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Dad gets tattoo of brain shunt after daughter's surgery A dad from the West Midlands has had a tattoo of a brain shunt so his daughter could see what her's looked like. Gareth Hickenbottom-Marriott, from Walsall, said he wanted to show his support to Chloe, 10, who was born with a rare condition called Goldenhar Syndrome.

How I launched my own lipstick brand I've finally made the video. So if you've ever wondered how I managed to launch a lipstick brand that got featured in glossy magazines, give it a little watch. I just found this too! Ha, from the internet archives of 2011, my short listing in the Handbag Awards, next to Tom Ford and Chanel!

My break up If you follow me on twitter, you'll probably hear me talk about dates. But yeah, I'm ready for the new stuff. Which is sort of sad all over again isn't it? I've realised that there is also a third element that I have had to let go of. I'm no longer the person I was when I was with him.

Meet the artists at Nine Owls Tattoo Studio, Stockport It was great to finally meet Becci in person after following her work online for so long, and to hear all about the shop she's based at - Nine Owls Tattoo Studio in Stockport. In the days that followed, I explored the work of Becci's co-workers and promised myself to not forget to share their awesome work.

Tattoo lovers show off their extreme inkings at annual conventions in LA and Russia TATTOO lovers have been showing off their impressive inkings at annual conventions in LA and Russia this weekend. This year marks the sixth Siberian Tattoo Festival in Novosibirsk, Russia, while stateside tattoo fanatics have been celebrating all things body-art at the LA Tattoo Convention in Long Beach, California.

I literally have no eyebrows now’ Kym Lee, 42, jumped on board the popular eyebrow tattooing trend two years ago. Unhappy with the result, she went to get them laser removed. "I just didn't like the eyebrow shape, because she was tattooing me sort of free hand," Ms Lee told

Glasgow tattoo studio offers walk-in appointments in aid of suicide prevention charity A Glasgow tattoo studio will will offer walk-in appointments for one day only today, with all the proceeds going to help people affected by suicide. Rock 'n' Roll Tattoo is throwing its doors open today in aid of Hope For The Day, an international charity trying to prevent suicide through outreach and mental health education.

Josh Foster captures the Leeds Tattoo Expo in a real and honest light Last month I visited the Leeds International Tattoo Expo with photographer Josh Foster. We've featured Josh's work on the site previously and also in our recent tattoo zine. I was looking forward to seeing how he'd capture this annual event. Josh is a Worcester-based photography student, in his final year at Birmingham City University.

Tattoo favourites join City of Perth Salute procession Top international stars from the Edinburgh Tattoo will take part in a spectacular military procession in Perth. Scores of bands, musicians and dancers will march through the streets of the Fair City on Sunday afternoon.

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Tattoo addicts are getting their favourite paintings inked onto themselves in a daring new trend ART enthusiasts have braved the tattooists chair in order to pay tribute to their favourite paintings. The incredible designs have brought famous artists' work to life in incredible tributes. The intricate inkings put a modern-day twist on the iconic images.

Ohio tattoo shop offers free cover-ups for hate tattoos For those who have gotten a hate-themed tattoo like a Nazi symbol, Modified Studios owner Rich Regal will give them a free cover-up tattoo as part of Project Hate Cover-Up. The new tattoo may feature some aspects of the old one, but it will be a new tattoo.

Tattoo regret and what to do about it "Millennials do have regrets; that's going to be my retirement plan," LoCasio mused. Guys getting out of prison and looking for a job will go to Ink Inc. for help. Like Dempsey, LoCasio also sees a lot of students with misspelled quotes. "Jessica" was in Ink Inc.

Careers: Tattooed Art Director & Blogger We chat to 28-year-old Ayden Millar an art director and lifestyle blogger from Glasgow, about the projects she has worked on, running her blog and her tattoo collection… Can you tell us about your freelance work for film and TV? I've worked freelance in the film and television industry for around seven years now!

'I don't like it': India's tattoo girls reject branding ritual - in pictures Women of the Baiga tribe have traditionally been marked as a sign of identity. But as more girls go to school, they are starting to reject the practice, which they say is 'painful and embarrassing' For more than 2,000 years, women from the Baiga tribe in the highland district of Dindori, in central India's Madhya Pradesh state, have been tattooed.

Joe Hart reveals new tattoo by Shrewsbury artist The West Ham and England player has shown off the tattoos, a thick black band around his upper right forearm and a smaller one near his wrist, in an Instagram post. Hart used the post to thank Shrewsbury artist Hanumantra Lamar for the work.

The cuticle tattoo trend is the perfect way to show off your manicure Anyone who has a tattoo can admit that they're a tiiiiny bit addictive. If I weren't indecisive and committed to only getting tattooed if I've wanted something for more than two years, I reckon I'd be covered. But once you've done the easily hidden places, you start to run out of body real estate.

The London Tattoo Convention September 22/23/24 @ Tobacco Dock The 13th annual London International Tattoo Convention, the supreme, most esteemed, exciting and enthralling celebration of body art in the world, will be held on 22nd, 23rd and 24th September 2017 at Tobacco Dock, 50 Porters Walk, London E1W 2SF.

The angel on my shoulder - mum's tattoo tribute to the daughter who died of cervical cancer at just 17 A Northern Ireland mum whose daughter was diagnosed with cervical cancer at 10 and died at 17 says that having a tattoo of her girl's face means her "guardian angel is always on her shoulder".

Young girl left with horrific blisters from a holiday henna tattoo A seven-year-old girl from the UK has been left with horrific burns on her arm after getting a henna tattoo in Egypt. Madison Gulliver was on holiday with her parents when dad Martin allowed her to have the temporary tattoo put on her arm at their hotel's in-house salon.

Hungover Emma Bunton reveals she got a tattoo tribute to boyfriend Jade Jones during boozy night out in LA POP star Emma Bunton revealed she got a tattoo tribute to her fiancé Jade Jones inked on her finger while "tipsy" on Tuesday night. The 41-year-old singer has admitted she "felt terrible" waking up with a sore head on Wednesday morning after indulging in a boozy night out at Hollywood hotspot Chateau Marmont with her partner.

Prince Charles and Duke of Cambridge attend Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo for first time The Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge have attended the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo for the first time. A cast of more than 1,200 people from across the globe performed at Edinburgh Castle in front of the royal duo.

Girl, 7, suffers horrific burns from henna tattoo "It started to blister so we started looking on the internet about black henna tattoos and that's when we realised all the worrying things." Doctors in the UK initially gave Madison steroid cream to treat the area, but when blisters started to form she was rushed to A&E.

Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear split: Just Tattoo Of Us new season in JEOPARDY after the two hosts end their relationship? The duo called time on their romance after meeting on tattoo stitch-up show Just Tattoo Of Us last year, which sees couples enter the parlour and choose an inking for each other. Charlotte herself took to Snapchat to reveal the devastating news that the pair were over, accusing him of "not caring" about the little things in their relationship.

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