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Skin-Walkers and the Enochian Polymorphs There was a particular study that captivated our attention concerning the conspiracy theories and the supernatural events taken claim in our world today: the Skin-walker Ranch, in Ballard, Utah.

A New Roswell Solution? Well, we have a new solution to the Roswell case. No, it's not a weather balloon as the Army Air Forces claimed in 1947 and no, it's not a Project Mogul balloon that many skeptics and the Air Force have claimed, starting with Robert Todd in the early 1990s but something called a satelloon.

Residents startled as BIZZARE ‘UFO’ object lights up night sky near Russia World Cup city Residents in Kazan were taken by surprise as they captured shocking footage of a bright glowing object light up the sky. The event caused a stir among onlookers who can be heard in the footage shouting "it's something weird" as the jellyfish-shaped object travels through the sky.

Another UFO in Ireland? Mysterious 'Orb' filmed hovering above Dublin home FOOTAGE of a strange white orb hovering above a residential area in Dublin has been posted online. The clip, filmed during a family barbecue on June 9th, shows a white object high above the heavily-populated residential area.

High Speed Horseshoe UFO Filmed Over France On Jun 14, 2018 a high speed horseshoe-like UFO has been filmed over France. The footage shows the UFO speeding through the clouds where it looks like the UFO changes to a horsehoe-like shape but that can be an optical illusion.

Frightened Man Films Dog Attacked By Massive Dire Wolf The shortened footage shows a bright light above the lake, a reflection of the light is seen on the water, as well as a strange blue object. A bridge is visible in the background.

This Map Shows Which US Cities You Have The Best Chance Of Seeing a UFO In If you are concerned about lights in the sky, we strongly recommend you move to Florida which enjoys the lowest odds of UFOs streaking across the night sky." While Sheldon focuses a bit on the fear element here, most researchers can attest to the fact that there is nothing to fear.

Van Tassel and His UFO-Inspired “Integratron” - VIDEO – New Documentary The film captures an aspect of UFO belief that often escapes skeptical outsiders-that it wasn't so much anxiety about alien visitors as enthusiasm and hope that attracted believers to the idea of extraterrestrial contact.

Chinese fisherman caught a mutant FISH, with a PIGEON head A fishing enthusiast in China made a catch with a difference during a recent outing. Footage shows how the angler reeled in a large and highly unusual fish with a bulbous pigeon-shaped head. Stunned onlookers took pictures of the unique bird-like creature on their phone as it lay gasping for air.

Corey Goode - Sphere Being Alliance: Alliance Updates Coming Steven Greer, Sirius Documentary Film, The Cabal, The Truth, Alliance Updates Coming: Hopeful chatter is starting to trickle through sources who have been mostly quiet for the last few months. These communications give many of us hope that the full briefings will begin again soon.

Mufon Symposium Live Stream!! Steven Greer, Sirius Documentary Film, The Cabal, The Truth, From: Mufon SymposiumMufon Symposium Live Stream!!49th Annual MUFON SymposiumJuly 27-29, 2018 We have 13 of the most interesting and knowledgeable speakers this year, including Luis Elizondo, former head of our government's Aerospace Threat Identification Program.

Trucker Shoots at UFO Let's examine some of the best-known cases of their time: On the night of November 4 1962, Pier Livio Quaia, a trucker, was driving along the Salta-Tucuman route and paused when he noticed an oval-shaped object in the middle of the road. It measured some 12 meters in diameter and was red, white and green in color and surrounded by windows.

Strange Appearances In The Sky Continue Strange appearances in the sky continue. The video below shows some of these strange sky phenomena that have been photographed in the past few days. One person captured a strange cloud formation that looks like a cityscape' a phenomenon that has been photographed before and looks like a hologram.

UFO spotted in Australia On the morning of the 28th of May 2018 Junelyn Bitalac was driving back from dropping her mom at work when she spotted a black object floating in the sky. She stoped to look and says that she say a disk of about 5 meters in diameter.

New Film Tells the Story of George Van Tassel and His UFO-Inspired "Integratron" Not quite as common these days, however, are stories of individuals claiming to have had contact with extraterrestrials. In his new documentary, Calling All Earthlings, filmmaker Jonathan Berman takes a look back at one of the most famous of these "contactees," George Van Tassel.

Unidentified in West Virginia Editor's Note: This is the first in a series about UFOs in West Virginia. Tad Jones was driving to work one January morning in 1966 when he saw something blocking the two westbound lanes of Interstate 64 about a mile from the Institute exit.

Cosmic Disclosure: Suppressed Medical Technologies They are here on peaceful missions, a fact which governments have generally kept hidden from their people until very recently. Disclosure ends the period of secrecy that extends back to at least 1947 and probably much earlier.

Understanding the Grays with Jason Reza Jorjani - New Thinking Allowed High strangeness and strange encounters have evolved our experience beyond the fearful impressions that the unknown often evokes in humans. Still, we tend to view things only from a human-centric perspective. How could we not? But, can we move beyond it?

Antigravity Secrets They’ve Hidden! Mind Blowing! Steven Greer, Sirius Documentary Film, The Cabal, The Truth, Mind Blowing!Antigravity Secrets They've Hidden! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Forest It started off with me trying to understand animal mutilations after the ears of a local farmer's goats were sliced off by an unseen predator. Nasty. Since 2015 when I began investigating, mutilations have continued to happen on a daily basis: farm animals, wild animals, aquatic life, endangered species and more recently, domestic pets.

Security Camera May Have Detected Something "Supernatural" On June 13, 2018 a strange "light" appears in a security camera that has the homeowner kind of 'freaked out'! There is a lot of discussion about what the light might have been, some people suggest that it was a laser point or flash light or a car passed by but the homeowner would know if a car passed by or other common occurrence.

Signs Unbreakable was pretty cool. But how has Signs not kept up with the Shyamalan grade? I love a good sci-fi thriller as much as the next person, but this had all the potential and none of the thrills. It's about Father Graham Hess who has lost faith in God after his wife was killed by a driver, Ray, who fell asleep at the wheel.

Dr. Steven Greer: You Have a Need to Know! Detailed Info YOU HAVE A NEED TO KNOW!Live presentation and webinar - June 23, 2018 - 2 - 5 pm Boulder, CO - UC Boulder - Wittemyer CourtroomDr. Greer will share with you the culmination of his 26 years of behind the scenes contacts. - The latest intel from top secret Pentagon sources of facilities underground and what is being stored there.

The UFO Controversy, Richard C. Doty and His Air Force Service Records One such figure is Richard C. Doty. Formally with the United States Air Force, Doty has become somewhat legendary. To some, he is an officially sanctioned disinformation agent. To others, he is the quintessential truth twisting hoaxer. To many, he is an odd combination of these two extremes.

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