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Build Endurance With This Power Yoga Sequence What's more, you don't need to be an experienced yogi to complete the following power yoga workout. You can graduate to more challenging sequences as you practice and build strength. In the following power yoga session, we start with easier moves as a warm-up, then go into the workout sequence, which you can repeat two to five times.

Figuring out your best run cadence From how to master your flip turn to the perfect 70.3 brick workout, here are TrainingPeaks' top-five multisport articles from 2017. More and more triathletes are making the jump to ultrarunning. Here's what to expect and how to prepare for your first ultra.

10 Basic Cycling Skills Every Triathlete Should Master In other words, here's how to ride a bike. Almost every adult-onset triathlete knows the phrase "it's just like riding a bike" is a gross oversimplification of cycling. Many adults know how to ride a bike, sure, but the skills required for a good-time ride with friends and family don't necessarily translate to riding for triathlon.

Moats receives eight year suspension Ironman has added another 70.3 race in Chile. Ironman 70.3 Coquimbo takes place on October 21, 2017. Who is Lew Friedland? He's the guy who changed the face of our sport by adding races around the world an changing the way we got to watch Ironman racing.

Flora Duffy's hometown training day Two women separated themselves from the rest of the crowd when it came to world championship racing in 2017, but are Flora Duffy and Daniela Ryf the only women in the running for's female Triathlete of the Year? Ben Kanute and Flora Duffy took the overall titles at the Island House Triathlon in 2017.

ITU Opens Investigation into Alleged Failed Drug Test by Olympic Bronze Medalist Russian website Sputnik reports Henri Schoeman tested positive for prednisone at Rio 2016. The International Triathlon Union has opened an investigation into allegations that Olympic triathlon bronze medalist Henri Schoeman failed a drug test at the 2016 Games in Rio.

Our 4 Favorite Vacation Spots for Triathletes These four locales blend the best of triathlon training with your ideal vacation. Picture it: You just finished a sunny long ride that snaked for miles on open road past ponderosa pine forests and rushing rivers.

ITU to investigate allegation of adverse finding in Rio for Henri Schoeman interviews Mario Mola, Richard Murray, Henri Schoeman and Alistair Brownlee after their exciting race at the ITU WTS Grand Final in Cozumel, Mexico. Olympic gold medalist Gwen Jorgensen has been nominated for the Women's Sports Foundation's Sportswoman of the Year award.

How Eating Certain Foods Can Reduce Inflammation Some foods also help fight off bacteria and microbial attacks, which may serve to help our bodies decrease inflammation. The simple answer is as often as possible! Without making yourself crazy, or creating a spreadsheet, buy, cook, and enjoy fatty fish at least twice a week.

A Cycling Legend is Coming to Tri-But Not to Compete Cycling legend Fabian Cancellara partners with the newly reformed TriStar triathlon series to offer bike-centric, beginner-friendly distances. Cycling legend Fabian Cancellara has taken to triathlon for his second career.

Meditation = Brain Training for Focus Athletes are using meditation to get an edge for these six reasons. Work In author Erin Taylor shares why you should add meditation to your daily routine. You know your mind is powerful. Since the beginning of time people have sought ways to focus the mind and harness its power.

A Look At Velon's Live Race Tracking System Since a change in leadership at the UCI in 2013, we've seen an increase in the number of data tracking platforms that are following the pro peloton. For example, last year at the Tour Down Under I highlighted one solution by Satalyst, and then this past summer at the Tour de France with Dimension Data.

Tour Down Under Tidbits: BMC Chilling Vests, Race Convoy Walkthrough, Media Swag Bag Each day I'm here down in Adelaide at the Tour Down Under I'm roughly spending half my day at or getting to/from the race site, and then half my day writing posts and editing videos.

TrainingPeaks - Cold weather riding From how to master your flip turn to the perfect 70.3 brick workout, here are TrainingPeaks' top-five multisport articles from 2017. Workouts focused on one sport will help you hone in your skills and adjust your training volume so you can start next season faster than ever.

Build a Better Back With These Dynamic Exercises Slipped disk treatment, prevention, and exercises. Discogenic back pain, aka a slipped or herniated disk, is a more complex issue than simple muscular back pain. The intervertebral disks, which are made of cartilage, are built like marshmallows and sit between the vertebrae for cushioning.

Triathlon Trios Invited To Compete Alongside World's Best In Nottingham The Accenture World Triathlon Mixed Relay Nottingham acts as one of three global Mixed Relay Series events in 2018, with nations looking to hone their team skills in the fast and furious racing style ahead of competing for the first ever Olympic Triathlon Mixed Relay medal in two years' time.

3 Bodyweight Routines You Can Do Anywhere, Anytime A little bit of creativity and your own body weight can help you maintain fitness and build strength without needing to go anywhere.

Are You Eating Enough? Not eating enough is more common than you would probably guess. The majority of triathletes and runners are always striving to be leaner and reach their fastest "race weight," both within the season and in the off-season. It is absolutely true that the leaner you are, the faster you can run and bike-at least to a point.

Start Your Commitment to Swimming with This Test Set Whatever has you thinking about swimming this winter, this workout will help you commit. Try this test set on a date of your choosing and record your results in your training log. Then one month later, do the same set again and compare your times.

Dream Team TV - Challenge Wanaka A stacked field has been announced for this year's edition of Challenge Wanaka. We've got the details to go along with the video from last year's version of one of the world's most scenic races.

Photos from the Tour Down Under Bikes, Beers & Tech Night On the eve of the start of Stage 1 at the Tour Down Under we held a grand event: One solely focused on bike tech and beer. And by grand…I mean in the back outside section of a pub under the flight path of the international airport. But what we lacked in aeronautical silence, we made up for in sports tech chat.

Wahoo Fitness at CES: Update on the KICKR Timelines Like many fitness tech companies at CES this year, Wahoo Fitness decided against being on the show-floor with a large booth. Joining Fitbit and others, Wahoo went with off show-floor arrangements, in this case a suite some 31 floors above the craziness of the exhibition halls.

The Top 5 Gizmos for Triathletes from CES Among the souped-up sporting goods and wearables were some innovative bike and run products designed to make your training safer and more efficient. Here are our five favorite finds.

One-Hour Workout: Fast-Finish Repeats Hone a strong finish with this simple, but tough, interval workout. This week's workout comes from Alison Kreideweis, a 2x USAT All-American, 2x Team USA member and co-founder of the Empire Tri Club in New York City.

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