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Radical The Closer Bowling Ball Review Check out our Radical The Closer review and learn where it might fit into your arsenal. Comprehensively tested, reviewed, and rated by Bowling This Month.

2019 BTBA Rankings - Tour Rankings Updated after stop 9 The Nuneaton 5's Peter Stevenson and Hayley Russell lead the rankings with Kevin Pilley and Kimberley Oakley heading the senior rankings. There's just 1 event left on the calendar so any bowlers who have played 5 events will need to play the remaining tournament to get to required number of 6 to be eligible to receive an end of season ranking cash payout.

History of Tenpin Bowling in the UK Part 60 - Lee-West Lanes Greenways Bowl Stopsley Green Luton By Tenpin Bowling Proprietors Association President John Ashbridge. Lee-West Lanes Greenways Bowl Stopsley Green Luton. The Greenways Bowl in Luton was the first centre to be opened by Lee-West Bowling but very little is known of the operation.

Are You Prepared? The famous motto of the Boy Scouts of America is, "Be Prepared." As bowlers, we have more than enough to deal with in terms of equipment choices, physical game mechanics, lane play adjustments, and the mental game. We shouldn't have to worry about the pro shop being closed and not having access to the tools and accessories we need in an emergency.

European Champions Cup The European Champions cup started in 1979 and the winners list reads like a who's who of top European players.

1 Million-plus Investment Transforms Tenpin Cheshire Oaks And Creates New Jobs TENPIN at Cheshire Oaks has been relaunched as an entertainment centre of the future, following a transformation costing more than £1million. The investment has seen the introduction of the latest pioneering technology and a host of new attractions, which were celebrated at a special VIP re-launch event on Wednesday 16th October.

European Champions Cup ECC2019 I'm feeling good, a little nervous too as I've never been to a ECC before but very much looking forward to it.

Tagg ALL the Women Ten Pin Bowlers in the UK We have in the past had female only events which ran for a few years then attempts to try again but that should never mean it is not worth trying again. Each era have a different take on the past and have their own ideas on how to try things.

2019 BTBA Annual Awards - Seniors The 2019 BTBA Annual Awards were held on October 12th at The Hoggs Back Hotel and Spa, Farnham in Surrey. The Awards are given at both the Senior and Adult Inter-County Championships, but this weekend was all about our seniors, with the senior award winners.

2019 Senior Inter-County Championships CONGRATULATIONS to Kent and Yorkshire. 2019 Senior Inter-County Champions! Kent Senior Men - John Hinch, Keith Hodge, Clive Mitchell, Bob Ockelford, Sean Purcell, Chris Skudder and Chris Taaffe. Yorkshire Senior Women - Jan Baines, Helen Caton, Janet Didur, Carole Orange, Ki Sellars and Gina Wardle.

Kent and Yorkshire win the 2019 BTBA Senior Inter County Championships Kent Men held off Yorkshire to claim the Senior Counties as Lincolnshire placed third. Yorkshire ladies went one better though to grab the ladies title just ahead of Sussex in 2nd and Essex in third. Your email address will not be published. Comment. Name.

Steven Gill wins the 2019 Scottish Open Steven Gill became the 2019 Scottish Open Champion for a third time by defeating England's Rob Thurlby is an exciting final. The Scottish Lefthander lost the first game but came back to win the next two and claim the coverted title. Gill is still three wins behind the all time leader Wayne Greenall with Six Scottish Open wins.

Kimberley Oakley and Alan Keddie, Senior Bowlers of the year 2019. Ron Oldfield honored for 100 senior wins. England's Kimberley Oakley and Scotland's Alan Keddie were named Senior Bowlers of the year 2019 and presented with their awards at the Senior Counties in October.

History of Tenpin Bowling in the UK Part 59 - DEB Bowling, Regal Bowl St Andrews Road Exmouth Devon By Tenpin Bowling Proprietors Association President John Ashbridge. DEB Bowling, Regal Bowl St Andrews Road Exmouth Devon. The Regal Bowl was developed from a conversion of the Regal Cinema that had opened in the late-1920's. It was, for a small-town cinema, very well appointed with a 28 feet wide proscenium and a 20 feet deep stage.

Baltimore's Iconic Shake & Bake Enjoys New Lease On Life With Help From Brunswick 11, 2019 - Shake and Bake Family Fun Center, named for former Baltimore Colts wide receiver Glenn "Shake and Bake" Doughty, was developed in the early 1980s and quickly became a community institution. Owned by the City of Baltimore, Shake and Bake originally featured a skating rink on the main level and 40 lanes of bowling below.

All the Provisional the scores from the Nuneaton 5's Please note these are provisional, and there will be re-rates and changes. A final ratified version of the scores will be produce once the tournament committee are happy with all the entering ave…

The 2019 BTBA Chairman's Award BTBA Members are warmly invited to send their nominations for the 2019 BTBA Chairman's Award. Nominations should only be made for individuals whom are members of the BTBA, and are otherwise open to every member to both nominate, and be nominated.

The PWBA Round Table: Strengths, Pre-Shot Routines, and Best Advice For our PWBA round table discussion this month, I was able to catch up with Valerie Bercier, Missy Parkin, Rocio Restrepo, and Kerry Smith right after they wrapped up their 2019 PWBA Tour seasons.

How to Plan a Successful Work Outing for Your Team Plan a successful work outing for your team with these tips to help you increase morale and help employees work more effectively together.

Columbia 300 Baller Bowling Ball Review Check out our Columbia 300 Baller review and learn where it might fit into your arsenal. Comprehensively tested, reviewed, and rated by Bowling This Month.

Hollywood Bowl hear the call for Green Bowling It seems like a no brainer these days, bowling uses a lot of electricity and they generally have a big flat roof so why not slap on some solar panels and make some savings. Costs in solar technology have continued to be be more attractive in the last few years and we see them on many houses and other properties.

History of Tenpin Bowling in the UK Part 58 - Ambassador Bowl Overton Street Waverley Liverpool By Tenpin Bowling Proprietors Association President John Ashbridge. Ambassador Bowl Overton Street Waverley Liverpool 7. The third bowling centre to open in Liverpool and, the largest to open in the North of England in the early period of bowling, was the 30-lane Ambassador Bowl in Overton Street.

2019 Triple Crown The 2019 Adult Triple Crown takes place between 4th and 6th October 2019 and hosted by the Scottish Tenpin Bowling Association at the Deer Park, Livingstone, Scotland. Teams will bowl singles, doubles, trios and team. Reports. Scorching Scots Sizzle in the Singles.

Track In2ition Bowling Ball Review Continue Reading… Read Full Review. Already a premium member? Click here to log in.

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