celebration of the fact that All Your Base are Belong to Us is now old enough to drive a car. That's right friends.

Raging Heroes "End of Collection Sale" But if you compare the size of the… A Warhammer 30k Horus Heresy and 40k blog - Four Dads of the Apocalypse 40k Flesh Tearers v Grey Knights - 8th edition comment on the Grey Knight Codex - The last time my Flesh Tearers played against Steve's Grey Knights was well back in 7th Edition and I got well and truly tabled in about 4 turns!

Bag the Hun Berlin 1945 I've been busily scribbling down ideas for the Bag the Hun 2 multiplayer game scenario this evening, dipping into the rules to extract the various things I need to make it work.

Geekery: New Tomb Raider Teaser Lara Croft gets an origins story in-take a look at the first teaser for Tomb Raider. Check out the trailer below, that shows off Alicia Vikander in all her glory as she shoots a bow, falls into water, and presumably raids a tomb. There's not much else to go on.

BoLS STREAMING NOW: Ad-Mech Vs Necrons & Boardgames The Ad-Mech Codex is here to prove that the robots are our rightful new overlords. Submit to the Omnissiah's mercy! Become a Servitor! This week on Dark Apocrypha… We've got the new Ad Mech book and are experimenting with it all week - come on by and ask questions and check out the games!

Privateer Press: Grymkin Units Part 1 Grymkin have hit the streets and there's a plethora of gnarly dudes to field. Come check our Part 1 look of the new Grymkin units! The newest Hordes faction, Grymkin, are upon us in "fool" force. Today in Part 1, we are looking at the backbone of the army's field units in this series.

AoS: Firestorm Focus: The Armies of Anvilgard The Armies of Anvilgard are coming in the new Firestorm expansion for Age of Sigmar - Get ready to put your opponents between the Hammer or the Anvil!

40K: Relics of the Adeptus Mechanicus The Adeptus Mechanicus wield powerful relics to smite those heretical foes who don't revere in the Omnissiah. Ah the Adeptus Mechanicus. At the forefront of Imperial Innovation and Technology. They understand that advancement depends on new technology, like the Primaris Marines.

Rumor: December's White Dwarf will have exclusive cards for 40k and More Home » Age of Sigmar » Rumors » Warhammer 40k » Warhammer Underworld: Shadespire » Rumor: December's White Dwarf will have exclusive cards for 40k and More This is just in. It appears that the December edition of White Dwarf will have some exclusive cards in it for several of their games, including 40k and Shadespire.

GW: Rumor Engine "Don't Fear The Reaper" Games Workshop has a new Rumor Engine Teaser and it's going to take a sharp wit to crack this clue. via Warhammer Community. My first thought for this bit takes me right to the Skaven miniatures. Something about the curve of this weapon just reminds me of rat-tails.

Did GW Really Send An Assassin? Just when you thought you were safe and sound, protected by your Primaris Marines forces this happens…. GW Sends Out an Assassin! Imagine the surprise opening up your 30th anniversary Primaris Marine and discovering an Assassin laying in wait. Just found an assassin in my 30th anniversary marine box tonight!

PP: More Grymkin Goodies Coming Soon The Grymkin are getting reinforcements in the form of Lord Longfellow and The Heretic - coming the 27th! Privateer Press stepped up the creepy a notch or two with the Grymkin releases. Today, we've got a look at Lord Longfellow who appears to have more than a few spindly surprises for folks.

New Rumour Engine Teaser: Large Hook However this one Im certain is something far more devious. VerÃis, en Faeti212*… The Armies of Firestorm: Anvilgard - Hello everyone !! Article by gw about AnvilGard. The town of the frontier survivors !!.

FFG: Runewars: Aymhelin Scions Preview The arrival of the Scions of the Deepwood is imminent. Come see what the trees have wrought! Fantasy Flight Games is back with a new preview of the Aymhelin Scions who will be joining the forces of the Latari Elves in Runewars. We've gotten a sneak peek at them before.

Wyrd: Preview - Bone Pile Check out Wyrd's preview of the Bone Pile, two terrifying skeletons in one. The world of Malifaux is one bound by fate, where life and death bleed over into one anothet, especially with the help of fiendly folks like the Resurrectionists-considered by many to be one of the greatest threats to the world itself.

FFG: Cyphers and Masks Coming Soon Many Bothans might have died to bring you this information-but a capable agent can also get the job done. Cyphers and Masks is a new book coming out for FFG's Age of Rebellion, Star Wars RPG. Cyphers and Masks focuses on spies, intelligence agents, interrogators, and so on.

This Week's Prices and Releases: Typhus, Foul Blightspawn, Blightlord Terminators Home » 8th Edition » Age of Sigmar » Deathguard » Warhammer 40k » This Two Characters and Deathguard Blightlord Terminators are up for pre-orders this coming weekend. On top of that the Age of Sigmar has a new box campaign set out called Firestorm.

Black Legion Scarab Terminators : A Step-by-step painting guide Hi everyone, Nordoc here. It's time for another tutorial - And one that has been asked for by many, ever since I first showed my progress on the miniatures in question. We're talking my Black Legion take on the Scarab Terminators, from the Thousand Sons.

Chat: No point crying over spilt paint Have you had any horror stories of spilt paint? Have you been lucky and never spilt a drop? Tell me in the comments. '+titles+'';if;titles.splice;document.getElementById.innerHTML=dw}; Support Tale of Painters and place your next order at Wayland Games by clicking on the banner below.

Miniature Wargames Issue 414 After some considerable thought, I decided to renew my subscription to MINIATURE WARGAMES for a further three months. As a result I received the latest issue by post yesterday, and have now had the opportunity to read it.

40K Lore: Who's Who in the Ad-Mech Today we look at the most luminary of luminaries, the who's who of the Adeptus Mechanicus. That's right Loremasters, today we turn our gaze to a brighter, more perfect chapter in the Adpetus Mechanicus.

What's On Your Table: Dark Wolves Home » What's On Your Table » What's On Your Table: Dark Wolves What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to [email protected] time fan of your blog. Wanted to show off my Dark Wolves. This was a Space Wolf army converted up to be traitorous followers of Chaos.

What's On Your Table: Dark Imperium Plague Marines Home » What's On Your Table » What's On Your Table: Dark Imperium Plague Marines What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to [email protected]'s a few pictures of my Plague Marines from the Dark Imperium box.They're incredibly ornate and were a blast to paint!

40K: We Need More League Support From GW Tournaments and Global Campaigns are nice but what about the "local" scene? We need some League Play Support. Games Workshop has been doing some really amazing things with the community for the past two years.

Slowly We Rot - Part 1 When I first saw the Malignant Plaguecaster I felt a profound sense of disappointment. Here's a reminder of how cluttered he looks when assembled as intended. That said, I wasn't going to let a lump of plastic beat me without a fight.

40K Retro: Vehicle Design Rules & Looking Forward It's time to hop in the Way-Back BoLS Time Machine and check out the Vehicle Design Rules for Warhammer 40,000! When Games Workshop announced that they were bringing back the Vehicle Design Rules a lot of the veteran players had…let's say "mixed" reactions.

Tabletop Gallery: "Ork Smash" "Its Ork Bumper Cards - only they a a different definition of what constitutes a bumper." Enjoy. If you have an awesome wargames shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and characterful shots so lets see what you budding photographers can do!

Machines That Walk - Ad-Mech 1st Looks FTN This week-first impressions of the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Imperial Knights on Forge the Narrative. Your god-emperor ran over my Forge World Dogma. We take a look at the Adeptus Mechanicus codex today. This book brings new rules and options to the 8th Index army.

KOW - NZ Rankings Updated The NZ KOW Rankings have been updated to reflect the results of the last Warlords Super Series events. The next event is the Auckland event being run on the North Shore in late October.y understanding is that will be the final event of the tournament season.

Tabletop Spotlight: Mortarion The Death Guard's big daddy is in stores now - Mortarion has arrived! Our friends at Dragon's Lair Comics and Fantasy were just as excited about Mortarion coming as we were - that's why they brought him over to show off in all his Nurgle-filled glory:.

Board Games: 7 Wonders 7 Years Anniversary Pack 7 Wonders celebrates its 7 years with two anniversary expansion packs. 7 Wonders is a fantastic game. Build wonders, rule the world, prove that your civilization can stand the test of time, and that everyone else is lame-I mean seriously they were going for victory through military conflict when clearly they should've been going for wonders.

ArmA 3: 40k Mod update Showing off some of the huge new stuff in the ArmA 3 40k Mod, the mod is close to release, come check out some of the amazing stuff the team have created!

Tabletop Podcast Review: September 17th Adam here for another week of tabletop podcast reviews! Blood Angels, Gencon, and codexes are the topics for this week! Hey all, Adam here, from TFG Radio, for this week's reviews! This week we see a look at Blood Angels, a first look at Adeptus Mechanicus, Death Guard, and more!

Geekery: Blade Runner 2049: First Clip - Bigger Than You Step right into the grit and grime of Blade Runner 2049. Spoilers ahoy. Once more, with feeling: SPOILERS AHEAD. You go past this point, there's no one saving you. You mad, glorious fool. There's not many as would storm these waters, let alone by themselves.

Preview: A Look at the Armies of Firestorm Home » Age of Sigmar » Games Workshop » News Headlines » Preview: A Look at the Armies of Firestorm A preview today from the Warhammer Community on the new Firestorm release coming to pre-orders this weekend.

P47D 'Bubbletop' Thunderbolts I'm going to try to get these four Raiden Miniatures P47D 'Jugs' painted up between now and the end of the weekend, ready for the Bag the Hun game at the cub on the 26th. This might be a bit of a tall order as I'm stupidly busy over the week and especially in the evenings, when I normally get the time to sit down and do something for myself.

Chapter Tactics #40: NOVA Meta Analysis & Aeldari Review Chapter Tactics is a 40k podcast which focuses on tactical play. Today: NOVA Open, meta analysis, and a review of the Aeldari with Skari from Skaredcast. Check out Best Coast Pairings here. Show Notes:. Bell of Lost Souls is a registered trademark of BoLS Interactive LLC.

BoLS: STREAMING NOW - Ad-Mech Week The Ad-Mech Codex is here to prove that the robots are our rightful new overlords. All hail the motive force! Plus we've got pitfighting later on our D&D show! This week on Dark Apocrypha… Night has fallen on the world of Sidon. The foul Lord Rhynus the Viral of the Death Guard has descended on the Imperial World.

AoS: The Firestorm Begins The Season of War is getting an expansion with Firestorm and Games Workshop has new details on how it's going to go down! via Warhammer Community. That's not all - Firestorm also has a ton of new allegiance abilities that will be available to use in Open, Narrative and Matched Play.

40K: 8th Ed Has Made Fast Attack Obsolete The Fast Attack slot just isn't what it used to be and it's 8th Edition's fault. I can't remember the last time I willingly took a Fast Attack option in one of my armies and I've started to notice I'm not the only player skipping this slot. For the vast majority of players, the FA slot just isn't that useful any more.

War is Coming: Warmaidens & Dragonbreds Home » Kickstarter » Shieldwolf Miniatures » War is Coming: Warmaidens and Dragonbreds The Shieldwolf Kickstarter just launched a little bit ago, and from the video I can't to see what the other Sisters look like. Not to mention I like the tanks.

40K: Give Tanks For These New Doors With these new doors, your vehicles will finally be able to match your chapter, as long as you play Dark or Blood Angels. Customize your tanks, be they rhinos, repulsors, predators, chimeras-which, if you'll notice, one of those things is not like the other.

Customizing your Vehicle Doors to your Chapter or Legion For Horus Heresy fans, the new Deimos Rhino doors fit this venerable vehicle perfectly, while if you prefer to play in the 41st Millennium, the new Repulsor doors mean you'll be able to tie your tanks to the rest of your force.

AoS faction collection: Lords of the Pisces, Lord Celestant Bjorn the Stormborn Welcome back to AoS faction collection, a continuing series where I present models I've painted each week, based on the faction I'm currently collecting. Since I'm feeling under the weather from the cold flu, as well as an ever growing backlog of models completed, I've decided to post an extra AoS faction collection.

FFG: Genesys Character Creation Take a look inside Genesys' rules with this Character creation demo. FFG has a preview of what character creation will be like in their upcoming Genesis RPG. Genesys, for those of you unfamiliar with it, is FFG's all-purpose RPG engine that's meant to serve characters from steampunk to sci-find and everything else besides.

X-Wing: Prepare The Bombing Run The New Resistance Bomber is going to cause one tough bombing run - but maybe not for the reason you think. If you missed the announcement, Star Wars: X-Wing is getting a new 13th wave of ships. Included in that wave will be the new B/SF-17 Bomber. Now, we've cause a few glimpses of what this ship can do so far but the potential looks promising.

40K: The Best Stratagems - So Far Stratagems are the new hotness for maximizing your army's power. Lets take a look at some of the best ones in the first five books. Stratagems are one of the major advantages that Codex armies have over Index armies. With five codices and more than 100 stratagems released, it can all be a lot to keep track of.

RPG: Star Trek Adventures Review Star Trek Adventures lets you boldly go to the Final Frontier. Star Trek Adventures is Modiphius' foray into the Final Frontier. Using their 2d20 system, Star Trek Adventures sets out to recreate the feel of good Star Trek, right at your tabletop. And if that was their Prime Directive, they succeeded in spades.

Showcase: Death Guard Plague Marine As with before ingredients… To Antares, and beyond! - It's been a couple of weeks since I last posted. Lots of real life stuff has taken up my… LVIII - Commission: Showcase, Death Guard - "Amongst rust and corruption, death and life aren't different.

What's On Your Table: 'Trust in Rust' Orks! Home » What's On Your Table » What's On Your Table: 'Trust in Rust' Orks! What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to [email protected] is a whats on your table if you need one in the future! The finished mob! : New FLG Mat: Urban Plague 4×4′ - Check out this beautiful new FLG Mat!

Byzantines vs. Bulgars: Portable Wargame battle reports from Archduke Piccolo Having created Army Lists for the Byzantines and the Bulgars, Archduke Piccolo has now used them in a couple of battles, which he has reported on his blog.

Check out Patrick's review of the Collision Kickstarter! He takes a look at everything that was availble through the kickstarter. Strangly enough he is really enthousiastic about the graphic design of the game.

Goatboy's 40k Thoughts: Initial Death Guard List "Rick & Morty" Goatboy here again and just like a lot of people I am pretty enamored with the new Death Guard Codex. I think it has some legs, plays really differently from other books, and should be a lot of fun to compete with and bring to the table top. It really shows a real top down design with all aspects of the book thought through.

Progress! I finished up quite a bit over the past few days, putting me back on track to be ready to go for Sunday. First is the Venerable Dread, which sadly didn't photograph so well - the golds are quite a bit richer than this in person. So that's two dreads to stomp face, and I have to think about what to do about a potential third.

Ad Mech Overview, Deathshroud, Blightlords & More We've got the Ad Mech book in hand - plus a first look at the Deathshroud, and more Terminators - Plus news from D&D and FFG! The Adeptus Mechanicus are back with a brand new Codex - all hail the glory of the Omnissiah! Mortarion's faithful bodyguard are up for pre-order this weekend - come take a look inside the box to see what you're getting!

What's On Your Table: Lining it All Up! Massive IG Army Home » What's On Your Table » What's On Your Table: Lining it All Up! - Zzzzz Questions on list and Canticles - I have a question about Canticles that might sound a bit stupid, so I apologize.

AoS faction collection: Arkanaut company of Barak-Nar Painting this unit was a simple task, since the majority of the models were coated in silver spray paint. I tried to keep the colour scheme as close to the Barak-Nar imagery, so the unit will be recognisable on the field as part of Barak-Nar. On their right shoulder guards, you'll notice some Duardin runes inscribed on each Kharadron Overlord.

Coming Next Week: Firestorm and BlightLord Terminators / Typhus Home » 8th Edition » Deathguard » Warhammer 40k » Coming Next Week: Firestorm and BlightLord Terminators / Typhus Coming out next weekend for pre-orders is the new Firestorm map based campaign system for the Age of Sigmar, plus…. Blightlord Terminators along with Typhus.

KOW - WSS Spring Photos On Saturday we had the last of the Warlords Super Series here in Wellington. Neil Williamson's Trident Realms Up Against Josh Barton's Orcs The Orc Fightwagons spent most of the early game back in their own corner. On the other flank the Ogres pushed aggressively into the Orcs.

FW-190A8 'Butcher Birds' I had four of these 1/285th scale Museum Miniatures FW-190A8's in the 'to do' box, so decided to finish them off this afternoon, adding some black lining and decals to match them to the four that I already have. They are lovely models, very crisp and well sculpted, so a joy to paint even of they are a bit tiddly.

Privateer Press: Painting Jeans and di Wulfe Schemes Even your minis need a casual Friday. Paint them some blue jeans with this denim tutorial from Privateer Press. Hey, there's nothing like a real good pair of blue jeans. They're comfy, they move with you. A real good pair will make your butt look great while also being durable enough that you can wear them wherever, forever.

AoS: Firestorm And Great Cities Boxed Sets Firestorm is coming soon, and with it, new sets, ready to defend the great cities of the mortal realms. Fun fact, every time I type out the phrase "mortal realms," there's a moment where autocorrect points out that it could be metal realms, and the age old battle of strictly accurate naming vs what is awesome carries on.

September Hobby Challenge: Blood Bowl Week 2 Update Well, I think we've all been struggling this week to get things done. It seems like the second week is always a down point of a challenge. It's that week where you've yet to get into the project proper because you're still doing the ground work, yet you're starting to realise just how much you have left to do.

40K: Blightlord Terminators and Typhus' New Look! The new and improved Typhus and Blightlords terminators are coming next week. That's right, in all their bubonic bulbous beauty, here's a look at the upcoming Blightlord Terminators and everyone's favorite lumbering, bloated, disease-ridden Herald of Nurgle and friend to all Poxwalkers, Typhus.

Open House London: Sunday 17th September 2017 Following on from our visits on Saturday, Sue and I decided to visit some Open House London venues that were somewhat nearer to where we live. We left home close to 11.00am, and by 11.30am we had parked our car in Greenwich in the National Maritime Museum's car park.

40K: Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus First Look The Adeptus Mechanicus are back with a brand new Codex - all hail the glory of the Omnissiah! The followers of the Machine-God are back and they are bringing a ton of new tricks to the table. Get ready to ride the lightning with the Adeptus Mechanicus:.

Privateer Press: The Wanderer and Skorne Check out the latest releases from Privateer Press. Two new releases for you-Grymkin get a fancy new warlock while the Skorne get a new command book that highlights the flavor and crunch of the not quite samurai Romans so well. First up, let's take a look at this Wanderer character.

FLG: New Urban Change Mat Check out this new Urban Change Mat from Frontline Gaming. FLG Mats: you know them, you've used them. They're a great way to add a lot of flavor to your table and take your terrain to the next level.

40K Lore: Xenarites Of The Mechanicum Today, Loremasters, we talk about a darker chapter in the Adeptus Mechanicus. The Adeptus Mechanicus represents the best and brightest hope for humanity. It is they who forge the machines that protect our worlds, and who keep the armies of the Militarum bristling with firepower enough to deliver the Emperor's Justice across the galaxy.

RPG: Play Dragons Conquer America with this Free Scenario Enter the world of Dragons Conquer America and find the Coatli Stone! Burning Games has created a new universe to explore! This introduction to Dragons Conquer America is a substantial 110 pages - it includes rules, background of the setting, and a full adventure for you to try with your gaming group.

A Legacy of Spies There are some authors whose newly published books I read as soon as they are available. John le Carrà is one such author, and I have just finished reading his latest book, A LEGACY OF SPIES. The main character in the book is Peter Guillam, who appears in most of John le CarrÃ's books that feature George Smiley.

Showcase: Deathrattle Wight King by Lecoqadoodledo - It's hard to believe that Wednesday last week I set up my blog. Eight days later and I've done some cleaning up. During the time I've been blogging I was… Future Projects - Long time not posting, but I have found that I have reached a bit of a crossroads in terms of where I think that my hobby is heading.

BoLS Book Club: Custodians, Sisters, and Greyfax Oh My Two new releases, two great team-ups. That's right, team-ups are the name of the game in the latest batch of new releases from the Black Library. Custodes and Sororitas, Greyfax and the Grey Knights, it's a regular Hana Barbera cartoon crossover spectacular over here.

What's On Your Table: Black Legion Home » What's On Your Table » What's On Your Table: Black Legion What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to [email protected] are some shots of my Black Legion army for What's On Your Table. Lead by Abaddon, the Black Legion surges forth with cult troops representing the full force of the Chaos Gods.

Full Thrust Fleet Pack I 'unmed' and 'arred' about this yesterday at the show, not being able to make up my mind, but after some deep thought I've decided to get a new GZG fleet pack for Full Thrust.

40K: Ad-Mech HQ's And You Take a look at the leaders of the Adeptus Mechanicus. When you think HQ choices for the Adeptus Mechanicus, you've got three options. First up, the big star of the bunch, everyone's favorite blend of Blondie and Genetic Experimentation for 10,000 years.

What's On Your Table: Converted Black Templar Typhoon Home » What's On Your Table » What's On Your Table: Converted Black Templar Typhoon What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to [email protected] is one of the converted Typhoons from my BT army.

GW: New Releases September 16 "Pricing & Links" The Adeptus Mechanicus Codex is up for Pre-order along with all the special editions! via Games Workshop. The Adeptus Mechanicus are the keepers and manufacturers of technology for the Imperium of Mankind. It is a role they guard jealously, using their own standing armies, engines of war and god-machines.

Stay Wilder Than the Wind Late writing today…not because I slept all day…ah ah aha ha ha ha. Teacher humor. But yeah, I've put in a few hours of grading today already…trying to free up my evening for artmaking…which in this case is really just hours of scissoring. With scissors.

Space Hulk "A spiral of kaleidoscopic colours coalesced in the void, a violent outburst of warp energies exploding forth into real space.

Tabletop Gallery: Danger Zone "I feelz da need. Da need for speed." Enjoy. If you have an awesome wargames shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and characterful shots so lets see what you budding photographers can do!

KOW - WSS Spring Results Yesterday we had the final of the four event Warlords Super Series, Spring at Khandallah in Wellington. The event attracted 8 participant including new arrival in the country, Seth Cook from Atlanta, USA. Seth travelled down 2 hours hours for the event which was greatly appreciated.

Imperial Skies vs. Full Thrust I had a quick flick through of the Imperial Skies rulebook at the Brigade Models stand today and thought it looked really flash. At £22 a shot, however, I was reluctant to splash the cash, especially as I have a perfectly good set of rules for VSF aerial wargaming in Aeronef.

Heavy gaming! In the last few days I went gaming heavy: i've played three games. Two were with my Alpha Legion, my first games ever playing Chaos, and one with my space marines. Unfortunately i didn't take a lot of pictures of my games with Chaos, but I have to tell you that it was really satisfying to see the army on the table with all the models painted.

Starfinder Condition Cards Now Available Monitor your condition with these Starfinder Condition Cards. Keep your conditions, status effects, buffs, and debuffs all straight with these new condition cards that are now available from Paizo for Starfinder. Actually, having seen some of these, the artwork is quite nice.

Horstmann's Heroes Path to Glory warbands are all about the narrative that build with the warband as you play games. Win or loose your warband should have a good story to tell by the time you gain ten Glory Points. I believe this narrative starts with a name for your warband and leader.

Weekend Twitch Restream "Death Guard Week" It's the weekend so come join us for our weekly Dark Apocrypha 40k Show - It's all Death Guard all the time! This past week on Dark Apocrypha… We start off our testing of Codex Death Guard with an hour of Codex Q&A. After that we all get to enjoy a Primarch fight.

Colours Swag I had a nice afternoon at Colours today, bumping into some old gaming friends and browsing the trade stands in search of things on the shopping list. I completely skipped the demo and participation games for some reason but, according to the sprogs I didn't miss much, although I'm sure there were some good games on show.

Geekery: What Happens If We Bring the Sun to Earth? Here comes the Sun, and I say it's alright. Depending. Ah, the Sun. That massive radiant orb that looms over our everyday lives like a silent, judging doom that both warms our planet enabling life, but also would kill us if it had the chance. And yet, in spite of its best efforts humanity continues its slow ascension of the Kardaschev scale.

Blood Bowl: Elven Union Coming Soon The Elven Union is getting a full plastic team - come take a look at the Elves United! More teams from Blood Bowl are coming to the pitch from Games Workshop. We saw the Chaos Renegades on Friday and we also saw the Elven Union Team in all their glory.

Unboxing: Deathshroud Terminators Mortarion's faithful bodyguard are up for pre-order this weekend - come take a look inside the box to see what you're getting! The Deathshroud Terminators are a fantastic bodyguard unit you can take in your Death Guard force. We've talked about them from a rules perspective already.

Eternal Crusade, finally saved? Finally, things are looking bright for the game, with the latest announcement I can finally see a future for Eternal Crusade. I'm hoping with this announcement it will bring people back to the game and give us tons of new content! Hope you enjoy the video.

Open House London: Saturday 16th September 2017 In spite of the heightened state of alert in the wake of yesterday's bomb on the London Underground train at Parson's Green, Sue and I decided to go to Westminster to visit some of the buildings that were open as part of Open House London 2017.

GW: Citadel Paint App Available For Download The Citadel Paint App is out! Download it for free and have a chance at winning free paints from Games Workshop! We have talked about the paint app already and the day is finally here - it out and it's a FREE download for iOS, Android, or Kindle.

Codex Adeptus Mechanicus and Free Citadel Paint App! Home » 8th Edition » Adeptus Mechanicus » Warhammer 40k » Codex Adeptus Mechanicus and Free Citadel Paint App! - This post marks an end to a very longstanding project and a beginning to a very short one.

FFG: Arkham Horror: Path to Carcosa Out Now The Path to Carcosa Expansion is now available for Arkham Horror The Card Game - Can you solve this mystery before it's too late? We've talked about this expansion a few times now. We've even done an unboxing of the contents.

HOBBY: The Bigboss' Week of Blogging #140 A bizarre offering this week! Hi! Tommy from the blog BigbossRedSkullz. I'm also on Facebook and on Instagram. A little dip in my posting schedule last week but I hope I'm back on track from now on! So this week I have this mutated servitor bird man. More pics here.

GW: New Releases Sept 16 "First Looks" Games Workshop brings back the Archmagos along with some Death Guard friendly bodyguards! via Games Workshop. The Machine God's forces rise on Mars while the Death Guard gather new units…It's a good time to be playing 40k! Bell of Lost Souls is a registered trademark of BoLS Interactive LLC.

No616 Squadron Meteors I finished the 1/285th Raiden Miniatures Gloster Meteors for Bag the Hun this morning, using I-94 decals and setting solution to bed them down, after painting the cockpit glazing and lining out in black.

Mechanicum - Arlatax So apparently I still have a blog, not that it's looked like it for the past very long time. I'd offer apologies, but nobody cares about that. Instead, I'm just going to throw up some pics of new things. Despite the complete lack of updates, my hobby has actually been making progress.

Back at the table Hello MoD'ers it has been quite a while since my last post, who knew the school holidays could be so hectic and disruptive. My little one went back to school this week, so hopefully blogging business is back to normal.

40K: My First Steps Into The Grimdark Matt talks about his return to the Grim Dark with Warhammer 8th Edition. From an outsider's perspective, Warhammer 40k can be daunting. Each game looks intimidating with all the rule books and the miniatures and both players throwing as many statistics as they are throwing dice.

Spartember - Week 3 This is the official halfway mark for Spartember and the beginning of week three. There are five participants who have set their own goals with a Forgeworld super heavy project. Le't check in and see how everyone is doing this week. So last week I left you with this picture of my Spartan Assault Tank in the loving embrace of rubber bands.

Tabletop Gallery: Camouflaaaage "Wot I wanna know iz, 'ow do dey know itz orkz and not a humie tank? We even didn't paint it red like dey don't do!" Enjoy. If you have an awesome wargames shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and characterful shots so lets see what you budding photographers can do!

Wyrd Preview: Yan Lo Here's a look at the new artwork for Yan Lo, the enigmatic figure, cursed to walk the path between life and death. Take a new look at Yan Lo's new look. Yan Lo is a mysterious figure even for Malifaux.

Unboxing Zombiecide Black Plague - CMON Come join the BoLS Crew as we unleash Zombicide: Black Plague upon our viewers. Zombicide: Black Plague is a game that pits you and your friends against an evil horde of the undead set in the middle ages.

Pandemic: Rising Tide Announced Check out the latest iteration of Pandemic: Rising Tide just announced from Z-Man Games. The newest addition in Pandemic's Survival Series, Pandemic: Rising Tide, takes players from the Iberian Peninsula in 1848 to the Netherlands at the dawn of the industrial age.

Colours 2017 I'm off to Colours in Newbury tomorrow if all goes according to plan, so I may well bump into you if you're planning to go along too. I like Colours as a wargames show and so do the sprogs, at least one of whom will be along for the ride, so I'm really looking forward to it.

A Returning - A Warhammer 7th Edition High Elf vs Beasts of Chaos BatRep The Tall Guy showed up with a small surprise, and as such we blast to the past of WHFB 7th edition. Here's the first game for those looking for some nostalgia. We had scheduled to play some games, still here in River City, as the capital was not ready with the necessary terrain.

Geekery: First look of Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury Fahrenheit, Rami Malek is Freddie Mercury in the upcoming Biopic on Queen. The Freddie Mercury biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody, is set to release Christmas 2018. The first images of Rami Malek as Freddie have begun to surface and he's spot on. Queen is one of the few bands that has gained renown worldwide.

Chaos Renegades: New Minotaur, Coins, and Tokens. Home » Blood Bowl » Forgeworld » Chaos Renegades: New Minotaur, Coins, and Tokens. Just released to pre-orders, a new Blood Bowl Minotaur with Chaos tokens and coins…. Hunter-killer. Rapid response. A scout. A lethal exploratory.

ToyLand: New Happy Little Bob Ross POPs Everyone should have a happy little Bob Ross POP in their collection! Put one of these versions of Bob and his favorite animal friends on your desk at work and be happy! Bob Ross with an adorable squirrel friend is a Target exclusive… Look for the chase piece - Bob Ross with a baby owl is rarity of 1-in-6!

The Death Guard! So, the demon primarch Mortarion is coming out tomorrow, and I have to say, I'm actually really excited about the new Death Guard models we've been seeing! Since the arrival of the Dark Imperium set earlier in the summer, I'd been primarily excited for the new Primaris marines, which I do actually like quite a lot.

40K: Warlord Traits Of The Death Guard The Warlords of the Death Guard have their own custom chart - come take a look at how they can influence the battlefield! The Death Guard have some fearsome Warlord Options.

40K: Forge World Focus - Agripinaa Forge World Agripinaa is known for its servitors and its stratagems. A deadly combination on the tabletop. There is no Forge World more zealous about converting useless flesh bodies into perfect machine servants than the Forge World of Agripinaa. They understand, rightly, that the measly flesh and blood of Imperial citizens is worthless.

Total War: WARHAMMER II - Lizardmen Campaign I present: the Dawn Guard! More pics after the break. Before procee… Donnybrook… Why You Should Have These Rules! - Wargames Illustrated has a fairly new series that runs in the mag these days, called 'Why You Should Have These Rules'.

FW: New Releases "Chaos Renegade Action" The Chaos Renegade Team gets their gear for Blood Bowl from Forge World! via Forge World. Represent the unpredictable on-pitch antics of your Chaos Renegades team with this set of coins and tokens for use in your games of Blood Bowl. It's got 2 resin turn markers and 2 resin coins included - paint them up, and get playing.

Codex Preview: Forgeworld Agripinaa Home » 8th Edition » Adeptus Mechanicus » Warhammer 40k » Codex Preview: Forgeworld Agripinaa The Anti Assault Forgeworld, the Agripinaa get a bonus to overwatch and have a fresh convert rule, bringing in a last minute squad to replace another.

Outside the Box - September 15th This week we have news from Knight Models, Modiphius Entertainment, 4Ground, Tabletop World, Mantic Games, Fantasy Flight Games and more!Knight Models presents two new crews: - > More Knight Models News. New Homeland Apocalypse terrain is coming from 4Ground:-> More 4Ground News.

The Battle of the Tchernaya River re-fought… using my Portable Wargame rules! Having recently pondered on the possibility of re-fighting Valentine Baker's heroic rearguard action at Tashkessen, you can imaging my surprise when Bob Kett contacted me with a link to his blog 20MM CRIMEAN WAR WARGAMING and OTHER STUFF and specifically to a battle report about his re-fight of the Battle of the Tchernaya River!

SW Armada: You Should Play This Game With six waves out and a seventh coming soon Star Wars Armada is a game entering a golden age. Star Wars Armada is an amazing game. It has something for just about all types of wargamers and any fan of Star Wars or big space battles. Obviously I love the game or I wouldn't be writing about it all the time.

Hrodebert Garran, Adeptus Inquisitor of the Ordo Scriptorum Around a year or so ago, I finally acquired one of my all time favourite miniatures, the Rogue Trader Adventurers Citadel Official on eBay - paying rather too much - and naturally he was immediately neglected and not painted until quite some time later.

Dark Age: Unboxing the Skarrd Starter Today I have another unboxing article for some of my favorite gencon minis: the new Skarrd Faction Starter for Dark Age. Centuries ago the ancestors of the Skarrd were were transformed by experimental chemicals they unearthed in a long abandoned research facility.

D&D: Get Tortles Be A Hero Tortles are here to stay forever. Download yours now, and benefit Extra Life. That's right-starting today you can add Tortles, the oft-requested, seldom-seen race of turtlemen to your 5th Edition D&D Campaigns by heading on over to the DMs Guild and downloading the Tortle Packet today.

Pimpcron: Building A Brutal Game Pimpcron discusses what he likes in different games. Salutations from your favorite cyborg: PIMPCRON! - CRON - Ron - On. I am here this week to announce the release of my skirmish wargame Brutality. It has been almost two years in the making, and has taken a lot of time.

What's On Your Table: Nurgle Renegade Knights Home » What's On Your Table » What's On Your Table: Nurgle Renegade Knights What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to [email protected] are my finished renegade knights for my nurgle army. Lots of greenstuff work and splicing parts into the kits.

What's On Your Table: Tau Home » What's On Your Table » What's On Your Table: Tau What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to [email protected]: North West Open 2017: Deathwatch Army and Tournament Review - I recently attended Bunker War 3 and the North West Open 2017 with my Deathwatch army.

Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog He got off to a slow start - perhaps being distracted by the fact that he was still eating! Though as the game went on it was only him spotting them and I'm sure the last four or five were all him - and they are crazy sets where there were more different than the same.

40K: Random Turn Length Needs To Die Stormcaller is back and he's sick and tired of RNG ending his games unpredictably! Meta, Meta, Meta. Enough already. Let's talk about the pointlessness that is random turn length. The turn-length mechanic is counter-intuitive to the way GW has changed the rules to reduce the random nature of our rule set.

GW: Toy Story: The Paint App The Games Workshop Paint App will take you to infinity and beyond… In this video Games Workshop captures something that we all know happens when we aren't around to see it. Unlike the mystery of the refrigerator light or a tree falling in the woods with no one around, now we know what really happens when we leave our miniatures alone:.

Tabletop Gallery: Tombs And Bugs "Hey I heard you Necrons liked spiders and scarabs and other bugs! Have I got some ideas to share with you!" Enjoy. If you have an awesome wargames shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and characterful shots so lets see what you budding photographers can do!

FFG: Star Wars Destiny - Scoundrels Of Empire At War Check out the scoundrels, rogues, and roguish scoundrels of Star Wars Destiny's new Empire at War expansion. A veritable hive of scum and villainy has opened up its doors with the latest preview from FFG. We've got a look at some of the Yellow heroes and villains from Empire at War, which is the new expansion for Star Wars destiny.

Test of Honor: Bandits and Brigands Bandits and Brigands assault in murky, lantern-lit night. Test of Honor's new expansion is revealed. via Warlord Games. Kojirō leads a gang of bandits and brigands with a reputation for robbing travellers in sudden, vicious attacks. His lack of mercy has earned him the nickname 'Oni' - the Demon.

Gloster Meteor Momentum I've washed the Gloster Meteors in a Future / Black Indian Ink wash, then dry brushed them with Foundry White, followed by the canopies in two stages of Foundry Sky Blue and some highlights. I'm not too chuffed with the canopies but my brushes are in a shocking state, so I tried my best.

GenCon 50: CMON Booth Showcase We stopped by the CMON booth at GenCon and got a run down of a TON of awesome board games and the latest about Dark Age! CMON had pretty great show at GenCon 50 - we stopped by their booth and got to see all the great stuff they had on display:.

Geekery: Beyond Skyline Aliens invade, a son is kidnapped, some people are stabbed. Come for the overcorrected blues, stay for the Iko Uwais. Skyline is a 7 year old movie about a bunch of pasty-faced news reporters saying that we shouldn't contact aliens, because it would be bad.

German Infantry Company The latest addition to my 10mm WW2 collection is a company of German Wehrmacht infantry. The company comprises the company HQ containing a commander and two snipers, three rifle platoons, each comprising the platoon HQ, three rifle sections and two panzerfaust anti-tank weapons.

40K: Fan Kicks This week Mayhem is reviewing some Stellar Footwear from Fan Kicks! The most interesting parts of being in the Bell of Lost Souls family is seeing how many amazing artists, game makers, and manufacturers there are out there in our field.

40K: Dark Apocrypha: Blood & Gears Captain Ollivander of the Blood Angels has landed on a planet in search of a lost relic - can he recover it from ancient foe? Last time on Dark Apocrypha… Captain Ollivander and his 3rd Company have been dispatched on a vital mission to recover an ancient relic on the Death World of Karath VI.

40K: Ad Mech Forge World Focus: Lucius The mighty armorsmiths of Forge World Lucius are under the microscope in this preview from Games Workshop! Time now to travel to Forge World Luscious, no doubt responsible for the fine red velour of the Cult Mechanicum's tech priest vestments, and the sweet, silky sound of a voxcoder implant with-wait what, Forge World Lucius you say?

Codex Preview: Forge World Focus: Lucius Home » 8th Edition » Adeptus Mechanicus » Warhammer 40k » Codex Preview: Forge World Focus: Lucius Next up is the Forgeworld Lucius, the fourth Adeptus Mechanicus Preview for the new codex available this weekend for pre-orders.

40K: Relics Of The Death Guard The Death Guard are marching onward and they have their own custom relics at their disposal! Come see the "gifts" of the Death Guard! Much like the codexes before them, the Death Guard have their own set of custom Relic upgrades they can bring to the table.

Total War: WARHAMMER 2 - Welcome to the New World Very cool video showing the starting locations of each of the factions. - The last month has been almost bereft of painting and building models, which has really been a bummer. While there's been a lot of games and fun had at var… Index Blood Angels - So, I covered Eldar, time to give Blood Angels the treatment.

The Future of the Smartphone Includes Imperial Knights and Heldrakes! This is rather cool from Wired, showing the latest iphone release coming later this year. Oh yea, the cool part…. augmented reality Imperial Knights and Heldrakes.

PP: New Releases The Wanderer & Skorne Command The Skorne Command book hit shelves and the Gyrmkin have a new Warlock on the move! via Privateer Press. From the blasted Stormlands of eastern Immoren march the cruel armies of the Skorne Empire, intent on the ultimate conquest of the Iron Kingdoms.

Runewars: Kethra A'laak Expansion Preview The Uthuk Army Roster grows with a new Hero Expansion on the way. Say hello to Kethra A'laak! via Fantasy Flight Games. Ketha A'laak is a fierce opponent on the battlefield. Her use of Blood Magic and Sacrifice is legendary among her people - unafraid to slay allies and foes alike as long as her link to the Ynfernael remains strong.

Board Games: Noxford - A City of Crime and Clockwork Lead your criminal henchmen to do your dirty work to outmaneuver your opponents and seize control of the wealthiest districts of Noxford, the timeless city of crime and clockwork. Noxford is steampunk themed game with tile-laying and territory control elements.

Paizo: Pathfinder New Release Roundup Pick up some player options and delve deeper into Azlant with the latest from Paizo. Got a couple new Pathfinder releases for you feat fans and archetype allies. First up, spice up your characters life with a little of the dark side. Be a bad boy or girl, wear lots of black leather and swoosh your hair to one side with the Antihero's handbook.

Byzantium: Army Lists for the Portable Wargame: Ancients rules Whilst I have been busy attending conferences and reading books, Archduke Piccolo has created two Byzantine Army Lists to use with my PORTABLE WARGAME: ANCIENTS rules.

40K Retro: Gifts of Mortarion On the Plague Planet Mortarion, Chaos Champions pay homage to Nurgle, to Mortarion, and to the ruinous powers. It's time to step backwards in time to the hallowed halls of Chaos throughout the ages.

What's On Your Table: Eldar Flyers Home » What's On Your Table » What's On Your Table: Eldar Flyers What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to [email protected] the new 8th Edition is a paradise for Flyers, I added two Phoenix Bomber to my Eldar army, so I now got 7 Flyers availible, 3 Crimson Hunter, 2 Wraithfighter and 2 Phoenix Bomber.

Meet The Deathshroud Terminators: The Ultimate Bodyguards The Deathshoud Terminators are going to be the best Bodyguards in the game - These Meatshields bring the BEEF! Mortarion's elite Bodyguard are back and they are invaluable for keeping your Death Guard Characters in the fight and in line. The Eyes of Mortarion are upon you!

What's On Your Table: FW Avatar Home » What's On Your Table » What's On Your Table: FW Avatar What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to [email protected] I love Whats on your table, so here are some pictures of my new FW AvatarHope you like him: FATE OF KONOR : Mission 2 / Turn 3 - Turn 3 / Tour 3 Catachan's troop advance in ennemy territory.

Humble RPG Book Bundle Warhammer for 9/13-9/27/17 New Humble RPG Book Bundle Warhammer came out today! It's good from today till 9/27/17! Get it HERE! Video:. Books:. Video Games:. Open Source Software:. Linux OS':.

Dropfleet Commander Event Coming Home » Dropfleet Commander » Hawk Wargames » Dropfleet Commander Event Coming A rather large Dropfleet Commander tournament is scheduled next month at Worcester Wargames obviously in Worcester.

GW: Eisenhorn Returns With A New Novel The next chapter in the epic saga of Inquisitor Eisenhorn is coming - Dan Abnett is back with The Magos! Inquisitor Eisenhorn is coming back in Novel form with a new book from Dan Abnett. It's been 15 years since the last installment of the Eisenhorn series and other than appearing in Pariah, it's been all quiet on the Inquisitor's front.

Tabletop Gallery: Necrons Old & New Gotta love those old-school Scarabs! Enjoy. If you have an awesome wargames shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and characterful shots so lets see what you budding photographers can do!

Mynock Squadron: U.S. Nationals and Wave 13 X-Wing pilots, report in! We're covering the current meta fresh off of the Nova Open, as well as the future with Wave 13 announcements. Welcome to the Mynock Podcast LXXXV. No guests, just the hosts on today for an extra long, jam packed episode.

Tabletop Spotlight: Mountains of Madness Can your party of explorers make it to the top of the Mountains of Madness…or will you lose yourself in the journey? One of the games that caught our eye at GenCon 50 was Mountains of Madness. We told our buddies at Dragon's Lair Comics and Fantasy to bring it over as soon as it's out - well it's out now!

Finished Models - Terminator Lord This blog's a couple of weeks old now, but I've had this model sitting up top on the page banner since square one. It's high time I got round to showing off my Terminator Lord. Before we get started, I once again need to state that I've heavily pilfered this conversion from Krautscientist's Mark I Terminator Armour conversion.

New blog banners Just a short post today showing some of the new feature images I'll be using for my three main blog posts category's. As well as the blog header image. The text and borders were made from the Photo Collage app, whilst the images were made using the Procreate app.

BoLS Boardgame Bonanza: Whim! And Sentinels Of The Multiverse Come join the BoLS Boardgame Bunch for a rousing round of Whim, followed by an attack that only the Sentinels of the Multiverse can stop. Every Tuesday is the BoLS Board Game Bonanza where our gang of gamers takes on a different selection of board games chosen by you, the viewer.

Skirmish Afrika I'd read a review of this African imagi-nations supplement for Skirmish Sangin a while back in one of the wargaming magazines and thought it looked really good, although I'm not into modern gaming as such.

Knight Titan Blues These knights are one of those projects that just keeps kicking. Not that I'm actively working on them anymore: they've been "completed" for months, but they did take the better part of a month to get there, and I wound up taking a load of photos throughout the process.

Geekery: Star Wars Episode IX Has a Director A familiar name returns to round out the trilogy - to the ire and delight of fans. It's settled. Disney has confirmed that J.J. Abrams will direct Episode IX, and will co-write the screenplay with Chris Terrio. Apparently Disney offered the movie to Episode VII director Rain Johnson - who turned it down - before contacting Abrams.

Missing Mordheim………. This was put together for a client of Hot Dice Miniatures. You can see it posted up on the Faeit 212 Community Site.

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