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Tiny homes are attracting people young and old from all walks of life In our Colorado, there's an effort to make homes more affordable for the average person who calls this state home. Tiny houses seem to be the growing trend as residents work to navigate the challenges of Colorado's growing popularity. There's also no guidelines to who buys them.

Registration is open for the Tiny House Jamboree 2018 The Tiny House and Simple Living Jamboree is scheduled for August 23-26, 2018. It will be held at the Travis County Expo Center in Austin, TX. This event is great for connecting with tiny house enthusiasts, lifestyle advocates, industry professionals and those interested in the simple lifestyle.

Woman Buys Old Greyhound Bus on eBay for $7k and Spends 3 Years Remodeling it into a Chic Tiny Home This is the story of Jessie Lipskin, a young lady from Manhattan who decided to buy an old 1966 GMC Greyhound bus on eBay for $7,000 to turn into her very own tiny home on wheels.

Tiny House Concept Adapted Into Amazing Modern Home It's streamlined to the couples needs, takes up a very small footprint and has all the advantages of a tiny house, yet it's also not restricted to the standard tiny house dimensions and road-travel limitations, allowing the small home to be much higher and a bit wider than a conventional tiny house.

Small House Atop Garage on 1.32 Acre Farm in Ocala, Florida Small home built on top of a garage on a 1.32 acre farm in Ocala, Florida and it's listed for sale for $349,000. There is also a saltwater pool on the property and its all surrounded by beautiful and mature trees. The property also features a really neat additional structure which makes for a great space to spend time outside.

24k Tumbleweed Tiny House For Sale in Ottawa This tiny house would make for a great backyard office, study, or any other type of personal space. Currently, it does not have a toilet or cooking facilities. It was built around 2012 and purchased by the current owner in 2015. Asking price is $24,000.

A Big Tiny House Called the Dee Dee by Titan Tiny Homes This is a big tiny house on wheels called the Dee Dee by Titan Tiny Homes. From the outside you'll notice it has a classic cottage look and feel and I'm pretty sure it identifies as a park model.

Live like a astronaut in this lunar lander-inspired tiny home But often times, those homes sacrifice character and style in the process, which isn't all that surprising when you consider the emphasis is squarely placed on function rather than form.

Trudy Coxe on "Tiny House" Trend Featured at Newport Flower Show The Newport Flower Show at Rosecliff. Each day of the Newport Flower Show offers guests opportunities to enjoy judged horticultural specimens and floral designs, special garden exhibitions, free lectures and demonstrations, children's activities, and shopping experiences at the Oceanside Boutiques and Gardeners' Marketplace.

Phoenix couple turn Tiny House into Airbnb business Cassie and Gilbert Cardenas were looking for ways to make a little extra money. A few years ago they started with Airbnb. "We loved the hospitality of it. When we did this in our spare room we met so many cool people," said Cassie Cardenas. But when they had their first child, that spare room needed to become a nursery.

Street of Dreams to feature a tiny house Sherwood-area tiny house builder and advocate Michelle Bredeson Boyle says she's been selected to design and build the first-ever tiny house on wheels to be exhibted at the local Street of Dreams.

Tiny house with big echoes: Inside a pioneering African-American dwelling in Dalton DALTON - A project to save the only home of Dalton's early African-American residents is nearly complete. But a woman who tidies up reports that one outside chore won't stay done. "She's always cleaning nose prints off the windows," said Louisa Horth, vice chair of the Dalton Historical Commission.

Letter: Tiny homes have one huge problem Tiny, backyard homes could certainly relieve the housing crisis in the Bay Area. The problem is where to put them. Get editorials, opinion columns, letters to the editor and more in your inbox weekday mornings. Sign up for the Opinion newsletter. I have a friend who has built a tiny house at a warehouse lot in Richmond.

Tiny luxury homes that only cost you £60,000 With UK house prices spiralling and people struggling to get on the property ladder, solutions are being sought in all manner of strange places. Now one US firm believes it has come up with the answer: a tiny 256sq ft home on wheels dubbed the 'Kokosing'.

Steampunk Tiny House with Flip Down Porch, Full Size Bathroom, and Large Kitchen This is a Steampunk Tiny House on Wheels built by Titan Tiny Homes. It's one of their Everest Models. From the outside, you'll notice the built-in porch that flips up and down plus the beautiful french doors to invite you in.

The Boomer Tiny House on Wheels by Build Tiny in New Zealand This is the Boomer Tiny House on Wheels by Build Tiny in New Zealand. From the outside you'll notice it features a slanted roof, plenty of windows, and modern french doors to invite you in.

Inside the UK's 'most liveable tiny house' - now available to Brits for £60K The tiny home is also set up for guest visits with benches which fold out to sleep two people, which means the living area can be used as a second bedroom.

Denver metro area cities setting rules for tiny homes As home prices increase in the Denver metro area, some people are considering tiny homes as a way to save money. But where can you put a tiny home? We asked several Denver metro area cities for their rules. Aurora.

Documenting the Legalization of Tiny Homes from the Worlds most Travelled Tiny House with Alexis Stevens and Christian Parsons - #012 Alexis Stevens and Christian Parsons are the darlings of the tiny house movement. Their little house has been featured in countless news stories, a children's book, and if you've attended one of the large national tiny house events, chances are you've seen it in person!

Madras High School Tiny House The Construction Engineering program at Madras High School did not exist until 2 years ago. At the time, the school had not had any vocational programs for at least 4 years. The school district approached me, a general contractor at the time, and asked if I would start the program.

25ft Studio Style Tiny House with Downstairs Sleeping This is a 25ft tiny house on wheels with downstairs sleeping that's for sale in Maine. From the outside, you'll notice it a french door to welcome you inside with a symmetrical design.

Eden the Skoolie School Bus Conversion Tiny Home For Sale Our big thanks to Brian Howell for sharing! You can share this using the e-mail and social media re-share buttons below. Thanks! If you enjoyed this you'll LOVE our Free Daily Tiny House Newsletter with even more! Thank you!

Tiny House Concept Adapted Into Amazing Small Modern Home This stunning small home in Wanaka, New Zealand is a perfect example of the influence that the tiny house movement is beginning to have on more conventional builds.

Brodie - Tiny House Swoon A custom tiny house on wheels built by BB Tiny Houses. Light spills in from the skylights and moves across the walls and floor. The end wall is left windowless to accommodate bookshelves, a smart board, or a good old fashioned blackboard.

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