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D6G Ep 242: Gen Con 2018 & Play by Mob The Gen Con mob is in the 3rd chair! Join us in the final mega-sode of the D6 Generation as we play a massive game with a mob and discuss our favorite games we played and purchased at Gen Con 2018. The D6 Generation
LAtCS 230 Episode 230 We talk with Lyn Stahl from Metalhead Minis. Life After the Cover Save
Wargames To Go 16.2 D-Day A solo episode this time. That interview with author and designer Joe Balkoski is still coming, but not quite yet. He's got the little matter of his own retirement and a well-deserved vacation to deal with first. Ok, no problem, I just recorded this episode to record more thoughts about a variety of D-Day games I've played. Wargames To Go
EOH: Engine Kill - Episode 1 - Pilot / Pre-Titanicus Hype Join us for the first episode of ENGINE KILL! This episode was recorded a week before Titanicus will be available to the public, we look at the build up, the products coming out, and talk about Epic 30k and how the models so far might be used for some 6mm Warfare. The Eye of Horus
FTN Episode 248 - Adeptus Titanicus RULES Review The BIGGEST thing to hit the Warhammer Universe in a long time. Of course we're talking about Adeptus Titanicus this week. This is right up our alley with amazing looking miniatures and our strong desire to move super war machines around the table. We review the rules for this cool new game in this episode…. Forge the Narrative
Episode 198 - Nighthaunt Episode 198 - Nighthaunt Sponsored by 6 Squared Studios, Black Dog Hobby and Games and Lindsay's Gamer Garrison The Garagehammer Toolbox is brought to you by Chaos Orc's Superstore Please take a look at my Patreon page and consider supporting the show. Garage Hammer
Episode 83 - More 40K Board Games and Three Flavors of Tournament On this weeks Mob Rules, the guys imagine what other storied board game franchises could use a 40k license as we desperately attempt to make a buck from a quick rehash. Mob Rules Mobcast
Episode 140 - Noob Night & Battle for Hyperborea Noob Night is here, we talk about all the stuff you need to know if you want to get into the hobby and be a kingshit gamer! After this we talk to the Heaps Good Heresy dudes down in the Southern Wastes who have just run their first event! Music by Heilung Investigate our Corporate Dirtbags! The Eye of Horus
FTN Episode 247 - 40k Tournament Etiquette - Do You Have It? Paul and Ricky kick of the show to discuss how Terminators may sweep the tournament scene. After that Paul and Reece from Frontline Gaming take a deep dive into a new ITC proposal they are calling Floor Rules - Rules of Etiquette for ITC tournaments. Hey guys, It's great to have Ricky… Forge the Narrative
LAtCS 229 Episode 229 We talk with Geoff Robinson. Life After the Cover Save
D6G Ep 241: Networking in Gaming Biz & Star Wars Legion Review Stephen Buonocore, the man behind Stronghold Games, is back in the 3rd chair! Up first we chat with Stephen about the importance of Networking and building relationships in the gaming industry. And he shares some of his own tips and tricks. Later we dive into an in depth discussion around Star Wars Legion. The D6 Generation
WSS17 - Participation Games In this episode of the Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy podcast we look at Participation games, their problems and how to run on. Guy also brings us up-to-date on the latest wargaming news form Warlord Games, Peter Pig, North Starand Lucid Eye. Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy
Introducing The Monster High Podcast! Https:// / monster-high/id1401333578. The Eye of Horus
Advance After Combat 2018-07-28 OGRE & The Fantasy TripMissouriCyber SecurityMutants & Death RaysRoleplayingLongstreet AttacksThe Great Heathen ArmyASL: The Forgotten War - 1950-1953. Advance After Combat
Dwarven Forge Caverns Deep - Wargaming Recon #213 Dwarven Forge is diving to caverns deep and cold with their new Kickstarter. Stefan Pokorny, founder, & Nate Taylor, creative director, of Dwarven Forge climb into the guest chair to chat with Jonathan about this exciting new set of modular tabletop gaming terrain. Wargaming Recon
FTN Episode 246 - Should You Be Playing Tau? Why Not? It's just Paul and Val for this show. We talk just a little about Kill Team at the start of the show then we do a DEEP dive into the Tau. This applied directly to what Val is taking in a couple of upcoming tournaments. I think we touch on a few things that people… Forge the Narrative
Episode 82 - The Plastic General and Dealing with Cheating Cheating in 40k has been a hot button issue, and Mob Rules chooses to talk about ways to guarantee a fun game, and minimize a negative gaming atmosphere. Danny challenges Dave and Jon to make a thousand point list with a secret "ingredient". Is it a rip off of The Iron Chef? Mob Rules Mobcast
Episode 197 - Tourneys in the Second Age of Sigmar Episode 197 - Tourneys in the Second Age of Sigmar Sponsored by 6 Squared Studios, Black Dog Games and Lindsay's Gamer Garrison The Garagehammer Toolbox is brought to you by Chaos Orc's Superstore Please take a look at my Patreon page and consider supporting… Garage Hammer
D6G Ep 240: Scouting Geeky Tours & Teaching Game Design Geoff Engelstein, Professor of Gaming, is in the 3rd Chair. In this episode we sit down with Geoff and learn how he goes about teaching a college level course on game design. But first, we catch up with Teras Cassidy of GNT on how he and his team scout out new locations for Geek Nation Tours. The D6 Generation
Episode 139 - Hobby Legend Dave Taylor and the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation! In this episode we sit down with one of our hobby heroes since way back, Dave Taylor! The Eye of Horus
Episode 81 - Kill Team Thoughts It's an extra special minisode as Danny, Dave and Jon talk about the new Games Workshop game, Kill Team! Mob Rules Mobcast
FTN Episode 245 - NEW Kill Team Review and 40k ATC WWK Recap Kill Team is live right now for pre-order. We're really happy to report this game has been re-designed from the ground up. It very much feels like the 40k we know and love but the cadence of the game is much different. You are able to enjoy the universe and your models in a totally… Forge the Narrative
Masters of the Forge Episode 118 - Kill Team 2018 Join Jason and Adam as they discuss the new Lol Team. Thanks to the Games Workshop community team for booking us up with a preview copy. Masters of the Forge
FTN Bonus Episode 26 - American Team Championship - The Facts This is not an episode I put out easily. Paul speaks directly with the main TOs from The ATC to talk about the recent controversy and the way forward. This is not our typical episode. If you aren't curious about what happened or don't want to hear about some of the ‘issues' facing competitive 40k… Forge the Narrative
Review Preview - Wargaming Recon #212 A different stride after our serious episode last fortnight, we take it to show you guys what is coming up in future product reviews. We also wanted to discuss the reaction to our last episode: Wargaming Against Anxiety. Wargaming Recon
LAtCS 228 Episode 228 we talk with Val Hefflfinger. We talk the team circuit, a filthy fifteen, and about the Nightman. Life After the Cover Save
Episode 196 - Malign Sorcery or Don't Have a Stroke Episode 196 - Malign Sorcery or Don't Have a Stroke Sponsored by 6 Squared Studios and Black Dog Games The Garagehammer Toolbox is brought to you by Chaos Orc's Superstore Please take a look at my Patreon page and consider supporting the show…. Garage Hammer
Episode 80 - Kill Team Hype and 40k Q+A's Because the guys have some A's. Danny and Dave answer some burning 40k questions like "Can Space Marines Swim" and if a Paulius Blart, Mall Custode would be a successful movie franchise. If thats not enough, we look at some of the Kill Team previews as the boys prepare to go hard into the game over the next few months. Mob Rules Mobcast
CanHammer 132 - AOS, Second Edition Is Here In this episode of CanHammer, Chris, Darren and Nick talk about the new edition of Age of sigmar. CanHammer
FTN Episode 244 - Going Infinite With Imperial Knights There are some pretty heinous combos out there right now with Imperial Knights, Blood Angels and Astra Militarum. It's fun to see all this stuff come together. We talk about it in this episode so if you're looking to get more mileage out of these factions, you don't want to miss this. Forge the Narrative
Episode 138 - Bonus Ep - GET FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQed! In this episode we sit down and have a dekko at the three new Heresy FAQ+Erratas! Support our Patreon! The Eye of Horus
Episode 137 - MT RUSHMORE OF PRIMARCHS 2018 Welcome back to the Eye of Horus Podcast! Heresy Lives! Part 1 - Intro, WWBD, Mailbag Wardruna Part 2 - Mt Rushmore of Primarchs! Proven - Hatebreed Part 3 - Wrap Up Support our Patreon! The Eye of Horus
Masters of the Forge Episode 117 - Return to Ultramar Narrative Apocalypse Event Adam and Jason are joined by Mike to talk about the 60,000 point Apocalypse game they played along with Skip and Phil. These are offered free of charge so long as they are not directly selling anything. Masters of the Forge
LAtCS 227 Episode 227 We talk with Arti about a serious subject matter. Life After the Cover Save
Gaming Against Anxiety - Wargaming Recon #211 About 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety. Roughly 3 million American board gamers battle anxiety. I am one of the 40 million Americans with anxiety. Learn how I think tabletop games can help you or one you care about deal with their anxiety. Please note this disclaimer. Wargaming Recon
FTN Episode 243 - AoS How to beat the dreaded DOUBLE TURN!? Another jam packed episode! We spotlight two upcoming 40k tournaments this week - Wargames Con in Austin Texas and The 40k Grand Tournament The main segment, in the middle, Paul is joined by Rob Symes from The Honest Wargamer to talk about Age of Sigmar. Forge the Narrative
D6G Pip 1: WH40K 280+ power point game thoughts Howdy members of the D6G Generation, Here's the first shot at a new approach to our content, "D6G Pip's". Meaning instead of a massive episode we do a single segment. In this one Craig starts us off by describing a MASSIVE game of Warhammer 40,000 we played…over 280 power points. The D6 Generation
Episode 79 - Eisenhorn : Xenos It’s a bumper episode as the guys talk Eisenhorn:Xenos, the brand new, almost 20 year old novel from Dan Abnett. Follow us on Eisenhorns debut adventure, from the a little too on the nose world of Hubris, all the way to Giraffe Lovecraftian bizarre worlds. Mob Rules Mobcast
Meeples & Miniatures - Episode 250 - Q&A Extravaganza! Welcome to Episode 250 of the Meeples and Miniatures Podcast In this episode the Meeples crew - Neil, Mike and Mike - get together to celebrate the 250th episode of the Meeples and Miniatures podcast! In honour of the occasion, we answer a huge number of questions from listeners that have been given to us via the blog, Facebook and e-mail. The Meeples & Miniatures
D6G Ep 239: Raef's Round Table & Announcement Raef is back in the 3rd chair! Up first Raef hosts another one of his classic "round tables." Later we discuss an exciting announcement. All that plus: - Total Fan Girl - Do You Ever Notice - App of the Ep - and More If you'd like to discuss the show with us and others in our forum thread: click here. The D6 Generation
Episode 195 - AoS 2 Is For You Episode 195 - AoS 2 Is For You Sponsored by Unique Gifts and Games and 6 Squared Studios The Garagehammer Toolbox is brought to you by Chaos Orc's Superstore Please take a look at my Patreon page and consider supporting the show. Just follow this… Garage Hammer
Episode 136 - Panoply of War Appendix, Heresy Camp, Telethon! Welcome back to the Eye of Horus Podcast! Heresy Lives! In this episode Tim is joined by Eric all the way from Canada, we chat heresy, we get a call from Chris Priddy to talk about the new GW Cafe in Texas, Heresy Camp, and the Telethon. The Eye of Horus
Masters of the Forge Episode 116 - Starting Age of Sigmar This fortnight, Adam is joined by David, Jared, and Travis to talk about why this is the perfect time to start Age of Sigmar. These are offered free of charge so long as they are not directly selling anything. Masters of the Forge
FTN Episode 242 - TWO 40k Grand Tournament Winners Tell Us How! This week we're joined by two 40k Grand Tournament Winners. In one segment we talk to Mike Brandt from the NOVA Open about his win at the London Grand Tournament. Then we catch up with Skari from the Skaredcast. We finish off talking about a few of the Endless Spells from Age of Sigmar 2.0… Forge the Narrative