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How To Hang A Throw On A Wall When I opened it up I was sooo happy to see that it was a throw blanket of Monet's water lily gardens, and I immediately knew what I was going to do with it. It was way too pretty to be folded up most the time. Monkey seemed quite taken with it too. I think she was trying to smell the flowers.

How to make Thanksgiving turkeys with pears and leaves These little turkey pears are so cute and modern. I bet they would look great as a group with all the different colors leaves can be found in. Pop on over to the blog Shrimp Salad Circus for the step by step tutorial on how to make Thanksgiving turkeys with pears and leaves.

I Am Trash by Etat Libre D'Orange It's odd how good memories attach themselves to bad smells. For me, years of trashy holidays to trashy holiday resorts have indelibly linked the smell of sub-standard drainage infrastructure to top-notch fun. So when Summer rolls round and I get a whiff of sewage, I get a little bump of nostalgia.

Upcycling Backgammon Stones into Necklace A unique necklace made of upcycled black Backgammon stones with decorative red and white glass beads. With matching earrings it makes one beautiful set of jewelry which can be combined well with different clothing style from smooth to chic. #jewels #necklace #upcycled #backgammon #game #style #fashion.

Upcycled Flannel Tote Tutorial Snag that flannel shirt and refashion it into a fab tote with this groovy DIY from Orange Bettie:. Got a groovy refashion to share? How about a funky upcycled accessory or decor tutorial? An amazing thrifted outfit? Click here to submit and be featured.

The best DIY dog raincoat. With reflectors and only $4.50! My sister and I found an easy way to make a dog raincoat from an IKEA shopping bag. It only takes around two hours of work and costs 4 Euro in total. Take the measurements of your dog. Cut the bag along the seams into two halves. Related: See more IKEA hacks for dogs.

Everybody.World Has Just the Thing for the Eco-Conscious Traveler on Your List Everybody.World, a sustainable fashion brand based in L.A., has partnered with the Ace Hotel on a series of up-cycled travel goods made from the hotel chain's retired linens, and the environmentally conscious pieces happen to make the perfect stocking stuffers.

What are the "3R's"? They stand for Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and are all meant to help you cut down the waste you generate. In today's blog post, we give you some ideas on how to implement them in your daily life! The first step to generate less waste is to reduce what you consume, and therefore what you throw away.

Candy Cane Canes I have a Christmas project for you and hopefully I've brought it to you early enough so that you can grab your supplies. Old wooden canes!! Besides canes, you'll also need some wide painters tape and red and white chalk paint. Paint your canes with white chalk paint.

Quick Change Well, not really all THAT quick, but a considerable change in my booth layouts. My original 'plan' to put in a completely new vignette in my little wall booth has been abandoned. I'm not abandoning the space, just the idea for changing it out. Why?

Orillia Secondary School opens upcycled clothing boutique An upcycled clothing boutique has opened inside Orillia Secondary School, and Kelly Baker and Ulysse Taillard hope fellow students will embrace the idea. "We are getting youth to realize it's OK to shop at a thrift store and we're making it look cool because it is cool," said Baker, who is in Grade 12.

Wooden Spindle Ornaments from an Upcycled Mug Tree This post contains affiliate links for your crafting convenience. First things first, I needed to remove the very top of each wooden spindle - the peg that actually inserted into the mug tree. I used a small hand saw to do the job easily and cleanly. Next, I sanded down the top until it was nice and smooth.

Upcycle Sunday: tissue dispenser First of all, let me apologise for the terrible quality of photos. I had limited space to work in when I did this project and only a phone camera, so the lighting isn't great and the resolution is rather low. Hopefully everything is clear! Twinsaver sells these really nice tube shaped tissue boxes.

Upcycled and handmade items featured at Eisenhower craft show The Eisenhower holiday craft show was packed with early holiday shoppers on Saturday. This year shoppers saw many crocheted items, jewelry, scarves and other hand-made items, and had the opportunity to talk to the crafters from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. One of this year's features was upcycled and recycled materials used to create something new.

Here's One I'm Making - Upcyclying an Ikea Box 6 or 7 years ago I bought a couple of packs of round cardboard boxes from IKEA called Gaddad. I have most of them left over and they have been calling out for Powertex. The cardboard is covered in fabric so it takes the Powertex very well.

Fulwood sisters launch upcycling business from garden shed Two Fulwood sisters have launched a new upcycling business from their garden shed. Tina Messent and Angela Wilson run Pretty Shabby from their "sister shack", where they upcycle furniture and create personalised gifts including home decor and glassware.

Scrappy Happy Weekend-christmas Swags Last year we picked up a replacement tree for the one we had that we used for Halloween and Hubz Simpson's ornaments and had lost in our flood that spring, problem is the one we picked up had those individual branches and that is not kitten friendly lol.

DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 452 Welcome to DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 452. Every Friday, 7 PM through Wednesday 11 PM Pacific. Hello all! Well… I have had quite a week. I received a call from my brother that we had to act fast. The big barn came down at my childhood farm and we had 2 days to salvage what we desired.

12 Days of Christmas Day 4 Simple Centerpiece Make a Simple Centerpiece with Thrift Store Finds.

Bread gets dressed up as a turkey for Thanksgiving OK, now seriously I NEVER would have thought of embellishing bread of all things! But yes, yes you can make a loaf of bread silly and festive for Thanksgiving. Pop on over to the blog Sandy Toes and Popsicles for the free download or make a turkey your own way to dress up loaves of bread for Thanksgiving fun.

The GREEN Program is launching an upcycled clothing line Social enterprises, sustainability. On Black Friday, the public benefit corporation that sends college students on sustainability-focused study abroad trips will launch the pilot of an upcycled clothing line, rePurpose, to benefit its scholarship fund.

Never again let it all out. Make a discreet network cabinet. Cost wise for my DIY home network cabinet was $25 for the BISSA shoe cabinet. Then, $23 for a nice surge protector, everything else I already had. What I love about it is no more exposed wires, happy lady, happy life! First, assemble the cabinet per IKEA instructions.

No Waste DIY Glittery Dress + Shrug Tutorial Grab a couple of festive tops and transform them into a fab frock with my No Waste DIY Glittery Dress + Shrug Tutorial! A festive frock set is so much better than two frumpy tops! Grab my super simple upcycled xmas bauble earrings tute below:.

Easy #DIY Advent Calendar Elves Grab the kiddos and whip up an adorable Advent Calendar from items you already have in your stash with this step by step tute:. Got a groovy refashion to share? How about a funky upcycled accessory or decor tutorial? An amazing thrifted outfit? Click here to submit and be featured.

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