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How the Upcycled Food Association is making environmentalism profitable Everything you need to know about the upcycled food industry, valued at $46.7 billion, and the newly minted nonprofit organization committed to promoting it.

Australia is Dropping Vegetables From Choppers to Feed Wildlife Starved by Fires Australia has been going through some tough time with forest fires spreading all over the country and causing a severe loss of wildlife. In areas where the fire has stopped burning, the remaining animals are still struggling to find food and survive.

DIY Alice in Wonderland Decor Part 2 - Craft Room Makeover - Extreme Upcycling I do intend to make the other half of the curtain but it does seem sort of suited to Alice in Wonderland to have only half a curtain doesn't it? The main components for this project are cardboard, black ribbon, black piping and these oversize pictures from Alice in Wonderland.

10 Ways To Upcycle Items You Already Have In Your Wardrobe Looking to upcycle what you have hanging in your wardrobe while we're at home? Here are 10 fun DIY upcycling projects to take on!

The Bottle Wall Begins! They were leftovers from a new community build where they ordered too many, thanks to them being donated to Second Chance we were able to get them for $400. Yes, $400 for brand new doors. Hence why we've gone to Second Chance and The Loading Dock for almost every aspect of this remodel.

French Knots… Are one of my favourite stitches. I must have worked hundreds of thousands of french knots from the odd few dropped into something else… …to the full on french knot extravaganza that is the Victorian box project. I find them invaluable in upcycling jewellery.

Toilet Tissue Dispenser At the weekend we ran out of tissues and we couldn’t just nip to the local store due to self isolation, so we had to start using toilet paper. The thing with toilet…

Dinged up KALLAX? Renew it wood wrapped style A little bit of glueing, staining and screwing and the old dresser has a new rustic look. Firstly, I have a really old KALLAX 2×2, rather it is an EXPEDIT. KALLAX 2×2 unit - IKEA.com. It was used in different rooms the last couple of years and looked really worn already.

The shirt label upcycling luxury hotel bed linen Upcycling used to have associations with wonky old furniture, Pinterest boards and discarded tyres, but now the word itself is enjoying something of a rebrand thanks to labels such as Archivist Studio. The brand makes timeless, upcycled white shirts from the old bed linen of luxury hotels.

Upcycled Wine Cork Easter Tic Tac Toe Craft Cork Easter Tic Tac Toe:. You can watch the easy to follow Video Tutorial or check out the step process photos below! You will need at least four chicks to play! Though 5 is ideal. Making your chicks is super easy. All you have to do is:. And yup. the bunny cork is just as easy to make… paint, decorate and glue on some felt ears.

Rustic Farmhouse Jelly Cupboard I created a back piece for the cupboard, using the same pallet wood I used for the barn door. I joined the boards together with a brace at the top and bottom. I then screwed this brace into the top and bottom 2" x 4" joining the frames in the back. I got too into my building and forgot to take any more process pictures.

Wash your hands or…. This soap dispenser is beautiful and may be a great reminder on how serious it is especially now to wash your hands as lives depend on it. It does happen to be beautiful as well. Pop on over to the Indulgy Blog for 40 more soap dispenser and other fun display ideas.

Life Finds A Way: Pictures After The Australian Bushfires Humans don't appreciate nature to its fullest, and in many cases, the beauty offered by Earth is taken for granted. Pollution and climate change are major issues in our times, and they have severe repercussions, but nature somehow always finds a way to recover.

How to 'upcycle' a drum loop in your DAW and turn it into something new These days, the automatic slicing of loops to a series of sampler cells and mapping of the those cells to individual MIDI notes is something most DAWs are capable of doing, and the usefulness of this feature when it comes to rearranging grooves can't be understated.

Is Upcycled Food the Answer? Podcast, we chat with Turner Wyatt, CEO of the Upcycled Food Association. The Upcycled Food Association aims to eliminate food waste by increasing the size of the upcycled food economy.

Two IKEA faves become a side table with drawers I have a small nice hack, combining MOPPE mini chest of drawers and a MARIUS stool. And I get a nice side table with drawers out of it. The MOPPE unit was on my desktop, and I wanted to clear my desk to make more space on it. But I still wanted the drawers within easy reach.

Homemade Soft Pretzel Recipe Sprinkle pretzels with coarse salt, then bake at 450 degrees for 10 minutes until golden brown. Remove the pretzels from the oven. Use tongs to dip the hot pretzels into the ½ cup of melted butter. These are Amish style homemade soft pretzels.

Spool Bed Bench Video Tutorial Save and Share this Image on Pinterest. Shiplap Hall Tree Bench The Awesome Orange. 5 Tool Challenge DIY Ladder Golf Game Addicted 2 DIY. DIY Simple Side Table Jaime Costiglio. A Frame Desk Anika's DIY Life. How To Build a Rustic Wooden Bench At Charlotte's House.

Tags from Magazine Photos This year, my goal is to try to use up my craft magazines instead of having them taking up space in my cupboards.

Southampton woman who upcycled a caravan could scoop national prize A SOUTHAMPTON woman is one step closed to being named the UK's Upcycler of the Year after she beat hundreds of crafters to be awarded a place in the…

Mindless weaving This morning I got up at the usual time to feed the cats. They are insufferable now that they are getting canned food. Odd, because they would not touch it for a very long time.

DIY project: upcycled pallet outdoor sofa and table Upcycle pallets into stylish furniture for your deck or patio. MATERIALS: You will need: : - Pallets / cushions - Nails / Nail punch - Screwdriver / screws - Skilsaw - Clamps - Sander and 40 grit sanding sheets - Sandpaper - Resene Waterbourne Woodsman stain - Paintbrushes.

Botanical Decor or Natural Home Decor with Upcycling and Thrifted Decor Before you go, please check out the other versions of botanical decor that my friends put together. We each used different inspiration photos, so there is plenty of variety! Sadie Seasongoods - Sweet Pea. Lora B. Create and Ponder - Home to Heather. One House, 2 Barns - Postcards from the Ridge.

Easy Upcycle Projects for the Home Learn how to create your own easy up cycle projects for the home. This post shares lots of ideas for up cycling random objects around the house.

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