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Facebook Scandal Blows Away "Russiagate" by Finian Cunningham By Finian Cunningham: Writer, Dandelion Salad: East Africa Crossposted from Strategic Culture Foundation: March 24, 2018. Now, at last, a real "election influence" scandal - and, laughably, it's got nothing to do with Russia.

USA calls to end Yemen war, whilst selling Saudi Arabia more weapons The Trump administration has once again shown its unwillingness to fully address the Yemen crisis, by making half-hearted calls to end the conflict, whilst simultaneously giving Saudi Arabia the means to continue its war on the country.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Republican Party "Like The Titanic"… Former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger told CNN's Michael Smerconish today that he's happy President Donald Trump made a trip to California. Or specifically, that Trump's only made one trip to California. "I'm so happy that he's only made one trip," Schwarzenegger said.

Trump Order Would Ban Most Trans Troops From Serving - President Donald Trump released an order Friday night banning most transgender troops from serving in the military except under "limited circumstances," following up on his calls last year to ban transgender individuals from serving.

Lazy Saturday Reads: Students March for Their Lives Today is the "March For Our Lives" in Washington DC to demand serious legislation to deal with the scourge of gun violence. There will be hundreds of other marches around the country and around the world. A couple of basic articles:. The Washington Post: March for Our Lives: The nation's capital has been preparing for weeks.

Donald Trump takes a hard look at himself in new Simpsons sketch The Simpsons have returned with another satirical look at the Trump administration - though this one involves some pretty major wishful thinking. In "A Tale of Two Trumps", we see the 45th take a hard look in the mirror and reconsider of his life choices.

Trump at Mar-a-Lago as thousands March for our Lives. White House applauds 'courageous young Americans' "We applaud the many courageous young Americans exercising their First Amendment rights today. Keeping our children safe is a top priority of the President's," said deputy press secretary Lindsay Walters. President Trump departed Washington D.C., Friday evening to visit his golf club in Palm Balm Beach, Fla.

Trump is reportedly about to expel Russian diplomats over the poisoning scandal Donald Trump is reportedly on the cusp of expelling dozens of Russian diplomats from the US, following the poisoning of Sergei Skripal, and his daughter Yulia, in Britain, says Bloomberg. According to the report, the president was recommended to make the move by a group of advisers, and agreed with their recommendations on Wednesday.

The West is still letting Putin run wild If anyone needed further proof of Vladimir Putin's malevolence, the last 10 days provided chilling examples. His agents attacked a Russian defector and his daughter with nerve agent on British soil, leaving them in critical condition. Then Putin claimed that "Jews" might have been behind the meddling in US elections.

Kendrick Lamar's Take on The Russia Investigation is a First in Rap's Relationship with the FBI From NWA's iconic "Fuck tha Police" to Macklemore's cringe-worthy "White Privilege II," hip-hop has been a direct successor to the soulful protest anthems of the 60s, aiming to topple prevailing power structures.

Worse Than Watergate? You know what bothers me the most over this whole "Russian Collusion" thing? It's the simple fact that Democrats keep pushing trying to find anything to de-legitimize a presidency that is legit.

From Trump to Brexit: The Right-Wing Politics of Sentimentality "STAND UP FOR BRITAIN - FOR ONCE!" reads the front page of yesterday's Daily Mail. The issue? Blue passports, again, or more specifically the Home Office decision to award a £490 contract to produce Britain's post-Brexit travel documents to Gemalto, a Franco-Dutch firm headquartered in Amsterdam.

Jim Carrey unveils NSFW Donald Trump cartoon amid Stormy Daniels controversy Actor Jim Carrey isn't shying away from his criticism of Donald Trump. Launching into a slate of satirical drawings aimed at the current administration, the actor has now depicted Trump having sex with a woman who resembles Stormy Daniels.

Some people have no idea when they're well off On the one hand… Not to mention:. But on the other hand… If that's all they've got, they've got nothing except among political idiots, of which there is no shortage. And for good measure, it wasn't "Trump's budget" that went through Congress, it was the combined efforts of those two renowned fiscal conservatives, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.

You Don't Need To Make Up Things About Donald Trump Donald Trump is the number one newsmaker of our time. No one has divided America or courted controversy more than the current President of the United States. He frequently contradicts himself and routinely makes statements that ostracise large groups of people.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal puts a spotlight on the Brexit vote The Cambridge Analytica scandal is now raising questions over the tactics used to try to influence voters in the Brexit vote. Last month Alexander Nix, the CEO of Cambridge Analytica, told British politicians that the company did not carry out any paid or unpaid work for Leave.EU-a group that campaigned for Britain to leave the European Union.

Jim Carrey paints scandalous portrait of The Donald and Stormy Daniels Actor-turned-artist Jim Carrey shared his latest portrait that reveals President Donald Trump getting frisky with porn star Stormy Daniels. The scandalous painting displays the pair's rendezvous in a hotel room where they are splayed naked on a bed with a giant presidential seal covering the couple's modesty.

Trump issues a formal ban on transgender people serving in the military The White House has followed through on Donald Trump's controversial pledge and formally banned transgender people from serving in the military.

Why Women Shouldn't be Allowed to Vote First of all they have fathers, husbands and brothers, so why do they need to vote? We men can look after the complicated stuff. If they got the vote, what next? They'll want to be politicians, lawyers, could you imagine that?

Donald Trump routinely humiliates whomever he pleases. But the day is coming when the tables will turn Barely a week after being booted as Secretary of State on Twitter by Donald Trump, a sober Rex Tillerson delivered his goodbyes to staffers in Foggy Bottom. He managed not to mention the president once. But he did make this observation: "This can be a very mean spirited town".

Ban Ki-moon discusses North Korea, Donald Trump and the United Nations' failings The looming high-stakes meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un "will be a huge event, shaking the whole political security dynamics of North-East Asia, not to mention the Korean Peninsula", former UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon has told the ABC.

Neil Young Unloads On 'Mess' Donald Trump: 'He Hasn't Got One Ball' "He doesn’t have the balls to look anybody in the face and tell them anything."

Donald Trump Gets Brutally Honest With Himself In New 'The Simpsons' Short Trump takes a hard look in the mirror, but there's a twist in the tale.

Forget US trade tariffs, Donald Trump's real war is coming soon Then there's North Korea. While Trump has offered to hold talks with Kim Jong-un - of course, he could change his mind at the slightest whim - Bolton just wants to bomb the heck out of everyone.

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