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Two men found dead wearing eye masks made of lead August 17, 1966Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Electrical technicians Miguel José Viana and Manoel Pereira da Cruz die under mysterious circumstances. Viana and Cruz were last seen on August 17 by a bar waitress who later stated Viana appeared nervous and often glanced at his watch.

Louis Theroux: Top 5 Documentaries Helloah everyone, today's thoughts have turned to Theroux. Louis Theroux, the God of all things documentary. I know you know who he is, so I wont delve too deep. If you are yet to find out about him, after reading this post I 100% recommend you find one of his many documentaries, get yourself comfortable and get ready to have a new addiction.

Toasted The animal mutilations and human disappearances will be for another time. Another time-line. Another time when it's time to rhyme, time to mime our reality which is going off-line. Time for a coffee. The coffee is fine. Drink it black and take your time.

UFOs-Aliens - 'Ancient Aliens’ on History Channel beats CNN in prime time! History Channels Ancient Aliens Knocks CNN Down Cable Ratings.XX CNN was also red-faced when they fell in behind shows from Fox News and MSNBC. At the top of the primetime slot for TV viewing was Fox News thanks to the program attracting more than 2 million viewers.

Federal Investigators Claim Almost Everyone is an Alien A military study into the possibility that extraterrestrials may be living on our planet has come to an end, and the team of investigators and scientists based out of MacDill Air Force Base who conducted the study have come to a startling conclusion: everyone except them is an alien.

Extraterrestrials Interrogated and Tortured in Secret Underground / Space Prisons Michael SallaExtraterrestrials Interrogated and Tortured In another bombshell interview on the Cosmic Disclosure Gaia TV series, insiders Emery Smith and Corey Goode have revealed their direct knowledge and participation in classified programs that involved the detention, interrogation, torture and dissection of human looking extraterrestrials.

Russian Space Weapon Now in Orbit? 14, 2018, a US diplomat said that a Russian satellite described as a "space apparatus inspector" has been behaving very oddly on orbit, raising the possibility that it may be a space weapon of some sort.

Hitler's UFO!! CIA File Outlines Reports On Nazis 2,500 MPH Flying Saucer! Your Support Is What Makes These Videos Possible! Click Here For Patreon or Click Here For PayPal. Welcome to Truth Or Fiction - Classified! This is where we explore the crossroads where fact and fiction meet. Today's headline…"Shock CIA files reveal claim Nazis had 2,500mph flying saucer SUPER WEAPON" published by the Daily Star.

Our Long, Secret History With Aliens The hardest truths to reveal are those people would rather not hear, especially, those truths that threaten our emotional security. Thus: "We are the only sentient beings in the universe" is a calming security blanket for humans, who appear comfortable enough when scientists search for life on distant stars - as long as they don't find anything!

UFO sighting that went viral was actually just a blimp There a few things that bring us more joy than a grainy video of a UFO sighting that is more than likely just a bird or a plane. Though this footage from North Carolina native Jason Swing is somewhat convincing. On 29 May, he spotted what appears to be a large object hovering about Lake Norman.

Alien Treaty: Did Former US President Eisenhower Meet With Aliens Three Times? Truman to facilitate recovery and investigation of alien spacecraft. It is noteworthy to mention that among all presidents of the United States, it is perhaps President Eisenhower who was most passionate and interested about Unidentified Flying Objects and Alien Life.

Day 978: Bye, Bye, Translation I realised that I am really sick and tired of translating someone else's crappy contracts or editing badly written book manuscripts. OK, the contracts aren't crappy, they are highly sophisticated, even too sophisticated. I am not sure whether the people who compile such things actually understand all that is written in them.

Ark of the Covenant. Weapons, Machines and Other Legendary Tech. In deed and in fact… as well. Our Ancestors used much in Nature to Craft their Ways. However… this Knowledge and Wisdom was NOT splashed about All over the IOT. There wasn't One. Yet. IOT that is. Crafts.?. There were MANY. Many many indeed,. in deed and in fact.

The Decline of Roswell This becomes more worrisome. McCoy would have no expectation that this letter would be seen by anyone other than those to which it was addressed and it was going to the top guy in the Air Force. He wouldn't be telling stories out of school and he wouldn't dare lie.

UFO abduction exhibit among draws for UFOs Over Texas Fest at Blue Star A UFO festival is headed to San Antonio this October, featuring a pop-up exhibit that will detail stories of "real life" abductions, the event's hosts announced. Hosted by Curious Twins Paranormal and Ghost Tours, Abduction Night - UFOs Over Texas Fest is scheduled to take place Oct.

Security guard sees and films an "alien creature" in Argentina Eduardo, the security guard of one of the neighboring companies, saw several lights moving over the field behind the company's building, near a mountain, so he decided to investigate it.

Reference to the Advanced Aerospace Threat and Identification Program found in a 2018 issue of the US 'Congressional Record.' The House of Representatives Science, Space and technology Committee. Recently a group of collaborating researchers, composed of Roger Glassel from Sweden; Curt Collins from the USA; Paul Dean from Melbourne, Australia, and myself from Adelaide, South Australia, have been following up on this subject area.

Another finished quilt. This I started last summer while pregnant and building work was going on. as you do when you have no energy and loads to do. The fabric is a Robert Kaufman range by Carolyn Friedlander - Botanics. I bought the jelly roll at Sandown when big girl was the age baby is now so - 4 years ago.

Miss-Pers This is the Wednesday post which covers miss-pers or missing persons if you like. There are plenty of missing-person cases every day especially in the good old U.S. of A. Children and pensioners with many inbetween. Can you hear them scream? How can our governments be so mean?!

Security Cam records ghostly shadow person that jumps off a roof and walks away! On Aug 12, 2018 a security cam recorded a shadow person that runs across the roof of a farmhouse in Ohio, jumps off and walks away through the garden to the field behind.

UFO enthusiasts frenzied with speculation after video of motionless craft above North Carolina lake A video of an object hoovering eerily over North Carolina's Lake Norman has UFO enthusiasts eager to deduce we are being visited by extraterrestrial beings, but perhaps there is a more grounded explanation.

Report of Multiple Bigfoot / UFO Abduction in Northern California The Bigfoot my compatriot had seen and two of the "Small Men" escorted him to the left towards a round disc like object while the remaining members of the group a Bigfoot and two Small Men escorted me to the right where there also was another disc like object.

Antarctica is being monitored by UFOs, official document confirms Ufomania, the truth is out there, UFO, Aliens, Ancient Aliens, OVNI, Extraterrestres, Paranormal, UFO, Aliens, Bizarre, wierd, space, universe,.

The Paranormal Radio Host and the Money Scandal – Pt 4 Caveat Emptor: A Paracast Saga of Discrepancies, Omissions and Unpaid Restitution "Public records show Steinberg defaulted on tens of thousands of dollars in debt spanning many years both before and after Beizer's indictment and subsequent hearings.

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