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Fredericton Tattoo Expo colours outside the lines Walking around Fredericton's first-ever tattoo expo, you'll see some sights to remember: Hercules wearing the pelt of the Nemean Lion, mermaid scales spiraling up a woman's leg, and memories of loved ones given physical form right before your eyes.

This girl got a Coppers tattoo to try get a gold card but it backfired So herself and her friends figured that since they frequent the place so much, that what they needed was a Coppers Gold Card. Now, in case you're wondering what a Coppers Gold Card is, it's a card that allows you not just to get into Coppers for free any night of the week, but also lets you skip the queue.

Sophie Turner's new tattoo looks very similar to one worn by Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner, 22, showed off some new ink on Instagram on Sunday that gave one a sense of déjà vu. The Game Of Thrones starlet's tattoo of a woman's profile bore quite a resemblance to one 28-year-old Jonas had done only weeks ago.

Sophie Turner's Latest Tattoo Looks Very Familiar Fans think they cracked the meaning behind Sophie Turner's new thigh tattoo.

Man with ‘dork' tattoo wanted for making threats against law enforcement KRON - The FBI is looking for a man accused of making threats against law enforcement. The FBI says Shawn Frederick Weatherhead, 45, is a transient, with a distinctive "dork" tattoo on his neck. Weatherhead has ties to Oregon and Nevada, where he's been making threatening calls to the FBI's public access line located in Clarksburg, West Virginia.

Monkey bars and perseverance Ask most adults to try and use a set of monkey bars, and I'd expect to see a lot of fear and laughter. I've been attending a local training session run by my P.T, which always ends with the monkey bars. In my small group, the women are strong beasts, and can get from one side to the other.

Matt Damon Defends Ben Affleck's Right to Have a Back Tattoo Matt Damon is taking a stand for bestie Ben Affleck's right to tattoo his back, no matter how large or colorful the ink. The infamous back tattoo, a colorful phoenix that takes up the majority of Affleck's back, made headlines when it was spotted in the summer of 2015 following his divorce from Jennifer Garner.

Matt Damon Defends Ben Affleck's Right to Choose His Back Tattoo And for Ben Affleck and Ben Affleck's back tattoo, that friend is Matt Damon. Very few have chosen to defend Affleck and his ink choice when given the opportunity. Since the back tattoo depicting a large, colorful phoenix was first spotted in paparazzi photos late in 2015, both his ex-wife and ex-fiancée have weighed in with criticism.

From Aaron Chalmers To Charlotte Crosby: The Geordie Shore Cast's Major Tattoo Regrets Still, the majority of the Geordie Shore cast are no strangers to the tattoo parlour, with varying levels of inked-ness from Abbie Holborn's single tat to Aaron Chalmer's countless creations. Gutted for them though, a few of them have wound up with some pretty major regrets.

MAFS' Ryan Gallagher reveals what he’s going to do with THAT tattoo He was left broken-hearted after discovering his 'wife' Davina Ranking had cheated on him with fellow co-star Dean Wells, early on in the season. And after getting a mermaid-esque portrait of his on-screen 'wife', Married At First Sight's Ryan Gallagher vowed to adjust his permanent mark.

A Tattoo Artist Decodes Ben Affleck's Giant Back Tattoo To better understand the most notorious celebrity tattoo since "WINO FOREVER," we turned to Michelle Myles. She's the co-founder of Daredevil Tattoo, a shop on the border of the Lower East Side and Chinatown in Manhattan that celebrated its 20th anniversary last year.

Maine CDC Issues Warning About Unlicensed Tattoo Artist DaPonte String Quartet Winter Series 2: A Stroll in the Prater AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine health officials are warning residents about an unlicensed tattoo artist who may have exposed multiple people to hepatitis C.

Hannya and snake color studies for… Tattoo drawings by Chris O'Donnell 2018.

Healed skull and snake tattoo… From a while back at Kings Ave. Thank you Florian! Tattoo by Chris O'Donnell 2018.

At Last! Matt Damon Breaks His Silence on Ben Affleck’s Back Tattoo Back tattoos are for the boys.

Matt Damon laughs about pal Ben Affleck's dragon tattoo on his back And Matt Damon wasn't ready to call out Ben Affleck for the giant tattoo of a dragon on his back when he appeared on The Daily Show on Wednesday evening. 'I support him in all of his artistic expression,' the 47-year-old laughed when host Trevor Noah asked him about the ink.

What Matt Damon Thinks About Ben Affleck's Back Tattoo While appearing on The Daily Show on Wednesday evening, the Downsizing actor was asked about his pal Ben Affleck's giant back tattoo that sparked a social media frenzy over the weekend. Just days ago, pictures surfaced of Affleck on the beach in Hawaii, sporting the colorful ink that he once claimed was fake.

'Amazing' mum gets Wonder Woman-inspired tattoo over her mastectomy scars After a preventative move against breast cancer, one mum has channelled Wonder Woman with an 'amazing' tattoo following a double mastectomy. Stephanie Kelly is a 42-year-old mum of four and recently tested positive for the BRCA1 gene mutation, which means she has an increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

Bikini-clad girl's tattoo prank goes viral — but there's a catch It was uploaded with the caption: "Sometimes I think of these naughty things for fun and entertaining people." Titled "Hot girl tattoo prank," the video has already racked up nearly 7,000 views. Earlier today it was reported that a man had been fined £50,000 after his friend filmed him performing a prank on an unsuspecting woman.

AC/DC writing new album with Axl Rose according to Rose Tattoo frontman Rose Tattoo frontman Angry Anderson says he's been told by Angus Young that AC/DC are writing an album with vocalist Axl Rose.

Otley salon and tattoo studio in the running for award AN OTLEY beauty salon and tattoo studio is hoping to celebrate its first anniversary with an award this week. R Sykes Hair and Beauty has been nominated in the Best Newcomer category of the 2018 Otley Business Awards.

Faslane-based sailor was too drunk to work at Tattoo A DRUNKEN sailor based at Faslane got so merry on free alcohol at a Royal Navy lunch he couldn't carry out his duties at the prestigious Edinburgh Tattoo later that evening, a court martial has heard.

Highlighting Indigenous tattoo artistry That role is recognized in Skindigenous, a series on APTN TV that features indigenous tattoo artists from places around the world including New Zealand, Alaska, Indonesia, the Philippines, Samoa and Canada.

Looks Like Travis Scott Got a New Face Tattoo Travis Scott was sporting some new ink on his face in a recent Instagram story. Located below his eye, Trav has the word "Free" written in black ink. There hasn't been any word yet on the definitive meaning behind this latest tat.

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