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Lauren Cohan Talks 'Whiskey Cavalier' & Says Maggie's "Not Finished" on 'The Walking Dead' Collider: As much as fans love The Walking Dead, it seems like for its cast, it must be an intense and grueling experience, especially when you never know which co-star will die next or what gruesome death scene you have to be a witness to.

Carl's Absence Weakens The Walking Dead's Whisperers Storyline Transferring Carl Grimes characteristics onto multiple characters robs the Whisperers' storyline of many of its most emotionally resonant moments.

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series Available For Pre-order Now The return of The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series has been an uplifting story. After Telltale unexpectedly closed its doors late last fall mid-production into the finale of Clementine's story, there was little hope that players would see a conclusion to the beloved character's journey.

'The Walking Dead': Ross Marquand Shows Off New Impressions, Teases Season 10 Production The Walking Dead star Ross Marquand is at it again with his celebrity impressions, this time adding a few new voices to his arsenal while preparing for production on the tenth season of AMC's zombie series. In the mean time, he'll be appearing at Heroes and Villains FanFest in Chicago over the weekend of April 19.

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series’ Is Available For Pre-Order "The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series," a comprehensive bundle featuring all four seasons of the narratively-driven zombie game, is now available to pre-order for Skybound Insiders on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, developer Skybound Games announced Thursday.

Monster Hunter and The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Available in Xbox Game Pass Two more titles are now available to download through the programme - Monster Hunter: World and The Walking Dead: A New Frontier.

Fear the Walking Dead season 5: Morgan Jones's weapon to kill nuclear walkers revealed? FEAR THE WALKING DEAD season five is drawing nearer and now, the show has released more promo photos showing the major threat facing the survivors. The first-look shots also tease how Morgan Jones will tackle new nuclear walkers.

The Walking Dead Season 9 Recap The ninth season of AMC's The Walking Dead delivered tearful goodbyes and blood-draining introductions in its own unique fashion.

'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 5 Photos Released Fear the Walking Dead is gearing up for its fifth season with AMC releasing a new batch of photos offering a new look at the survivors in Texas. The AMC series will carry out its second spinoff within the Dead universe as The Walking Dead's Austin Amelio joins the cast as Dwight, following the lead of Lennie James and his Morgan Jones character.

'The Walking Dead' Fans Create Awesome Alpha And Beta Cosplay The Whisperers have quickly become fan-favorite villains on AMC's The Walking Dead series. Since being introduced in the show's ninth season, Samantha Morton's Alpha and Ryan Hurst's Beta have developed a haunting presence on the post-apocalyptic zombie show.

New Indie Zombie Comic Stuns Audiences This is a review mostly just for the first issue. I will review the entire first volume upon its release. This is spoiler free!!! Doomsday Kingdom is a new indie post apocalyptic zombie series, only three issues in with more than a decade worth of material left to go.

New Georgia Film Exhibit Features Stranger Things and The Walking Dead If you're a film buff living in Atlanta, then mark your calendar for the new exhibit, Georgia on My Screen: Jimmy Carter and the Rise of the Film Industry. The new, exciting exhibition opens May 3, 2019 and is open until December 31, 2019. You've got lots of time to check it out - so no excuses!

Photo Coverage: Get a First Look at Season Five of FEAR THE WALKING DEAD AMC released today a series of new action-packed images from the highly-anticipated fifth season of "Fear the Walking Dead," premiering Sunday, June 2 at 9:00 p.m. See the images below! In "Fear the Walking Dead" Season 5, the group's mission is clear: locate survivors and help make what's left of the world a slightly better place.

The Walking Dead season 10 character to return? The Walking Dead season 10 spoilers just don't seem to stop anytime soon. This time, thanks to a Tweet by the official TWD Twitter handle, it seems that a fan favorite character might return in season 10.

ComicBook Nation Episode 23: Star Wars Celebration & Game of Thrones Premiere Recap Welcome to another episode of ComicBook Nation - the official podcast of! In this episode we recap the big reveals and announcements of Star Wars Celebration 2019; Discuss the big reunions and implications of the Game of Thrones Final Season premiere; and vent about the Avengers: Endgame spoilers that are already leaking.

'The Walking Dead' Fan Gets Epic Rick Grimes Tattoo The Walking Dead fans enjoy showing their passion for the post-apocalyptic zombie series in many ways. One fan has permanently had his fandom for Robert Kirkman's comic series with the art of Charlie Adlard tattooed onto his arm and the art is an impressive combination of comic book covers.

Could Netflix's Black Summer be the next Walking Dead? While TWD kicked-off well into the apocalypse - and has become more about humans than zombies in recent seasons - Netflix's show throws viewers into the early days of the zombie outbreak. Refreshingly, the protagonist is a woman. Black Summer also feels grittier and more urgent than its predecessor.

Skybound Games: Modern Live-Action Video Games Inevitable Skybound Games deep interest in narratively-driven games is driven in part by a belief that modern live-action adventure video games are an inevitability. "I think this particular part of gaming, this particular genre is, is evolving quite rapidly," Ian Howe, CEO of Skybound Games, told Variety in a recent interview.

Fear the Walking Dead star says their character was killed off "too soon" - and they're open to a return While it makes sense to sell the peril the characters are constantly in, the flipside is the actors are often stating they wish they got to do more. It's happened with The Walking Dead a fair bit, as well as its spin-off Fear the Walking Dead.

Fear the Walking Dead season 5 spoilers: 'Never say no' MAJOR star to return? FEAR THE WALKING DEAD will soon return to ease fans’ feeling of emptiness after The Walking Dead season 9 finale. Could a popular character be set to return?

'Talking Dead' Host Chris Hardwick Sued Over Failed Podcast Talking Dead host and former Nerdist head Chris Hardwick is in hot water again, this time over an alleged broken agreement over a podcast. According to new reports from TMZ, Hardwick has been sued by podcast company Cadence13 over claims Hardwick dropped his podcast in the midst of a two-year contract.

Did You Catch This 'The Walking Dead' Cameo on ABC's 'The Kids Are Alright'? Tuesday night's episode of ABC's The Kids Are Alright gave viewers the series' very first The Walking Dead reunion… technically. Over the past couple of weeks, series creator Tim Doyle and star and The Walking Dead alum Michael Cudlitz have been teasing appearances from multiple special guest stars from Cudlitz's recent past.

'Fear The Walking Dead': Kim Dickens Open For Madison's Return A large portion Fear the Walking Dead fans have been longing for the return of Madison Clark since the character portrayed by Kim Dickens bowed out in the Mid-Season Four finale. Having never officially seen a body, fans have hung on to the slim chance that Madison Clark survived the fire at the baseball stadium in Texas.

'The Walking Dead' Universe to Have World-Changing Walker Soon The Walking Dead universe will be permanently changed thanks to one particularly zombie coming up in Season Five of Fear the Walking Dead.

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