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'Angelic' UFO leads fleet of alien spaceships in NASA Sun pictures - shock claim A FLEET of UFOs led by an “angelic craft” has supposedly been seen in space, with some concluding it is “100 percent” proof of aliens.

Back to 11…er, 12 Those living near portals… note that they're turned up to 11 while temporally close to full moons. Last night was brutal… but, with a purpose. Alas, no graph or meter plainly shows what happened, but… …and this… We watched what happened, live.

Wikileaks Document Exposes a “Secret US Base on the Moon” Wikileaks Document Exposes a “Secret US Base on the Moon”.

UFO sighting: 'Two UFOs buzz' past Chinese Space Station in SHOCK video footage KEEN UFO-hunters have spotted two mysterious objects zipping past the Chinese Shenzhou space station, according to a prominent UFOlogist.

Does RECENT DNA Testing at Stonehenge Validate My Theory? DNA reveals origin of builders The ancestors of the people who built Stonehenge travelled west across the Mediterranean before reaching Britain, a study has shown. Researchers compared…

Rogue Planet : A Glance At The Billy Meier Evidence - Part 2 Occasionally, I present some of the current research that has been done either by me alone or with the help of others. Donate using Paypal to [email protected]gmail.comNote: If you do not want to donate through paypal or want to donate without any extra charges for transaction, contact me.

Preparing for Disclosure and Solar Flash Events – Corey Goode at Cosmic Waves Steven Greer teamed up with Emmy Award winning filmmaker Amardeep Kaleka. This film includes witnesses to the UFO secrecy, explain the connection to Free Energy and provide the vision of Contact with ET Civilizations as witnessed by the CE-5 contact teams.

UFOs Filmed Over San Antonio? - VIDEO The woman who filmed the UFO said she and her fiancà were outside around 9:15 p.m. on April 11, when they saw the slow-moving lights. See Also:The 1945 San Antonio UFO Crash - The Witness Interviews: UFO Over San Antonio?

UFO sighting? Mystery ‘black UFO’ photographed in broad daylight is 'bigger than a car’ A BLACK UFO caught drifting through the skies in broad daylight was “bigger than a car”, a prominent UFO expert has shockingly claimed.

Headed to Witchita Today!!! Peggy and I are driving to Witchita Kansas today to interview a metallurgist about his findings and research on what we have come to call “The Nephilim Lance.” This will be used in an u…

Nighttime podcast recap: The life and cosmic end of Granger Taylor On this week's Nighttime podcast, Jordan Bonaparte is joined by investigative journalist Tyler Hooper, who will share what he has learned about the life and cosmic end of Granger Taylor. Taylor left his parents a peculiar note on the evening of November 29, 1980.

Toadstool dress - six months in the making I wrote about starting this dress in the Firefly costume post, but it has been sitting in various UFO piles since then. I now have a drawer dedicated to UFOs, and my current plan is to empty the drawer before starting any new projects, because it shouldn't really be a full drawers worth.

Rectangle UFO spotted moving over Oregon The witness was sitting outside after dark on a lawn chair watching a movie on a laptop at 10:05 p.m. on June 7, 2018. "I was aware of a noise like a plane, but it wasn't until it was right overhead that I looked up to see a large gray object flying north to south," the witness stated.

News: Nike Kyrie 5 "UFO" Features Illuminati Logo: Detailed Images News: Nike Kyrie 5 “UFO” Features Illuminati Logo: Detailed Images.

Lawsuit Launched To Uncover Government's UFO Secrets He claims that Pandolfi ran the agency's X-Files-style "Weird Desk" dealing with extra-terrestrial visitors.

Senator John McCain Was Interested in UFO Research Reid said McCain, R-Ariz., had always been interested in the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program and its research into UFO sightings, and told Nevada's KLAS-TV that that was why McCain requested information for the Senate Armed Services Committee.

UFO sighting '100 percent PROOF aliens are hiding on Moon and NASA is hiding evidence' ALIEN hunters believe they have spotted a UFO leaving the surface of the Moon which is supposedly “100 percent” proof extraterrestrials are using the lunar satellite as a base.

Graham Hancock: America Before-Exposing the Cover-Up of Ancient Advanced Civilizations Something weird happened in the sky over Lapland and Northern Norway On April 5, 2019 in Norway, researchers at the Andøya Space Center launched two sounding rockets into a minor geomagnetic storm. The results were out of this world.

Corey Goode and Jordan Sather UFOs are being seen all over the world and high ranking Government, Air Force, Army, Navy officials, also Astronauts are now coming forward as witnesses to the UFO, ET, and free energy secrecy that has been withheld from the public for many years. The truth will be Disclosed.

Collisions from Space : Presentation by Rhal Zahi Surprising revelations from the Billy Meier contacts notes compared to the current terrestrial science information. Presented by Rhal Zahi.

UFO encounters investigated by U.S. government in secret study If our government did expend the time, money and energy studying the biological effects of close encounters, do they acknowledge that extraterrestrials exist? Like Fox Mulder always says, "The truth is out there." And maybe someday, it will be revealed.

These are Cornwall's scariest ghost, UFO and alien stories Cornwall is one of the most mysterious places in the UK and nothing captures the imagination quite like its its legendary moorland and historic buildings. Reports of paranormal events and spooky creatures reach Devon and Cornwall Police more regularly than you might think.

Very Large Array in New Mexico Here is a previously posted retro blog for a visit I made to the Very Large Array in New Mexico. It was an amazing place to visit based on the history and the movies. It is famous from the movie Contact starring Jodie Foster and the exploration and contact with extraterritorial life outside of earth.

Local citizen captures mysterious UFO hovering over the Island of Barbados Elongated bright UFO flies past the Popocatepetl Volcano, Mexico The footage has been recorded by KatMartin from the live cam of Popocatepetl Volcano on March 27, 2019. As she was watching the live cam at Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico, she saw an elongated bright UFO fly in.

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