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5 Family-Friendly Weekend Trips to Take This Summer Here are five to consider:. Orlando: When you hear 'Orlando', you probably think: theme parks. And with good reason. From Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando to SeaWorld Orlando, theme parks are Orlando's biggest attractions.

Travel Series: Algarve Coast The southern tip of Portugal was, unsurprisingly, spectacular.

How to Deal With Bugs Without Killing Them With a BugZooka I don't care how nice your hotel is; there will be bugs if you leave a light on and a window open, leave food out, even if you do nothing wrong… Well, if you want rid your environment of bugs without killing them, you can easily catch and release them somewhere else with a BugZooka.

How to Find a Hotel With a Peloton Bike Peloton has introduced a new feature called Hotel Finder that allows riders to search through the hundreds of hotels across the United States that have them. The interactive map highlights the locations and lets users know how many bikes are available in that hotel's fitness center or rooms.

How to Get a Ride in Europe With the mytaxi App - In fact, it bills itself as the world's biggest taxi app, with more than 45,000 taxis available for booking in nine countries and ~100 European cities, including:. With mytaxi, you can order the next licensed taxi near you, track your driver's arrival, and pay your fare through the app, so it's a lot like Uber's app.

The Best Places to Travel on the East Coast of the USA The best places to travel on the East Coast of the United States - a complete list of the best cities and towns on the East Coast to visit.

Hiking The Quilotoa Loop: A How-To Guide For Travellers During the loop hike, you'll pass by small villages and homes set in stunning farmland. With that, you'll also find sweet children asking for handouts - either money or candy. Do not give in.

How Hard Is It To Get the Chase Ink Business Preferred? Many regard the Chase Ink Business Preferred as one of the best business credit cards. Find out what it takes to instantly qualify for this card.

LAX to Dallas and Vice Versa: $337 in First Class or 22K UR; San Diego and SFO Deals Extended Book excellent first class fares from Texas to Los Angeles or vice versa with Alaska's current deal! Great for business, vacation, or mileage runs!

Travel Book of the Week: "Fly Fearless and Fear Less" by Peter A. Brandt It's loaded with photos, graphics and explanations of what makes planes tick, and it addresses many myths about aircraft that are easily dispelled with a knowledge of flying. Grab it: Grab "Fly Fearless and Fear Less: Eliminate your Fear of Flying with Knowledge" by Peter A.

Travel Instagrammer of the Week: Jess Dales Jess Dales Jess Dales is a Seattle-based outdoor enthusiast, photographer and visual storyteller. She's often on the move and capturing her adventures through the world for her followers on Instagram. Here's her LinkedIn bio:. "The outdoors have always played an important role in my life.

Cam Newton Offers Passenger $1,500 Cash to Switch Seats From Paris on Friday-and before takeoff, he offered a passenger sitting in the bulkhead of coach $1,500 cash to swap seats with him. The man said no! The plane they were on was an A330-200 American Airlines jet that operates between Paris and Charlotte.

Best Tents for Camping & Backpacking in 2019 See the Kelty Late Start 2. The REI Kingdom 4 is a palace of a camping tent. REI designed it to sleep four adults, and boy, will it ever! And while it does cost a significant chunk of cash, we think it's a great value at that price.

Only a few days till Vacation In less than a week I will officially be on vacation. Now don't get me wrong I will still be working but I will get a break from all the insanity that normally goes on around me. I look forward to sitting and working in the peace. Since my brother is a night person we won't have as much interaction as I do with everyone else when on vacation.

In Flight on United's New Route: Newark to Prague A thousand new Prague adventures are now a flight from New York City by way of United's new non-stop service from Newark Liberty. Every day through October 4, 2019, UA 188 is scheduled to depart Newark at 6:05pm ET and arrive in Prague at 8:25am local time.

Holiday Inn Baguio celebrates 1st Anniversary with surprising deals Family-friendly hotel in Baguio City, Holiday Inn celebrates its rewarding first anniversary with surprises for loyal guests and new friends. Most of us who wants to go to Baguio, especially those who are in a tight budget, are looking for the most affordable place to stay at as much as possible.

My "Can't Live Without" Travel Packing List Here’s what I can’t live without while volunteering.

Phrases in 5 Common Languages to Know when Traveling in Europe You don't need to be fluent in the language of the country that you are traveling to, but learning some key phrases makes a great impression. If someone hears that you're trying to speak the language, they will give you their respect and help.

Do's and Don'ts of Being a Tourist in New York City New York City welcomes tourists with open arms, but don't fall victim to all the tourist traps on your next trip! If you're working on limited time and want to quickly see as much of New York as possible, get the New York CityPASS which includes six top New York attractions.

Johannesburg's Art Scene Looking closer at Johannesburg one can see and even more so feel a change in so many aspects. One of them is definitely the upcoming art scene. So much has happened here in probably the last 2-3 years. Most still think of Cape Town when talking about the creative hub of South Africa.

10 Underrated Beach Destinations However amongst the overdone, crowded destinations such as Hawaii, the Caribbean and Thailand lays some stunning, undiscovered and entirely underrated beach destinations. Although most tourists flock to Cape Town, the beaches of Durban are in fact just as good, if not better.

10 Things To Do In Crete Crete is a wonderful place for a holiday as it has something for everyone. Crete is home to lots of Greece's cultural heritage. It's also a picturesque place that's ideal for those who like to explore. Don't visit a naturally beautiful place like Crete without checking out everything nature has to offer.

10 Deadly Sins You Can Make in Traveling If the answer to this question is yes, chances are you've committed some of the deadly sins of traveling. If not all of them! These sins are to be avoided because they take the fun out of the whole deal and leave you unfulfilled and even frustrated after you return home.

Top 5 Tips for Beach RVing Thinking about taking the family on a beach vacation? Consider parking the RV and have a blast with these simple tips.

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