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TheWalkingDead Fans Divided Over Shane's Season 9 Return.! Following the news of Jon Bernthal returning to The Walking Dead, the AMC show's fan base had mixed reactions. While some are thrilled to have Shane Walsh back on the show, if only for a moment, others are heartbroken at what his return seems to imply given the news of Andrew Lincoln's departure from the show in Season Nine.

Did Ratings Improve For AMC After They Rebooted Fear The Walking Dead? It brought in two new showrunners in Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss; it brought back only five characters from the season three ; introduced three new characters played by Garret Dillahunt, Maggie Grace, and Jenna Elfman; relocated the series from Mexico to Texas; and brought Lennie James over from The Walking Dead.

AMC Has 60 Hours Of ’The Walking Dead’ Best-Of Marathons Coming Following the shocking conclusion of Fear The Walking Dead season 4A, we find ourselves without our much needed Sunday dose of new post-apocalyptic zombie horror episodes. But don't worry, AMC isn't about to deprive you completely as we wait for Fear to return August 12th and The Walking Dead to start back up mid-October.

The Walking Dead's David Morrissey Just Joined A New TV Comedy The Walking Dead's Former Showrunner Says He Initially Wanted To Be Super Faithful To The Comics The Walking Dead's New Showrunner Talks Taking Over For Season 9 Another Spider-Man Spinoff Movie Is In The Works Over At Sony Henry Cavill's Justice League Mustache Might Not Be The Only Thing They CGI'd What It Really Felt Like To Deal With Batman...

'The Walking Dead' Producer Details "Incredibly Flawed" Characters The Walking Dead, from its beginning, has been a show driven by characters and difficult choices thrust upon them by the horrors of the apocalypse.

THE WALKING DEAD Season 8 Hits Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital this August The eighth season of AMC's The Walking Dead will be hitting Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital August 21st from Lionsgate. And today we have all the details, including a full list of special features.

Is Lauren Cohan Leaving ’The Walking Dead’ For Good? Maybe Not A post shared by norman reedus on May 31, 2018 at 7:11pm PDT There have been no similar tributes to Cohan, and while we do know that Cohan has signed on to only six of the season's first eight episodes, there's been no confirmation that she will permanently leave The Walking Dead afterward.

Here's how Jon Bernthal's return to The Walking Dead might impact Andrew Lincoln's exit Hot on the heels of last month's announcement that Andrew Lincoln will be departing The Walking Dead as Rick Grimes after nine years came last week's reveal that his former co-star Jon Bernthal would be returning to the series, for what's apparently a one-off appearance as Shane Walsh.

Walker Stalker Announces Evening With Norman & Jeffrey Ever wanted to spend a night with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus? Well you now have your chance! Walker Stalker Con announced this week that they're holding a special fan event in Atlanta dubbed "An Evening With Norman and Jeffrey," where fans can meet them, grab exclusive merchandise, and more.

The Slow Decay of AMC's 'The Walking Dead' One of the first episodes of 'The Walking Dead' I ever saw was the mid season premiere of season four, 'After'. The episode is the aftermath of the prisons destruction; Rick, badly wounded, and Carl, angsty teen, are separated from their group, and travel from house to house aimlessly.

Amazing Non DC/Marvel Comics to Read We have all grown up living in a world where the most popular comics have ranged from Batman to Spiderman; From Superman to the Incredible Hulk. Marvel and DC comics have been a staple in the entertainment industry and hold a special place in our hearts.

TWD boss "argued" with Robert Kirkman over show changes So it may be surprising to hear that Gimple actually wanted to stick closer to the source material, and that it was comics creator Robert Kirkman who often pushed for the changes.

AMC Kicks Off 'The Best of The Walking Dead' Marathon Starting This Sunday Have you been going through The Walking Dead withdrawal lately? Does October just seem way too far away? Do you need some more walkers in your life? If you answered, "yes," to any of those questions, have we got some great news for you! AMC has announced a multi-weekend Best of The Walking Dead marathon extravaganza!

Fear The Walking Dead’s Former Showrunner Speaks Out After Major Death Erickson left the lives of his characters hanging in the balance in Mexico, while Goldberg and Chambliss rebooted the story years later in Texas, all but neglecting what had happened in the season three finale. There were a few passing references to it, but the show never jumped back to show us what happened ended up.

Jon Bernthal's Shane Returning to THE WALKING DEAD? Evidently, the rumors are true as it seems like The Punisher himself Jon Bernthal will be returning to AMC's The Walking Dead during its upcoming ninth season. Bernthal will reprise his role of Shane Walsh in one episode reports TV Line.

The Walking Dead's David Morrissey Signs on to Good Omens The Walking Dead and Doctor Who alum David Morrissey has joined the cast of Amazon's upcoming adaptation of the Neil Gaiman / Terry Pratchett novel Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch. Morrissey will play Captain Vincent of the pleasure cruiser Morbilli.

Women Will Play A Bigger Role In The Walking Dead Season 9 The Walking Dead Season 9 will look at a lot different than the previous eight seasons. That's due in part to the newly-appointed showrunner Angela Kang, who helped create some of the series' most memorable episodes as a writer / producer.

Merritt Wever On The Importance Of Her Nonconforming Role In ‘Godless’ & Her Upcoming Noah Baumbach Project The Godless action centers around the town of La Belle, which is mostly governed by women, following a massacre that killed the majority of men. As Mary Agnes, Wever brings a ballsy, outspoken 'cool' to the cast of characters, as she refuses to conform to gender norms, nor carry around her dead husband's last name "like a bucket of water".

The Walking Dead: Season 9 Will Have a Time Jump This news seems to confirm fans' suspicions that The Walking Dead will follow the narrative pass of its comic book counterpart, which featured a substantial time jump at around this point in time in the story.

Who will survive The Walking Dead season 9? We've racked our braaaaains.

The Walking Dead to 'jump forward' and 'play with time' in Season 9 Of course, as TWD diehards know from reading Robert Kirkman's comic book series, the news means the show is sticking close to its source material as the comic leaps ahead by two years following the conclusion of the "All-Out War" arc that sees Rick Grimes take down Negan.

What 'The Walking Dead' Season 9 time-jump means for Maggie CLEVELAND, Ohio - It appears the arrival of new showrunner Angela Kang to "The Walking Dead" will mean big changes story wise for the AMC drama. That was a given, considering recent news that both Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan will be leaving the series during Season 9.

The Walking Dead season 9 spoilers: Rick Grimes' exit to begin with SECOND time jump? The Walking Dead's season eight finale saw a fake time jump in the form of Carl Grimes' dream. In the dream Carl saw Rick Grimes as an older man spending time with his grown-up daughter Judith. Following the end of The Walking Dead's eighth season, spin-off show Fear The Walking Dead saw a time jump which also introduced Morgan to the show.

The Walking Dead Season 9 Time Jump Confirmed by New Showrunner Get ready to see an older Rick Grimes when The Walking Dead returns for Season 9 this fall: AMC's zombie thriller will feature a time jump next season, according to new showrunner Angela Kang.

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