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One-Hour Workout: Swimrun-Inspired Swim Strength Set Otillö swimrun event happening this weekend off the coast of Los Angeles, we bring you a power-based swim set from a swimrun veteran. This week's workout is courtesy of John Stevens, a former collegiate swimmer and five-time Odyssey Swimrun winner. Stevens will be racing at the first Otillö event to be hosted on U.S.

Olympic Triathlon Training Schedule This Olympic triathlon training schedule and plan is for someone who had done triathlon before, but struggles to get the stress/rest balance right. If you struggle to translate your training success to race day, then this plan will help you solve that.

Everything to Know Before Attempting a Swimrun Soil taking place 25 miles off the coast of Los Angeles on Catalina Island this weekend, we talk to two athletes who've experienced the unique format.

Suunto 7 Wear OS GPS Watch In-Depth Review Instead, you've got to download a 3rd party app and then you'll get sleep data within that app. Again, this isn't just a $99 watch here, it's a $499 sport and fitness focused watch that is somehow missing core health and fitness functionality for any watch released in 2020.

We're Giving Away a Bike Worth Over $10,000 Need a new bike for your 2020 season? This could be your chance to win big. We're giving away one just-released Quintana Roo PRsix2 triathlon bike, which is featured on the cover of our March / April Design issue as part of our annual "Win This Bike" contest.

Meet Some of the Triathletes Racing the Olympic Marathon Trials Among them are a handful of triathletes. This weekend, Atlanta will host the largest Olympic Marathon Trials in history with 456 women and 235 men racing for spots on the team that goes to Tokyo this summer.

2020 World Paratriathlon Series opens in Australia - Devonport, Australia, will raise the curtain on the 2020 World Paratriathlon Series, after successfully delivering the ITU Paratriathlon World Cup over the past three years.

Triathlon in India: An Editor Shares His Experience When triathlete Gaël Couturier moved to India from Paris, he discovered a wild triathlon frontier where everyday athletes become veritable celebrities, and communities come alive for those who dare to tri. The experience forever changed the former French Runner's World editor-in-chief.

Reviewed: Infinit Custom Recovery Protein Order your custom recovery protein online just like you would order a pricey pizza. A new online custom protein ordering system from Infinit is ideal for those looking to create a recovery drink that fits their exact dietary needs or for those who truly like to nutritionally tinker.

Triathlete's 2020 Design Awards In a year of big leaps forward, our editors and army of gear experts hand-picked 10 award-winning designs. While other sports wait for trends to come to them, triathlon has a long, rich history of living at the cutting edge of technology and design.

Triathlete's 2020 Design Awards: Biggest Innovator The winner of the biggest innovator award is… While other sports wait for trends to come to them, triathlon has a long, rich history of living at the cutting edge of technology and design. Multisport has led the pack in breaking trends, and while not every tri design is a home run, our sport is a petri dish for exciting innovation.

ITU Development announces recipients of 2020 Athlete Scholarship programme - After receiving a greater number of applications than ever before, ITU Development can confirm the twelve athletes who will be included on its scholarship programme for 2020.

The Pros and Cons of 5 Diets for Triathletes Your diet can enhance-or derail-your workouts and races. Here, we share the basics on fueling for success. The first rule of sports nutrition: Eat enough.

Ask a Gear Guru: What Is the Best Cold-Water Swim Gear? No matter how fast of a swimmer you are in the pool, if you're not adapted to chilly water-or prepared with the right gear-you'll probably struggle more than the slower swimmer that's been icing it out for the last month in the open water.

Weekend Swim Set: Start Your Commitment to the Pool Whatever has you thinking about swimming, this workout will help you commit. Maybe it's the soft glow of pool lights or the early-morning pick-me-up. Whatever has you thinking about swimming this winter, this workout will help you commit. Try this test set on a date of your choosing and record your results in your training log.

3 European Destinations Perfect for a DIY Training Camp Dust off your passport and consider one of these European triathlon destinations for a training vacation in Mallorca, Saint Moritz, or Tenerife.

Vote: Help Us Pick Our Next Cover Star But it's what she does off the course that makes her story special. Over the years, Mindi has served as the secretary, vice president, and president of Tri Gulf Coast, one of the largest all volunteer triathlon clubs in the country.

Which Airline Has the Best Bike Fees? Many airlines now let bikes fly as regular baggage-if you can get yours packed in a case weighing less than 50 pounds and measuring no more than 62 linear inches. If not-and it's nearly impossible to fit a bike into a case that size-oversize or special bike fees may apply.

5 Simple Strength Moves for the Pre-Season When it comes to strength training, the off-season is the most important time to make gains that will set you up for a successful year of training and racing, says Erin Carson, a strength and conditioning coach with more than 20 years of experience in the field.

Dede Griesbauer Breaks Records at Ultraman Florida Forty-nine-year-old pro Dede Griesbauer finished second overall at Ultraman Florida, establishing a new race and world record. Every time Dede Griesbauer steps on a starting line these days, one thing is certain-history will be made.

Multiple Australian Champion targets Mooloolaba Triathlon - At 78, Loch Blatchford, from Tweed Heads, Queensland, Australia, is an unconventional triathlon legend and an inspiration to everyone getting along in years that is struggling for motivation to keep the joints moving.

Ask Stacy: Should I Fuel Before an Early-Morning Workout? Leading sports nutritionist and exercise physiologist, Doctor Stacy Sims, answers your most pressing nutrition questions. A: There are several factors to consider when it comes to fasted training, primarily around sex differences and the type of session you are going to do.

2022 70.3 World Championship Narrowed Down to Two European Cities Ironman announced today the two finalists for the 2022 70.3 World Championships: Lahti, Finland and Klagenfurt, Austria. The race in 2022 will continue with the two-day format it's had since 2017.

What the Heck Is SWOLF? Is it a mythical beast that stalks triathletes during a full moon? Is it what happens when you get too huge in the weight room? We break it down. SWOLF is a weird-sounding thing: It's built into pretty much every Garmin watch from the Vivoactive 3 on up; it's in the Polar Vantage M ; it's in Suunto's offerings as well.

Sprint Training Plan for Beginners This sprint training plan for beginners is perfect for the athlete who only has time for seven hours or less of training a week and one workout per day. Given the amount of time and mileage, the triathlete who completes this plan should expect to finish comfortably but will have room to improve with a more advanced program.

Katie Kyme's Indestructible Dream From sickness to health and everything in between, age grouper-turned-pro Katie Kyme proves anything is possible with the right mindset.

One-Hour Workout: Anaerobic Endurance Boosters Help train your body to run faster for longer with this one-hour run workout. This time of the season is often dedicated to logging slow and steady miles, but it's a good idea to include some higher intensity work too. This workout trains your body to hold your speed for longer, which is critical when it comes to race-day success.

Heather Jackson Will Focus on Gravel Racing for Early 2020 American Heather Jackson be kicking off her 2020 season in a unique way. To start her 2020 season, pro Heather Jackson is trying something new: gravel racing. Jackson is one of the top U.S. female long-distance triathletes, finishing in the top five of the Ironman World Championship in four of the last five years.

March Race to Feature First Paratriathlon Prize Purse in ITU History Paratriathletes will compete in Sarasota for their share of $60,000. USA Triathlon announced yesterday the first professional prize purse for paratriathletes in ITU history.

Ask a Gear Guru: What Are Some Indoor Training Essentials? There's a difference between simply working out inside to burn calories and actually training inside to get better. These indoor training essentials will help. Indoor training may seem simple: You've got your bike, you've got a trainer; you've got your shoes, you've got a treadmill.

Weekend Swim Workout: Pre-Season Fitness Tester The goal of this pre-season swim test: to tell if you're improving by completing more 200s each time. 300 choice swim, 200 pull, 100 kick 6×50 on 1:05 6×50 on :55 200 test set:: 200 swim Add approx. 10 seconds to calculate interval for next section ?

USA Triathlon to Fund First Paratriathlon Prize Purse in ITU History - USA Triathlon, with the support of the International Triathlon Union and the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee, announced a professional prize purse for podium finishers at the Sarasota-Bradenton ITU Paratriathlon World Cup, set for March 22 in Florida.

Should You Breathe Through Your Mouth or Nose During Exercise? Here's the answer to the age-old question, "Should you breathe through your mouth or nose when running?" "As a modern culture, we have primarily defaulted to a by-mouth approach to breathing during exercise, falsely assuming that we cannot adequately oxygenate ourselves by breathing though our nose." explains Doctor George M.

Reviewed: Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit Shoes The new Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit shoes may have structure and injury prevention in mind, but our review paints a different picture.

Get to Know Future Olympian Summer Rappaport As the 2020 Olympics beckon and triathletes around the world vie for a chance to compete in Tokyo, Summer Rappaport sits in an enviable position: The San Diego-based 28-year-old finished as the first American at the Olympic test event in Tokyo last August, locking in an automatic spot on Team USA.

Strava Launches Native Apple Watch Workout Sync: Here's how it works Strava just launched more cohesive integration with the Apple Watch, allowing one to effectively sync directly from the Apple Watch to Strava, so you don't have to use 3rd party apps to see your Apple Watch workouts on Strava. Given that the Apple Watch is, by far, the most popular wearable on the planet, it makes sense to complete this hookup.

Entire Kona Podium Commits to 2020 Challenge Roth The 2020 Challenge Roth triathlon is gearing up for what could be the most competitive event in its history. Every athlete from the Ironman World Championship podium for both the men and the women has said they will be on the start line of the iconic Challenge Roth event in Roth, Bavaria, Germany on July 5.

Getting into the groove Dogs loved the wind in their ears and Jango decided to swim in the pond - bbbrrrrhhhh ! SBD - Squat-Bench-Deadlift are now integrated with SBR - swim - bike - run. Weekly routine looks a little like this:. Lunchtime walks around work keep steps up and a proper screen break.

A Brief History of Triathlon at the Olympics 2020 will be a historic year for our sport. It's an Olympic year, and 2020 stands to be a historic one for triathlon. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will mark the first time that Mixed Relay will be a part of the program. The men will compete on July 27, the women will compete on July 28, and the Mixed Relay will take place on Aug.

Unboxed: EVOC Road Bike Bag Pro The latest bike box from EVOC, the Road Bike Bag Pro, is a combination hard and soft case that breaks down into a fraction of its size for storage, but still protects your bike.

ITU Coaching Education Review 2019 - 2019 was another busy year in terms of coach education at ITU. A total of 16 courses were delivered across four continents, with ten on Level 1 and another six on Level 2.

One-Hour Workout: Do-It-All Bike Session Boost your fitness-and your top-end speed-with this do-it-all bike workout. This do-it-all workout will get you riding easy, hard, and everything in between, giving you a great fitness boost and teaching you how to seamlessly change pace.

Face-off: Two Top Training Logs for Triathletes The best way to maximize your training time and efficiency is with a diligent training log. We break down two top apps, and explain why its so beneficial to track your training. It's 2020. We have lots of ways to collect training data, from power and heart rate to Training Stress Score, cadence, sleep quality, and so on.

Women in Triathlon: Where Are We Now? As triathlon approaches five years of working toward gender parity, how much has changed? As the movement gained steam among pro and age-group athletes, 50 Women to Kona evolved beyond its hashtag origins.

Why I do Mooloolaba Triathlon - The Mooloolaba Triathlon has been a favourite destination for Elite and age-group multisport and triathlon communities for almost three decades, cementing itself a place as an iconic event in the Australian sporting calendar.

The Case of the Unhealthy Triathlete You train hard, eat well, and have enough medals to make a knight jealous. But are you functioning at your very best?

3 New Sports Nutrition Products That Passed Our Taste Test We gut-checked three nutrition products. And now, the results. The global sports nutrition market is on fire, worth more than $12 billion and expected to grow to over $24 billion by 2025. What does that mean for triathletes?

Why We Bike With Traffic Many cyclists, especially those who are new to riding, feel some degree of anxiety about riding in the road. After all, in a crash between a vehicle and a bike, it's the cyclist who is most likely to be injured or killed.

ITU reaches deal for event-management platform with technology experts Blerter - The International Triathlon Union has entered into an ongoing partnership with Blerter with a view to adopting their event-organisation technology for its multisport races around the world.

Hold My Bike: A Look at the Rapid Growth of Swimrun Swimrun is booming faster than tri in the early 2000s. Brad Culp reveals its lure and what its rapid growth says about today's triathletes. The way endurance athletes seek adventure is changing.

Week in Review-February 9th, 2020 The Week in Review is a collection of both all the goodness I've written during the past week around the internet, as well as a small pile of links I found interesting - generally endurance sports related.

Russia dominates the Wintertri 2x2 Mixed Relay - Even with the decision of not aligning the current Queen of Winter Triathlon on any of the two Russian teams lining up for the 2x2 Mixed Relay Worlds, the country showed a magnificent dominance in the event, both Russian pairs of Pavel Andreev and Anna Medvedeva, and Dmitryi Bregeda and Julia Surikova, finishing in the first and second position.

Andreev and Rogozina claim once again the Winter Triathlon World crowns - Russia showed once again that their dominance in the Winter Triathlon scene is, for the moment, unbeatable, claiming both Elite World crowns and a complete podium sweep in the Men's race.

Helen Jenkins: British triathlete defies odds in first race since 2016 Helen Jenkins finishes fourth in her first major race in more than three years - eight months after giving birth and having had spinal surgery.

Ask Chris: What Are The Best Winter Run Socks? Warm, dry feet can mean the difference between a killer long run and a week of sickness. Don't skimp-get the best winter run socks you can. In the immortal words of Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump: "There is one item of G.I. gear that can be the difference between a live grunt and a dead grunt.

What Triathletes Need to Know About the New Rules Governing Nike's Speedy Shoes World Athletics announced new shoe regulations last week, but what do they mean for triathletes? World Athletics last week announced its much-anticipated "amended" shoe rules.

Quick Set: Short Intervals + Snorkel Pull We feature a workout every Friday from coach Sara McLarty so you have new ideas to take to the pool. 800 choice warm-up 8×125 @ 2:10 3×100 kick @ 2:15 8×50 @ :55 5x 5x 600 pull 200 IM drill as cool-down. 600 choice warm-up 6×125 @ 3:00 3×100 kick @ 3:00 6×50 @ 1:05 4x 4x 500 pull 200 drill as cool-down.

Bikes, Beer, and Tech Live Podcast / Video from TDU Posted! I've got a quick Friday post for folks today, which is a posting of the Bikes, Beer, and Tech 'studio audience' edition of the FIT File podcast recording we did at the Tour Down Under about two weeks ago.

How This Triathlete Trains in the Arctic Circle Meteorologist and triathlete Joanna Perchaulk gets it done with no warmth, no sunlight, and no fresh produce.

This Navy SEAL Technique Can Tame Race Anxiety To accomplish this, they undergo another kind of training known as breath work, which slows the heartbeat, lowers blood pressure, and decreases feelings of anxiety or stress. But this practice isn't exclusive to SEALs. In fact, breath work can benefit triathletes of all levels, says Christina M.

Winter Triathlon World Champs to be crowned for the second consecutive year in Asiago - The Italian town of Asiago, in the Altipiano region, will be once again deliver the best possible setting for the Winter Triathlon World Championships, with 193 participants from 21 different countries as well as eight nations competing in the 2x2 Mixed Relay.

IRONMAN's Anti-Doping Director Answers Your Questions Likewise, IRONMAN's Anti-Doping Program works hard to promote clean sport and the integrity of IRONMAN racing. The rules, procedures, and policies of the IRONMAN Anti-Doping Program are developed to deter and detect doping in a scientifically valid and legally defensible way and are consistent with the World Anti-Doping Code.

4 Triathlon Veterans Share Their Biggest Multisport Mistakes Four tri veterans dish on what they wish they'd known when they were starting out. Presenting four triathlon mistakes you should avoid. "A lot of athletes feel the allure to do longer races as soon as they start doing triathlon.

Garmin Vivoactive 4 Smartwatch In-Depth Review Note that while initially I was using a loaner media Vivoactive 4 from Garmin, that's long since gone back to them. Since then I've been using my own Vivoactive 4 that I went out and got myself. If you found this review useful, you can hit up the links at the end of the post like usual to support the site.

Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist, Health Coach—What’s The Difference? When it comes to nutrition, experts are easy to find-nutritionists, registered dietitians, and nutrition coaches are in abundance in the triathlon community. But though many use these professional titles interchangeably, they're not all created equal.

Baked Turkey Meatballs Greek yogurt isn't just for breakfast! This creamy, high-protein addition is the secret to keeping lean turkey meatballs extra juicy. Serve over sauteéd greens, zucchini noodles, a rice bowl, or pasta to make these baked turkey meatballs a savory meal.

Why and How You Should Strengthen Your Feet If our feet are so vital when it comes to our running happiness, then why do so many triathletes mistreat them? Funny looking, typically sweaty, often stinky and yet, quite possibly the most important player on your running team.

Pioneer Exits Power Meter Business as Shimano Buys Their Cycling Business Pioneer announced today that as part of an agreement with Shimano, quietly penned back in December, they'll be exiting the cycling business. That includes ending their power meter and bike computer product sales.

20 Facebook Groups for Triathletes Groups abound for triathletes based on geographic proximity, favorite race distances, and even specific races. There are also ways to find triathletes who share your particular lifestyle, whether it's Mom Life or Vegan Life. Some of our favorite Facebook Groups:.

Unboxed: Park Tool THH-1 Hex Wrench Set The Park Tool THH-1 is a set of T-handled hex wrenches with a slider barrel for speed and a very cool slip gripper head that helps with stripped bolts. Check out our video below for the full unboxing or scroll down for some quick takeaways. $130,

One-Hour Workout: Lucky Number 7 Swim This lucky number 7 swim session begins with a relaxed warm-up of 10 minutes of easy swimming, gradually building effort, but still no hard strokes.

A Triathlete's Guide to Cold and Flu Season Find out how you can train and stay healthy through cold and flu season by making just a few lifestyle tweaks to manage stress. 'Tis the season for the flu, winter colds, and other upper respiratory infections that put a damper on our workouts and threaten our fitness.

Tacx Neo Bike: How Does This Indoor Bike Stack Up? The Tacx Neo Bike interacts with training software like Zwift to control resistance and measure power. So is it worth the purchase? Ben Delaney shares his thoughts. The unique surface treatments add mental engagement, and the cockpit with USB ports, tablet holder, integrated computer and phone tray is largely well done.

Pelvic Floor Pain: Exercises + When to See a Therapist – Triathlete A pelvic floor physical therapist shares her tips for keeping pelvic pain at bay. As a pelvic floor physical therapist, I often see athletes who struggle with pelvic floor pain. This pain can be debilitating, causing some to leave the sports they love.

Winter triathletes to head to the snow for the busiest month of the season - With the snow topping the mountains all over the Northern hemisphere, February is the month for one of the newest additions to the ITU calendar: winter triathlon.

How These Triathletes Ended Up in a Super Bowl Ad Yes, you read that right - swim, bike, and run made an appearance between sacks and touchdowns, thanks to Facebook's spotlight on the Alcatraz Triathletes group. The commercial, which brings the stories of various unique Facebook groups to life, is meant to illustrate how Facebook helps people connect over shared interests.

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend Gone is the warm weather of Australia and Singapore, and now it's back to the mostly dreary weather of Amsterdam. Though honestly, it wasn't that bad this weekend. In fact, it felt unseasonably warm for the first weekend of February. I guess I can't really complain.

Qatar is looking for a Triathlon Team Coach - The Qatar Triathlon National Federation is looking for a Coach for the National Team, to work for the development of their national athletes to help them achieve their fitness and race-related goals.

Ask Chris: What Are The Best Injury Prevention Tools? Triathlon training has a tendency to break you down, the best injury prevention tools will help you rebuild. As we transition from the icy grip of winter hibernation to the inevitable base building phase before the season begins, we often find our bodies in rebellion.

Cameron Wurf Joins Cycling Team, Will Still Compete in Tri – Triathlete Ironman champion Cameron Wurf today announced he'll be returning to the pro cycling peloton as part of Team Ineos, although his focus will remain on triathlon. The Australian super biker-who finished fifth at Kona last year and holds the bike course record-last raced on the WorldTour in 2014 before transitioning to tri in 2016.

Gustav Iden: Get to Know the 70.3 World Champ – Triathlete Gustav Iden may only be 23, but his athletic resume is as lengthy—and as impressive—as his more experienced competitors. Get to know him.

Quick Set: Drill It This week's swim workout from Sara McLarty features five different drills. 500 warm up 4×50 @ :55 4×50 @ :50 4×50 @ :60 4×50 @ :60 8×25 @ :30 6×225 @ 3:30 50 easy 200 sprint! 100 easy 400 drafting 100 easy 6×100 pull @ 1:30 200 cool down. 500 warm up 4×50 @ 1:05 4×50 @ 1:05 4×50 @ 1:10 4×50 @ 1:10 6×150 @ 3:15 50 easy 150 sprint!

ITU presents ‘Beat the Heat’, a comprehensive guide for racing under extreme hot conditions - With triathlon events typically taking place in the summer, athletes can be exposed to particularly hot and humid environmental conditions. Under overly oppressive conditions, both the capacity to perform and the health of the athletes can be negatively impacted.

Olympic Solidarity helps pave the way for coach development in Nicaragua - From 20-24 January, the Nicaraguan city of Granada welcomed a long-awaited ITU Coaches Level 1 Course to the Granada Hotel by Cocibolca Lake, just 40 km outside the capital Managua. It was an ideal location for the course, with participants able to enjoy the environment whilst getting the most out of a fantastic learning experience.

GoPro Media Mod Accessory In-Depth Review Here's everything you want to know about the GoPro Media Mod from real-life testing to which settings work the best. From mics to HDMI, and more!

What You Need to Know About Every Triathlon Distance Welcome to the wide world of swim-bike-run - as you can see, triathletes cover a lot of ground! Swim: 500 meters Bike: 10K Run: 2.5K. 3-4 hours per week. Thinking about dipping your toes into the multisport waters? A super sprint triathlon is a great place to start.

Unboxed: Infinit Custom Protein Blend With the help of an optional free over-the-phone nutrition consultation, consumers can create their own recovery mix, based on their specific needs, with Infinit's custom protein blend program.

Traveling? 12 International Triathlon Terms You Need to Know Europeans and Australians would wonder, "Why would you do the mattress mambo at mile 20 of an Ironman?" But fear not, with our handy glossary of international triathlon terms you'll soon be able to understand our British and Aussie friends on and off the race course.

How to Successfully Execute a Swim-Focused Block A swim-specific training block is a great tactic to make a breakthrough in speed, endurance and efficiency in the water. Coaches will often include a swim block for athletes in the off-season or in a base-building phase, which is common due to swimming's low-impact nature.

Peloton for Triathletes: Could It Work as a Training Tool? As the popular fitness service grows exponentially, we break down how to fit Peloton into your everyday triathlete training. With 1.4 million Peloton users jumping onto state-of-the-art stationary bikes and treadmills to partake in virtual classes each day, working out without having to leave your home has become the new normal.

Polar's New H9 Heart Rate Strap: Everything you ever wanted to know Polar has announced today a new heart rate chest strap, undercutting slightly their higher-end H10 strap with a less expensive offering that ditches the onboard storage, while still maintaining the trio of connectivity choices. Essentially, it's Polar's perfectly priced strap to counter the Wahoo TICKR and Garmin HRM-DUAL chest straps.

3 Things to Check Before Every Ride It's understandable that you're eager to get outside and ride your bike, but before you roll out, take five minutes for a pre-ride check. A properly working bike is not only a fast bike, but a safe one.

One-Hour Workout: Strength and Stability This strength workout from Marilyn Chychota is perfect for this time of the season when you're looking to set the foundations for the year ahead.

Our Favorite Women's Running Gear for Winter We've rounded up some of our favorite women's running gear for winter - with both high end and wallet-friendly options - to help keep you motivated until the days get longer and warmer and trees are less naked. While we tested the women's versions of these products, nearly all of these items come in a men's version.

The StagesBike: A Quick Hands-On Update It's been almost 5 months since Stages first announced their StagesBike at Eurobike. At the time they stated they planned to ship in Q1 2020. Beyond that, it was mostly pretty quiet - as you'd expect. Also, apparently the spelling of 'Stages Bike', is without a space now.

Namibia Triathlon Union gets season up and running - A sprint-distance triathlon and a duathlon got the 2020 season under way in Namibia earlier this month as the National Federation's efforts to grow the sport in the south-western corner of Africa continue.

How to Nail Your Nutrition Goals This Year No matter what your goals are for the year, proper fueling is crucial to your success. Without proper timing of meals and snacks, along with choosing the right foods, you will end up selling yourself short.

The Future of the Nike Next% in Triathlon The controversy surrounding Nike's Vaporfly Next% shoe could carry into multisport. Nearly all triathletes have heard about the famed Nike Next% shoe, which won critical acclaim with their claim that, in most cases, it makes the wearer 4% more efficient.

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend in Singapore Phew - it's been a whirlwind last 10 days! Flying to Australia for the Tour Down Under, and then now just getting back home this morning. However, rather than just fly straight back we made a weekend stopover in Singapore, our connection point. Singapore is one of our favorite cities on earth for the variety of food.

Day 31: Triathlete Challenge Complete! It wasn't easy, but you did it-it's time to celebrate! Well done! We never said it was going to be a walk in the park, but we also probably didn't tell you it was going to be so tough. It's no surprise that we came up with a challenging challenge, given that we assembled some of the best triath-minds in the sport.

Day 30: 30-30s Run Workout Finish up the challenge feeling strong with this workout from senior editor Chris Foster. As we come near the end of our Triathlete Challenge, the last workout has one thing triathletes like and one thing triathletes don't: 1) symmetry and 2) speed work.

Day 29: Base Building Strength Workout for Triathletes - Part 5 The fifth and final part of our strength series from coach Erin Carson. The final 30-minute strength workout in our #TriathleteChallenge series from Coach Erin Carson features a good mix of core work with plenty of strength exercises that will help you build a solid foundation for a healthy, fast season.

Day 28: The Need for Speed! Swim In this final swim session of the #TriathleteChallenge you'll be blending top-end efforts with some aerobic work-the perfect combo to help you wrap up a great month of training. "I feel the need, the need for speed!" Learning to swim at all speeds and intensities is crucial if you want to get the most from the time you spend in the pool.

Day 27: Feel Good Bike Set This bike workout is designed to make you feel good. You're in control of the effort: feeling good? Then get after it! Feeling tired? Dial it back. It's important to learn to listen to your body, especially if you've been training hard and are beginning to feel fatigued.

Ask Chris: What Are the Best Bike Tools for a Triathlete? Working on your bike is hard. Having the wrong tool makes it worse. We look at the best bike tools that every triathlete should own. As we start to look forward to the "outdoor season," now's the best time to start getting your bike in order.

Triathlete Magazine Announces New Editor-in-Chief Journalist and pro triathlete Kelly O'Mara will become the next EIC of Triathlete. Triathlete Magazine has named Kelly O'Mara as the brand's next Editor-in-Chief.

3 Unique Activities to Try This Off-Season While your days aren't yet packed with swim/bike/run, check out three out-of-the-box alternatives that will still prepare you to tri. For the majority of triathletes, offseason is in full swing.

Quick Set: 300s And Pull Intervals A workout from coach Sara McLarty to take to the pool this weekend. 200 swim/200 pull/200 kick/200 swim 6×50 on :60 4×300 on 5:30 4 x 6×150 on 2:45. 200 swim/200 pull/200 kick/200 swim 6×50 on 1:10 3×300 on 6:45 3 x 4×150 3:30. 200 swim/200 pull/200 kick 6×50 w/ :10 rest 2×300 w/ :20 rest 2 x 2×150 3:30.

Garmin Adds Bluetooth Heart Rate & Running Data Broadcasting for FR245/FR945 Garmin has quietly begun offering the ability for users to start re-broadcasting their heart rate over Bluetooth Smart with certain wearables, via an open beta program. While virtually all Garmin wearables made in the last…ever…support re-broadcasting of heart rate over ANT+, none have supported re-broadcasting over Bluetooth Smart.

New DC Rainmaker Partnership with Wiggle for Europe / Australia/New Zealand I'm excited to announce a new partnership here on the site - this one primarily focused for Europeans, as well as Australian and New Zealand readers. A perfect fit for right now given I've spent the last week in Australia for the Tour Down Under, and of course I live in Europe.

Bike Computers of the WorldTour Pro Peloton Never have I ever seen so many Garmin Edge units in one place, than is on show at the Tour Down Under this year. That's of course partly because Garmin in recent years has shifted away from being a major sponsor of a single team, to instead going for minor sponsorships of basically almost all the teams.

Looking for a Unique Triathlon Adventure? Head South Central and South America are calling with pristine beaches, epic rides, and cultural experiences that will leave you fitter and smarter than when you left-all without breaking the bank. Yes, Mexico is a popular south-of-the-border option for warm training during the chilly months.

The Problem With Only Training Indoors With the rise in smart trainers and e-games, many cyclists are forgetting this important skill. Here's why only training indoors doesn't cut it. In the early days of indoor trainers, being on a turbo for more than 90 minutes was a badge of honor; sessions lasting multiple hours were not normal.

Knog Bilby: The First Look at The Newest Headlamp– Triathlete This time, they've also turned up the brightness to 11 with a 400-lumen model: the Knog Bilby. Boasting novel features like cord-free USB recharging, a single silicone strap, two button operation, and customizable modes, the Bilby is the most powerful iteration of Knog's relatively new running line.

The beginning - Squat Bench Deadlift 2020 try something new - for me this is a beginners Strength and Conditioning 6 week course at my local gym. This was very much as a result of reading Dr Stacy Sims ROAR - women are not little men, and how strength training with diet help the aging female athlete.

Tour Down Under 2020: Sports Tech of the Pro Women Each time I inventory the women's pro ranks, things get better and better in terms of equipment. Back a few years ago, it felt like a push to even have the same bike frames on a team. Whereas this year that's easily the baseline and the the majority of teams have standardized power meters too.

USA triathlete Sharon Byun aims for fourth Age-Group World Championships in 2020 - Sharon Byun represents USA as an age-group World Triathlete, as well as being an obstetrician-gynecologist at the University of Florida. Sharon considers her day job to be "work triathlon", delivering babies, operating and seeing patients in the office.

Run Fitness Test Monitoring progress through baseline fitness tests at regular intervals throughout the year is key to staying on track. This run fitness test is one of coach Troy Jacobson's go-to tests.

Enhanced Water: Worth the Cost or Just a Bunch of Hype? You can spend a pretty penny on staying hydrated. Today, water comes in a dizzying array of forms, including alkaline, electrolyte-rich, protein-enhanced, and even caffeinated. A big part of the growing enhanced water trend doesn't even hail from the tap.

2020 ITU Osaka race will be an Asian Cup - The International Triathlon Union, in accordance with the Asian Triathlon Confederation and the Japanese Triathlon Union, has decided that the Osaka ITU event in 2020, that had been previously announced as a World Cup, will be finally a Continental Cup.

Pro Triathletes Unionize with Investment from Billionaire Mike Moritz The Professional Triathletes Organization plans to make money through sponsorship and advertising surrounding the broadcast of its flagship race, The Collins Cup, debuting this May. First, some history. In 2015, a group of triathletes announced the formation of the Professional Triathletes Union, representing all non-drafting pros.

A Nutritious Twist on a Tasty Winter Soup Puréeing this winter creamy butternut squash soup makes it extra thick without adding a drop of cream. Serves 4-6.

Unboxed: Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit Shoes With their latest release, Nike is looking for the React Infinity Run Flyknits to keep people on the roads, rather than necessarily making them faster. Using a Hoka-amount of foam, Nike claims a 52% reduction of running injuries when compared to their non super foamy Zoom Structure 22-a shoe that is meant to provide support.

Why I Ride Indoors: Jana Richtrova On the trainer, a 60-minute workout really is 60 minutes, and every minute counts." What Richtrova likes most about indoor training is the ability to replicate just about any outdoor race environment. Her Saris H3 Direct Drive Smart Trainer makes it easy to program specific variables, such as hills and flats, into the workout of the day.

Hands-on: Wahoo adds Specialized ANGi Helmet Sensor Integration Wahoo and Specialized have announced a new integration that lets Wahoo users automatically start and stop the Specialized ANGi helmet live tracking and crash detection features, directly from their Wahoo ELEMNT/BOLT/ROAM computers.

Ai Ueda, new member of the ITU Executive Board - The International Triathlon Union is pleased to announce that Japanese athlete Ai Ueda, member of the Athlete's Committee, has been appointed member of the Executive Board as the second representative of the Athletes collective.

Tour Down Under 2020: Power Meters Of the WorldTour Men's Teams However - it's important to note that while Shimano directly sponsors the most teams in the peloton, they don't actually directly sponsor all the teams riding Shimano. Instead, what can happen is that the bike sponsor ends up equipping a given team with a Shimano bike.

Day 26: Abacus Swim Set This is a fun and challenging swim session that requires speed, pacing-and a lot of concentration. This swim session from former Ironman world champion and coach Karen Smyers involves plenty of changing speed and pace, and is nicknamed the Abacus Swim Set because you might need one to keep track of the changing intervals.

Treadmill Hills: Try This Workout From a World Champion – Triathlete This workout is a great way to spice up a treadmill run and can help improve your speed and form. Doing steady aerobic runs without any change in pace or incline will often put you on the fast track to staleness, boredom and plateau.

How to Plan a Triathlon Season Like a Pro – Triathlete Getting the most out of your 2020 season isn't just about training-it's also important to know how to pick your races. Training for triathlon is a lot of fun, but racing is what brings the sport to life. It's an opportunity to test your fitness, your training, and your grit-and to have fun with your training buddies.

Day 23: Base Building Strength Workout for Triathletes - Part 4 Agility and lateral movement add a fun dimension to this fourth part of our strength series from Coach Erin Carson. The fourth 30-minute strength workout in our Challenge series from Coach Erin Carson features some agility moves as well as plenty of strength exercises that will help you build a solid foundation for a healthy, fast season.

How to Fix a Flat Bike Tire Learning how to fix a flat bike tire is an essential skill that can be done correctly-you finish your ride and never think twice-or it can be done incorrectly, causing either another flat or a loss of control. We're only going to go over learning how to fix a flat with a clincher tire, as tubeless and tubular tires are pretty different.

Day 21: "Only A Minute" Bike Session This bike workout is a fun one that'll push you to your max-but only for a minute! This workout-from coach Karen Smyers-is a great bike session for January because the intervals are short and it's not too taxing a session, but it still gets you working at a high intensity.

Day 20: Volunteer for a Triathlon Why not use this time to store up a little good karma and volunteer for a triathlon? "You are going to get back what you put out there," said Rebecca Maccaroni, who volunteers as the race director for the D.C. Tri Club and also relies heavily on volunteers to put on their events.

Best Swimsuit for Triathletes Unless you came from a swimming background, it's hard to know which swimsuit is best for triathletes. We can help. We've all been there : It's your first year as a triathlete and someone convinces you to join a masters swim or meet them for a swim at lunch.

Quick Set: Frogs, Sharks, And Pop-Ups This is a great social activity because you can chat with your lane mates as you move down the pool. You will feel the muscles in your forearms and upper back getting a good workout! Hold a kickboard between your thighs. Make sure half of the board is sticking below your body when you swim freestyle.

NPE Runn Treadmill Smart Sensor: Everything you need to know A few weeks ago when Zwift announced their new running track within Watopia, a bunch of you were curious about the NPE Runn device I showed briefly within that post. But then yesterday Zwift sent an e-mail out to about a third of a million people talking about the Runn, and a cruise ship's worth of you migrated here for questions.

How to Talk About Triathlon Expenses With Your Spouse Money is one of the top causes of conflict in romantic relationships, factoring in to as many as half of all divorce filings. Though fights about finances aren't unique to triathlon expenses, the hobby sure doesn't help much. "Triathlon can easily become expensive, even at the amateur level.

Theragun Or Hypervolt? We Compare Two Percussive Therapy Devices Percussive therapy devices are mechanical massage tools used to aid in muscle recovery by stimulating blood flow and loosening tight tissues.

The Coolest New Gear for Riding in Zwift The game of Zwift is completing redefining the indoor riding experience, not only in terms of the software and the interaction but also the technology we use.

Happy New Year…. T-30 After a busy Christmas New year holiday where we covered three counties - Wiltshire, Dorset and Somerset visiting family and friends. Swim Bike and Run training was minimal.

Ask Stacy: The Ideal Race Weight and Post-Workout Snacking I've heard a lot about hitting “race weight”—how do I know what my race weight is and how should I achieve it? Dr. Stacy Sims answers this and more.

Finding Mentorship in Triathlon Two groups are out to change the landscape for triathlon mentorship for women. We've said it time and time again-triathlon is not actually a solo sport. Yes, on race day, you swim, bike, and run yourself to the finish line. But before and after that, a support network is a critical component in the triathlon journey.

A Life Changing Diagnosis Didn't Stop This Triathlete In 2017, Lauren Dahlin came down with what she thought was the flu-fatigue, a nagging cough, nausea. Dahlin, now 28 and living in Hyattsville, Maryland, visited a few doctors, who all chalked it up to a persistent virus and advised her to rest. But rest did little to relieve Dahlin of her symptoms.

Bike Fitness Test As with last week's swim fitness test, it can be scaled according to fitness and experience, and as you'll see here there are two different sets: one for beginners and one for intermediate / advanced athletes. Note that both tests will take slightly more than one hour.

How to Fuel for Long Indoor Rides If you're not thinking about nutrition and hydration for your indoor training sessions, you're sacrificing the effectiveness of your workouts. When it comes to indoor endurance training, so much emphasis is placed on the physical work of riding that proper nutrition often gets ignored.

A Look at EatMyRide: Automated Nutrition Planning with Strava / Garmin Integration While at CES last week I had the chance to get a bit of a demo from the one of the companies within startup pavilion. This pavilion is a bit like speed dating for companies. They've got a very small stand within a larger grouping of companies, in this case, the Dutch tech pavilion.

How Athletes Are Using Sound Therapy to Get Race Ready There's nothing new about using sound for relaxation, but triathletes are increasingly turning to our sense of hearing to boost recovery and performance. Wind chimes, wave machines, and ocean noises are just some of the many sounds that can take the body from extreme stress into a deeply tranquil state.

Day 19: Hills and Tempo Run Workout Coach Rachel Joyce shares one of her favorite winter run sessions. Yes, this is a hill workout, but that doesn't mean that the repeats have to be hard efforts. The purpose here is to build great form.

Day 18: "A Little Speed" Swim Set This session is great to help you get back into the swing of things after the off-season. There's a little bit of pace effort in this session, but there's also enough "aerobic" work that it doesn't feel like a daunting workout to put on your calendar.

Triathlon Club: How to Find One By You – Triathlete Whether you're new to the sport or an experienced veteran, joining a triathlon club is one of the best things you can do to enrich your experience as a multisport athlete.

Day 16: Winter Strength Builder Bike Build leg strength ahead of the 2020 season with this staple bike session from coach Rachel Joyce. This week's bike workout comes from coach Rachel Joyce. This trainer workout provides a time efficient way to build leg strength.

How to Clean Your Bike Today's challenge "workout" shouldn't take much more than an hour, but you'll need to carve out some training time to do it right. Learning how to clean your bike is an absolutely essential part of being a triathlete. We treat our bikes worse way worse than roadies-though maybe not as bad as off-road riders.

Day 14: Base Building Strength Workout for Triathletes - Part 3 The third 30-minute strength workout in our four-part series from Coach Erin Carson adds some intensity to build a solid foundation for healthy, fast season. Building hip mobility will help you swim, bike, and run more efficiently and powerfully. Translation: Extra speed and endurance.

Day 13: Schedule a Workout With a Friend The benefits of doing triathlon with a buddy are huge. For lucky day 13, we've got a simple task: ask a friend to do one of the Triathlete Challenge workouts with you! Easy ask, big benefits:. Want to hit your training goals?

Ask Chris: What’s The Best Way To Protect My Bike Indoors? You also need to know the best way to protect your bike indoors. If you're not careful, riding inside can absolutely destroy that sweet rig you spent years saving up for.

Nuts Don't Have as Many Calories As You Thought Research over the last few years reveals that tree nuts - including almonds, cashews, walnuts, and pistachios - have fewer calories than previously estimated. How is that even possible? We dove into the science to find out.

ITU launches the 2020 Athlete Scholarship Programme - Athletes selected for the ITU Athlete Scholarship Programme will be carefully 'placed' in a programme commensurate with their specific needs in the interest of their progressive development to an elite level.

First Look: Amazfit's Crazy Treadmill & Wall Display System The most common question I get while walking around the CES show floor each year is: What's the coolest thing you've seen here? Every…single…person asks me that. Every hour, every day, every year. And generally speaking this year it was a wishy-washy answer.

The Gear You Need to Enjoy Winter Running Fortunately, the following selection of running shoes, socks, apparel, and accessories will help it suck a lot less. In fact, they can even make it fun to conquer the elements. We review the best winter running gear for triathletes:. $160,

Recipe: Lasagna Gets a Healthy Makeover Lasagna goes green with these colorful, delicious Spinach Lasagna Rolls. We're always game for an extra dose of greens, plus swapping in cottage cheese lightens up this hearty spinach lasagna and gives dinner an extra boost of protein.

Texas Christian University Becomes 34th School to Add NCAA Triathlon Texax Christian University Triathlon will be the 34th program to add multisport to its lineup. USAT is just six schools away from NCAA varsity status.

Bike Saddles: A Little Savvy Will Save Your Tush Sitting on a bike saddle is not a natural act, and regardless of your belief in evolution, we can all agree that the perineal area was not meant to support the majority of your body weight. There is no perfect process for bike saddle selection.

One week to deadline for Tokyo 2020 Tripartite Invitation Places - The 17 January 2020 marks the closing date of applications for the Tripartite Invitation Places that offer smaller NOCs the opportunity to be represented at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. A total of 16 sports are eligible for Invitation Places within the Athletes' Quota.

Classification opportunities for Paratriathletes in 2020 - ITU is pleased to further announce the classification opportunities in 2020 for paratriathletes at ITU events:. - 2020 Newcastle OTU Paratriathlon Oceania Championships. Classification for physical impairments' athletes, on the 24th and 25th of January.

Joanna Perchaluk: This Triathlete Trains in the Arctic Circle – Triathlete Triathlete Joanna Perchaluk—who appears on the cover of our latest issue—works, lives, and trains in the Arctic Circle for up to a year at a time.

One-Hour Workout: Swim Fitness Test In tandem with the Triathlete Challenge, this month's One-Hour Workouts will run you through the basics of baseline testing in each discipline. First up, swim testing! This swim fitness test will help you gauge your current speed and set goals for your training going forward.

Reviewed: The Hottest Indoor Cycling Gear of 2020 Senior editor Chris Foster takes a look at new indoor cycling gear from Saris, Elite, Rapha, Omius, and Dyson. With indoor training on the rise, thanks to services like Zwift's virtual training environment, big brands are starting to offer indoor-specific gear that can help take your stone-age pain cave into the next decade.

Living Room Workout Boost your off-season stability-and your Netflix game-with this quick routine. The off-season is a perfect time for a marathon-a Netflix marathon, that is. With winter weather and fewer workouts on the docket, we can't wait to catch up on all of our favorite shows.

2020 Let's Go - Swim Bike Run Fun The Christmas decorations are packed away for another year, we are down to our last 5kg of cheese, all beer has gone and just one remaining bottle of red wine for a 'rainy' day. We completed our three counties tour and had a busy holiday with only one day at home.

Stages Further Lowers Power Meter Pricing to $299 No matter how you feel about single-sided power meters, there's zero denying that Stages and their timing of the decade deal with then Team Sky, dramatically increased power meter consumption. In the rising tide lifts all boats department, they took with them not just the budget end of the power meter spectrum, but also the mid and high end too.

Suunto 7 with Wear OS-Maps, Music, Payments: Everything you ever wanted to know There's only two words to describe the just announced Suunto 7 GPS watch: Hail Mary. How this story ends will take a few years to flesh out, but just most Hail Mary attempts it only ends on one of two ways: Astounding success or utter failure. It's no secret that Suunto has struggled to compete lately, primarily in the last two years.

Day 12: Descending 100s Swim Workout This descending 100s swim workout teaches the importance of pacing while in the water-particularly necessary for open-water swimmers and triathletes who have a tendency to go out too fast and pay the price not only at the end of the swim, but also during the bike and run.

Day 11: Base Building Strength Workout for Triathletes This 30-minute strength workout from coach Erin Carson works on hip function, and building a solid foundation for healthy, fast season. Working on the almighty hip hinge will help you swim, bike, and run more efficiently and powerfully-and stay comfy in the aero position longer.

Day 10: Pick 3 Affirmations for Yourself This simple daily exercise can have a big impact on your health and happiness. Let's start by clearing one thing up: Self-affirmations, the kind we'll talk about here, are not the same as mantras. In endurance sports, mantras are often pithy statements repeated to get us through rough patches.

Day 9: Build Progressions Run Workout This is a great run workout because it breaks up the monotony of a run, teaches pacing skills, and allows for a wide range of intensity levels. Many triathletes struggle with learning their pacing, but this build progressions run workout-the same one done by Olympian Ben Kanute-helps cast into a sharp light if you're going out too hard.

Day 8: Make Your Instagram Feed Full of #Trispo Social media is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it can show you what some of your favorite people are up to and maybe even inspire you to kick some butt in a certain area in your life. On the other hand, it can easily cause you to compare yourself to others and their not-so-real-insta lives.

Day 7: Tempo Into Surges Bike Workout This bike workout breaks up the monotony of indoor training sessions and helps with both aerobic strength and peak power outputs. Vance's Formula Endurance Junior program also uses this tempo into surges bike workout to help increase peak power and to work on handling a bike at high intensities when done outdoors.

Day 6: Marie Kondo Your Swim Gear Keep only the stuff that brings you joy. or, you know, that's not see-through. Confession: I have never, ever used my master bath tub for its intended purpose. More than five years in my house, not once have I sat for a luxurious soak. Yes, it's partly a time thing, partly an "I have tiny tots" thing.

Podium sweep for Russia in the debut of the Winter Triathlon World Cups - A standout dominance for Russian triathletes has given them a full podium sweep, both in the male and female races, in the debut of the ITU Winter Triathlon World Cups, hosted this weekend in the Chinese winter resort of Harbin.

Ask Chris: What Are the Best Accessories for Winter Running? Just get the warmest everything, right? Nope. In the last few years, triathletes have started flocking inside to do much of their winter riding.

Swim Survival Handbook These Swim Survival Handbook workouts featuring water treads, single-arm drills, and some mid-lane somersaults will do just that. 600 warm-up 6×100 on 1:45 400 pull 6×100 on 1:45 swim 400 pull 6×100 on 1:45 400 pull 6×100 on 1:45 100 cool-down.

Coming Up Next Week: The Consumer Electronics Show 2020! If I had to summarize what I expect I'll see next week at CES into three words it'd be: Huh, that's different. CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, is of course the annual gathering of the world's tech companies to show off their consumer wares.

Zwift's Running Track Is Open: Here's what a structured track workout is like Yes, I just ran in Zwift. For real. On purpose. And somehow, someway…it didn't suck this time. Earlier this week in an apparent New Year's Eve 'let's do this' moment, Zwift rolled out its last course edition of this year: A 400m running track. You may have even saw a few screenshots of people taking it for a loop over the last day or two.

Face-off: These Aftermarket Aerobars Can Transform Your Bike Mass-produced things are so 2015-we look at a pair of the best aftermarket aerobar options from two smaller brands that just might make you a believer. Aerobars can make or break the way a bike fits and can practically transform a modest ride into a superbike.

One-Hour Workout: Goodbye 2019, Hello Build Run! It's almost time to wave goodbye to 2019-and what better way to do it than with a speedy progression run. This New Year's Eve run workout can be as hard or as easy as you want to make it and sees you increasing speed every mile by 10-15 seconds for the duration of the workout.

The Triathlete Challenge: Your Best Season Yet – Triathlete Happy New Year and welcome to The Triathlete Challenge! What is The Triathlete Challenge, you ask? Think of it as a promise we'll make to each other. You bring good intentions, we'll bring the inspo-and expert advice-to kick off 2020 like a boss.

Base 400s Swim: Triathlon Challenge Day 2 – Triathlete This 30 to 60-minute workout by coach Marilyn Chychota is designed to build endurance and your aerobic base as a swimmer. Enjoy his Base 400s swim. 200 swim-scull-swim-kick. 4x 50 as 25 fast, 25easy on 15 seconds rest. 4x 50 descend 1-5 on 10 seconds rest.

Strength Endurance Bike: Triathlon Challenge Day 3 – Triathlete Use it at the beginning of the year to build a base, and again throughout the year to maintain strength. 15 minutes easy pedaling. 5 x 30 seconds single-legged drills. 2 x 1 minute: Build your effort each 20 seconds / 1min easy. 1-5 x 4.5 min Strength Endurance* / 90 seconds easy spin between.

Hill Bounding Run Workout: Triathlon Challenge Day 4 – Triathlete This 30 to 60 minute run workout will set the foundation for speed work, building power, and sport-specific strength. Short, strong hill reps benefit all types of runners, from triathletes to distance runners. This hill bounding run workout is perfect for building power and perfecting stride.

Day 5: Base Building Strength Workout for Triathletes This 30-minute strength workout from Coach Erin Carson works on hip mobility, and building a solid foundation for healthy, fast season. Building hip mobility will help you swim, bike, and run more efficiently and powerfully. Translation: Extra speed and endurance.

Prehab: What It Is and the Right Way to Do It So before training resumes, it's important to focus on re-conditioning and preparing your body for the training ahead. A great way to do this is to introduce a prehab routine. This will help bridge the gap between out-of-season and in-season and ensure your body is strong, resilient, and ready for the beginning of the new training cycle.

Ask Chris: What’s the Best Training Log? Get a jump on the "New Year, New You" stuff by setting up one of the best online training logs to track Your Best Year Ever! The new year is on its way, and if you're like most people, Jan. 1 will come with a host of resolutions and goals that you'll hopefully keep until this time next year.

ITU Photographer's Best of 2019 Gallery: Tommy Zaferes View the ITU Photographer’s Best of 2019 Gallery: Tommy Zaferes photo gallery on

FORM Goggles + Polar: The First Useful Heart Rate Visual for Swimmers? FORM goggles and Polar have teamed up to provide accurate heart rate data viewed through the goggles' heads-up-display while swimming. This may be the first time heart-rate numbers have been measured and displayed in a useful and precise way for swimmers, and it's a fundamental step forward for anyone interested in heart-rate training in the pool.

The Didn't Get What You Wanted $500 Gadget Giveaway Didn't get what you wanted? No problem, still big deals for a few more days! Here's a consolidated list of the final holiday deals still left, including sales on the Garmin Fenix and Forerunner series, to the Venu AMOLED GPS smartwatch, the latest Apple, DJI, Fitbit, GoPro, Suunto, and Polar deals.

Triathlete's Top 20 Articles of 2019 Each December, we look back on the stories that resonated most in the past 365 days. As we look back on the past year, one thing is for certain - 2019 was one hell of a year for triathlon. In only 365 days, we saw everything from jaw-dropping performances to insane new gear set to change the way we swim, bike, and run.

GoPro Light Mod Accessory In-Depth Review Way back when the GoPro Hero 8 was announced, the company also announced a series of 'Mods', err…accessories as the rest of the world calls them? In any case, there were three announced accessories at the time:.

Just Got A New Sports Gadget? 37 Tips To Get You Started So, you just got a new gadget under the tree. Congrats! Now, you've gotta figure out how to channel your inner sports geekdom to get the most out of that device. This year I've refreshed this annual tradition of a post with all the latest tips - packed full of everything you need to know to get started with your new device.

One-Hour Workout: Rev Your Engines! This one-hour bike workout will help add some spark to your off-season training. It's all too easy to get stuck in a rut with lower intensity work at this time of year and while that is important, you also want to rev your engine from time to time. This is important not just physiologically, but also mentally: going fast is way more fun!

Why I Ride Indoors: Josh Hageman As a father, small business owner, and age-group Ironman triathlete, Josh Hageman is performing a balancing act 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Time is precious, and he knows he doesn't have a second to waste. "We are all time-crunched to varying degrees," says Hageman.

Alternative Workouts to Swimming While you might not be able to swim laps on a regular basis, you don't have to lose all the swim-specific fitness that you built up during the season. Try these alternative workouts to swimming when you can't get to a pool.

Getting the Christmas Tree Home via Bike: 2019 Edition In now it's 7th year, we've been moving the Christmas tree home by bike. It started when we lived in Paris, using a bike share Velib to make the trek from our favored Christmas Tree vendor at the flower markets in the shadow of Notre Dame, to just across the river to our apartment.

Ask Chris: What Are the Best Swim Training Tools? The best swim training tools are the ones that help you actually race better when the gun goes off. Swim training tools come in all shapes and sizes, and they do all sorts of things. The best ones will help build strength, work your form, and increase your flexibility.

Giving Back to Siri Lindley An outpouring of love from the triathlon community as an icon faces a difficult diagnosis. On December 5, Siri Lindley rolled the camera on her IGTV for an episode of "The Bedhead Chronicles," an ongoing series in which the iconic triathlon and life coach talks about what's on her mind and answers fan questions, hair uncombed.

Triathlete's Best of 2019 Awards Presenting the biggest moments, movements, and people that shaped the sport, pushed it forward, and got us talking. Presenting, in no particular order, Triathlete's Best of 2019 Awards:. Germany's Jan Frodeno struggled through the 2017 Ironman World Championship in pursuit of his third title, hobbling his way to the line and finishing in 35th.

Friday Tidbits: Trainer App news, FR245/FR945 gets major update, KICKR Bike gets profiles Here's your quick round-up of news that I didn't quite get to this past week. Or, that wasn't quite worth of an entire separate post. Either way, it's Friday, let's get on with it. No, they haven't merged. Though, that would be interesting. Still, both apps have got news.

IM Swim Set for Triathletes to Try in the Winter – Triathlete Coach Sara McLarty shares an IM swim set to try this off-season. There are benefits to learning and implementing other strokes into yoru training. Learn about them here.

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The Benefits of the Backstroke for Triathletes The benefits of the backstroke for triathletes are numerous. It counteracts swimmer's "shoulder slouch" by engaging upper-back muscles and lengthening pectorals, it can provide an opportunity to calm breathing or clear goggles during an open-water swim and it breaks up monotony in the pool.

DJI Mavic Mini In-Depth Review The DJI Mavic Mini is DJI's first drone under 249 grams. It's a fact you'll see and hear a lot when anyone talks about this drone. And in some more limited than people realize situations, that means something. For example, in Canada it means you can fly the drone without taking a test.

Is Running on the Treadmill the Same as Running Outside? Think treadmill running is just a climate-controlled version of road running? Wrong. It's a completely different beast. But treat it right, and it can become your best friend. Running on the treadmill is not typically an athlete's first choice-you got into triathlon to enjoy the outdoors, not stare at a wall.

Race Radar: St. Croix's Beauty & The Beast Triathlon But for athletes at the Beauty and The Beast Triathlon in Saint Croix, winter is the perfect time to take on a swim, bike, and run. The former Ironman 70.3 Saint Croix lives on under new ownership, VI TRI, which resurrected the race as a way to fundraise for local nonprofit organizations.

IOC increases the quota of triathletes to 80 for the Dakar 2022 YOG - ITU is pleased to announce that the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee has approved a 25% increase in the number of triathletes that will be competing in the fourth edition of the Youth Olympic Games, that will take place in Dakar, Senegal, in 2022.

ITU welcomes applications for the 2020 ASICS World Triathlon Team - ITU's expansive development partnership with high-performance sports equipment giant ASICS enters its third season this year, ready to build on the performances and progress of 2019 but most of all, prepare some athletes for the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

12 Common Winter Running Mistakes Avoid the mistakes below to stay in the healthy lane and enjoy every footstrike all winter long. A smart progression is the key to building fitness safely. Yes, you may be able to jump from 10 miles a week to 20 miles to 30 miles in 3 weeks, but it doesn't mean it's the best way possible.

MyTri: A Cancer Diagnosis. And A Triathlon Dream. For Nathan Weaver, the worst news made a dream come true. A triathlon. The scary, yet exciting race that exists only on many peoples "someday" list. Regardless of the distance, the thought of swimming, biking, then running is just too intimidating to many.

Submit Your #MyTri Story We'll feature our favorites weekly on

Triathlon Upgrades That Are Worth Every Penny These six products pack plenty of dollar punch. Talk is cheap; triathlon isn't. While nearly every triathlon product is marketed as being a great buy, not every piece of gear is created equal when it comes to value.

Stuck On The Treadmill? Boost Speed With These 3 Workouts Instead of passively watching television or staring at a wall in your basement, these are designed to increase engagement. Running on a treadmill is an unfortunate reality for many runners during the winter months. With frigid temperatures, slippery roads and snow drifts, it's often the safest alternative.

Corporate Triathlon Program: How and Why to Pitch One – Triathlete You'd probably be encouraged to find out that several companies have corporate wellness initiatives and it may be easier than you realize to convince your company that a corporate triathlon program is right for your workplace. Companies of all sizes offer corporate wellness benefits for their employees.

ITU is looking for a Video Editor - The International Triathlon Union wishes to expand its media and communications team to support the increasing activities of the international federation. ITU is now searching for an experienced and creative Video Editor to join our team!

Session In A Bottle The session in a bottle workout itself-a block of 25×100-can be as challenging as you'd like to make it.

What To Wear for Winter Cycling Our partner, Santini, offers tips on staying in the saddle through the colder months.

Off-Season Rules: 6 Ways to Own The Non-Racing Months – Triathlete While bingeing on Netflix is always an option, there are plenty of ways to spend the off-season without sabotaging your hard-earned fitness. Take it from your fellow triathletes and apply these off-season rules:. Even the pros press pause in the off-season.

Pros Compete Under the Lights at Unique Challenge Daytona Race The late-season 2019 Challenge Daytona triathlon attracted a top-notch field, with athletes competing for their share of $20,500.

A 2019 Sports Wearables Recap with DesFit Here's a quickie of a post for you. Albeit, not a quick video. But that's alright, quality over quantity. Or something like that. As you may remember, DesFit was over here for the DCR Open House earlier this month, and last weekend we filmed this video chat-through of some 19 watches of 2019.

Zwift Begins First Day of New Crit City Race Course: My first go of it To my surprise, that was more fun than I expected. Also, it hurt my lungs more than I had planned for this Saturday afternoon. But more importantly - I could actually see doing it again. Which is not something I would have said earlier in the week on the FIT File Podcast.

Ask Chris: What Are the Best Headphones for Working Out? Before we get into a few picks, let's learn a little bit more about what features make the best headphones for working out:.

Getting Back in the Saddle After a Bike Crash Triathletes who have experienced a crash share how they got back in the saddle and learned to love riding again. One minute I was cruising along on my brand new tri bike, getting used to riding in the aero position, and the next thing I knew I was being loaded into an ambulance.

A Triathlete's Dream Holiday Wish List Yes, all of the items in our gift guide and stocking stuffer list are fantastic choices that are probably included on your triathlete's wish list. But if you have magic multisport powers, the ideas below will Blow. Their. Minds. What time-crunched athlete couldn't use a little more cushion to get it all in.

Fisher-Price Smart Cycle Trainer In-Depth Review We have arrived: The pièce de résistance of my five consecutive days of indoor smart trainer reviews. We started the week at $3,500 with the Wahoo KICKR Smart Bike, and yet we're going to finish the week with an $89 smart trainer that somehow, inexplicably, has more features and broader app compatibility than that bike.

Quick Set: Focus On Fast Just because it's winter doesn't mean you have to go all slow all the time. Try this fast swim workout for triathletes from coach Sara McLarty. 6×150 on 2:30 12×25 on :30 3x 300 pull 100 cool-down. 6×150 on 3:15 12×25 on :40 2x 300 pull 100 cool-down.

ITU Photographer's Best of 2019 Gallery: Ben Lumley View the ITU Photographer’s Best of 2019 Gallery: Ben Lumley photo gallery on

Sam Long Is Leading The Next Generation – Triathlete At only 23, Sam Long has already earned two 70.3 titles, solidifying his rising-star status on the long-course circuit. Sam Long started life as one of three premature triplets who doctors said might always lag behind their peers.

You’re Probably Squatting Wrong It's also not easy to make sure you're using proper squat form. "The squat is a fundamental movement pattern," says Carey Kepler, coach and owner of CrossFit Central. "You're lowering your body's center of mass as close to the ground as possible, flexing the hips, knees, and ankles to the ground.

Kinetic R1 Smart Trainer In-Depth Review It's been 16 months since the Kinetic R1 was first announced at Interbike 2018. That was back when Interbike still existed. Since then Interbike has dissolved, Kinetic started shipping the R1, then stopped for half a year, then resumed again this past summer.

Quantum Energy Squares: What's in it For You? If you're planning on hitting any start lines next year where Quantum squares will be served road-side, or even if you're just looking for something new to hide in your desk, read on for the low-down on why these bars are tough to beat. Natural caffeine.

What Are the Best Winter Running Shoes? One of the not-so-beautiful aspects of snow is that it converts many surfaces into luge courses or mud baths, which leaves athletes wondering what are the best winter running shoes? Trail shoes are the answer.

Competition schedule changes announced for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games - The International Paralympic Committee and the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee have confirmed the competition schedule for the Paratriathlon competition at the Paralympic Games, with the start time of the triathlon competition to be moved up from 07:30 to 06:30am.

Fascinating Stats from Strava's 2019 Year End Report This one suits as it's 16 month calendar for 2020 Llamacorns: The World's Most Magical Unicorns 2020 Wall Calendar:. And this one seems on to Wanna help support the site? You have two options. The first is to use Clever Training with either the coupon code or the VIP program.

Meet You In Marrakech If 2019 is your year to race in exotic destinations, you need to put the inaugural IRONMAN 70.3 Marrakech on your calendar.

Magical Marrakech: An IRONMAN Triathlete's Guide Infuse your season with a taste of triathlon that only The Red City can offer.

Customize Your Cruise with After-Market Insoles Running a marathon after 112 miles on the bike is never a walk in the park. Why not let custom insoles help you get at least a little closer?

4iiii Fliiiight Smart Trainer In-Depth Review The Fliiiight is a different kind of trainer on so many levels. First off - it doesn't use any sort of traditional trainer resistance technology to provide resistance.

How to Stay Motivated in the Winter Months Below are a few of my favorite ideas to help conquer the feeling of despair that can come with winter training. You can keep that motivation in the winter! Without a doubt, the emergence of Zwift and similar training platforms has relieved a lot of the boredom of riding indoors.

A Year In Stravaland As they've done in recent years, Strava has released a stat nerd's treasure trove of facts and figures telling us how much riding, running, and other stuff we record into their virtual repository. Let's see how 2019 Strava stats turned out:.

Max Power Bursts This max power bursts session will help keep the cobwebs from settling on your fast-twitch muscles while also adding some spark to the monotony of long, steady workouts. This workout is best done on the trainer so you can fully focus on going all-out on the short efforts.

Elite Suito Smart Trainer In-Depth Review It's been about five months since the Elite Suito was first announced back in July. The Suito made a name for itself by essentially copying the same Elite formula as a few years ago: Offer a good medium-range product that undercuts everyone else on price.

Delly Carr Shares His Favorite Images From 2019 ITU Racing With so many races around the world, the ITU and its photographers produce some of the most epic images. Today, we're sharing 10 from Delly Carr.