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NGC 40k I spent the day at Pegasus Games in Madison, playing in an event ran by the local MYCL gaming group. Kenny from the Combat Phase was the event host. I had a great time, met some new people and even won Best Painted. I was really happy to be able to participate in an event that wasn't my own for a change.

GW: New Releases February 18th "Pricing & Links" Get your Made-To-Order miniatures while you can…once they are gone, they are GONE! via Games Workshop. A militaristic, mercantile society detached completely from the other branches of duardin that populate the Mortal Realms, the Kharadron Overlords treat war and trade as much the same thing - a means to amass wealth and they excel at both.

The Ork Project: Gunz, Gunz, Gunz I'm not even sure if Big Gunz are still a thing in current 40k, or if they've been replaced entirely by the much larger Mek Gunz. While there's nothing wrong with the Mek Gunz kit, I'm a little disappointed that it doesn't include classics like the good old Zzap Gun.

If I Could Be Serious… Things I've Learned While Painting. Part II: No Joking Matter. I don't want to pick on Games Workshop, but since that was the miniatures company that I spent most of my time following, it might seem like it. I'm not attacking them, in fact what I'm about to talk about has been addressed by them many times.

Tabletop Gallery: "Sitting Down On The Job" "Even a Titan needs to take a load off once in a while…" Enjoy. If you have an awesome wargames shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and characterful shots so lets see what you budding photographers can do!

MiG Alley North Korean Fighter Bombers I've been working on the NKAF aircraft this afternoon and have completed the highlighting and washing, leaving only the canopies and detailing to do tomorrow. It doesn't look like I've done very much but they are getting there and should be finished by the end of the weekend, minus the decals unless I can squeeze them in as well.

40k Background Cutbacks - An Invisible War Home » 8th Edition » Warhammer 40k » 40k Background Cutbacks - An Invisible War This is a guest article from Lord Eledan, about a serious problem that the Spanish-speaking community is having. He is an administrator over on the 40k Wiki sites.

FFG: New Releases - GoT, LotR, Eldrich Horror & More Fantasy Flight Games has quite a few new releases in stores this weekend. Get ready to save the world! Be sure to stop by your FLGS this weekend if you want to pick-up any of these products - go get your game on! The world of Westeros has been defined and shaped by religion.

Geekery: 'Ready Player One' Shows its Humanity There are non CG characters in this movie - let me show you them. Previous trailers have been pretty Oasis heavy - this new one looks more at the real world. We get a look at cast members, and the stacks, instead of their VR counter parts.

40K: Hobby Inspiration Sources When it's time to dive into a new hobby project where do you find your inspiration? If you're like me, you probably have more than a few hobby projects going on at any one time. It could be a new army you've been plugging away at, or it could be the latest Warband you've picked up for Shadespire that you just want to get ready to play.

AoS: Dread Solstice Week 1 Update Let's check in and see how the campaign is shaping-up after a few days in! The Dread Solstice Global Campaign kicked off this week and things have been interesting to say the least. Now, we're only a few days in and results are hardly set in stone but let's look at the standings so far:.

40K Lore: Dark Eldar Wyches Loremasters, today we learn about the Wyches of the Dread Dark Eldar! Wyches, also known as Hekatarii are gladiatorial warriors of the Dark Eldar, they each belong to one of the various Wych Cults of Commoragh.

Star Wars: Destiny Rivals Draft Set Out Now Drafting comes to Star Wars: Destiny this weekend! Card Drafting is a super popular format for CCGs and it's coming to Star Wars: Destiny with the new Rivals Draft Set! via Fantasy Flight Games. The best way to play in a Draft for Star Wars: Destiny is with this Draft set and 6 random packs per player.

New Made to Order Necromunda and Start Collecting Box Sets - Pre-Orders are Live. Home » Age of Sigmar » Necromunda » pre-orders » New Made to Order Necromunda and Start Collecting Box Sets - Pre-Orders are Live. New today are two "Made to Order" releases followed by the Age of Sigmar Neave Blacktalong and two new Start Collecting box sets.

HOBBY: The Bigboss' Week of Blogging #157 This week I have the first painted mini of the year and a battle report! Hi! Tommy from the blog BigbossRedSkullz. I'm also on Facebook, Instagram and on Pinterest! It is the shuttle that's the first painted mini, a lot more pics here.

French Indochina 15mm Squad Level Skirmish Yet more reading on the French Indochina skirmish theme, this time at squad to platoon level for simple patrol actions using No End in Sight, Some Corner of a Foreign Field and the like. As mentioned in previous posts, this would use my second hand Eureka Miniatures figures and a handful of vehicles on a 2' x 2' terrain board.

GW: Made To Order Necromunda "First Looks" Necromunda minis are back for a limited time come take a what's going on sale this weekend! via Games Workshop. That Mad Donna…she's striking a pose. Bell of Lost Souls is a registered trademark of BoLS Interactive LLC. Copyright 2006-2017. All rights reserved.

D&D: Dice, Camera, Action with Chris Perkins Come adventure with this week's live play through of Tomb of Annihilation - Episode 81. The D&D team, along with some friends from the YouTube and Twitch community, play in an ongoing livestream of Dungeons and Dragons, titled Dice, Camera, Action!

Temple of the Serpent This review is written with a GPL 4.0 license and the rights contained therein shall supersede all TOS by any and all websites in regards to copying and sharing without proper authorization and permissions.

Climbing the Lead Mountain I did a brief stock check of the various nearly completed and almost unfinished projects that I have accumulated over the last eighteen months or so this morning. This is an endemic feature of my wargaming pursuits and something I really need to knock on the head.

The end is in sight… I think! After several days of frustrating work, the end of this stage of the big sort out is finally in sight… I hope! With luck I should begin getting stuff back into place this morning, and by this afternoon I hope to be able to feel that I cannot do much more for the moment.

Mantic: Giant Renders for KoW: Vanguard Mantic's Kings of War: Vanguard has some new Giant models they are showing off - Check these out! Kings of War: Vanguard is Mantic's latest successful Kickstarter Project. It's a 28mm tabletop fantasy skirmish game set in the Kings of War universe.

What's On Your Table: Plague Marine Home » What's On Your Table » What's On Your Table: Plague Marine What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to [email protected] is the first Plague Marine I've painted for my "soon to be" Death Gurad army.

Malign Portents: Fear The Reaper The line between the Good and Evil blurs a bit more in the latest story for Malign Portents. Games Workshop is really starting to make me wonder if the Stormcast Eternals are the good guys in the Mortal Realms. The latest story "Reaper's Revelation" doesn't just test that stance, it raises more questions: Do the ends justify the means?

Tabletop Gallery: "Will Raid for New Codex" They've been waiting so long to make your acquaintance… Enjoy. If you have an awesome wargames shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and characterful shots so lets see what you budding photographers can do!

Nine years later! A big milestone for me this month, as it marks nine years since I've first brought my copy of White Dwarf. Nine years, it's been that long, I feel old lol. My first issue of White Dwarf still intact and full of nostalgia! If it wasn't for a random encounter of the magazine at my local newsagents, I wouldn't have joined the hobby.

Armoured Guardsmen I have upwards of 100 projects in various stages of incompletion or total abandonment, so you may well find something of interest. I try to post about everything I do, not just what goes according to plan, with lots of ideas for potential projects that will probably never see the light of day!

Flexx Those Word Building Skills in 'Letter GO!' Making sure you get the best word is important, sure. But so is doing the best jazz hands. Letter GO! is a word building party game with rule changing mechanics. Each turn, a number of cards, each with a single letter, are laid out in front of all players.

MiG Alley Countdown I've decided to give myself until the end of the month to complete the MiG Alley and Bag the MiG project as far as I can, at least to the point of being able to play a basic game or two.

Geekery: The Fights Get Even Bigger in New 'Pacific Rim' Trailer The kaiju are bigger and badder - and a team of new jaeger pilots is ready to take them head on. The giant monsters have been called back to earth by a mysterious entity, and a new crop of pilots are determined to stop them. John Boyega plays Jake Pentecost, the son of Stacker Pentecost.

Toyland: Crash Into This New Figure From NECA Toys Sane when you see this new Crash Bandicoot figure from NECA. NECA has recently posted on their official Facebook page with some images for their upcoming Crash Bandicoot figure. The figure stands 7″ inches tall with enough articulation points for plenty of great poses.

Shadespire: Skaven & Fyreslayer Warband Unboxing Two more warbands are entering the fray of Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire! Skaven and Fyreslayers make their mark in Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire and they each bring something different to the arena:. The Chosen Axes are a pretty interesting warband.

FW: Primarch Rogal Dorn Arrives Forge World has a new Primarch for their Horus Heresy Character Series - Rogal Dorn is here! via Forge World. A being of thunderous zeal and stone made manifest, is how many described the Primarch of the VIIth Legion. The zeal was the fire of a son who believed in his father's dream for the Imperium without reservation and without question.

AoS: Something Fishy This Way Comes Games Workshop is back with a mysterious new video and it's certainly fishy. When it comes to the video production side of things, the folks at GW are certainly having a good time and this latest video is as intriguing as it goofy:.

Fish Men? Aquarium Piece?, or New Goldfish Miniature…… OK I Give Up Im still debating on whether this is a new Goldfish miniature coming our way. - One deck D… From out of blackness they come…. - Hello everyone !! Gloub Gloub ^^ /cheers. bob. Exploding Kittens: Review - Today I've uploaded my video review of the Exploding Kittens card game.

Op-Ed: Star Wars Legion: Shockingly Cheap to Get Into A quick guide on how to get into Legion - that's oh so easy on your wallet. Star Wars Legion is coming out soon and its got us all excited. This game is poised to be the new hotness and really make its mark on tabletop gaming. With its release fast approaching a lot of people are asking asking: What it takes to get into the game?

Rogal Dorn…. Pre-Orders As befits a Primarch, his auric armour is covered in details, from sigils of his Legion to precious gemstones, and a host of Imperial Aquilas, marking him as the Praetorian of Terra. He is bare-headed and scowling, presumably at the damage done by the traitors to his carefully crafted defences.

Outside the Box - February 16th Modiphius Entertainment presents new miniatures for Star Trek Adventures: - > More Modiphius Entertainment News. New miniatures are available from Raging Heroes: - > More Raging Heroes News. Fantasy Flight Games announced a new wave X-Wing releases: - > More Fantasy Flight Games News.

Privateer: Zombify the Dracodile Privateer takes us through an awesome undead conversion of the giant Dracodile! via Privateer Press. Hey, all! My name is Danny Samuels, and I'm the Hobby and Terrain Specialist here at Privateer Press.

High Elf Dragon Maiden Fans of this blog may remember my first 30 mm sculpt, the Dragon Maiden. I'm pleased to say that RN Estudio are now selling resin copies of this miniature here. Of course, it was only fitting that I give her a snazzy new paint job to celebrate this development!

D&D: Delve Deep into Dwarven Lore Dwarves are defined by creation and conflict. Sit down with Mike Mearls and learn more. Alright, let's talk Dwarves. Beyond beards, Scottish accents, and a love of beer, that is. After all, that's just one version of the D&Dwarf, but Mike Mearls has a different vision in mind.

What's On Your Table: Bog Sylvaneth Conversion Project 'The Dirge' Home » What's On Your Table » What's On Your Table: Bog Sylvaneth Conversion Project 'The Dirge' What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to [email protected] have just finished painting a unit of Spite Revenants for my Bog Sylvaneth conversion project 'The Dirge'.

Pimpcron: Don't Be Yourself in 40k Pimpcron had a revelation about having better games of 40K. Let's see if it makes any sense or not. Booga booga booga!. For those of you who are confused, I always say "hi", or "hello", or some other greeting. I decided to switch it up. You're welcome.

What's On Your Table: 3D Cargo Shuttle Project As you can see I have added some extra details from my bit's box and filled in some gaps. I had to paint the internals of the cockpit first as it was going to be fixed in place before I could base coat the body. I used a liquid masking fluid to avoid painting over the acetate windscreens when I sprayed it.

40K Op-ed: Making 8th Edition Great - All or Nothing BBF here to discuss the 40K meta. A big FAQ is dropping soon and I hope GW rips into the rules with aggressive changes. A lot of players want to see a nerf to Reaperspam but it should go much deeper, be better thought out and not solely focus on Eldar.

Black Magic Woman I planned this model to be my second contribution to Fembruary, alongside the genestealer hunting Imperial agent I showed previously, although truth be told she could equally fit in with Azazel's call to make February "finish a neglected model month" as she's been sitting untouched and unloved for almost a year.

Industry: The Price of Plastic Fantasy Flight Games just threw down the plastic gauntlet and the winners could be the customers. Star Wars: Legion from Fantasy Flight Games is making a trench run at your wallet. Let's just take a look at numbers:. The AT-ST clocks in at a significantly lower price than the other "big kits" from Games Workshop and Privateer Press.

Tabletop Gallery: "Imperial Jetbike Envy" When you buy a new jetbike either go bare bones of fully loaded. Enjoy. If you have an awesome wargames shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and characterful shots so lets see what you budding photographers can do!

Space Marine Unit Review: Chaplains Hi everyone, today we review the spiritual leader of the Space Marine army, the Chaplain. For more reviews and analyses, check out the Tactics Corner. The Chaplain is primarily a mid-level melee character in the Space Marine army, who provides some useful combat and morale buffs to nearby Space Marine units.

PAINTING STREAMING NOW: Veteran Sergeant Grab your paintbrush and hobby along with the Veteran Sergeant on Hobby Thursday! Come join us every week for all the games we can jam in. We host special events every month - including 40k tournaments and interviews with luminaries of the industry. Check out our events, and here's the NEW weekly schedule:.

Tabletop Spotlight: Pitch Deck You've got your slideshow with every stock photo you could find. Take a deep breath and get ready to make your pitch. Pitch Deck is a 'please the judge' card game where players are pitching their business startup ideas to a potential investor.

MiG Alley Mig-15 Fagots These are all finished now, with the excellent Dom's Decals used for the North Korean roundels. In the end I chickened out of adding buzz numbers, as I didn't have the right sized decals and couldn't be bothered to faff about after having already applied seventy two tiddly roundels.

Geekery: The Incredibles Family is Back Elastigirl takes the lead, but Jack Jack steals the show in this sneak peek. The wish for more of Holly Hunter's Elastigirl has been granted… and we get to see Mr. Incredible flex his parenting muscles while she's out kicking butt. Take a look… The animation looks great.

Cosplay Artist Spotlight: JAfantasyArt Join us next week for more Cosplay! Coverage~. Bell of Lost Souls is a registered trademark of BoLS Interactive LLC. Copyright 2006-2017. All rights reserved. All names, trademarks, and images are copyright their respective owners.Click for full details.

Dark Apocrypha: The Rise of Drakkar Deep in the heart of the Enigmus Sector a Chaos Lord rises; the Night Lords are ascendant. This week on Dark Apocrypha… Welcome to the Enigmus Sector - the setting for Dark Apocrypha. Having forced Lord Abraxis to join his Blood Crusade, Night Lords Daemon Prince Drakhar works to unify the other Chaos forces in the Dread Stars.

40K: Calm Before The Storm Games Workshop seems to be pumping the brakes for the Warhammer 40k releases…or are they just getting ready? Since 8th edition dropped last year, Games Workshop has been putting out 40k releases at a pretty break-neck pace. We had a new release for 40k every week or two.

Guilliman vs Chaos Space Marine Diaroma Home » »Unlabelled » Guilliman vs Chaos Space Marine Diaroma This is an interesting and very dramatic piece for the collectors out there. HMO Collectibles has a Guilliman vs Chaos Space Marine diorama coming out soon in 1:6 scale.

Favorite Pets of the 41st Millennium Pets of the 41st Millennium. Im voting for Servo Skulls… I mean really who would not one?: via Warhammer 40,000 Facebook. We here at Warhammer Community have a fondness for servo-skulls, squigs, scarabs and the other critters that accompany the heroes and villains of Warhammer 40,000 to battle - which ones are your favourites?

GW: Gangs And Wars In Necromunda House Orlock has come to the Underhive, bringing with them some Gang War, too. House Orlock, or the House of Iron, is one of the six Houses of Hive Primus. They control much of the city's iron, extracting it from the remnants of the ruined Underhive, ferrous slag heaps, and so on.

AoS: Dread Solstice Global Campaign Launches The Dread Solstice is upon us - It's time to choose your fate in Games Workshop's Global Campaign! For many weeks the Malign Portents have been leading up to this - The Dread Solstice website is up and running. Get ready to influence the history of the Mortal Realms in the new Global Campaign for Age of Sigmar!

Dread Solstice Global Campaign is Up. Results Already Coming In Results Already Coming In The Dread Solstice Global Campaign kicks off today with three options for players to vote on to determine the direction of the storyline. from the Dread Solstice Website… Including Results already coming in? In Week 1, the Time of Tribulations dawns as the Mortal Realms shake at the rising of an ancient power.

Mean Green Skin A friend asked me to collaborate with her 40k Ork comission work, as the numbers were too overwhelming for her. The problem was that she forgot her skin tone recipe and I wasn't able to recreate this skin tone using my range of green colours.

Pathfinder: Pawns To Bestiary 6, Check Pathfinder foes swarm out of the Bestiary and onto the battlefield… The latest batch of Pathfinder pawns is here, bringing the foes of the latest Bestiary, including the big powerful creatures like the new archdevils and empyreal lords, to your tabletop with artwork and aplomb.

Tabletop Crowdfunding Round-Up: February 15th Intergalactic traders and superhero secret agents. Come check out this week's batch of tabletop Kickstarter highlights! The sandbox space adventure game Xia has returned to Kickstarter to fund a new print run. The game frequently sells out, and Far Off Games is still a small company that has trouble keeping up with the demand.

MiG Alley 'Washing Machines' I finished magnet basing and undercoating the Il-10's, La-11's and Yak-9's this morning, although I cut back the number of the latter to six as they were a pain to do, having a very inconvenient radiator block right where the magnet had to go.

Realm of Chaos - Nurgle's Children 2018 #6: 3rd Wave Plaguebearers 3rd Wave Plaguebearer Command. #Squaduary Painting Challenge Success. #Fembruary Pa Here's the next batch of 12 completed Plaguebearers, fresh from the paint queue. This bunch has been painted with a washed-out, pale fleshy base with ruddy-flesh accents and the odd bit of purplish tentacle-worminess. First up for "showcasing" are the command group.

D&D: Developing a Druid - Defend, Devour, and Delight Are you able to see the forest for the trees? Would you rather Nature than Nurture? Then the Druid might be right for you! Druids are in an interesting place in 5th Edition.

Raging Heroes: Void Raider Packs I do wish they made a fuller line of just not female miniatures, as a Dark Eldar army done by Raging Heroes would be amazing. Upgrade your Sci-Fi army with brand-new outstanding Void Elves! Raging Heroes just released brand-new Blood Vestals, and a limited quantity of Exclusive Void Raiders Packs featuringunreleased Models.

Getting there… slowly What I had hoped would take a couple of days, looks like taking quite a bit longer, but the end result will be worth the effort. I should end up with a number of slimmed down collections that I will be able to access when I want to use them, and more space in my toy/wargames room.

Garfy's Get-a-Grip MKII Painting Handle Garfy's Get-a-Grip is back and it's better than ever! Video Demo and details after the jump. I'm back with a revised Painting Handle design! I've spent a bit of time perfecting this and trialling it and sending out a few to people to try and the feedback has been great.

40K: Making Vehicles Cool Again I've been studying vehicle rules in several wargames lately and think GW can make vehicles cool again in no time. OK, I've got a beef with GW - Vehicles are BORING in 8th! While we've seen GW try over and over and over to "get vehicles right" over the last 30 years - with 8th Edition they just tossed them out the window and didn't even bother.

What's On Your Table: Converted Fellblade Home » What's On Your Table » What's On Your Table: Converted Fellblade What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to [email protected] Here's a few pics of what's been on my table for over a month now, finally complete.

40K Op-ed: Changing Point Costs Doesn't Matter Small tweaks to unit costs won't fix the game. In response to player demand Games Workshop is trying a number of different tactics to fix broken aspects of 40K. They are putting out quick FAQs after a book comes out, twice yearly large scale FAQs and a yearly Chapter Approved Book.

Tabletop Spotlight: Legions of Nagash & The Harbingers Nagash and the Undead have arrived and they brought a new normal to the Mortal Realms! The Legions of Nagash have brought the Grand Alliance Death up-to-par with the rest of the factions in terms of allegiances and options. They were formidable before and now they are ready to bring Death to the rest of the Mortal Realms:.

Return from the Warp - 4 Games That Need To Make a Comeback When you walk into your local hobby shop one thing becomes abundantly clear, the market for tabletop games, and trading card games is heavily saturated. There are hundreds of games, from all genres, with varying degree of difficulty, depth of story, and rule complexity.

Tabletop Gallery: "For the Emperor" Time for a scale comparison gamers! Enjoy. If you have an awesome wargames shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and characterful shots so lets see what you budding photographers can do!

The Time of Tribulations month - Duke Harton There was a delay for this post, due to the Fyreslayer start collecting set distracting me lately. However, tonight I can final return my focus back to short post series celebrating the coming of the Malign Portents!

My Narrow View Of Wargaming Over the last year or so I have met some new wargamers, plunged into a new period, and started writing a new set of rules for which I have some pretensions to publish.

Mynock Squadron: Raptor Attack! X-Wing Pilots: all wings report in! Be advised: we've got a Tier 0 squad running amok: Raptor Attack! Welcome to the Mynock Podcast CVI. We welcome Mynock Producer and Arizona System Open champ Steven Gonzales to help guide us through a substantial regional round up.

Finished Models - Exalted Champion Right, enough of that Nurgly nonsense, back to the good stuff. Here's my warband's latest addition to the HQ party, my Exalted Champion. So as I'm sure all gamers are well aware by now, Chaos Marines quietly got a new unit in the 8th edition codex - the Exalted Champion, presumably the reigning Chaos Lord's aspiring lieutenant.

World of Tanks Blitz: Space Marine Predators Available Again Home » Space Marines » World of Tanks » World of Tanks Blitz: Space Marine Predators Available Again This is something I wish I had went in and taken a closer look at last year, so its good to see it come up again. Futuristic tanks from #Warhammer40k Universe have once again arrived on the battlefields of WoT Blitz!

Blood Angels Narrative Games: Devastation of Baal Home » 8th Edition » Warhammer 40k » Blood Angels Narrative Games: Devastation of Baal Forging a narrative with home-brewed rules and more are in today's backstory article from the Warhammer Community. Linking up backstory to our games are always fun and very exciting, but we often are left with no real satisfying method to create them.

MiG Alley Extras I completed the fiddly decals on the six NKAF La-5FN's, the USAF L5 Stinson Sentinel, the ROKAF T5 Texan FAC and the USAF H-15 ASR Chicksaw this afternoon, using the trusty Dom's Decals sheets. I am going to decal all of the eighteen NKAF MiG-15's tomorrow and also plan to undercoat then basecoat the Yak 9D's, Il-10's and La-11's.

Geekery: 'Rampage' Continues to Look Awesome in New Trailer Lizzie gets some sweet aircraft chomping scenes in this new trailer. Rampage is based on an arcade game from Midway that came out in the mid 1980s. There's not a lot there to make a movie out of, but… they've done it, and it's going to be a monster movie of epic proportions.

ToyLand: New Mighty Morphin Super Mini-Pla Kits from Bandai Bluefin has announced their NY Toy Fair line up, and it looks awesome for MMPR fans. They're celebrating the Power Rangers' 25th anniversary with some new Super Mini-Pla kits from Bandai Shokugan. All of these kits are faithful adaptations of the Zords from the TV series, and are fully articulated once assembled.

March to War - 6th Update We're half-way through February, and that means half-way through the challenge. That means that we should be pretty far ahead with what we're doing. There should be lots of shiny models covered in paint to show off. Read on to see just how much we're lying to ourselves and just what's been going on over the past fortnight!

Malign Portents: Agent of the Queen All is not well in Hammerhal. Agents of the Blood Queen twist the goings on of the mortal realms like spiders spinning webs… The actions of the Malign Portents are far-reaching. Even Hammerhal, the Twin-Tailed City and the heart of the Stormcasts' domain, doesn't escape unscathed from the intrigues and omens of the Malign Portents.

AoS: Love Comes to the Mortal Realms Love is a many-splendored thing. Come hear a heartwarming tale of love in the Mortal Realms. Valentine's day is upon us, and that means love is blossoming in the air.

Video 'How to: Paint Nurglings' This week's video is a quick and easy method of painting Nurglings to get them looking great on the tabletop. The video shows how to paint one row of Nurglings, but repeat the process on each row and they'll look like the image above. A full list of paints is below the video here, and in the description on Youtube.

What's Next 2018 Press Events Home » 8th Edition » Video Games » Warhammer 40k » What's Next 2018 Press Events Hey chaps, I was invited to go to the What's Next event in Paris last week where I got to see and play some of the new upcoming Warhammer 40k games from Focus Interactive.

Star Wars: Legion - Rebel Troopers & Airspeeder Unboxed The Rebellion is making a stand against the Empire in Star Wars: Legion - come take a look at what they are packing! Yesterday we took a look at the Empire's troopers and the AT-ST. Today we're unpacking the Rebel side of the house starting with the T-47 Airspeeder!

A Love Story from the Warhammer Community Home » Age of Sigmar » Warhammer Community » A Love Story from the Warhammer Community Great video, and of course a cruel fate. Great fun. A tale of Love in the Mortal Realms. - Hello everyone !! Teaser video of the upcoming Harry Potter game by Knight models.

Tale of Angharad A Warhammer 40,000 fanfic. Before she even opened her eyes, the foul smell of violence washed through Angharad's nostrils, jolting her into a painful awakening. Everything was dark, and her body was sore.

Heroic Scale Female Heads - On Sale Statuesque Miniatures is pleased to announce the release a new set of Statuesque Female Heads in Heroic Scale - the Techno Roiders!

THQ Talks Layoffs, Won't Ship Darksiders II and South Park Until They're "Perfect" RIPTEN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH DANNY BILSONOriginally published on on April 10, 2012. The past six months haven't been kind to THQ. While their stock prices have declined steadily for the past two years, things took a turn for the dreadful last fall when the company announced that it was killing the uDraw tablet.

AoS: Gotrek the Slayer Returns The Fabled hero of the Old World makes his triumphant return to the Mortal Realms - Gotrek Gurnisson is BACK! Hold on to your beard and get your Mohawk ready because Gotrek is returning to the Mortal Realms in a brand new Audio Drama from Black Library!

French Indochina Far East Pattern Infantry Company I have done some more number crunching and a bit of background research to come up with an organisation for a CEFEO Far East pattern infantry company, which I can use as a basis for both 10mm Company and 15mm Platoon to Squad level wargaming.

Tabletop Spotlight: Impulse 2nd Edition Feeding your impulse can be a good thing sometimes, but not when it gives your opponents an edge over yours! via Czacha Games. Thanks for reading! Impulse is a 4X card game set in a space opera setting. The game's board is made up of cards which start face down but are revealed as the players explore them.

RPG Monster Spotlight: Succubus / Incubus This week's monster knows…all you need is love. Or if you can't buy love, then any old four letter word that starts with L will do. We're partial to Loop ourselves here at BoLS HQ.

Thinking outside the Box? I have been playing around with the KR Multicase storage box that I was given for my birthday, trying to work out a useful way to make the most of the two hundred 25mm x 50mm foam slots it contains.

Showcase: Nighthaunts Spirit Hosts by FruitBear '+titles+'';if;titles.splice;document.getElementById.innerHTML=dw}; Support Tale of Painters and place your next order at or Element Games by clicking on the banner below. Element Games offer up to 25% off GW products with a fast same day dispatch. Free UK shipping on orders over £80 / Europe and worldwide shipping starting at only £2.95!

40K Lore: Organization of the Adeptus Custodes Come loremasters and discover the orders and sects of The 10,000 - the Adeptus Custodes. The warriors of the Adeptus Custodes are a department of the Adeptus Terra, the Imperial government, but its members are answerable only to the Emperor and their own leaders.

What's On Your Table: Maulerfiend and Forgefiend Home » What's On Your Table » What's On Your Table: Maulerfiend and Forgefiend What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to [email protected] a result of the multiple pieces there are in the Forgefiend / Maulerfiend box, I decided to build both options with only 1 box.

40K vs AoS vs Warmachine vs SW Legion The good news is there's a wargame for whatever you like - let's compare the big boys. What I really like about where we are in 2018 is there's a bunch of big companies with strong tabletop offerings for gamers. Never has there been so many quality games out there for consumers to pick from.

Oripan Campaign: Day 1 Score Today was our first day of the campaign to retake Oripan from the Xenos that have begun to infest this world. Indra Sena and our Force Recon units, along with the Cadian detachments, have moved to seize ground on the other side of the Rio Negro. While doing so, a Xenos creature attempted to infiltrate the camp of Indra Sena and was captured.

FFG: X-Wing - Renegades and Reapers in Wave XIV From the look of it, the next big wave for the X-Wing game is gonna be a Rogue One… via FFG. The Empire is tightening its grip on the galaxy-its shadow stretches out beyond Jedha, Scarif, and Eadu-the operatives of the Rebellion fight desperately against ever-increasing odds.

New Concept Artwork from Anvil Industries The metallic green pincers a… Squaduary, 40k Skaven - A Weekend of Mad Progress - I've been working hard all weekend on my 40k Skaven. I had one finished model on Friday night; and now I have seven!

Tabletop Gallery: "Rebel Assault" "I feel like I can take on the Empire all by myself!" Enjoy. If you have an awesome wargames shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and characterful shots so lets see what you budding photographers can do!

Wyrd Previews: Artillery Team for the Other Side, and More for the Undying Home » Malifaux » The Other Side » Wyrd Miniatures » Wyrd Previews: Artillery Team for the Other Side, and More for the Undying Two new previews, one from Friday and one from Monday show what the latest coming out of Wyrd Miniatures has in store for us.

My 2018 LVO, as a 40k Head Judge Hello everyone, SaltyJohn here to bring you a run down of my time as a Head Judge at the 2018 Las Vegas Open! Hello everyone, SaltyJohn here from TFG Radio and one of your Las Vegas Open 2018 Head Judges here to bring you a run down of my time as a Head Judge at the 2018 Las Vegas Open.

The Finest of Details Things I've Learned Painting Miniatures. Part I: Details Keep Getting Finer. Way back in 1996 when I started painting, I was 16 and timid. Having very little artistic ability, I couldn't imagine myself painting miniatures on a regular basis, let alone doing them well.

NeverQuest Episode 29: Never Split The Party This week on NeverQuest, our heroes split the party. NeverQuest is BoLS' weekly celebration of the fact that we live in a world where your sorcerer's ways have in fact gotten a lot of results. Not only did they conjure the stolen datatapes, but they also revealed the location of the secret rebel base.

Geekery: 'Kung Fury' is Being Developed into a Feature Want more laser raptors, talking cars, skateboards, and high kicks? You got it. David Sandberg's 30 minute, micro budget movie is getting an expansion. An expansion starring Michael Fassbender. David Hasselhoff is also included in the initial cast list - he created the theme song and provided his voice in the original short.

STREAMING NOW - Dark Apocrypha "Beauty & the Grimdark Beast" Deep in the heart of the Enigmus Sector a Waaagh is on the rampage. The Adeptus Custodes swear to stop the menace cold. This week on Dark Apocrypha… Welcome to the Enigmus Sector - the setting for Dark Apocrypha. Far to the southeastern quadrant of the Enigmus sector, something stirs.

On the Workbench this Week I got back from Cornwall this afternoon and straight away got down to the MiG Alley project, having suffered from a severe dose of workbench withdrawal symptoms over the weekend. A double check of the CY6! and Bag the MiG scenarios has revealed that I only need eight Il-10's but ten La-11's, so I've readjusted the numbers accordingly.

Wyrd: Minako Rei Seeks Revenge Check out the other side of the Undying box - Minako Rei and the Katashiro. Last week we looked at Manos and the Mourners, now we get to see the other side of the fight. Minako Rei was a member of Order of Balance.

Mechanicum Secutari and Ordinatus Units Rules Query for 8th Edition Home » 8th Edition » Forgeworld » Imperial Guard » Mechanicum » Warhammer 40k » Mechanicum Secutari and Ordinatus Units Rules Query for 8th Edition It appears that much of the questions for Forgeworld Mechanicum and Ordinatus units will get rules coming soon.

FFG: 'Knights of Fate' Announced For Star Wars RPG Jedi Knights get a new Sourcebook focusing on the Warrior career for Force and Destiny! When talking fails and the negotiations breakdown, the Jedi Order has to rely on something more elegant for a more civilized age…their Lightsabers. And few can wield them better than the Warrior career in Star Wars: Force and Destiny.

40K: FW Imperial Armour Preview - Custodes Vehicles Where do the Adeptus Custodes get those wonderful toys? Check out what the future holds from Forge World. Pretty exciting stuff today gang. GW has released a preview of some upcoming new rules they're working on. Right now you can check out the beta rules for an upcoming Imperial Armour book, featuring the best toys of the Golden Boys.

Star Wars: Legion - The AT-ST, Stormtroopers, & Speeders Unboxed AT-STs are freaking awesome - come take a look at the new kit and the other Imperial goodies from Star Wars: Legion! We got our hands on the Imperial releases from Star Wars: Legion and they are pretty impressive. Time to rock out to the Imperial March and get all Dark-Sidey up in here:.

Adeptus Custodes FAQ + Forgeworld Beta Rules Home » 8th Edition » Adeptus Custodes » Forgeworld » Horus Heresy » Warhammer 40k » Adeptus Custodes FAQ + Forgeworld Beta Rules A new FAQ is up for the Adeptus Custodes as well as Beta Experimental Rules for Forgeworld models for the army.

Today's Rumour Engine Teaser Home » 8th Edition » Age of Sigmar » Rumors » Warhammer 40k » Today's Today's teaser might be a hard one, although its much better than a lot of the very generic ones we have seen in the past. Good Teaser this week. Work it out, and you may well have just given yourself a sneak preview of an upcoming release.

GW: Rumor Engine "Like Clockwork" Games Workshop has another teaser image for you - can you figure out what this one is? Clocks, gears, and mechanisms are all the clues you're going to get from GW in this latest rumor engine:. via Warhammer Community. Oh my…What could this be? The exposed cogs could certainly be a clue for the Adeptus Mechancius.

Tabletop Spotlight: Boldly Go Into The Star Trek GM's Guide Make sure you're not wearing a red shirt, because today we're taking a look at the new Campaign and GM's Kit for Star Trek Adventures. Star Trek Adventures takes you into the 23rd and/or 24th Century, that you might boldly go where none have before.

Minotaurs Space Marines - Captain Providing us with a short respite from the torrent of Nurgle Daemons is this guy - a hero model for the Minotaurs Space Marines that I haven't done much with for the past few months.

Privateer: Skarre, Admiral of the Black Fleet Available It's giant, wet and glowing! Now THAT's a proper Cryx Pirate ship! People have been wondering for a while, exactly what does Skarre's undead pirate ship look like. Well now we know… via Privateer:. Preorder Skarre, Admiral of the Black Fleet, by March 7, 2018, and receive a FREE Black Anchor Heavy Industries Bandana.

D&D: Drizzt Is Back - New Novel Incoming Drizzt Do'Urden is back with a brand new trilogy that promises swordplay and danger. Ah Drizzt Do'Urden. Everyone's favorite Drow outcast who left his oppressive homeland behind and found a few trusted companions in his wanderings above the surface where he was misunderstood and feared because of what he represented.

In Midnight Clad Just before Christmas last year I got a package in the mail. Inside this package was a beast of a Space Marine from the very talented and generous Wier brothers of Between the Bolter and me. Now I felt like Christmas had come early! So I sat down at my bench and poured out the bits.

Flashpoint Taiwan: Low Level Intruders I was interested to read about the Taiwanese low level night overnights of South West China by Taiwanese P2V-7 Neptune aircraft during the early 60's. These reconnaissance and intelligence gathering flights were flown so low that the pursuing MiG-17's couldn't use their radars due to ground clutter.

Review: Do Yourself A Favor And Play Star Wars LEGION Play Legion you must, have fun you will. Coming out at the end of March Star Wars: Legion is a new tabletop wargame from Fantasy Flight Games. Unlike previous offerings from FFG, LEGION is a full company-level ground combat game in the vein of Warhammer 40,000 and Warmachine.

The sort out continues Because the space in my toy/wargames room is limited, trying to sort stuff out is rather like playing a three dimensional game of chess. You have to be thinking several moves ahead all the time, otherwise you find that you have just stacked a load of stuff exactly when you need to go next.

Eisenhorn, 2 Starter Sets….This Week's Pre-Orders with Prices Home » 8th Edition » Age of Sigmar » Warhammer 40k » Eisenhorn, 2 Starter Sets….This Week's Pre-Orders with Prices This week we get two characters; one for Warhammer 40,000 with Eisenhorn, and the other for the Stormcast Eternals of the Age of Sigmar, Neave Blacktalon.

The Blackbarrow Chronicles, Episode 2, The Gauntlet Part 1 - Preview Labels: Diehard Miniatures, Fantasy Gaming, Hirst Arts, Lead Adventure Miniatures, Otherworld Minatures, Reaper miniatures, The Blackbarrow Chronicles, Village of Blackbarrow.

Star Wars: Legion Unboxing The Core Set A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, we unboxed the Core Set for FFG's Star Wars Legion. After the big announcement at least year's Gen Con, Star Wars Legion is finally here.

Tabletop Gallery: "The Rebels are Advancing Sir!" "Prepare for a surface assault" Enjoy. If you have an awesome wargames shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and characterful shots so lets see what you budding photographers can do!

STREAMING NOW - Dark Apocrypha "The Beast Arises" Deep in the heart of the Enigmus Sector a Waaagh grows. Can the Blood Angels stop it before it grows into a colossus? This week on Dark Apocrypha… Welcome to the Enigmus Sector - the setting for Dark Apocrypha. Far to the southeastern quadrant of the Enigmus sector, something stirs.

Custodes Relics and Stratagems & How to Beat Eldar - FTN We talk Adeptus Custodes Relics and Stratagems, then we shift gears to cover the Eldar menace! We cover a range of topics in this episode. We revisit the Adeptus Custodes book and cover some of the Relics and Stratagems we didn't before then we get to a difficult topic currently making the rounds about Tournaments.

Tyrana Mountain Orc Kickstarter I smashed out 2 new Nomad list for Infinity in two months, attended an ITS tournament, and… ROBIN 2018 - Review - This weekend I went along to ROBIN at the Nottingham Tennis Centre. "Red on Blue in Nottingham" has been going for a few years now but this is the first… The Siege of Ambrose House Conclusion - Hey everyone, Abe again.

Will's Wargames Blog Something a bit different, hopefully this picture will make clear how I'm reusing the left over bits from the PSC M3 stuarts to crete some extra ones for my British 8th Army: The back and front lower hull plus the driver's hatch / vision slits were made by creating Oyumaru press moulds from the relevant PSC parts.

Game Doctor: Building a Trust In Monopoly A lot of people hate on Monopoly. Understandably so. But why is it so often despised and what can be done about it? Hey friends! Welcome to another edition of Game Doctor, a series where we look at classic board games and try to fix them up for the modern era.

Malign Portents - My 2 Cents Off the bat I gotta say, I was pretty disappointed with this release. Malign Portents has been promoted the hell out of for the past month or so. We've had teaser trailers, short cryptic stories, insider interviews and even a website, but the final result was lacking.

Skarre, Admiral of the Black Fleet Home » News Headlines » Privateer Press » Skarre, Admiral of the Black Fleet Privateer Press just released Skarre, Admiral of the Black Fleet to pre-orders. Very interesting model, and worth checking out. It would be a ton of fun playing her.

Geekery: Evolution Gets Twisted in New 'Annihilation' Trailer Area X is even weirder than past trailers have revealed. Ex Machina director Alex Garland returns to the screen with a mystery filled sci-fi thriller. The movie is based on Jeff VanderMeer's Nubula Award winning novel - Garland adapted it for the screen.

NZGT has Sold Out!!!! Twelve days after tickets went on sale and including the release of a further ten spots, the Fields of Blood NZ Grand Tournament has sold out. Really appreciate all the support. Sixty gamers have signed up and paid their registration securing their tickets.

Campaign of Oripan: Day 1 First Battle of Rio Negro Bridge. Logs of Captain Bajirao Ballal of Agni Sena, Sons of Kailash Regiment. In Space, orbiting the penal world of Oripan. If only we could've punched through the Warp earlier. But who can ever predict the Warp? The Warp storms slowed us and by the time we fought through the Chaos fleet near Oripan, we were too late.

ToyLand: This Gremlins Fig Might Give You Arachnophobia NECA is bringing back the huge, creepy the af Spider Gremlin thanks to its adoring fans. This creepy as all get out reproduction has over 30 points of articulation.

STREAMING NOW - Star Wars LEGION Come play FFG's big new Star Wars miniatures wargame right now! This is the biggest new product to hit the industry - come see for yourself! This week on The Dice Strike Back. Come join us every week for all the games we can jam in. Here's the NEW schedule:.

40K BREAKING: Adeptus Custodes FAQ Hot off the internet, a new FAQ for everyone's favorite golden boys, the Adeptus Custodes. The Adeptus Custodes have got a new update today. There's an official FAQ out, which addresses a few of the quirks and vagaries of the army.

GW: What's Inside Gang War 2 Gang War 2 is here folks. Come take a look at the table of contents and bounty hunters-apparently we do* need their scum. Gang War 2 is up for pre-order now, which means it's time to take a look at what you'll find inside the book. Now, obviously the big thing in this release is House Orlock, you'll get them right out of the gate.

40K vs STAR WARS - Choose Both The Warhammer vs Star Wars fight is going white hot - and you are the winners! You will recall that a year and a half FFG and GW publicly parted ways, ending a long multi-year licensing deal.

RPG: Build Your Strongholds Stronger - Strongholds and Streaming Strongholds and Followers get a whole lot of attention in this new book, Kickstarting now! One of my first memories of D&D was roving through the 2nd Edition revised players handbook and coming to the table where it talks about what kinds of followers you can get when you're high enough level and build a stronghold.

Anti tank guns.! …the paint brushes were a veritable whirr the weekend before last, clearly. these were the last items to leave the paint table… all of these are destined to bolster my 15mm skirmish forces for France 1940.

Welcome to Star Wars LEGION Week! We've got the game, two fully painted armies, and are bringing FFG's big new wargame to you all week! OK guys, you've been waiting for this one since last August when FFG pulled the covers off LEGION at GENCON50. FFG's original LEGION teaser. This is the one gamers have dreaming of for decades.

D&D: The Blood War And You The Blood War is a conflict between devils and demons that's…bloody fascinating. Hear what Mike Mearls has to say about it. With Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes due out in a few months, the D&D Beyond team is capitalizing on the opportunity to dig deep into some old familiar Planar Lore.

WIP: Ultramarines Tactical Squad #1 I'm currently reworking a Vindicator, but inbetween I'm preparing my next Tactical Squad. Like my other Ultramarines projects, there'll be a mix of old and new models. The old models, painted about six or seven years ago, will be retouched to match the painting level, while new parts and models will add a modern touch to the squad.

Finding somewhere for my 'donation' I have spent part of the weekend reorganising my toy/wargames room so that I have somewhere to put the jewellery cabinet my wife 'donated' to me. It gave me the opportunity to begin having a bit of a sort out, and long-term it should make access to some of my figure collections easier than it has been.

Goatboy's 40k Thoughts: Future Army Questions Goatboy here again and if you pay attention to 40k you know an FAQ is coming sometime in March - I've got some ideas… Or at least we hope GW follows their new "path" to game balancing. You can guess a few of the changes coming due to what has been winning games a bit to much but who knows how broad this FAQ change will be.

Titan's Fall pt 3.3: The Titan Prime Campaign MISSION 3.3: Bushwhacked. Mission Setup:: The horizon burns. All over Titan Prime, it's once beautiful sunsets are now blotted out by thick plumes of acrid smoke.

Chasing the Intruders I away this weekend so have been catching up on some background reading for the MiG Alley and Bag the MiG project. This includes Catching the Intruders, a brief but really interesting biography of a PLAAF fighter ace, who flew in the Korean War and also against Taiwanese night intruders in the late 50's and early '60's.

GW's Next Global Campaign, Squat Latest, Necromunda, & More Necromunda, GW's Next Global Campaign, Warmachine's new mini-game, and More! Gang War 2 brings the Orlocks on the scene in Necromunda, but we're wondering what else is in store for the Underhive. At last, a snipe hunt that WON'T leave you alone and crying in the woods at 2am.

Infested! - Part 5 Continuing my efforts to support the Nestorian infestation, and following on from the corrupted servo-skulls I showed previously I started thinking about the little cherubs we see flying around in the corners of Imperial artwork. Surely they too would fall under the sway of the genestealers and become a little more feral and spiteful than before.

Episode 167: Chaos Resurgent - Nurgle Episode 167 of The Independent Characters brings you about two and a half hours of overdue entertainment! This episode we are focusing on our new four part series; Chaos Resurgent. In this series we will discuss all aspects of each of the four Chaos Gods.

Dread Solstice Revealed We had been talking about this a few days back, and today we have an official announcement taking it out of the rumor category. There's a twist, however - this time, you won't be fighting for your Grand Alliance, but for your choice of fates.

Tabletop Gallery: Ready To Go Knight-Knight Though adorable, Imperial Knightlings are vulnerable on their own. They have been known to imprint on the first thing they see. Enjoy. If you have an awesome wargames shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and characterful shots so lets see what you budding photographers can do!

Lodge Grymthenian And so it begins, the first post focusing on my Fyreslayer Lodge of Grymthenian has finally been unleashed! To start the series, I have painted my first Hero model for the faction, the Auric Runemaster. Unlike most Duardin, Runemasters are very skilled at sensing Ur-gold that are hidden in plain sight.

Osprey Campaign Brittany 1944 I had a leaflet from Osprey the other day announcing the various titles and upcoming publications for the next couple of months. While most of these weren't of interest, there was one that I am really looking forward to, the Campaign Series Brittany 1944.

PP: Iron Sights Bring Sniper Duels to the Iron Kingdoms! At last, a snipe hunt that WON'T leave you alone and crying in the woods at 2am. That's right though. Iron Sights will bring Sniper Duels to the Iron Kingdoms AND your tabletop.

Tabletop Podcast Review: February 11th Hey everyone, Adam here for another week of tabletop podcast reviews! More post LVO talk, special interviews codex reviews, and more! Hey all, Adam here, from TFG Radio, for this week's reviews! We have Thousand Sons codex reviews, still talking about the Las Vegas open, interviews, and more!

Weekly Hobby Update Finished up the Cathedral which I posted pictures of last week. I ordered a Fabius Bile model from GW Direct which turned up last week and started painting that. It is quite interesting that in the game, while Heretic Astartes, Fabius may not belong to a Legion.

GMM: Clan Lachesis - Primaris, Preheresy Iron Hands, LotD Only two things in life that do not cease, time and myself. So let's kick off a new year and a new project! This time around it's a part two for the original Clan Lachesis army, a homebrew chapter of the client's. One part Preheresy reserves, another Primaris, and also a custom Legion of the Damned subsection I am really excited about.

Next Weekend: 2 Start Collecting Box Sets, 3 Made to Order Releases, and Neave Blacktalon Home » Age of Sigmar » Necromunda » News Headlines » Next Weekend: 2 Start Collecting Box Sets, 3 Made to Order Releases, and Neave Blacktalon I will have to say that next week takes a very slow step forward,. We have 3 "Made to Order" miniatures along with two new Age of Sigmar starter sets.

AoS: The Dread Solstice Dawns, New Global Event The Malign Portents culminate in a global campaign-battle to decide your destiny! The Malign Portents have foretold of a great battle in the realm of Shyish. And now as we descend into the depths of the Dread Solstice, war stretches out across the Mortal Realms.

40K: Next Week From GW - Mad Donna is Back Next week, two legends return and new heroes arise. That's right, a couple of old familiar faces return to the tabletop next week thanks to GW's made to order program. Kal Jerico and "Mad" Donna Ulanti are back for one week only-check out more details below.

How To: Whitewash Vehicles I have been painting quite a lot of World War Two vehicles in the last year, both for my Italian and Russian armies. This was before I joined the guys at B&B so I hadn't done any tutorials, nor did I think I would as tanks are limited to one per army in this system.

40K: The Tau Codex - Hopes And Fears The upcoming Tau Codex feels like it's got a lot of work to do. But after that, the Tau Codex gets a release. And that Codex is going to have a lot of work to do. The Greater Good is more like the Slightly More Alright these days. So here's a little of what we hope the upcoming Codex will address.

Warhammer Fest 2018: Tickets Available Tomorrow While the Praetor Launcher sits patiently waiting to be built, I've got another kit done instead. After this hiatus I'm finding some minutes to write down a small post about what I'm doing. I'm a bit busy, so the blog thing isn't having the p… Absence does not mean idle - Its been a hobby whirlwind recently.

PP: Frogs, Bogs, And Tyrants, Oh My! Check out what's new this week from Privateer Press! More of the Blindwater Congregation this week, plus the new sculpt of Lord Tyrant Hexeris is out at last. So whether you're gunning for gatormen or a new version of an old favorite Warlock for Skorne, there's some pretty cool stuff out this week.

RPG: New Friends Come To Tales From The Loop Our Friends the Machines is the first Campaign Book for Tales From The Loop. Check out what adventure awaits! Tales From The Loop is an excellent RPG.

KR Multicase I was given one of these 200 x 28mm figure capacity cases for my birthday but have been wondering ever since then exactly what to use it for? The obvious idea would be to put all of my 28mm skirmish figures in one place using a tray each for the cowboys, gladiators, pirates, Normans and lost world explorers.

40K Lore: House Orlock Today, Loremasters, we venture back from threats of Chaos, to something far less heretical. The gangs of Necromunda.

Realm of Chaos - Nurgle's Children 2018 #5: Aly Morrison's Original Oldhammer Great Unclean One Painting Decemb-uary 2017-18: Postscript 1 That bloody post title's long enough, don't ya reckon? This figure is a "renovation" of the original Great Unclean One model, a figure I bought on release, finally originally started about 7 or 8 years ago, sat in limbo, then completed almost three years ago.

The Garage: Custom Bases - Version 1 I have been thinking about miniature bases. It is an odd thing to think about, but I want to do a thematic force for a future project. I try to theme my bases now, but I wanted to try something a little more bold than just simply using a combination of modeling sand, flock, and static grass.

Wyrd: Artillery Teams Add Fire Power to the King's Empire These teams man heavy weapons that give the forces they support plenty of cover. The King's Empire is known for their use of artillery, their reach across the battlefield is long thanks to their superior firepower. Large weapons, like the howitzer, have to be manned by Artillery Teams.

Magnetise a Mortarch Seems fitting to do this now, as Legions of Nagash has just landed and I'm sure many of you will be looking to grab one of these ferocious leaders. With a few simple steps, you can magnetise this kit and use any of the 3 characters included in the box.

Small Wars: New Perspectives on Wargaming Counter Insurgency on the Tabletop It seems to be my week for acquiring new books. On Friday the latest addition to John Curry's 'History of Wargaming' Project arrived… David Wayne Thomas's SMALL WARS: NEW PERSPECTIVES ON WARGAMING COUNTER INSURGENCY ON THE TABLETOP.

How To Play Squats in Necromunda Squats have come back to roost. Take a look at their rules. Necromunda is a hive of scum and villainy-but more so these days with the new Hired Guns who have just made their services available. Gracing the pages of Gang War 2 you'll find deadly hunters of all shapes.

Episode 036; Sanctus Reach: Hour of the Wolf part II Mark and Peter discuss hobby progress and man you'd be impressed cause there was a lot of it. We also discuss the fantastic thing you can do with sticky notes and other sure to be interesting topics. Segment 1: We close out the chapter of Sanctus Reach with Hour of the Wolf part II.

Inquisitor Eisenhorn Rules! An Early Look at the Rules for the New Model An Early Look at the Rules for the New Model The model Eisenhorn is coming soon, and the rules are going to be found with the new model. Thanks to a reader here on Faeit 212 we get an early look at those rules.

GW: Orlocks, Fyreslayers, & Skaven "Pricing & Links" Necromunda and Shadespire get some new crews to run with this weekend from Games Workshop! via Games Workshop. House Orlock is known as the House of Iron, due to its roots in the ferrous slag pits located across the blasted surface of Necromunda.

Tabletop Gallery: The New Recruit Neither the Ad-Mech, nor the Orks ever really understood the Kataphron's decision to join the Waaagh! But he just seemed so happy. Enjoy. If you have an awesome wargames shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and characterful shots so lets see what you budding photographers can do!

RPG: Cthulhu Calls During The Revolution This epic two part adventurer shows what happens combines two kinds of terror-Cosmic Terror and The Terror of the French Revolution. Look when the stars are right, the stars are right, and there's not much you can do about it.

Bob's Miniature Wargaming Blog Tuesday was club night and we had there games running. Chen and Scott played some Dropfleet Commander. The minis were impressive, but not as impressive as Scott's cursing! Bruce hosted some Pulp Alley using his wild-west set up with Terry and Richard playing.

FFG: New Releases For LotR:LCG & Elder Sign Elder Sign gets an expansion and so does Lord of the Rings - both out now! via Fantasy Flight Games. Stop the Ancient One before it can claim the ring…wait, I've crossed the streams! The Crossings of Poros is the sixth and final Adventure Pack in the Haradrim cycle for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game.

Warhammer 40K: Thousand Sons Codex Review - Part 2 Let's hit the ground runnin' - we have a lot to get through! Starting out with the last unit in our Codex… Magnus the Red, Daemon Prince of Tzeentch, Lord and Primarch of the Thousand Sons.

Made to Order Necromunda Coming There are some old classic models will be returning as "Made to Order". - We've got some awesome new GW releases up for pre-order this week! Necromunda and Shadespire goodies on the way. Grab these new Necromunda items, here!

Geekery: 'Jessica Jones' Season 2 is an Origin Story The next season looks backward to find answers. The next season delves into Jessica's past - and nothing is going to get in her way of uncovering the truth of her origins. There are some hints of Killgrave, but no idea if he's in flashbacks or it he's actually back.

Warhammer Fest 2018 Coming In May It's the ultimate celebration for all things Warhammer! Mark your calendars and make plans now… Warhammer Fest is always a good showing for Warhammer fans. You'll get to be the first to see what's up coming from all your favorite games, get in some fun demos, seminars, and you can even enter into the Golden Demon and Grand Clash events!

Necromunda: Orlocks Arrive, But Who's Next Gang War 2 brings the Orlocks on the scene in Necromunda, but we're wondering what else is in store for the Underhive. Necromunda hit the scene with a lot of high hopes and expectations. With a slew of great new sculpts and a return to a smaller skirmish scale, it's a great game to play in leagues or campaigns.

Things I've Learned Painting Miniatures If you've been following this blog with any sort of alacrity, you'll know that around December of 2016 I dove headfirst into a new collectible card and dice game called Star Wars Destiny. It's a lot of fun. Expensive, but fun. Infuriating, but fun.

40K Lore: The Origins of the Drukhari Raider, Pirates, Mercenaries - Loremasters, today we learn the origins of the Drukhari! The Dark Eldar, also known as Drukhari are kindred to the Eldar, an ancient and advanced race of elf-like humanoids. Their armies usually have the advantages of speed and technology, though they are often lacking in resilience and numbers.

Star Wars: Legion - The Commander's Preview Star Wars: Legion uses a unique Command activation system - come take a look at how it's going to work! Fantasy Flight Games has talked about the new Command System in Star Wars: Legion before. If you're not familiar with it, we had a demo at GenCon that explained it fairly well.

Upsidedown Bolters Story Continues…. Not only not getting fixed, but were designed that way Not only not getting fixed, but were designed that way The email we had pics of from Wildweasel over on Bolter and Chainsword are fake, according to Forgeworld, and the design of the bolter is supposed to be this way. Here is the latest…. Il me reste à choisir la compagnie, j'hÃsite entre la seconde et la troisième.

New Pre-Orders are Up for 2 New Shadespire Warbands Home » Necromunda » pre-orders » Warhammer Underworld: Shadespire » New Pre-Orders are Up for 2 New Shadespire Warbands Two new Warbands for Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire have been just put up for pre-orders, and here is the very latest on them.

What's On Your Table: Custom Winged Hive Tyrant Home » What's On Your Table » What's On Your Table: Custom Winged Hive Tyrant What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to [email protected]'ve been a long time follower of your site and find myself checking back for the latest and greatest on 40k usually 2-3 times a day.

GW: Weekend Pre-Orders "A New Gang War Heats Up" It's Gangs and Warbands this weekend from Games Workshop! via Games Workshop. The Gang War is back on! Time to take some turf! Bell of Lost Souls is a registered trademark of BoLS Interactive LLC. Copyright 2006-2017. All rights reserved. All names, trademarks, and images are copyright their respective owners.Click for full details.

A birthday present to myself It was my birthday earlier this week, an as a small present to myself I bought a copy of KURSK 1943: THE SOUTHERN FRONT by Robert Forczyk. I already have the earlier KURSK 1943: THE NORTHERN FRONT by same author, and seemed like a good idea to buy this companion book.

Mantic: Gear Up For Walking Dead Wave Four Wave four of the Walking Dead is on the horizon. Here's some of the new tools that will help you survive…the Walking Dead. via Mantic. With The Walking Dead Wave Four on the rapidly approaching horizon, we thought we'd highlight some of the cooler items you'll find in the boosters and expansion.

Warhammer 40K: Thousand Sons Codex Review - Part 1 This has me so stoked I might actually make a video for this when we get going… To highlight my joy, the book was delivered just before I set off for work - so I picked it up and ran!

Malign Portents: Don't Mess With The Queen It's the Warqueens turn in the ring… Games Workshop is back with another story in the Malign Portent's saga. Here at BoLS, we've been following it pretty closely and now that the book is out, we've been prepping for war in the realm of the dead! This story marks a new turn in the saga with the War-Queen under the spotlight.

Tabletop Gallery: "Come An Take It Beakies!" Next Frame: Guilliman atop a pile of dead Orks… Enjoy. If you have an awesome wargames shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and characterful shots so lets see what you budding photographers can do!

Industry Shakeup: Asmodee Acquires Mayfair Games' Games Big things are happening in the Board Games Industry: Mayfair Games announces their games have been bought by Asmodee. Mayfair Games, makers of board games like Settlers of Catan and Bang! have announced that they'll be closing their doors after nearly 40 years in the business.

40k - NZ Grand Tournament Hits 50!!!! The fifty tickets for the FOB NZ Grand Tournament have been sold. A big thank you to all of you that have supported the event by buying a ticket. The capacity of the hall is limited and player comfort is paramount. That being said, I am going to check out the hall again today - armed with a tape measure and notebook.

MiG Alley NKAF Part Two I've had a bit of a re-think and have decided to tackle the North Korean bombers and remaining piston engine fighters over the next week or so, rather than the B29's which I will leave until I've worked out how to go about painting them.

Watch The Falling Leaves Cover The Forest Floor in 'Indian Summer' Indian summer is a period of unseasonably warm, dry weather that occurs in autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. It's also a delightfully serene puzzle game. Indian Summer is a tile-laying puzzle game for 1 to 4 players. Players take turns placing Leaf tiles trying to cover the entire section of the forest floor.

Touch Wood OK, this post will be a little rambling as I've a few things to chat about, so bear with me! First off, this week's hobby, because that's why we're all here, right? I spent this week building dryads.

Geekery: Sony Provides a First Look at 'Venom' - Kind Of Eddie Brock and a fancy container of black goo make their first appearance in this new teaser. This look at the movie is pretty shallow, and it's not really interesting. Both of which are bad when you're trying to pitch a Spidey free Venom movie to fans.

FOB NZGT - The Lucky Last Forty-nine have signed up and paid which just leaves the one. Posted by Peter Dunn at 8:08 AM Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare Last year I purchased the Ruined Cathedral from Puppet Wars. Over the past view days I constructed the building and painted it.

Toyland: 'Half-Life 2' & 'Portal 2' Figures Return By Popular Demand Not that I wish to imply you have been sleeping on the job. Don't let the horn-rimmed glasses fool you: Doctor Gordon Freeman might be a geek but he's also the savior of humanity. This action figure from the Half Life 2 video game brings the heroic scientist to life in amazing detail!

The best Warhammer Old World Novels & Series - Part II With the enduring popularity of the Total War: Warhammer series, I though it was time to revisit the 'World that was' and look at some of the other best novels and series that the setting has. This author pairing appeared on my first list with the excellent Hammers of Ulric.

GW: New Heroes Come To Warhammer Quest II Three new heroes come to Warhammer Quest II-in this new expansion you'll have to fight hard if you want to khrush Khorne. Warhammer Quest II, available on iOS, is getting its first expansion. Return to the world of Warhammer Fantasy and find an entirely new region to explore, one full of death and danger wrapped in darkness and silence.

Necromunda Hired Guns… Now Up for Pre-Orders Home » Forgeworld » Necromunda » pre-orders » Necromunda Hired Guns… Now Up for Pre-Orders The latest Necromunda releases from Forgeworld today are the Necromunda Hired Guns. La AGL* - A few weeks ago I was rooting around through a tub of Reaper Bones models when I found a few baggies that piqued my interest.

40K: The Meta Doesn't Matter Play what you want because in 8th Edition GW has your back. The vast majority of Warhammer 40,000 player are NOT top tournament players. It's hard to believe but the numbers don't lie.

Taking a Look at 5 New Cards for Chosen Axes and Spiteclaw's Swarm Home » Previews » Warhammer Underworld: Shadespire » Taking a Look at 5 New Cards for Chosen Axes and Spiteclaw's Swarm Today the Warhammer Community is giving us a preview of 5 new cards they say are among the top of the new cards being introduced to the game.

FW: Hired Guns For Necromunda Pre-Orders Up Necromunda gets some new recruits and a Knight House gets some new banners from Forge World! via Forge World. Bounty Hunters are amongst the toughest and most dangerous of all Necromunda underhivers.

Pimpcron: Stores Love 40k Clubs Pimpcron explains why you need a gaming club at your store. Well if it isn't my darling readers. It's good to be here this week, and I have an important message for you all. If you own a friendly local gaming store, you need a steady 40k club to attract new business.

Outside the Box - February 9th If you want to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily hobby news. ~ The PlastCraft Games terrain looks amazing! Bell of Lost Souls is a registered trademark of BoLS Interactive LLC. Copyright 2006-2017. All rights reserved. All names, trademarks, and images are copyright their respective owners.Click for full details.

Realm of Chaos - Nurgle's Children 2018 #4: Reaper Bones Carrion Worms A few weeks ago I was rooting around through a tub of Reaper Bones models when I found a few baggies that piqued my interest. Stuff like wolves and furry stuff - the kind of models that paint up pretty quickly.

HORDES: Barnabas Lord of Blood, Minions The god form of Barnabas is here. We check out Barnabas 2 today. Barnabas, Lord of Blood or BLOB is minions new warlock. He is rather tanky and helps the defense of his army near him. He wants a bunch of corpses and thankfully these are easy to come by in minions.

D&D: One Weird Trick & Other Sage Advice DM's hate this one weird trick for hitting an enemies. You won't believe what happens next. Quick disclaimer: yeah, we know. But this article really is about a weird trick that lets you hit an enemy with any armor class.

Officers. "Not without cause" …apologies for the delay - finished these last last weekend but didn't have time to take the photo's! Striking while the painting mojo is hot, some officers for the nascent English Civil War project. these are mostly/all Les Higgins figures.

Miniature Wargames Issue 419 The latest issue of Miniature Wargames arrived a couple of days ago, and I have been reading it with interest.

40K: LVO Shows No One Knows How To Deal With Ynnari Ynnari are the kings of the meta, and no one knows how to stop them. If the Las Vegas Open showed us one thing, it's that the Ynnari, supported by Dark Reapers, are at the top of the North American meta.

40K Op-ed: Sportsmanship, Cover and 8th Ed. BlackBlowFly here to talk about how good 8th is and how it still have a ways to go on the road to perfection. Hi y'all it's BBF here to talk about Warhammer 40k and the new edition.

What's On Your Table: Looted Primaris Redemptor Dreadnaught Cthulhu Skirmish Rule Book - One thing that I really love is reading through different rule sets for miniatures games. Recently, I received news that The post Free Game!!! Achtung! C… Llega Scroll de Edanna para NSR - Ya esta a la venta una nueva creación de Edanna* para la editorial madrileña Nosolorol*: Scroll*.

Infested! - Part 4 In the initial brief for the Nestorian infestation Big Boss Redskulls noted that the infestation itself is spread by means of airborne spores. This is important because it leads to a very different situation than would occur on a normal infected world.

D&D: Back to Basics - Boxed Rules Are Here Again The classic D&D boxed sets-basic, expert, master, companion, and immortal-are back in hard or softcover format. Take a look around the internet and you'll find we're in the midst of the Old School Renaissance, where a number of RPGs are being developed, inspired by the Basic, Expert, or other various boxed editions of Dungeons and Dragons.

Tabletop Gallery: "DAKKA DAKKA ZOOOOM" "Rememba - long uncontrolled bursts!" Enjoy. If you have an awesome wargames shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and characterful shots so lets see what you budding photographers can do!

40K: Kazzigum's Admittedly Late LVO Report Behold, Kazzigum returns triumphant from LVO! Well, less defeated anyway. Here's what I learned. I know it's been a while since I've spoken here, but let's just say that I was lost in the wilderness of normal, every day work.

Black Templars, 8th edition collection part 10 At long last, part ten has arrived with not only a comeback for my Black Templars Collection series this year, but also a chance for me to get back into painting this faction. I can't remember the last time I've actually painted my last Black Templars model, more than likely during Sumner or Autumn time?

Tabletop Spotlight: Dark Crystal Dive into the fantastic world of The Dark Crystal with this new board game from River Horse. Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal Board Game is a team based game with dice rolling and point-to-point movement mechanics set in the world of Jim Henson's classic film, The Dark Crystal.

Geekery: A Proper Trailer for Deadpool 2 This is an entirely serious trailer that previews an entirely serious movie. Yep. Cable takes the spotlight in this full length trailer… no LSD inspired painting here, just a good old fashioned action movie trailer with some not safe for work language.

Poxwalkers 2: The New Batch Well, my new baby is one month old today, and I noted with some amazement that I was able to paint up 10 Poxwalkers over the last 30 days, even while I was juggling a hospital stay for the birth, visits from doting grandparents and plenty of late nights rocking a fussy newborn.

Cosplay Artist Spotlight: TheSmoke007 This week we're featuring a Veteran Cosplayer with a wide array of Cosplay Genres under his belt! Last season I came across a fantastic Spawn Cosplay so detailed I thought it was a movie still… And instead stumbled across a cosplayer with ties to the Warhammer community, among others!

Dark Apocrypha 40K: Thousand Sons Celebration Week This week on Dark Apocrypha - we put Codex Thousand Sons through its paces! This week on Dark Apocrypha… Join us as we tear into Codex Thousand Sons and take your questions with the book and an hour long Q&A. Then we take the Rubrics and throw them against the boys from Ultramar!

Upside Down Bolters to Get Fixed Apparently so for the Space Wolf Slayers Upgrade Pack #2. Don't fret if yours is like the picture above, replacements are being worked on. We haven't played competitively since 5… Necromunda: Underhive Wars image - Hello everyone !! A few images for Necromunda: Underhive Wars.

40K RPG: Wrath & Glory Game Play Example Comic The Warhammer 40,000 Universe has a new RPG on the way - come see how Wrath and Glory is played! Ulisses North America has been hard at work on the new Warhammer 40,000 Roleplaying Game Wrath and Glory and they have put out a new comic showing how some of the systems in the game will work:.

Preview The Warscryer Citadel and How to use it. Really a great dramatic piece of terrain that I am certain many people are looking into picking up, since its already up for pre-orders.

Squaduary 2018 Challenge: Part 1 A little over a week ago, Westrider commented on the simple February community painting challenge I set up, and mentioned a thing called Squaduary. This is a "Paint a squad entirely during Feb" challenge.

Star Wars: Legion Organized Play Events & Dates The Fantasy Flight Games team is on top of Star Wars: Legion with a whole batch of events and dates for Organized Play! The Organized Play Events from Fantasy Flight Games have been a great source of community for participating players. Their World Championships attract a lot of attention from players and fans of their respective games.

Warhammer Cafe Coming To Texas Games Workshop is setting up shop in Texas! Welcome Y'all! After GW's announcement last week that they were planning on opening up a Warhammer Cafe Location in North America, everyone was wondering where exactly there would be landing. Turns out they picked my personal favorite - Texas!