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Made Up Leeds is back for a weekend of celebrity events and beauty tips Dame Joan Collins, Katie Piper, Sian Gabbidon and a host of make-up artists and influencers share their beauty secrets. Here is the programme of events.

Former The Apprentice contestant says producers 'sabotage' tasks Aleksandra King, 41, from Buckinghamshire, who signed an NDA 'protecting The Apprentice brand' before taking part, recently wrote a letter to MPs for the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport committee's inquiry into reality TV, with a series of allegations against the hit reality show.

Lord Alan Sugar caught up in 'Airbnb scam' The businessman and star of The Apprentice posted a message on Twitter claiming that the family of six, who were from the US, turned up at his property under the false belief that they had paid to renting the property for three days.

Bike Balls, flashing helmets and electric bikes coming to The Apprentice this week From this clip posted on Lord Sugar's Twitter account, we know that the latter will include Bike Balls, the scrotum-shaped rear light from Canada launched in 2015, and the Lumos cycle helmet, which incorporates front and rear lights as well as indicators.

Apprentice star claims bosses 'sabotage tasks to make candidates look stupid' A former contestant on The Apprentice has claimed that producers on the show would 'sabotage the tasks to make candidates look stupid'. Aleksandra King, who quit the BBC series back in 2016, alleged that the crew manipulated her team's stock during a sweet task which led her to step down from participating in the show.

Burglar who targeted Lord Sugar's home and fled country ordered to pay him £173k David Buisson, 50, was arrested in the Costa del Sol after targeting The Apprentice star's Essex home in a £1.2m crime spree.

Burglar who stole from Lord Sugar must pay back £300,000 A BURGLAR dubbed "the Essex Spiderman" who stole items worth more than £1 million from across the county will only pay a fraction back. David Buisson, 50, will pay just under £300,000 back to his multiple victims across the Epping Forest District and Canvey, which he raided between December 2015 and April 2017.

No money, no phones and no calculators - Apprentice contestants reveal filming secrets This means that when we see contestants struggling to work out calculations, this is because they have to do it mentally. Contestants' phones are also apparently locked down, only allowing them to call their team members, while every call has to be put on speakerphone so producers know every word that's being said.

Dad of Apprentice star Scarlett Allen-Horton's kids' was jailed over £1.6m drug smuggling plot Allen-Horton is the owner of a recruitment company from the West Midlands and is currently appearing on the BBC One show, which airs each Wednesday evening at 9pm. The 32-year-old is one of the contestants hoping to land a £250,000 investment deal with Lord Alan Sugar.

The Apprentice bosses 'made contestants look stupid and weakened them for show' Aleksandra King told a probe into reality TV she quit the show because she found it psychologically damaging. In a written statement to MPs on the the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport committee's inquiry, she described a task about selling candy.

Exclusive: The Apprentice candidates 'banned from using calculators and phones' The Apprentice candidates 'banned from using calculators and have to ask permission to use phones.'

The Apprentice is overdue its P45 - and it's not alone The last decent series was in 2011, by my reckoning. Viewers seemed to agree: the episode drew ratings of 4.3 million, half the figures it once attracted. Sugar looks as bored as the audience.

Lord Sugar issues warning about scam on Airbnb Lord Alan Sugar has warned his fans after he was apparently caught up in an Airbnb scam. The businessman, 72, said a family had been cheated out of around £465 after fraudsters told them they could stay at one of his properties in London.

The Apprentice candidate claims producers "sabotage tasks" and "limit sleep" She claimed that producers engineered this "in order to ensure candidates are physically and mentally weakened." She called for more support for people who take part in these shows. "Something was clearly wrong and I was not able to sleep.

Sir Alan Sugar criticises Airbnb 'scammers' after family of six turn up at his London property for holiday An Airbnb scam saw an American family turn up to Sir Alan Sugar's house believing they had booked it, the peer has claimed. The business magnate, 72, said six people arrived at one of his London properties on Thursday expecting to rent it for three days.

Lord Alan Sugar claims he has been embroiled in Airbnb scam Lord Alan Sugar has claimed he has been embroiled in an Airbnb scam after a family allegedly arrived at one of his homes in London expecting to stay there. The Apprentice star, 72, has accused unnamed fraudsters of taking photographs from an estate agents' website and advertising the home on the company's website.

The Apprentice embroiled in race row as BBC responds to shock allegations All three of the fired candidates on this series have been from BAME backgrounds. The BBC has denied that The Apprentice is 'racist' following backlash from viewers over Lord Sugar's choices of fired candidates.

Drugstore Cowboy at 30: is this the best film ever made about addiction? Gus Van Sant’s 1989 indie is filled with rich detail and insight into the life of a drug addict, brought to life by a career-defining Matt Dillon performance.

The Apprentice in new race row as BAME candidates fired three weeks in a row Hit BBC entrepreneurial show The Apprentice has been rocked by a new race row as viewers question why minority ethnic candidates have been fired for three weeks in a row.

Dublin Murders beating Virgin Media's Darklands in the TV ratings with 650,000 tuning in An RTE spokesperson told the Irish Mirror: "We are overwhelmed by the reaction, it has been brilliant. Long may it last." They also revealed the feature-length opener, which was episode one and two together, was watched by an average of 240,000 - with a total reach of 650,000 on the night.

BBC responds to The Apprentice race row claims The BBC has responded after The Apprentice viewers accused the show of being racist after another black and minority ethnic candidate was fired from the show earlier this week.

The Apprentice's Souleyman steering clear of Lottie Lion after 'racist' claims The Apprentice star Souleyman Bah is steering clear from Lottie Lion following WhatsApp 'racism' claims.

Marianne Rawlins, from Stamford, lives on in BBC's The Apprentice Her winning streak came to an end this week but Stamford woman Marianne Rawlins avoided being in the firing line on BBC One's The Apprentice. Marianne, 36, was once again on television screens on Wednesday night as she continues her bid to win a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar.

The Apprentice sparks controversy amongst viewers amid sexist remarks Wednesday night's episode of The Apprentice sparked controversy among viewers, with dozens taking to social media to slam a contestant for being sexist. In the most recent episode of the business contest the girls' and boys' teams were mixed following a two-time victory from the all female team.

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