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Lifestyle Changes: How To Adopt A Meat-Free Diet I love being a vegetarian. Well, I love being "meat-free." According to the world wide web, vegetarians don't eat eggs or dairy or anything else derived from an animal. I occasionally eat eggs and dairy, thus, I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian.

Sainsbury's launches affordable vegan shoe range made from recycled plastic Sainsbury's has launched a range of affordable, sustainable vegan shoes for women called Love Our Planet Footwear. The UK supermarket's new shoe range is approved by PETA as totally vegan friendly and fur free. The brand is also made from sustainable and recycled materials.

You can now get vegan 'Mr Whippy' style ice cream in IKEA Edinburgh - and apparently it's delicious Oh, and even better: it's only 50p!

'Obsessive' vegan YouTube star jailed for stalking former girlfriend That's what he did - once he could no longer turn up at my door the abuse was online." Prosecutor Charles Crinion, who pointed out that O'Sullivan also had a conviction for harassing another ex-partner, said the restraining order was imposed in February when he was jailed following a number of incidents involving his ex-girlfriend.

Vegan chicken fillet rolls now available at Insomnia The chicken fillet roll has cured many a hangover in this country and now vegans have a suitable alternative that is widely available in Ireland.

F1: Fernando Alonso hits out at Lewis Hamilton for hypocrisy after urging fans to become vegan The British driver, who could win his sixth world title in Mexico next weekend, is a vegan and urged others to adopt plant-based diets in an emotional Instagram message he posted and then deleted last week. 'Why bother when the world is such a mess?' he asked.

HALLOWEEN Cocktails With Cranes, alkaline, vegan, gluten free Since switching my diet up to alkaline, I've done my research on what alcohol is best to have, because we all need a treat from time to time! As it goes, there's no such thing as a healthy alkaline alcohol, who'd have thunked it! But combing alkaline principles, with the least naughty alcohols, I decided what I can have.

Starbucks is releasing a vegan Phantom Frappuccino for Halloween and it's available in the UK The rumours are true, Starbucks is releasing a vegan Phantom Frappuccino for Halloween and not only does it look frightfully good, but it's also vegan.

Vegan pop-up Seitan's Grill reveal secret details for 'unique venture' in Cheltenham Liam and Tilly were able to reveal that they had indeed been working in partnership with a tattoo artist, Robert Tallon in a three way business venture, to be located in the heart of Cheltenham. Liam said that co-owner Tilly was to be "running the show" of their half of the business in the town.

Angel Hair Jam - How to Make Pumpkin Jam and What Can You Make With It? Angel Hair Jam or Cabello de Angel in Spanish is the perfect confection for this time of year, the sweet caramelized fibres of pumpkin with the light aroma of cinnamon. Rather than using it as a spread it is often used as a pastry filling in various Spanish baked goods.

Creamy Lemon Orzo With Chickpeas & Broccoli Creamy lemon orzo with chickpeas and broccoli is a complete, quick, and hearty vegan meal. Totally dairy-free and made with simple ingredients.

Veggie Mama's Vegan Sweet & Sour Korean Tostadas Recipe Another great recipe from China-based foodie and former Shanghai restaurateur Lindsey Fine.

Rosemary Focaccia This bread was made with freshly picked rosemary from the garden and red wine vinegar and olives oil dip. Ingredients:. 675g/1 ½ lb 4 cups. Strong white flour bread flour. 15ml/1 tbsp easy-bled-rise dried yeast. 75ml/5 tbsp olive oil. 45ml/3 tbsp chopped fresh rosemary.

Recipe of the Week - 21st October 2019 - Spanish Vegetable Sauté This is a nice warming and filling dish for the cold evenings that are starting to encroach upon us here in the North of England, and it definitely gives you your quota of vegetables. This is similar to a ratatouille, but with a nice twist with the addition of cumin, which gives it a Moorish feel, often common in Spanish dishes.

From the vegan to the 'v-curious'-The 2019 Vegan Festival Adelaide is for everyone South Australia's biggest vegan festival is just around the corner, being held for the first time this year at Rundle Park on 26-27 October.

Chew on This: Get vegan food at Pitt Stop, 7-Eleven in Columbia area Anyone who has ever been in a gas station looking for road food or snacks knows that it's hard to find anything healthy in those bastions of convenience along the interstate. Maybe a banana or orange by the cash register is about all that there is to be had that doesn't come loaded with sugar or salt.

Opinion: An elephant's legal battle in the Connecticut courts Do wild animals such as elephants have a fundamental right to bodily liberty and bodily integrity? An animal rights group called the Non-Human Rights Project argues yes and a legal case is now occurring in the Connecticut courts.

Ben & Jerry's to Give Away Free Scoops for World Vegan Day Celebrate the first World Vegan Day Happy Hour at Ben and Jerry's!

DIY Copycat Field Roast + Whole Berry Jellied Cranberry Sauce DIY Copycat Homemade Stuffed Field Roast. Roast Ingredients. - 2.25 cups cooked cold pinto beans. - Aquafaba from the beans + water to equal 1 cup liquid. - 2 tbsp Nutritional yeast. - 2 tbsp South River brand chickpea miso paste or 1 tbsp whatever miso you happen to have on hand.

Supplements That May Be Needed On A Vegan Diet A well planned vegan diet may be able to fulfill all of the nutritional needs, but certain requirements may be difficult to achieve via diet and fortified foods alone which is especially true for vitamin D, B12, and long chain omega-3 fatty acids.

Vegan Thanksgiving Sandwich Nora: This sandwich is a combo of The Moistmaker and the turkey sandwich we served at the diner I served…

Animal cruelty under microscope A local Euroa beef cattle producer has spoken at a recent Victorian parliament public hearing for an inquiry into the impact of animal rights activism on Victorian Agriculture.

Pull Up to Boyle Heights and try The Vegan Taqueria Raul Medina started The Vegan Taqueria to combat the high rates of diabetes and heart disease in his community.

Animal rights advocates pushing back against criminal justice reforms in NY - Animal rights advocates are pushing back against the new criminal justice reforms in this years state budget. The New York State Humane Society is worried that accused animal abusers may not be put in jail while awaiting trial. The cash bail reforms eliminate cash bail for misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies.

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