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Today's Plan Adds Triathlon Support, and Connect IQ Apps Every once in a while I wander into the software / platform/apps realm for a post. I usually do so sparingly because this category of sports tech changes so quickly that any post I write quickly becomes out of date. That's less so the case with new features as it is with training log platforms.

5 Spring Trail Running Tips Spring for many is a return to trails, and reminding ourselves of all the great runs we had in our recent past. As you pick up your training here are a few tips to keep you happy and healthy. Many athletes take the winter season as a time to regroup and are drawn outside with slightly warmer temperatures and longer sunny days.

Gomez and Charles highlight Cannes field This weekend's Challenge Championship was considered a success and whetted the appetite for more. Here are a few of our takeaways. Lionel Sanders and Lucy Charles were too tough on the run for their competition in taking the Challenge Championship in Samorin, Slovakia.

The very busy and happy Ryan Linden Ryan Linden of Team Every Man Jack has been very busy already even though his season has not yet started. He just returned from Boston where his wife Des Linden grabbed a magnificent win at the 2018 Boston Marathon.

Are You Making the Most of Your Coach? It's not only physically and mentally demanding, it's a task complicated for most amateur athletes by the challenge of balancing the necessary training with the ever-changing stressors of normal life. To help tackle this monster, many athletes decide to employ a coach.

9 Myths about measuring heart rate variability This story from our partner TrainingPeaks. Originally used in critical monitoring situations in hospitals and aerospace, heart rate variability analysis is a sensitive measure, and when used with care, can provide valuable insights on how well your body is coping with training and adaptation.

One-Hour Workout: Open-Water Bulletproofing Use this pool workout to build the weird skills and strength required in the open water. With the exception of a few indoor or pool-based tris, the great majority of triathlon swim events take place in the open water with other athletes swarming around.

WTS Bermuda ready for the world's top elite triathletes - The World Triathlon Series will stop for the first time in Bermuda for the second race of the 2018 season.

Bermuda Chronicles: A Taylor-Made Course I swam in college, with a focus on academics, and never fathomed land sports. World Cups suit the runner because packs never separate much early on. These women are well rounded and able to capitalize on their running speed on the World Cup platform. Last year I surprised myself with a fast run to earn silver a few times.

Bermuda's Butterfield is no One-Trick Pony Tyler Butterfield is best known for his protagonist role on the long distance racing scene but the talented and hardworking Bermudan has also represented his country on the international stage in two Olympics and three Commonwealth Games as well. Slowtwitch: Can you tell us about your recent experience at the Commonwealth Games?

Can the Keto Diet Work for Endurance Athletes? While advocates boast about endless energy, bonk-free training and racing, and rapid weight loss, there are several limitations beyond strict dietary compliance, bad breath, and digestive issues. Under normal physiological conditions, glucose is the primary energy source of the brain.

Super League Triathlon announces championship series The qualifying races are set for Poznan and Penticton, while the championship races will take place in Jersey, Malta, Mallorca, Singapore and Australia. The championship series starts on September 29 in Jersey.

3 Unique Recovery Techniques From Around the World The right way to recover? Depends where in the world you are. Western hemisphere physios of yore saw the body as an organization of bones, muscles, fascia, and nerves, so bodywork that originated there, like Swedish massage, attempts to heal and realign those parts.

Flora Duffy welcomes best triathletes of the world to WTS Bermuda - The World Triathlon Series will stop for the first time in history in Bermuda this weekend. The top triathletes of the world will be heading to the double World Champion Flora Duffy home nation to enjoy the pink sand beaches and crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean and suffer the dramatic Corkscrew Hill.

First Look: The IQ2 149€ Power Meter As each year passes, we continue to see drops in power meter prices. One only needs to look at my recent post on power meter pricing to see these plainly obvious pricing trends. Which doesn't mean power meters are getting more inaccurate, nor does it mean there's a race to the bottom.

Snacks, Naps, and Food Fights: 3 Ways to Treat Training Stress Refueling with a small snack 30 to 45 minutes after a session increases blood flow to the muscles, makes muscle cells more sensitive to the effects of insulin, improves the muscular net protein balance, reduces cortisol levels, and offsets late-day cravings.

Sea Otter 2018 Tech Roundup-Power Meters: SRM Pedals, 4iiii Podium, ROTOR INpower, and more With all of the pre-planned Sea Otter announcements taken care of last week, it's time to dive into some of the on-site announcements and tech tidbits. Most of these are smaller, henceforth why I didn't cover them in dedicated stand-alone posts like some of the other products.

Photos: 2018 Ironman 70.3 Florianópolis Brazil's own Igor Amorelli and Pamella Oliveira claimed the victories at Sunday's Ironman 70.3 Florianópolis. Amorelli used his powerful cycling abilities to build a nearly five-minute lead to start the run.

Beginner's Luck: The Secret of Doing a First Triathlon A small shift in mindset is the key to success in your first triathlon! "Oh, I could never do a triathlon," the mother of three said to me in the checkout line of the grocery store, eyeballing my race T-shirt with the swim, bike, and run stick-figures prancing across it.

Photos: 2018 Surf City Escape Triathlon On Sunday, April 22, nearly 600 amateur and professional athletes took the plunge into the unusually cold 56-degree water of the Pacific Ocean to compete in the inaugural Surf City Escape Triathlon. Philadelphia's Jason West and Northern Virginia's Sophie Chase took first place honors in the men and women's pro division.

Poor and Serrano shine at Xterra Cyprus Brigitta Poor used a stellar bike ride over the spectacular 32 km off-road bike course at Xterra Cyprus to hold off ITU star Barbara Riveros for the win. It was her second straight Xterra title in two weeks after taking the win in Malta last weekend.

ITU Development holds Level One Coaching Course in Kathmandu - Three years on from the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal in April 2015, ITU Development returned to Kathmandu this month to host a Level 1 coaches course.

IRONMAN Haugesund: A Race Built with Viking Spirit That year, pro Mary Beth Ellis posted a great photo from the run with the caption, "Look I got tanned in Norway." Whether or not they leave Haugesund with a tan, athletes will surely remember the inaugural IRONMAN Haugesund, Norway for years to come-especially if this race director has anything to do with it.

Piampiano, Viennot prevail at Peru 70.3 Sarah Piampiano of the U.S. and Cyril Viennot of France won hard fought victories at Ironman 70.3 Peru. Piampiano overcame a 3:29 deficit after the swim with women's-fastest bike and run splits to finish in 4:15:08 with a 1:08 margin of victory over Kirsty Jahn of Canada and 5:52 over 3rd place finisher Kelsey Withrow of the U.S.

Amorelli, Oliveira take home country wins at Florianopolis Igor Amorelli and Pamella Oliveira earned home country wins at Ironman 70.3 Florianopolis. Amorelli flew to a big lead with a race-best 2:03:04 bike split to take the win in 3:46:47 with a 3:46 margin of victory over Tim O'Donnell of the U.S. and 5:03 over 3rd place finisher Juri Vinuto of Brazil.

Jason West, Sophie Chase win Surf City Escape Competitors Jason West and Sophie Chase won the $5,000 top prizes at the Surf City Escape Tri Olympic distance event in Huntington Beach, California.Men. West started with a 1:26 deficit to Cameron Dye after the swim, lost another 55 seconds to Dye on the bike leg, then made up 7 seconds at T2.

The Monday Round-Up: Kona Auction #2 Live The 2018 Annual Kona Auction Open/Close Dates. Follow the IRONMAN North American Championship pro race action here on and on Twitter at @IRONMANLive. Join the conversation using the hashtag #IMNAChamps for both Twitter and Instagram. Follow your age group athlete's progress throughout the race on the IRONMAN Athlete Tracker.

Viennot and Piampiano perfect in Peru It was hardly a surprise to see Andy Potts lead the way out of the water, but he had some company in the form of Chile's Felipe Van De Wyngard, who ended up leading off the bike by 42 to 84 seconds on a group that included Raul Tejada, Mario De Elias, Viennot, Tim Rea, Potts and TJ Tollakson.

Amorelli and Oliveira brilliant in Brazil Brazil topped both the men's and women's podium at Ironman 70.3 Florianopoiis today as Igor Amorelli and Pamella Oliveira took the top honors at the race which is set on the spectacular island in the south of Brazil.

Gonzalez, Van Vlerken win Gran Canaria Pablo Dapena Gonzalez of Spain and Yvonne Van Vlerken of the Netherlands won the elite titles at the Challenge Mogan Gran Canaria half Saturday.

Luxford, Phillips take Challenge Melbourne Annabel Luxford of Australia and Mike Phillips of New Zealand took top honors at the half distance Challenge Melbourne.

Gonzalez tops German duo in Gran Canaria, Van Vlerken dominates women's race Andreas Böcherer finished second at the 2016 Ironman European Championship in Frankfurt thanks to a 10-minute marathon PB. Kevin Mackinnon chats with a happy finisher. Was ist mytriathlon?

Bermuda Chronicles: Ben Kanute Slowtwitch: You're the man of the hour, Ben Kanute. Chattanooga. Island House. Now Texas. What happened?Ben Kanute: I've had this in me the whole time. I've had some really good coaches, but I started up with Jim Vance in late '16, early '17, one thing that helped me is an emphasis on rest, letting my fitness speak for itself.

PowerTap Slashes Prices Once upon a time a power meter cost $2,000. That is a distant memory.PowerTap was once considered an affordable alternative to SRM, with its hub-based meter, and it still is. Especially today. PowerTap's hub just dropped by a third, from $599 to $399.

Do These Wheels Make My Tires Look Fat? Not good.The key take-home of this article, if you don't read any further, is this: If you want to know the real width of your tires, the best course of action is always to measure them, using a caliper, at normal inflation pressure. Do this with the tires installed on the wheels you're actually going to use.

Race time for Andreas Boecherer Andi Boecherer offers some thoughts on "training competitions," races that you enter but know you won't be at your best. Andi Boecherer isn't letting the snow and cold get him down - he's using it as an opportunity to enhance his training through cross-country skiing.

Lessons From This Year's Surprise Boston Marathon Winner What triathletes can learn from Japanese "citizen runner" Yuki Kawauchi's shocking win in Boston. When the men's Boston Marathon winner broke the tape in Copley Square earlier this week, announcers were scrambling.

Salty Triathlete: Stop Hating on Pros A few years ago, a number of triathlon companies cleared their pro athlete rosters. They didn't want to sponsor professionals anymore, the logic went, because pros weren't as inspiring as the everyday age-grouper.

Is Intermittent Fasting a Good Idea for Athletes? Breaking your record time may have less to do with how you train and more to do with how you eat. Fans of intermittent fasting praise the eating style for its weight control benefits but according to a new study, it may also improve your performance.

Roka surges into the world of sunglasses Racing starts tomorrow at the inaugural Super League Triathlon on Hamilton Island. A look at the day ahead. We look back at an exciting weekend of racing in the United Arab Emirates and the opening of the WTS season. After almost a year away from the WTS series, Javier Gomez manufactured a decisive win at the first race of the WTS season.

Quick Set: Scale The Pyramid You can get in a quality distance workout by breaking your swim down into smaller parts. The shorter distances allow you to stay focused on technique and stroke tempo while also forcing you to stay on a challenging pace-or else risk the horror that is missing the interval.

5 Ways to Rethink Your Dinner Triathletes are always looking for the latest and greatest ways to get a performance edge. From compression wear to data analysis to the constant influx of new gear, things can get complicated-but there's one area where it pays to keep things simple: nutrition.

Toughman's Richard Izzo looks forward to a big year The Toughman Triathlon Series is gearing up for an exciting 2018. We caught up with founder Richard Izzo about some of the highlights we can expect this year.

On-The-Go Breakfast Options For The Busy Athletes Keep your first meal of the day easy and healthy with these convenient options. Eating breakfast is especially important for endurance athletes for a variety of reasons.

Tips and Tricks from One of Triathlon's Fastest Swimmers This butterflier turned long-distance swimmer turned Ironman wowed the world when she placed second in her Kona debut last year. Her not-so-secret weapon: a killer swim.

Eco-Friendly Gear for Earth Day Maybe this Earth Day you're volunteering to clean your local park, or perhaps you'll write your representatives about environmental protection. If your Earth Day activities include looking for ways to lessen your carbon footprint, consider the products you buy for swim, bike, and run.

Lionel Sanders' improved swimming and partnership with Blueseventy "A lot of wetsuits. The blueseventy Helix tested fastest among all that were tested by me, personally. Additionally, once I got to know the people behind the company and what they stand for, it really resonated well with me and the partnership was very natural.

Hands-on: Quarq TyreWiz Cycling Pressure Sensor Today Quarq announced their latest creation - the TyreWiz, which monitors your tire pressure on your bike. These small sensors attach to Presta tire values, so basically most bike tires that this target market would care about.

Could This Neurostimulation Technique Improve Athletic Performance? Sending electrical currents through the brain may make us stronger, faster, more resilient athletes. But is the tech ready for us yet? Roman doctors once sought to cure headaches by placing a live electric ray on the sufferer's forehead.

Lange takes on tough field in Gran Canaria When it came to picking our newcomer of the year you were pretty clear in your choice: Kona third-place finisher Patrick Lange was the overwhelming choice! Jan Frodeno led a German podium and other top finishes in defending his world championship title in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

This man is inspired and not easily scared Jan Kriska recently completed the 1000 mile Iditasport Extreme event in Alaska in 29 days, 20 hours and 20 minutes and he pulled all his gear in a sled behind him along the way. He attempted the same event in 2017, but did not finish it that year and returned home to North Carolina with severe frostbite instead.

Hands-on: New $299 AeroPod Aerodynamic Sensor A few minutes ago AeroPod launched for purchase on Kickstarter, though, the company is hardly new to the aero field. In fact, one could argue that nobody as has much experience with aerodynamic sensors in the industry than Velocomp. After all, they've been making aerodynamic driven cycling products for a decade, most recently with their PowerPod.

Unlock Tight Hips in 3 Moves Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes. Erin Taylor. HIT RESET is a yoga revolution that will make yoga work for you and your sport in just a few minutes each day.

The Absolute Best Tri Gear of 2018 Presenting the gear that outdid the competition to nab our coveted "Best in Class" distinction. Pick up the Buyer's Guide on newsstands, buy the single issue here, and find the complete online version here. We could wear these goggles all day and forget they were even on our face-some of our testers even used them as sunglasses post - swim.

10 Ways To Use Protein-Packed Greek Yogurt Although it's most popular for breakfast and snacking, there are other creative, tasty ways to go Greek. Silky syrup: Combine 6 ounces nonfat Greek yogurt, 2T light sour cream and 2T agave or maple syrup. Drizzle over pancakes or waffles. Berries, bananas and/or toasted nuts also make great additions.

Garmin Edge 130 In-Depth Review As a techie-geek I suppose there's some expectation that I'll be most impressed with the higher end gear. The stuff that has all the bells and whistles, and usually costs more. But here's the funny thing - out of the pile of Garmin new gear announcements today, I'm most impressed with the little Edge 130.

ProFile: Meet XTERRA World Champ Bradley Weiss The new XTERRA world champion on the race of his life, snakes, and South African BBQ. If you haven't heard of Bradley Weiss yet, you will soon. In October, the 29-year-old South African nabbed his first XTERRA Triathlon World Championship crown, besting a star-studded field filled with former world champs.

Kettlebell training for endurance athletes This story from our partner TrainingPeaks. It's April, and the weather outside here in North America is a little less frightful. Snow is melting, daylight hours growing and training periodization is shifting from base work to builds.

Hands-on: Garmin Edge 520 Plus with Mapping Today's multi-pronged release of cycling gear by Garmin is probably the company's most decisive yet at fending off competitors to its lucrative head unit business. And in some ways, they're probably even undercutting their own high-end head units to stave off competitors.

Garmin Varia RTL510 Radar / Cycling Light In-Depth Review But no, it's not the first bike radar Garmin has made. And yes, I can hear the comments about 'why not buy a $15 mirror' already being furiously typed into your keyboard. Except here's the funny thing I learned in the 3 years since Garmin released the last radar: People actually like it.

The Canyon Speedmax CF SLX of Brad Williams While US Pro Brad Williams visited the A2 Wind Tunnel in North Carolina I had a chance to look closer at his brand new Canyon Speedmax CF SLX race bike. Williams rode a Cervelo P5/6 until recently and now wanted to see if what he had learned over the years was solid, plus learn if there was room for improvement - thus the trip to the wind tunnel.

Anne Haug Resets the Run Bar for IRONMAN 70.3 Racing Haug treasures these victories: "Winning the Hamburg WTS race and the world championship in the team relay the following day in front of home crowd was the greatest feeling ever!" She jokes that she was running for her life with "200,000 German fans screaming my name!" Haug also competed for Germany at the 2012 and 2016 Olympics in London and Rio.

How to Qualify for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship Beyond the terrain and climate, there are a few other tactical considerations that can help your qualifying cause. Too many athletes simply choose local races, or races they enjoy, but which limit qualifying opportunities.

Make Your Portable PB&J Healthier With This Salad Twist We're all busy during the work week, but we don't have to sacrifice eating healthy to our hectic schedules. In this twist on the classic PB&J sandwich, athletes will get the nutritious fuel they need with the creamy, peanut buttery taste they love. Serves 4.

New contender for 70.3 primacy I think my base endurance is much better due to the different bike training, which helps me to keep the run speed high over the half marathon.ST: Back in 2012 and 2013, you were often the second fastest WTS runner to Gwen Jorgensen.

Brad Kahlefeldt moves on to new adventures Brad Kahlefeldt had a very successful 20-year triathlon career and this very quiet Aussie who recently became a father now decided it was time to move on. I chatted with him to to see what is up next and talk a bit about the past.Slowtwitch: Thank you for your time.Brad Kahlefeldt: No problem Herbert.

HOKA One One Elevon Growing pains for a new shoe maker. HOKA has gotten much better at this. The Elevon is a really comfy shoe. It's gotten pretty good at not sabotaging the comfort of an already good shoe as it moves through the progressions of the original to versions 2, 3, 4 and onward.

Testing the TriRig Omega X Anne Haug, Javier Gomez and Lucy Charles are just a few of the pro triathletes who have added the aerodynamic Omega X from TriRig to their bikes. The manufacturer, which has developed both high-quality after-market parts and its own triathlon bike, offers a rim brake for those who are looking for the maximum in terms of aero performance.

TYR Competitor Tri Tank & 9" Short The Draw: An Affordable Option for Newbies. If you're on a budget or new to the sport, it's hard to beat this kit. Though it's affordable, there is nothing "cheap" about the tri top or the shorts.

TYR Torque Lite The Draw: Gentle Stroke Enhancement. This sleeveless suit won high marks from our testers for its sleek design and stealth look. In the water, it almost disappears-the shoulder openings are so comfy and watertight we almost forgot we were wearing it.

One-Hour Workout: Wildflower Windups Though tailored for the Wildflower Tri bike leg, these intervals help you work any course's early miles. This week's workout comes from Los Angeles-based Ryan Schneider, head coach of Good Wolf Coaching.

World Triathlon Series: Britain's Jess Learmonth second in season opener Britain's Jess Learmonth finishes second at the World Triathlon Series opener as Jonathan Brownlee is seventh in the men's race after a crash.

Brendan Purcell leaves British Triathlon to take up British Rowing post British Triathlon performance director Brendan Purcell is stepping down to take up an identical position at British Rowing.

World Triathlon Series 2018: Jonathan Brownlee competes solo in Bermuda Jonathan Brownlee is GB's sole representative in the men's ITU World Series race in Bermuda, which will be televised live by the BBC.

Are You Reaping the Benefits of the Fartlek? Fartleks challenge your body to become faster over longer distances-plus it's just a fun word to say. Here's all you need to know about fartlek running, and three workouts to try on your own. The word "fartlek" is a Swedish term which means "speed play." It is a training method that blends continuous training with interval training.

Lionel Sanders: This means war I've had people message me every year telling me I should be making all kinds of changes on the bike to improve aerodynamically. I've never done anything because I was following the approach of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Well, it's broke now, so it needs to be fixed.

ITU and ATU combine efforts to continue developing triathlon in Africa - ITU is pleased to announce that it has signed the Development Grant contract with the African Triathlon Union, which is aimed to support the activation of National Federations, as well as provide new and emerging Federations resources for development, as well as Athlete and coaches development.

Tim Don Crushes Boston 6 Months After Kona Crash Just six months after a devastating race week bike crash at the Ironman World Championship, Ironman world record holder Tim Don completed the Boston Marathon in an impressive 2:49:42.

How This Estee Lauder Exec Fits in Triathlon Training Triathlon gives this exec sanity-even when it means training at insane hours. Ever wonder who's using the hotel's 24-hour gym at 3 a.m.? Wonder no more. "When I land in Asia at 1 or 2 a.m., I go right to the gym," said Estée Lauder's Chief Technology Officer Rhonda Vetere.

Want to Workout Better? Turn Up the Tunes. When the going gets tough, the tough turn to Beyoncé. Or Springsteen. Or Kanye. For some runners, a pair of headphones and a Garmin Forerunner 645 Music may be all that's needed to bust out of a training rut.

Beginner's Luck: Totally New to Triathlon? Start Here "Beginner's Luck" columnist Meredith Atwood shares four key steps to take in pursuing your first triathlon finish. Have you thought about trying a triathlon, but the whole event seems incredibly daunting? Maybe you know how to run, but swimming and biking are making you a nonstarter?

Photos: Buckingham, Charles on Top in South Africa In the men's race, Kyle Buckingham took the win in 8:13:00 in Port Elizabeth as a local for the first time since South African star Raynard Tissink celebrated his third and final victory back in 2011. Australia's Josh Amberger and Germany's Maurice Clavel rounded out the podium.

The April $500 DCR Gadget Giveaway! This could alternatively be titled - 'Pre-Sea Otter Cycling Event $500 Gadget Giveaway!'. Or, it could be titled 'Crap, I meant to post this on Friday and therefor this is your consolation prize for it being a Monday…nobody likes Monday's. Except, the second one is too long for the title.

Brownlee and Jerzyk take Ironman 70.3 Liuzhou A calf injury that held Alistair Brownlee back on the run certainly affected his chances of defending his Commonwealth Games title in Australia a few weeks ago, but the calf was more than able to hold on for the win in Liuzhou, China on the weekend.

Six Steps To A Better Streamline The fastest moment in the pool is when you push off the wall. Put your body in a streamline position to take advantage of this free speed.

The Hong Kong Sports Institute is looking for a Triathlon Coach - The Hong Kong Sports Institute Limited, the Government's delivery agent of elite sports training systems, is looking for a Triathlon Coach.

Charles, Buckingham win African IM Championship Lucy Charles proved once again she is among the very best at the Ironman distance with a wire-to-wire, sub-nine hour winning time at the African Ironman Championship at Nelson Mandela Bay in South Africa.

IRONMAN 70.3 Slovenian Istria: Go for the Old World Charm I am very glad to be here and hope to come back next year." The Tour was held in Koper, the same town that will be hosting the I Feel Slovenia IRONMAN 70.3 Slovenian Istria in September. If you're headed to the country that has the word "love" in its name to race, read on for our guide to the best of the region.

Jackie Faye: 5 Races Down, 1 To Go A headscarf covered my long blonde hair as I thanked my driver, grabbed my bag, and ran into the Hamid Karzai International Airport. Destination: IRONMAN African Championship, South Africa.

The Monday Round-Up: Buckingham and Charles Take Titles in South Africa In the men's race, Kyle Buckingham took the win in Port Elizabeth as a local for the first time since South African star Raynard Tissink celebrated his third and final victory back in 2011. In the women's race, Lucy Charles followed into the footsteps of former British dominator and four-time IRONMAN world champion, Chrissie Wellington.

Bowden and Lewis run to wins in Roma We're going to assume that some aspect of the course was short considering the finishing times, but that hardly takes away from the impressive performances of Britain's Adam Bowden and Sarah Lewis, who led the way at Challenge Roma. Bowden is known for his ITU performances, the highlight of which was his fourth at WTS Leeds last year.

Charles super at Ironman South Africa This week the Crank liked what he saw in Lanzarote and Chattanooga, was impressed by Frodo and liked our editor's tie. Jodie Cunnama rise back to the top of the sport is an inspiring example of how sport can change your life. The 2013 Ironman world champion, Frederik Van Lierde, was attacked yesterday while preparing for Ironman South Africa.

Buckingham brilliant in taking Ironman South Africa Jodie Cunnama rise back to the top of the sport is an inspiring example of how sport can change your life. The 2013 Ironman world champion, Frederik Van Lierde, was attacked yesterday while preparing for Ironman South Africa.

Video coverage of Challenge Wanaka 2018 Javier Gomez managed to hold off Braden Currie, while Annabel Luxford managed to stay just ahead of Laura Siddall for the women's title at the half-distance race at Challenge Wanaka. The Crank on the weekend's racing and lack of coverage of the 70.3 NA Championship.

Brownlee, Jerzyk win Ironman 70.3 Liuzhou Agnieszka Jerzyk of Poland prevailed in a race-long duel with Imogen Simmonds of Switzerland which was settled by 6 seconds in a sprint to the finish.

The Journey to Going Long Always on the prowl for his next adventure, triathlon journeyman Eric Lagerstrom, chronicles his transition from short to long course racing. Video editing by Chad Mooney. You can follow Eric on Instagram at @eric_lagerstrom.

A Brief Complaint from a Salty Triathlete: Stop Rolling Starts! I'll take my swim starts en masse, please! Triathlon isn't really a sport about times because courses are so different. It's fundamentally a sport about racing, and rolling starts take away the thrill of the head-to-head race and erode many of the reasons people keep coming back to compete.

Should Triathletes Try Orangetheory? The high-intensity studio workout has exploded in the past few years. Our editor hit up the popular franchise to see what all the fuss is about-and if the classes can fit into a tri training regimen. Odds are you've driven by one of the hundreds of Orangetheory Fitness studios around the world-there are nearly 1,000 in the 49 U.S.

Triday - Socks? No socks? The triathlon season is getting closer, which is why today's #Triday is more race-specific. Today I'll talk about socks. I usually bike and run barefoot in my shoes during the race - especially over shorter distances.

Oakley Flight Jacket Fights Fog with Flip of a Switch The newest product from Oakley is especially relevant for triathletes as it features several components that will benefit cyclists in the aero position-especially on hot courses. The Flight Jacket features a small switch at the nose bridge. Switch it down and the glasses move out and up away from your face.

Quick Set: 2, 4, 6, 8 More swim workouts from coach Sara McLarty.

A day at the pool with Laura Philipp After a bronze-medal finish at last year's Ironman 70.3 World Championship, Laura Philipp will compete in her first long distance race at the Ironman European Championship in Frankfurt. We follow the German star through a recent swim workout.

Profile Design: A Coherent Strategy for Aerobars Profile Design's new product line is a template for this. How about a brief history? The lay-down handlebar debuted in 1984, underneath Race Across America rider Jim Eliott and designed by Speedplay founder Richard Bryne. Pete Penseyres improved on it for his 1986 RAAM victory, setting an average speed record that lasted for decades.

Inside Ben Kanute's Texas Shootout Only seven men have bested American Olympian Ben Kanute in four career races over the 70.3 distance. On that list a star-studded cast including Alistair Brownlee, Javier Gomez, Lionel Sanders, Andy Potts, Sebastian Kienle, Tim Don and Taylor Reid. However, Sunday marked the Chicago native's first career win at the long distance format.

How Hydrating Properly Is Key For Optimal Recovery What role do sodium and fluids play in helping with recovery from hard sweaty exercise? I came across an interesting article recently titled Exercise Increases Salt Preference in Humans. The headline caught my eye because when I was training heavily for Ironman, I always used to absolutely love putting loads of salt on my food.

Tune In to the Championship Action in South Africa Experience race day in South Africa with exclusive live coverage of the Standard Bank IRONMAN African Championship on Live coverage will begin at approximately 6:00 a.m. SAST on Sunday, April 15th. The male pros will start at 6:30 a.m. and the female pros at 6:35 a.m.

Pros Kick off Championship Season in South Africa In the women's race, defending champion Daniela Ryf will be absent from this year's race, but the battle for the win will still be a tough one. Britain's Susie Cheetham is an exceptional athlete who will bring all her experience into the race; last year, Cheetham paced herself into third place after placing second in 2016 and third in 2015.

Professor Multisport: My Friend Skips Body Marking Because He Thinks It's Pointless. Is That OK? There are reasons to body mark that go much deeper than positioning and penalties. Allow me to dump a few quotes on you, the first from renowned source of anthropological information,, and the second from close runner-up, NPR:.

Three stages of proper swim development This story from our partnerTrainingPeaks. At a recent workshop at Speedo HQ looking at some product development, the conversation turned to the subject of good swim technique. Amongst the assembled group of designers, scientists and coaches it was not easy fully describing good technique.

Photos: 2,500 Age-Groupers Compete at 70.3 Oceanside The 2018 Ironman 70.3 Oceanside triathlon saw more than 2,500 athletes representing 32 countries and 47 states start the race.Competitors ranged in age from 18-76 years old. The event led athletes along a 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike and 13.1-mile run throughout Oceanside, Calif.

Why Do I Shiver After a Race? It's your body's way of getting back to a normal state. If you've ever found yourself shivering uncontrollably after a race, you're not alone-the phenomenon is a common occurrence at the finish line of many endurance events, from marathons to Ironman triathlons.

New Research Is Changing the Game for Female Athletes Despite more than a century of inquiry into human endurance, research is still frustratingly scant on how women's bodies adapt and peak. But that's starting to change, and fresh discoveries could usher in a new era of unprecedented female performance.

New tri bike - Wilier Turbine Andreas Dreitz will debut a new tri bike from Wilier at Challenge Roma this weekend. Photos and information on Wilier's new Turbine.

Three Months until the Fyn Multisport World Championships - The Fyn local organising committee is looking forward to welcoming athletes from all over the world when the magical fairytale island of Fyn, Denmark will provide waters, roads and soul to the 2018 Fyn ITU Multisport World Championships Festival in just under three months!

A2 Wind Tunnel discoveries with Brad Williams US Pro Brad Williams spent a couple hours in the A2 Wind Tunnel in NC with his new Canyon race bike and discovered quite a few interesting items while he was there. He had sought out Brian Stover to assist and advise him as the two have been friends for a long time.

Master the Course: IRONMAN Wales Get comfortable and refuel. Once you reach transition after the swim, take the time to make yourself comfortable for the bike course and refuel. You've got a long, hilly bike course and run course still to come and they each require their own strategy to conquer.

Anne Haug on Her Dark Horse 70.3 Oceanside Victory Germany's Anne Haug thrived as the dark horse in last Saturday's Ironman 70.3 Oceanside.

A Doctor Solves the Bum Problem You're Afraid to Google Talking about this common ailment can seem taboo, but it's important to get the answers you need. The more time one spends in triathlon, the more body oddities they encounter: toes that swell up like Vienna sausages post-race, sneezing fits in the pool, and monster headaches after a tough workout.

Video: Heather Jackson's Strength-Based Regimen American Heather Jackson has been focused on strength training both in the weight room and with big-gear work on the bike.

Enter Triathlete Magazine's First Ever Photo Contest! Show us your best shots-the ones that conjure up emotions and show how awesome triathlon is-and your photo could wind up in the August issue of Triathlete. Nail it, and your photo could even nab our cover. Either way, you get SWAG-and international admiration.

The Myth of the Ideal Running Cadence It's not 180 steps per minute, explains Running Rewired author Jay Dicharry. Before you set out to increase your cadence, there are a few important points you'll want to keep in mind. First, running with your existing cadence is reflexive. Your brain has wired and trained your body to use that gait pattern.

Sunshine Coast training - Frodeno's Australian connection "It's been something I haven't done for quite a few years and is proving to be beneficial," Frodeno says of the track workouts. Of most interest to triathlon super-fans, though, will be the fact that Frodeno refined his bike position with the help of Cyclezone Mooloolaba's John Carey.

Texas 70.3 Photos: Anything To See Here? Smoothskin rubber, on the outside, can dry between the water exit and transition. Why don't elite ITU racers take their wetsuits off immediately upon hitting dry land? It's against their rules.

A closer look at a Daniela Ryf swim workout The 3-time IRONMAN World Champion Daniela Ryf is best known for her bike prowess, but she usually puts herself in a great position with a strong swim.

How to Prevent the Age Slide Many of you have experienced first-hand that with age comes an eventual slowdown in training and racing. There is just no way an athlete in their 60s or 70s is going to be as fast as their 30 - or 40-year-old self. But there are certainly ways to keep the ramp very gradual rather than like sliding off a cliff.

Tour Of The Alps Acts As Warm Up For Innsbruck's UCI World Championship First up, this month is the Tour of the Alps. Now in its second year, Chris Froome will take up the challenge to claim a second Team Sky win - following in the footsteps of inaugural race winner Geraint Thomas.

My 6 Favorite Action Cam Accessories I Use Daily Virtually every day I use action cams to get shots for all assortment of things: In-Depth reviews, general posts, Strava pics, and even Instagram. Over on YouTube I've seen a lot of questions on what specific accessories I use often, or even what Micro-SD cards I use.

Challenge Wanaka drops full-distance The success of the half-distance race seems to have spurred a new era for Challenge Wanaka - race organizers have decided to "focus on building the half-distance triathlon and new Aquabike races into world-class international events." That means there will no longer be a full-distance race in Wanaka.

The scoop on supplements - buyer beware - Very little research with supplements offers definitive evidence, in part because the research is rarely done with elite athletes under real life conditions.

Bkool Launches Online Tri League Triathletes get three opportunities to group-ride three famous Euro tri cycling courses and win prizes.

How Sarah True is Reigniting Her Passion for the Sport We caught up with American Olympian Sarah True just after she finished in third place at 70.3 Oceanside. She talked candidly about going through a rough…

One-Hour Workout: Criss-Cross Run Use this simple pace-change tempo for race-specific run adaptation. This week's workout comes from Pacific Palisades, Calif.-based coach Jim Lubinski. Lubinski is a pro triathlete, a USAT Level 1 coach, an NASM-certified trainer, founder of Red Performance Multisport, and coach of the Tower 26 Triathlon Team.

The Ben Nevis Braveheart Triathlon: One Of The UK's Must Do Events The descent is a great opportunity to make up several places or lose them. Concentration might be hard to come by now, but don't switch off. As you cross the line, the sense of achievement is massive and for good reason. You've just completed one of the ultimate bucket list triathlons anywhere in the world!

The Hard-Core Way Lionel Sanders is Attacking Swim Training in 2018 The opening leg of triathlon continues to be the biggest battle for last year’s Kona runner-up. Just after finishing 70.3 Oceanside in second place to…

How the Pros T2 Want to transition like a pro? Then watch the pros!

Road test and bike fit with Andreas Böcherer More than 2,000 athletes have racked their bikes in preparation for the Ironman World Championship. Photos from T1. Some of the fast rides set up in transition at the ITU Long Distance World Championship in Penticton, B.C., Canada. A look at some of the speedy rides that were on hand for the Challenge Championship on the weekend.

The Factor Slick of Jan Van Berkel For this year he partnered with the Factor brand and here now is a closer look at his sharp looking 2018 Factor Slick race bike. Ready for action this Factor Slick bike is equipped with Shimano, Black Inc, Garmin, Continental and 51 Speedshop components.

Oceanside 70.3 Photo Gallery Water was cold, competition was hot, skies were blue, wind was calm and.times were fast at Ironman 70.3 Oceanside. All photos Timothy Carlson. Lionel Sanders set his PR at Oceanside - 3:48:58 - and his bike split was just 21 seconds slower than Frodeno.

Inspiring Age-Groupers: Sarah Reinertsen's Finished Business Consider Sarah Reinertsen. Earlier this year she ran seven marathons on seven continents in seven days. She finished in seventh place in The Amazing Race 10, which covered 40,000 miles across 13 countries.

Jan Frodeno on #Dadlife We caught up with Frodeno at Ironman 70.3 Oceanside on April 2 where he set a course record and chatted about what he's going to do with his $10,000 in prize money.

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend I just got in the door two minutes ago from the airport, after a whirlwind day that didn't actually involve any flights. Here, let me explain. We kicked off things Friday morning with a short drive. And by short, I mean about 500KM.

Beginner's Luck: Let's Talk About Fear A thing that is terrifying now, need not be terrifying forever. In fact, it need not be terrifying in three months, six months or a year. But what I know to be true is this: If we don't show up, if we allow ourselves to make fear a real voice in our heads-we will never reach our potential.

Photos: Killer Comebacks at a Cold Ironman 70.3 Texas The United States' Ben Kanute and Australia's Melissa Hauschildt earned the Ironman 70.3 Texas victories on an unseasonably cool day in Galveston, Texas. While the speedy performances of both Kanute and Hauschildt were impressive, an equally important story was the comeback of two notable pros.

Photos from an exciting day at Ironman 70.3 Oceanside recaps some of the action ahead of the Challenge Championship in Samorin, Slovakia. It was a magical day for Lionel Sanders as he set a new Ironman world standard while Meredith Kessler won her third straight title at Ironman Arizona.

Hide and Train: Use This Unique Trend to Spice Up Your Workouts If done right, this modern day, GPS-based treasure hunt can add a thrilling new element to your workouts. "Things can meld really well," says Chris Ronan, the community relations manager for When he ran marathons, the extra motivation of geo-caching on his training runs and bike rides added a little push to his workouts.

Video: Shoulder Strengthening Exercise For Triathletes In this video, we introduce an exercise known as the Face Pull With External Rotation.

A Music Maven's Tips for Crushing an IRONMAN Eight years ago, 30-year-old Charlie Jabaley was at the height of the entertainment business as one of the founders of Street Execs Management-a multimillion dollar management company that discovered Grammy-award-winning artist 2 Chainz. His career was huge, and so was his waistline.

Ryf to race at Ironman Frankfurt The Crank's take on the weekend's racing from Texas, Gran Canaria, Sardinia and Peru. Daniela Ryf continued her winning ways while Ben Hoffman successfully defended his title as the two took the Ironman African Championship. There are incredibly competitive fields gearing up for the Ironman African Championship this weekend.

The Monday Round-Up: 4.09 Close to perfect conditions welcomed a top class field at the Oceanside Harbor on Saturday for IRONMAN 70.3 Oceanside. This race is always a big field for the pros, but this year it was a who's who of world championship podium finishers, and IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 champions.

Stunning pics from ÖtillÖ Hvar in Croatia Hvar in Croatia is the first event each year for the ÖtillÖ Swimrun World Series and the beautiful images from this event might entice you to race there next year, go on a vacation in Hvar, or actually do both. But here now to the pictures shot by Pierre Mangez for ÖtillÖ.

Melissa Hauschildt, Ben Kanute take Texas 70.3 Photos by Talbot Cox Melissa Hauschildt of Australia and Ben Kanute of the United States won hard fought victories on a teeth-chattering cold day at Ironman 70.3 Texas.

We Can't Enough! More Photos of the 70.3 Oceanside Pro Action We're so excited triathlon season is back that we're bringing you a second gallery of Saturday's pro race at Ironman 70.3 Oceanside.

Kanute wins Kienle-less 70.3 Texas Javier Gomez added to his already impressive resume with a second Ironman 70.3 World Championship in Chattanooga. Ben Kanute and Lauren Goss took the titles at Escape from Alcatraz after the swim was cancelled due to high winds. The pro field has been announced for June's Escape from Alcatraz triathlon… and it's a good one!

Hauschildt takes exciting 70.3 Texas race over Carfrae Comfort, power and aerodynamics are the keys to going faster, says Matt Steinmetz, who's bike fitting clients include numerous Kona champs and age group athletes of all levels. catches up with the bike-fitter to the stars. Mirinda Carfrae is the three-time Ironman World Champion, and she loves the big races.

Jan Frodeno, Anne Haug dominate Oceanside That gave him a 3:51 margin of victory over defending Oceanside 70.3 winner Lionel Sanders of Canada and 8:03 over 3rd place finisher Tim Reed of Australia. While Frodeno was never threatened in this highly anticipated showdown with Sanders, the Canadian acquitted himself with honor, finishing with a personal Oceanside PR of 3:48:56.

Photos: Jan Frodeno, Anne Haug on Top at 70.3 Oceanside Jan Frodeno and Anne Haug battled impressive professional fields to complete the German sweep and win the 2018 Ironman 70.3 Oceanside triathlon.

The Commonwealth Games Mixed Team Relay in pictures Australia was too tough to handle on home turf as the team from Down Under captured gold at the Commonwealth Games Mixed Relay. Photos from the exciting race.

Haug hammers the field at Ironman 70.3 Oceanside Holly Lawrence won Ironman 70.3 Bahrain over Bahrain Endurance 13 team-mate Daniela Ryf, which meant there was no million-dollar Triple-Crown bonus for the Swiss star. The Crank on the weekend's racing and lack of coverage of the 70.3 NA Championship.

Frodeno frightening as he takes Ironman 70.3 Oceanside The Canadian learned that the hard way today at Ironman 70.3 Oceanside as he sought to defend his title. It would be one of a few frustrating mishaps for Frodeno in 2017.

Aussies crowned Mixed Relay champions at the Commonwealth - With a near flawless performance, Australia grabbed the gold medal in the 2018 Gold Coast Triathlon Mixed Relay. Gillian Backhouse, Matthew Hauser, Ashleigh Gentle and Jacob Birthwhistle added the Commonwealth Games crown to last year's world championship title, with Team England finishing in second, and New Zealand grabbing the bronze medal.

Australia takes gold at Commonwealth Games Mixed Team Relay Bernuda's third leg was done by the individual gold medalist Flora Duffy, but she was just entering the water as Learmonth was coming out.

Townsend and Jones claim the first ever Commonwealth Paratriathlon titles - Paratriathlon made its official debut in the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, and the set up couldn't be better.

Professor Multisport: How Much Bike Can I Afford? Find semi-scientific answers to your most pressing questions, each month in Triathlete magazine. Q: How Much Bike Can I Afford? Let me tell you the story of my friend Brenda. Brenda's husband, sweet man that he is, bought her a diamond Tiffany ring as an anniversary gift.

The Triathlete's 15-Minute Anywhere Strength Routine This strength routine can easily be added to even the busiest triathlon training regimen to help build core stability and movement efficiencies for better performance and a decreased risk of injury. Swim-bike-run-injury?

It's Race Weekend in Oceanside! After a long winter, the North American triathlon season unofficially kicks off this weekend.

Lionel Sanders Wins Social Media Popularity Poll In our most recent 40 Years of Dreams poll, we asked our community which professional triathlete they like, follow, and generally stalk most on social media.

Quick Set: Frogs And 3/2/1/0 Breaths We'll feature a workout every Friday so you have new ideas to take to the pool. On her blog, you can pick a Monday set for a long distance focus, a Wednesday set for sprint training, or Friday for creative open water skills.

Gomez to make his full-distance debut at Ironman Cairns Javier Gomez makes his comeback to racing, while Daniela Ryf looks to continue her dominance in Dubai. Was ist mytriathlon?

Henri Schoeman prevails at Commonwealth I started running and I thought, 'Oh dear, I'm in trouble here.'" Commonwealth Games Triathlon Gold Coast, Australia April 5, 2018 S 750m / B 20k / R 5kElite Men Results 1. Henri Schoeman 52:31 2. Jacob Birtwhistle 52:38 3. Marc Austin 52:44 4. Matthew Hauser 52:46 5.

Triathlon action continues in the Gold Coast with the Mixed Relay - The individual races may be over, with the stunning victories of Flora Duffy and Henri Schoeman, but triathlon action is far from finished in the Gold Coast at the Commonwealth Games, as the Paratriathlon will make its debut and the Mixed Relay event will take place both this Saturday.

Paratriathlon ready to make its debut at the Commonwealth Games - With Gold Coast 2018 having the largest integrated Para-Sport program in Commonwealth Games history, Paratriathlon is ready to make its debut in the programme this Saturday. Twelve athletes in the PTWC class will be vying for the medals over a sprint distance course, the same one used by the elite athletes this past Thursday.

A Brief Complaint from a Salty Triathlete: The Secret Is There Is No Secret The secret is there is no secret. The techniques the best pros use are the same techniques the slowest of the rest of us use. They're just better at them. And they're better at them because they practice them more. You wouldn't show up on race day never having swum before and expect to just "hang tough" when you hit the water.

Caterpy Laces - The Draw: A Simple, No-Tie Solution There is an overwhelming number of no-tie shoelaces on the market, but these are our favorite so far. These…

LumaGlo Crossbelt - The Draw: 360-Degree Visibility This unique wearable can be used either as a sash or a belt. Powered by a…

Naked Running Band - The Draw: Lightweight, High-Capacity Storage This around-your-waist, no-bounce storage belt fit everything we needed for a long run—hydration, nutrition, smart phones, keys, etc.—in three easy-to-access…

Hydrapak Softflask 500ml Handheld - The Draw: On-the-Go, Minimalist Hydration The flask is extremely lightweight, easy to fill, and spill-proof. The flexible hand strap makes…

Brooks Running Sherpa Hat - The Draw: A Hat for Every Runner We were skeptical about the “unisex” promise of this simple hat. Can one hat really work for everyone?…

Jaybird RUN True Wireless Sport Headphones - The Draw: The Most Simple Bluetooth Headphones Yet The buds are easy to use right out of the package, offer a one-ear option for the…

2XU Compression Performance Run Socks - The Draw: Simple, Comfortable Recovery These socks are breathable, comfortable, and their compressive abilities felt effective at aiding recovery. The wide range of color choices…

Tri Sirena Piña Colada Aero Tri Top & Shorts - The Draw: Super-Flattering Sun Protection Tri Sirena’s founder, triathlete Stefani Schuetz, was diagnosed with Stage 2 melanoma at the age of 25 but didn’t want…

Coeur Zele Aero-Sleeved Tri Top & Shorts The Draw: Second-Skin Speed. The soft, flat-seamed, dimpled fabric of this kit felt so lightweight it made us double-check if we were still wearing clothes. The kit is super breathable, dries fast, and had the best heat management of any long-sleeved kit we tested, thanks in part to heat-reflecting coldblack treatment.

Smashfestqueen RFA Aero Suit Co-created by Ironman champ and 66x Ironman, Hilary Biscay, Smashfestqueen has long-course racing in its DNA. But this smooth, comfy suit would be equally as at home crushing short-course events.

Dixie Devil Navy Moroccan Tri Top & Shorts The Draw: Lightweight Long-Distance Style. This fun kit features a built-in bra and a comfy chamois ready to go the long haul. The top's racer cut gives unimpeded range of motion, while a substantial mesh section in the back kept us cool on the hottest days.

Soas Uptown Tri Tank & Shorts The Draw: A Real Built-In Bra. This cheery, calming classic tank design can keep you happy going long or short on warm days. A mesh panel in the back helped keep us cool, and two large back pockets stashed our iPhone and a few bars and gels with ease.

Betty World Champion Fluoro Tri Top & Shorts - The Draw: Comfy, Flattering Waistband Not for wallflowers! Your cheer squad will love this kit because they’ll never miss you again; you’ll like it because…

ROKA Gen 2 Elite Aero Short Sleeve Tri Suit The Draw: A Sleek, Race-Ready Options. This wind tunnel-tested suit feels like a second skin with thoughtful details like comfortable laser-cut arms and legs, a flexible foam chamois suitable for all distances, quick-access pockets, a breakaway zipper, and a carbon-knit front panel for core support.

Zoot Sports Ultra Tri Aero Shortsleeve Top & 9" Short The Draw: Chamois Satisfaction. This two-piece option provides ideal coverage and stays in place very well-leaving you well-protected from the elements. We love the color combination and overall design, and both the zip-up top and drawstring-equipped shorts made for an impressive fit.

Salming Triathlon Suit - The Draw: A New, Fresh Take We’re excited to see Swedish sports brand Salming make its first foray into the triathlon race-kit space—and its first…

Wattie Ink American Punk Collection Speedsuit - The Draw: A Premium Kit with Funky Style If you’re looking for a race kit to match your eccentric personality, you’ll appreciate the unique design….

Castelli Free Speed Race Jersey & Tri Short - The Draw: Comfort and Versatility at a Great Price The buttery-feel of the fabric is the first thing you’ll notice when…

How to Be a Great Mentor Hint: It's not about having all the answers. When I signed up for my first Ironman, I literally had no idea what I was doing. The extent of my experience with triathlon was 10 hours of watching my boss, Carlos, race Ironman Coeur d'Alene.

Patrick Lange heads to Challenge Mogan Gran Canaria continues it's recap of the Championship with some quotes from the men's and women's podium finishers. A world-record performance in Roth followed by a successful defense of his Kona crown earned Jan Frodeno our male athlete of the year award.

Which wetsuit ? As we head into the 2018 triathlon events season, it's time to start thinking about heading into the open water, and that means getting a wetsuit. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro, it's worth weighing up the options with regards to hiring or buying.

The men's race at the Commonwealth Games in pictures recaps a wild day of racing at the ITU World Triathlon Grand Final in Cozumel. Was ist mytriathlon?

Photos: Flora Duffy Executes Flawless Commonwealth Games Race Bermuda's Flora Duffy continued to prove herself to be the top triathlete in the world with an impressive performance on the opening day of the Commonwealth Games in Australia.

The Commonwealth Games Women's Triathlon in pictures Here are the nominations for performance of the year. Two women separated themselves from the rest of the crowd when it came to world championship racing in 2017, but are Flora Duffy and Daniela Ryf the only women in the running for's female Triathlete of the Year?

CHALLENGEFAMILY Launches Worldwide Campaign To Search For Inspirational Triathletes Mario Hoffmann, owner and brainchild behind the stunning x-bionic sphere where THECHAMPIONSHIP 2018 will be hosted, is another inspirational athlete competing in this year's race.

The steady improvement of Matt McElroy American Matt McElroy grabbed podium spots at the ITU World Cups in Mooloolaba and New Plymouth this year and we talked to him about racing, training and the lessons learned since our interview with him in November of 2015.Slowtwitch: Thank you for your time Matt.Matt McElroy: I'm stoked to get another interview.

Flora Duffy takes Commonwealth gold Flora Duffy of Bermuda survived hot temperatures and dominated the sprint distance women's triathlon from start to finish, taking gold over runner-up Jessica Learmonth of Great Britain and 3rd-place Joanna Brown of Canada in the first event of the 2018 Commonwealth Games held in the Gold Coast of Australia.

A perfectly executed race gives Henri Schoeman gold at the Commonwealth Games - South African Henri Schoeman added one more medal to his tally claiming the victory at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Schoeman grabs gold at Commonwealth Games Henri Schoeman ran his way clear to take the gold medal in an exciting men's race at the Commonwealth Games on Australia's Gold Coast.

Duffy claims gold at the Commonwealth Games - After a dominant race from beginning to end, Flora Duffy claimed the first gold medal of the Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast and put temporarily her country on top of the medal table. Behind her, English Jessica Learmonth claimed silver, and Canadian Joanna Brown took the third place.

Duffy dominates to take her first games medal at Commonwealth Games Triathlon With over 10,000 participants and a stacked field, there's lots to look forward to this weekend at the World Triathlon Hamburg. Flora Duffy was eighth in her third Olympic Games in Rio, won the ITU World Championship in Cozumel and then won her third straight XTERRA World Championship on Maui.

Augmented Reality: The Future of Triathlon Training? Solos' latest iteration of smart eyewear lets training info leak into your brain via two senses. If you want to understand augmented reality, or AR, think back to Google Glass. Released in 2013, the tiny eyewear-mounted heads-up display unit was both a weathervane for what tech could do and a totem for the most über of übernerds.

Should You Ditch Sports Nutrition Products for Real Food? While the day of the prepackaged gel and bar hasn't yet come and gone, and likely won't ever disappear, there is a broad movement in sports nutrition toward once again embracing real food.

Frodeno and Sanders showdown One got married a few months ago, is desperate to take the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii and offers up regular Youtube videos that underline his Rocky Balboa-like training regimen, demonstrating just how motivated he is as he pursues his goals and how much progress he's made along the way.

Hands-on: Waterfi's Spotify Streaming Swimming Music Player Sure, there are many audio services, but the one I listen to virtually the entire day is Spotify. Largely because it works anywhere I am in the world, without funky restrictions. Regrettably though, when it comes to sports wearables, none of the majors offer options there.

Lacking Swim Progress? Try This Short Technique-Focused Block Nail your technique with a one-week vacation from fitness-focused swimming. Have you ever trained the swim harder and longer, only to make little or no progress? Scheduling a short technique-focused block is a worthy time investment, and now is the best time to make it happen.

Gold Coast racing - Commonwealth Games preview The next Super League Triathlon will take place in Jersey, UK and will include both men and women. Josh Amberger has arrived, Alistair Brownlee can suffer, Flora Duffy's amazing day, Rachel Joyce is back and much more from the Crank.

3 Steps to an Injury-Free Season Consider these important elements before your first race to have your healthiest year yet. Of the three triathlon disciplines, running is the most common cause of injury. Even with that knowledge, many triathletes take the same approach to training each year, only to encounter the same ailments season after season.

Early April offers top rated triathlon triple header Elite triathlon kicks off in April with a bang as Ironman 70.3s in Oceanside and Galveston and the Commonwealth Games triathlon offer world class fields, including legendary World Champions and Olympians having at it in classic venues in the U.S. and Australia.

Bob Babbitt: My First IRONMAN Curran jumped into the pool at the same time one day and almost propelled us out onto the deck. But that's another story. The author, hosting his "Breakfast With Bob" show from Kona. When I finally came out of the water on race day, I was just slightly ahead of Olympic cyclist John Howard, who spent half an hour washed up on the coral.

Garmin Forerunner 935 - The Draw: Best All-Around Triathlete Watch When it comes to features and functions for triathletes, no watch is as deep as Garmin’s Forerunner 935. The…

Apple Watch Series 3 - The Draw: Phoneless Workouts While the Apple Watch has hardly been known as a triathlete’s watch, the new Series 3 variant.

One-Hour Workout: Mixed-Energy Pyramid Swim Set - This do-it-all swim set works different types of systems to help with race-day preparedness.

ROKA Vendée The Draw: Race-to-Street Style and Performance. ROKA rewrote the rules of performance sunglasses with its award-winning Phantom aviators that melded street fashion with high performance. The Vendées follow the Phantom's lead.

Spy Whistler with Green Spectra Lenses The Draw: Post-Race Panache. Call these active-lifestyle specs. They're meant to make a style statement-no sporty, grippy bits on the nose or temples here. But the Whistlers have the nice and somewhat surprising ability to stay put well enough on an impromptu run or ride.

Oakley EV Zero Stride with Prizm Road Lens The Draw: Unobstructed View. For triathletes, nothing beats a frameless lens. Drop your head to achieve peak aero on the bike, and enjoy an unobstructed view of the road ahead.

Tifosi Davos The Draw: Low Price, Great Versatility. First things first: These glasses aren't for wallflowers. They have a hint of retro styling to them that demands attention.

Rudy Project Sintryx with Smoke Lens The Draw: Crazy Adjustability. Think of the Sintryx like Transformers-you can make them sit higher or lower on your face by bending the integrated nosepiece to your will, or squeeze your head for dear life by bending the middle of the temple grips. That adjustability made them fit both our smaller - and larger-headed testers.

Scarpa Spin RS The Draw: Low and Protected. Filling in where Scarpa's trail-running line needed it, the Spin is more than the Atom and less than the Neutron - combining ample cushioning and protection in a low-profile manner.

Under Armour HOVR Sonic The Draw: Miles of Midsole Bliss. Under Armour's new HOVR cushioning platform-the foundation of the Sonic-hits that sweet spot, where impact dampening, absorption, and a bounce-back response all come together.

Brooks Levitate The Draw: Energy Preservation that Doesn't Suck. Using Brooks' newest midsole material for greater energy return and springiness, the Levitate served our testers well on long training runs, where the performance was less of a dampening energy drain and more of bounce-back feel to keep the legs fresher, longer.

Inov-8 Roclite 315 The Draw: Stout with Tremendous Bite. Confidently take on any terrain with the help of the Roclite 315's rugged, armor-like upper, highly protective, shanked midsole, and cleat-like 6mm lugs on the versatile outsole. The outsole features hard rubber on the heel, medium in the middle, and softer on the front edges for more grip.

Merrell MQM Flex GTX The Draw: Wet - And Tear-Free Trail Feel. Merrell has really nailed glove-like fit, which only added to our testers' appreciation of these flexible-yet-sturdy trail shoes. With 3.5mm lugs, the MQM Flex gains plentiful purchase, while the bi-directional midsole and outsole construction and flex grooves prevent excessive rigidity.

361 Degrees Meraki The Draw: Efficiency and Road Fortitude. When you don't think about a shoe because it's seamlessly doing its job, you know you've got a good one. The Meraki is such a shoe, using a carbon-fiber plate for an efficiently firm ride and countering that with engineered forefoot flex and natural roll-through.

Newton Distance 7 The Draw: Svelte and Smooth. The original Newton model launched in 2007. This upgrade gives it a new, seamless, highly breathable upper and weighs less for a lighter feel. The foam midsole is quite responsive, and the shoe impressed with its snug, racing-flat feel that still allowed for toe splay and a staccato bounce-back in the forefoot.

Hoka One One Mach The Draw: Lightweight Cushioning with Tempo Performance. The Mach is filling in some big shoes as the replacement to the Clayton 2-a popular choice on long courses. Good thing Hoka did so with the same geometry but without the arch blisters that plagued both the Clayton and Clayton 2.

Reebok Harmony Road 2 The Draw: Happy High-Mileage Training. Testers kept going back to the Harmony Road 2 as a go-to shoe, because it works simply and simply works.

Nike Air Zoom Vomero 13 The Draw: An Old Favorite That Continues to Thrive. With a new circular-knit upper that offers improved breathability, fit, and lockdown hold, and a bottom unit with better cushioning, the Vomero 13 has stepped it up with this all-purpose training shoe.

On Running Cloud X The Draw: Diverse Trainer with Swiss Engineering. On is making strides in the running market, and the Cloud X helps the company fill in its line with a versatile lightweight trainer that shines on high-turnover efforts. Using On's foam cushioning cells of various thickness and size, the Cloud X is light and airy with a firm, responsive ride.

Asics GEL-Nimbus 20 The Draw: Steady, Sturdy, Trustworthy. Over the past 18 years, the GEL-Nimbus has been tweaked and re-tweaked, but it's consistently provided neutral cushioning with enveloping comfort for a trusted high-mileage trainer.

Adidas Aero Bounce ST The Draw: Go-To Trainer with Non-Intrusive Stability. Instead of using Adidas' typical encapsulated polyurethane midsole, the AeroBounce ST is made of a more resilient material for a lighter weight and responsive springiness.

Salomon Sonic RA Pro The Draw: Road Performance from the Trail. As a performance trainer, the Sonic RA Pro shows that a trail brand-after years of trying-has finally figured out how to make a road-worthy shoe with great improvement over prior versions.

Saucony Liberty ISO The Draw: Laissez-Faire Stability for Economical Speed and Distance. Saucony's Liberty ISO, with its full-length encapsulated polyurethane midsole and topsole, stood out as a tester favorite, whether for tempo training or longer sessions, on - and off-road.

Arsenal Cycling 4Synch Complete Light Set The Draw: Multi-Light System for Better Depth Perception. Our first impression was how cool these lights feel in your hand-think Porsche key fob. Better yet, you can synchronize the set so that only one button is needed for controlling on/off and mode selection for each of the others.

Knog Blinder Mob Kid Grid The Draw: Small on Size, Big on Performance. Don't let the name and cute packaging fool you, this is one high-performance light, especially for daytime "Be Seen" use. That said, it does look pretty snazzy on a bike and e ortlessly a xes to almost any location of your choosing with the included attachment bands and convenient closure system.

Cygolite Dash 460 The Draw: Bright and Light. As bright as it is, you'd expect the Dash 460 to be on the heavy side, but it is actually quite light. Part of that weight savings comes from the integrated and flexible mounting strap, which works great on both round and aero-shaped base bars.

Bontrager Ion 800R The Draw: The Tesla of Bike Lights. Props to Bontrager/ Trek for helping make daytime bike lights cool and now standard equipment for many cyclists and triathletes. The Ion 800R is a great choice for those who frequently need to both see clearly at night and be seen during the day.

Light & Motion Vibe Pro Commuter Combo The Draw: Combines Fun with Function. Once we got a feel for all the neat features of the Vibe Pro, we kept saying to ourselves, "Why didn't we think of that?" First, there is the "naked" case, which helps minimize the size and weight.

Garmin Varia Rearview Radar The Draw: Proactive Safety for the Connected Rider. Go Varia if you want to play an active, gamer-style, role in protecting yourself against whatever comes your way from behind.

Nite Ize Radiant 125 The Draw: Versatile Mounting for Any Setup. You may be unfamiliar with Nite Ize, but they've been making recreation safer and more fun for decades with an enormous selection of clever products designed for both night and daytime use.

CatEye Rapid X2 Kinetic The Draw: Brightens When You Brake. The X2 is quick and easy to mount to your seat post or seatstay and highly visible from both the rear and the side. However, it is Cat - Eye's onboard accelerometer that helps makes this light really stand out.

Most Runners Overstride-Here's How to Stop It "Running Rewired" author Jay Dicharry explains what it means to be quad-heavy and glute-light. When you run, especially as your speed increases, more and more oomph needs to come from the muscles that extend the hips. But it's likely that years of overstriding have wired your muscle memory to favor the quads and neglect the glutes.

Roval CLX 32 The Draw: Renaissance Wheels. Out of all the wheels tested, these were the most fun to ride. The Roval CLX 32 wheelset is a super lightweight, tubeless ready, shallow depth wheelset that measures 20.7mm wide internally. The extra width translates to a wheel with great traction that rolls smoothly and efficiently.

Flo Carbon Disc The Draw: Customizable Budget Buy. The Flo Carbon Clincher disc is a hotly anticipated new product for 2018. Similar to its predecessor, this is a spoked wheel with an aerodynamic fairing, however the rim is made from carbon fiber-instead of aluminum-which shaves about 40 grams.

Reynolds Attack The Draw: Climber's Delight. The Reynolds Attack wheelset has gotten a facelift, and the latest version is as good as it has ever been. The newest Attack is a shallow - depth, tubeless-ready wheelset with a 17mm inner rim width. This wheel is tailor-made for a lightweight rider riding a hilly course and looking to shed some weight from their bike.

Sebastian Kienle and Lucy Charles to race Roth In 2010 and 2011 Germany's Sebastian Kienle competed in his first two long-distance races at Challenge Roth, finishing each event in under eight hours, but ending up a close second on both occasions - to Rasmus Henning and countryman Andreas Raelert.

Comete Pro Carbon SL UST Disc The Draw: Tubeless for Dummies. The Mavic Comete Pro wheelset is a deep-depth, disc brake-compatible, aero carbon wheelset. Out of the box, they come with tires and tubeless valves installed-a nice surprise.

Profile Design 78/TWENTYFOUR The Draw: Affordable Speed. These wheels aren't the lightest, shiniest, or most technologically advanced of the wheels tested, but for the money, they are hard to beat. The TWENTYFOUR series wheels are available in a variety of depths and even in disc brake-compatible versions.