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The undeniable charm of Alleghe in wintertime In winter in the Dolomites, it snows! Like, alot. My first day in Alleghe was freezing cold but with no fresh snow, and then it started dumping! Last year they were truly buried in snow while this January it didn't start snowing in earnest until the end of my trip.

9th day of Water Fasting in the Park! Seeing the ducks, squirrels and other little insects helped me enjoy my time and feel even more energized. In the Park there is a Leisure Centre and there in a coffee shop, I had my usual bottle of water and enjoyed that time with some of my friends. Some of the activities in the Leisure Centre 1.

The Main Reason you NEED to visit Lisbon The beautiful fairytale that is Sintra. This was the maker of the holiday. The true reason why we loved it so much. A short train journey from Lisbon, lies the most magical, fairytale esque village with the most stunning buildings I have ever seen. If you go to Lisbon and don't plan on visiting here, you are doing it wrong.

20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Namibia Namibia is one of my favorite African countries. I've gone on two road trips through Namibia, and I have plans to go back a third time to venture further north to Etosha and up the Skeleton Coast. On my first trip to Namibia, I organized a girls' trip with one of my closest friends.

First ever Marriott Bonvoy points sale - should you buy them? At the normal rate, it doesn't make sense to buy Marriott Bonvoy points. What about with the 25% off sale? This time the bonus is tiered.

An Easy Way for Travelers to Purify Water: Grayl With the Ultralight or Geopress water purifier from Grayl being so easy to use, travelers now have no excuse for buying bottled water around the world.

7 Ways to be Insufferable on Instagram My main objective was to follow my friends, pole dancers, and to watch cake videos, because I wanted a break from all the travel stuff and cake videos are so damn relaxing, I can't even explain it.

Don't make me laugh when I'm trying to flamingo I was recommended to visit San Pedro de Atacama by a Chilean friend from home. Situated in the north of Chile close to the Bolivian border, the small town is surrounded by the vast expanses of the Atacama Desert and some incredible scenery. How to get there.

23 in Sydney I was lucky enough to celebrate my 23rd birthday in Sydney this year. When we were planning our trip, it happened that the dates worked out and we would be staying in Sydney around the time of my birthday, so we decided to stay there for a week to really take in the city.

Birding in Zambia There they had heard the tale of a British birder with a life list that would rival the telephone directory in length. He did, however, have a few rare species left to see, and hoped to tick them off in Kafue.

A weekend in the city: vancouver Last week I went to vancouver, my main mission was to go see a show but it also meant we had to drive for two full days and we got to eat a whole lot of vegan food. the show was incredible but it is mostly videos and you will be able to see all of those in my youtube video at the end of this month.

20 photos of autumn in New Zealand that will delight you My most favorite time of year! Usually in sync with the first frosts, a row of trees near my house in Wanaka always turn red first and I know that fall is coming. Squee! Time to bring out the cozy sweaters, wooly socks and mugs of coffee and tea.

Should you buy Southwest points with a 50% bonus? Buy, gift or transfer Southwest points here with a 50% bonus through May 16th. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Comment. Name. Email. Website. I don't want to miss another post - sign me up for the PWaC newsletter.

7 once-in-a-lifetime experiences at the new destination Mergui Archipelago It is only in the last few years that foreigners have been able to explore the 'forgotten islands', initially on liveaboard charter dive boats, and now, from high-end island resorts. So far, half a dozen barefoot luxury resorts have opened, with more slated for development.

Tiaki: the heart of New Zealand sustainability Preserving the land, history, and culture of New Zealand is a sacred trust… a responsibility that we all share.

Top 7 local mountain dishes Thinly sliced potatoes layered with smoky lardons, caramelised onions and the finest melted Reblochon cheese. The name derives from the Savoyard word for potatoes, tartifles, a term also found in Provençal. As with many traditional dishes in the region, the potato is a staple ingredient.

Time to Visit Panama! Discover the History, Culture, Affordability and Engulfing Tropical Warmth! Planning to visit Panama? Panama is one of those hidden gems of Central America. Many people consider spending a vacation in Panama because it is home to The Panama Canal, the most significant waterway in the world. Panama also offers greatly inexpensive local transportation, tropical weather, views of new and the old Panama.

12 Must-Visit Restaurants in Baguio City Baguio City, Philippines - There are a lot of things to do and places to see in Baguio City. A long list can be created for all the beautiful sites to see here, however, what many have not fully appreciated about Baguio is the many restaurants it offers.

Tips for Traveling the World With a Full-Time Job Travel hacks and planning can help you make the most of your limited vacation days — here are my top tips for traveling the world with a full-time job!

Exploring the HUGE city that is São Paulo We woke up nice and early this morning with our minds set on exploring the sights of this gigantic city. Ben had read online that São Paulo has many famous museums, so we set off to visit the São Paulo Art Gallery and the Afro - Caribbean Museum in Ibierquira Park.

Oman and the Emirates: your luxury guide to the best of the UAE Lavishly designed both inside and out, this magical location is here to provide you with luxury hospitality and authentic local experiences. Defined as an unrivaled and Arabian fantasy, your 5-star stay will be one you may have believed only happened in dreams.

Carry On Bag Everyone's bag is going to be completely different because everyone enjoys different things to do to make sure they're not bored. These items are primarily for flights where your clothes are in a bigger bag in the hold. These are the items I have in my bag to limit my boredom.

12 Sensible Ways to Balance Full-Time Work & Travel More Years ago I met Danielle through a friend - she had been to Uganda and I was dying to go! We were both nurses and travel-lovers. She is still a nurse but still finds time to travel all the time and has her own travel blog, Nurse to Nomad.

My 21 Must-See Places to Visit in Colombia in 2019 - Nomadic Matt Looking for the best places to go in Colombia when you visit? These 21 places are my favorites and should be on your itinerary!

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