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These Tattoo Pics Are Banned On FB For The STUPIDEST Reason This lady is just trying to spread awareness and advertise herself for these tattoos and Facebook keeps trying to ban her. Audioboom - Tattoo
Everything from 3 named assassins to oral sex while getting a tattoo… A negative shout out, or more precisely, a glorious "F&@k You" to the rednecks who tried to blow up Robert the producer's neighborhood w/fireworks on the 4th of July. Audioboom - Tattoo
33: David Tankovitz / Tatu Panda - Tattoo Artist 305 Radio Ep 33 - David Tankovitz - Tattoo Artist Tattoo artist and entrepreneur David Tankovitz joins us in the studio! We had a great time talking about his tattoo shop that's hidden somewhere in Miami… and what the future has in store for him Follow us on Instagram for live feeds @305Radio. Audioboom - Tattoo
Mike Guiffre Mike Guiffre is primarily a black and grey tattoo artist based in Long Island, New York. Tattoo Podcast
Keep That Same Energy ft. Tanya Wilson Skin Deep Tattoos S&M ft. 100 Watts E127 Power packed multi artistic genre episode! Our interview of the week is with Tattoo Parlor owner Tanya Wilson. Owner of Skin Deep tattoos in the heart of the Danforth! Also steps away from last summer's brazen mass shooting. A must listen interview! Also 100 Watts steps in to turn up our Smoke and Mirror segment! Audioboom - Tattoo
Sam Fiorino Sam Fiorino is a New York based tattoo artist who focuses on colorful new school tattoos among other styles. Tattoo Podcast
Tattoos in the workplace - should people wear their ink with pride? Or should they be covered up at work? Visible tattoos in the workplace - do they bother you? Airline Air New Zealand have announced they will end a ban on their staff having visible tattoos, in a move it says will allow staff to express cultural and individual diversity. Some New Zealanders with Maori heritage wear tattoos to mark their genealogy and heritage. Audioboom - Tattoo
Georgia Grey Tattoo artist Georgia Grey, who tattoos in NJ and NYC, talks about balancing life as both a mother and an artist. Georgia is known for strikingly clean paint stroke, watercolor, and traditional style tattoos. Tattoo Podcast
Episode 85: Michael's tattoo story Welcome to Reading Between the Ink - a podcast all about the personal stories and meanings behind people’s tattoos. In today’s show we’ll meet michael and a tattoo about new beginnings. Enter the name of this podcast. Tap the album art for this podcast. Reading Between the Ink
Mark Wade Tattoo Artist Mark Wade is a flower tattoo specialist who currently spends a lot of time on the road and working in New York City. Tattoo Podcast