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Fantastical Chocolate Festival was a "like a task off the Apprentice" ECHO readers have slammed an overcrowded chocolate festival as "farcical" and a "rip off." People who visited the Fantastical Chocolate Festival on Saturday were promised 'Willy Wonka-style characters' and 'delectable confectionery' but said they were greeted by overcrowding and were crammed in two rooms 'like sardines'.

The marketing industry is facing a brain drain - here's how to fix it Following Sir Martin Sorrell's departure from WPP and Mark Read's appointment as the new chief executive, most discussion has focused on Sorrell's new company and Read's vision for the old one. But one issue has gone unmentioned. "Great ideas come from great people," Read said during a recent earnings call.

Magson tight-lipped over comic turn The Apprentice's resident solicitor Sarah Ann Magson appears to be playing the long game as she seeks to become the new business partner of Lord Sugar. The 'highly motivated' Watson Woodhouse solicitor describes herself as having 'specialist knowledge of litigation, advocacy and civil court procedure'.

Everything you need to know about Apprentice star Tom Bunday Tom Bunday, an entrepreneur from Southampton, England, was reportedly jailed in Sweden several years ago for assault, something he apparently never disclosed to the BBC prior to his appearance on the popular TV show. But just who is Tom Bunday? Here's all about who he is and his reported jailing on assault charges.

Camilla Ainsworth-5 things you didnt know about The Apprentice candidate BBC One's The Apprentice is back with a brand new series. Series 14 is onto its second episode. In episode 2 we said goodbye to David Alden. Of the 14 remaining candidates, we have Camilla Ainsworth. Here are five things you didn't know about Camilla!

Lord Sugar told to remove Amstrad phone from Apprentice boardroom by BBC bosses Lord Alan Sugar may be the towering figurehead of BBC's The Apprentice, but that doesn't mean he's impervious from bending to show rules. Sugar's made his name through electronics company Amstrad, which he founded aged 21 in 1968 earning his successful business credentials.

The Apprentice's David Alden exposes show's saucy bedroom antics THE Apprentice's latest firing David Alden has opened up about…

Former Apprentice candidate Elliot Van Emden gives his verdict on this year's second episode Candidates were tasked with creating a brand new comic book series in this week's dramatic episode of The Apprentice.

People are worried that The Apprentice's Kurran is a robot sent to Earth to destroy us It's fair to say that being void of emotion would be mostly a good thing if you were one of the Apprentice candidates. I mean, the amount of times you have to be so incredibly mean to someone in the boardroom, then hug and make up - if you had the usual range of human emotions going on, it would really take its toll.

'It was just banter!' - Lincolnshire Apprentice star Khadija Kalifa responds to criticism about her general knowledge on BBC show Her management style wasn't very popular with the fellow contestants.

The Christmas Chronicles trailer: Kurt Russell is Santa Though Netflix is currently knee deep in churning out Halloween content for its "Netflix and Chills" season, the streamer has found the time to start promoting a different kind of season, so it's released the first trailer for the Chris Columbus-produced Christmas film, The Christmas Chronicles.

Fired Apprentice star would make same mistake again Last night saw an exceptionally awkward episode of The Apprentice, with both teams offering up terrible new comic book ideas. The boys' team created space-travelling superhero Benji, who was desperately in need of a decent story and more exciting Augmented Reality that didn't just see him rock gently from side to side.

Sabrina Stocker 5 things you didn't know about The Apprentice candidate One of the hopeful candidates looking for that £250,000 investment is Sabrina Stocker. Here are five things we found out from Sabrina's Instagram! Sabrina is one of the younger contestants on this year's Apprentice so she's up to speed with all the latest crazes.

The Apprentice's David Alden gives the lowdown on this year's steamy bedroom antics He admitted most of the contestants are not single, although that didn't stop Seann Walsh on Strictly Come Dancing. He said: "I wasn't in there too long. I'm not convinced you're going to get any of that juicy stuff this year I'm afford. "I'm not sure many of them in there are actually single.

The Apprentice candidate forgets project manager's name… in a pitch! The latest series of The Apprentice returned for its second episode tonight and it was time for the candidates to get creative, which always ends up being really embarrassing for everyone involved.

The Apprentice's Khadija doesn't know who Kim Jong-Un is The wannabe hopeful was branded as leading a team 'like Kim Jong-Un' but she didn't understand that wasn't a compliment.

David Alden gets fired from The Apprentice David Alden has been fired from 'The Apprentice'. David Alden. The tax advisor and mobile DJ believes his fellow contestants Frank Brooks - who was project manager - and Kurran Pooni should "count themselves lucky" they weren't fired from the BBC show.

The Apprentice 2018: Who left The Apprentice last night? THE APPRENTICE 2018 continued tonight with another hopeful sent home by Lord Sugar for their role in the Comic Book task. Who left The Apprentice last night?

The Apprentice star informs five million potential employers he is a tax advisor who "enjoys writing fantasy fiction" The good news was that David did at least manage to inform five million potential employers that he is a tax advisor that "enjoys writing fantasy fiction." I can think of a few companies who would love to have someone with those attributes working on their HMRC submissions - and a few celebrities as well, for that matter.

Axed The Apprentice candidate is standing by that massive mistake - yes, really After becoming the second candidate of 2018 to hear the immortal words 'you're fired' from Lord Alan Sugar in The Apprentice, David Alden is standing by highlighting all of his team's mistakes - to a potential client.

Who was fired from The Apprentice in week two's comic task? The Apprentice has bid farewell to its first male candidate of the series after David Alden was fired following week two's comic task. The tax advisor from East Yorkshire is one of 16 people who have been aiming to secure Lord Sugar's £250,000 business investment in the latest series of the BBC One show.

The Apprentice 2018, episode 2 review: with increased levels of incompetence, this is formulaic but fiendishly watchable An educational French publication made by people who can't speak French. A writer who can't write. An actor who can't act. A bunch of thrusting entrepreneurs incapable of making money. Why, it could only be The Apprentice.

The Apprentice 2018: David Alden drops Lord Sugar secret after shock firing THE APPRENTICE continued this evening, with candidate David Alden being fired by Lord Alan Sugar. However the fired candidate has spoken out about what it’s really like in the BBC boardroom.

Who left The Apprentice? David Alden fired but another trembling candidate looks close to tears David got the chop after his 'garbage' story failed to impress - then project manager Frank Books feared he would go.

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