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J.K. Rowling tells fans having a Harry Potter tattoo would be 'weird & ridiculous' - but she does have ink on her wrist Rowling has revealed she has a new tattoo on her wrist but that it's NOT linked to Harry Potter as she claims that would be "ridiculous" and "weird." The successful author, 54, who lives in Edinburgh, shared the information with a teacher fan who asked for any "little known" facts about her.

These are not the reasons why the new tattoo of Miley Cyrus is Liam Hemsworth - music Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. that meant a new stage for the singer, after months of the announcement of their divorce, had a tattoo of the brand's ideal, not necessarily in connection with their separation.

Tattoo Removal Machines Market 2020-2025 with Major Key Player: Eclipse, Quanta, Alam Laser, Cynosure, Lynton Lasers, etc Industry Overview Of Tattoo Removal Machines Market 2020-2025: The Tattoo Removal Machines Market an.

2020’s 5 Most Stylish Tattoo Trends, Says Chrissy Teigen and Lady Gaga's Artist Celebrity tattoo artist Daniel Winter told us which tattoos his clients keep asking for. Get the scoop here.

NBA 2K Tattoo Lawsuit Rules In Favor Of Developers A ruling has finally been made in a suit filed against NBA 2K devs all the way back in 2016.

Out Of Work Tattoo Artists Are Donating Their Protective Gear To Hospitals Tattoo artists around the country are donating their plastic gloves, face masks, and other safety equipment to hospitals experiencing shortages. Tattoo artists around the country are stepping up to the plate to help those in need during the coronavirus crisis.

What Happened to NBA player and Tattoo Icon Chris "Birdman" Andersen? Chris Andersen, nicknamed "Birdman," played 16 NBA seasons and won a title in 2013. He retired in 2017, but he's still playing ball today.

Is Jordyn Woods' New Tattoo Aimed At Kylie Jenner? Fans believe Jordyn Woods' tattoo is tied to Kylie Jenner.

How one shut-in Maine tattoo artist is keeping his art alive while his shop is closed In this time of certain uncertainty, Dingwell is trying to stay positive and creative. He’s using the down time to dive deep into personal painting projects. It’s not just something to pass the time. It’s what will keep him sane. Q: You closed your shop before the governor’s shut down order, right?

Homer Simpson 'Bored' Woman Gets 'Absolutely Terrifying' Tattoo We all find it difficult to find ways to entertain ourselves as we face the reality that we may be forced to stay indoors for a while yet. But it's fair to say that some ideas are better than others after Jen Stewart shared a photo of her attempts to ease boredom on social media.

'Bored' woman gives herself 'absolutely terrifying' Homer Simpson tattoo Jen Stewart was bored in coronavirus lockdown and asked her friends to provide inspiration for a new tattoo - eventually choosing her pal's unconvincing sketch of Homer Simpson to ink on her ankle.

Author J.K. Rowling reveals she has a Latin alchemy tattoo etched on her wrist Rowling has revealed that she has a tattoo etched on her wrist but insisted it is not a marking inspired by the series which she said would be 'ridiculous' and 'weird'.

Gloucester tattoo studio issues plea for donations for hospitals fighting Coronavirus Gods of Ink tattoo studio in Gloucester's Northgate Street are doing their bit for hospital workers in Gloucestershire Royal Hospital by collecting essential items from businesses and members of the public.

Fulkerson advises fan on design of chest tattoo from lost bet It seems one Tennessee fan lost a bet when John Fulkerson was named to the All-SEC team, and a chest tattoo will be the price to pay. Fulkerson weighed in with design ideas.

Waterbury Walkabout: Tattoo artist keeps his hand in by selling prints of work Tattoo parlors were among those temporarily shuttered in the last sweep of closings that included hair and nail salons, spas and barber shops in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

NBA 2K Producer Successfully Defends Its Rim Against Tattoo Copyright Claims, But What's Next? On Thursday, the video game industry won a major battle in a longstanding controversy over the reproduction of tattoos in sport video games. The case involved a copyright action brought by Solid Oak Sketches, Inc. to enforce exclusive rights acquired from artists who did tattoo work for LeBron James, Kenyon Martin, and Eric Bledsoe.

BTS’s Jimin Reveals New Tattoo With a Special Meaning It looks like Jimin is sporting some fresh ink! The BTS member has debuted a new tattoo that fans noticed during a VLIVE chat on Thursday. In the video, Jimin flashes the inside of his left wrist to reveal a small "13" in black ink. The number marks both Jimin's birthday and the date when BTS debuted.

BTS ARMY Speculate Meaning of Jimin's New Tattoo BTS's fan base, ARMY, noticed a new tattoo on Jimin's wrist during a VLIVE chat with fans. BTS' member Jimin did not speak about the tattoo, but fans have been spotting it recently and got a good look during his live broadcast on March 26. The small tattoo is on his left wrist and features the number 13.

The Birmingham City fan with that Garry Monk tattoo has come up with another brilliant moment However, one Birmingham City fan has decided to provide a very Blues-themed encore to the Italians' efforts by serenading passers by with a rendition of Keep Right On. After that he closed the window, turned on the TV and took the role of music instructor, teaching the rest of the family the words from a karaoke video.

Kardashian Fans Think Jordyn Woods' Secret Tattoo Is About Kylie Jenner On Instagram, one fan had written: "No wonder Kylie isn't your friend anymore." Another commenter wrote: "Kylie is shaking right now." But another fan suggested that Jenner probably didn't care about the tattoo.

WEIRD UK NEWS: Robber identified by unique tattoo on arm DESPITE wearing a mask and gloves a prolific group of armed robbers were caught after officers spotted a distinctive tattoo on one of their forearms while he was threatening a shopkeeper at knifepoint.

Tattoo shop owner donates gloves to combat COVID-19 Tattoo shops across North Carolina closed their doors on Wednesday as part of the state's effort to combat the coronavirus. With equipment not being used, one tattoo shop has decided to put its gloves to good use.

Coronavirus In Chicago: Tattoo Artists Unite To Donate Gloves To Hospitals Fighting COVID-19 CBS 2's Vince Gerasole discovered how tattoo salons are rising to the challenge in a way you might not have realized. Insight Studios is locked tight, and most of the piercings or tattoos you will find here today limited to their design catalogs. "It's kind of strange because no one is coming in," said Insight's Bob Jones.

Tattoo Artists Come To Rescue Of Heath Workers. A shortage of medical gloves is greatly challenging the professionals working to confront the coronavirus. CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole discovered how tattoo salons are rising to the challenge in a way you might not have realized. Hour 18: Outbreak in Chicago, Vince Gerasole reports.

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