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Boston revealed as one of UKs top UFO hotspots Boston has been revealed of one of the top places in Britain to spot a UFO in a new report. The town makes a top 10 list of UFO hotspots by card maker Thortful with data used National UFO Reporting Centre.

Witness of Another World: A Real Close Encounter! Filmmaker Alan Stivelman - together with the help of well-known scientist and researcher Jacques VallÃe - begin an epic journey to help Juan in understanding the deep meaning of his close encounter. This true story shows the long-term consequences of close encounters, proving that no one is exempt from a potential contact.

US Army partners with former Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge's UFO research company to develop future tech Army to form a research and development partnership for "enhanced capabilities for Army ground vehicles." To the Stars, which is the brainchild of former Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge, announced the Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the U.S.

Internal Air Force/Navy E-Mails on UFOs, UAPs Now, recently obtained e-mails from the Navy and the Air Force reveal that ranking members of both branches express different views on what they refer to as a "phenomena," along with showing disagreement with how the overall story is being reported by the mainstream media.

UFO Group Sharing Exotic Materials With Army for Combat Vehicles The Army is researching whether materials an outside group says were collected from UFOs can be used as cutting-edge technology in combat vehicles, according to interviews and a new research and development agreement. The exploratory research is being conducted jointly by the new U.S.

Police make three arrests after 12 UFO and ghost sightings Little green men and ghouls may have been visiting East Anglia, even attracting the attention of the police.

Something weird falls from the sky during lightning storm in San Antonio The latest UFO Sightings, UFO News, Videos, Alien-UFO Disclosure, Mars, Moon and Space Anomalies, Paranormal, Ancient Mysteries, Sky Phenomena, Unexplained, Artificial Intelligence It happened during a storm in San Antonio on October 16, 2019 when suddenly a dark object fell from the sky at the time of a lightning strike.

Witness of Another World - Exploring the Soul of a Phenomenon 1978 - The young witness, Juan O. Perez, had gone out at dawn to bring in a herd of horses in Venado, Tuerto, Argentina. At 6:45 a.m. as he rode his horse through the morning fog he felt something fly overhead. Next, several objects appeared and began maneuvering overhead, emitting powerful beams of multicolored, changing lights.

Mysterious UFO sighting in Ayrshire sky spooks couple Numerous sightings of lights in the sky have been reported last week.

'UFO mothership' emerges from thunderstorm in astonishing clip One person commented: "Really? I want to believe this." It comes after a former US marine claimed UFO sightings were linked to " mega-disasters ". The former US intelligence officer claimed many sightings have been documented near disaster-struck locations.

Robin Williams' Sneaky AI Answering Machine Since starfish - as Robin Williams told us in YOUR INVITE TO BREAK THE SPEED OF LIGHT - PART 3, - are a neural network spanning the seven seas that encircle our world, creating an underwater DreamShield of shared consciousness it might be what's making it trickier to reach him since 9/9/19.

Creepy Mysteries: Aurora Space Man The flying saucer which crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in the summer of 1947 has become a story ingrained in our culture. But what if there was another alien craft which years earlier had crashed down in the American Southwest.

UFO sightings: Two objects in 'conflict' before 1980 Stirling crash After a few minutes, Phil says a second, slightly larger object appeared emitting a red light. In what he describes as almost cartoon-like motion, it "zoomed up" to the yellow object, stopped and reversed, then did it again "as if to prompt a reaction".

Turn-Bull-Revolve Today is Poetry Day plus a few odds and ends. Back in 2010, a leading climatologist told the world that global warming was a scam. Nobody listened especially the bluebloods who disregard criticism. Not wishing to lose their newly-acquired income, global warming became climate change.

Huge UFO hovering off coast Saint Pierre, Réunion The latest UFO Sightings, UFO News, Videos, Alien-UFO Disclosure, Mars, Moon and Space Anomalies, Paranormal, Ancient Mysteries, Sky Phenomena, Unexplained, Artificial Intelligence The footage captured on October 11, 2019 at about 18h 19h shows a huge UFO hovering just above the water surface of the ocean near the Island RÃunion.

US Navy Prototype ? Patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/de/4c/43/62c585ccc936cc/US10144532.pdf. High energy interaction with greatly advance the field so far space propulsion and the vacuum energy state can give rise to emergent physical power generation. Photographer unknown.

Sheldan Nidle: The Galactic Federation of Light Starfleet and Its Deployment And Its Deployment Sheldan Nidle, in his Galactic Federation of Light: Updates Archive 1997-2007, published a most absorbing catalogue of our star family's spaceships and their deployment, etc., etc. The GFOL is the only star fleet I've seen described in such a detailed manner.

Army To Verify TTSA's Fantastic UFO Mystery Material Claims See Also:The Army Teaming Up With Rockstar's UFO Research Company - What We Know: Alarming Encounter with Unidentified Submerged Object Revealed By Navy Pilot Who Engaged UFO: Pilot Who Chased UFO Goes Into Detail On The Joe Rogan Show - VIDEO: Is UFO Material Extraterrestrial?

WEIRD SUFFOLK: The county-hopping UFO that sped from Suffolk to Norfolk "The underneath of the large flattened bottom dome was hollow and appeared to be glowing red, but there were no vapour trails or gases to be seen." The article prompted several other star-gazers to come forward to say they too had spotted something to suggest that we are not alone.

The Army Teaming Up With Rockstar's UFO Research Company – What We Know 17, 2019, TTSA announced the Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with Army's Combat Capabilities Development Command.

Consciousness On Call… O h my stars and little sputniks, but there's water on the moo…

UFO And Cult Sightings At The Redneck Country Club Last Night Blue Öyster Cult, UFO Redneck Country Club October 18, 2019 Generally speaking, cults end in one of two ways. They flame out, often with the followers committing mass suicide, or they exist long enough to become legitimized. Exceptions do exist. Enter The Cult…

Bright UFO speeds up, slows down, changes direction caught on camera over Russia The latest UFO Sightings, UFO News, Videos, Alien-UFO Disclosure, Mars, Moon and Space Anomalies, Paranormal, Ancient Mysteries, Sky Phenomena, Unexplained, Artificial Intelligence Thanks to Scott Waring - ET Data Base who states: This UFO was caught over Russia last week.

The Army Wants To Verify To The Stars Academy's Fantastic UFO Mystery Material Claims TTSA first announced the Cooperative Research and Development Agreement on Oct. 17, 2019. You can read our extensive initial report on the CRADA, which will not involve any payment to TTSA, here. On Oct.

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