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Saucer UFO hovers over Wyoming campsite Map of Midwest, WY, area. Credit: Google.

Statement on David Icke Being Banned From Entering Australia On February 20, 2019, David Icke was banned from entering Australia to start a five city speaking tour. His banning occurred fours hours before his departure from Los Angeles to Melbourne, despite being previously granted a visa in September 2018.

Golden Sphere and Disc-shaped UFOs photographed over Mexico, Hawaii, Utah and Alberta I saw it for perhaps 4 seconds. I immediately tried to rationalize it saying "well that was done of course" but something in me said "No.

UFO hunters spot 'ancient alien temple' in new photos of Mars - but it's probably just a big rock LOONY conspiracy theorists are at it again - and this time they think they've found an ancient alien temple on Mars. New photos of the red planet appear to show strange structures on its surface, and they've sent online crackpots into a frenzy.

More WHOMP-age We were writing another post when this latest WHOMP started. We're unsure of its import, but it came from a recent little quasi-CME / flare thing. Just one more energy jockey on our backs… What else is new? And why do these always hit around 6:00 am UTC, and 11:00 am UTC?

Cobra: Cosmic Central Race It has now begun to focus its attention towards planet Earth and its liberation, because now there is enough consciousness on the surface of the planet to make cooperation with such evolved beings possible. As a result of this interaction, certain aspects of liberation plan will be released to the surface population in the intermediate future.

Alliance vs Deep State: The Final Showdown! David Wilcock Alliance vs Deep State: The Final Showdown! David Wilcock.

This is just a natural sky phenomenon? Sun pillar with triangular clouds above the pillar? This is just a natural sky phenomenon? I have never seen it before. Dulce Base 2019 - What REALLY Happens Deep Underground is Astounding!

Two men claim to have spotted a UFO in the sky at Tweed Heads Two stargazers claim to have witnessed an X-Files style sighting of the same UFO glowing in the sky. The two men from the Gold Coast - who do not know each other - say they spotted an object hovering over Tweed Heads in northern New South Wales.

UFO Captive Tells Her Story To J. Allen Hynek There was a very pretty black haired woman who looked very human. I felt like she was there to reassure me, she was compassionate, and said, 'don't worry Judy.' I wondered how in the world she knew my name, it was like they had been watching me," she said.

Sedona Close Encounters : Michael Horn on Billy Meier Prophecies Michael Horn's website: www.theyfly.com Michael Horn's Blog: www.theyflyblog.com Sign up for my FREE monthly newsletter at: www.planetswithin.com All the Best! Joseph P.

Dog-Sheep-Wolf I was going to continue my research into the Archons but something came up: wolves attacking sheep in France and Germany. Wolves don't attack Sheep.

Iowa witness describes circular object at tree top level An Iowa witness at Oelwein reported watching a black object with red lights at the tree top level, according to testimony in Case 92591 from the Mutual UFO Network witness reporting database. The witness was outside having a cigarette about 1:15 a.m. on June 9, 2018.

Mars Photos That Could Change The Way You Look at The Red Planet Forever! Mars Photos That Could Change The Way You Look at The Red Planet Forever!

UFO Sightings Already Being Reported In 2019: Here's Where In CT A new year, means more reported UFO sightings. Since Jan. 1, 2019 there have been six reported sightings: Greenwich on Jan. 6, Southington on Jan. 9, Storrs on Jan. 12, Stamford on Jan. 27, Waterbury on Jan. 28, and Madison on Feb.

Huge UFO traveling in space next to Orion Nebula The tragedy that happened to Igor Dyatlov's expedition back in February 1959 is still fresh in people's minds. As darkness fell, the group of nine alpine climbers set up a camp on the mount's slop - and perished the same night. Investigators said the half-naked hikers cut open the tent from the inside and fled in fear for the village.

UFO during a thunderstorm Broome police, in Australia's far north-west, shared CCTV footage of a bizarre looking object in the sky on Twitter - and many were quick to claim it was a UFO. The video shows a bright object tilted on its side during a thunderstorm on the Saturday night.

'Our Pilots Observed UFOs Last Night During Night Flying Exercises' Our aircraft approached the lights on an interception track but were unable to gain on the objects as they appeared to move further south of Gloucester as our aircraft approached. We were unable to identify the lights. "I observed Initially 2 large square orange lights.

"these Alien / Human Hybrids Are Being Trained To Live Here By The Abductees…. The Planetary Acquisition Of Earth Through The Creation Of Human-like Extraterrestrials are creating a Hybrid race of Humans and ET’s. First in order to assimilate them into the general population and then, ultimately, to control the Earth”.

Supernatural Weekend Are you ready for Supernatural Weekends? Supernatural Weekends begins on February 23rd, and here are some of the thing that will be coming to Supernatural Weekends. Yes, so I know we all have those scary stories that have been told and handed down from our parents and so on.

UFO investigator's belief mysterious blue light was 'alien warning' - but this is what you thought it was These observations seemed to support another reader's theory, who posted: "The blue light was an electrical flash from Wrexham side from sub station. "It lit up the whole area. Unreal." Another reader claimed to have seen such an occurrence before, suggesting that he knew the cause.

Podcast Recommendations #5 This podcast focuses on the UFO and Abduction phenomenon, and its host Rob is a huge part of why I really love it. He comes at the subject with an open mind, but also a healthy dose of logic and skepticism. He's also extremely funny. He's also got a good sense for guests - every person he has on the show really makes the conversation better.

UFO sighting? 'Black square UFO' over USA sparks alien conspiracy FRENZY A UFO sighting over a town in the United States has sparked a frenzy of claims alien spaceships are visiting Earth, an astonishing UFO video reveals.

Seeking USAF Veterans Who Had Abduction-Like Experiences at Nuclear Missile Sites While investigating unauthorized intrusion alarms at one of Ellsworth's missile silos, Woods and his Security Alert Team partner-who must remain anonymous-saw a huge spherical craft silently hovering over the site, then suddenly became incapacitated, at which point they were confronted by four diminutive beings accompanied by a much taller figure.

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