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Weekend Swim Workout: Using a Backyard Pool Swim Tether Have access to a play pool, but not quite sure how to use it to maintain swim fitness? Coach Sara McLarty is here to help. Your backyard pool has never looked more inviting than a month after every public pool in the world closed. Purchase a swim tether or make your own, kick the kids out, grab your swim bag, and get in the water.

The Creative Ways Triathletes are Training and Racing at Home A DIY endless pool and Ironmans at home-triathletes are showing off their inventive chops as they work to train and race through the COVID-19 pandemic. Matias Palavacino gave stretch bands a try. His coach prescribed some swim-alternative workouts when public pools closed in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic and social-distancing regulations.

Ironman Announces Plan for Adjusting Kona Slots Due to Races Canceled by COVID-19 A few races have been added to the 2020 Kona qualifying window. Ironman has revealed how it plans to adjust the slot allocations for the 2020 Ironman World Championship, set for Saturday, Oct. 10.

Why Hills Are Your Friend Right Now Hills build endurance, improve top-end speed, and enhance VO2 Max while helping to keep you injury-free. Hill workouts are one of the most versatile workouts that a distance runner can complete.

Can I Bike Outside? With the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions on outdoor activities have increased as public health officials try to limit the spread of the virus. What can you and should you do outside?

World Triathlon Executive Board meets to evaluate the impact of the COVID-19 crisis - The World Triathlon Executive Board met via teleconference this Thursday to evaluate the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the organization, as well as follow up on the situation with events, athletes, coaches, officials and all the Triathlon family.

The Epic KOM Battle Taking Place in Tucson Two triathletes top the leaderboard of a highly sought-after KOM. With races off the calendar, two pro athletes are finding a different way to keep their fires burning-KOM-hunting.

Quick How-To: Garmin Wearable Heart Rate Broadcasting to Apps If you're spending a bunch more time lately indoors using fitness apps to maintain your sanity you might not realize that you can broadcast your heart rate right from your Garmin watch straight to your favorite app - thus skipping the need for a separate heart rate strap / sensor.

Trispo: From a Hospital Bed to the Podium Triathlon helped Jasmine Moezzi reclaim her body after a devastating diagnosis. It was the summer of 2014, just before Jasmine Moezzi's senior year at the University of Southern California.

Triathlete's 2020 Open-Water Goggle Review Roundup Looking for 2020 goggle reviews? We put these open-water swim goggles through the ringer and treated them just the way we will in training and racing.

Ask Stacy: Help! I'm Going to the Pantry to Comfort Eat Leading sports nutritionist and exercise physiologist Doctor Stacy Sims answers your most pressing nutrition questions-this week in relation to the global COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine. Q: "Help! I'm stuck at home with a lot of food in the pantry and have an overwhelming urge to comfort eat.

Dispatches: Quarantined In Spain As the coronavirus continues to affect the world, we check in with aspiring pro and former collegiate racer Molly Supple to see how quarantined life in Spain might be the future for others elsewhere.

The Triathlete Hour Podcast: Ben Hoffman Wants to Win in Kona On this week's podcast, Ben Hoffman talks about what it takes to win and what made him want to be a pro triathlete in the first place. New podcast episodes, with interviews and news, will be coming to you on Wednesdays. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss anything: iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Spotify.

Endurance Ride with Cadence Boosters This workout combines lower intensity riding with some key cadence drills to improve your pedaling-and all in under an hour. With races postponed or canceled and no clear idea of when they might resume, now is a great time to keep your training endurance-based and at a lower intensity.

8 Apps Triathletes Can Use To Stay Engaged Through Covid-19 Whether you're desperate for some camaraderie or simply aren't drinking enough water, here are eight of our favorite apps for triathletes and runners. All of them are either free or come with a free trial period. Just don't forget to cancel the subscription before the free time is up.

Unboxed: Roka's Upgraded Maverick X II Wetsuit The new Maverick X II might cost more than a season's-worth of race entries, but according to Roka this thing does everything but swim for you. When it comes to luxurious tri gear, Roka often finds itself the Balenciaga to other brands' Guess.

Ask a Trainer: How Can I Improve Hip Stability? Build strong, stable hips to avoid injury, stay tall and balanced, spend less time on the ground and propel yourself forward powerfully. Since running involves receiving and creating energy in single leg stance, the hip abductor muscles need to be strong to maintain a level and stable pelvis.

College Triathletes Make the Best Out of Missing National Championships Seniors share how they're coping with the cancellation of nationals and the sudden ending to their collegiate experiences. The University of Colorado-Boulder triathlon team had their bikes loaded and the cars packed to head to their conference championships when word came down from the university: no more domestic travel.

Fun Tip Of The Day: Using FulGaz Website Videos as a Cycling Screensaver Here's a rare 'super-quick' DCR post for ya. Sometimes these end up on Friday, but not this week. This time around I'm giving you the Tuesday edition, mainly because Friday simply seems way too far away.

The Evolution of the Swimming Wetsuit Design A look at the annals of neoprene. A good wetsuit is a key component to any triathletes' gear collection. Here's a look at the path to the sleek swimming wetsuit design we have today, plus a peek into what's coming next.

25 Ways to Support Your Local Tri, Bike, and Run Shops "Shop small" is more important than ever. Business is brisk at Curbside Cyclery, a mom-and-pop bike shop in Phoenix, Arizona-but that doesn't mean it's business as usual. "We have experienced an increase in service and sales of recreational and family bikes," says owner Mike Cox.

10 Q's With a Pro: Lionel Sanders The four-time Ironman winner answers some quick questions. With zero racing action for the foreseeable future and our "Last Weekend Now" column on hiatus indefinitely, we'll be checking in with a pro every week to see how they're coping-and hopefully learn a couple of fun facts.

Bike Maintenance Tips Use these bike maintenance tips and you'll further your enjoyment on the roads and extend the life of your bike and its parts. DO: Lubricate your chain frequently, wiping crud off it while you're at it. Keeping your chain clean and lubricated reduces frictional drag and reduces wear.

Tacx Flow Budget Smart Trainer In-Depth Review The Tacx Flow Smart is not new. Though, it might be to a lot of people. It's the least expensive true smart trainer on the market - at least by any of the major players. Sitting at 249EUR/$369, it has full smart trainer connectivity and can control the incline and resistance based on what apps like Zwift and TrainerRoad relay.

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