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My new Writing Room / Sanctuary. Features a monster desk! I've recently taken up writing again, but I needed a nice quiet place to do that - and a place that makes me feel peaceful and happy. We decided to fit out a spare junk room into a writing room, a functional working space. First, we painted it a lovely pale blue and then decided to make a monster desk out of METOD kitchen cabinets.

Simply #DIY Knit Pocket Tee Upcycle that sweater scrap in your stash or knit your own cozy DIY pocket with this fab idea from Yukikotsu:. Got a groovy refashion to share? How about a funky upcycled accessory or decor tutorial? An amazing thrifted outfit? Click here to submit and be featured.

The Old Commode, Transformed – Part 1 I was searching through images on Pinterest and wishing someone would deliver to me a really interesting piece that I could possibly use for the entrance of my house to store coats, shoes, hats, etc… I couldn’t see it clearly, because my mind was focused on a rustic wardrobe.

Clothes to fly off the rack at One of a Kind The store is abuzz as the team prepares for the opening and operations manager David Richards said locals have already been asking to purchase items they can see through the window. "I think there's always room for a third and we're just going to give it a try and see how it goes," he said.

Upcycling store draws interest from Gunnedah community Store manager Meredith Robinson, Jess Dillon-Miller and operations manager David Richards in the new Gunnedah store, which is being set up ahead of its opening in October. Locals are already knocking at the door of a new op shop set to open in Gunnedah.

How to stencil rustic fall directional signs with drop shadows So as I was going about my way to make these fall directional signs happen, I decided to up their level a bit with a drop shadow and paint splatter technique, which I'll also share in this post! So… allow me to share what's lived in my own head since last fall… .

Upcycled Baby Crib Photo Holder I have a great way to display all those Instagram photos you share but never see again. Just dig out your old crib. This particular crib was a dumpster find and since I had no warm and fuzzy memories of this crib ever being used, I had no trouble taking the saw to it.

Pallet Wood Pocket I Have had this pallet scrap piece hanging around since I wrote my second book, Wood Pallet Wonders I am not sure what it was leftover from, but I suddenly saw a wall pocket. I joined the loose boards across the top with a 1" x 2" board. I used a pallet 2" x 4" board on the sides and a 5 1/2" pallet board across the front to make the pocket front.

Fall Leaves Farmhouse Window Frame: Chalking Series, Project 6 Fall Leaves Farmhouse Window Frame. I hope you're enjoying this chalking series, because I'm having so much fun making the projects for it! We're at project #6. It's another fall project using a new technique. If you enjoyed finger painting or jumping in a huge pile of leaves as a child, this will be right up your alley!

How to set up a Complete Off the grid living System using Solar and Wind Turbines How would you like to have your own power system and switch to a completely off-the-grid lifestyle? One of the major advantages of this system would be that you will never have to pay the electricity bills again and also have a power source that you can use all year long.

Amazing collection of Christmas Crafts Crafting with natural elements can be so festive. These orange slice Christmas trees are adorable. I wonder if they would work with a lime? I think I am going to give it a try. Pop on over to Archzine for a huge collection of Christmas crafts. Make your supply list and check it twice to get started on your holiday crafting.

You need to see how people are upcycling their trampolines into bed swings Just when you thought trampolines couldn't get any cooler, bed swings became a thing and - believe it or not - they're made using old, upcycled trampolines. This DIY trend has been blowing up on Pinterest and many think it's a brilliant way to repurpose your old toys.

Upcycled DIY Vintage Suitcase Table Find out how to easily create your own Upcycled DIY Vintage Suitcase Table from items you may already have around the house and make some truly unique and useful decor! I decided to transform the suitcase that was in the worst condition:.

Hackers Help: Corner table without corner leg? My question is this: I bought 2 LINNMON table tops to make a corner table. 120 x 60 cm: 2. 200 x 60 cm. FYI - IKEA does not offer the "LINNMON Corner Table Top" in our location. I want to set them up as in the above image, but want to keep the corner clear, since I will have a monitor in the corner and want the free space.

Upcycled Furniture Feet Save your floors with these simple upcycled furniture feet from Cucicucicoo:. "All you need are tiny scraps of felted wool sweaters and a bit of glue, and you will be able to protect your floors in just 10 seconds! These homemade chair felt pads are an easy and free no-scratch solution in your home!" Got a groovy refashion to share?

The Things We Do: A New Headboard for an Old Dog Last week I introduced Brewster, who went camping with me:. Brewster's age is indeterminate, but it's safe to say that he's getting up there. His hearing is going and his sight and mental status are both questionable. Lately he's had trouble with falling off furniture.

Healthy, cheap and sustainable: Planetarians talks bringing its upcycled defatted sunflower seeds to market Country of origin labelling. Sustainability. Dual Quality Food. Food prices. Natural and clean label. Sugar, salt and fat reduction. All Events. Shows and Conferences. Editorial Webinars. Online Events. The idea of upcycling defatted sunflower seeds into a protein enriching ingredient was one born of pragmatism, Aleh Manchuliantsau reflected.

Talk of the Town 141 So many great ideas in this week's Talk of the Town. I usually choose something chocolate, but went a different way this week. Can you guess which recipe I chose?

Talk of the Town #141 PLEASE NOTE - There are now 2* separate link ups; the first is for DIY/Vintage / Repurposed links and the second for recipes. Thank you! Name. Email. Website.

So many adorable ways to swatch with your washi tape If I had to guess I would say most of you have a stash of washi tape. Want a whole bunch of super cute ways to display the swatches of your tape? Then I highly recommend heading on over to the blog My Inner Creative for a great collection of fun ways to swatch and craft with washi tape.

IKEA wants to scan your butt for the ultimate gaming chair And rather than just land on a good gaming chair through trial and error, IKEA wants to make sure you get one that fits your posterior perfectly. In a partnership with educational esports group Area Academy and 3D-printing medical company Unyq, the ultimate IKEA gaming chair starts with a scan of your rear end.

How to Use a Finish Max Paint Sprayer and Bookshelf Update You know how much I love painting and upcycling old furniture. Paint can transform an old piece and turn it into something new and beautiful again. Sometimes there are pieces that can be quite tricky to paint, like chairs with endless spindles or wicker furniture and baskets.

Create a #CareBear Sleeping Mask Hannah Rupp shares another quick and quirky stashbusting tutorial that also makes a fab gift for any fan of the 80s! Got a groovy refashion to share? How about a funky upcycled accessory or decor tutorial? An amazing thrifted outfit? Click here to submit and be featured.

Industrial Metal Card Catalog from Upcycled VHS Tape Drawers Industrial home décor from upcycled VHS tape drawers…I can't believe my idea worked! That way, I'll be able to store odds and ends inside of it, without issue! So, what do you think? Will you look at outdated VHS tape drawers differently now?

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