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Whether your are looking for rare collectables, new warriors, boards or sets, this is a great place for wargamers to add to their collection.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Warriors of Chaos Bloodreavers 723 £12.99

Warhammer Carnival of Chaos Brethren C £24.99

Crucible of War by Christian Dunn 184416005X The £7.08

Warhammer 40k Space Marines Space Wolves Grey Hunters Pack £0.99

Citadel Warhammer long OOP metal original pre-slot dark elf cold ones painted £9.99

Blood bowl orc team, Metal Star Players And Warhammer Conversions Games Workshop £19.99

Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy Battle Orcs & Goblins Forest Goblin with Bow 3 £12.99

Epic Imperial Guard Warden #3 Sentinel Knight 80s Metal Games Workshop OOP £29.99

Warhammer 40k Tau Empire Kroot Krootox Metal £0.99

Warhammer 40,000 2nd Edition COUNTERS SET Run Markers Wound Tokens Vehicle 40K £0.99

Citadel Decals / Warhammer 40K Vampire Counts / Undead TRANSFERS A £1.99

4 Grenadier Miniatures 28mm metal high mounted 1980's OOP Warhammer 2 £2.50

Games workshop Lord of the rings metal ring wraith the tainted £11.99

Warhammer Fantasy, Empire Handgunners x15 £12.00

Warhammer 40000 rulebook £1.50

Citadel Decals / Warhammer 40K SPACE ORKS / ORK / ORC TRANSFERS D / OOP £5.99

Warhammer 40k Tau Empire Ethereal - Metal £0.99

Raging Heroes The Dark Elves Silkeeriss Hunter Pack Leader £16.49

Warhammer 40k Metal Space Marine Chaplain With Crozius & Powerfist O 992 £12.50

ORC - 942 Orc with Two Handed #2 - Grenadier Fantasy - PRE SLOTTA Vintage 1987 £3.00

5 Concerted And Painted Plague Marines Death Guard £25.00

Space marine inceptors £50.00

Space Marines - Space Wolves Pack Backpack - Warhammer 40K Bitz £0.99

Blood bowl 3rd edition dwarf blitzer £4.99

Citadel / Warhammer Embossed Fighter Shields C / Empire / Bretonnian Rare OOP £14.99

Ork Army Wartrakks X3, Buggy X1, Trukk X1 Warhammer 40k £21.99

Warhammer 40K SPACE HULK 2009 / 2014 GAME BOARD SECTION: Corridor T Section f £1.50

Warhammer 40k Know No Fear Rulebook Game Battle Mat & Scenery £0.99

Lotr Dragon, very well painted and based £59.00

Warhammer NLP metal Lord of the rings: MINIS TIRITH CAPTAIN 2 £5.00

OOP Citadel / Warhammer Chaos BC4 Mighty Ugezod's Death Commandos Hobgoblin £4.99

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Vampire Counts Strigoi Vampire 2 £14.99

Warhammer figures.large £9.99

Citadel Miniatures Warhammer 40k Elder Vyper Jet bike £4.50

Chaos Hero of Khorne on pile of skulls + Exalted Hero Lord champion metal Sigmar £19.99

Citadel Games Workshop 80s Oldhammer Orc of the Red Eye Archer LOTR Metal £4.99

White Dwarf 355 July 2009 Warhammer 40k Planetstrike, LOTR Strategy Battle GW £0.75

RAL PARTHA - TSR - AD&D - 11-435 Rust Monster - Pre Slotta D&D £22.00

Gaming Dice, RPG, Dice, D6 x5 Yellow, Lot GG5 £1.99

ORC - 946 Orc with Spear #1 - Grenadier Fantasy - PRE SLOTTA Vintage 1987 £3.00

Warhammer 40K Ravenwing £1.50

HIGH ELVES - SILVER HELM LANCERS #2 - Warhammer Fantasy - Vintage 1990s £5.00

Heroes Dungeonquest Metal Miniature Figures - Games Workshop 1980s £45.00

4 Epic 40K ELDAR NIGHTWING INTERCEPTORS Metal Nightwings Aeldari Army 1990s J1c £11.99

Warhammer 40K Space Ork Killa Kans x 3 New unpainted on Sprues with Bases £23.99


White Dwarf Games Workshop, With Full Tilt Jousting Game Inside, Issue 215, £10.00

VARANGUARD - Painted Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Slaves To Darkness Chaos Army £128.99

Whfb 25th Anniversary Harry The Hammer Poster Warhammer Collectors Oop Rare £15.00

Warhammer Lotr - Last Alliance Elven Warriors £0.99

Warhammer Imperial Guard Codex £3.00

Warhammer 40k Limited Edition Ork Da Gamez Day Nob Games Day 1998 Rare Oop #615 £35.00

NEW Warhammer 40,000 by George Mann BOOK Free P&H £16.71

Warhammer 40K I Am Slaughter by Dan Abnett Hard Back Book - FREE P&P £8.99

CHOAS SYMBOL - fantasy gaming gamer unisex backpack £19.95

Rolson 59148 Mini Plastic Vice £3.60

Marauder - Skaven warriors x2 - OOP metal £12.50

War hammer Gorkamorka And Mordhelm Plus Cards £185.00

Warhammer Fantasy Age Of Sigmar Slaves To Darkness Warhounds Pack £0.99

Games Workshop Warhammer 40k Blood Angels Transfer £2.00

Spartan Games Firestorm Planetfall Scenery Box One Clearance Lot 588 £0.99

Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy Battle Orcs & Goblins Forest Goblin with Sword £12.99

Warhammer 40k - Blood Angels Space Marines x2 £4.99

Warhammer 40K Forge World Space Marine Legion Heavy Multi-melta & Pintle mount £5.50

Raging Heroes Zailith Blood Vestal Secultrix £16.99

Warhammer Fantasy Age Of Sigmar Bretonnia Bretonnian Knight Metal £0.99

Citadel Warhammer Oop 1980s Rr1 Bugmans Dwarf Rangers Troopers £12.99

Warhammer Vampire Lord On Zombie Dragon £27.05

ALPHA LEGION CHAOS TERMINATOR LORD - Painted 40k Chaos Space Marine Army £32.99

Citadel metal slotta 3x Chaos Beastmen Ungor Skirmishers / Spears £10.00

Warhammer 40k Iron Hands Space Marine Shoulder pad x2, Helmet and Thunder Hammer £4.00

Warhammer 40k Chaos Daemons Daemonettes of Slaanesh £7.50

Chronicle Miniatures CT1. Hag Warhammer AD&D. £1.99

Warhammer 40k 4x Mission cards £4.95

Warhammer games workshop fantasy books £3.00

5 Forge World Raven Guard MK VI bodies. Bits £0.99

Warhammer 40,000 Fire Warrior, Very Good Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows Vi £3.97

RAL PARTHA - TSR - AD&D - 11-463 Ketch - Pre Slotta D&D £6.00

Lizardmen Saurus Warrior Club x 3 - Warhammer Bitz GW £1.00

White Dwarf 341 May 2008 Warhammer, Warhammer 40k Daemons GW £0.75

Citadel Decals / Warhammer 40K SPACE ORKS / ORK / ORC TRANSFERS B / OOP £5.99

Space Crusade Boxed Game - MB Games and Games Workshop 1990 - Used Condition £0.99

Citadel metal slotta Chaos Beastmen Ungor Skirmishers / Spears Standard £5.00

Sector Imperialis - Large Base Detail Kit NEW & SEALED £18.00

OOP Metal Wood Elf Archer With Sword 3. Warhammer '98 AOS £1.50

Warhammer 40K Five New 25mm Round Sector Imperialis Scenic Bases £4.00

Warhammer Graphic Novel: Bloodquest III: The Daemon's Mark £9.99

2 Chaos Thugs Citadel Miniatures GW £1.50

Fenryll Argonauts La Muse £29.99

Dark Angels Primaris Lieutenants, Primaris Dark Angels Ancient Sector Mechanicum £18.00

Warhammer Blood Dragon Vampire armed with Swords £5.00

Citadel / Warhammer High / Wood Elf / Elves Standard Banners Fff / Rare Oop £1.99

HEROQUEST ORC x3 - MB Games Workshop Citadel Minitures Warhammer £3.25

Age of Sigmar Storm of Sigmar £14.68

Warhammer 40k Kasrkins x 6 £35.00

Citadel / Warhammer High / Wood Elf / Elves Standard Banners Ccc / Rare Oop £1.99

Games Workshop Necromunda House Van Saar Ganger with Shotgun OOP £9.99

Citadel / Warhammer Undead Standard Banners BBBB / Rare OOP £1.99

19 Dixon Metal Horse Tassles £4.99