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President Trump's son attacks teachers Bring it to your schools. You don't have to be indoctrinated by these loser teachers that are trying to sell you on socialism from birth. You can think for yourselves.

Our Hypocritical, Despicable President Seldom - in fact, never before - has a President of the United States demonstrated such moral bankruptcy as has Donald Trump. Well, maybe Nixon did.

Trump mentions 'treason' in tweets Last week, I wrote 'Senate Intelligence Committee: "no direct evidence of conspiracy between Trump campaign and Russia"'. On Sunday, former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe appeared for a half-hour on CBS's 60 Minutes in an interview with Scott Pelley.

Judge Further Gags Roger Stone For Posting Incendiary Photo Of Her With Crosshairs Roger Stone has been ordered to shut up. A federal judge on Thursday gagged him entirely, several days after he posted a threatening photo of the judge on Instagram. Stone had been under a partial gag order. The longtime GOP operative and Donald Trump pal had taken the stand to behave contritely.

Roger Stone placed under gag order after posting photo of judge, crosshairs During a tense court hearing Thursday, Stone said there was no excuse for his post Monday about U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson. READ MORE: Roger Stone's bail may be revoked after Instagram post showing judge, crosshairs.

Don't Fall For These 2 Dirty Tricks Trump Uses to Distract from His Scandals Thursday evening, around the time President Donald J. Trump was likely retiring to his bed with a cheeseburger and his remote the Washington Post reported Trump had launched into a rant earlier in the day.

Sen. Casey: Federal Money For Pittsburgh Aircraft Construction Project May Be At Risk Bob Casey's office says federal money for submarine manufacturing in Philadelphia, aircraft construction in Pittsburgh and other projects in Pennsylvania could be at risk of being diverted by the Trump administration to help finance a U.S.-Mexico border wall.

Trump Tweets Support for Cornyn After Cornyn Launched ‘Stop Beto’ Fund Trump and Cornyn are already preparing in case Beto decides to run for Senate. Cornyn launched a Stop Beto Fund and Trump tweeted his endorsement.

The Maduro Diet Maduro regime rejects aid, claims it's sending food to Colombia. Declared Nicolas Maduro as he argued that Juan Guaido's aid campaign is not need. Maduro has rejected international aid once again.

Trump halts talks with California over rules for fuel-efficient vehicles The Trump administration said Thursday it has ended discussions with California officials over an EPA proposal to roll back the state's stricter standards for fuel-efficient vehicles, saying the state is avoiding a "common-sense" solution.

Donald Trump Fast Facts Here's a look at the life of Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States. Personal:: Birth date: June 14, 1946. Birth place: New York, New York. Birth name: Donald John Trump. Father: Fred Trump, real estate developer. Mother: Mary Trump. Marriages: Melania Trump ; Marla Trump ; Ivana Trump.

Waiting for the Mueller report? Here's why it could be pretty thin But anyone looking for a grand narrative on President Donald Trump, Russian election interference and all the juicy details uncovered over the past 20 months could end up disappointed. READ MORE: Where do investigations related to Trump stand? Here's a quick overview.

Steel, aluminum tariffs to be lifted in 'next few weeks': ambassador The steel and aluminum tariffs imposed on Canada by U.S. President Donald Trump should be lifted "in the next few weeks," according to Canada's ambassador to the U.S. David MacNaughton told reporters on Thursday he's confident the end of the tariffs is drawing near.

In the 2020 election, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders will be in their 70s — but that doesn't mean what it used to In the 2020 election, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Elizabeth Warren will be older than most previous years' nominees.

Lead Us Photo by David Everett Strickler on Unsplash. Dear Us,. The first time I opened a news browser and saw that people had declared their candidacy for president in 2020, I cringed. This is going to be so ugly. People are angry with Donald Trump.

Joe Scarborough directly blames Donald Trump for domestic terror threat: It's all his fault Joe Scarborough responded Thursday to the arrest of a lieutenant in the U.S. Coast Guard, who is accused of plotting a mass domestic terror attack, by laying the blame on President Donald Trump and his vitriolic rhetoric.

NC Nov. 2018 Election Results For US Congress Seat Delayed Due To Voter Fraud Case Once upon a time there was a November 2018 election in the 9th District of North Carolina held, for voters to decide on their pick for a US congressional seat. The Republican Party candidate Mark Harris, was facing the Democratic Party contender Dan McCready.

2 Things the Jussie Smollett "Hate Crime" Hoax Proves The true victims of hate crimes are those falsely accused by those who say they were victims of a hate crime.

Trump, Kim to meet one-on-one next week President Donald Trump hopes to move beyond pleasantries next week in his second meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, officials said on Thursday, describing the follow-up talks as more intensive than an inaugural round last year in Singapore.

Donald Trump Blasts Jussie Smollett On Twitter: "What About MAGA?" "What about MAGA and the tens of millions of people you insulted with your racist and dangerous comments?" President Donald Trump asked Empire actor Jussie Smollett, who Chicago cops now say staged his own January assault Smollett had said was perpetrated by men wearing MAGA hats.

Donald Trump’s real target is not illegal immigration but diversity WHEN JUAN GARCIA started work as an urban planner for the government of Gaston County in 1997, he reckons he was the only Latino among its 1,400 employees. Hub of a dying textiles industry, on the western edge of Charlotte, the county was missing out on the boom already rippling through the periphery of North Carolina's most dynamic city.

Donald Trump, the implausible would-be liberator of Venezuela FOR THE PAST month most of the democratic world has united in an effort to remove Nicolás Maduro, Venezuela's dictator, through popular, diplomatic and economic pressure. Some 50 countries have recognised Juan Guaidó, the speaker of the national assembly, as the country's interim president with the aim of forcing a democratic election.

Let men be damn men! Do you remember, about a million years ago, when Gillette released their new advertising campaign that aimed to tackle toxic masculinity? Well I wrote this at the time but never published it. But a…

Dear US Congressional Dems, Why Are You Not Ordering President Trump's Tax Returns? My million dollar question: Why is the US House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal delaying the ordering of the republican President Donald Trump's IRS tax returns when a letter would do the trick? There is no credible investigation of anyone's financial wherewithal without taking a look at his/ her IRS tax returns.

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