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Deception and Fake Videos: It's Not Just for YouTubers The Pentagon spent over $500 million - half a billion bucks - to create fake videos, according to sources such as Independent and The Bureau of Investigative Journalism. But it was much more than perception management. As a matter of fact, the videos were designed to appeal to Al-Qaeda members and sympathizers, not change their minds.

Large Structures In The Clouds At 10,000 Feet High? Airplane passenger states: On February 18, 2018 I was on a flight heading towards ft Lauderdale near Louisiana and when flying over the Gulf I saw something interesting after one and half hours into flight at an altitude of about 39,000 ft. The pilot told me that the clouds below us in the plane are 6-10 thousand high up.

The night a WW2 RAF navigator was left puzzled by a UFO over Hertfordshire A retired Ministry of Defence official and WW2 RAF navigator has spoken about the time he was left puzzled by an array lights coming from what he claims was a UFO hovering over Borehamwood.

Kim Wilde Says UFO Sighting Inspired Her Return to Music Kids in America singer Kim Wilde states that a UFO sighting managed to inspire her to come back to music. Does anyone else need a drink at this point with all the random happenings that are going on?

Flying Saucer Radio : Interview with Michael Horn Donate using Paypal to [email protected]: If you do not want to donate through paypal or want to donate without any extra charges for transaction, contact me.

Minerals, Atomic Bombs and UFOs We have spent considerable time in the Tularosa Basin area of New Mexico this winter… a region steeped in geology, history and mystery. As we sit at Valley of Fires Recreation Area we are wedged between the historic Trinity Atomic Test Site and three alleged UFO crash sites.

Emergence and the Quest for Extraterrestrial Understanding Is the underlying phenomena that drive UFOlogy an emergent phenomenon? Is it created from singular parts with an illusion of a whole? Is it only real when looked at from a certain perspective? Is something in our common human experience now exerting new experiences and phenomena?

The Best Towns in America to Visit UFOs and Folks Who Love Them Possibly combined with a population that may or may not indulge in the occasional hallucinogen - has made Sedona one of the most popular sites in America for siting UFOs. Hell, even former governor Fife Symington claims to have seen an "enormous and inexplicable" flying object here.

Are Angels Real? Whether or not there are spiritual beings called angels is open to debate for most, but as for me, the answer is a simple yes. I have interacted with them my entire life. You may be tuning out after my answer, but let me assure you, I did not come to the realization that angels are real overnight.

Commercial Plane over Turkey almost hit by UFO Kerry John together with his wife flew over Turkey somewhere over Izman and Khios Sea heading into Athens around 4.30 pm on March 21, 2018 when they noticed something that appears to be flying away at right angles from the commercial jet and somehow without either of them appearing to turn they end up almost following the black object.

UFO INVASION: What is this mysterious alien DEATH CLOUD choking out the sky? The arrival of the mysterious object, potentially of alien origin, was photographed leaving a long trail of brown gas over Littau in Lucerne, Switzerland. UFO observers who have seen the staggering footage of the 'death cloud' are stumped as to the origin of the smoke.

President Nixon hid Evidence of Alien Life in White House Time Capsule! Steven Greer, Sirius Documentary Film, The Cabal, The Truth, Published on 20 Mar 2018President Nixon hid Evidence of Alien Life in White House Time Capsule!Robert Merritt's Final Testimony: Nixon's ET Time Capsule! They are here on peaceful missions, a fact which governments have generally kept hidden from their people until very recently.

OPERATION SNOWBIRD and The Phoenix Lights Flare Drop - 21st Anniversary of The Phoenix Lights Drew Sullins, Estrellas, Flares, Interview, Kenny Young, Lights, MANG, Phoenix Lights, Project Snowbird, Redux, UFO Your comments are greatly appreciated, and coveted; however, blatant mis-use of this site's bandwidth will not be tolerated. Additionally, healthy debate is invited; however, ad hominem and or vitriolic attacks will not be published.

CIA Document Tells Story of Alien Attack on Russian Troops after UFO Shootdown A CIA document released under the Freedom of Information Act reveals a horrific story published in a Ukrainian newspaper reporting a deadly confrontation that it claims occurred between 25 Russian soldiers and an alien UFO. The article published Mar.

St. Patrick’s Day UFOs Patrick's Day in 2006, the police in Nanuet, New York assumed that the high volume of calls reporting UFOs was just the result of too much partying on this festive day. In all fairness to the police, with the amount of green beer and other alcohol consumed every March 17, it wasn't an entirely unreasonable assumption.

Staten Islander named new Director of Research for Mutual UFO Network A former Staten Island native is aiming to solve one of the worlds most enduring scientific questions: Do Aliens exist?

Best Documented UFO Encounter in History To the Stars Academy interviewed Commander David Fravor, U.S Navy. on Nov. 2017 about the details of his 2004 encounter with a UFO. Fravor was the Commanding Officer of Strike Fighter Squadron 41, on that day and was flying the U.S. Navy's latest F/A 18F Super Hornet.

Unidentified Flying Objects in Space The following footage is a compilation of unidentified flying objects in space captured by the International Space Station camera this year 2018.

Cosmic Disclosure: Bioship That's definitely what they were doing. They were trying to reproduce these cells. David: Okay. So then, you said that at certain points they might ask you to take tissue from the inner ear and stop what you were doing.

UFO fan spots Jabba the Hutt in NASA Mars rover image The rock makes it look like Jabba the Hutt got himself frozen in carbonite for a change. UFO Sightings Daily blogger Scott Waring picked out the Jabba head last week from a Mars landscape image stitched together by Gigapan user Neville Thompson.

Producer of Exorcist Films Documentary of Real Exorcism William Friedkin, the original director of the all-time chiller "The Exorcist," is about to release a documentary about the real thing called "The Devil and Father Amorth." Friedkin found filming a real exorcism most disturbing and appears to have made him a true believer that some things are beyond medical and scientific explanation:.

Baby Vampire Doll Video Goes Viral A sculptor created this baby vampire doll and placed it in a graveyard and viewers can't seem to take their eyes off of the demon doll.

Was a Cuban MIG-21 Destroyed by UFO? In 1980, the National Security Agency was involved in Civil Action No. 80-1562, "Citizens Against Unidentified Flying Objects Secrecy v. National Security Agency." Some of the documents related to that litigation are quite intriguing, as well as controversial.

Was Stephen Hawking murdered to stop him from revealing the existence of aliens? UFO Sighting News. I noticed that there was a lot of chaos when searching for UFO sighting reports, so I hope this site helps. I wanted to support those eyewitnesses who have tried to tell others about what they have seen, yet were laughed at by even closest of friends.

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