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How the Trump impeachment inquiry could suffocate the new NAFTA Add to this the problems that Democrats have with a 10-year intellectual property monopoly on pricing for new biologic drugs - they want a shorter period to enable what they claim will be greater government flexibility to negotiate lower prices for drugs - and ratification faces major roadblocks even before we talk about the impeachment inquiry.

Musings on the Canadian Federal Election During the few breaks, instead of being convinced I had to talk to my doctor about a wonderful new pharmaceutical product that could kill me, I was presented with a short video montage of Canada, from sea to sea to sea, reminding me of what we have and what we are.

Turkey signals it will not resume offensive against Kurds in northest Syria The ministry said the U.S. had announced that the Syrian Kurdish fighters had completed their pullout from areas Turkey invaded earlier this month, as a five-day cease-fire allowing for the withdrawal expired Tuesday night.

Trump's 'Lynching' Comparison Proves He 'Values Black People So Little,' Says Late Night's Amber Ruffin — Watch Donald Trump 'Lynching' Controversy: 'Late Night' response by Seth Meyers scribe Amber Ruffin — watch video.

October 23, 4004 Bc: And On The 29th He Rested Those who predict the imminent end of the world display a certain amount of chutzpah if not foolhardiness. It probably takes even more of those qualities to identify the exact date of the beginning of the world, but didn't James Ussher do just that.

Trump held back Ukraine military aid in exchange for Biden investigation: diplomat In a lengthy opening statement to House investigators obtained by The Associated Press, William Taylor described Trump's demand that "everything" President Volodymyr Zelenskiy wanted, including vital aid to counter Russia, hinged on making a public vow that Ukraine would investigate Democrats going back to the 2016 U.S.

Facing Scrutiny Lindsey Graham Runs to Tick-Tock Hannity for Help - Together They Proclaim The Investigative Brilliance of A Strongly Worded Letter… The crowd has realized that Senator Lindsey Graham is playing a role and has no intention to do anything to stop the malicious impeachment of President Trump. Last night Senator Rand Paul went on the record and called attention to Senator Graham's duplicitous lack of action….

Donald Trump Will Soon Be Told to 'Take One for the Team' and Leave Office, Says Anthony Scaramucci "You trying to get dirt on @JoeBiden from the leader of Ukraine on the phone is not like playing a game of 'Telephone' in middle school. You are a felon and a traitor to the United States," Scaramucci tweeted in the wake of Pelosi's announcement, also sharing a meme that implied the president would not be in his role for much longer.

Appeals court to hear Trump tax return case A federal appeals court in New York will hear arguments Wednesday in a closely watched lawsuit about President Donald Trump's taxes and whether they'll be turned over to state prosecutors.

Trump ordered 'EVERYTHING' be withheld unless Ukraine promised to probe Joe Biden's son, top US diplomat testifies DONALD Trump ordered for “everything” to be withheld unless Ukraine promised to probe Joe Biden’s son, a top US diplomat has told the impeachment inquiry. Bill Taylor gave his explosive…

Stephen Colbert Tells Trump: We Finally Gotcha On 'Quid Pro Woah' The way Stephen Colbert sees things, today was a game changer in the House impeachment inquiry. The CBS Late Show host noted that Bill Taylor, former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, testified on Capitol Hill and it was bad, very bad.

What Will Follow This Week's Outlandish, Bizarre, Disturbing, Incomprehensible Tweet It's still early in the third week of October in the year 2019, and already a significant amount of news coverage and analysis is focused on the person who posted a tweet that compares a truly ghastly aspect of American history with a current Congressional investigation.

Are Fox News and Donald Trump falling out of love? Luke O’Neil on the powerful relationship between Trump and his favourite TV network. Plus: Jonathan Franklin on the protests in Chile.

Donald Trump fury: Shock confession of how US President was as young school tearaway YOUNG Donald Trump was an aggressive loud-mouthed bully, who liked to pull girls’ hair and throw stones at neighbours, according to a new biography of the US President.

Trump faces backlash over 'lynching' claim US President Donald Trump’s comparison of the impeachment inquiry being conducted against him to a “lynching” has sparked a heated backlash.

Opinion - Donald Trump’s ‘Lynching’ The President keeps asking friends to defend the indefensible.

President Donald Trump Returns To Pittsburgh To Pitch Energy Policies And Politics PITTSBURGH - President Donald Trump is making his 14th trip to Pennsylvania tomorrow. Wednesday's visit to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center is for the Marcellus Shale Coalition's conference. His return appearance at the conference in Pittsburgh is an official event, but it is reminiscent of his campaign stop here three years ago.

McConnell denies he told Trump his call with the Ukrainian President was perfect Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday that he never had - or at least doesn't recall having - a conversation with President Donald Trump in which he described Trump's call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as perfect.

Donald Trump Equates Impeachment To Lynching, Stirs US' Racist History Donald Trump, in a new stint, has now equated the Democratic congressional impeachment inquiry over Ukrainegate against him to "lynching," a historic contrivance used against African Americans by White Supremacists. "All Republicans must remember what they are witnessing here - a lynching," the President of United States stated in a tweet.

Donald Trump attacks American media, terms New York Times, Washington Post 'fake' In a latest attack on the American media, the United States President Donald Trump said that he would probably terminate the New York Times and Washington Post from the White House, calling them 'fake'. Trump's remarks came on Monday night while exclusively speaking to Fox News anchor Sean Hannity.

Startling discovery: Impeachment is not bringing out the best in Trump The impeachment efforts aimed at Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton mostly revolved around what these amoral presidents had done in the past. But with Trump, the rap sheet changes with each shrill and randomly capitalized tweet. Unlike other beleaguered presidents, Trump appears to have no one around him whom he fully trusts.

Donald Trump Jr. Set To Attend CSU Event - Donald Trump Junior is scheduled to appear in Fort Collins on Tuesday evening. President Donald Trump's son is expected to attend an event night called "Culture Wars" on the Colorado State University campus. The CSU student chapter of Turning Point USA is hosting the event at the University Center of the Arts.

Donald Trump Mocks Black Americans by Evoking Emmett Till For the president to compare his impeachment to a lynching is a national disgrace.

Melania Trump: When did Donald Trump’s wife become a US citizen? How did it happen? MELANIA TRUMP, 49, is the wife of the US President, Donald Trump, 73. The Slovenia-born model is now a US citizen but how did she become one?

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