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The Walking Dead Boss Confirms the Franchise's Future Is Mapped Out The Walking Dead chief content officer Scott Gimple sheds light on the collaborative process behind plotting out the future of TWD Universe, noting there is an overarching but flexible plan in place allowing for Walking Dead showrunners to exert creative control over their respective series.

'The Walking Dead' Theory Thinks AMC Has Already Tipped Negan's Hand When The Walking Dead Season 10B kicks off next Sunday, there are a number of questions that will likely be answered. There is, of course, the question of who exactly is going to escape from the cave trap set by The Whisperers. Another thing viewers want to see answered before the year is out is what side Negan is on.

Google Chrome 81 will bring new AR and NFC features to the web Google late last week released a beta version of Chrome 81 for Android, Chrome OS, Linux, macOS, and Windows. Google's latest Chrome update isn't necessarily a must-have just yet, but the update does include a few new APIs which will ultimately provide developers with avenues to bring users a host of new and interesting features.

The Walking Dead's Christian Serratos Cries During Emotional Goodbye to Michonne Star Danai Gurira The Walking Dead's Christian Serratos was brought to tears when sharing parting words for Michonne star Danai Gurira, who will soon exit the series after seven seasons. The Rosita Espinosa actress has starred opposite Gurira since Season 4, where Serratos joined the zombie drama alongside Michael Cudlitz' Abraham Ford and Josh McDermitt's Eugene.

The Walking Dead Stars Announced for Talking Dead Airing After Midseason Premiere This first episode back will answer whether the survivors can escape in the face of complications and other dangers. On Sunday, Andrews and Ridloff will join the Talking Dead couch opposite host Chris Hardwick. Also appearing is "Squeeze" director Michael E.

The Walking Dead Might Have Already Revealed If Negan Is Really Joining the Whisperers Is The Walking Dead's former bat-swinging bad guy back to his old ways? In Season 10, Savior fanboy Brandon reunited escaped prisoner Negan with his long-lost leather jacket and a replica Lucille, the beloved barbwire-wrapped baseball bat Negan wielded when imposing rule over Rick Grimes and his band of survivors.

Robert Kirkman And Co.'s The Walking Dead Lawsuit Against AMC Began Last Week In A Mini-Trial If a settlement isn't reached, the case, which was rumored to have potential damages reaching $1 billion, could go to a jury trial summer 2021. Since AMC developed The Walking Dead in house and then sold it to themselves, Kirkman and company claim the sale was undervalued, meaning they should've gotten a bigger payday.

The Walking Dead Trivia: Tinley Park The Walking Dead Super Trivia. Thursday, Feb. 20, 2020, 7:30 p.m. Durbins, 17265 Oak Park Ave, Tinley Park, IL 60477. From Durbins: "Join us for Walking Dead Super Trivia. Teams must arrive by 7pm! Call and make your reservations now! Image via Shutterstock.

10 Things to Know This Week February 17-23 This week's On the Beat is full to bursting with pop culture goodness, so let's dive right in! Following its midseason break, The Walking Dead returns to AMC Sunday at 9/8c.

TV THIS WEEK: The Walking Dead returns, new Legends and Flash, LEGO Masters and more AMC's long-running horror hit The Walking Dead returns for the back half of its 10th season, as it barrels toward all out war and the eventual departure of Danai Gurari's Michonne.

Book review: The Walking Dead Compendium 4 The Walking Dead Compendium 4 by Robert Kirkman. My rating: 5 of 5 stars. So this is where it all ends. The final instalment in the saga of The Walking Dead, in which a bunch of favourites will die, and the world will go on. Or will it?This collection gathers together the remaining issues, 145 to the surprise conclusion of 193.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Fitness Guide The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners is a blast to play and get fit in. When you're not bashing your way through hordes of zombies, you're - literally - wading through the murky tension of New Orleans for buried treasure. There's no doubt that it's a LISS activity.

The Walking Dead season 10 theories: Hilltop to take in Whisperers after killing Alpha? THE WALKING DEAD is all set to stun fans with the events of the tenth season. The first half before the midseason break has already had some shocking twists, but some fans are speculating the series could take a leap no one is expecting.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Gets in a Bloody Brawl in New Look at Season 10B Spoilery new footage from the second half of The Walking Dead Season 10 reveals Daryl engages Whisperer leader Alpha in a bloody brawl sometime after escaping from the cave filled with her walker horde. Also looking worse for wear is Alpha, who can be seen writhing in pain with an agonizing injury: she's been impaled by a tree branch.

The Walking Dead Season 10B Trailer Has a Connection to Lauren Cohan's Maggie New footage included in a television spot for The Walking Dead Season 10B highlights a callback to the late family members of Maggie Rhee ahead of her anticipated return to the series later this season.

The Walking Dead Midseason 10 Premiere Launches Over 40 Weeks of TWD Universe on TV When The Walking Dead Season 10 returns with its midseason premiere on Feb. 23, it will launch over 40 weeks of Walking Dead programming airing on network AMC throughout the rest of 2020.

The Walking Dead Midseason Premiere Opening Minutes Clip Released AMC has released the opening minutes from The Walking Dead's midseason 10 premiere, "Squeeze." The clip picks up where November's midseason finale, "The World Before," ended: with Carol, Daryl, Jerry, Aaron, Magna and sisters Connie and Kelly trapped in a cave teeming with walkers.

The Walking Dead Comic Book Artist Doesn't Know If Negan Is Alive or Dead The Walking Dead illustrator Charlie Adlard doesn't know whether Negan is alive or dead in creator Robert Kirkman's comic books, which came to an end after 193 issues last July.

Here's When 'The Walking Dead' Runs Out Of Source Material Runway The Walking Dead returns for its midseason premiere a week from now, and while I've already seen it, I can see that we're on a path to finish the Whisperer War by the end of this season, most likely.

Why Daryl Dixon Never Appeared in The Walking Dead Comics Despite pressure from The Walking Dead viewers to insert Norman Reedus' fan-favorite Daryl Dixon into the comic book series scripted by Robert Kirkman, longtime artist Charlie Adlard says it would have felt "wrong" and "completely disingenuous" to bring a character created for the television show into the comic book universe.

The Walking Dead's Longtime Artist Hasn't Watched the Show Since Season 4 Since 2010, The Walking Dead has aired on network AMC as one of the biggest hits in cable history, each episode of the series opening with the credit: "Based on the series of graphic novels by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard." But Adlard stopped tuning in after its fourth season.

What Happens to the Grimes Children When Michonne Leaves The Walking Dead? The Walking Dead is only weeks away from airing its final episode with Danai Gurira's Michonne, an endgame expected to raise as many questions as it answers. Just as secretive is what Michonne's exit means for her children, Judith and RJ, who already lost their father Rick Grimes when he disappeared and was assumed dead six years earlier.

The Walking Dead Season 10 Official Recap Video Released Ahead of Midseason Premiere Ahead of The Walking Dead's midseason premiere, "Squeeze," a new video from FOX TV UK recaps the first half of Season 10 in under three minutes.

'War of the Worlds' Review: The Sci-Fi Classic Gets the 'Walking Dead' Treatment on Epix Wells' alien invasion novel War of the Worlds. We've got em', from the 1938 radio drama that basically pranked the world into a panic, to Steven Spielberg's underrated 2005 take that saw Tom Cruise sprinting through the apocalypse.

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