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2,500 Athletes Compete on Beautiful Day at Ironman Arizona Triathletes representing 43 countries and 48 states competed in Tempe on Sunday.

The Latest Bike And Run Tech to Keep You Warm this Winter Although a base layer isn't quite as sexy as a bike, when it comes time for winter riding and running no equipment choice is more important than what you wear. When it comes to cycling and running technology, few categories advance as quickly as apparel.

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend While it may seem a bit quieter on the site in recent weeks - that's mostly because I've been slammed trying to get things all setup in the new space, as well as compiling the huge buyers guides. Oh, and arranging the biggest DCR Open House ever! Seriously, it's gonna be massive.

10 Non-Chlorinated Alternatives For The Winter Presenting 10 fun activities that will keep your arms, core and upper body prepped to pull water whenever you're ready to get back at it. As the weather gets colder and the race season winds down, you might lose motivation to train in the water. That's totally normal-everyone needs a mental break from the repetition and monotony of the black line.

Croneborg finally gets his Laguna Phuket win A decade ago Fredrik Croneborg did the Laguna Phuket Triathlon, loved the venue, and moved here a few years later. After numerous attempts, he finally took the overall win at this year's 25th anniversary race.

Eneko Llanos, Heather Jackson Claim Victories at Ironman Arizona Both Llanos and Jackson earned emotional wins in downtown Tempe. Tempe provided a picturesque desert backdrop for athletes from around the world Sunday at the 2018 Ironman Arizona triathlon.

The Monday Round-Up: Big Weekend At the Races Sapunov and Hufe Take Malaysia. Late in their careers, both Daniil Sapunov and Mareen Hufe had plenty to celebrate with their victories at the IRONMAN Malaysia at Langkawi. Sapunov, 36, achieved his breakthrough IRONMAN victory after nearly a decade at the distance.

Llanos and Jackson awesome in Arizona At Ironman Arizona Heather Jackson overcame her Kona woes by blasting to an impressive 8:39 finish, while Eneko Llanos ran his way to the men's title making it two-for-two at Ironman Arizona for the 41-year-old Spaniard.

Thoes and Weiss capture Cozumel Former Kona age group champion Svenja Thoes took a close race over Angela Naeth at Ironman Cozumel, running away from the Canadian in the final 10 km to net the title by just 44 seconds as both women broke the nine-hour barrier.

Collington and Simmonds excellent in Xiamen Last year, as a first year pro, in the month of November she finished finished second at Ironman 70.3 Xiamen, followed that up with another runner-up finish at the Laguna Phuket Triathlon a week later, all followed up another week later with a win at Ironman 70.3 Thailand.

The 25th Anniversary Laguna Phuket Triathlon Celebrating 25 years of racing, the Laguna Phuket Triathlon remains an iconic and prestigious destination race. Photos from the 2018 race won by Annabel Luxford and Fredrik Croneborg.

Croneborg and Luxford power through Phuket Hometown hero Fredrik Croneborg and Annabel Luxford added their names to the prestigious list of Laguna Phuket Triathlon champions in an exciting 25th anniversary event.

Hufe and Sapunov master Malaysia Earlier this year Maureen Hufe topped the field at Ironman Austria, but that race was nutty close as the German managed to get to the line just over a minute ahead to take the win. Today Hufe trailed McCauley by about six minutes out of the water, but steadily gained back time on the American and would move into the lead at 115 km.

Welcome to the Laguna Phuket Triathlon Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the Laguna Phuket Triathlon is a mainstay on the global triathlon circuit. We asked race announcer Whit Raymond what makes the event so special.

How These Professional Athletes Overcame Lyme Disease Athletes are at greater risk for tick-borne illness. They're also less likely to recognize the symptoms. For XTERRA World Champion Lesley Paterson, it was nausea. For 2015 North American Ironman Champion Angela Naeth, it was unusually intense post-race soreness.

Should Triathletes Care About Stretching? The definitive guide on what stretching does, whether or not you should do it, how to do it if you do, and when. Do us a favor: Stand up right now and try to touch your fingers to your toes without bending your knees. Can't do it? That's not necessarily a bad thing.

Make Peace With Your Bike Trainer Secrets to making trainer time fly. Stop thinking of your indoor trainer as a buzzkill and start thinking of it as what it is: an opportunity. "The biggest advantages are efficiency, safety and the ability to sustain the effort, cadence, and wattage you want without interruption," says Robert Pennino, founder of Terrier Tri in New York City.

Sports Technology Buyers Guide & Recommendations: Winter 2018-2019 If so, check out the budget triathlon section. You'll find the FR920XT or Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR series is your best bet at a low price point. I seem to get marginally better openwater swim accuracy out of the Suunto series. Otherwise just use any GPS you have and plop it in your swimcap using the swimcap method.

Quick Set: 10x, 8x, 6x Take this new workout from swimming all-star Sara McLarty to the pool this weekend. SCY = short-course yards LCM = long-course meters.

Mary Hardwick Appointed British Triathlon Chair Following an open recruitment and assessment process, Mary has been appointed to the role of Chair starting in July 2019. She will be responsible for strategic leadership and building a strong relationship with the Chief Executive and the wider executive team to achieve agreed objectives.

Triathlon helping to reconstruct the lives of Syrian athletes and coaches - When a city, or indeed an entire country, is devastated through years of cruel war, sport is often one of the first things to disappear from its communities. It is also, however, one of the main tools that people use to try and keep going forward with their regular lives.

Drag2Zero Relocate To The Brand New Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub The wind tunnel installation is well underway and we hope to be conducting our first test there in late February next year." "We have created the Hub to provide a central location for numerous sports engineering tools to facilitate and stimulate innovation" explains Rob Lewis, Managing Director of TotalSim who have established the facility.

Recognition of Helle Frederiksen's big year Taking the ITU Long Distance World Title in her home country has led to some big nominations for Denmark's Helle Frederiksen.

Beginner's Luck: On the Art Of Setting Goals and Creating Habits You've registered for your big "A" race! Now it's time to settle in and appreciate the process it will take to get there. In triathlon, we hear it all the time from our fellow athletes : my "A" race, my main goal, the "big" race of the season, etc. Goals are incredible.

Michelle Vesterby Eyes Ironman Cozumel Win at 15 Weeks Pregnant A victory would guarantee Vesterby a spot on the 2019 Ironman World Championship start list. Last month, pro triathlete Michelle Vesterby experienced a big surprise in her preparation for the Ironman World Championship. After arriving in Kona, the 35-year-old Dane discovered she was pregnant.

The winning shoes from the World Marathon Majors in 2018 Secondly, not many athletes wear personalized shoes or prototypes - most of the shoes they wear are available to consumers.It is also interesting to see that many of the models are also being worn by the world's top triathlon stars, even though the the pace and footwear requirements are sometimes quite different.

Our Favorite Fall 2018 Running Shoes for Triathletes The latest kicks for training and racing on your favorite surface. 8.9 ounces 7.4 ounces 7MM Drop $160, If Goldilocks had to choose from this Swiss running brand's growing line of shoes, she would probably choose the CloudFlyer. This "just right" runner offers a happy medium in weight, stability, and cushioning.

Smile Train Team EMPOWER Athletes Create Smiles Through IRONMAN "My experience in Kona was one I will absolutely carry with me the rest of my life," said Hough. I thought of those supporting me, my friends, my family, Team EMPOWER, and what our team has come to mean for children all over the world, pushing me towards the finish.

How to Pick Your Off-Season Goal The off-season is an opportunity to set long-term goals, note any weaknesses, and take steps to improve in those areas. You've just spent a season pushing your body to its limits, so think of the off-season as a time of recovery.

Every Triathlete Should Use a Foam Roller-Here's Where to Start Here's what you stand to gain if you haven't tried foam rolling, and how to do it better if you've already started. In recent years, foam rolling has gone mainstream. Once a self-massage technique used only by professional athletes, coaches, and therapists, foam rolling is now an everyday practice for people at all levels of fitness.

Win a world-class training camp – Triathlete There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

This Triathlete Will Make His Pro Debut at Ironman Arizona-And Then Retire When it comes to racing as a professional triathlete, John Kelly's triathlon career will be one and done. John Kelly is a standout age-grouper triathlete who has had a very impressive 2018: multiple podium finishes, an 8:58 Ironman PR, and a world championship title.

ITU is looking for an Operations Manager - ITU Sport Department is looking to appoint an Operations Manager to fulfill the growing demands of ITU sport operations. Position: Operations Manager Salary / contractor fee: Negotiable Location: Switzerland.

Waste Not, Want Not This week's timely column from sports nutrition expert Nancy Clark will hopefully increase awareness of food waste and its impact on global warming.

Tri University: The Art of Building a New NCAA Team The way coaches are assembling these NCAA level teams may surprise you. "Tri University" columnist Kristin Goett spoke to two first-year coaches to find out how they're recruiting and building collegiate teams. You've probably heard by now that triathlon is the newest varsity sport for women.

Boost Your Fall Menu with These Unique Root Veggies Let some of nature's heartiest, vitamin-soaked veggies change the way you build your fall menu. There's something inherently comforting about fall cooking: A warm oven; soup simmering on the stove; chopping and roasting hearty veggies; serving a rustic, nourishing meal.

Why This Triathlete is Dedicating Her Ironman to Battle the Stigma of Addiction Caitlin Martin will race Ironman Arizona to honor her family's journey through addiction. From the outset, the Martin family of Poughkeepsie, New York, conveys the image of perfection. Four siblings, born four years apart, each gifted with good looks and athletic talent.

One-Hour Workout: Broken Cadence Bike Technique Mash-Up Work both your strength and your form with this week's unique cycling set. As most triathletes in the Northern Hemisphere wind down their seasons, now is the best time to still maintain your cycling strength while focusing on developing better form than you had last year.

Capturing the heart of a Champion: #TriEveryDay with World Triathlete Ken Lewis - Having the heart of a champion takes on a whole new meaning when you are dealing with a heart condition. At 74-years old, Kenneth Lewis knows that to be true after being diagnosed with congestive heart failure.

The Power Meter Buyers Guide-2018 Edition Once again, it's time for the annual power meter buyer's guide! It's where I round-up every cycling power meter on the market, and talk through what's happened in the last year. I give my opinions of every single power meter on the market, as well as some general guidance on choosing a power meter.

Sebastian Kienle hires Philipp Seipp as his new coach 2014 Ironman World Champion Sebastian Kienle has a new coach - he's now working with Philipp Seipp according to an announcement made on his social media channels yesterday.

Rom Akerson's Unconventional Path to XTERRA World Champion How Rom Akerson's year of very unfortunate events unplugged him and propelled him from dark-horse contender to XTERRA world champion. Costa Rican Rom Akerson became the most unlikely triathlon world champion of 2018 when he won the XTERRA world title in Maui two weeks ago.

Lesley Paterson's Long Road to Her Third XTERRA World Title To win the 2018 XTERRA World Championship, Lesley Paterson first had to beat Lyme disease. It was 2010, and Lesley Paterson couldn't figure out why she was so damn tired. She was having a breakthrough year in triathlon, building off a silver medal at the XTERRA World Championships and a win at the California International Triathlon.

Maxwell and Luxford shake things up in Shepparton Javier Gomez managed to hold off Braden Currie, while Annabel Luxford managed to stay just ahead of Laura Siddall for the women's title at the half-distance race at Challenge Wanaka. The Crank likes what he saw at the 70.3 European Championship, is happy to see Leanda Cave winning again and saw some interesting tweets this week.

Cam Dye Announces Retirement The 34-year-old says "it is time to hang it up and move on the next adventure." American Cameron Dye, one of the sport's most successful non-drafting short-course athletes, has announced that he is retiring from the sport of triathlon. The 34-year-old says that the Major League Triathlon in Charlotte on Oct.

Face-Off: 2 Smart Trainers That Cost Less Than $1,000 As smart trainers become the best way to ride inside, we look at two new entries into the sub-$1,000 direct-drive market. Get smart, and go home.; $900. What: This is essentially a fully featured $1,300 trainer with a newly reduced price.

The Monday Round-Up: Big Weekend Of Racing on Tap We preview a busy weekend of racing with a number of world championship slots on the line. Plus, all the buzz from around the endurance world.

Summer Cook and Vicente Hernandez produce golden season finales in Miyazaki - Glorious autumnal sunshine greeted the athletes for the 2018 ITU Miyazaki World Cup on Saturday, ideal conditions for the season finale as the athletes all eyed a strong end to their year. By mid-afternoon, it had clearly been a great day's work for the American and Spanish teams.

5 Ways to Carry Water on a Long Run There are more options than ever when it comes to making sure you stay hydrated. There's no way around it. On runs lasting more than an hour, you're going to need to drink up. Though some runners stay hydrated by plotting a route with public water fountains along the way, most opt to stow their agua on their person during a run.

WatTeam Halts Production of Power Meters, Focuses on Acquisition Today WatTeam has decided to cease production of power meters while they focus on looking for a strategic partner to carry their low-cost power meter concept forward. Said differently, they're looking for a bigger brand to buy out the technology and likely pivot to working exclusively with crank arm and bike manufacturers instead.

5 Exercises to Help Ward Off Knee Pain Strengthening these other muscles in your legs will give you the best chance of avoiding a knee injury. Knees are many runners' Achilles heel, a vulnerability that's usually ignored until that joint starts complaining.

The challenge of making Challenge Roth even better Challenge Roth is considered to be one of the best triathlon events in the world. I know you're always driven to make the event better - how do you do that after yet another successful year when you celebrated the 35th year of triathlon racing in Roth?

Noosa, Super League, Prize Money and More: The Triathlon World Podcast Phil Wrochna and Kevin Mackinnon chat cyclists and cars, lament the current status of the Noosa triathlon and talk short chutes in Super League. This week's look at the world of triathlon.

Quick Set: Build With Recovery Kicks We'll feature a swim workout from Triathlete contributor and coach Sara McLarty every Friday so you have new ideas to take to the pool.

Athletes' chat ahead of Miyazaki World Cup season-closer - In Miyazaki on Saturday morning at 9.30am local time, the women athletes will take to the ocean off the South Japan coast for the final race of the 2018 season. Among them will be USA's Summer Cook, first and second-placed here the past two years, and Australia's young gun Jaz Hedgeland.

Clumber Duathlon Entries Open Under New Tri Society banner The Clumber Duathlon has been running since 2008. Prior to that it took place as a triathlon event. It's featured as a national duathlon championship event on several occasions and regularly offers places in the GB Age Group team. This year there are places on offer the 2020 ITU World Championships across age groups from 18 to 80+.

Scared of Strength Training? Start with These 5 Moves Want to strength train, but find the gym intimidating? Start here. Muscle Targets: Lower back, hamstrings, traps, delts, biceps, triceps. Equipment: Dumbbell or medicine ball, BOSU. Form1. Stand with your feet a bit wider than shoulder width. Tilt your pelvis backward and arch your back, with your knees slightly bent.

5 Tips For Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain The simple fact that you are intending to not gain weight during this holiday season already puts you ahead of the game! Q: How can I get through the holiday party season without gaining weight? A: Here are my top five tips for avoiding unwanted weight gain:.

New allrounder from Continental Continental has created a successor to the popular "GP 4000 S II" tire - the Grand Prix 5000. The new tire is superior to the multiple test winner in all respects and even comes in a tubeless version, the GP 5000 TL. A first look at the new tires.

World Premiere Screening of the 2018 IRONMAN World Championship Brought To You By Amazon Set for Nov. 12 On Monday, November 12, 2018, IRONMAN and the IRONMAN Foundation will host the World Premiere Screening of the 2018 IRONMAN World Championship brought to you by Amazon. The sixth annual screening event will be presented by the New York Health and Racquet Club at The Times Center in New York City with doors opening at 5:30 p.m.

Find the Best Triathlon to Match Your Personality Finding the right race based on your personality type might lead to a more satisfying outcome. Ever wonder why you're drawn to some types of races but not others? When it comes to picking goals, personality comes into play in a big way, says Christopher Stanley, a sport psychology researcher at Florida State University.

Huge Fall Sale: 20% off All Trainers & Most Power Meters, $150 off Fenix 5 Like clockwork, it's that time of year again! The now annual 20% off sale. Now technically, it's semi-annual since it happens now and in the spring. But I don't think anyone's complaining about the chance to buy a brand new just released trainer for 20% off.

These Handheld Frittatas Are the Perfect Combo of Carbs and Protein These egg cakes / handheld frittatas follow the rules of post-training nutrition, namely teaming up carbs and protein. Servings: 6: Active Time: 20 min. Baked eggs are tantamount to nature's version of cement, which is why I always break out my trusty silicone muffin tray so I don't have to chisel out the egg cakes once they're cooked.

Testing your almond knowledge Almonds are a popular snack not just because they are nutrient-rich, but also because they are crunchy and taste yummy. Some interesting facts about this nutritious snack food.

Continental Releases Long-Awaited GP5000 Tire We get an early look at a very notable upgrade in one of triathlon's most ubiquitous clincher tires. Today Continental announced the first major upgrade to their Grand Prix x000 line in over a decade with the release of the new GP5000 clincher and-in a first for the German brand-a tubeless road tire, the GP5000 TL.

Images: Haines City Hosts the 20th Edition of Ironman Florida Haines City provided the backdrop for athletes from around the world at the 20th edition of the Ironman Florida triathlon.

Drawn to the Desert: IRONMAN Arizona This will be my third year racing there, and I am super stoked to end the season on a positive note. IMAZ is a fantastic end of season race. For those of us who have raced through the summer and are now facing colder weather, it's nice to squeeze in one last race somewhere warm before the winter.

3 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Train This Winter Feel like it's a struggle not to hit the snooze button every morning? Use these three mental tips to motivate yourself during the colder months. On the whole we endurance athletes are a pretty self-motivated bunch.

Lough Cutra Castle Triathlon Introduces Aquabike, Aquathlon & Duathlon To Its Multisport Festival In May 2019 Lough Cutra Castle Triathlon has announced plans to host Aquabike, Aquathlon and Duathlon races as part of the multisport festival on May 24th and 25th in Galway.

Danilea Ryf Defends Her Title at Kona World Championship In the week leading up to race day, Daniela Ryf’s primary focus was maintaining a consistent series of easy runs, light swims, and plenty of time aboard her new Felt IA Disc in order to ensure her pedaling legs were feeling strong.

Castelli PR Speed Suit Worn by Cameron Wurf to set a new bike course record in Kona, Castelli pulled out all the stops in the development of the PR Speed Suit.

November Q&A Livestream Tomorrow Because, well, it's been a long time since the last time. And more importantly, because it buys me some time back tomorrow writing a post, since I'm spending the majority of this week finally moving into the new DCR Amsterdam Cave, now that construction has largely wrapped up.

One-Hour Workout: Track & Hill This unconventional speed and strength workout tests both your body and mind. This week's workout comes from USAT-certified coach Michael Gallagher of Rogue TRI Performance in Southern Oregon. Gallagher is also a triathlete and ultrarunner.

The Spectator’s Guide to IRONMAN Arizona Support crews need a race plan, too.

Meet Cancer Warrior Tom Hulsey The prostate cancer survivor and men's health advocate describes how triathlon gave him the mental tools to successfully navigate his diagnosis.

Best Images of 2018 Super League Tri Mallorca Photos provided by Super League Triathlon.

Super League wins move Zaferes and Luis to second in 2018 prize money Big results at the last two Super League Triathlon events have moved Katie Zaferes and Vincent Luis to second in the 2018 Prize Money Rankings, moving them ahead of full-distance stars Lucy Charles and Patrick Lange.

Group Running Etiquette 101 Plus, telltales signs you might be "that" runner. There are no friends like running friends. And joining or forming a running group gives you all that great running-friend stuff-challenge, support, continuity, laughs, understanding-in spades. But not everyone always loves your group as much as you do.

Appleton and Salthouse in Los Cabos, Von Berg and Oliveira in Buenos Aires Sam Appleton and Ellie Salthouse took the day at Ironman 70.3 Los Cabos, while Rodolphe Von Berg and Pamella Oliveira captured the Ironman 70.3 South American Championship in Buenos Aires.

Study Finds the Benefits of Being Fit Are Limitless A new study finds endurance athletes are more likely to outlive all other fitness groups-even their highly fit counterparts. The relationship between endurance and greater longevity is something many multisport athletes have faith in, and now comes a large-scale study to back the belief.

Photos: The Next Generation Shines at Collegiate Nationals Arizona State University dominated the event on its home turf.

The Slacker's Guide to Off-Season Strength Training Tired of setting off-season goals you never accomplish? "Beginner's Luck" columnist Meredith Atwood can relate. During the off-season triathletes make a lot of big promises to themselves and goals that often seem impossible to keep-in hindsight.

Ironman Florida 2018 in pictures Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, Ironman Florida had to be moved to Haines City with just a month's notice after Hurricane Michael devastated Panama City Beach. Photos from race day in Florida.

Luis and Spivey take Super League Mallorca Vincent Luis made it three for three, while Taylor Spivey took the women's race at Super League Mallorca after series leader Katie Zaferes crashed during the final leg of the race.

Arizona State Dominates Collegiate Triathlon Nationals ASU athletes took the top five spots, with Hannah Henry defending her individual national title. Arizona State University earned a dominant victory Sunday at the Women's Collegiate Triathlon National Championships, claiming the NCAA Division I team title for the third consecutive year.

IRONMAN Florida To Return to Panama City Beach in 2019 IRONMAN announced that the 2019 IRONMAN Florida triathlon will return to its original location in Panama City Beach. Due to the devastation wreaked by Hurricane Michael on Panama City Beach and the surrounding Bay County, IRONMAN and local partners concluded it would not be feasible to host IRONMAN Florida in its usual location for 2018.

Miyazaki set to host 2018 World Cup season closer this weekend - The 2018 ITU World Cup season reaches its climax this weekend, and the location on Japan's southernmost tip in the sport-loving city of Miyazaki is the perfect home for another dose of world-class, standard-distance triathlon featuring some of the sport's top athletes and two packed fields looking to round off the year on a high.

The Monday Round-Up: Highlights from Buenos Aires and Los Cabos Von Berg and Oliveira take crowns in Argentina. Rudy Von Berg played his cards smart in Buenos Aires. After exiting the swim with a slim lead, he exercised patience on the bike while riding with Reinaldo Colucci and Santiago Ascenco for much of the two loop 90 km bike course.

Super League Triathlon: Jonny Brownlee finishes second in Mallorca Britain's Jonny Brownlee finishes second overall in the Super League Triathlon in Mallorca, behind France's Vincent Luis.

Gentle and Royle nail Noosa After winning this year's Grand Final on her home turf, Australia's Ashleigh Gentle added another big race to an impressive 2018 season with a record-setting win at the 36th running of the Noosa Triathlon.

The Adorable Way SwimRun NC Connected With Local Kids Mementos filled racers' hearts with joy; elementary students learned about endurance sports. Last weekend, SwimRun NC kicked off its third edition in North Carolina's Hanging Rock State Park Lake and Dan River.

Super League Triathlon: Good Enduro draw for GB's Brownlee Great Britain's Jonny Brownlee receives a favourable draw for Sunday's Enduro event in Mallorca's Super League Triathlon.

Super League moves on to Mallorca Round three of Super League's Championship Series takes place this weekend in Mallorca, with series leaders Vincent Luis and Katie Zaferes set to build on their championship leads.

4 Top Smart Trainers for Your Next Sweat Session The days are getting shorter. Weather is deteriorating. And cyclists have more choices than ever when it comes to indoor smart trainers. Welcome to the pain cave. The sweat station. The Sisyphus ride. We're riding indoors more and more on these shorter, colder days when the sun sets before we leave the office.

Collegiate Triathlon National Champs Set for Sunday A record field of 96 student-athletes from 18 varsity and four club teams are set to compete this Sunday in Tempe, Arizona. The USA Triathlon Women's Collegiate Triathlon National Championships will be held at Tempe Town Lake for the second consecutive year.

In A Distracted World, Can Cyclists Ever Feel Safe? For the roughly 2 million triathletes and 100 million Americans who've ridden a bicycle within the past year, safety is a growing concern. Triathlete Rachael Maney felt the car before it hit her.

What Off-season? To keep things simple, we always discuss the post season as a critical phase of training which should prepare your body for the rigors of heavy training ahead.

The Smart Trainer Annual Recommendations Guide-2018 Edition It's that time of year again: Indoor trainer season. Though in reality, that's actually not terribly true these days. With indoor training apps and the entire experience becoming more and more immersive, more and more people are using them all year round.

Quick Set: The Re-Start Try this fun workout as motivation to get back into the water after some time off. Each level has a technique or skill to focus on improving. A :: 500 warm-up as 75 swim/25 kick on your back 16 x 25 on :30 8 x 50 on 1:05 300 swim 16 x 25 on :30 8 x 50 on 1:05 300 swim 5 x 100 pull with :15 rest 200 cool-downTotal: 3,400.

20 Stunning Images from the Third Running of SwimRun NC One hundred teams from around the world took on a difficult course and were rewarded with an amazing experience.

A slew of records, a record low DNF rate at the Ironman World Championship It wasn't just the pros who enjoyed the fastest day in Ironman World Championship history in Kona this year - in addition to the course records set by Patrick Lange and Daniela Ryf, 14 age group records were set in the near-perfect conditions on the Big Island.

In Heavy Rotation Volume 5: Our Editors' Favorite Gear We dig deep into our closets for the editors' greatest gear hits. Introducing the fifth installment of our column, "In Heavy Rotation." Each month, our editors will break out their favorite, battle-tested stuff and talk about why this is their go-to gear for training, racing, and living the tri-life.

Marcus Cook: A few years ago, Cook weighed 500 pounds. Now down half his body weight, he is a freshly minted Kona finisher.

Sarah True's Mission to De-Stigmatize Depression American Olympian Sarah True gives an open and honest account about her experience with depression as an elite athlete.

Polar's New Vantage V With a wrist-based heart-rate sensor that seems to really work, Polar, a long-time leader in the heart-rate monitor business, has a new sports watch that provides lots of useful training data. A first look at the Polar Vantage V.

Hands-on: Tacx NEO 2 Smart Trainer Squeaking in just under the wire for the 2018 trainer guide is the just announced Tacx NEO 2 Smart Trainer, the successor to the top of the line and now three-year old Tacx NEO trainer.

A close race for the Challenge Family World Bonus Pool With a $165,000 bonus pool up for grabs, the battle for the top of the Challenge Family World Bonus Pool heats up as Pablo Dapena and Sebastian Kienle sit at the top of the men's standings, while Yvonne Van Vlerken leads for the women.

Study: Caffeine Increases Pain Tolerance A coffee a day keeps the suffering away, say researchers. Want to increase your pain tolerance? Drink a cup of joe. A new study in the journal Psychopharmacology has unearthed a link between caffeine consumption and the ability to withstand pain.

Images from the Inaugural Ironman 70.3 Waco Over 2,300 athletes from 20 countries and 45 states showed up for the inaugural Central Texas race.

Meredith Atwood: Embrace the Fear I've been thinking a lot about it lately-and why it's such a big limiter for so many of us. Stepping into the sport of triathlon as a newbie is terrifying for many of us-absolutely terrifying. I get it. The thought of racing in a tiny triathlon suit is fearful.

Sarah True's amazing Ironman year Eight world championships. A silver medal at the Olympics. Now Javier Gomez is taking on his first Ironman World Championship. Super-mom Meredith Kessler had a tough second half of the marathon in Mont-Tremblant and is determined to make some changes before she gets to Kona in October.

4 Off-Season Sports You Should Try Right Now These sports are full of fun and benefits that will help you become a better all-around triathlete for 2019. After the race season is over, some triathletes are fearful of doing other sports. They continue full-steam ahead, not giving up the summer's sport routine and intensity.

Meet a Tri Legend: Fastest First Ironman Gordon Haller Gordon Haller is the triathlete's triathlete. A national treasure hiding in plain sight. Living, breathing sports history. Imagine if the winner of the first Olympic Marathon in 1896, an elaborately mustachioed Greek by the name of Louis Spyridon, was still around to tell you what it was like to run in that event.

Tech Tidbits: Spotify on Garmin FR645 Music, New COROS Helmets, No Apple Watch ECG Yet Got two and a half quick tech tidbits for you today, as I keep my head down focused on a flotilla of trainer posts for the next 48 hours. All trainers…all the time. Until then, some non-trainer news that will definitely make runners happy!

Can Triathlon Be Edgy? Eric Lagerstrom references '80s skateboarding videos to showcase triathlon's unique attitude in a new short film. Some individual sports evoke an edge, an attitude, borne out of culture. Snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing-all cool, rebellious, beautiful, with iconic legends.

Molinari and Tondeur take ETU Multisport titles Italy's Guilio Molinari took his third title at the ETU Multisport Championship, while Belgium's Alexandra Tondeur topped the women's field.

USAT Just Made a Big Step Toward Increasing Diversity in Triathlon USA Triathlon announced today that Hampton University will be the first historically black university to add a women's varsity triathlon program. Here's why that's important. Hampton University, located on the southeast coast of Virginia, will introduce women's triathlon as a varsity sport starting in the fall of 2019.

One-Hour Workout: Haunted Halloween Holiday Swim Set This spooky interval workout will leave your nerves frayed and your shoulders feeling like ghosts. Even more important than in regular pool swimming, strength is a key component in the open-water.

Mix it Up with a 30-Day Challenge This Off-Season Think outside the run streak. At first, the off-season sounds like a grand old time-shaking off the structure of a daily training plan; eating what you want, when you want it; and basking in a newly-discovered wealth of free time. But for some triathletes, a lack of structure can lead to feeling unmotivated and distracted.

Tacx Flux S Trainer In-Depth Review It's been a bit over a month since Tacx first announced the Flux S, which despite looking similar at a distance to the also newly announced Flux 2, is indeed different. Aside from price, the Flux S is slightly lesser spec'd than the Flux 2. Effectively it's a minor refresh of the original Flux from two years ago.

Less Than 48 Hours To Beat Outlaw Price Rise The multi award-winning Outlaw was first launched in 2010, and a combination of the anniversary celebrations as well as the new payment plan and deferral scheme has seen a record number of places sold since entries opened in September.

ITU announces the new Athlete's Committee - ITU is pleased to announce the newly elected Athlete's Committee which includes five men and five women from eight different countries. Three of the newly elected members are Paratriathletes. "Athletes have been an integral part of the decision-making process since ITU was founded 30 years ago," said ITU President and IOC Member Marisol Casado.

Marrakech Set for IRONMAN 70.3 Race in 2019 Marrakech in Morocco to host IRONMAN 70.3 on October 27, 2019 – race registration opens on November 13, 2018.

Vincent Luis On Top After Close Battle at Super League Malta Vincent Luis maintained the top spot after a tough three-day battle.

The L.A. Triathlon Is Back! After a three year absence, the City of Angels has its triathlon back. Race organizers announced last Thursday that Los Angeles would once again be hosting an Olympic-distance triathlon that weaves through a large swath of the sprawling city on June 2, 2019.

Starykowicz and Chura whip through Waco Super-cyclist Andrew Starykowicz was only just able to hold off another speedy rider, TJ Tollakson, to take the bike/ run Ironman 70.3 Waco event, while Haley Chura was in a class of her own on the run to take the women's race. The swim had to be cancelled because large amounts of rain caused the water flow in the Brazos River to be too high.

Katie Zaferes On Top Again After 3-Day Super League Malta Super League Malta came to a close yesterday after three days of intense racing, which saw Katie Zaferes hold onto her top spot in the SLT Championship series leaderboard at the season's halfway point.

Akerson and Paterson take Xterra World Championship Rom Akerson and Lesley Paterson took the Xterra World Championship held in Maui, Hawaii.

ASICS World Triathlon Team continued success at Salinas World Cup - The 2018 Salinas ITU Triathlon World Cup was the penultimate stop on the calendar for the 2018 ASICS World Triathlon Team. Twelve athletes from eight different countries lined up to advance their racing careers and further their triathlon dreams of competing at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

XTERRA Worlds: Images of An Epically Muddy Day in Maui There was more than 4,000 feet of combined climbing on the technical bike and run courses, which were muddy and slippery due to recent rainstorms on Maui’s northwest coast.

Heemeryck, Thoes Win 2018 Forte Village Challenge Sardinia Belgium's Pieter Heemeryck and Switzerland's Svenja Thoes earned the victories in what ultimately turned out to be a duathlon due to rough sea conditions.

Luis and Zaferes do it again - take Super League Malta Kristian Blummenfelt and Katie Zaferes are back in Jersey to defend their Super League Jersey wins, but they will face some stiff competition. For the second year in a row Vincent Luis captured the ITU WTS Grand Final and, for the third year in a row, Mario Mola takes the ITU World Championship title.

The Monday Round-Up 10.29 Haley Chura and Andrew Starykowicz take wins in The Lone Star State; the buzz around the endurance world; and a quick look at upcoming races.

Akerson, Paterson Win on Muddy Day at XTERRA World Championship Rom Akerson and Lesley Paterson captured the 23rd annual XTERRA World Championship titles on a sunny but muddy day in Kapalua, Maui. It's the first XTERRA World title for Akerson and the third for Paterson, who last won in 2011 and 2012. Both earned $20,000 for their respective victories, their share of the $100,000 elite purse.

More Females Involved With Triathlon Than Ever Before Jenny Vincent, British Triathlon Head of Participation, said: "We are extremely proud of what we have achieved so far in supporting female participation in triathlon and, whilst we mustn't become complacent, we feel there have been a real step-change in the sport over the last few years.

Akerson, Paterson win XTERRA Worlds Rom Akerson had finished this championship 8th in 2015, 10th in 2016 and 10th last year - 10 to 15 minutes behind the winners who garnered $20,000 while Akerson took home under a thousand bucks to help defray the travel costs. Akerson said his pro career was hanging by a thread when he moved this year.

Starykowicz, Chura top Waco 69.1 By 6.6 miles into the run, Chura was running 16 seconds per mile faster than Kaye and 44 seconds per mile faster than Davis-Hayes. Chura thus took over the lead, creating a 15 seconds lead on Kaye and over two and a half minutes margin on Cecilia Davis-Hayes.

Heemeryck and Thoes take Challenge Forte Village Set in beautiful Sardinia, Challenge Forte Village offers a spectacular end-of-season race opportunity in Europe. Organizers were forced to turn the event into a duathlon due to race-day conditions, but athletes still enjoyed the beautiful bike and run courses.

Make Triathlon Great Again: The Triathlon World Podcast Phil Wrochna is at it again - this week he's on a roll looking for more reaction from Kevin as he looks for ways to improve the sport. Don't miss this week's Triathlon World Podcast.

Max Studer sprints to his first World Cup victory in Tongyeong - South Korea set the stage for today's ITU Tongyeong World Cup in favourable race day conditions and harbour views. Japan's Ai Ueda claimed the gold medal in the elite women's race, producing a dominating run leg and emotional finish.

Ai Ueda produces a powerful victory in Tongeong - South Korea set the stage for today's ITU Tongyeong World Cup in favourable race day conditions with stunning harbour views. Japan's Ai Ueda claimed the gold medal in the elite women's race, producing a dominating run leg and emotional finish.

Overland Triathlon For a long time now, I've dreamt of a less rigid form of triathlon. Quite simply, swim-bike-run. Full stop. No standardized lengths, orders, anything. Just cover terrain.

Week in Review-October 27th, 2018 The Week in Review is a collection of both all the goodness I've written during the past week around the internet, as well as a small pile of links I found interesting - generally endurance sports related.

Super League Triathlon: GB short-handed at Malta Super League event Double Olympic champion Alistair Brownlee is one of six GB athletes missing this weekend's Super League Triathlon event in Malta.

Super League 101: Everything to Know About This Weekend's Malta Race Super League is bringing thrilling, spectator-friendly racing to triathlon. Here's what you need to know about the second race of the 2018 series. After its opening 2018 event in Jersey one month ago, Super League Triathlon is back and this time it's landing on the historic Mediterranean island of Malta.

Joe Skipper's bike data from the Ironman World Championship Great Britain's Joe Skipper had his best Kona performance ever this year. A look at his bike data on the record-setting day.

Liisa Lilja looks for season-ending success in Madeira - After an injury-hit year, Finland's Liisa Lilja is aiming to end 2018 on a high at the Madeira Paratriathlon World Cup in Funchal, Portugal, on Sunday. Four international wins, including her first world title, ensured 2017 was a breakthrough year for Lilja, and she was hoping to carry her good form into 2018.

Your Go-To Guide For Eating Healthy While Traveling Keep your nutrition on track when racing away from home. When your race requires air travel, transit, and hotel stays, you'll need to plan ahead to avoid running on empty or mortgaging your life savings on food. Here's what to pack, how to snack, and the tools you need to hit the ground, fully fueled and ready to PR.

8 Things You Should Know About Doing An IRONMAN This may be an individual sport, but no one gets to the finish line without the support of family, friends, colleagues, training partners, coaches, massage therapists, and the guy in your tri club that lends you his NormaTec boots. Acknowledge your tribe and let every person know how much you appreciate their investment in your triathlon goals.

Quick Set: 500 No Walls We'll feature a swim workout from Triathlete contributor and coach Sara McLarty every Friday so you have new ideas to take to the pool. A:: 600 warm up 8×75 @ 1:15 6×150 pull @ 2:10 4×300 @ 4:30 1×500 w/:30 rest 16×25 @ :30 200 cool down*4400 Total*.

Friday Tech Tidbits: Banning power meters at Tour de France, Polar Vantage now shipping, new COROS APEX GPS watch Here's your round-up of Friday randomness within the sports tech world. These are items that I felt I wanted to provide a bit more commentary / detail on than just a quick one-liner note in my usual Week in Review post, while not really viable for an entire dedicated post.

Athlete expectations leading into 2018 ITU Tongyeong World Cup - Tongyeoung, South Korea, will set the scene for the 17th stop of the ITU World Cup tour of 2018 and the penultimate race of the season. The race destination boasts stunning harbour views where athletes will tackle a frantic spring distance race this Saturday.

Past and Future of Carbon Fiber On the friction front, there is just no getting around the fact that carbon fiber braking surfaces do not provide the smooth, quiet, predictable stopping performance in a variety of weather conditions like a good quality alloy braking surface. One big sign that the industry finally accepted this fact is the push towards disc brakes.

Barbara Riveros shares thoughts on importance of Development in triathlon - For only the third time in Youth Olympic Games history, young triathletes from across the globe lined up to shine their lights to the world as the future of triathlon and sport. Watching proudly from the sidelines in Buenos Aires was Chile's Barbara Riveros, who held the honour of being the Athlete Ambassador for Triathlon during the Games.

5 Smart Produce Picks for the Cooler Months Focus on these antioxidant-heavy produce options to help fight the winter blues and improve recovery after those cooler workouts. We typically think of farmers markets in the summer when we're obsessing over watermelon, ice-cold lemonade, and early morning runs to beat the heat.

6 Basic Rules to Help Avoid Injury The real trick is to integrate all of these principles into your next training block. As athletes we all live in fear of injury, but do we do enough to avoid them? When I take on new members to my squad, I make them sign up to the following six simple injury minimization principles.

2018 XTERRA World Championship Preview The XTERRA World Tour ends in Maui again this year for an international showdown of the dirt's best. In the early days of off-road triathlon, a stellar mountain bike split and a respectable run could be enough to propel you onto the podium at most races.

Edmonton joins the ITU Mixed Relay Series in 2019 - ITU is pleased to announce that Edmonton has confirmed that they will host a leg of the 2019 ITU Mixed Relay Series, along with the World Triathlon Series taking place in July in the Canadian city.

Photo Gallery - IGNITE SwimRun Virginia The 3+ miles of swimming took place in the James River while the 14+ miles of running crossed trails and neighborhood roads. Race producers titled the event the National SwimRun Championship and winning teams from nine qualifying races received entry to compete alongside those in the general entry division.

World Cup tour returns to Tongyeong for the penultimate sprint race of 2018 - Tongyeoung, South Korea, will set the scene to host the 17th stop of the ITU World Cup tour of 2018, the penultimate race of the season. The race destination boasts scenic harbour views where a strong field of athletes will tackle a frantic sprint distance race this Saturday.

A speedy aero roadster: the Cervelo S5 For those looking for an aerodynamic road bike for draft-legal racing, extremely hilly tri events, or for road racing and training, Cervelo's new S5 is well worth a look.

This XTERRA Pro Balances a Truly Unique Trail Life Forty-one-year-old Julie Baker shares tips for success that we can all apply to our tri lives. Julie Baker has two jobs, and both of them are dirty. Her current office is the Sierra Nevada Mountains, where she spends her day as a soil scientist for the United States government studying how soils form.

Plazas, Piscos, and PRs: IRONMAN 70.3 Peru From the moment I landed in Lima, I was instantly charmed by the sights, the smells, the people, and the pace of life-everything said to me, "Welcome, you're going to love it here." First impressions count for a lot, and there was rarely a moment during my week-long stay when I wasn't falling just a little bit more in love with this gem of a city.

Apple Watch Series 4: Sports & Fitness In-Depth Review Not gonna lie - the Apple Watch Series 4 is without question the most beautiful sports wearable I've ever unboxed. No, no, no…not the watch itself: But the actual unboxing experience. Seriously, it's stunningly well thought out. At first glance, it looks like a box from every other year:.

Is Chip-Embedded Triathlon Gear the Future? NFC is the latest way for people and products to track what you do-even how fast you get there. What if how you used some of your triathlon gear-specifically your wetsuit, your bike, or your running shoes-influenced how a brand made upgrades and new product lines?

Bart Aernouts finally has his day in Kona For BMC-Vifit team member Bart Aernouts seven times was the charm in Kona as the Belgian athlete took second at the Ironman World Championship.

46:29 - finally that Kona swim record for Jan Sibbersen German Jan Sibbersen has made a few attempts to grab the Kona swim record and this year it finally happened. Sibbersen's previous best was 46:50 in 2003, but American Lars Jorgensen held the course record with a 46:41 and then a 46:44.

Daniela Ryf leads the way It's been quite a year for Daniela Ryf, who might not have raced much, but when she has, it's been very impressive. A look at the current prize-money rankings that sees Mario Mola lead the men's standings.

One-Hour Workout: Cycling Tempo Ladder Use this set to get in a quick, but tough, nonstop bike tempo session. This week's workout comes from USAT-certified coach Michael Gallagher of Rogue TRI Performance in Southern Oregon. Gallagher is also a triathlete and ultrarunner.

Running Trails? Don't Miss These 4 Must-Know Safety Tips Taking to the trails this off-season? Use these expert tips to make sure you're enjoying the view-and not worrying about your safety. Forget the roads-the mountains are calling! While trail running can be a truly transformative experience, it can also be risky.

Think Beyond the Hotel with These Unique Tri Travel Options With a wealth of alternative lodging options, today's travelers are only limited by their imagination. Is it weird that you can decamp to a race in Bogota or Boise and not be able to tell the difference?

Tri University: How to Survive the Winter Months Before Nationals Former collegiate triathlete Kristin Goett shares her advice for showing up to next April's national championships fit and ready to race. The collegiate tri season is done for the year. Medals have been won, podiums have been stood upon, and the disgusting post-race smell in your car is beginning to fade.

Here's What Science Says About Temperature Manipulation Chambers Post-workout cryotherapy and sauna sessions are having a moment. You've probably seen Facebook photos of your friends' shocked faces as they endure frigid full-body cryotherapy chambers post-workout. Or maybe you've seen training partners sweating it out in saunas as they prep for the lava fields of Kona.

Zwift: Welcome to Watopia Let's talk about how you can get Zwift installed and configured easily and inexpensively so you can ride in the Zwift virtual world. We'll focus on the use of a Speed and Cadence Sensor, a $60 gadget you put on your bike that communicates with the "Game", and is the most economical way to Zwift.

Tough, Just Got Tougher! The wait is over… The Slateman Legend has arrived! The iconic Slateman Triathlon just got even tougher. Entries are now open for the all-new 70.1 Legend Distance!

Ride The Challenge Madrid Bike Course LIVE On Bkool Just a few weeks ago, Bkool recorded the entire cycling section of Challenge Madrid. On Thursday, all Bkool Simulator riders will be able to climb the 14km mountain to the top of Canencia. It's a stunning route which can be enjoyed in both 3D and video.

Beginner's Luck: Why You Should Always Write a Race Report Even if you're the only one who reads it-a race report is a useful tool toward helping you become a better triathlete. Ever since my first race, I have been writing "race reports." Whether I post them on my blog or simply send them to my coach or mentor, I write down a play-by-play of the race.

Andy Potts' ride at the Ironman World Championship One of the most consistent Kona performers over the last few years, Andy Potts once again earned a top-10 finish on the Big Island. A look at the bike and equipment that helped him earn an eighth-place finish.

Vision Metron TFA Aerobar A number of Vision-sponsored pros, including super-biker Andrew Starykowicz, used the new Metron TFA Aerobar to dial in the perfect fit and aero position for their ride down the Queen K.

The 2018 Ironman Kona Men's Age Group Race in Photos Hundreds of age-group triathletes also made their dreams come true on Saturday, Oct. 13 in Kona.

The 2018 Ironman Kona Women's Age Group Race in Photos The athletes who put it all on the line to race in the 40th-anniversary edition of triathlon's greatest show.

Gorgeous Photos from the 5th Running of Challenge Peguera-Mallorca Spain's Pablo Dapena González and Great Britain's Lucy Gossage earned the victories at the fifth running of the Challenge Peguera Mallorca triathlon on a beautiful day in Spain. 2018 Challenge Peguera-Mallorca Mallorca, Spain - Oct. 20, 2018 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike, 13.1-mile run.

Faces in the Field: Taylor Ross Now, after checking that box this past summer at IRONMAN 70.3 Boulder, Ross is ready to take on IRONMAN 70.3 Waco this weekend to continue her racing and recovery success. How did you first get involved in sports? Taylor Ross: I honestly can't remember a time that I wasn't playing sports.

Dapena and Gossage take Challenge Peguera-Mallorca Pablo Dapena González and Lucy Gossage cap their successful seasons off with impressive wins at Challenge Peguera-Mallorca.

The emotions of the finish line at the Ironman World Championship It was a record setting day that will be remembered for a long time. Photos from the emotional finish line in Kona that included everything from fast times to marriage proposals.

You surely can Swimrun in Cannes The newest ÖtillÖ Swimrun World Series race took place in Cannes - a resort town on the French Riviera that is well know for its International Film Festival. But it was 500 Swimrun athletes from 24 nations that were performing in and around Cannes in front of surprised and stunned onlookers.

The Monday Round-Up: Solid Performances in China and Chile Riding the high of a top-ten finish at the IRONMAN World Championship brought to you by Amazon just seven day earlier, Andy Potts flew into Chile to take on the competition at IRONMAN 70.3 Coquimbo. Exiting the Pacific Ocean with the lead, Potts rode off the front with Felipe Van de Wyngard for much of the 90K.

Upgrade Me! If you've decided that it's time to upgrade your bike, what should you look for? The most important factors are aerodynamics, handling, comfort/fit, and simplicity. Both the Ventum One and the Ventum Z tick all of these boxes.

Yelistratova and Castro win in Salinas in emotional sprint finishes - The third edition of the Salinas ITU Triathlon World Cup was the most dramatic and exciting to date after Yuliya Yelistratova and David Castro Fajardo both won their way to the top of the podium in down-to-the-wire sprint finishes on the blue carpet.

2018 IRONMAN Kona bike images - Women Daniela Ryf Felt FRD IA Disc Ryf smashed the Kona women's bike record with a 4:26:07 split that was 18:12 better than the previous mark set in 2011 by fellow Swiss and Olympic cycling medalist Karin Thürig.

2018 IRONMAN Kona bike images - Men On a record-smashingly fast day on the Queen K, former cycling pro Cameron Wurf led the way for the men.

Beyond Kona Certainly the most efficient and prolific use of the bike goes to the crew at ENVE, which threw together three spectacular days of riding: Captain Cook, Moana Kea and Kaloko Road. They didn't cheat Madame Pele. They started Mauna Kea at the beach.

Up close with Norwegian Lars Petter Stormo Lars Petter Stormo has 2 Norseman titles to his name, plus he won IRONMAN Haugesund in Norway this year, and he came to Kona early with a big goal.

Zwift Unveils New York City In development since 2017, New York follows the recent release of Zwift's Innsbruck-Tirol 2018 UCI Road World Championship course, and joins Watopia, London and Richmond as Zwift's 5th 'World'.

The Triathlon World Podcast recaps the Ironman World Championship You don't want to miss the engaging back and forth banter between Phil Wrochna and Kevin Mackinnon as they recap the record-setting day in Kona last week.

Do These 5 Activation Drills Before Every Workout Use these super-simple dynamic pre-workout drills to get more out of your body. Many of us rely on caffeine to jumpstart our days. Jim Vance, a San Diego-based coach and author of the book Triathlon 2.0, says that for triathletes, activation drills serve a similar purpose by waking up muscles prior to a workout or race.

Recipe: A Delicious, Nutrient-Packed Pumpkin Treat Power through your mornings with this nutrient-packed pumpkin banana breakfast bread from triathlete-chef Lentine Zahler. *Can substitute 2 T ground flaxseed and 4 T warm water. Chef Lentine Zahler recommends this recipe for a filling breakfast or portable ride food, as it's packed with potassium, healthy fats and protein.

Indoor riding through New York of the future Today the developers from California have opened a new episode of the Zwift story: The fifth virtual world brings indoor cyclists not only to New York, but also into the future.

The final leg: Groundbreaking performances in Kona After record-setting swim and bike legs, the Ironman World Championship marathon didn't see record-setting runs, but Patrick Lange and Daniela Ryf were more than fast enough for groundbreaking performances. Photos from the run in Kona.

Coach Watson: Why a Journal Is An Athlete's Best Friend The words "Dear Diary" may remind you of when you were a teenager, hiding a diary under your mattress. While some may think journaling is silly or a waste of time, successful athletes know that journaling can be a great help when it comes to achieving goals, increasing self-awareness, lowering stress, and increasing motivation.

Quick Set: Fast/Easy 50s and Hypoxic Pulls In her latest workout, Triathlete contributor Sara McLarty has us swimming fast/easy 50s and some hypoxic pulls. A:: 400 choice/200 pull/200 kick 8×75 @ 1:15 10×50 @ :45 600 pull 20×50 @ :40/:60 400 pull 200 cool-down *4100 total*.

Tokyo 2020 Unveils Paralympic Competition Schedule - The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games today unveiled the competition schedule by session for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games following its approval by the International Paralympic Committee.

ACME Bicycle Company: Ace Fitters They have one location currently in a neighborhood of Brooklyn called the Gowanus, and are "starting seriously to think about our next steps," which I take to mean expansion of some sort.Bike Sales: ACME sells bikes from Dimond, Moots, Parlee, Allied and DeRosa, and saddles from pretty much every saddle manufacturer.

Hands-on: Zwift's New York City Course is Now Available After bits of teasing since earlier this summer, the Zwift New York City course is finally here. And, it's nothing like what you expected. Well, unless you expected flying cars, levitating translucent roadways, and buses dangling from glowing blue railway systems.

The Lowdown on Oversized Pulleys The bicycle chain drive system has seen many technical advancements in the last decade. Today's systems are precise, reliable, lightning quick, and provide a wide range of gear ratios-all while performing very efficiently. A clean bicycle chain drive is about 98 percent efficient, a performance value unbeatable by gear - or belt-drive systems.

Craving Pizza Post-Workout? Try This Healthier Alternative Why tip the delivery guy when these fuss-free gems offer a tasty riff on pizza night? Each one is much less of a calorie bomb than glistening fast-food slices. Feel free to play around with your favorite pizza ingredients, and don't forget that they are also great straight from the fridge when hunger strikes.

What Kind of Pain Is OK to Train Through? For amateur athletes, developing the "know when to say when" intuition is tough. We hear slogans like, "Pain is temporary. Glory is forever," and I often see highly motivated, driven, results-oriented athletes who are concerned they are hurting themselves by ignoring pain while training.

Run Your Way Through the Field At this year's IRONMAN World Championship brought to you by Amazon, the men that ended up on the podium-Patrick Lange, Bart Aernouts, and David McNamee-also clocked the three fastest marathon times, respectively, after more conservative rides.

The Mumuku winds take a break: The Bike Recapping the 2018 Ironman World Championship in pictures. Last year's runner-up at the Ironman World Championship, Lionel Sanders, arrived at transition today with some stylish new shoes. The day before the Ironman World Championship just under 2,500 athletes check their bikes in to transition.

Salinas World Cup returns to host sprint-distance action - For the third year in a row, the ITU World Cup series makes it mark in the South American country of Ecuador, this year all set to host a sprint-distance race at the 2018 Salinas ITU Triathlon World Cup. As the calendar begins to draw to a close, with only three World Cup races left in the season, Salinas counts as stop number 14 on the tour.

Ironman Florida Moves to Haines City for 2018 Ironman and its local partners have concluded it is not feasible to host the race in Panama City Beach. As the nation continues to grapple with the devastation caused by Hurricane Michael, officials announced Wednesday that Ironman Florida scheduled for Nov.

Kona 2018 Running Shoe Count: Hoka Reigns Again David Jewell stood out on the Ironman World Championship run course for the eighth year in a row to collect data on which running shoes the world's best triathletes are wearing.

Kona 2018's Top 10 Pros at the Finish Line The 2018 Ironman World Championship is in the books-and it was a history-making day. The event pays 10 deep - making a top-10 finish the ultimate goal for many on the start line. Here, we're sharing images of that magical finish line moment of the top professionals.

Make Pre-Race Anxiety Work in Your Favor The response is typically associated with major threats, like coming face-to-face with a grizzly bear, but Robertson says this norepinephrine flood takes place in stress of all forms-including stressors associated with training and racing.

Hands-on: Skydio's R1 Sports Drone Gets Apple Watch Control I don't usually cover the slew of app announcements for the Apple Watch - but this one is definitely different, and, if you're looking to get cool action video of yourself - then this is also unique. As of today, the Skydio R1 drone can now be controlled from your wrist.

The Founder of Garmany's Largest Tri Club Explains the Country's Multisport Scene The founder of Germany's largest triathlon club, Eintracht Frankfurt, has some surprising insights into the country's take on tri. Germany's Georg Heckens raced Kona for the first time Saturday and finished in a respectable 10:47:36, a time that assumes he showed up with his top-of-the-line racing bike.

Life After the Finish Line You've just gone through a significant process of endurance racing; while it's rewarding and brings an enormous release of endorphins and all the feels-it also puts a great deal of fatigue on the body, both physically and mentally.

Our 3 Favorite Ironman World Championship Qualifiers It's time to shed your Kona FOMO. Ironman Boulder: June 9, 2019Boulder, Colorado. Buzz: Boulder is a mecca of endurance sports, especially triathlon.

Powertap Addresses Gripes With New P2 Pedal Folks generally loved the product but some users had bearing failures well before they felt was appropriate for the product. Further, those who lived in Europe had to send their units to the U.S. for bearing replacement. The P2 differs from the P1 in 4 ways: weight ; durability; price; and service.

S-Works Shiv Disc But Specialized thought wildly outside of convention. I don't know all of what it had in mind. Specialized says the fork is a handling play. Handling in crosswinds. Steering torque and all of that. You have to ride it to feel it. Okay. But I didn't ride it, so I don't know.

Quintessential Races: IRONMAN Florida, 20 Years Strong In November 1999, just a few months after the last athletes crossed the finish line at its older sibling race in upstate New York, triathletes from all over the world were treated to an exhilarating ocean swim, a flat and fast bike course, and marathon course that winds through seaside residential communities and boasts boisterous spectators.

30 Epic Photos from the 2018 Ironman World Championship Approximately 2,500 athletes came from across the globe to Kailua-Kona, Hawaii to compete in the iconic 2018 Ironman World Championship.

Underwater from the 2018 Hawaii Ironman Swim Photographer Rocky Arroyo joined the more than 2,500 athletes to grab images of the iconic Ironman World Championship swim start in Kailua Bay.

Perranporth Triathlon Nearly Ruined My Marriage On the surface, my wife is not an obviously competitive individual. But having grown up in a family with two brothers, she will derive deep-seated satisfaction in the infliction of defeat on brothers and spouses alike and is not one to let it be forgotten easily.

Records and jellyfish: The swim in Kona The Ironman World Championship begins with a 3.8 km swim. We follow the pros through the first leg of the big day.

The countdown before the start A look at some of their rides. Germany's Andreas Dreitz takes on his first Ironman World Championship on a speedy bike. A look at his Wilier Turbine. As he gears up for his 11th start at the Ironman World Championship, Luke McKenzie pulls out all the stops in terms of his training and equipment.

A most sparkling comeback Last year Matt Russell almost died at Kona. After a painful, miraculous recovery, he left superstars in his wake to finish 6th.

Auspicious Race Debut For Felt's IA Disc The flagship model is the FRD and that's what the athletes rode in Kona, but as opposed to a lot of bike debuts in recent years, the IA Disc is offered in builds that are at least not stratospheric in price. The IA2 with eTap sells for $7,500 and an Di2 blend in the IA 3 will sell for $5,800, and below you'll see images of these builds.

Which Bike Brand Won the Kona Count? It sold a lot of bikes in the U.S. in 2018, but not nearly the tri bikes it could have sold. Next year? Canyon's going to be tough to beat, using my formula, because it'll right its forecasting ship in the U.S. Felt just produced a new bike. Specialized?

Was There a Domestique in Kona? For you who didn't, how about the fact that the race didn't travel around the dark side of the moon, from Kawaihae to Hawi and bike, as it used to, when we all went for a run or for lunch for the 40 minutes of coverage darkness? I love Welchie as the "pro" with Dede and Matt as "color" and the drop-ins, like Jan Frodeno.

Ironman World Championship Gallery But no occasion in the first 40 years of the Ironman World Championship has the goddess of the Big Island ever been this generous with her meteorological gifts. With calm waters in Kailua Bay, practically no wind at all on the long climb to Hawi or anywhere else on the cycling roads.

Tim O'Donnell: "I Sent Myself to the Med Tent" to Earn Kona 4th O'Donnell talks about the drastic changes he's made in his training, the head-to-head battle with Braden Currie, and managing the balance of parenthood with elite-level racing.

Linsey Corbin Shares the Unique Way She Manages an Ironman Marathon The American finished 10th at the 2018 Ironman World Championship with a blazing time of 8:58:58.

Lucy Charles on the Changing Dynamics in the Women's Kona Race Charles chats about her stellar swim, her mindset on the bike, and what she thinks Kona rookies brought to Saturday's race.

Mirinda Carfrae on "Mixed Emotions" Following Kona Fifth-Place Finish She chats about her disappointment of not making it onto the podium, the complicated dynamics in the women's bike race, and how the race has changed over the last few years.

5 Random Things From A Week in Cancun After a busy week up in Banff at the ANT+ Symposium I traded a foot of snow for steaming hot…weather…with The Girl. We'd long been looking forward to this trip, as it'd be the first week away from the kiddos since they were born a few years back. The Girl dropped them off at Grandma and Grampa's house in Canada, and we met up in Mexico.

David McNamee Gets Back on Podium In Barrier Breaking Day in Kona The Scottish athlete chats about the conditions and overcoming an "average" front half of his race to finish on the podium again.

Braden Currie Gives an Inside Look at Kona Marathon Dynamics Currie ran shoulder-to-shoulder with Tim O'Donnell, had some fun banter with eventual race winner Patrick Lange, and then held off a late surge from Matt Russell.

Bart Aernouts Relied on Kona Experience in Sub-8 Performance Aernouts put together a 54:07, swim, 4:12:26 bike, and a 2:45:42 marathon to finish in 7:56:41.

Matt Russell: 6th-Place Kona Finish Was "Icing on the Cake" Russell got his best-ever Kona finish on fastest day of racing in Ironman World Championship history.

The Monday Round-Up: Records Go Down in Kona Ryf and Lange crush records in Kona, Leiferman and Spieldenner victorious in Louisville. Plus, a glance at races coming up this weekend.

An Alohaman Extreme Tour Alohaman Extreme delivers a Big Island course for those craving more than the Queen K.

Championship Breakfast with Bob Kona 2018: Daniela Ryf Bob Babbitt chats with Daniela Ryf, winner of the 2018 Ironman World Championship.

Championship Breakfast with Bob Kona 2018: Anne Haug Bob Babbitt chats with Anne Haug, third-place finisher of the 2018 Ironman World Championship.

Championship Breakfast with Bob Kona 2018: Tim O'Donnell Bob Babbitt chats with Tim O'Donnell, fourth-place finisher of the 2018 Ironman World Championship.

Championship Breakfast with Bob Kona 2018: Patrick Lange Bob Babbitt chats with Patrick Lange, winner of the 2018 Ironman World Championship. More Breakfast with Bob from Kona.

Championship Breakfast with Bob Kona 2018: Lucy Charles Bob Babbitt chats with Lucy Charles, second-place finisher of the 2018 Ironman World Championship. More Breakfast with Bob from Kona.

Championship Breakfast with Bob Kona 2018: Bart Aernouts Bob Babbitt chats with Bart Aernouts, second-place finisher of the 2018 Ironman World Championship. More Breakfast with Bob from Kona.

Lucy Charles sets a new swim course record on way to Kona runner-up finish Lucy Charles broke a 19-year-old swim course record on her way to her second-straight runner-up finish at the Ironman World Championship. A chat with the super-swimmer.

Championship Breakfast with Bob Kona 2018: Sarah True Bob Babbitt chats with Sarah True, 4th-place finisher of the Ironman World Championship. More Breakfast with Bob from Kona.