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Turn Your Personality into a Race-Day Asset You wouldn't use a bike that's three sizes too small, so why would you race with an ill-fitting mindset? Many people go into race day with the wrong approach for their personalities and wind up sabotaging themselves before the gun goes off.

Photos from the Toughman Championship Set in spectacular Harriman State Park just an hour from New York City, the Toughman Championship offers a spectacular course in an event with great organization and over a thousand volunteers but still maintains a grass roots feel.

Athletes chatter ahead of Huelva World Cup - Almost 100 triathletes will take the stage this Sunday in Huelva for the inaugural ITU World Cup in the coastal Spanish city. With a very demanding and challenging course, let's hear what athletes think about the race, the course and their expectations for the event.

Jersey preview - can Murray defend and will Duffy dominate? Chris McCormack and his new Super League Triathlon series makes its next stop in Jersey, the small island in the Channel. The inaugural race took place on Australia's Hamilton Island six months ago. This weekend's event will be both a first Super League event in Europe and the first where women will compete.

Quick Set Friday: Mixed Bag We'll feature a workout every Friday so you have new ideas to take to the pool. On her blog, you can pick a Monday set for a long distance focus, a Wednesday set for sprint training, or Friday for creative open water skills. The A sets are between 4-5000 yards total, with intervals ranging from 1:20-1:30 per 100.

Watch this thorXtri video We just can't get enough of these Xtreme triathlons that are offering hard long course races in unique locations, and now share a beautiful video from the thorXtri in Southwestern Norway. The race with a 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike and 42 km run starts in Lysebotn and ends at the 3 swords site in Stavanger.

From Race Course to Runway: In Kona, It’s Swim, Bike, Run, Strut Still, a day-let alone a week-spent in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii during the October IRONMAN World Championship makes it clear that style plays a huge role in triathlon. The race is basically home to one of the longest runways in the world.

New Study: Sudden Death in Tri Hits This Age Group the Hardest But there's new information in the updated study, too. The more complete findings include: - Among the expanded group of victims, heart disease was found in nearly 50% of victims - The risk for women is much lower than for men - In women, the risk increases slightly with aging; In men, the risk increases dramatically with aging.

Chrissie Wellington to be Inducted into Ironman Hall of Fame Four-time Ironman world champion Chrissie Wellington of Great Britain will be honored during race week on the Big Island for her contributions to and achievements in the sport. Wellington will be the only athlete inducted into the Ironman Hall of Fame for 2017, with the ceremony taking place on Oct.

12 Week Super Simple Sprint Triathlon Training Plan You will enjoy progressing through assorted training 'phases', such as 'test,' 'build,' and 'recover,' and as such will be able to note improved fitness and speed throughout each four-week cycle. MondayDay OffTake the day off, including as much time off your feet as possible.

Garmin rolls out 5.7K stitching support to VIRB 360, new HyperFrame director mode When the VIRB 360 was announced this past spring, it was one of the first single-device 360* action cameras to actually produce higher than 4K resolution video files that looked good.

Huelva ready to hosts its first ever World Cup - The city of Huelva, in the south west coast of Spain, will make its official debut in the ITU World Cup circuit hosting this Sunday.

5 Triathlon races with the most challenging bike courses Let's have a look at the five triathlons with the most challenging bicycle courses around the world:. The Embrunman Triathlon is held in mid-August in Hautes-Alps in France. It is considered by many as France's most difficult triathlon. The cycling course comes with 186 km of challenging mountain terrain.

TrainerRoad adds Garmin Cycling Dynamics support, plus upload to Garmin Connect Today at Interbike, TrainerRoad and Garmin showed off a new capability that allows you to view your Garmin Vector Cycling Dynamics data in real-time on TrainerRoad via their app. This would mark the first time any company has been able to leverage these Garmin metrics in real-time.

Enter 2018 ITU World Triathlon Leeds With Exclusive Charity Window The third edition of the Leeds based event takes place on 9 and 10 June 2018 and the time-limited entry window offers the swim, bike and run community the chance to guarantee their entry into the most prestigious triathlon in Great Britain.

Changing Your Brake Pads. Presented By CeramicSpeed. In this video, Jeff Yingling, part of CeramicSpeed's Technical/R&D Support group, In this video, Jeff Yingling, part of CeramicSpeed's Technical/R&D Support group, goes over the difference between brake pads designed for aluminum rims and those designed for carbon rims.

A rare sighting in the wild While in Chattanooga for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships we stumbled upon this distinctive black and gold Pinarello Bolide of Chilean M40-44 age grouper Hugo Eduardo Abarzua Vergara, and I took a closer look at this fairly rare bike on the triathlon circuit.

"Do Something Great Now:" A Mantra for Augusta-Bound Athlete The 42-year-old active duty Air Force Combat Search and Rescue pilot suffers from social anxiety. Based in Valdosta, GA, she credits the sport of triathlon for more than just fitness. "Triathlon has returned my confidence in being me. I no longer long to be someone else, to be 'more' or to be 'better.' The me I am now is perfect," she said.

What Your Helmet Safety Certification Actually Means The researchers and engineers behind Giro and Bell's in-house test lab, The Dome, recently launched It's a website where athletes who need to protect their noggins can find info on everything from helmet materials to standards and testing protocols.

Mounting Biking = A Triathlete's Secret Strength Training Weapon "In mountain biking, the bikes are heavier, the hills are steeper, you're pinning it the entire way-it's the perfect strength and power training for triathletes," Park says. Indeed, the secret to a better triathlon season may be spending the off-season off-road.

The men's speedy rides from Chattanooga Ben Kanute pulled away to a four-minute lead on the challenging Chattanooga bike course. We recap the challenging Ironman 70.3 World Championship bike in pictures. Javier Gomez overcame a four-minute deficit thanks to a blazing 1:10 half marathon on the challenging Ironman 70.3 World Championship run course in Chattanooga.

Tri University: Jumping up to Ironman at a Young Age As if classes, a job, and maintaining a social life weren't enough, something about doing an Ironman calls out to you-let's weigh the pros and cons of jumping to long distance for the 18-24 age group.

4iiii Announces New Precision Podiiiium Power Meter Lineup Today at Interbike, 4iiii has announced a new product lineup of power meters, the 4iiii Precision Podiiiium. But because I can't stand to write Podiiiium throughout this entire article, I'm calling it Podium. You can thank me later.

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend in Amsterdam One of the greatest parts about living in Europe is just how easy it is to travel from country to country. In less time than it would take to drive or train from Washington DC to NYC, we were able to zip up to Amsterdam for our first weekend away sans-baby.

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