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How to Transform an Old Electric Heater into an Industrial / Steampunk Table Lamp? It all began with a parabolic radiator with a beautiful brass dish found on a French flea market. Brass is the perfect "lampshade" to create a warm golden light. So it had to be a lamp. This industrial / steampunk table lamp was made from:.

Has spring sprung? So we've had a nice day or two…. and the days are getting longer. Everyone I know is feeling the excitement and wanting more light and good weather. Since I love spring, and Easter, I decided to make an arrangement for the entrance table.

Upcycled snacks never tasted so good Regrained Supergrain, a West Coast company run by home-brew enthusiasts Dan Kurzrock and Jordan Schwartz, rescues nutritious grain leftover from brewing beer. In most breweries, the grain might simply be tossed as waste. But with the sugar brewed out, the leftover grain is actually chock full of protein, fiber, and micronutrients.

Dip Pen, Nib Storage and Organizer Hey everybody - YEAH - Spring gave us a little teaser this weekend here in Boise, Idaho and boy did it feel GREAT! I took it as a personal reward for completing a project I've been working on - a nib organizer.

Cheap but eye-catching DIY baby changing unit This time it's a cheap baby changing unit. We made it out of 4 IKEA LACK side tables in high gloss yellow. Bolt the IKEA LACK tables together with right angle brackets. Then, use more brackets to support the middle shelf. This adds strength to the whole unit.

Repurposed Fleece Crocheted Rug This past winter, I needed a rug for a cold, drafty spot. Rather than purchase one, I decided to repurpose some fleece sheets that were the wrong size for my bed. I cut the sheet into one long strip that spiraled around the perimeter and then further and further into the center.

What are Air Plants and How do you Decorate with Them? Now it's time to decorate with my new air plants! Air plants are mostly seen displayed in jars, terrariums, and things like driftwood! Don't put them in soil. This is the fun part. I'll share a few of my own air plant decor ideas with a few others too.

Tissue Paper Tassel Garland Craft Got leftover tissue paper? Make this tissue paper tassel garland for your next party.

How to paint sprinkle Easter Eggs I love creating unique Easter eggs. Eggs simple make such a fun surface for painting, decoupage, dip dying, drawing and lots more techniques. Roll on over to the blog Let's Mingle for the tutorial on how to paint sprinkles on Easter eggs that are fun and festive!

The Story of a Chair Years ago, my mother saved this chair and it's twin from the dumpster when a local club redecorated. It was then a sturdy, hardwood, hardworking, plain old chair from mid Twentieth Century or earlier. After years of use in the house I grew up in, the chair passed to me for my first apartment.

Upcycling, staying uncluttered, and seed starting This week we received the heirloom seeds we ordered for the first test garden up north. Next up is upcycling toilet paper and paper towel rolls for the next month, to be used as biodegradable seedling starter plant pots.

DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 469 - Funky Junk Interiors Visit DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 469 to learn now to make: Cactus posts, rolling pin hooks, seed art, detailed bowl, spring dresser, plus! Features and new up-cycled projects!

Spring Signs Supposedly robins have been spotted in the area. However, I haven't seen any yet and as we speak, my hubby is helping to clear the high school track of two feet of snow. But, I know spring will arrive eventually. In the meantime I made some signs for spring.

Paper Towel Holder Wood Kitchen Tote Garden Inspired! Make this DIY Paper Towel Holder Wood Tote. Can do double duty as a gardening tote to hold tools, pots, seed packets and more!

Easiest Trick to Make Ceilings Look Taller I'm going to share the easiest trick to make your ceilings look taller and how I used it in our master bedroom. Before I dive into how I made our ceilings look taller, I want to share a handful of ideas that you can use to give any ceiling a little more height.

Master Bathroom remodel: It turned out "marblellous" The previous post on my house was all about bathroom tiles. Click to see the "before" and plans for the master bathroom and guest bathroom. So today, I'll reveal the Master Bathroom Remodel! Finally. First a brief recap of what I had to work with. It was a long and narrow master ensuite.

DIY Upcycled Fan Cover Light Fixture Well, it's time for another challenge with this awesome group of DIY bloggers and this month's theme is Upcycle Thrift Store Challenge, a challenge right up my alley! I completed a project that I've been wanting to make for a long time and I'm so happy with the way this DIY upcycled fan cover light fixture turned out!

Vintage Gumball Machine Planter It's an easy craft project that will have you combing the flea market for retro gumball machines to upcycle in all shapes and sizes. I am part of the DecoArt core blogger team for 2018-2019. This post and paint is sponsored by DecoArt, but all opinions, ideas and creative inspo are from me.

Upcycle Project - Table Lamp I've been meaning to write a post about this lamp for a while now as it's probably the one thing I get most compliments and questions about when people visit my home. I was going to share how I upcycled the lamp from being a plain lamp to having a dinosaur fringe but it seems that, at the time I didn't take as many photos as I should have.

Great tips and tricks for carving rocks Decorating and painting rocks is so much fun! Collecting rocks is just as much fun and the first step to this project. Rock and roll over to the blog Lil Blue Boo for all sorts of great tips and tricks for carving rocks with a Dremel. Some of the tips and techniques can be used on broken dishes as well.

Glass Jars Repurposed & Upcycled People collect all kinds of things. I collect empty jars and cans. Much to my husband's amusement. Way out in the country, there is no curbside recycling program so I have to get creative. Thus my most recent glass jars repurposed and upcycled project!

Thrifty Thursday Planters This Thrifty Thursday project is not really a project at all. But, the thrift store is one of the best places to get unique planters for house plants. LOOK for tarnished silver containers, metal buckets, vintage pottery, kid's galoshes, great baskets, pretty teacups, cowboy boots.

Kids' fashion upcycling workshop to hit intu Milton Keynes! Intu Milton Keynes has teamed up with clothing alteration service The Zip Yard and fashion upcycling business The White Rabbit Workshop to run a workshop for youngsters to upcycle a piece of clothing that they no longer love.

Upcycled St Patrick's Day Nick Nack Decorations - Part Two This week in the lab I am finishing up my St Patrick's Day Decorations with a few upcycled mantel nick nacks. But first. It is week six of The Artist Way re-cap and this weeks chapter is titled Recovering a sense of Abundance. If you missed any of the previous chapters you can find links to those posts at the bottom of this page.

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