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Yoni Zilber tattooing at the private studio for day. Just like the old New York Adorned days.

Namakubi for Hiten Still wet from the tattooing hence the severe camera flash burn.

Oni tattoo for Adrien… This one was done at Kings Avenue in Manhattan.

TV preview: Brilliant documentary Dwarfs in Art: A New Perspective and Tattoo Age on ink masters I confess that I could not resist the title. Dwarfs in Art: A New Perspective does rather suggest that there was an old perspective that somehow had to smashed by some contemporary dwarfish iconoclasts. No small matter, then. I confess, though, second, that I possessed no such perspective on dwarfs in art.

Pictures Of Travis Scott's Head Tattoo Might Make You Actually Like The Ink A celebrity getting a tattoo is maybe not all that earth shattering. However, a celebrity getting a tattoo on their head? Definitely worthy of note. That's exactly what's happened. Travis Scott's head tattoo is a real thing, and honestly, it looks painful.

BRB Buying: Alan Crocetti's 90s Tribal Tattoo Necklace Think Vin Diesel's tats from "XXX," but in gold-plated silver.

Inside Dan Osborne's secret career away from reality TV The Only Way Is Essex's Dan Osborne decided to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house in August 2018 - with wife Jacqueline Jossa and daughters Mia and Ella supporting from home.

Promos for Happytime Murders features pop-up tattoo den and pole dancing puppets The upcoming Happytime Murders movie, a combination of live action and puppets, has already received some controversy for its raunchy nature, but the film is embracing the sordid reputation with a pop-up promotional tattoo parlor and speakeasy.

Good Morning, Travis Scott Just Got a Massive Head Tattoo Travis Scott is gearing up for his Astroworld tour, and decided to go ahead and get a giant tattoo on his head in preparation. Ya know, as one does. Travis shared a picture of himself getting the tattoo, and fellow body art enthusiasts out there will probably agree that it's pretty beautiful and intricate.

Tattoo performers entertain the Lord Provost Performers from the Banda Monumental de México raised the noise level at this year's The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo by giving a one-off performance at the City Chambers on Edinburgh's Royal Mile as guests of The Rt Hon Lord Provost, Frank Ross.

Travis Scott Gets Large New Head Tattoo Travis Scott has a lot of reasons to celebrate these days. Whether it's because of his newborn daughter Stormi or the success of his Astroworld album and upcoming tour, LaFlame is flying high right now, and therefore he's decided to celebrate with some new ink.

Travis Scott gets wrap-around head tattoo as he prepares for tour… after offering $100k to fans The rapper shared an Instagram pic of himself on the artist's table, getting track-marks inked around the side of his skull. 'Getting tour ready,' he captioned the snap, tagging tattoo artist Scott Campbell.

Swae Lee Shows Off New Intergalactic Chest Tattoo Swae Lee continues to expand his ink. The very tattooed younger Sremmurd took some time off from his group's tour with Wiz Khalifa to expand the space portal on his neck into a full-blown galactic scene across his upper chest. He showed off the new tattoo Wednesday on Instagram.

Hialeah woman with 'Karma's a B_____" tattoo arrested for stealing ball machine - A Hialeah woman's tattoo said what needed to be said after she was arrested for stealing a ball machine from a pizza restaurant. In Barbra Vandendes's mugshot, written plain as day in ink across her chest reads "Karma's a b#@*&." Oh, boy… is it ever.

KJ Apa Matched a Bee Tattoo to One His Mom and Grandmother Have During an interview with People at the Teen Choice Awards, KJ detailed how much he enjoys getting tattoos. "I'm addicted to them - I love tattoos, I love the art of them, and I love the experience of getting them," he said. He continued, saying that he shares a tattoo design with his mother and grandmother.

EU Confidential Episode 60: Summer stories - Tattoo blues to potato news - Bridge blame game This week, we mix the format up: not one guest, but many. POLITICO reporters talk us through the stand-out stories they've worked on this summer. Ginger Hervey and Jillian Deutsch talk about the EU getting under the skin of the tattoo industry, and its 4,000 unregulated chemicals.

Danny's Cab for His Father Earlier this summer, I was at a barbecue at my friend Danny's house and noticed he had a new tattoo on the back of his leg: Danny, whose work has appeared on Tattoosday previously told me the piece, which features an old New York City taxi, is an homage to his father, who was a cab driver for many years.

Mum Explains Why She Got A Tattoo For Her Son With Cerebral Palsy "It's the place he touches when he needs my attention. "It's a symbol for my kid who speaks in symbols. It's also a message that a wheelchair does not have to be a sad thing.

Famous tattoo artist visits San Angelo SAN ANGELO, TX - 15 years ago Aubrey Trufant opened his first tattoo shop in San Angelo and Wednesday, the Trufant brothers are celebrating their 15th anniversary. Their tattoo shop is now on South Chadbourne downtown and Wednesday, a well-known tattoo artist from Dallas showed some of his skills.

What This Tattoo Means For My Son With Cerebral Palsy It is so much more than a tattoo. It is a symbol for my kid who speaks in symbols. There's a reason I did not get his initials or a more artistic rendering of him in his chair. I wanted it to be instantly recognizable-to him and anybody else who wants to know his story.

San Jose mayor will get tattoo of city's logo - under one condition San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo knows how to appeal to his Millennial constituents. He's promised to get a tattoo of the city's new logo if he gets one million retweets. Liccardo was 999,312 retweets away from his lofty goal as of Wednesday afternoon.

June, July + Cognac convention This blog is a lot about scar cover ups. I do a fair few of them, and have done for many years, so I've seen plenty scars, caused by accidents, self harm or operations. We need to wait a couple of years for the skin to heal as much as it will, and then we can go over them.

Study Finds That Having a Tattoo Improves Employment Chances Flying in the face of conventional wisdom.

The most cliche tattoo designs REVEALED – does yours make the list? The traditional design has been popular for decades. New York's West 4 Tattoo said they're inundated with requests for these floral motifs. Thankfully, they don't seem to be going out of style any time soon. The artist added that there will always be something "timeless and beautiful" about the inkings.

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