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Rottweiler Car Decal Show your love for your favorite furry companion with these dog decals. Here you can find a number of different breeds. These are available in the link below… Find these dog car decals HERE… Name. Mail. Website. Facebook. Feed. Pintrest. Tumblr. Twitter.

Pillowcase Renovation Quite a while ago I bought a pair of pillows for our living room. They weren't very expensive, and at the time they were exactly what we needed. Recently we decided to change the colour scheme of our decorations, and realized these pillows didn't go with our new colours.

Cheesecake Stuffed With Chocolate Covered Strawberries These individual no-bake cheesecakes are beyond awesome! The sweet vanilla cheesecake is smooth, creamy and delicious as it sits on a buttery graham cracker crust. But wait….there is a surprise in the center of the cheesecake! A fresh, chocolate covered strawberry!

Valentines Day 2020: Netizens Upcycle Christmas Trees to Create Beautiful Valentines Trees! Instagram LIT with Breathtaking Pics Why should you only have fun during Christmas when you can extend it till Valentine's day aka February 14? Well, at least some people on social media are in no mood to give up on their Christmas trees, just because December 25 is gone.

Edmonton not-for-profit making 'huge, positive impact on the environment' A not-for-profit in west Edmonton is seeing tremendous growth. Since 2017, the Goodwill Impact Centre and Outlet Store has gone from 14 employees to 50 - and with that growth comes a greener city.

Don't splash out - paint it: a guide to upcycling Meghan and Harry may have decided to bid farewell to their royal titles, but I'd like to seize the moment and claim mine. You can call me the Do-It-Yourself Duchess. I am some way off sitting on top of the DIY family tree, but I am quickly becoming a dab hand at home projects.

Awesome Ideas For a Small Garden Display Improve the decor in your garden with a simple and easy DIY project. You see in the magazines and across the internet that people often go to great lengths to change the interior design for the better. But actually, all they need to do is pay attention to the little things and create stylish pieces of decorations.

VW Bus Planter These VW BUS Planters are soo cute!! Succulent Arrangement, This carefree little Flower Power VW Hippy Van comes filled with brightly colored succulents, trimmed with moss! Carefree fun decor for home or office. This beautiful VW Bus Planter can be a perfect gift!

WE-SHED - One For You And Your Partner / Spouse We love the way this customer finished out their 12×40 Premier Lofted Cabin. A man-cave or she-shed? A hunting cabin? A new office space? More storage space? A guest house or mother-in-law suite? The possibilities are truly endless. This is a great addition to any backyard!

Charity shop gold I am always looking for a bargain and I have been particularly lucky recently. While browsing for 'new' items for an impending holiday in my local charity shops, I found crochet inspiration in the form of a bundle of old crochet magazines. I never stop thinking about what I can make next and looking for the next yarn related purchase!

DIY Salvaged Junk Project 510 - Funky Junk Interiors Barn quilt door by The DIY Dreamer. Christine had me at 'old door' but goodness gracious… this barn quilt design tips the awesome scales WAY over! Isn't this incredible? Visit post link for exceptional instructions! Now I know! Galvanized farmhouse tray wall shelf by Homeroad.

Upcycled Winnipeg wedding dress project now adding suits to the mix A Winnipeg organization that helps deserving brides-to-be access upcycled wedding dresses at no cost is now partnering with a men's clothing company to help out grooms as well.

A Horse Trailer turned into a Charming Mobile Bar This horse trailer mobile bar is made with rustic wedding decor and drinks in mind, but there are a variety of ways in which you can incorporate a horse trailer camper into your life. More details HERE… Name. Mail. Website. Facebook. Feed. Pintrest.

Florida Grain Silo Converted Into A Tiny House Turning unconventional spaces into homes is an ongoing trend that does not seem to be coming to an end soon. This is a custom cottage built into a Silo like you would see in an antique magazine, feels like it's a rancher built it 100 years ago, yet we just finished in 2016.

Old Window Makeover Vintage windows can be a great statement decor piece…especially when you do an old window makeover like this one! We are thrilled to have our monthly contributor Christina from Christinia Faye Repurposed back with us today. And, if you love farmhouse style, and repurposing, she is your gal!!!!

How to alter a skirt to make it smaller As someone who has been sewing and altering clothes for quite a few years now I thought it was about time that I shared my knowledge. I thought that I would start showing you all basic step by step guides on how to alter clothing in the hope that I can persuade you all to buy more secondhand clothing.

5 ideas for a quick living room update: 2020 Fresh Start Today, let's focus on the living room and look at some quick hacks and easy ideas to freshen up the space. In most living rooms, the centerpiece is the sofa. And if you sofa is looking tired, updating it will deliver a huge impact. It'll almost feel like walking into new room.

15 Home Decor Tissue Paper Projects Did you know you can also use tissue paper on furniture projects? Table Decoupaged With Tissue Paper, Mod Podge Rocks. Bread Box Charging Station, Artsy Chicks Rule is beautiful inside and out. Fun for an office or a teen/child's room is this~. Confetti Decorative Letters For Wall Decor, Mod Podge Rocks.

Easy Valentine Blocks What makes this project so easy? Using a Chalk Couture Transfer and Chalk Paste! First, I did the middle of the transfer and let it dry. While it was drying, I did the square 2×4 valentine blocks. Finally, I finished the long block, putting Happy on the left….

Stunning Photos Show Plants Already Regenerating in Scorched Australian Forest Photographer captures early signs of life re-emerging across fire-ravished landscapes in Australia. Nature photographer Murray Lowe took a break from his "normal coastal sunrise images" to capture the the devastation caused by the fires near his home in New South Wales.

Valentine's Day Chocolate Boxes: Fabulous Finds Friday A quick and easy was to display vintage heart-shaped Valentine's Day chocolate boxes to use them as decorative accents in your home.

How to make "sponge" cake :) I LOVE a good pun…especially when it's combined with an adorable craft project in the form of play food. I bet there could be a way to make this with some type of soap topping so it could actually be used but the tutorial on how to make the puffy frosting is cool tool.

Copenhagen To Plant Communal Fruit Trees On City Streets Pedestrians in Copenhagen will soon be able to pluck healthy snacks directly from greenery around the city. Copenhagen is known to be one of the greenest and innovative cities in the world and this new city project does not disappoint. The city council has recently voted to plant public fruit trees around the city, in playgrounds and parks.

Coastal Style Laundry Room Design Plan Here is the Coastal Laundry Room Design board:. The plan is to paint the cabinets the same colors as the bench seat across the room in the mudroom. I also plan to build a simple wood countertop that will sit next to the washer and "hide" the cat litter box.

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