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Duluth Considers Tiny Home Zoning Changes Duluth Considers Tiny Home Zoning Changes. Duluth Airport Getting Grant for Noise Study. Duluth Police Department Adding Another K-9. Phase II of the Lakewalk Reconstruction Project is Underway. Three Duluth Construction Projects Beginning Monday. Red Flag Warning for Park Point Beaches.

Theresa May vows to ban 'rabbit-hutch' new homes with tiny cupboards The Prime Minister will propose mandatory design regulations with minimum sizes to end 'rabbit hutch' homes being pumped out with 'inadequate storage'. She will also say she wants to ban developers from hoodwinking buyers by filling show homes with 'deceptively small furniture' - a trick used to make rooms look bigger.

Opposition grows against tiny-house village approved for Okotoks It's a big protest against tiny homes. A small group of Okotoks residents that formed on social media brought a petition with 1,450 signatures to town council during a meeting Monday in an attempt to end the town's pursuit of a tiny home eco-village.

Mother and Daughter's Dance Tiny House by Build Tiny in New Zealand This is the story of the Dance Tiny House by Build Tiny in New Zealand. Enjoy! Don't miss other interesting and inspiring tiny house stories like this - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more! You'll love it. Would this tiny house design fit your needs?

Land And Tiny House Deal 45 Minutes West of Nashville This is to let you know about a unique opportunity to get land and a tiny house 45-minutes west of Nashville, Tennessee. Don't miss other alerts like this - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter! Ready-to-deliver Escape Tiny Houses - ESCAPE - Livewoodlands Nashville.

Building A Wood-Framed Panelized Yurt I've always been a big fan of Yurts. I love the feeling of being in the round. There are many varieties out there and a new book has been released recently that I have gotten to review.

From Olympia to Bellingham: Tiny home villages offer a path toward permanent housing Beginning talks happening on Eastside village partnership.

Good News For Tiny Home Fans In New Hampshire Tiny home lovers rejoice! According to seacoastonline.com, It appears the State of New Hampshire is doing a study regarding permitting tiny homes in some residentially-zoned areas to help with the housing crisis. The Tiny House lifestyle is really catching on with old and young residents alike.

Family of 3 escapes high rent with a tiny house This is the story of Spencer and Bela's tiny house. They're a family of three who used a tiny house on wheels to escape outrageous real estate prices in the Bay Area. Don't miss other super awesome stories like this - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more!

Tiny House Living in 2019… Tiny Acquisition, Big Headache? This is a guest article by Shaylynn Bates - "How she got her tiny house and ways you can too" With all the articles out there about downsizing and living small, I'm sure the title of this article is very misleading.

Tiny Yorkshire terrier survives days on remote B.C. island The misadventure of a tiny five-pound Yorkshire terrier named Poppie caused four days of worry for her family and local volunteer rescue crews after the little dog swam to an isolated island near Victoria.

Escape to a Simple Canvas Tent Down by the River It's officially summer and now is the time to head off to our nation's lakes, coastlines, mountains, and rivers. One way to get out and enjoy the weather is with a river rafting trip down some of the most beautiful waterways in the Sierras.

Letters: Tiny house village project gains momentum CHAT is very appreciative of the outpouring of community support for our tiny house village project here in Chico. The response to our "gofundme" campaign for Simplicity Village has been so enthusiastic that we have decided to increase our goal to $150,000.

Local businesses put on a Tiny Carnival to raise money for the Tiny House Project Homeless veterans in the Savannah area will soon be able to move into 72 tiny homes being built on Dundee Street off Wheaton Street. The Tiny House Project has come a long way, but there's still work to be done. On Sunday, B&D Burgers, Nine Line Apparel, Ghost Coast Distillery and Service Brewing Company held a fundraiser for them.

Small dream ends in a big nightmare for tiny house buyers from California This past May, Rebecah and Ben Richards appeared on the A&E show "Tiny House Nation" and say they agreed to be on the show after their builder sold them on the idea on participating. The couple wanted to move to follow Ben's music career but needed to find an affordable home that also captured their minimalist and healthy lifestyle.

Tiny House Festival A Hit In Adams County - A big party in taking place this weekend in Brighton celebrates things that are very small. People from across the Denver metro area came out to the Tiny House Festival at the Adams County Fairgrounds Saturday for the first day of a two-day festival.

Vase the size of an adult man found inside tiny Loughborough bungalow "It's extraordinary to find something like this in an average-sized home. It's so special and rare it's been entered into our Summer Fine Art Auction. "The owner thought it may be worth a few thousand but not as much as that. However, the Meiji period is widely regarded as the heyday of the finest Japanese works of art.

Live Out Your Tiny House Dreams In Australian Wine Country Rent out this tiny house in Australia where you can sip wine overlooking the vineyard.

Retiree's Victorian Tiny House,19th Century Living with a Modern Twist Historian, Shorty Robbins, built a Victorian-era cottage on wheels. It provides a window in the past, a darling living history example. While it is her full-time tiny home, it is an also excellent tool for her favorite pastime, historical re-enactments.

Tiny, snappy peepholes: the appeal of the miniature What is the appeal of the miniature? Every kid has their dollhouse, train set or bucket of monkeys, but the allure of the tiny doesn't end there. Micro terrariums litter corporate desktops. Miniature dogs peek out from beneath cafe tables. Ordinary people collect snowglobes or model cars or matryoshka dolls or sushi sets the size of a fingernail.

Couple Downsize Into Dream Off-The-Grid Tiny House This weeks episode takes is to Armstrong in British Columbia and to the incredible off-the-grid tiny home of pioneering couple Oliver and Cera. Their stunning home on wheels has been built in the style of a heritage home and is packed full of character as well as some super cleaver design ideas.

Small dream ends in a big nightmare for tiny house buyers from SoCal - A Southern California family thought they had the perfect home to start a new life in Nashville, Tennessee, only to discover the home they thought belonged to them did not and now the home has disappeared.

3rd annual Tiny House Festival shows off maximum creativity in minimal space Thinking about downsizing or want to learn more about sustainable living? Then the 3rd annual Colorado Tiny House Festival at the Adams County Fairgrounds, 9755 Henderson Road in Brighton, may have what you are looking for. The festival kicked off Friday and runs through Sunday.

Dollhouse for donation: Tiny house a mini masterpiece Upon close inspection, it resembles a house like any other. A grand house too - a three-story dream house with a sprawling spiral staircase, eight rooms and tasteful furnishings.

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