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Check Out These 10 Unique Experiences You Can Try in the Philippines Unique experiences form an integral part of enjoying a trip. By doing things that you have not done before, you will be able to able to make new memories that you will be cherishing all your life.

Madrid - A travel video & some tips A few weeks ago I went to Madrid with school for 5 days and I've fallen in love with the city, with its fascinating history, friendly people, delicious food, and beautiful streets. To never forget this fantastic holiday I made a short travel video which gives a quick impression of how beautiful Madrid is.

10 things you need to know about Toys R Us Liquidation Will you be going your nearest Toys R Us soon? Please leave us a comment and let us know what deals you're seeing. Good luck. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Comment. Name. Email. Website. I don't want to miss another post - sign me up for the PWaC newsletter.

More tired than I thought When we arrived at Saladrealized that we had passed check in time with an hour and went out of the van in the middle of Saladan, where I've never been, I realized that I also was really f"*£~g tired. It was like my brain. Where should I stay then??

Say "Seas"! A Review of the PADI Underwater Photographer Course I'm a proud PADI AmbassaDiver + this post is brought to you by PADI. How does an indecisive blogger decide what PADI Continuing Education course she's going to do next? Easy, she lets her readers choose for her! If you've been around here for a while, you probably know I love me some courses and workshops.

19 Inspiring Things to do in Montgomery AL with Kids Alabama's capital is reemerging as a destination offering a unique and diverse culture, family friendly attractions, cool nightlife and contemporary eating. Most of the Montgomery attractions are withing walking distance of downtown. Montgomery is slow paced and you may wonder where all the people are.

Bits and Bobs Well, on Thursday I made it to the doctor's for the first time since my operation, which was the first time I'd been back into public society, unless you count wandering around the hills and streets near my house with my mum. The strange thing is that I think the going and the waiting and the travelling has set me back a bit.

Putting Romania on Map We all love to travel and share our experiences. This post is about the heart of Romania which still needs to be discovered and heard. A Romania that is vivid, social and in a great expansion.

Omakase in Scotland Omakase is a style of Japanese dining which I only recently heard about. After an online search, we decided to try it at Yatai Izakaya a Japanese restaurant in Aberdeen. Their website stated that Omakase means 'trust us' and leads to a unique dining experience where your waiter picks all the food you eat.

Brussels Blunders: Part 2 - Stranded If you've been following my blog you'll know this post is the second half of a tale about a not-so-long-ago 3 day trip to Brussels in Belgium. Day 3 was off to a better start, especially since we didn't have any run-ins with the army this time.

Before I Go… In three days, I'm going to be heading off to Spain to start 3 months of being an Au pair. I'm so excited and really nervous. At the moment, I just really don't know what to expect - especially as I've heard stories of such mixed experiences!

Joint ticket When you buy a joint ticket like I did now, from Koh Tao to Koh Lipe you get a time when to leave and a time that you arrives at the destination. Thats about everything you get to know and it's actually about all you need to know. Between those points of time anything can happen so just follow the flow.

Goodbye Koh Tao lies now behind me since 1,5 hrs. 1,5 sleeping hrs. I just woke myself up with a loud snore, to my fellow travelers amusement. It feels fine to be on my way! Weird but fine!. Yesterday me and Verena said goodbye and it was hard. She is leaving in the beginning of the upcoming week.

Tiruvannamalai: powerful energy and resting I woke up on Monday in Tiruvannamalai, a medium sized town north west of Pondicherry, having got a 3 hour, ₹88 bus here yesterday afternoon from Auroville. I felt all the normal discomforts of arriving in a new place, where do I have breakfast? How do I find an ATM?

Fruit Medley Slice We are off in the caravan for a little holiday, and we needed something to go with our cuppas, we fully embrace the grey nomad lifestyle and love our morning teas when travelling. When we are away not much cooking gets done at the Kropps, we like to keep meals simple or we eat out in the evenings.

Are Meal Kit Delivery Services the Right Choice for you? If you tend to order takeout quite often, you might be familiar with the meal kit delivery industry. Unlike take out, were you receive prepared food to your door, with meal kits, you receive raw ingredients and a recipe card for preparing your meal. Taking a weekly trip to your supermarket comes with its own pros and cons.

A Brief Look Back at my Time Spent Volunteering in Ethiopia A lot of people tend to ask me how I even got there, why did I sign up to volunteer - how did I find the opportunity? The god's honest truth was that it was through my own mental breakdown.

A Short Trip To Rome - 2018 As most of you will know, I study travel and tourism in college. Every year we decide on a destination to visit. Last year I visited Barcelona and Salou, and this year we chose… ROME! I was sooo excited when I found out we were going here, as it is a lovely place with amazing sights to see.

10 Stunning Beaches You Need To Experience While Visiting the Philippines This is for a good reason. The biggest selling point of El Nido is the dynamic marine wildlife and ecosystem in the area, which has been barely affected by the rising tourist arrivals. The local government of El Nido should be really lauded for their commitment to protecting the island's flora and fauna.

It's back! Save 10% off AirBNB Gift Cards 10% off savings when you buy AirBNB gift cards from Ebay. Ebay is selling $100 AirBNB digital gift cards for $90. Click here for the link. You can get up 5 AirBNB gift cards for $500 and only pay $450. Make sure you use your points-earning credit card for this purchase.

Urban Athens meets vegetarian restaurants: the top 5 The selection of earthy fabrics and furniture, the eye-soothing color palette as well as the harmonious music filling up the open space restaurant are just a few reasons to make you want to stay.

The Hatchelorette Part 1: Celebrating the Woman Who Was, Is and Will Be. For as long as humans can remember, there has always been this reoccurring need to find oneself. To seek out our purpose, passion and identity. I have discovered from a young age that for myself the best way to learn and grow is to expose yourself to experiences that require you to solve things independently.

Laboracay 2018 is Cancelled: Alternative Places to Go Although this might sound upsetting for the Laboracay patrons, let's just keep in mind that this is for the betterment of Boracay and the environment as a whole. However, if you'd look at the bright side, we've got plenty of tourist destinations and events this Summer - we should be including in our bucket list - aside from Boracay.

Several US cities to Antigua as low as $299 Today's fare deal is coming in from Flightdrop, who specialize in finding and sending out super-cheap flights straight to your phone. Currently Flightdrop is available only for iPhone but an Android app is on the way. Hit by hurricanes last year but as resilient as ever, Antigua is a lesser known, gorgeous island paradise.

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