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22-year-old student possibly abducted on backpacking trip Police are investigating the case of a 22-year-old Canadian student who went missing in Peru as a possible abduction. Jesse Galganov, who is from Montreal, embarked on an eight-month backpacking trip last month through South America and Southeast Asia.

The Norman Castle of Rochester, Kent It's time for another castle, Rochester Castle is located in the town of Rochester on the Medway estuary in Kent, SE England. Rochester is well known for its connections with Charles Dickens, and also has a splendid Cathedral.

22-Year-Old May Have Been Abducted on Backpacking Trip A 22-year-old with dreams of traveling the world has disappeared in the middle of an eight-month backpacking trip through South America and Southeast Asia. Jesse Galganov, who is from Montreal and plans to start medical school in Philadelphia next fall, was last heard from around Sept.

Hi again I've been wanting to write. To log back on and share my thoughts and feelings about being home, about readapting to the Parisian groove, about transitions, choices, about Social Business in Paris, about summer, my new job, getting engaged, my brother moving away, trying to prepare for a 20K… trying to live a more conscious and mindful life.

Eating our way through NYC I started a post about our overall trip to New York but there is just so much I could talk about I've decided to split it up. First of all of course I'm going to talk about the food we ate. It's going to be short and to the point, saving the detail of our days for another post.

Travel Gadget: Huawei Nova 2i is Now Available in the Philippines HUAWEI Nova 2i was unveiled on October 21, 2017 by the HUAWEI Consumer Business Group. HUAWEI Nova 2i is a device that gives its consumers spectacular capacity and presentation. It also boasts of 4 cameras in one phone; a first in the HUAWEI series.

2017 Birthday Trip OK, I've finally made it to the last item on my 2017 birthday list: my birthday trip to Sandwich, Massachusetts. This is the 13th year that I've traveled to a new place for my birthday. I decided to go to another town on the Cape, since I've lived in Boston for 18 years and can count on one hand how many times I've been to the Cape.

How to Manage Your Blood Sugar in Cold Weather Last time I wrote about managing your type 1 diabetes in the heat…but what about when we visit all those lovely cold destinations, or even managing winter at home? Diabetes affects us all differently and some people find that their insulin doesn't work as well in cold temperatures, meaning they find themselves with higher blood sugars.

New England Fall Diaries: Vlog Entry 3 Deer Jump Reservation wasn't very impressive, so I took the 4-mile drive to Baker's Meadow, close by. It was totally worth it! The Facebook video is my first impression of the reservation, and the Instagram video is when I hit the jackpot. Enjoy!

Lowkey travels only, please! And while it is never a good idea to leave your problems behind and be on a getaway I've got nothing to regret about this very recent trip. How could I? Manila is already considered to be my second home, and every time I go to that place - about 2 two to three times a year - there's a lot of things I could discover and be amazed about.

Singapore The flight to Singapore went as well as we could have hoped really. Whilst Nora and Steven didn't get too much sleep, and Elmer skipped one long night's sleep, all in all it went ok. Elmer had fun playing with various toys, other passengers and of course, mum and dad.

Pompeii and Herculaneum I recently came back from an absolutely FANTASTIC trip to the Amalfi Coast in Italy, and really want to share details of it with you as it was quite a hard trip to plan due to it being a really expensive area.

Roughly One in Four Women Say They Will Adjust Travel Plans Around Their Period In this case, the monthlies matter because women are the primary decision makers when it comes to travel planning. In our latest poll, 24% of women reported that they would delay or avoid traveling on the days that they had their period.

29 Epic Photos From My Trip to Madagascar It has an exotic hold over the imagination, conjuring up a land of wild nature: plains of baobab trees, armies of lemurs, unique animals, and lush rainforests. Since so few people visit, our imagination runs wild when we hear its name. It's some otherworldly region, a lush rainforest teeming with wildlife and white sand beaches from end to end.

Culion Travel Guide - Feed Your Soul With The Islands' Rich History Along with PHILTOA members and media participants, we recently explored the Municipality of Culion - a secluded island in Palawan with a colorful history. Culion, situated in Northern Palawan, is probably not included in most traveler's vacation wish list.

4 New Amex Offers provide more savings for your fall and holiday travels Be sure to check out the two new Amex Offers for MGM properties, plus the existing Amex Offers for Wynn and Caesars Entertainment. Planning a ski trip? Perhaps head to Aspen or Steamboat, you can earn as much as 10,000 Amex points, or more if you can split payments on more than one card.

Getting Paid To Scuba Dive: My Experience Working With the Indonesian Tourism Board Landing in Alor, we hopped on a bus that took us to a local tribe where we witnessed a really cool traditional performance. It felt a little bit "put on" for tourists, but the dancing and the music was beautiful and it was interesting to see their traditional clothing.

Drum Roll Please: Here are the Winners of the 2017 Solo Travel Awards Jumping in and sponsoring a program in its first year takes foresight and, in this case, an enthusiasm for travel and belief in solo travel. World Nomads has all three. Yes, they are a different kind of insurance company. We approached World Nomads because they serve solo travelers well.

21 Unique Things to Do in Karakol Kyrgyzstan + Nearby Excursions We didn't get to try the large egg-shaped melons, but we kept hearing they are the best-tasting melons in the world. A banya is a traditional Russian bathhouse. Take a long soak and enjoy a beer… naked. Or be a tourist and wear your towel. Located on Toktogula Street, "One Product, One Village" is a great spot to shop for local souvenirs.

Falling in Love with Japan Again When people ask us the difficult question of what's our favourite country we usually answer Italy and Japan. But our trip to Japan was six years ago-would a return visit live up to our expectations? We just finished a 16 day trip around the country and I am happy to report that we love Japan even more than before!

China tourist guide - DaLi Dali is a most beautiful tourist attractions in China, which located in Yunnan province of the Central West, with 2090 meters above sea level.

An Afternoon At The LXFactory. I once again apologize for the sudden absence of posts. College sure has been a ride, and as a consequence, blogging was no longer a priority. That changed when I decided to take a Creative Writting workshop. I was immediatly inspired to write, which is what brought me out on a Sunday afternoon.

Top 5 Lake District treks Treks around the epic mountain and lake scenery of England's largest National Park, the Lake District, continue to be the feature as well as inspiration for blockbuster movies, novels and famous artworks.

Top Ten Travelling Tips - Mount Kinabalu One of the things I want to do for 2017 was to hike Mount Kinabalu. For those who require an introduction, Mt Kinabalu is Malaysia's highest peak, standing at 4095m. and somehow, I wanted to climb that shit. I had a crazy idea, a bucket list item to tick and lo and behold, I had a pair of friends who were crazy enough and joined me.

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