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Build Endurance With This Power Yoga Sequence What's more, you don't need to be an experienced yogi to complete the following power yoga workout. You can graduate to more challenging sequences as you practice and build strength. In the following power yoga session, we start with easier moves as a warm-up, then go into the workout sequence, which you can repeat two to five times.

Figuring out your best run cadence From how to master your flip turn to the perfect 70.3 brick workout, here are TrainingPeaks' top-five multisport articles from 2017. More and more triathletes are making the jump to ultrarunning. Here's what to expect and how to prepare for your first ultra.

ARGON 18 Boosts Triathlon Roster With American Powerhouse Heather Jackson They're committed to innovation and development and helping their triathletes and cyclists be the fastest they can be." Heather Jackson, Professional Triathlete.

10 Basic Cycling Skills Every Triathlete Should Master In other words, here's how to ride a bike. Almost every adult-onset triathlete knows the phrase "it's just like riding a bike" is a gross oversimplification of cycling. Many adults know how to ride a bike, sure, but the skills required for a good-time ride with friends and family don't necessarily translate to riding for triathlon.

Moats receives eight year suspension Ironman has added another 70.3 race in Chile. Ironman 70.3 Coquimbo takes place on October 21, 2017. Who is Lew Friedland? He's the guy who changed the face of our sport by adding races around the world an changing the way we got to watch Ironman racing.

Flora Duffy's hometown training day Two women separated themselves from the rest of the crowd when it came to world championship racing in 2017, but are Flora Duffy and Daniela Ryf the only women in the running for's female Triathlete of the Year? Ben Kanute and Flora Duffy took the overall titles at the Island House Triathlon in 2017.

ITU Opens Investigation into Alleged Failed Drug Test by Olympic Bronze Medalist Russian website Sputnik reports Henri Schoeman tested positive for prednisone at Rio 2016. The International Triathlon Union has opened an investigation into allegations that Olympic triathlon bronze medalist Henri Schoeman failed a drug test at the 2016 Games in Rio.

Our 4 Favorite Vacation Spots for Triathletes These four locales blend the best of triathlon training with your ideal vacation. Picture it: You just finished a sunny long ride that snaked for miles on open road past ponderosa pine forests and rushing rivers.

ITU to investigate allegation of adverse finding in Rio for Henri Schoeman interviews Mario Mola, Richard Murray, Henri Schoeman and Alistair Brownlee after their exciting race at the ITU WTS Grand Final in Cozumel, Mexico. Olympic gold medalist Gwen Jorgensen has been nominated for the Women's Sports Foundation's Sportswoman of the Year award.

How Eating Certain Foods Can Reduce Inflammation Some foods also help fight off bacteria and microbial attacks, which may serve to help our bodies decrease inflammation. The simple answer is as often as possible! Without making yourself crazy, or creating a spreadsheet, buy, cook, and enjoy fatty fish at least twice a week.

A Cycling Legend is Coming to Tri-But Not to Compete Cycling legend Fabian Cancellara partners with the newly reformed TriStar triathlon series to offer bike-centric, beginner-friendly distances. Cycling legend Fabian Cancellara has taken to triathlon for his second career.

Meditation = Brain Training for Focus Athletes are using meditation to get an edge for these six reasons. Work In author Erin Taylor shares why you should add meditation to your daily routine. You know your mind is powerful. Since the beginning of time people have sought ways to focus the mind and harness its power.

A Look At Velon's Live Race Tracking System Since a change in leadership at the UCI in 2013, we've seen an increase in the number of data tracking platforms that are following the pro peloton. For example, last year at the Tour Down Under I highlighted one solution by Satalyst, and then this past summer at the Tour de France with Dimension Data.

Tour Down Under Tidbits: BMC Chilling Vests, Race Convoy Walkthrough, Media Swag Bag Each day I'm here down in Adelaide at the Tour Down Under I'm roughly spending half my day at or getting to/from the race site, and then half my day writing posts and editing videos.

TrainingPeaks - Cold weather riding From how to master your flip turn to the perfect 70.3 brick workout, here are TrainingPeaks' top-five multisport articles from 2017. Workouts focused on one sport will help you hone in your skills and adjust your training volume so you can start next season faster than ever.

Build a Better Back With These Dynamic Exercises Slipped disk treatment, prevention, and exercises. Discogenic back pain, aka a slipped or herniated disk, is a more complex issue than simple muscular back pain. The intervertebral disks, which are made of cartilage, are built like marshmallows and sit between the vertebrae for cushioning.

Triathlon Trios Invited To Compete Alongside World's Best In Nottingham The Accenture World Triathlon Mixed Relay Nottingham acts as one of three global Mixed Relay Series events in 2018, with nations looking to hone their team skills in the fast and furious racing style ahead of competing for the first ever Olympic Triathlon Mixed Relay medal in two years' time.

3 Bodyweight Routines You Can Do Anywhere, Anytime A little bit of creativity and your own body weight can help you maintain fitness and build strength without needing to go anywhere.

Are You Eating Enough? Not eating enough is more common than you would probably guess. The majority of triathletes and runners are always striving to be leaner and reach their fastest "race weight," both within the season and in the off-season. It is absolutely true that the leaner you are, the faster you can run and bike-at least to a point.

Start Your Commitment to Swimming with This Test Set Whatever has you thinking about swimming this winter, this workout will help you commit. Try this test set on a date of your choosing and record your results in your training log. Then one month later, do the same set again and compare your times.

Dream Team TV - Challenge Wanaka A stacked field has been announced for this year's edition of Challenge Wanaka. We've got the details to go along with the video from last year's version of one of the world's most scenic races.

Photos from the Tour Down Under Bikes, Beers & Tech Night On the eve of the start of Stage 1 at the Tour Down Under we held a grand event: One solely focused on bike tech and beer. And by grand…I mean in the back outside section of a pub under the flight path of the international airport. But what we lacked in aeronautical silence, we made up for in sports tech chat.

Wahoo Fitness at CES: Update on the KICKR Timelines Like many fitness tech companies at CES this year, Wahoo Fitness decided against being on the show-floor with a large booth. Joining Fitbit and others, Wahoo went with off show-floor arrangements, in this case a suite some 31 floors above the craziness of the exhibition halls.

The Top 5 Gizmos for Triathletes from CES Among the souped-up sporting goods and wearables were some innovative bike and run products designed to make your training safer and more efficient. Here are our five favorite finds.

One-Hour Workout: Fast-Finish Repeats Hone a strong finish with this simple, but tough, interval workout. This week's workout comes from Alison Kreideweis, a 2x USAT All-American, 2x Team USA member and co-founder of the Empire Tri Club in New York City.

Can HotShot's Spicy Mouth Rinse Really Kill Your Cramps? They landed on HotShot, a lively cocktail of cinnamon, ginger, and capsaicin, the heatmaker in chili peppers. According to Doctor Bean, while dehydration and electrolyte imbalance in the muscles have been fingered as contributors, the root cause of muscle cramps is not well understood.

ITU President presents candidature for ASOIF representative on the IOC Executive Board - ITU is pleased to announce that President and IOC member Marisol Casado has presented her candidacy to become the ASOIF representative on the IOC Executive Board, the elections for which will be held next month in PyeongChang.

Why To Learn To Bilateral Breathe Breathing to both sides of your body becomes even more important when you move from the pool to the open water. Let's look at the race-scenarios above-waves, wind and other competitors. Being comfortable with bilateral breathing can make you a much calmer athlete in each of these scenarios.

5 Habits to prevent and treat chronic injuries There are a number of ways you can avoid chafing while training and racing. Here are a few suggestions. Overtraining and a high glycemic diet might be leading you down the path to health issues. These three tips will help you keep your mental game in check when injury strikes so you can get back to the starting line confidently and quickly.

A Closer Look at The Specialized Power Meter Spotted at The Tour Down Under At the 2018 Tour Down Under, there honestly isn't a ton of new bike tech. At least, bike in within the realm that I care about. Undoubtedly there are new frames, wheels, and probably the odd brake pad. But in terms of things with electronics in them, most of that will have to wait till later this spring.

Tour Down Under 2018: Sports Tech Gear Of the Pro Men The Tour Down Under represents the first race of the UCI WorldTour season, and as such, establishes what we'll see in terms of equipment as the baseline for most tech on the teams this year. The men kicked off their festivities down here on Sunday with the People's Choice criterium, but the actual Tour Down Under Stages 1 didn't begin till today.

Kask Promises Major Aero Benefits with New Helmet's Dan Cavallari reports on the newest aero helmet sighting from the Tour Down Under. Kask isn't shy about promising a lot. It has dubbed its new lid the Utopia, and with a slew of aero claims, Kask says it's better than the best. You'll see it on Team Sky riders at the Santos Tour Down Under this week.

3 Tips for Surviving a Stress Fracture The very words "stress fracture" invoke intense fear in any athlete's heart. Months of discipline, thousands of miles of preparation - all that hard work-can seemingly dissipate with a doctor's unwelcome diagnosis.

Beginner's Luck: Setting Goals for Your 2018 Season Meredith Atwood gives her advice for making sure your tri-resolutions are in line with real goals that translate into progress and PRs. One of the biggest problems with resolutions is that we often are trying to make a whole-life overhaul with setting the list of changes.

Forth Edge Launch New Affiliate Programme For Partners Customers also have 'peace of mind' regarding the sharing of their information and results thanks to a built-in permissions system." A select number of Forth Edge partners are already using the programme and feedback has already been incredibly positive, leading the team to welcome more partners to join.

Capturing Video on the Bike Is Easier Than Ever As hi-definition cameras shrink, cyclists' options for back-up video grow. Last September, Detroit-based attorney Todd Briggs tried a case in which a woman was struck by a car while cycling. "Nearby was a funeral parlor and a daycare, all with cameras, but none were operating," Briggs says.

Lauren Parker, from elite triathlete to elite paratriathlete in nine months - It was in early April of 2017 when Australian triathlete Lauren Parker felt at the peak of her career. After finishing second in the 2015 Ironman World Championships in Kona, the 28 years old triathlete was training for 35 hours a week with a goal on her mind: a podium at the Ironman Australia Triathlon in Port Macquarie.

Andy Potts signs with Ceepo The top American finisher in Kona last year, Andy Potts will ride a Ceepo in 2018.

The Monday Round-Up: The Season Starts in Pucon Act Fast: General Entries Almost Sold Out. All these events are all getting close to being sold out of general entries. Act quickly before they are all gone. Final Price Increase Coming Up - Last Chance to Save. Be The First To Sign Up!

Sanders and Riveros perfect in Pucon Since October Lionel Sanders has finished second in Kona and won Ironman Arizona by a whopping 13:30 over a competitive field. So it comes as no surprise that the Canadian easily handled the field at Ironman 70.3 Pucon today.

Hello Australia! I'm crashing your country through March! Four redeye flights in a row later coming from CES in Las Vegas the wrong way around the world, and I've arrived in Australia! Actually, more accurately, we've arrived in Australia. Me, The Girl, and both Peanuts. First up on the docket is the Tour Down Under, which got underway tonight.

Vandendriessche and Haug take the Lanzarote International Duathlon Italian photographer Elena Segatini won the Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote photo competition with this dramatic photo showing just how far people can push themselves. Check out all the winning photos. Was ist mytriathlon?

Garmin Releases Its First Watch for Music Fans "Your songs on your wrist" is the new battle cry at Garmin, which this week announced the release of its latest product, the Forerunner 645 Music.

Add This Strength Drill to Your next Swim Workout Master the Freestyle Technique Used by the World's Fastest Swimmers. Sheila Taormina. In Swim Speed Secrets, 4-time Olympian, gold medalist, and triathlon world champion Sheila Taormina reveals the swim technique used by the world's fastest swimmers.

5 Steps to Reaching Your 2018 Nutrition Goals No matter what your goals are for the new year, proper fueling is crucial to your success. Without proper timing of meals and snacks, along with choosing the right foods, you will end up selling yourself short.

Andi Boecherer's bike fit and tri-suit tips Using a swim snorkel for open water training can offer lots of benefits for your swim stroke. Overtraining and a high glycemic diet might be leading you down the path to health issues. These three tips will help you keep your mental game in check when injury strikes so you can get back to the starting line confidently and quickly.

Running On Peloton's New Tread Connected Treadmill This week at CES, Peloton raised the stakes and announced their long awaited treadmill - simply called Tread. For those not familiar, Peloton is the indoor cycling studio that's transplanted into your living room via their swanky indoor cycling bike.

5 Iron-Distance Races in 5 Days in 5 NYC Boroughs Meet the athletes who made it happen. Within minutes of each other, Chris Solarz and Chris Calimano jog up to our designated meeting spot in Central Park.

Frederiksen signs with Trek Fresh off the announcement of Michelle Vesterby's signing with Argon 18, today we learn that 2012 Danish Olympian Helle Frederiksen has signed with Trek and Bontrager as she makes a run at her first Kona appearance in the fall.

Triathlon Industry Association: Sixth Annual Multisport Athlete Survey The Triathlon Industry Association, which comprises event organisers, equipment manufacturers, tour operators, retailers, distributors, and media, will be working in conjunction with the sport's governing body, British Triathlon, to pool data for a comprehensive approach.

Ironman world champion Patrick Lange The 2005 Ironman world champion has turned to coaching and seems to be doing a good job. Meet Faris Al-Sultan, a world champion himself and also 2017 Kona champion Patrick Lange's coach. The 2017 Ironman World Championship will go down as one of the most exciting in the races history.

Improve Your Running Form with Short Hill Sprints But another key advantage of a good hill workout is that it can help your running form. Sprinting up a hill reinforces good running form because you must get up on your forefeet, lift your knees, execute a rapid turnover and drive your arms.

Fueling for Every Type of Triathlon Workout The right fuel-taken at the right time-can make all the difference in maximizing your athletic potential and recovery. Knowing what foods to eat to fuel your training is important, but to reap the benefits of the nutrients, it's the when that really matters.

Get Stoked About Winter with One of These Challenges There's a lot to keep curious triathletes stoked this winter. Pick your challenge, then get ready for your most action-packed winter yet.

Vesterby signs with Argon 18 The right partner is key in our sport and I am confident that Argon 18 will allow me to reach new levels with my bike. I am thrilled to join the Argon 18 family and work together to bring the joy of the sport of triathlon to women around the world.

IRONMAN Announces 2017 All World Athlete Winners We are proud to announce the overall IRONMAN All World Athlete Champions for each age group category after a successful 2017 racing campaign. IRONMAN triathlon athletes received the IRONMAN All World Athlete designation in their age groups by competing in multiple events and earning Age Group Ranking points during the 2017 season.

More Flats Than Spares? AAA Will Pick You Up AAA now provides bikes with the same roadside service as automobiles. Spend any amount of time on a bike, and it's bound to happen-you get a second flat tire when you only packed one spare tube, that chain you've been meaning to replace "eventually" finally snaps, or a random-but-important bolt dislodges and disappears.

Veni, Vidi, IRONMAN Vichy! When it comes to training, triathletes pride themselves on their ability to "fit it all in," despite managing triathlon around a career, social, and family obligations. Multisport and multitask seem to go hand in hand, but there's one area where we notoriously fall short: taking time to rest and recover.

The Evolution of Triathlon Timing and Results Industry experts uncover the importance and secrets behind timing and results. In triathlon, timing is everything. When precious seconds could mean the difference between a podium or personal best, accuracy is essential.

Dream Team TV - Ironman Wales provides a quick recap of this past weekend's ITU WTS Grand Final and Ironman, Challenge and Xterra series races in Wales, Spain and the USA. One of the toughest Ironman races, the hottest, beautiful and much more on tap this weekend.

8 Tips for Better Winter Cycling Follow these eight winter cycling tips for an enjoyable riding experience this season. To stay warm during a winter ride, think in terms of your head, hands, feet and torso. Most of your body heat escapes through your head, so using a balaclava under your helmet will help keep you warm.

Spire: These activity tracking sensors attach to your underwear With thousands of companies exhibiting at CES, you see all sorts of things across a wide array of viability levels. Some stuff you see you'll know will be a hit. While others it's just a matter of time before not just the product, but the company folds.

Bio-Motion Technology is Taking Visibility to the Next Level Light up your movements-not just your torso-for your best chance at being seen. It's no secret the biggest number of grim bike accidents occur when the light gets low-between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. to be exact. There are a number of factors associated with that, but the most obvious-and easiest to fix-is low visibility.

Best of 2017: Best Swimmer - Every year and every single new triathlon season always brings its own set of memorable moments such as exciting performances, close battles on the race course, personal best finishes and emotional triumphs.

Mirinda Carfrae on the Comeback Trail While the excitement and motivation to get back into the swing of swim, bike, and run can light a fire under many triathletes, there is always that moment where you suddenly realize just how hard it can be to get your body, mind, and fitness level back to a place where you don't feel like throwing in the towel.

Is weight a matter of willpower? Using a swim snorkel for open water training can offer lots of benefits for your swim stroke. These three tips will help you keep your mental game in check when injury strikes so you can get back to the starting line confidently and quickly.

This 18-Time Ironman Finisher Battles Through Chronic Pain Despite a rare, painful chronic condition that hobbles most who face it, Kristin McQueen just crossed her 18th Ironman finish line-and counting. Kristin McQueen can't wear a sun visor during a race. She struggles to put on a helmet or pull goggles over her head.

IRONMAN Announces Global TriClub Champions This free program offers countless benefits and prizes to members including a TriClub Village at designated events, chances for priority entry to popular events, joining our social communities, and the opportunity to compete for a coveted IRONMAN Global TriClub title.

Photos: The 8 Stops on ITU's 2018 World Triathlon Series Calendar In its 10th season, the World Triathlon Series will feature eight stops, with one city debuting for the first time in the calendar. The WTS will again get underway in Abu Dhabi on March 3, to then move onto a new addition to the calendar, Bermuda. The beautiful Atlantic Ocean island will host its very first WTS race on April 21.

Gomez tops a competitive list Lionel Sanders and Lucy Charles were too tough on the run for their competition in taking the Challenge Championship in Samorin, Slovakia. The third stop on the ITU World Triathlon Series features the return of Flora Duffy and Jonathan Brownlee. The Crank on the weekend's racing and lack of coverage of the 70.3 NA Championship.

One-Hour Workout: Gym Attack! Burn off those excess holiday calories and jumpstart your unused muscles with this unique bike/run/weight brick. This week's workout comes from Dawn English, a coach with OutRival Racing. English has been coaching for 10 years, has been a triathlete since 1999, and is a Level 1 USAT-certified coach.

Helen Jenkins: Triathlete has back fusion surgery Helen Jenkins has back fusion surgery and will require another operation next week in order to lead "an active and healthy life".

Seeking a PR in 2018? Try One of These Epic Camps Start planning now for this year's epic SBR escape with one of these premium experiences. RELATED: Making the Most of a Triathlon Training Camp. Kona, Hawaii $699, plus accommodations January 22-26; April 9-13; May 14-18; July 30-August 3.

Hands-on: Scosche's New Rhythm 24 Optical HR Sensor Swiss-Army Knife Because almost everything they've added is about things beyond the optical HR sensor. They've jammed NFC in there, onboard memory, cycling cadence, swimming support, tripled the battery and much more.

First Look: The Suunto 3 Fitness: Lightweight Non-GPS Sports Watch Today, on the eve of CES opening it's doors, Suunto cracked the lid on their latest watch, the Suunto 3 Fitness. These small and incredibly lightweight watches are somewhat aimed to compete with the likes of Polar's M430 watches, as well as Garmin's Vivomove HR series, and Fitbit's Blaze.

Get Your Bike Ready for Triathlon Season Check off the necessary items on this to-do list now so you can fully invest your time in riding when spring hits. Bodies change as far as strength and flexibility, and your fit may need an update. Or perhaps you're a former long-course athlete who will be focusing on sprints in 2016 and you could use a more aggressive position.

Challenge Madrid named ETU Long Distance Championship The European Triathlon Union will hold it's long distance championship at Challenge Madrid on September 23. The full-distance race offers a spectacular course that takes in some beautiful scenery and finishes at the Puerto del Sol.

The European Long Distance Triathlon Championship Will Be In Madrid The organisation will be carried out by the European Federation, the Spanish Federation, and the Madrid Triathlon Federation, in addition to the Challenge Madrid organization itself. All information and registration details can be found here.

Looking Back on the 2017 WTS Season Through Pictures View the Looking Back on the 2017 WTS Season Through Pictures photo gallery on

UK's Largest Triathlon Show Returns to London in February The show caters for swimmers, cyclists, runners and triathletes with 100's of exhibitors, whilst providing visitors the opportunity to take part in swim coaching sessions, to test the latest bikes or to take part in a 10km run, as well as the best information on nutrition, training, and events.

16 Triathlon Nutrition Blunders and How to Avoid Them With all the advances in sports nutrition, some of the oldest aid station favorites still remain our saviors on race day. For example, eating a few bites of banana at the first aid station helps line your stomach for the long day ahead. Orange slices have never tasted so delicious as on the IRONMAN run.

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Beginner's Luck: How to Become a Triathlete Step one: Decide that you will. Keep the promise to yourself. When I started in the sport of triathlon, I could not swim or bike or run. Judging by my years of mediocre triathlon finish times, many might contend that I still don't swim, bike, or run. I have news for everyone-going slow instead of fast?

A Simple Oatmeal Recipe from a Top Physiologist and Pro Chef Lim and professional chef Biju Thomas tested hundreds of recipes with Tour de France cyclists to find out what worked: what was easy to make, delicious to eat, and friendly to high performance. They share their favorite dishes in The Feed Zone Cookbook: Fast and Flavorful Food for Athletes, available from VeloPress.

Top-5 training articles from 2017 Do you have what it takes to complete a race longer than a traditional full-distance event? Here's a great primer on the training required to tackle an Ultra triathlon. Workouts focused on one sport will help you hone in your skills and adjust your training volume so you can start next season faster than ever.

GoPro exits drone business, but also drops price on GoPro Hero 6 Black In a move that will surprise approximately nobody, GoPro officially announced they're exiting the flying camera business. This was rumored over the weekend with the slashing of some 245 jobs, but solidified today in their earnings call.

3 Things Every New Swimmer Needs to Know Knowing the answers to these three common questions can boost your swim split-and take the drag out of training. Some athletes worry that flip turns are "cheating," because you're getting an extra push with each lap. In fact, the opposite is true.

Patrick Lange's Kona course record tops 2017 The Crank offers up some interesting commentary on this year's Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. The 2017 Ironman World Championship will go down as one of the most exciting in the races history. We recap the day with our video coverage from Kona.

The Monday Round-Up: A New Year at IRONMAN This is the final week to register and enter our 40 Years of Kona Promotion. Deadline to register for any IRONMAN globally is January 14 at 11:59 p.m. to get yourself into the lucky draw.

Dear Coach: When Can I Get Back To Speedwork? But alas, if it hurts so bad, you can derail your season before it even gets started. How we ramp into training mode is critical to how we race, and running is where the majority of injuries tend to emerge. I like a steppingstone approach that ensures the right type of work at the right time.

Hands-on: Garmin's Forerunner 645 Music GPS Watch Finally, Garmin now makes a wearable that plays music. In some ways, that's sorta all you need to know. But of course, I've got plenty more details to dive into than just that.

Flora Duffy takes our women's Triathlete of the Year After an eighth-place finish in Rio, Flora Duffy seemed to finally be able to nail the race plan that might have got her on the podium at the Olympics - as is her typical race strategy, she broke away on the bike and held on strong through the run to hold off Gwen Jorgensen, taking the WTS world title in the process.

4 Yoga Poses Designed to Make You More Aero Based on tried and tested yoga positions, these four moves have been tweaked to target a triathlete's tightest spots: the hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, shoulders, back, and glutes-including the potentially troublesome piriformis. Perform them daily, holding each stretch for a minimum of 60 seconds.

These Granola Bites Are Easy On-the-Go Fuel Who says granola has to be served from a bowl? These little bundles of nutrients are an on-the-go way to carry your beloved hippie food. Makes 12 servings.

How Cold Is Too Cold to Train? When it comes down to it, wearing the proper clothing is the most important factor. As frigid temperatures take over most of the country, most people are staying indoors, figuring this must be too cold to run outside.

Quick Set: Winter Rust-Buster Blow out the cobwebs of the offseason using short intervals mixed with kicking, drills, and pulling. Use this workout to refamiliarize yourself with the pool, while at the same time getting a head start on open water skills.

Embracing the cold and snow Andi Boecherer isn't letting the snow and cold get him down - he's using it as an opportunity to enhance his training through cross-country skiing.

ITU's 2018 highlights reveal busy year for triathlon - The new year once again brings with it a calendar of events to whet the appetites of triathlon fans the world over.

Wanda Considers IPO for Triathlon, Cycling Holdings Chinese real estate and entertainment company Wanda Group may list its sports holdings on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, which includes the World Triathlon Corporation and the Tour de Suisse, among other assets. The news was reported by Reuters, which referenced five sources familiar with the situation.

What Do I Think About When I Race? Four writers give us a glimpse inside their minds. By: Susan Lacke. The writing process is the worst thing for one's confidence-there's always something to revise or tweak, and nothing is ever good enough. Kafka didn't want any of his books published; Hemingway was convinced everything he wrote was crap.

Why Amateur Triathletes Shouldn't Train Like the Pros I believe in amateurs pursuing performance in the context of a balanced life. The goal isn't to qualify for Kona, become an age-group Ironman 70.3 podium finisher, or even just improve your time from your previous race at the expense of life. Performance should be built on a platform of health.

Mark Allen on Body Image In October of 1982 I arrived at the hallowed grounds called Ali'i Drive in Kona-the thin ribbon of road that has been run on by the greatest endurance athletes on the planet.

Ironman announces new event in California, Ironman 70.3 Indian Wells-La Quinta Set in one of Ireland's most scenic seaside towns, Ironman 70.3 Dún Laoghaire will be held next August 19, replacing Ironman 70.3 Dublin. Ironman enters Central Asia with a new event in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. The new event takes place on June 18, 2018.

Why Do I Binge Eat? What Can I Do Instead? A: Every triathlete occasionally eats more than they mean to, or more than they wish they had. It's normal and nothing to worry about, as long as it happens infrequently. But if it's happening more than it used to, or more than you would like it to, consider these three main culprits:.

Testing the Brooks Levitate The first impression of this shoe is immediately positive. You feel comfortable in the shoe as soon as you pull it on. The fit is reminiscent of the Brooks Launch and the similarity is no coincidence. According to Brooks, the Levitate is a "performance running shoe." The sporty fit, similar to the Launch is therefore only logical.

IRONMAN Announces New Event in Southern California The inaugural event is set to take place on Sunday, December 9, 2018 with general registration opening January 18, 2018. This new event will be co-hosted by the cities of Indian Wells and La Quinta. "We are excited to expand our offering of events in California," said Beth Atnip, Head of Operations, North America.

5 Ways to Make Smarter Food Choices Everyday She recommends not excluding any major food groups from the mix and that by eating mostly real food, "it will be easier to dial in sport nutrition and meet your daily health and metabolic needs." Make nutrition a habit. Just as it's important for your swim, bike and run training, consistency is helpful in managing your daily nutrition.

The 3 Most Important Running Shoe Terms To Know Here are some key terms and explanations that will help you talk the talk to better run the run, so to speak. The Basics: Pronation is a natural part of a runner's gait cycle, but for some that motion is more pronounced and causes instability, leading to repetitive motion injuries, especially in the knees.

8 Nutrition Tips To Help You Kick-Start the 2018 Season It's time to start thinking about how you're going to fuel for the upcoming season-and we're here to help. Here we're sharing eight helpful tidbits from some of our favorite nutritionists. Happy fueling and training!

Stoke-on-Trent City of Sport Triathlon Stoke on Trent was named the European City of Sport and hosts the City of Sport Triathlon in the historic and stunning setting of Trentham Gardens. Including elite, age group and children’s races, this is an event for all.

From Pro Surfer to Prisoner to Pro Triathlete Aussie Clint Kimmins had a rather odd route to becoming a pro triathlete. At age 20 he was a professional surfer with the talent to become one of the world's best. But, after a 2004 late-night bar brawl in Queensland, Australia got out of control, Kimmins was incarcerated for six months.

3 Things You Need to Do Before Setting Your Next Race Goal Follow these three tips from mental skills expert Carrie Cheadle to make sure your next big racing or training goal becomes reality. In the 1960s, Stanford professor Walter Mischel set out to do an experiment. He tested hundreds of 4 to 5 year olds on what turned out to be a key component to future success in work, health, and life.

Wahoo TICKR FIT Optical HR Sensor In-Depth Review Today Wahoo announced their latest devices - the Wahoo TICKR FIT. The TICKR FIT is simply an optical heart rate sensor that transmits ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart. Basically, it's like a Scosche Rhythm+ or to a slightly lesser extent like a Polar OH1 sensor.

Nominations for 2017 performance of the year Bike for show, run for dough. The Ironman World Championship came down to a run battle through the lava fields of the Big Island. The marathon in pictures. Dramatic photos from the finish line of the world's most challenging endurance race, the Ironman World Championship.

Should Wind Conditions Affect My Bike Strategy? The best race performance will come from smart pacing, and a windy day will change what it feels like to make the bike go fast. When cyclists talk about wind they're generally referring to three types: headwind, crosswind, and tailwind.

17 Most Popular Training Articles of the Year That's why we put together this list of the 17 most popular training and lifestyle articles, chosen by our favorite people: the IRONMAN community. So pour yourself a glass of sparkling water, whip up a detoxifying salad, and check out what you might've missed from us this year.

5 Healthy Eating Trends to Follow this Year As we welcome a New Year, prepare yourself for new food trends that will change the way that you eat in 2018. If you're the kind of person who becomes interested in slimming down or simply improving your overall health at this time of year, there's a good chance that food trends are starting to influence your meal choices.

One-Hour Workout: Hill-Bounding Bound your way to increased run strength. This week's workout comes from Beth Shutt, the operations director and coach for "The Run Formula," a division of QT2 Systems coaching.

This Triathlete Saw 18 Doctors for Breathing Issues Before Receiving a Proper Diagnosis Pro triathlete Danielle Mack is sharing her frustrating path to receiving a proper diagnosis for her exercise-induced breathing issues with The Washington Post. After several failed attempts at trying to find a solution to her ongoing pain, Mack was diagnosed with exercise-induced laryngeal obstruction, or EILO.

Our men's nominations for 2017 triathlete of the year Dramatic photos from the finish line of the world's most challenging endurance race, the Ironman World Championship. As has been the case almost every year in Kona, the race came down to the run. Patrick Lange runs his way to the world title, while Daniela Ryf dominates thanks to the fastest run of the day on the women's side.

Looking for a Winter Challenge? PR the Mile Let me introduce to you the old school, four lap, President's physical fitness, Roger Bannister throwdown: the mile.

Break Your Sugar Habit with These 10 Strategies But the ubiquitousness of added sweeteners hidden in our food supply can make it a challenge to scale back. Presenting 10 tactics to make your diet a little less saccharine. About 75 percent of packaged foods on store shelves contain sweeteners, a 2012 study in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics reveals.

The New Bike Build is Complete: All the details! Back in November I posted a mention of doing some research for a new bike that I wanted to build. This includes the components as well as my general thinking on it. Finally, a month or so later, I've completed that mission and figured it was time to share the results, details, and odds and ends.

Young triathletes prepare to try and reach 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Argentina - One of the standout multi-sports events on the international calendar for 2018 will be the third edition of the Youth Olympic Games, taking place in Buenos Aires from 6-18 October.

Gomez aims for the Ironman World Championship Although Gomez does not rule out returning to the short distance for the 2020 Olympics, his focus will be on long distance racing for the time being. "I am able to cope with the pacing and I think I can get the wattage I need, but the best way to win races is to get experience," he says.

5 Sports Tech Tidbits: Hammerhead Karoo, Garmin Vivofit 4, Shimano Power, New Bike Build, CES 2018 As you've likely noticed, it's been a wee bit quiet around here the last few weeks. I wish I could say it was because I was relaxing on a beach, but alas, I'm exhausted from it all. Thankfully - I'm able to get back to a normal posting schedule this week with new products posts or reviews planned each day!

Resolutions Done Right We reached out to a handful of athletes-age group competitors and pros-to learn whether they made and kept New Year's resolutions last year, their tips for stick-with-it success, and what new goals they're targeting for 2018. Matt Russell. Division: Pro.

Triday - Evaluating the year Nail your Ironman 70.3 taper with these tips and key workouts which will prepare your body and mind for the demands of race day. Overtraining and a high glycemic diet might be leading you down the path to health issues.

Are Your Devices Tracking More Than You Realize? Every step you take, every PR you make, your devices are tracking you-and likely collecting more info than you realize. Here's where it's going.

Quick Set: 4x500 - Triathlete contributor and swimming all-star Sara McLarty has a blog with more than 500 creative workouts used in her Masters swim program in Clermont, Fla. We'll feature a workout every Friday so you have new ideas to take to the pool.

Walk Your Way to a New Run PR Sometimes the best way to get faster is to slow down. Presenting three key ways to use walking for speed. Frequency, duration, and intensity are the three factors that determine run training load.

How To Fuel For Your First Race Follow this sample menu, suggested by nutrition and performance coach Krista Austin, Ph.D., for guidelines on how to eat on race day. You will want to test-run your nutrition / meals during training so there are no surprises. A cardinal rule in triathlon: Don't do or try anything new on race day.

This Smart Mini-Pump Will Become a Go-To Gadget Silca's Tattico Bluetooth Mini-Pump puts modern wireless tech to old-school use. Today's smartphones control everything from music to fans to lights. Silca's Tattico Bluetooth Mini-Pump takes it a step further by using wireless tech to tackle a slew of traditional hand pump problems.

4 Nutrients That Help Prevent Stress Fractures Prevent stress fractures by keeping track of these essential nutrients for your skeleton and your blood. Magnesium: This nutrient stimulates the production of calcitonin, a bone-preserving hormone. It also helps your body process vitamin D and calcium.

One Hour Workout: 2-2-1 Over-Unders Run "This session works a range of effort levels, from easy to threshold," she says. The shorter intervals are especially helpful to keep a treadmill session interesting if you need to run indoors." RELATED: Do I Have To Take Rest Days? Before running, do some type of pre-warm-up, which may include dynamic stretching, core work or walking.

Pros, Coaches Share New Year's Resolutions With the clock ticking down on 2017, pros and coaches share resolutions for the new year. When the champagne pops and the ball drops, what will your goal be? New Year's resolutions allow us to set our intentions for the year ahead.

Why Triathletes Should Consider Adding a Road Bike If you're working with a tri bike as your one and only ride, here are six reasons you might want to branch out. For many years, I only had a tri bike, which I would take with me everywhere-even to the mountains. It wasn't until I got a road bike that I discovered what I was missing!

Catching up with Heather Jackson There are a couple of different key moments that I literally keep playing over and over in my head. One was on the bike on the climb to Hawi when I realized that I was closing the gap to Daniela and Sarah Crowley. This helped me stay on the gas on the entire descent as well as when I turned back onto the Queen K heading back towards town.

Our women's nominations for 2017 triathlete of the year It's International Women's Day, so we're looking back at some of the women who have made a difference in our sport. Flora Duffy's magical year continues while Ruben Ruzafa added yet another title to his impressive resume as the pair took the ITU World Cross Championship in Snowy Mountains, Australia last weekend.

Quick Set Friday: 500 Fast For Time We'll feature a workout every Friday so you have new ideas to take to the pool. On her blog, you can pick a Monday set for a long distance focus, a Wednesday set for sprint training, or Friday for creative open water skills. RELATED - Quick Set Friday: Frogs And Sharks.

8 Athlete-Specific Tips for Making Flying Less Miserable Here are eight travel tips for athletes to make your next flight more "Meh." and less, "Argh!" Make it your mission to be appropriately fed, hydrated, rested, and as limber as possible. However, you don't want to consume too many calories.

How to Take Your Dog Trail Running: A Safety Guide If you run with a dog, you already know the rewards. If you never have, you should experience it at least once. Consider borrowing a dog from a friend. Take these tips from the book Trailhead: The Dirt on All Things Trail Running by Lisa Jhung. It's important to know the dog-related rules on the trails where you plan to run.

Traveling with Cervelo's P5X There's a special sleeve that goes around the front crank and covers the chain and rear chainstays - there's a special pouch in that sleeve where you place the rear derailleur once you've detached it, too. The seat post comes out and is put in another sleeve, which is draped over the seat mast and is strapped down between the seat stays.

Superfeet to Title Partner the Sandman Triathlon from 2018 Tim Lloyd, Director at Always Aim High: ""It is fantastic that Superfeet are extending their partnership to be our headline title partner for the Sandman Triathlon 2018, this cements the event among the very best adventure races in Europe.

Stuck On The Treadmill? Boost Speed With These 3 Workouts Instead of passively watching television or staring at a wall in your basement, these are designed to increase engagement with the run itself so you can have fun and gain fitness at the same time. There's an old saying that if you place a frog in boiling water, it'll jump right out to save itself.

How I Fueled: As a Kona Age-Grouper This vegetarian has a refreshing approach to endurance fueling. Location: Atlanta, Ga. Occupation: Product Manager. Backstory: Aguilar qualified for Kona at the inaugural Ironman Santa Rosa this summer. She punched her ticket after a five-and-a-half year quest during which she raced six full Ironmans.

No more KPR starting in 2019 There were 80 qualifying slots handed out at the Ironman European Championship in Frankfurt, 40 at Ironman Hamburg, Making it to the big show required similar qualifying times.

Ironman Overhauls Pro Qualification System The good, the bad, and the exciting bits of Ironman's biggest pro shakeup in nearly a decade. After creating the Kona Points Ranking system in 2010, Ironman is going back to a slot-based qualification system for pros in 2019.

Catching up with Jurgen Zack Kate Bevilaqua has three Ironman titles and an Ultraman world championship on her resume. We catch up with the Australian endurance star as she finishes up her season in Thailand. Last weekend's runner up at the Laguna Phuket Triathlon, Imogen Simmonds is ready to take on Ironman 70.3 Thailand on her home training turf.

3 Things Triathletes Need to Do This Off-Season Don't get lost in junk mileage during the off-season; focus on these three areas for big performance gains next year. At the end of any key race many triathletes are lost as to what they should be doing regarding their own training.

Athletes Of All Ages Welcome At The Championship 2018 Covering a total of 1 million square metres, the remarkable x-bionic sphere, which last year became Slovakia's official Olympic training centre, will play host to both the Championship middle-distance race as well as its many side events.

2019 to Bring Changes to Pro Qualification Beginning with the 2019 qualifying year for both the IRONMAN World Championship and IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship, the Kona Points Ranking and 70.3 Pro Ranking will no longer be used as the qualifying systems for professional triathletes.

Tanja Erath Is The 2017 Women's Zwift Academy Champion After four months of rigorous testing, training, and competing, both online and in the real world, CANYON//SRAM Racing announced a 2017 winner for the innovative Zwift Academy program from their winter training camp in Koblenz, Germany.

We're Hiring! Got Sales Chops? We Want You. Collectively, our brands engage and influence more than seven million endurance athletes every month. The company is based in Boulder, Colorado and has an office in San Diego, California. What We're Looking ForAs the Sales Director for Triathlete, you'll be the sales champion for the world's leading triathlon website and magazine.

Michellie Jones explains why a snorkel is good for open water catches up with Michellie Jones for for some tip on how you can improve your swim times using a swimming snorkel. One of the keys to improving your swimming technique is to improve your body position in the water. A snorkel can help you achieve a better position and make it easier to fix your stroke.

8 Scrumdiddlyumptious Holiday Workout Fuel Options This roundup of seasonal flavor favorites features products that provide festive ways to fuel your workouts-or serve as a recovery treat. Workouts are so much more festive when fueled by Iced Gingerbread, Hot Chocolate or Spiced Pumpkin Pie bars, available only at this time of year.

British Triathlon World Class Performance Squads for 2018 Dave Ellis, 31, Manchester. Andy Lewis, 34, Lydney, Gloucestershire. Alison Patrick, 30, from Dunfermline, based Loughborough. Lauren Steadman, 24, Portsmouth. Melissa Reid, 26, Truro. Podium Potential Squad:. Steven Crowley, 40, Exeter. George Peasgood, 22, Loughborough.

5 Steps to Engage Your Glutes During Strength Training Are you weak in the glutes? Make sure you're properly activating this large muscle group during strength training with these tips from Jon-Erik Kawamoto. Lifting weights can build a more resilient body and correct for muscle imbalances that tend to develop after months and years of swimming, biking, and running.

One-Hour Workout: Quick And Dirty Swim Set Use this short swim to wake up your swimming system and beat the wintertime blues. This week's workout comes from Erinne Guthrie, the owner of Full Circle Triathlon Coaching in Miami, Florida. She is a Level 2 USAT coach since 1999, a Level 3 CHEK Holistic Lifestyle coach, and a Level 2 USMS coach.

3 Ways to motivate yourself to train this winter Over the years I've learned that lining up your next significant goal is the best way to motivate you to train. It's why I've tried to carry on doing a fairly big event each year, even though I'm nowhere near as competitive as I used to be.

Challenge Madrid Lengthens The Cycling Cut Off Time By 30 Minutes Challenge Madrid is pleased to announce that, after reaching an agreement with the different security bodies, the time to complete the cycling section will be extended by thirty minutes. Athletes will have 7 hours and 30 minutes from T1 or 9 hours and 20 minutes from the start line at the Riosequillo reservoir.

Do Athletes Need to Take a Multivitamin? Should I take a multivitamin? It's a question many of us ask, especially amidst a myriad of tricked-out nutrition plans and trendy diets. As athletes, we're on a constant quest for ways to optimize performance and recovery, and we know that nutrition plays a key role.

Getting the Christmas Tree Home via Velib: 2017 Edition Each year since moving to Paris, we've ended up buying our Christmas tree not terribly far away at the flower markets. While these markets are on the long list of tourism things to see in Paris, for us it's more of a case of convenience. It's simply the closets spot to get our Christmas tree.

The Other, Colder Triathlon Winter triathlon is a real sport-and it's kind of rad. For most triathletes, winter is a time to rest. Many scale back time spent training, and often choose to focus on a single sport, like running. But that doesn't mean triathlon goes into hibernation.

Another chat with ITU Executive Board Member Barry Siff He's the president of the board for USA Triathlon, a member of the ITU's Executive Board and a triathlete himself. We chat with Barry Siff about the Penticton Multisport World Championships and much more in this insightful interview.

Beginner's Luck: The Year of No Nonsense Think about taking your goals in a different direction in 2018. A couple of months ago, I decided that I was done with nonsense in my life. I wasn't sure, at the time, what that looked like. However, the last year was seriously so full of nonsense, that I knew I couldn't bear a repeat of that.

Ironman Haugesund, Norway: A Rock Hard Viking Bike Course It was one of Norway's noteable authors and poets, Ivar Aasen, who first mentioned Haugalandet, which means the land of the hills. Haugalandet deserves it name. Literally. For everything you need to know about Ironman Haugesund, please visit the website.

Let's live a little this Christmas holiday The Crank figures Christmas day is the best day of the year to forget about our Type A triathlon habit and enjoy some major league eating. Ok, let's put the whole thing into perspective. The idea that you have to watch your calorie intake on Christmas day is, in short, an act of lunacy.

Why Do My Toes Go Numb When I Ride? Toe and/or foot numbness is a common problem among cyclists that often involves more than one root cause. In my experience with patients, I have found that it stems from either one or a combination of these three sources:. Our feet swell during cycling, due to increased blood supply demanded by muscle activity.

Whatever Happened to the Off Season? But even when you narrow the field to, say, North America-based athletes, more appear to be eschewing the typical period of winter downtime-instead opting to prepare compete in an "A" race. I'm as guilty as the rest. A lingering injury derailed me for far too many months meant I was unable to toe a start line nearly all year.

The Monday Round-Up: So Long 2017 This time of year, is traditionally a period of reflection and celebration. To help celebrate 40 years of IRONMAN racing across the globe, IRONMAN is excited to make available 40 commemorative slots to the 2018 IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i.

The Austria eXtreme Triathlon: Discover Your Limits Photo Credit: Austria eXtreme Triathlon.

Beginner's Luck: 4 Questions to Ask Before You Hit Register Setting up your 2018 race schedule? Take this advice from "Beginner's Luck" columnist Meredith Atwood before you hit that register button. As a newbie, I found that much of my time was consumed with looking at The Google for races that I might want to do.

This Barrier-Breaking Fighter Pilot is #trispo Personified Christina Hopper has piloted a nearly $19M war machine and raced in our sport's most iconic event-and faced seemingly insurmountable challenges in both. As an Air Force fighter pilot, Christina Hopper has turned 9 Gs and dropped bombs from her F-16 Falcon fighter jet during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Setting up the ultimate winter bike Because I want to get outside no matter what the conditions on something that will be light, have fenders, disc brakes and heavy-duty tires, and do not want to constantly be rebuilding bikes. The basis is the "Cross Race" by Cube, which I built up as a road bike with SRAM and Zipp components, Garmin lighting and Continental tires.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Triathletes Should Flip Turn However, there are a number of reasons to consider learning this skill. Here, Swim Speed Secrets for Swimmers and Triathletes author Sheila Taormina's shares her top give reasons triathletes should flip turn.

These Nutrition Innovaters Are Shaping the Way We Fuel As these seven pioneers discovered, fueling for peak performance is so much more than calories in, calories out. It's about timing, community, individuality, and hard, cold science. Asker Jeukendrup, Ph.D., 48.

Dream Team TV - Hever Castle Triathlon The Hever Castle Triathlon features elite competition and incorporates the world’s largest children’s triathlon. The spectacular setting was the childhood home of Anne Boleyn and makes a perfect backdrop for a weekend-long triathlon festival.

Life's Too Short To Go So F cking Slow When you get asked to read and review a book it can be kind of a drag. All triathlon books are created equal right? But what about a narrative that has more to do with the human spirit than it does about watts, calories and results? Well that's exactly what you get with Susan Lacke's read Life's Too Short to Go So F*king Slow.

ITU Photographer's Best of 2017 Gallery: Tommy Zaferes At ITU, we are so lucky to work with some of the best triathlon photographer's in the world. Capturing events such as the World Triathlon Series, World Cups and the Multisport World Championships, their images showcase the beauty and power of our sport.

Bidding for World Triathlon Series 2019 opens - The International Triathlon Union has opened the bidding process for the 2019 World Triathlon Series. Cities interested in hosting the sport's most prestigious races must submit their candidacy by February 20, 2018. The successful cities will be announced by April 29.

A Beginner Triathlete's Super Simple 12-Week Sprint Training Plan You will find this plan quite easy to comprehend, and the rhythm of workouts each week, as well as from week to week, to be fun and achievable for even those with busy work or family commitments.

Mind Blown: Tacx's New Smart Trainer is Also a Treadmill The Magnum Smart combines a running treadmill with a cycling trainer and turns the indoor training world upside down. Today Tacx announced that their new combination run/bike indoor trainer, the Magnum Smart, would begin shipping in the Netherlands and Belgium at the start of the new year.

How to Cope with Not Starting a Race How do you get over a DNS ? Triathlon coach Gordo Byrn tackles this question. With the months of preparation you put into preparing for your "A" race, getting injured or sick at the last second can be devastating. The decision to drop out before things get worse is not an easy one, considering the time and money invested.

Andy Potts talks Challenge Daytona Challenge Roth has a unique Israeli connection that highlights the best of our sport. Challenge Familty adds a new event in Prague, the Czech Republic's largest city and capital, on July 29, 2017. In addition to the half-distance Challenge Prague there will be a Challenge Junior race and a Challenge Try-Athlon event.

Where are the chest thumpers? For those who graduate to the big leagues of professional triathlon, this again takes a certain personality. It attracts a personality type that is generally defined as an A type. Some of the traits of this cohort are that they are competitive, ambitious, impatient and regimented.

4 Holiday Desserts Done Right for Triathletes Indulge your taste buds with full-on flavor, half the guilt. Cinnamon: This antioxidant has anti - inflammatory properties that help repair tissue damage. Vanilla Bean: High magnesium content helps regulate the nervous system for better brain and mood health.

ITU approves changes on the competition rules for 2018 - The International Triathlon Union Executive Board, met in Edmonton, has approved some significant changes in the competition rules for the 2018 season. The changes, which include withdrawals, penalties, quotas, qualifications and paratriathlon rules updates, will be applied from January 10, 2018.

Challenge Re-Starts its Engines in the U.S. The Challenge Family announces a return to American soil with a unique event at Daytona International Speedway next December. Challenge Family, Ironman's largest competitor throughout Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, has announced plans to return to the U.S.

5 Moves For Strengthening the Posterior Chain If you spend most of your day sitting, you can pretty much guarantee your posterior strength leaves something to be desired. The posterior chain is our power house and is comprised of some of the biggest and strongest muscles in the body.

Now is the Time to Improve on These Swim, Bike, And Run Skills Here are some ideas for skills and workout drills to do during the off-season so you can start next season primed for speed and performance. After a long year, the body and mind do need a bit of a break, or change in focus. Top athletes are always looking for opportunity to improve.

CEO Zibi Szlufcik on Challenge Daytona Challenge Familty adds a new event in Prague, the Czech Republic's largest city and capital, on July 29, 2017. In addition to the half-distance Challenge Prague there will be a Challenge Junior race and a Challenge Try-Athlon event.

17 News Stories That Shaped Triathlon in 2017 Triathlon saw big performance, big money, and big changes. A lot can happen in a year, and 2017 was no exception. Triathlon saw big performances, big money, and big changes. The 17 news stories that shaped 2017:.

Challenge Daytona announced for December, 2018 The half-distance event will begin with a 1.9 km swim in Lake Lloyd, which is set in the center of the Speedway. The flat, fast bike course will start with a lap of the 5.7 km race circuit before heading out through Daytona into the countryside outside the city.

Challenge Family Announces Challenge Daytona for 2018 CHALLENGEFAMILY, Case Imagine and Daytona International Speedway today announced the launch of CHALLENGEDAYTONA. The international professional middle-distance triathlon and accompanying triathlon festival will take place at the iconic Daytona International Speedway on December 8th and 9th, 2018.

Brainy Bottle: Hydration is Going High-Tech Yes, a $55 water bottle may seem like overkill, but the Hidrate Spark 2.0 may do more to keep you healthy than most nutrition products.

Next Spring, Make it Mallorca The Spanish island of Mallorca, host of the Nirvana IRONMAN 70.3 Mallorca is a destination that's tough to beat. So if the draw of the age group qualifying slots for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship isn't enough, here are a dozen of our favorite reasons to add a spring race in Mallorca to your bucket list, STAT.

Bike, Run, Beer: A Look at Strava's Year In Sport Report The report breaks down the where, when, and how of each Strava user's activities worldwide. Within the data deep-dive, these key figures stand out:.

4 Healthy Oils That Probably Aren't In Your Pantry But if EVOO is the only grease you eat, you might be missing out on some key fats and nutrients. Just as a runner should switch up the training routine for better results, a body in motion can also benefit from running toward a greater diversity of culinary oils.

Lionel Sanders in "Chasing the Lion" A 17-minute documentary about Lionel Sanders is now online. Check out "Chasing the Lion."

One-Hour Workout: Racing on Empty - FTP Booster Bike Workout Use this killer set to practice riding well with fatigued legs. This week's workout comes from Cody Moore of APEX Coaching and Consulting based out of Boulder, Colo. Cody coaches professional cyclists and triathletes including the current Mexican elite road race and time trial national champion.

This "Treeathlete" Consume 8,000 Calories Per Day Ross Edgley broke the tri internet one year ago when video of the Brit racing an Olympic-distance tri carrying a 100-pound tree trunk went viral. This year he completed the #strongmanswim campaign to drag his tree across lakes and seas.

Catching up with Malcolm Brown Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee's incredible finish at the ITU Grand Final in Cozumel last year is one of six nominees for a new Laureus World Sports Award. A world-record performance in Roth followed by a successful defense of his Kona crown earned Jan Frodeno our male athlete of the year award.

Always Aim High Finalise Their 2018 Event Calendar Obvious highlights on the 2018 schedule are the ever popular Suunto Adventure Triathlon Series and the Cardiff Triathlon, which is a 2018/2019 ITU Sprint Age Group Qualifier - though less than fifty places are currently available. Many of the Always Aim High races sell out well in advance of the event weekend, so booking early is essential.

Tri University: A Twentysomething's Guide to Managing Pre-Ironman Madness Recent Penn State grad Kristin Goett dishes out advice for the U23 crowd in her Tri University column. You've signed up for your first long course race, you've trained hard, you've shined up all your well-loved equipment in prep for the big day.

LAVA Podcast: How Are You Wired To Eat? The age of Personalized Nutrition for here, thanks in part to biochemist and nutrition thought-leader Robb Wolf. Wolf is a NYT Bestselling Author. His newest book is Wired To Eat. Our talk with Robb has been brought to you by Health IQ, an insurance company that helps triathletes get lower rates on their life insurance.

Phillips and Watkinson take Taupo Tim Reed and Amelia Watkinson took the titles at Ironman 70.3 Philippines on the weekend. Braden Currie set a new course record in holding off super-master Cameron Brown to defend the men's title at the Port of Tauranga Half, while Amelia Rose Watkinson also defended her women's title.

The Monday Round-Up: 40 for 40 and Casting Call An architect and a structural engineer are building impressive careers in IRONMAN after victories at IRONMAN 70.3 Taupo. New Zealanders Amelia Watkinson, a qualified architect, and Mike Phillips, who gave up his job as a structural engineer to chase a triathlon career, took the honours in the final IRONMAN event of the year.

ITU launches the Triathlon Mixed Relay Series - ITU is pleased to announce the launch of the new Mixed Relay Series, with two events in 2018. The Mixed Relay Series will help boost the interest of athletes and spectators alike on the new addition to the Olympic Programme for Tokyo 2020: the Triathlon Mixed Relay.

ITU’s Executive Board meets in Edmonton - The Executive Board of I TU has met during three days in Edmonton, where they also attended the fourth edition of the Science and Triathlon Conference. Edmonton, home of the 2020 Grand Final, hosted an intense week of debate and discussions on several important issues.

The Truth about How to Build the Perfect Body As I said in the intro, it seems like most people think that to get defined looking arms you have to build your… Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Great success of the Science & Tri Conference in Edmonton View the Great success of the Science and Tri Conference in Edmonton photo gallery on

40 Kona Slots for 40 Years of IRONMAN To help celebrate 40 years of IRONMAN racing across the globe, we are excited to offer 40 slots to the 2018 IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i. Register for any of our open 2018 IRONMAN events globally by January 14th, 2018 to be eligible for one of these commemorative slots.

A Simple Strength Training Circuit for Sprint-Distance Racing Doctor Patrick Hagerman, EdD, FNSCA, CSCS, NSCACPT shares a simple circuit program for sprint-distance racing that will pay dividends quickly-and hopefully convince you that a well-designed strength training program can dramatically improve your performance all season.

IRONMAN World Championship Broadcast Special Airs Saturday on NBC The annual broadcast special of the IRONMAN World Championship will premiere this Saturday, December 9, at 2:30 p.m. ET on NBC, chronicling this year's edition of the iconic triathlon that took place on October 14, 2017, in Kailua-Kona, Hawai`i.

Garmin Running Power App: The good, the bad, and the ugly. Today, Garmin released their running power app that they announced back in October. The functionality, which requires an Garmin RD-POD, Garmin HRM-TRI, or HRM-RUN strap. It also requires the latest Garmin watches, specifically either a Fenix 5, Chronos or a FR935.

Shared Suffering Makes Trainer Rides More Tolerable Indoor group rides in winter = PR in spring. Outside, the sky is dark, the weather is dreary, and the roads are not at all rideable. But for thousands of riders each year, their best training happens in these weeks. Thanks to the growing trend of indoor group rides, more cyclists than ever are breaking through training plateaus in the off-season.

Ironman announces new event in Slovenia Do we have too many pro triathletes? Phil Wrochna thinks so. He weighs in on the current state of play in the professional ranks. Who is Lew Friedland? He's the guy who changed the face of our sport by adding races around the world an changing the way we got to watch Ironman racing.

TriStar Entries Launched At ITU World Triathlon Leeds 2018 Wayne Coyle, Event Director for the ITU World Triathlon Leeds 2018 commented: "We're delighted to launch entries for this year's TriStar events; these youngsters are the future of our sport and have an unprecedented opportunity to race as part of the same event as their heroes.

2018 Events at Active Outdoor Sport The Triple Tri Challenge is a unique challenge where triathletes take on all 3 classic distances over the course of one weekend. Entrants are eligible for prizes in the individual events and also for a separate round of prizes based on aggregate time.

ITU Photographer's Best of 2017 Gallery: Janos Schmidt This week we are so pleased to showcase the work from the Hungarian Wonder, Janos Schmidt! Janos is based in Budapest and is one of the O.G. photographers for ITU, after having shot his first event with us in 2007, he just completed his 10th year of triathlon!

From the Pros: Avoid These Off-Season Snafus With the holiday season upon us, many of us are tapping into our personal days to spend more time with family and friends, enjoy winter festivities, and recharge from a year of hard work. When triathlon is your job, being your own boss can sometimes backfire when it's time to lessen the workload and savor the gift of off-season.

IRONMAN Announces First Event in Slovenia I FEEL SLOVENIA IRONMAN 70.3 Slovenian Istria will offer 30 age-group qualifying slots for the 2019 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship being held in Nice, France. General registration for I FEEL SLOVENIA IRONMAN 70.3 Slovenian Istria will open at 2 p.m. local time on Monday, December 18, 2017 at

Training Plan: The Triathlete's Winter Half-Marathon The winter months are your key opportunity to emphasize and improve one aspect of your game. A focus on half-marathon training this winter means when you hit the triathlon run leg next summer, you will think, move and feel like a better runner.

Are Diets Based on DNA the Next Big Thing? Genetic research is showing that different people respond differently to certain foods. Are diets based on DNA the next big breakthrough in sports performance? Ask for diet advice on Facebook and you'll get a lot of varying responses. Plant-based! Paleo!

Fyn announces HRH Crown Prince of Denmark as patron for world championships The Festival includes five world championships held over nine days. Races will be held in the municipalities of Odense, Svendborg and Middelfart. Friday, July 6: Standard Duathlon - Odense. Sunday, July 8: Sprint Duathlon - Odense. Tuesday, July 10: Cross Triathlon - Svendborg.

Entries Open For Guildford's Largest Triathlon This triathlon offers serious PB potential: triathletes start with a 500m swim in the 50 meter pool, before taking to their road bikes for 22km along quiet roads to the North West of Guildford. The race finishes with a 5.5km trail run across scenic farmland.

Meet Mark Pollock. Adventurer, Collaborator… inspiration personified Mark Pollock won two Commonwealth medals after he became blind. He then went on to become the first blind man to race to the South Pole. Since becoming paralyzed in 2010 he's using a robotic exoskeleton to train for a marathon and is determined to find a cure for paralysis.

Rock The Spring Races With A Smart Winter Bike Strategy While tri season may seem far away, now's the time to make sure you're set up for success on the bike. Here are some tips for maintaining and improving while it's still cold so you can rock the spring races. Keep it rolling.

Athletes Named to England Talent A Squad Support will include the upcoming winter camp which takes place in Rio Major, Portugal this month as well as a summer camp next year and other key areas:. The aim of the England Talent Squad is to bring together the best young triathletes in England and to be a key stage in their journey along the British Triathlon Performance Pathway.

Plot Your Pre-Season Plan for a Successful 2018 Champions are made in the off-season, which is maybe the most underestimated part of the training cycle. But how to tackle the off-season, that period of time before base training and long before your "A" race, can be a tricky road to navigate.

Triathlete-Chef Recipe: A Diverse Salad for Winter Think you can and you can, and don't let the other thoughts creep in." How he fuels: Pre-workout, "I like to have a bowl of steel-cut oats filled with as much of the local farmers market berries as possible," he says.

Some time with ITU President Marisol Casado She's been unbeatable in her World Triathlon Series appearances in 2017, but defending world champion Flora Duffy isn't taking any of her success for granted. caught up with the Bermudan star after her win in Edmonton.

8 Things to Expect from the Ironman World Championship Special on NBC We hit up the premiere in New York City to get the inside scoop on this year's special. Presenting the top 8 things to expect when you settle in to watch the 2017 Ironman World Championship drama unfold. Patrick Lange's impressive run.

ITU seeks Education Assistant - ITU Sport Department is looking to appoint an Education Assistant to fulfill the growing demands of ITU development and operations. Position: Education AssistantSalary / contractor fee: Negotiable The Assistant undertakes to respect all fiscal and social legislation, particularly those in force in his/her country of residence.

The Top 6 Running Trends to Watch in 2018 Presenting the six trends poised to dominate 2018 and beyond. The impact running brands-and runners themselves-are leaving on the planet was a popular topic. Several companies mentioned sustainability as a priority for products going forward. We were impressed by the creativity behind the initiatives.

Blueseventy & ETE TriCamps Ready For 2018 Season Eight elite athletes will benefit from wearing blueseventy wetsuits in training and competition next season, as blueseventy moves towards launching the next generation Helix wetsuit. ETE TriCamps was launched in 2016 and closed a successful crowdfunding campaign this year to bring a unique professional touch to the triathlon training camp market.

British Triathlon Signs Partnership with Safeguarding Experts The partnership will see all the National Governing Body's staff, including the Home Nations and the Triathlon Trust, commit to undertaking online training courses including Child Protection, Safeguarding Young People and Equality and Diversity.

World, European & National Success Celebrated at Manchester Triathlon Club Picture: Manchester Triathlon Club.

The 20 Best Things I’ve Heard in an IRONMAN All those early morning sessions. All that sacrifice. I've been in his shoes and it hurts…He may never qualify. He feels like it's his nemesis. The holy grail. I don't know the guy in 7th but I feel like I know him. Many of you reading this know the man in 7th because you've been there.

5 Reasons Why Yoga Is Good for Athletes Thinking about trying yoga for the first time? The winter months are the perfect time to extend out of your comfort zone, and you'll be rewarded for your efforts. The Athlete's Guide to Yoga author Sage Rountree shares five reasons to give it a try. FlexibilityYou probably think of yoga as primarily stretching-or even contortionism.

From soccer to the Queen K - developing XRCEL Triathletes weren't the ones Fred Sexton initially had in mind when he came up with XRCEL, but he's certainly not complaining that they're seeing the benefits of his invention. Frederik Van Lierde showed he'll still be one to watch in Kona in October, while Carrie Lester netted another big win at Ironman Nice.

Are Swim Cancellations Becoming More Common in Triathlon? Why are so many triathlons turning into bike-run affairs? At 5:44 a.m. on Sunday, June 11, 2017 race director Bill Burke's greatest fear unfolded into reality as he took a call from the San Francisco Police Department's Marine Unit.

Science & Tri Conference hits Edmonton - The fourth ITU Science and Triathlon Conference is set to hit Edmonton this week, with top coaches, experts and researchers in the endurance sport gathering for the two-day seminar slated for 6-7 December.

Fitbit rolls out slew of apps to Ionic…and…umm…virtual cats. It's been just over three months since Fitbit announced their Ionic GPS smartwatch, and about two months since they started shipping it out into the wild. The watch is generally seen as critical to Fitbit's revival in the wearables scene, competing with the likes of mid-range watches from Garmin, Apple, and others.

Hands-on: The COROS Omni Smart Helmet It's been one year since COROS burst onto the scene with their COROS Linx Smart helmet. The main appeal of the helmet was that it had not only jawbone conduction speakers built into the straps, but it also had a wind-protected microphone. Oh, and it was Strava orange.

Ready for More? Here's How To Tackle Your First Ultra Tri Conquered Ironman and looking for more? You're not alone. More athletes than ever are taking to ultra-distance triathlon, with events ranging from double Ironmans to multi-day stage races to Guinness World Record attempts. It's a feat that leaves most people tired just thinking about it.

Collington and Castillo capture Cartagena Leanda Cave and Kevin Collington took the inaugural Ironman 70.3 Costa Rica race in dominating style. Kevin Collington managed to get away from Tyler Butterfield on the run while Jeanni Seymour was well clear of the field at Ironman 70.3 Monterrey. Was ist mytriathlon?

Sharks, Argentine flyers and more Just another week of the weird and wonderful world of triathlon. Ironman Western Australia was a big feature race this weekend. If you know nothing about Ironman WA or Busso, as it's known, let me give you the five cent tour.

Excuses excuses excuses - what's yours ? Excuses, excuses, excuses. What's your excuse?! We all have them, though some of us listen to them more than others. So how do we STOP making excuses? With difficulty, but hopefully here's some useful tips:. 1 Acknowledge that it's an excuse. How do I know it's an excuse and not a reason?