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Today's Plan Adds Triathlon Support, and Connect IQ Apps Every once in a while I wander into the software / platform/apps realm for a post. I usually do so sparingly because this category of sports tech changes so quickly that any post I write quickly becomes out of date. That's less so the case with new features as it is with training log platforms.

5 Spring Trail Running Tips Spring for many is a return to trails, and reminding ourselves of all the great runs we had in our recent past. As you pick up your training here are a few tips to keep you happy and healthy. Many athletes take the winter season as a time to regroup and are drawn outside with slightly warmer temperatures and longer sunny days.

Gomez and Charles highlight Cannes field This weekend's Challenge Championship was considered a success and whetted the appetite for more. Here are a few of our takeaways. Lionel Sanders and Lucy Charles were too tough on the run for their competition in taking the Challenge Championship in Samorin, Slovakia.

The very busy and happy Ryan Linden Ryan Linden of Team Every Man Jack has been very busy already even though his season has not yet started. He just returned from Boston where his wife Des Linden grabbed a magnificent win at the 2018 Boston Marathon.

Are You Making the Most of Your Coach? It's not only physically and mentally demanding, it's a task complicated for most amateur athletes by the challenge of balancing the necessary training with the ever-changing stressors of normal life. To help tackle this monster, many athletes decide to employ a coach.

9 Myths about measuring heart rate variability This story from our partner TrainingPeaks. Originally used in critical monitoring situations in hospitals and aerospace, heart rate variability analysis is a sensitive measure, and when used with care, can provide valuable insights on how well your body is coping with training and adaptation.

One-Hour Workout: Open-Water Bulletproofing Use this pool workout to build the weird skills and strength required in the open water. With the exception of a few indoor or pool-based tris, the great majority of triathlon swim events take place in the open water with other athletes swarming around.

WTS Bermuda ready for the world's top elite triathletes - The World Triathlon Series will stop for the first time in Bermuda for the second race of the 2018 season.

Bermuda Chronicles: A Taylor-Made Course I swam in college, with a focus on academics, and never fathomed land sports. World Cups suit the runner because packs never separate much early on. These women are well rounded and able to capitalize on their running speed on the World Cup platform. Last year I surprised myself with a fast run to earn silver a few times.

Bermuda's Butterfield is no One-Trick Pony Tyler Butterfield is best known for his protagonist role on the long distance racing scene but the talented and hardworking Bermudan has also represented his country on the international stage in two Olympics and three Commonwealth Games as well. Slowtwitch: Can you tell us about your recent experience at the Commonwealth Games?

Can the Keto Diet Work for Endurance Athletes? While advocates boast about endless energy, bonk-free training and racing, and rapid weight loss, there are several limitations beyond strict dietary compliance, bad breath, and digestive issues. Under normal physiological conditions, glucose is the primary energy source of the brain.

Super League Triathlon announces championship series The qualifying races are set for Poznan and Penticton, while the championship races will take place in Jersey, Malta, Mallorca, Singapore and Australia. The championship series starts on September 29 in Jersey.

3 Unique Recovery Techniques From Around the World The right way to recover? Depends where in the world you are. Western hemisphere physios of yore saw the body as an organization of bones, muscles, fascia, and nerves, so bodywork that originated there, like Swedish massage, attempts to heal and realign those parts.

Flora Duffy welcomes best triathletes of the world to WTS Bermuda - The World Triathlon Series will stop for the first time in history in Bermuda this weekend. The top triathletes of the world will be heading to the double World Champion Flora Duffy home nation to enjoy the pink sand beaches and crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean and suffer the dramatic Corkscrew Hill.

First Look: The IQ2 149€ Power Meter As each year passes, we continue to see drops in power meter prices. One only needs to look at my recent post on power meter pricing to see these plainly obvious pricing trends. Which doesn't mean power meters are getting more inaccurate, nor does it mean there's a race to the bottom.

Snacks, Naps, and Food Fights: 3 Ways to Treat Training Stress Refueling with a small snack 30 to 45 minutes after a session increases blood flow to the muscles, makes muscle cells more sensitive to the effects of insulin, improves the muscular net protein balance, reduces cortisol levels, and offsets late-day cravings.

Sea Otter 2018 Tech Roundup-Power Meters: SRM Pedals, 4iiii Podium, ROTOR INpower, and more With all of the pre-planned Sea Otter announcements taken care of last week, it's time to dive into some of the on-site announcements and tech tidbits. Most of these are smaller, henceforth why I didn't cover them in dedicated stand-alone posts like some of the other products.

Photos: 2018 Ironman 70.3 Florianópolis Brazil's own Igor Amorelli and Pamella Oliveira claimed the victories at Sunday's Ironman 70.3 Florianópolis. Amorelli used his powerful cycling abilities to build a nearly five-minute lead to start the run.

Beginner's Luck: The Secret of Doing a First Triathlon A small shift in mindset is the key to success in your first triathlon! "Oh, I could never do a triathlon," the mother of three said to me in the checkout line of the grocery store, eyeballing my race T-shirt with the swim, bike, and run stick-figures prancing across it.

Photos: 2018 Surf City Escape Triathlon On Sunday, April 22, nearly 600 amateur and professional athletes took the plunge into the unusually cold 56-degree water of the Pacific Ocean to compete in the inaugural Surf City Escape Triathlon. Philadelphia's Jason West and Northern Virginia's Sophie Chase took first place honors in the men and women's pro division.

Poor and Serrano shine at Xterra Cyprus Brigitta Poor used a stellar bike ride over the spectacular 32 km off-road bike course at Xterra Cyprus to hold off ITU star Barbara Riveros for the win. It was her second straight Xterra title in two weeks after taking the win in Malta last weekend.

ITU Development holds Level One Coaching Course in Kathmandu - Three years on from the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal in April 2015, ITU Development returned to Kathmandu this month to host a Level 1 coaches course.

IRONMAN Haugesund: A Race Built with Viking Spirit That year, pro Mary Beth Ellis posted a great photo from the run with the caption, "Look I got tanned in Norway." Whether or not they leave Haugesund with a tan, athletes will surely remember the inaugural IRONMAN Haugesund, Norway for years to come-especially if this race director has anything to do with it.

Piampiano, Viennot prevail at Peru 70.3 Sarah Piampiano of the U.S. and Cyril Viennot of France won hard fought victories at Ironman 70.3 Peru. Piampiano overcame a 3:29 deficit after the swim with women's-fastest bike and run splits to finish in 4:15:08 with a 1:08 margin of victory over Kirsty Jahn of Canada and 5:52 over 3rd place finisher Kelsey Withrow of the U.S.

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