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Duffy, Kanute Lead After Day One at Island House Day 1 Standings - Men: 1. Ben Kanute 2. Terenzo Bozzone 3. Henri Schoeman 4. Aaron Royle 5. Cam Dye 6. Ryan Bailie 7. Sam Appleton 8. Sebastian Kienle 9. Richard Murray 10. Rudy Von Berg 11. Mario Mola 12. Eric Lagerstron 13. Josh Amberger 14. Ben Hoffman.

A Brief History of the Podium Champagne Spray It's a weird tradition, considering the cost-and appeal-of a magnum of bubbly. Like most strange human tricks, it started as an accident. Moet et Chandon, being just down the road from where the Le Mans Grand Prix auto race ends, began furnishing bottles as prizes in the 1950s.

Triathlon Just Hit the Halfway Point to Becoming a Real NCAA Sport A look inside the USAT juggernaut to make tri a real NCAA sport-with all the scholarship opportunities and bookstore sweatshirts that come with it. In just the past few months, seven universities have announced that they will add triathlon as a varsity sport.

Pre-race photos from the Island House Triathlon The Island House Triathlon features a stellar field battling for US$500,000. Photos from the pre-race activities.

Frederiksen gears up for her first full-distance race She's the fastest woman ever over the half-distance. At the ITU Long Distance World Championship in Penticton, Canada Helle Frederiksen made her long-distance debut, finishing second. She's won two Ironman regional championships and, on Sunday, claimed her first world title at the ITU Long Distance World Championship.

Thoughts on Zwift's Infamous $5 Price Increase There are approximately four ways you can start off writing about the Zwift price increase, depending on which way you want to spin the increase. I've used two of them thus far in my post, but to recap, your four options are:.

Per Bittner looks to finish the season off with some strong performances After two years of injury issues that left her on the sidelines, Eimar Mullan is back and in winning form. We catch up with the Irish star at her training grounds at Thanyapura Resort in Thailand. It's been an up and down season for Michael Raelert, but he is gearing up for an end of season run of races and his Kona dream is still very much alive.

Hands On With The Zwim HUD Taegoo and his team are funding the project via IndieGoGo, where they are currently over 80% of the way towards their flexible goal of $20,000 to bring Zwim to market.

Arizona Athlete Discovers Self Care Through Triathlon Since then, Parkhurst has completed a dozen sprints, half a dozen Olympic-distance races, and one IRONMAN 70.3. When combating depression in the past, exercise had never been part of the prescription. "I don't think I ever believed how much exercise can help you.

Meet Antony Costes, the Ironman Barcelona champion Yvonne Van Vlerken has put together an incredible 2017 that included more sub-9 hour performances and taking the top prize in the Challenge Family European bonus pool. It's been an up and down season for Michael Raelert, but he is gearing up for an end of season run of races and his Kona dream is still very much alive.

These Top Pros Are Getting Ready to Race In Paradise We're just a few short hours away from the start of the 2017 Island House Invitational Triathlon in the Bahamas. For a third consecutive year, the race has brought together top names from both short course and long course to compete for a share of the $500,000 prize purse.

How the Internet Thinks Gwen Will Do at the Marathon Tri and running pundits have spoken. We asked veteran running reporter Sarah Barker to give us the rundown of where everyone stands. Imagine Taylor Swift switching stages and predicting her own Best Actress Oscar in three years. Or Kim Kardashian veering into politics, and slamming it into Washington 2020 gear.

What Happens When You Don't Recover Properly? "Athletes get trapped in this idea that they need to be exhausted to improve." Under-recovery is a slippery slope that can lead to full-blown overtraining syndrome.

Island House Triathlon start lists Richard Murray is back to defend the men's title while Flora Duffy will arrive in the Bahamas as the prohibitive women's favorite at the Island House Triathlon on the weekend.

Eimar Mullan returns to racing with a nice win in Xiamen After two years of injury issues that left her on the sidelines, Eimar Mullan is back and in winning form. We catch up with the Irish star at her training grounds at Thanyapura Resort in Thailand.

How to Survive Eating Season These tips will allow you to enjoy the season in full and save space on your New Year's resolution list for something besides re-committing to your training diet.

Take Your Strength Training To Another Level with Balance Boards If nagging lower leg injuries are becoming the norm or you're stumbling more often, lack of foot strength, limited ankle mobility and leg-muscle imbalances may be to blame. "The health of our feet, good or bad, directly relates to our run health," says Eric Orton, an endurance athlete, coach and author of The Cool Impossible.

Two Winter Cycling Workouts for Building an Aerobic Base Base training is the name given to the training that teaches your body to utilize oxygen as efficiently as possible. Base training rides are typically long and steady, undertaken at a moderate intensity, which allows your body to make the necessary adaptations.

Beginner's Luck: A Different Type of Off-Season But be weary of falling into the trap of forming too many bad habits during your "non-triathlon" months. What in the world is an "off-season" after all? I always chuckle when I hear those words, because for me, I am always lucky to have any sort of real, actual season with my klutziness, drama, and life.

Van Vlerken's incredible 2017… and it's not over yet. A look at the last European race of 2016. Bob Babbitt catches up with the top finishers at Challenge Penticton - a race that has garnered a lot of attention because it will host the world championships in 2017. Was ist mytriathlon?

Hands-on: Cycliq's new Fly6 CE & Fly12 CE with Garmin integration and more! Today Cycliq announced their two latest products - the Fly6 CE and Fly12 CE. For those unfamiliar with the company's past products, both of these units are combination bike lights and cameras. The Fly6 is the rear-racing unit, while the Fly12 is the front-facing unit.

Van Vlerken, Skipper and Kramer top Challenge European rankings What a year it has been for Yvonne Van Vlerken - "the smiling blond Dutch girl" has raced up a storm including wins at Challenge Almere and Ironman Barcelona over a two-week stretch. She also finished at the top of the standings in the Challenge Family European bonus pool, earning herself an extra 25,000 Euros for her efforts.

IRONMAN Announces New Event In Waco, Texas The event is set to take place on Sunday, October 28 with general registration opening December 5, 2017. This new event will take the place of IRONMAN 70.3 Austin on the 2018 calendar. IRONMAN 70.3 Waco will begin with a 1.2-mile swim through the Brazos River.

4 Holiday Side-Dish Makeovers Our resident endurance sports chef Jess Cera gave four holiday side-dish faves a healthy makeover. Gobble them up! Root veggies are a satisfying source of complex carbohydrates with many anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits-you might just forget mashed potatoes ever existed.

Give Joy: The 2017 Holiday Gift Guide Every year, we hand-pick the services, gear, and knick-knacks that are catching our eye on the lead up to the holiday season. Think beyond socks and energy bars this year, and give your favorite triathlete something they'll remember. This holiday season, give the gift of genetic discovery to the data geek in your family.

Challenge Family Confirm 20m No Drafting Rule For The Championship 2018 Following confusion and growing unrest amongst the triathlon community regarding fairness at major events, CHALLENGE FAMILY have announced today that the popular 20 metre no drafting rule will be implemented at THE CHAMPIONSHIP 2018.

Michael Raelert's Kona dream It's been an up and down season for Michael Raelert, but he is gearing up for an end of season run of races and his Kona dream is still very much alive. chats with the two-time Ironman 70.3 world champion at Thanyapura resort.

ProFile: Kevin Collington Kevin Collington's road to long-course success has been a windy one. Collington raced for the University of Florida, winning the Collegiate National Championship in 2007. From there, he became a part of the U.S. national team to focus on ITU racing, with his sights set on the 2012 Olympics in London.

Isometric Exercises: Pros, Cons, and Which Ones to Try Push your muscles to the limits with these unique strengthening exercises. You're a triathlete. You're used to pushing your limits-swimming harder, cycling farther, running faster. Yards, kilometers and miles-you're clocking them by the dozens. But do you know just how hard you can work your muscles without actually moving them?

Back in Arizona, Riding the Smile Train "So, I called him up and he was like 'No, no I did a sprint' and I was like 'what the heck is that?' And he explained it to me." After some research, Fox thought to himself, "Well sh*t, I can do that." He did his first sprint in the spring of 2015 and was hooked.

4 Challenging Swim Drills For Triathletes Go outside your comfort zone with these four challenging drills that will help you become a more relaxed and efficient swimmer. Develop a strong kick by pushing a large surface through the water. Grasp the sides of a kickboard and hold it vertical with only the top inch of the board out of the water.

Moving from triathlon to ultra running Otherwise, it has a way of piling up by mile 50 or beyond. With careful problem solving, I've seen races turn around that seemed past the point of no return. Don't stop believing! An ultramarathon will push you past what you think your limits might be.

The Best Personal Defense Products for Runners Today's personal defense products are now tiny-and techy. Part fitness app, part safety beacon, the RunRaegis app notifies one personal safety contacts when you head out for a run. In addition to real-time tracking, the app will alert safety contacts if you aren't finished with your workout when you should be.

One Tiny Little Random Thing This Weekend Normally on my '5 Random Things' posts after each weekend I highlight a blend of tech gadgets that may have gotten unboxed, initial trials with new gizmos, and just random life things. These things are generally about living in Paris, but they also follow wherever I and the rest of the family happens to be in the world.

Airplane time - Travel must haves Every time we go international, there are simple ways to avoid the queues and get your laborious entry and exit cards done. Do them in the customs line, or, better still, on the flight over. You may only save yourself a few minutes, but after a long haul flight those minutes can seem like hours!

Repurposing The Vasa Swim Ergometer I am positive that this would not have happened without the coach / video/erg trifecta. Much has been written by people vastly more qualified than me on the finer points of swim technique, so I will defer to the legions of swim coaches out there about the many merits of these tools and how to optimally combine them.

We Noticed: Oakley, Noxgear, DaHänger and Wattie Ink By now several other pros have been seen with the new Oakley ARO 7 helmet including but not limited to Nick Kastelein, Holly Lawrence, Craig Alexander and Cameron Brown. Spotting Cam Brown in the wild actually got my mind back on this helmet and word has it that we regular folks can get our hands on one of them by February 2018.

Zwift: The Deeper Dive Zwift is not hard to join; not hard to commence; but it’ll take you a good while to plumb its depths. Last week I wrote you a primer on the easiest, least expensive Zwift entry point: using Virtual Power to gauge your effort. That primer gave you just enough to get you set up with the hardware and software you need to simply ride.

Why You Shouldn't Be Mad USAT Has Foreign Sponsors Sponsorship makes up 20 percent of USA Triathlon's operating budget. And like all U.S. national sports governing bodies, they'll that money from wherever they can. Science in Sport, a U.K.-based sports nutrition company, recently signed a deal that makes them the official provider of energy gels and bars for USA Triathlon through 2020.

The P5X in action Our continuing look at Cervelo's P5X includes this look at the P5X in action.

Should We Be Switching to Low-Sugar Sport Drinks? Do the principles of the "sugar is bad" movement translate to how we fuel our workouts? Sport drinks are a necessary part of the endurance athlete's fueling strategy-not just for their hydrating properties, but for a quick caloric hit as well.

Bozzone and Seymour lead the way in Los Cabos The Kiwi appears to be setting up for another such tear, taking Ironman 70.3 Los Cabos in brilliant fashion with the day's fastest bike and run splits after coming out of the water with the lead group to easily take the day.

Why Running Races Could Be Your Ticket to a Better Tri One of the best ways to get fast and gauge race readiness is to get out and race. "If I told you to go out and run 6.2 miles as fast as you could, you'd hate me, but enter into a race, and it's a fun way to build fitness," says Coach Ryan Bolton, a 2000 U.S.

British Triathlon Promote Inclusivity by Becoming Stonewall Diversity Champion British Triathlon will kick off their work with Stonewall by actively supporting the charity's week-long Rainbow Laces campaign, taking place 24 November to 3 December. The emphasis will be on inclusivity within sport participation and spectating, with the mantra of making sport everyone's game.

Crawford to race Challenge Wanaka Half New Zealand's Gina Crawford is gearing up for the Challenge Wanaka Half, adding another super-mom to the triathlon racing ranks.

Challenging Conditions for Inaugural Odlo Coed y Brenin Trail Duathlon Full race timings for the Odlo Coed y Brenin Duathlon can be found at Race photography was provided by The 2018 Odlo Coed y Brenin Duathlon will be a Welsh Triathlon National Championship race - entries will open very soon.

Mullan, Betten win Ironman 70.3 Xiamen To win Ironman 70.3 Xiamen. Mullan prevailed by 6 seconds after a race-long, head-to防ead duel with Immogen Simmonds of Switzerland. After leading the swim and bike legs, Haley Chura finished 3:15 back of Mullan in 3rd place. Betten and Justin Metzler of the U.S.

Eberhardt, Wilson triumphant at Challenge Shepparton Anna Eberhardt of Hungary and Dan Wilson of Australia took the elite titles at the Challenge Shepparton half distance. Eberhardt overcame a 10th-place, 7:35 deficit on the swim with a women痴 3rd-best bike split that whittled her deficit to 6:53.

Bozzone, Seymour hottest in Los Cabos Terenzo Bozzone of New Zealand posted the fastest swim, bike and run splits while Jeanni Seymour of South Africa ran down Angela Naeth of Canada to win the pro titles at Ironman 70.3 Los Cabos.

The Monday Round-Up: 11.13 Who among us doesn't miss the Men of Triathlon calendar that served to raise money-along with a whole lot of eyebrows-to benefit the Movember Foundation?

Oceania announces 2018 competition calendar - The 2018 Oceania Triathlon Union season will kick off with the Paratriathlon Oceania Championships, to be held in the beachside suburb of Saint Kilda on the 14 of January.

Mullan and Betten best in Xiamen Australia's Sam Betten was the best of the bunch on the run to take the men's title in an exciting sprint finish over Justin Metzler. Rudolf Naude led the lead group out of the water but had lots of company.

Guillaume, Riesler prevail at IM Malaysia photo Romain Guillaume of France topped Jens Petersen-Bach of Denmark by 3:51 and Diana Riesler surpassed fellow German Mareen Hufe by 8:22 to win Ironman Malaysia on a mild-for-Langkawi 82-degrees Fahrenheit day leavened by a light rain during the run.

Guillaume and Riesler master Malaysia Diana Riesler seems to thrive in the challenging conditions of Langkawi - the event has recorded the hottest temperatures in Ironman history - and managed her race perfectly once again to take yet another title on the Malaysian island.

Rapperswil: City of Sports and Roses Rapperswil is often called "Riviera at upper lake Zurich," and for good reason. The town in the South-West of Switzerland's canton Saint Gallen enchants visitors with Southern European charm, a medieval old town, and a sea of more than 16,000 roses that blossom from May to October in the public gardens on site.

Cycling + Food = An Epic Travel Adventure Four bike tours that satisfy your appetite for mouthwatering food, and adventure on two wheels. A culinary bike tour is the triathlete's ultimate recipe for the perfect getaway. You'll log solid training miles while exploring a dreamy destination, refuel with regional gourmet fare and immerse yourself in the local culture.

Nutrition updates for health conscious athletes So many athletes strive for the perfect diet rather than an excellent one. In the end your triathlon racing will be better through a balanced diet filled with a variety of foods, Nancy Clark says. In the same way we need to periodize our training, it's important that we modulate our nutrition, too.

Data Nerds Will Love This Analysis of the Kona 2017 Pro Race The tape has long been broken, the champagne sprayed and champions crowned at the 2017 Ironman World Championship, but for the first time we have in-depth access to data that paints a new and dynamic picture of the day. What we saw on the live broadcast on Oct.

Quick Set: The Fat-Burning Zone You need to train with a high heart rate to make gains, improve speed, and burn fat. In fact, the "fat burning zone" is 60-70% of your max heart rate. The workout below uses long sets with short rest to maintain a continuous effort in this zone.

IRONMAN 70.3 Elsinore, from A to Z With temperatures nudging over 20C in midsummer, you'll want a race-cation ice cream. Brostraede Is, located near the train station, is a popular choice due to the quality of its cones. Copenhagen.

Celebrating the career of Gwen Jorgensen - On November 7, 2017 USA's Gwen Jorgensen announced her retirement from competing in the sport of triathlon to instead pursue a new dream - to win an Olympic gold medal in the marathon. Over the seven years that Jorgensen has raced at the ITU level, she has swam, biked and ran her way into the history books.

What Is "Feel for the Water?" The best swimmers in the world are masters at feeling the water. Feeling or "holding" the water in order to gain traction and move the body forward is critical to swimming success, yet can be a difficult concept to grasp and apply. Swim Speed Series author Sheila Taormina explains.

Meet the Genius Who's Raced Every Ironman On the Planet Much is known about him as a lauded data scientist, but Jeff Jonas has somehow flown under the radar as a record-setting Ironman. Until now. Picture 60 people settled in for lunch at swanky Cili Restaurant in Las Vegas.

Beginner's Luck: The Swim Skill Every Triathlete Should Know Beginner triathletes don't need to learn how to bilateral breathe, right? Wrong, writes Meredith Atwood. Stubbornness is a quality that serves us well in the sport of triathlon. When we want to give up? We have that internal voice that says, "We don't quit!

Dún Laoghaire replaces Dublin on 70.3 European calendar The Crank has just one thing on his mind this week… he wants Ironman to put the 70.3 world title at an earlier date. A guide to show you how to prepare for your first Ironman - everything from equipment to what to expect during the race, and how your life will forever change once you cross the finish line.

The Best Workouts for Losing Weight Workouts with short rest periods, higher intensities, and ones that use compound movements will give you the best results-provided your nutrition plan is on track. That's because high intensity interval training increases the body's ability to oxidize fatty acids-aka burn fat-better than steady-state exercise.

New Macmillan Beginner's Wave at Royal Windsor Triathlon 2018 Organised by leading mass events company Human Race, the iconic Royal Windsor Triathlon 2018 has cemented its place as one of the top races in the triathlon calendar.

Challenge Madrid Launches The Fractioned Payment With this pioneering initiative in our country, the objective of Challenge Madrid is to provide more facilities so that more Spanish and international triathletes can experience the Challenge Family experience.

Croyde Ocean Triathlon: 'Stunning & Savage' - Can't Argue With That! Taking place in and around the stunning area of Croyde, North Devon, the Olympic distance Triathlon is a course to be reckoned with and certainly not for the faint hearted. Third timers will be rewarded with a collectable gold swim hat and invited to the VIP lounge for a glass of bubbly post race.

Introducing SwimRun Lake James The Lake James State Park is in the Blue Ridge Mountains not far from Asheville, NC and on April 7, 2018 will offer a stunning background for the inaugural SwimRun Lake James.

Gwen Talks About Marathon Gwen Jorgensen and I talked about her switch to the marathon from triathlon. Moving from tri to a single sport has worked very well for women, but to cycling, not to running. Cycling world champions Emma Pooley, Kristin Armstrong and many other top female cyclists moved to cycling because, as Ms.

Dirk Bockel offers Triathlon Guides Bockel covers a wide range of issues with clarity, including overcoming fear of open water swimming, fine tuning nutrition, mastering the mental game, and accessing key tools and advanced training methods.

Huge Fall Sale: 20% of All Trainers & Most Power Meters, and $100 off Fenix 5 It's that time of year again! The now annual 20% off sale. Now technically, it's semi-annual since it happens now and in the spring. But I don't think anyone's complaining about the chance to buy a brand new just released trainer for 20% off. No matter what you call it, there are some amaze-balls deals in here.

What IRONMAN Announcers Do in Their Off Season Every IRONMAN triathlete has an off season. It's the time of year when rest and recovery take precedent over repeats on the track. For most it means spending quality time with the family and friends who supported their journey throughout the year.

The Power Meters Buyer's Guide-2017 Edition Once again, it's time for the annual power meter buyer's guide! It's where I round-up every cycling power meter on the market, and talk through what's happened in the last year. I give my opinions of every single power meter on the market, as well as some general guidance on choosing a power meter.

This Woman Crushed Ironman Florida on a Fat Bike A challenge from a training buddy turned into an epic race for Vicki Ostendorf. Ask Vicki Ostendorf why she did an Ironman on a fat bike, and she'll pause thoughtfully before answering. "Well," Ostendorf deadpans, "I don't know how to ride a unicycle." It's probably a joke, but then again, it's hard to tell with Ostendorf.

Is Real Food Better Than Sports Nutrition Options for Recovery? Recovering from a hard workout is the best excuse to chow down, but figuring out how to do it can be a challenge for triathletes looking to dial in their performance. Is it better to fuel up quickly with a prepackaged bar or recovery shake? Or hit the kitchen to spend time and effort cooking up a real meal?

To Be Xtreme, First You Have To Be Lucky The lottery for the Xtri series races, including Norseman and Alaskaman, close Nov. 14. For some people, covering 140.6 miles in an Ironman is not enough-it needs to be done in the most punishing conditions.

China seeks a Head Coach for their National Team - In order to improve the Chinese triathletes' performances and to achieve good results at international races, the China Triathlon National Team is looking for the opportunity of employing a high-performance coach. Please read the job description:. Position: Head coach of China Triathlon National Team.

Testing the Polar M430 Polar's latest mid-range GPS training watch has optical pulse measurement on the wrist.

Zwift: Welcome to Watopia Let’s talk about how you can get Zwift installed and configured easily and inexpensively so you can ride in the Zwift virtual world. Alright, I’m interested in this whole Zwifting thing. Where do I start? Let's get up and running with Zwift using the most minimal approach possible.

Gwen Jorgensen: Triathlon Olympic gold medallist to switch to marathon Olympic triathlon gold medallist Gwen Jorgensen says she will switch to the marathon for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

One-Hour Workout: Bike Max Outs This brutal bike workout may seem simple, but the hurt is complicated. This week's workout comes from Adam Sczech, a Colorado-based coach working with Team MPI. Sczech is a certified bike fitter, triathlete, former professional cyclist, and a USAT Level I-certified USAT coach.

Try This Super Simple Recovery Pose In her new book, The Athlete's Guide to Recovery, certified triathlon and running coach and yoga instructor Sage Rountree provides a path to full recovery and improved performance. Here, she shares a simple recovery pose, as well as one variation, you can do almost anywhere.

Gwen Jorgensen on Her Surprising Decision to Leave Triathlon If she accomplishes her goal, she would become the first woman to win gold in two different summer Olympic sports. Jorgensen ran her first marathon in New York City less than three months after Rio 2016, finishing in 2:41:01. The winning women's marathon time in Rio was 2:24:04.

Gwen Jorgensen Leaving for Triathlon for Marathon The defending Olympic champion made a huge announcement on Tuesday morning. 2016 Olympic gold medalist Gwen Jorgensen has announced that she will be going for a spot on the 2020 Tokyo Olympic team, but it will be in the marathon instead of triathlon.

Jorgensen gearing for 2020 marathon in Tokyo An official sponsor of both Ironman and Olympic gold medalist Gwen Jorgensen, Roka has inked a four year deal with USA Triathlon as the "Exclusive USA Triathlon Uniform and Swim Category Partner." Have you voted yet? Triathletes from around the world are picking their favorite athletes, races and gear.

Apple Watch Series 3: Sport & Fitness In-Depth Review Over the last 6 weeks I've been wearing the Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular edition to see how well it works not just in daily use, but more importantly sport and fitness use. This review is all about sport and fitness, since there's a gazillion other places you can read about general stuff like looking at the pretty apps screen above.

This Bike Computer Provides Next-Level Analysis of Your Ride Leomo's groundbreaking new Type-R packs a virtual motion-analysis lab into a small, sleek bike computer. Leomo's Type-R adds biomechanics and technique to the typical power / heart-rate/GPS mix of bike data for next-level analysis of your ride.

Are you ready for an Ultra Triathlon? This story from our partner TrainingPeaks. USA Triathlon categories an "ultra" triathlon as any distance with a 3.2 km-plus swim, a 100 km-plus bike and a 30 km-plus run. The most well-known of these types of triathlons is the Ironman.

3 Key Hill Workouts That Target Speed, Strength and Endurance Hill workouts are one of the most versatile workout that a distance runner can complete. They can be run during the base phase of training or just a few days before a running race, which you may choose to target in the triathlon off-season. Hill workouts can build endurance, top-end speed, or improve VO2 Max.

ITU signs development grant with Asian Triathlon Confederation - ITU is pleased to announce the signing of the 2017 Development Grant contract with Asian Triathlon Confederation. The budget will be invested in strategic development goals including athlete and coach development as well as technical and event development and increasing the participation of women in triathlon.

South East Calendar Announced for 2018 Human Race Triathlon Series The picturesque setting of Woburn Abbey once again plays host to the Triforlife Woburn Abbey Triathlon on 8th and 9th September with the challenging WoBurner middle distance triathlon, and ever-popular kids Scootathlon.

Saying Farewell to Timo Bracht Two months ago, along the Adriatic coast side of Italy, the paths of two outstanding athletes crossed. Andreas Dreitz was making his debut on the full-distance circuit at the inaugural IRONMAN Italy Emilia-Romagna while his fellow countryman, Timo Bracht, said goodbye to racing at the very same venue.

Florianopolis Hosts New IRONMAN 70.3 The inaugural edition of IRONMAN 70.3 Florianópolis will take place on Sunday, April 22, 2018 in the capital of Santa Catarina which has hosted IRONMAN Brazil for the past 17 years and is where Tim Don set the IRONMAN world record in May.

Arizona State Repeats as NCAA Women's Natl Champs She痴 an up-and-coming competitor on the ITU Junior Circuit, representing Canada.There were 81 athletes racing, representing 11 NCAA programs and 10 club teams.It is likely that Arizona State will continue to be a juggernaut in this sport, as all 7 of their team members return next year.

The Top 15 Kona female Pros on their bikes Up close and personal with the bikes and components of the Top 15 female Pros at the 2017 IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. All the data you could possibly want - collected for you on a single page, and that includes tire choices and widths, crank lengths, bike sizes, power meters and much more.

Talansky wins first triathlon Former pro cyclist Andrew Talansky announced in Kona he's taking up triathlon. So far, so good - he won his first race, the Marin County Olympic distance.

Photos: 2017 Ironman Florida Panama City Beach provided a spectacular backdrop for athletes from across the globe as they swam 2.4-miles, biked 112-miles and ran 26.2-miles through Northwest Florida at the 19th edition of the Ironman Florida triathlon. James Burke from Milwaukee, Wisc.

Gossage and Vickery top Mallorca Long Course Weekend We have photos from the swim at the Long Course Weekend in Mallorca won by Lucy Gossage and Marco Hohlen. So much for England's "cold and rainy" reputation… Ironman 70.3 Staffordshire enjoyed beautiful sunny conditions. The day in photos. Was ist mytriathlon?

More from Mallorca's Long Course Weekend Day two of the long course weekend includes a 172 km ride through Mallorca's beautiful countryside. Miguel Ibanez Torbic took the men's race, while Lucy Gossage pipped Birgit Metzler by two seconds in the women's race.

The Monday Round-Up: IRONMAN Florida It's impossible to feel anything but good when you see pro Jeff Symonds' latest #TBT to childhood post. Follow the IRONMAN Malaysia pro race action here on and on Twitter at @IRONMANLive. Join the conversation using the hashtag #IMMalaysia for both Twitter and Instagram.

Triathlete / duathlete Sara Dossena 6th at NYC Marathon Sara Dossena of Italy, who finished 3rd at the 2015 Tiszaujvaros World Cup and made the podium at several Italian National Triathlon and Duathlon Championships, finished sixth at the New York City Marathon in a time of 2:29:39 – just 2:46 behind winner Shalane Flanagan of the U.S.

Bike details of the Top 15 Kona male Pros A very detailed look at the bikes of the top 15 males of the 2017 IRONMAN World Championships in Kona plus the bike of bike course record breaking Cameron Wurf. Tomorrow then the bikes of the top 15 female pros and next week the features of all these athletes during the run segment.

A is for Apple Wine: 26 Reasons to Race IRONMAN Frankfurt Home to the Mainova IRONMAN European Championship, Frankfurt has something to offer everyone, from historic attractions, to hearty local food, to trendy markets and meeting spots. A bucket list event for athletes from around the world, it's easy to understand IRONMAN Frankfurt's appeal.

Hannah Henry, ASU Dominate Women's Collegiate Nationals Arizona State University's Hannah Henry and the rest of the Sun Devils dominated Sunday's Women's Collegiate World Championships on their home course in sunny Tempe, Ariz. Georgia's Emily Cameron-a former Olympic Swim Trials finalist-led the women out of the fast-paced 750-meter swim.

Gentle and Birtwhistle nail Noosa It is amazing to be here and finally add my name to that list of amazing champions of the past." Like the women's race, the men turned the race into a foot race as Birtwhistle had to hold off former Noosa champions Aaron Royle and Dan Wilson, not to mention Olympian Ryan Bailie, who was also in the mix.

I'm Now on Facebook Swim, Sweat and Gears blog has a new platform, and has recently spread its wings and launched on Facebook. Over on Facebook you will see regular daily posts with news, entertainment, facts that follow my ironman journey to Wales.

Birtwhistle, Gentle prevail at Noosa Triathlon After a race-best 54:05 bike split, Amberger maintained his lead, by a slender 10 seconds on Shaw, 11 seconds over Wilson, 13 seconds on Bailie, 14 seconds on Royle, 18 seconds on Willian and 20 seconds on Birtwhistle.

Summer Cook, Marten Van Riel win Miyazaki World Cup “I am so happy to finish the season strong, ” Spivey told ITU media. “I worked really hard today and it paid off.” The women split into two groups on the swim with Cook, Japan’s Yuko Takahashi and Spivey leading a six-woman pack including Emma Jackson 3 to 12 seconds arrears.

Cook and Van Riel master Miyazaki After finishing second in Sarasota and then taking the bronze in Tongyeong, Belgium's Marten Van Riel capped a podium-filled-fall with the win in Miyazaki. "I can't be happier with how the season ended for me," Van Riel said. "Three podiums in the world cup, I didn't expect that.

Cook and Van Riel collect final world cup titles of season in Miyazaki - Ending the 2017 world cup season with a bang, USA's Summer Cook and Marten Van Riel of Belgium were crowned victorious at the 2017 Miyazaki ITU Triathlon World Cup. With the wins, both Cook and Van Riel collected career milestones.

Long Course Weekend swim photos It's a year-end celebration of swimming, biking and running - splitting a full-distance into three days. We have photos from the swim at the Long Course Weekend in Mallorca won by Lucy Gossage and Marco Hohlen.

Andi Boecherer's Triday tip German pro Andi Boecherer has some simple advice on how you can get yourself motivated for the 2018 season… and a chance to win an entry to Challenge Heilbronn.

New to Trail Running? Start with These 7 Essential Tips If you're new to trail running, fear not: the off-season is the perfect time to try new things. These tips will help you get trail ready:. Ask your trail running buddies, friends who hike, mountain bike or walk their dogs what trails they frequent and what the surface and elevation is like.

The Importance of Keeping Your Hormones Balanced Your hormones decide whether you crush or crash. Here's how to keep them happy. Under most circumstances, you don't have to think about hormones. If you're eating and sleeping and generally a healthy human, your endocrine system hums along on autopilot.

The 4th Annual DCR Cave Open House-December 2nd, 2017 It's that time of year again! Time for you to start planning your trek to the 4th annual DCR Cave Open House! Yup, it's gonna be the fourth open house already - how time flies since we did all that construction! Here were the first, second, and third DCR Open House events!

A long-term look at Cervelo's P5X A few days after the official launch of the P5X last year I saw Phil White, one of Cervelo's founders, on Alii Drive in Kona.

Quick Set: Nothing Over 150 Triathlete contributor and swimming all-star Sara McLarty has a blog with more than 500 creative workouts used in her Masters swim program in Clermont, Fla. We'll feature a workout every Friday so you have new ideas to take to the pool.

Technology & Triathlon - digital footprints STRAVA has launched a new format offering a more visual and social media style way to "Put the Word Out On Your Workout" where you can post your next activity, invite others to join you, add notes, photos as well as sharing activities to gather KUDOS or comment.

An Evening of Champions and Inspiration in NYC At an exclusive Broadcast Premiere in Manhattan, attendees will have the opportunity to rub shoulders with the biggest names in IRONMAN, including the legendary "Voice of IRONMAN" Mike Reilly, world class professional IRONMAN athletes, including Timothy O'Donnell and Miranda Carfrae, athletes who inspire, and countless other stars of the sport.

The next Generation of Rim Brakes Has More Than Meets the Eye Grippy new rim designs are putting brake pads in the spotlight. Disc brakes are coming, but rim brakes still dominate the transition area-and engineers are working hard to amp up their stopping power with new textured braking surfaces.

11 Things You Must Know About This Weekend's Collegiate National Championships Here's what you need to know about collegiate tri and it's biggest event. Who will compete?: A record field of more than 80 student-athletes representing 11 varsity and 10 club teams will compete. Last year's race in New Orleans, La. consisted of 48 finishers from 10 total schools.

9 Secrets To Proper Open-Water Sighting Triathletes spend hours in the pool practicing perfect stroke technique, but on race day, following buoys and staying on course is equally important. Sighting is a skill that needs to be practiced and perfected before race day. Follow these tips for your next open-water swim.

Women to watch in Miyazaki The ITU has put a formal bid in to have Mixed Relays added to the Olympics in 2020. Photos and quotes from athletes in support of the bid. Edmonton has hosted the ITU World Championships twice and has been the site of nine ITU World Cup events. We look back at the city's storied history in picutures.

The Very Dumb Things We Do in Triathlon "Life's Too Short To Go So F*cking Slow" is a personal memoir by Triathlete magazine contributor Susan Lacke that explores a deep but unlikely friendship that traversed life, sport, illness, and everything in between. Read an excerpt from the book below.

5 Questions about TrainingPeaks University in Edmonton In addition to that, coaches who attend TPU in Edmonton will also have the opportunity to attend the ITU Science + Triathlon World Conference at the early bird rate for a week filled with continuing coaching education. For more information on TrainingPeaks University, click here.

The NYC Tri Killed Its Lottery System-Now You Can Just Sign Up! After eight years of random drawings to select participants, Life Time is opening up the iconic race to triathletes ready to pay the entry fee. Say goodbye to the rollercoaster of entry emotions! Since 2010, if you wanted to race the New York City Triathlon, you had to enter into a drawing, then pray.

Athlete chatter ahead of #MiyazakiWC - As the countdown continues before Miyazaki becomes the stage to host the 15th and final ITU world cup race of 2017, all preparations are taking place for the event. Which of course means one last press conference for some of the elite men and women.

SwimRun SwimRun in North Carolina One of the last big SwimRun events of the 2017 season took place in cold and rainy conditions at Hanging Rock State Park in North Carolina, and 90 teams from all across North America made it to the start.

The Accountant tallied a very fine year And then at Frankfurt we dropped into the race really late so I wouldn’t feel stressed about being involved in a big race.ST: You had a lot of ground to cover after the swim to chase down Lucy Charles. She swam 48:29 and you were 7:48 behind.Sarah: She can swim like a fish.

Are Gravel and Tri Kissin' Cousins? But it doesn’t have to be a 53mm tire. Here above is Tom Anhalt's Fuji Snowqualmie. This is full gravel, but it has 44mm tires. This is the beauty of the gravel bike: It can be what you want it to be. It's a “choose your weapon” bike.

4 Days, 1 Race: IRONMAN 70.3 Luxembourg The canton of Remich is the second smallest canton of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The town does not have its own airport, but is easy to get to. From neighboring countries Germany, France, and Belgium you might choose to travel by car.

4 Upgrades for a Faster Bike Split A new set of tires offer one of the greatest improvements in speed, handling, and safety of any item you can replace or upgrade on your bike without breaking the bank. Your bike will feel instantly faster, grippier, and more responsive on high-quality tires.

Epson's New ProSense Running & Triathlon GPS watches: Everything you ever wanted to know Today Epson announced a flotilla of new watches. Not just one watch, but five different GPS watches from $99 to $399. They've got everything from smartphone notifications to activity tracking, and most models have optical HR too.

Does Sugar Deserve Such A Bad Reputation? It's added-not natural sugar-that's cause for concern. So what's the difference between sugars from different sources? Sugar, in all forms, is a simple carbohydrate that our bodies can use for energy.

How to Become Your Own Masseuse Self-massage helps you release adhesions, knots, and trigger points in the soft tissues and is an important part of injury prevention. It is also a way to give yourself some assistance in stretches, by anchoring one end of a muscle against the ground, your hand, or a device while you stretch in the other direction.

Analysis: Lionel Sanders' Kona Power File The 2017 Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii was an exciting one, especially on the men's side with several position changes and a last-minute pass by Germany's Patrick Lange to become the 2017 world champion.

The Kona DNF Files: What We Can Learn An MD explains when to push through-and when to quit-when your body says WTF? Though every single athlete at this year's Ironman World Championship suited up with the intention of giving it their all, not every single body was on board with the idea.

5 Takeaways from the weekend Anyone else notice Vicente Hernandez's great race in Challenge Forte Village on the weekend? The Spaniard represented his country in Rio and finished 12th in Rotterdam. He ran 1:11 on the weekend to take the event in Sardinia over Bart Aernouts.

2017 ITU World Cup season comes to a close in Miyazaki - The 2017 world cup season has finally reached its final destination. After touring the globe and visiting 14 cities in 12 different countries across five continents, elite racing hits the 15th and last stop of the year for the 2017 Miyazaki ITU Triathlon World Cup.

Is it Possible to have a Prior to the IRONMAN World Championship on October 14th, we reached out to a handful of age group athletes getting ready to toe the line. We asked whether they believe a perfect race is possible, and if so, what that would mean for each of them in Kona.

50 Ways to Be a Better Athlete Endurance athletes are constantly on the hunt for ways to up their game or get to the next level. Unfortunately, there's no formula for gaining a competitive edge.

Jet Stream: Keto-Adaptation - the Protein Problem What role does protein have in preventing nutritional ketosis? By T.J. Murphy/@burning_runner. About a week into being in an early stage of keto adaptation and following a low-carb diet to enable a keto-adapted state. Here's what happened yesterday that I is obviously anecdotal, but probably underscored a fundamental of nutritional ketosis.

Tri University: How to Pick the Right Coach Thinking about getting some coaching this year? Let's take a look at some factors to consider before jumping at the opportunity. To know what to look for in a coach, start by looking within yourself. Acknowledge what you value in yourself, your friends, and your family.

One-Hour Workout: Zombie Trainer Intervals This week's Halloween-themed trainer workout combines interval training with lower cadence work for strength. "I like to have my athletes do this session on the bike trainer when they are crunched for time," Lubinski says.

Hall of famers - Kona Who's Who Photos of the athletes and their rides. When you're an Ironman World Championship contender you have to pull out all the stops when it comes to equipment. Michelle Vesterby's speedy Kona ride in pictures.

The Pros and Cons of Your Favorite Indulgences Here's how you can have your cake and be healthy, too. The bad news: Processed chocolate can contain a lot of sugar, oils, fats, artificial flavors, and preservatives-a candy bar is nowhere in the same nutritional class as pure cocoa.

How it Works: The Anti-Gravity Treadmill Astronaut tech comes down to Earth to rehab broken triathletes. The treadmill that'll make you float started off as something that did exactly the opposite. NASA engineers were trying to figure out how to prevent bone loss and muscle deterioration caused by the lack of gravity in space.

Single sport off-season workouts For triathletes who typically train alone during race season, join a group ride in the off-season. Learn group riding skills that include drafting and paceline work. Ask around to find a friendly group that pushes the pace during parts of the ride and then regroups.

I Have a Leg Length Discrepancy. What Should I Do? Physical therapist Casey Maguire provides advice and exercises for deal with a leg length discrepancy-which is more common than you may think. First of all, don't panic. Leg length discrepancy, or LLD, is quite common. Research has found that LLD is present in 60-95 percent of the population, with the average difference in leg length being 5mm.

The Gauntlet Is Awarded The British Age-Group Middle Distance Triathlon Championships 2018 British Triathlon Director Major and National Events, Jon Ridgeon, said "We're delighted to be able to confirm the 2018 British Age-Group Middle Distance Triathlon Championships with Castle Triathlon Series. The Festival of Endurance event offers a fantastic location for athletes to compete for a British title.

Hands-on: Garmin's New Descent MK1 Diving Watch Sometimes, I do sports that are actually not swim-bike-run. Be it skiing, or…ok, I guess that's it. Actually, I scuba dive, which I suppose is still technically swimming. Or swimming done rather poorly. So poorly that you're never-endingly sinking to the bottom of the oceans.

Entries Open For The 2018 Sandman Triathlon As ever, the Sandman weekend will be made up of Sprint, Classic, weekend-long Savage, and the hugely well received Sandman Legend 72.4 middle distance race which was first introduced in 2017. Joining the triathlon races will be the Sandman Sprint Duathlon and the Sandman Junior Triathlon.

Elite Direto In a tough market dominated by Wahoo, Tacx, and CycleOps, the Elite Direto is not the most feature-rich, nor the quietest, nor perhaps the smoothest, but it is certainly a bang-for - buck smart trainer finalist.Technical Specifications The Elite Direto delivers on the required imperatives for compatibility.

Feel Like a Rockstar with These Custom Tri Gear Options Today, personalization costs a fraction of what it used to, thanks to new processes like vinyl wrapping that have decreased production costs. As cool as our custom Ventum Kona Edition, the gear below is well within reach of most triathletes' budgets-your only limit is your imagination.

Beginner's Luck: 4 Tips to Avoid the Post-Race Letdown Beginner's Luck columnist Meredith Atwood shares her four tips for avoiding the letdown. You have worked hard all year. You set that big goal, you pursued it with a passion and you had an amazing.

Loeschke and True awesome in Austin The ITU influx continues as Franz Loeschke and Sarah True take Ironman 70.3 Austin over some old ITU rivals.

Fundraiser for Triathlon's Julia Van Cleave "She needed a hero so she became one." Team Julia and Ironman Family: Paula Newby-Fraser, Scott Tinley, and John Duke. With love from her family and friends,. On August 4th 2017, Julia Van Cleave suffered a life-changing tragedy while surfing her favorite break in North San Diego County.

Duffy dominates, Weiss wins Xterra World Championship Flora Duffy was eighth in her third Olympic Games in Rio, won the ITU World Championship in Cozumel and then won her third straight XTERRA World Championship on Maui. Last year she finished third at the Island House Triathlon and is currently in second place after Day 1.

ITU President, Marisol Casado, appointed member of the IOC Coordination Commission for Paris 2024 - The International Triathlon Union is pleased to announce that President and IOC Member, Mrs. Marisol Casado, has been appointed member of the Coordination Commission for the Olympic Games in Paris 2024.

Polar Announces Open API for App Access to Polar Flow The internet revolves around API's - almost every site you know of ties into other sites, even if it's just simple things like being able to share a tweet or post to Facebook. However, in the sports tech world it's been slow going. Certainly app platforms like Strava, Xert, Sport Tracks, and Training Peaks have mostly open API's.

Weiss, Duffy Earn XTERRA World Championship Titles Bradley Weiss and Flora Duffy captured the 22nd XTERRA World Championship off-road triathlon elite titles on a warm, sunny day in Kapalua, Maui. It's the first XTERRA world title for Weiss, and the fourth in a row for Duffy.

Increase Leg And Back Strength With This Exercise This is a great lower body exercise that will help increase leg and back strength. More "Monday Minute" videos. RELATED: Piriformis Syndrome Treatment, Prevention And Exercises.

The Monday Round-Up: 10.30 Chances are, a fair number of you reading this owe your triathlon swim success to Terry Laughlin, founder of Total Immersion swimming. Laughlin's passion for coaching evolved into an aquatic empire of books, videos, coaching programs, and camps, focused on helping athletes swim with greater ease and efficiency-in effect, like fish.

Vicente Hernández, Heather Wurtele win Challenge Sardinia Vicente Hernández of Spain and Heather Wurtele of Canada took top honors at the half distance Challenge Forte Village Sardinia.

Flora Duffy, Bradley Weiss take XTERRA Worlds in Maui Flora Duffy of Bermuda won her 4th straight XTERRA World Championship and Bradley Weiss of South Africa won an upset victory in the pro men’s division at Kapalua, Maui.Women Duffy broke fast to a 53 seconds lead with a women's-best 19:15 swim, crushed the bike leg with a 1:41:01 split that was 3:40 better than her strongest pursuer.

True, Loeschke win Ironman 70.3 Austin And Franz Loeschke of Germany win Ironman 70.3 Austin. True combined a women痴 3rd-best swim, 6th fastest bike split and closed hard with a women痴-best 1:19:26 half marathon to finish in 4:21:18 with a 1:44 margin of victory over Paula Findlay of Canada and 5:17 over 3rd place Jeanni Seymour of South Africa.

Challenge Forte Village in pictures A list of champions was on hand for today's Ironman 70.3 World Championship press conference. Here's what they had to say. With less than 24 hours to go before the ITU Long Distance World Championship in Penticton, Canada, some of the top athletes were on hand for the pre-race press conference.

Grajales finishes 2017 season with a win at Salinas World Cup - In the penultimate world cup race of the 2017 season, Mexico's Crisanto Grajales finished off his year by becoming victorious at the 2017 Salinas ITU Triathlon World Cup.

Elizabeth Bravo earns debut world cup win at home in Salinas - With the cheers of the home crowd roaring, Ecuador's own Elizabeth Bravo claimed her first-career world cup victory at the 2017 Salinas ITU Triathlon World Cup.

Cook, Raphael win Tongyeong World Cup Summer Cook of the United States and Aurelien Raphael of France won the elite titles at the Tongyeong sprint distance World Cup.Women. Cook led the swim in 8:48, one second in front of countrywoman Taylor Spivey and 18 seconds in front of eventual top rival Ai Ueda of Japan.

Aurelien Raphael and Summer Cook secure World Cup wins in Tongyeong - A decisive, gritty run from France's Aurelien Raphael saw him win a hard-earned first World Cup sprint gold in the 2017 ITU Tongyeong World Cup, South Korea, on Saturday morning, narrowly holding off a late surge from Azerbaijan's Rostislav Pevtsov.

Marine Going After 70.3 World Record this Weekend Marine Mike Mendoza is targeting a 70.3 world record in support of other wounded warriors. Imagine a grenade exploding on your chest, spraying hot metal into your lungs and throughout your torso-and you barely feel it.

CeramicSpeed and Muc-Off's Schoolyard Fight Over Lube Shots fired in the fight over friction. In a press release sent out yesterday, Danish component and lube-maker CeramicSpeed went to battle with the U.K.'s Muc-Off in what's shaping up to be the greatest international bike nerd battle of late 2017.

5 Questions with Andrew Starykowicz The hardest part was how limited I was on everything. Number 1, I was limited on sleep. It is hard to sleep at night when you have a child on a Pulse Ox that has occasional false alarms. You literally sleep with one eye open, waiting to hear the alarm go off and charge in there prepared to do CPR.

3 Featherweight Options for Race-Day Speed It's simple physics: It takes less effort to move lighter stuff around, especially uphill, saving you energy and time on the course. If anyone calls you a weight weenie for showing up with one of these three industry-leading items, take it as a compliment.

Cody Beals and Andy Potts talk Challenge Aruba Brent McMahon was simply too fast on the marathon for Andy Potts as the Canadian set a new course record in Lake Placid. The pro field has been announced for June's Escape from Alcatraz triathlon… and it's a good one! The Crank's take on the weekend's racing from Texas, Gran Canaria, Sardinia and Peru.

British Triathlon & ETU Promote Clean Sport At Glasgow 2018 European Championships The event will feature elite and age-group triathlon next summer and qualified athletes are encouraged to fully understand the process and implications of random drug testing, including accessing free Clean Sport training webinars in the lead up to the championships.

Athletes chatter ahead of Tongyeong World Cup - As the end of the season quickly approaches, athletes get ready for the 2017 ITU Tongyeong World Cup in South Korea. Let's hear what they think of the race.Chelsea Sodaro: In her first World Cup season, USA's Chelsea Sodaro caused quite a stir with her podium finish in the heat of Sarasota at the start of October.

Jet Stream: Keto-Adaptation Day 2 Day 2: Still no carb flu that I have noticed. I've heard that it can be a pretty rough deal for about five days. I felt fine. I would say that I was a little low on gas in my morning workout. But that could have been related to a bumpy night of sleep.

5 Reasons to be at the Science and Triathlon World Conference Americans Taylor Knibb and Austin Hindman took the junior titles at the ITU Triathlon World Championship in Cozumel, Mexico. The Netherlands' Jorik Van Egdom managed to hold off the rest of the field to take the ITU world U23 title in Cozumel, Mexico today.

4 Pilates Moves That You Can Do Anywhere Part stretch, part strength, with a focus on alignment, Pilates is a great workout. But Jae Gruenke, founder of The Balanced Runner, explains that with a few tweaks, you can tailor the for-everybody exercise into something that benefits endurance athletes specifically.

Visualization for Speed and Performance Understanding and mastering mental fitness can be the key to unlocking your hard-earned physical fitness. Leaving mental fitness by the wayside can limit your ability to access all of the physicality that has been developed.

Race Preview: The Key Players at this Weekend's XTERRA Worlds Know the key players ready to race one of the most insane world championships in triathlon. If we had to describe XTERRA Worlds in one word, it would be unpredictable. No two years are alike, and after moving to its new home on the northern side of the island of Maui in 2011, the course has added more singletrack with each iteration.

Age group excellence in Kona The Underpants run at the Ironman World Championship has become a mainstay on the race-week calendar. Photos from the always entertaining charity run. Every morning the Kailua-Pier and "Dig Me" Beach become a hub of swimming activity as athletes prepare for the Ironman World Championship.

A Name You'll Want to Know: Kirsten Kasper In an era when being top five at a WTS women's event could still mean you're third or fourth American, Kasper is finally getting a chance to make a name for herself. After the 2017 season of WTS racing, Kasper sat just off the overall series podium in fourth.

Garmin opens up Cycling Dynamics to other companies Sitting on the list of things I've been meaning to write about for about a month, is a nifty and little known tidbit: At the ANT+ Symposium this year, Garmin announced that 3rd parties could start to leverage Garmin's previously proprietary Cycling Dynamics metrics within their own products.

A green and black beauty German pro Markus Fachbach had a rough day in Kona but at least he was looking good aboard this beautiful green and black Canyon Speedmax CF SLX superbike.

Take Lunch to Go with These Tasty Wraps Registered Dietitian Matthew Kadey offers the following steak wrap recipe that can be portable for healthy lunches or made in bulk for quick family dinners. Serves 4. Directions:: Season steak with salt and pepper. Heat two teaspoons oil in a skillet over medium-high heat.

Photos: The Epic XTERRA World Championship Course This weekend will mark the marked the 22nd edition of the prestigious XTERRA World Championship on Maui, the birthplace of off-road triathlon.

Jet Stream: What's the Ketogenic Diet All About? What's the ketogenic diet all about? Part of a series of articles on how to optimize the off-season. By T.J. Murphy. @burning_runner. For the two years or so I've been interested in the ketogenic diet. I wrote a story for Outside Magazine on a leading expert in the subject, Doctor Ken Ford at the IHMC.

Arizona and Cozumel entry lists feature interesting names It doesn't look like we'll see another Sebastian Kienle / Lionel Sanders showdown in 2017 - the German appears on the entry list for Ironman Cozumel, while the Canadian looks to be making a return to Arizona next month.

Mentally Preparing for Off-Road Triathlon But off-road, it's a whole different fallgame-err, ballgame. Here's how to prep your brain for success. "Off-road, the mind-body connection is more complete. Instead of tuning out as you might on the road, your mind is engaged. It's like dancing," says two-time XTERRA world champ Lesley Paterson.

Marathon showdown in the lava Dramatic photos from the finish line of the world's most challenging endurance race, the Ironman World Championship. As has been the case almost every year in Kona, the race came down to the run. Patrick Lange runs his way to the world title, while Daniela Ryf dominates thanks to the fastest run of the day on the women's side.

Slay the Swim Start There are three realities when it comes to triathlon starts: No two starts will be the same, everyone will experience at least one terrible start and every athlete has a different path to a perfect start. Kick off race day right by adding these skills to your swim-start toolbox.

Last sprint distance world cup race of season to be held in Salinas - While the year has been a long and exciting one, as the 2017 world cup season narrows down to its final races on the circuit, elites have the chance to race in the final sprint distance event of the season at the 2017 Salinas ITU Triathlon World Cup.

7 Ways to Fight Stress Fractures Gear factors: In our sport, other causes might include worn out or overly stiff or flexible running shoes for one's particular gait pattern, a significant change in running surface-as in going from trails to the road or encountering significant canting as one would see in a one-way run along the beach.

My Journey to Finding the Right Bike I seriously contemplating quitting the sport to go back to pure running, but then I had a lengthy conversation with Slowtwitch publisher Dan Empfield. Perhaps Dan heard the desperation in my voice, or who knows? He was convinced he could “fix” me. First step: Finding and building me the right bike.

Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% The Vaporfly 4% is the lighter brother of the Zoom Fly reviewed a couple of weeks ago. Is this shoe better than the Zoom Fly?The answer is simple: No! Not close! And not even as good.

4 Mountain Bike Shoes Built to Perform on the Trails Here, four top models to try. $500, The draw: Unparalleled stiffness, narrow fit. These Italian purebreds are meant for all-out racing. Crazy stiff carbon soles won't lose a watt, but they can also be slippery should you need to hike-a-bike.

Inside the San Diego Wind Tunnel The San Diego Wind Tunnel is where world champions honed their aero positions and the sport's hottest tech took flight. Roy M. Wallack gets a peek inside the World War II relic where triathlon legends were born. I'm aero.

Helen Jenkins: Welsh triathlete targets World Series return in Leeds Two-time world triathlon champion Helen Jenkins is aiming to return to the sport at the 2018 World Series.

Ryf tops current prize money standings for 2017 When it comes to earning prize money in 2017, Daniela Ryf has moved to the top of the castle, overtaking Mario Mola thanks to her $120,000 payday at the Ironman World Championship earlier this month. Patrick Lange, who earned the same amount as Ryf in winning the Kona race, moved himself to fifth on the prize money standings on the men's side.

Is It OK to Skip Water at Aid Stations? Sometimes skipping water and sticking to sports drink is a reasonable fueling strategy, even if you're taking in other fuel like gels and bars. But it's important to understand why and how to do it properly.

Michellie Jones offers snorkel-training tips There are a number of ways you can avoid chafing while training and racing. Here are a few suggestions. Using a swim snorkel for open water training can offer lots of benefits for your swim stroke. So how much do those technique issues in your stroke actually slow you down?

One-Hour Workout: Brick Sharpening Session Use this run and bike build to simulate race day and prepare for that last big event of the season. This week's workout comes from Allen Stanfield, a Mississippi-based coach working with Team MPI. Stanfield is a USAT Level I coach who has 20 overall wins to his name.

Entries Open To Swim, Climb & Conquer: Red Bull Neptune Steps Entries are now open here.

The Magic 5 They developed a proprietary face-scanning app which maps every contour of your face and - in particular - your eye sockets in three-dimensions.

Total Immersion founder Terry Laughlin dies at 66 Terry Laughlin, the innovative swim technique pioneer whose Total Immersion system taught swimmers of all abilities and ages to swim in a slipperier, more fishlike manner, died Friday of complications related to his two-year fight with metastatic prostate cancer.

Hispaman Xtreme Triathlon announced Featuring a challenging course inspired by the Norseman Xtreme, the Hispaman Triathlon will feature just 330 competitors.

A Triathlete's Guide to an Off-Season Half-Marathon PR Take advantage of your fitness and transition to a running focus for a post-season 13.1. When you're coming off triathlon season, it feels like a waste of fitness to put your gear in storage and hunker down until spring.

Photos of the day - More from Kona When you're an Ironman World Championship contender you have to pull out all the stops when it comes to equipment. Michelle Vesterby's speedy Kona ride in pictures. A week out from the Ironman World Championships athletes got the chance to check out the 3.8 km swim course in the Ho'ala Swim.

Tongyeong set to host penultimate World Cup sprint of 2017 - The ITU World Cup moves on to the beautiful setting of Tongyeong for the 13th stop of the 2017 tour. The South Korean city famous for its stunning harbor will once again provide the athletes with the bulk of the course for a frantic Sprint distance race this Saturday.

Paving the way: From female elite athlete to coach - It is always inspiring to see strong female role models within triathlon, paving the way for future female athletes. Pooja Chaurushi, born in Ahmedabad, India, is a seven-time National Triathlon Champion, as well as winning more than 210 medals, including 12 at International level.

The Danger of Letting Triathlon Become a Huge Part of Your Identity Five steps to maintain a sense of self when triathlon gets put on the backburner. At 33, Rick Crump was single and living la vida triathlete: hammering Saturday rides with a group of guys, going to Kona. They loved to work out; they loved to compete. -as the three 'R'-named athletes called themselves-were age-group aces.

Win a 3 bottle pack of XRCEL Athlete Fuel In the same way we need to periodize our training, it's important that we modulate our nutrition, too. Here is a guide to nutrition periodization and how to apply it to your training regimen. The same things that will help you nail your nutrition during an Ironman taper will help your overall performance, too.

Salthouse, Amorelli take Miami 70.3 Halfway through the bike leg, Amorelli seized a 35 seconds lead on Matthews, 38 seconds on Svensson, 1:13 on Maciel, 1:16 on Toldi, 1:19 on Loeschke, 2:58 on Rea, and 2:59 on Canhedo.

Severe weather forces cancellation of New Orleans 70.3 A severe thunderstorm warning for lightning, hail and wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour posing danger to roofs, siding and trees forced organizers to cancel Ironman 70.3 New Orleans this morning.

The Monday Round-Up: Kona Recap and More Felipe Van de Wynarg delighted his home crowd at the swim end as hit the beach with the lead. Santiago Ascenco and Oscar Galindez mounted a charge throughout the bike and the pair of pursuers bridged the gap to the Wyngard at 70 km's. Wasting no time, Ascenco and Galindez proceeded the ditch the Wyngard as they headed hard towards T2.

Amorelli and Salthouse take 70.3 Miami This weekend's race in Saint George, Utah promises to be one of the biggest half-distance races of the year. Ellie Salthouse is all of 23 years old, but has been in the sport since she was 11 and turned pro at 16.

Lionel Sanders' performance data from Kona Sanders' cycling time at the Ironman World Championship speaks volumes: 4:14:19 - 4:04 faster than Normann Stadler's previous course record from 2006. Only former cycling professional Cameron Wurf was able to ride faster than Sanders, but was unable to run anywhere near as fast as the Canadian after setting the new course record.

Audrey Ernst: From Tri Newbie to High School National Champion Only five years into her tri career, Audrey Ernst has worked her way from tri newbie to USA Triathlon's high school national champion. This fall, 17-year-old Audrey Ernst will be starting her senior year at Saint Charles North High School in a suburb of Chicago.

Triathlon Training Plan: Qualify for Kona Dream of toeing the line on the Big Island? Your road map begins here. For a triathlete, completing an Ironman is the challenge to top all challenges. Your first Ironman is a feat in uncharted territory: It's one big adventure that you strive to complete to the best of your ability.

Ironman returns to Jeju with new 70.3 event Jeju Island is the largest island off the Korean Peninsula and features the natural World Heritage Site "Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes." It is a popular tourist and vacation spot with regular, direct flights from China, Japan and Taiwan that make it easy to get to.

Know Exactly What's Inside Your Sports Drink Here's the breakdown of what you're getting with the powdered version of the new formula, introduced this summer:. Sugar, maltodextrin, fructose: These first three ingredients make up the multi-carbohydrate blend in a ratio of 2-to-1.

Zipp 858 NSW hits the Big Island Sebastian Kienle and Jan Frodeno used the new 858 NSW to blast through the bike course at the Ironman World Championship. tested the new wheels on the Queen K.

The Crank's commentary on the Ironman World Championship Who's going to win the Ironman World Championship this weekend? We've got the oddsmaker's picks, courtesy of "The Crank." Daniela Ryf, the two-time Ironman world champion, appears to be on track to make it three in a row in Kona this weekend. talks to the Swiss star about her preparation for the big day.

Changing Seasons As we approach mid October we have the first signs of autumn trying to blot out summer, the leaves are turning golden as did the sky on Monday due to Saharan sand being blown across the UK leaving us with a blood red orange sun and yellow light.

Chasing Kona Getting ready for bed on Thursday Ais asked me "What's on your plan for tomorrow?" "I'm down to swim" I answered "but I'm really tired. Maybe I'll sleep on instead and skip it" I added hopefully. What I was thinking was " I don't want to" the voice in my head sounded like a petulant child.

10 Meal Prep Tips That Set You up for Dietary Success People who are obsessed with their mason jars, bento boxes and slow cookers are onto something. As a hungry athlete, prepping meals and snacks ahead of time instead of working on a meal-by-meal basis is one of the best things you can do to set yourself up for dietary success.

Explaining 3 High-End Training Zones What's the difference between lactate threshold, lactate tolerance and anaerobic training? This refers to a level of exertion where lactate, a compound produced when your body breaks down carbs for energy, accumulates in your blood faster than it can be processed out.

Hands-on with The Sufferfest's new 4DP Platform Earlier this week The Sufferfest rolled out a pretty significant chance to its indoor trainer app. The platform has been around for a number of years, but has really honed its focus in the last 1-2 years and reinvented itself. In doing so it's become quite a competitive indoor option to leading apps like TrainerRoad and Zwift.

Fight Club: 10 Ways Obstacle Racing is Killer Prep for IRONMAN "To be a great IRONMAN athlete or a great Spartan athlete, you just have to have grit. You have to be willing to push yourself to the limit," says Heather Gollnick, former pro triathlete and five-time IRONMAN champion. Gollnick is now a member of the Spartan Professional Racing Team and coaches athletes in both sports.

The new Airstreeem Super TT Plus As has been the case almost every year in Kona, the race came down to the run. Patrick Lange runs his way to the world title, while Daniela Ryf dominates thanks to the fastest run of the day on the women's side. Photos from a hot, fast run on the Big Island.

Moxy offers trade-in deal for BSX Insight users This past summer BSX ceased sales of their BSX Insight monitor to focus on their LVL hydration sensor. In addition to discontinuing the Insight product line, they also laid off the sales and marketing staff associated with the product line, and further informed all retailers of the discontinuation.

Triathletes of All Ages Share What Keeps Them Motivated What keeps triathletes in seven different decades of life motivated to keep tri-ing. Conventional wisdom says that we become less driven as we age. The ambition to excel beyond our peers when it comes to work, sports or social status dwindles, and instead we seek to find meaning in something deeper.

4 Ways to Make Poke Bowls at Home Create this quality island fave in your own kitchen with these four lip-smacking variations. All recipes make four bowls. The missing piece to most classic poke bowls is nutrient - and vitamin - dense veggies. This recipe has you covered with fresh, crisp veggies that also add a variety of color and texture.

The Crank's take on the Ironman World Championship After running his way to third in 2016, Patrick Lange kept the Ironman World Championship in German hands with a record-setting win at the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Lionel Sanders has overcome many hurdles to become one of the most feared athletes in the Ironman World Championship field.

Dreaming of a Race-Cation? Here Are 4 of Our Favorites We rounded up four of the best Big Island-style events where you can S/B/R hard, then recover even harder. Waikoloa Beach, the Big Island of HawaiiMarch 25, 2018.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 In-Depth Review It's been about 6 weeks since Garmin first announced the new Vivoactive 3 GPS watch. This watch builds upon the Vivoactive HR by adding in more features including things like contactless payments with Garmin Pay, as well as structured workouts.

Strava Upload Insights: Ironman World Championships 2017 Onto Kona… The annual Kona bike count has become a very popular reference point to analyze trends and see what the professional and top level age groupers are using for the Super Bowl of swim, bike, run.

Sebastian Kienle leaves it all on the course… A conversation with the champ: turns out Daniela Ryf's win at the 2017 Ironman World Championship was one of the most rewarding yet. After running his way to third in 2016, Patrick Lange kept the Ironman World Championship in German hands with a record-setting win at the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Get ready for the Science and Triathlon Conference! - This year's ITU Science and Triathlon Conference is much more than just a gathering of the best coaching minds in sport.

Fine tuning the speedy Jake Montgomery Talented young pro Jake Montgomery almost lost his life on September 3, 2016 when a car ran over him while he was training for the 2016 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships in Mooloolaba. Sadly that was the not the first time for the 22-year old Aussie to be struck by a vehicle that year.

Jesse Thomas' Kona Race Report: That Was Hard If you haven't seen yet, I posted a video recap of the race just after I regained my strength and wits. Looking back on it, it was pretty raw, but it tells the basic story, and how I honestly felt during and immediately after. If you'd like to watch, see below.

Looking back at an epic race in Kona Patrick Lange took both the title and the course record in winning the 2017 Ironman World Championship in a thrilling race, passing Lionel Sanders in the closing miles of the race to keep the German string of wins at the race going.

One Hour Run Workout: 50-Yard Liners This fun take on speedwork will keep your heart rate high and your mind active. This week's workout comes from Chris Palmquist, an Illinois-based coach working with Team MPI. Palmquist is a national team coach for USA Paratriathlon, head coach for the MMTT Youth Development Team, and a Level III, Youth and Junior-certified USAT coach.

Finish line frenzy in Kailua-Kona The men's field for the Ironman World Championship is stacked with Ironman and world champions. Here's a look at 25 to watch. It's International Women's Day, so we're looking back at some of the women who have made a difference in our sport. It was a day of German domination by the men and a record setting performance for the women.

Wiral LITE Cable Cam for Action Sports: How it all works Over the last month or so you've probably seen a few action clips of mine using a funky length of 50 meters of cable and a doohicky zip across it like something out of crazy ziplining video. That is Wiral, and as of today, they've launched on Kickstarter.