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The Free Foodie App Will Improve Your Food Photos The point of my story is that while we were all snapping pics, I noticed that one of my colleagues captured a photo that was way better than mine. I asked what app or filter she used, and she said she used the Foodie app. I'd never heard of it, but another colleague agreed that it's a great tool.

"Traveling with Service Animals" by Henry Kisor and Christine Goodier Traveling with a service animal doesn't have to be difficult. A new book, called "Traveling with Service Animals: By Air, Road, Rail, and Ship across North America" and written by Henry Kisor and Christine Goodier, explains how.

Give Christmas Gifts to Low-Income Kids Through Operation Santa With Operation Santa, the U.S. Postal Service is stepping up to help in a big way. It's compiled a huge database of letters to Santa from kids in low-income families to match with people who want to do some extra good this season. Anyone can sign up to "adopt" a letter and, with the USPS's help, give a gift to the letter writer.

Bank of America Museums on Us 2019 dates and locations - free visits THIS weekend! The Bank of America Museums on Us 2019 dates are:. You can view the Bank of America free museum list at the BoA Museum on Us site here. You can also search through the list of the 150 Bank of America free museums by state to find one close to you.

15+ Best Gifts for Stocking Stuffers The Christmas stockings are always a mix of classic stocking stuffer ideas like candy and socks, but also more meaningful and unique gifts, too. Specific Christmas gifts we might have asked for from Santa always make their way into the stocking!

World of Hyatt Award Nights Adopt Peak and Off-Peak Rates Beginning in early 2020, expect to see changes to the World of Hyatt award nights program with the introduction of off-peak, standard, and peak award rates.

10 Best Beaches in Bali: A Guide to Swimming, Surfing and Sunbathing Next on our list of the best beaches in Bali is Bingin. This is another beach located below the towering cliffs of the Bukit peninsula. Once again, you'll need to put forth a decent amount of effort to reach this stunning Bali beach! Bingin truly is a hidden gem, in that it's honestly a bit hard to find.

Citi Double Cash vs Wells Fargo Propel: No Annual Fee Showdown Between the Citi Double Cash vs Wells Fargo Propel, which is best for you? Neither has an annual fee. What other perks do you prefer from these two?

WalangPasok: Class Suspensions For December 6, 2019, Friday Several Local Government Units and Schools in the Philippines have suspended classes and government work on Friday, December 6, 2019, due to the damages brought by Typhoon Tisoy. Walang Pasok Updates: Disyembre 6, Biyernes. Here's an updated list of towns, cities, and schools that canceled classes/work on Friday:.

Travel Instagrammer of the Week: Prince Charles and Clarence House Fast-forward to today: According to Lonely Planet, Prince Charles recently shared his first-ever personal statement on Instagram as he set off on his 10th official visit to India. The Clarence House Instagram account on which he shared the statement has close to a million followers and has been up for a while.

10 Things to Eat, See and Do in St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador Saint John's, the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador, is a fascinating city. At over 500-years-old, it's the oldest and most easterly city in North America, and it embodies a European flair unlike any other place on the continent. Downtown you'll find a youthful pub scene, a variety of restaurants, and a number of things to do and explore.

Top 8 Best Resorts in Pampanga Planning for a quick getaway near the Metro? Why not explore the beautiful resorts in Pampanga? Touted as the "Culinary Capital of the Philippines," Pampanga has more to offer other than their over satisfactory dishes.

Top 8 Best Places to Visit in Manila: A Guide for Travellers Although each possesses a different charm making them worthy of a visit, the older historic town is where most of the top places to visit in Manila are centred.

7 Best Credit Cards for Travel Miles And Rewards in 2019 What Are the Best Credit Cards for Miles? You would think that co-branded airline credit cards pay the most travel miles for airfare purchases. That's not the case. The Amex Platinum is one of the best credit cards for airline miles, and the best credit card for flight tickets.

Up, up and away! I usually don't have enough material for a blog post until I've been on the road for a few days or so. But I could have written this one even before I left the bus station in Concord. Here's why.

The Past 3 Months Having graduated in the summer, I took out three months to travel and explore the world. I had no clue about exactly what I wanted to do in the future and also had no commitments anchoring me, making it the perfect time to take a risk.

Five Ways To Improve Your Environmental Impact If You Fly Often Climate change, and the environmental impact travelling has on it, is rightly starting to command the level of attention it deserves. However, even with the growing worry about rising temperatures, of which air travel is a big contributor, the desire to travel is not waning.

The Girl's Guide to Hiking Solo Here's a detailed guide on how to do it, stay safe, and important tips to know from a hiking and travel expert!

10 Things You Must Do in New Orleans Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Chase IHG Credit Card: 80,000 Points & More The Chase IHG credit card comes with a bonus of 80,000 points after spending $2,000 on purchases within the first 3 months of account opening. Keep reading to learn about the many other perks. Learn more: IHG Rewards Club Premier Credit Card.

An Easy Galápagos Packing List While packing for the Galápagos doesn't need to be rocket science, I was surprised to find that it could be on the colder side, a bit cloudy in places, and on the other end of the coin, crazy hot!

The Best Travel Sweaters Money can buy right now There are a few reasons I have been able to avoid travel burnout over 7 years of travelling for a career and one of them might not seem so obvious but I assure you, I haven't survived these years without it. The travel sweater.

Make your London Trip Awesome with Luxury Hotels and Luxury Rides For travel lovers London is the perfect destination to spend holidays and make most of your trip. It is the glamorous city of ethnicity as well as modernisation. You can explore countless historical elements with trendy culture. It is popular for sophistication, royalty, restaurants, hotels and pubs.

Top 10 animals to spot in Costa Rica The sloth lives up in the treetops and are one of the easiest animals to spot. Everything about their movement is slow, including their digestive system. Our guide told us they leave their trees around once a week to head to the bathroom - imagine that!

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