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They've Built Nearly 70 Custom Tiny Houses: Inside Liberation Tiny Homes with Matt Meshey - #068 Liberation Tiny Homes combines fine Amish craftsmanship, affordable pricing, and a pretty quick turnaround time to produce a tiny house package that is pretty appealing. They have preset models, they have custom models, and they can work in a range of different sizes and styles. Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast
Teaching Kids about the Tiny House Movement with BA Norrgard and Rebecca Flansburg - #067 Talking to kids about downsizing, minimalism, and going tiny can be difficult. That's why my guests Becky Flansburg and BA Norrgard decided to write a children's book. Sissy Goes Tiny was created to share the process of going tiny from a child's perspective. Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast
006 - pros and cons of solo travel This Sunday's episode I'm listing a couple of aspects of solo traveling, pros and cons that may help you to decide for your next solo travel adventure. Tiny Talks
Tiny Houses as Functional Art: Abel Zyl on Hand-Building Dreamy, Moveable Tiny Homes #066 As tiny houses are getting larger and more similar, my guest Abel Zyl is still building handmade pieces of functional art. He hand builds windows, doors, roofs, and more, and incorporates amazing curves that lend the houses an almost fairytale or dreamlike appearance. Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast
005 - @thevirginiavandiaries - A couple about staying positive and using the process to grow In this episode I chatted with Sarah and Caleb, a young couple from Indiana. We talked about how you can tackle the van life build even though you don't have building experience as well as staying positive if the worst case scenario happens. Tiny Talks
Inside the Used Tiny House Market with Steven Harrell - #065 Steven has been involved with the tiny house movement for nearly a decade and is the founder of Tiny House Listings, the world's most-visited tiny house resource. The post Inside the Used Tiny House Market with Steven Harrell - #065 appeared first on The Tiny House. Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast
004 - WTF HAPPENED, MAX?! Let's catch up on this roller coaster which my life has been in the past months and what's to come! Tiny Talks
The Unexpected Benefits and Challenges of Living Tiny with Dee Williams Dee built and moved into her first tiny house on wheels in 2004: Dee's house, life and memoir The Big Tiny have been featured in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, CBS This Morning, Slate.com, Yahoo.com, Yes Magazine, and the National Building Museum, to name a few. Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast
Lloyd Kahn's Advice on Building a Home, Reconsidering a Tiny House On Wheels, and Documenting 50 Years of DIY Dwellings If you don't recognize the name Lloyd Kahn you've probably seen one of his books. Lloyd published the seminal book, Shelters in 1973, documenting alternative housing ideas not limited to but including tiny houses, well before the current modern movement. Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast
How to Compost in the City Using Red Worms: A Guide to Vermicomposting with Erika Backberg In This Episode: - What is vermicomposting? - How did Erika get started vermicomposting? - What is the process for vermicomposting? - How to make sure you use the right kind of plastic bins? - How do you harvest compost from your vermicompost system? - What do you feed your worms? Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast
Musician's Modular Tiny House Combines Foundation and Trailer Meet Asha Mevlana and her 'Amplified' Tiny House. Asha is an electric violinist for the Trans Siberian Orchestra. She has toured with Gnarls Barkley, Dee Snider of Twisted sister and performed regularly on the American Idol show. In 2016 she built her dream "Amplified" tiny house in Fayetteville Arkansas where she hosts tiny deck concerts. Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast
How to Prepare for a Full Time Mobile Lifestyle with Macy Miller After over 40,000 miles of traveling in her homemade travel trailer with her two kids partner and a dog, Macy Miller has created an online course called Fulltime RV Travel to help others learn how to live the mobile lifestyle. Full notes, links and photos at thetinyhouse.net/060 Get Macy's course for just $10: thetinyhouse.net/rvtravel. Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast
21: Julia Stiles, Hatton Garden and Margaret Thatcher Season 2 of Riviera starts this Thursday on Sky Atlantic and Julia Stiles is in the studio to talk all about it, plus the telly she enjoys watching. Elsewhere, Emma and Jeffers discuss What/If, Gentleman Jack and Tiny House Nation. PLUS Alex Norton tells us his Box Set To Watch Before You Die. Audioboom - Tiny House
001 - An Introduction Hey Fellas, Welcome to my my podcast "Tiny Talks". I'm really excited to finally kick this off and get back into the creation process! In this episode I just want to introduce myself and give you a little bit of input on what I plan on doing with this podcast. Tiny Talks
80 Ropes, Ladders, Dumbbells, and a Baby with Mike De Vivo People who live tiny often have more than one motivation for doing so, and our guest this week is no exception. Mike from Vivo Training Systems is no exception. His tiny house doubles as his own personal training gym, as well as a unique place for him to train and engage with his fitness clients. Tiny House
79 Where There's a WILL There's a WAY - Will Johnston of Tiny House Atlanta We're sure you've heard the adage "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." but you haven't heard it with THIS twist… You see, Will's jet setting juices get flowing when he's feeling stress and we have decided that we want to be just like him when we grow up. Tiny House
78 Building A Wall with Andrew Odom of Tiny Rvolution If you have ever wondered if Andrew has a serious side, if he thinks more deeply than he laughs, if he tires of talking about tiny houses after 8 years of living intentionally, if he accepts anyone's opinion but his own, or if his future includes a soap box; you'll want to tune in this week to hear the somewhat somber side of this funny guy. Tiny House
E77 The Fun Loving Festival Duo That Gives Back - with John and Fin Kernohan What started in a small Amish community, gained momentum in the Florida high life, then became an all out mission in London, that ended with love. And the rest….as they say….is love filled history. This week we're chatting with the energetic and fun loving powerhouse couple behind United Tiny House Association, John and Fin. Tiny House
E76 Living Tiny Down Under - with Darren and Lisa It's not often that we get to interview tiny house enthusiasts on other continents, so this week we're THRILLED to feature two very influential and dedicated individuals from Down Under; Darren and Lisa from Tiny Houses Australia. Tiny House
E75 Tiny House Swoon, Three Boobs and a Mule with Steven Harrell Today we chat with Tiny House Swoon owner, Steven Harrell. Steven created Swoon after a dream inspired him. This was after he had already created several other tiny house websites, including tinyhouselistings.com and tinyhousevacations.com. Obviously Steven has tiny houses flowing in his veins. Tiny House
E73 Riding Along on A Reclaimed Adventure That Leads to Love and Buns with Jess and Dan Sullivan Many tiny house enthusiasts start out with the the notion that they'll build a tiny house using reclaimed materials to save money. This certainly MAKES sense. The reality of that plan, however, is often difficult to implement as Jess and Dan Sullivan will explain on this week's episode. Tiny House
E72 Jamaica or BUST!! with Domenic Mangano When we think of Jamaica we certainly don't think of a small town in Vermont but that's where we'll be podcast partying this week. Tiny House
71 Advocacy Means Making the Beds with Tiny House Hotelie, Sarah Murphy Sarah Murphy may not be the ONLY person who is renting out her tiny house but she is truly the most gracious "Hotelie" we have met yet. Tiny House
70 Trying to Keep Up with Darin Zaruba Few people in the tiny house movement have has as great of an impact as our guest this week, Darin Zaruba. While he tends to prefer to remain very much in the background, his conviction is front-and-center-evident during his brain-child-event "The Tiny House Jamboree". Tiny House
69 Homesteading, Afro Latina Style, with Bonnielee and her Rooster We first met Bonnielee at the Tiny House Jamboree and were pretty happy that she set aside some time this week to chat with us about her own personal journey to tiny house living with her son in the mountains of Tennessee. Tiny House
68 Welcoming Portland's Newest Hotelie's at The Tiny Digs Hotel We already LOVE Pam and Bruce and Allison and we just met them! This week we're cuddled up in the cozy living room of one of the tiny houses at the newest addition to Portland's Hotel Scene; The Tiny Digs Hotel. All 6 of us. Too fun! This hotel has a huge dose of charm, lots of open space, and 5 tiny houses. Tiny House
67 Joining the Mile High Club with Bruce Campbell In the tiny house world we tend to think we're the only ones with problems moving our houses. But, now we know better. Tiny House
66 Making Difficult Decisions with Ethan Waldman Michelle traveled to Tiny House Summer Camp in Vermont and met a few new friends? Say it ain't so!? And, since she was there "on assignment" the podcast crew was pretty happy that she came back with more than just a few souvenirs. Tiny House
65 Flying Under the Radar with Celeste We really LOVE having live studio guests and this week was especially fun! Michelle's friend Celeste just got her tiny house delivered and we couldn't be more happy for her. Tiny House
64 Turning A Hobby into a Jobby with Lisa Flynn Need a good excuse to shop? Looking for an amazingly fun way to make a living? Love lemonade? We're thinking you would love doing what our guest at Beautiful Wrecks does. Their mantra is "Stay, Play, or Take it Away" and we love the idea so much we're not sure which we'll choose. Tiny House
63 California Dreaming, Fresno Style with Nick and Pat from California Tiny House When great minds think alike, and then great minds partner up, great things happen. And when our guests this week partnered with their local municipality to advocate for allowing tiny houses to be legally used as accessory dwelling units REALLY great things happened! Tiny House
62 Living, Breathing, and Building Wind River Tiny Houses With Jeremy Weaver Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the one and only builder who actually lives in a tiny house on wheels and builds them as well! I know. No way!? Here at the podcast we have a bit of a tongue-in-cheek approach to "posers". Tiny House
61 Where in the World is Jet Set Frieda Bakker? If you've ever met Frieda, you know she's an active and creative type who's not about to settle for a "normal" existence. If you haven't met her, you'll certainly want to after hearing this week's episode about the challenges of living in or building a tiny house abroad, or more specifically, in the Netherlands. Tiny House
Lynelle and Matt in a Mail Van Lynelle and Matt bought a mail van off Craigslist, built it out and are ready to chase 72 degrees on the road. Find out how they converted their van into a tiny home, what challenges they anticipate and what they are looking forward to in their new lifestyle. Roll With Me