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ITV's Beecham House drama slammed by animal rights groups for using captive elephants The show, dubbed 'Delhi Downton', is set in India in the late 18th century, decades before the British Raj. Scenes from Sunday night's episode feature men riding the noble creatures, reports the Mirror.

Vegan Faire Returns to Anaheim on Saturday, July 27 The Sixth Annual Vegan Faire will be coming to Anaheim on Saturday, July 27th. From 4-10pm, the free event-hosted by vegan eatery Healthy Junk-will take place in the city's Center Street Promenade and feature an array of vendors, offering food, goods, entertainment, and more.

Paleo fudgesicles Paleo fudgsicles we can enjoy this summer! Avocado included because when isn’t chocolate and avocado together a grand idea! Diary free fudgesicles coming your way!

The Easiest Vegan Fudgesicles // Just A Veg I'm continuing on the Easy, Healthy, Delicious Vegan Dessert series with a summer fave - fudgesicles! Guys, you would not believe how easy these are to make. 3 ingredients, a blender, a popsicle mold, and bam, you're done. This post will be short and sweet because they are really that simple.

Target Just Launched 'Plant-Based' Vegan Pajamas Target has the most vegan pajamas ever so you can finally wear the "plant-based" label into your dreams.

Lemon Bars I always make my kids a birthday cake, and my son likes to try something different every year. This was his pick this year. He gave it two thumbs up. It's quick and and tasty too. 1 cup white whole wheat flour. ¾ cup almond flour. 1 cup sugar. 1 teaspoon baking powder.

7 celebrities who have given up being vegan But just in the last year or two for no reason really, I started eating a piece of fish once in a while. And I'll eat eggs from chickens I know - if they are in someone's backyard and they're wandering around and they're happy." Read More: 10 things that might prevent you from going vegan.

Vegan Starbucks Lemon Loaf I have two go to sweet treats when I go to Starbucks: birthday cake pop and lemon loaf. Both are so yummy but super sugary and not the best to have. Starbucks is also pretty expensive for just a slice of a loaf cake so I made it my mission to find a recipe similar to Starbucks' lemon loaf that would be much cheaper and healthier.

FAKE Museum: Los Angeles' Ethical and Cruelty-Free Fashion Museum If you're from L.A, you're up for an extraordinarily compassionate and highly up-to-date event that will host designers from around the world. A dedicated museum to showcase ethically made fashion will open its doors to the public this June 26th amidst the city of Los Angeles, near Melrose Place.

Small bites: Vegan Barbecue Cookoff returns Professional and amateur chefs alike will compete in the second consecutive Great North Carolina Vegan Barbecue Cookoff, hosted by the Mountain Vegans Meetup Group, Your Vegan Mentor and The BLOCK Off Biltmore.

The War of Words Over Fair Oaks Farms Controversy continues to surround America's largest dairy, Fair Oaks Farms in Northern Indiana. The farm is still facing backlash after videos were released by an animal rights group showing alleged abuse on the farm.

Dartmouth-based company aims to turn food destined for landfill into nutritional supplements Sports Nutrition is the brand name under which the nutritional products are being marketed, and that includes plant-based protein powders, multi-vitamins, and other supplements, with the plan to bring the manufacturing, which is currently being done by a third-party in the US, to its new processing facility in Dartmouth.

Dogs killed and eaten by the thousands every month in Indonesian city of Solo Animal rights advocates say up to a million dogs are killed annually in Indonesia, where the canine meat trade is fuelled by unsubstantiated claims about health benefits.

PETA Will Name Alex Morgan and Kyrie Irving Most Beautiful Vegans for 2019 PETA is expected to name Kyrie Irving and Alex Morgan the Most Beautiful Vegan Celebrities of 2019, The Big Lead has learned. An official meat - and dairy-free announcement is expected later this week.

Kalifornia Kitchen review: Vegan health food in the heart of London A plant-based diner on a health kick, walking into Kalifornia Kitchen is like slipping through a Goodnight Sweetheart style portal, except rather than arriving in World War Two you've been teleported across the Atlantic to Venice Beach as seen through an Instagram lens.

Lose a Few Pounds of Fat with this! For anyone wanting an easy way to burn off a few extra pounds of fat you need to give this a try! Lately, more and more research is supporting the benefits of apple cider vinegar and its effects on body fat, body weight and triglyceride levels.

Bendigo pubs told to put more vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free meals on menu Life-style, hotels, bars, booze, pubs, meals, menus, menu, food REGIONAL bars are yet to catch up with demands from vegans, vegetarians and those intolerant to gluten for more meal choices, publicans have been told.

Talk to Me For the past year or two, every now and then I would hear the phrase, "talk to me." And I would be like first who the heck are you that is saying that because without that info I would not be able to talk to anyone. However, the answer was never revealed and I wondered if that was my soul saying to myself I should meditate more often.

Florida's Dixie Dharma places in top 10 in PETA's Vegan Hot Dogs of 2019 Orlando's Dixie Dharma has clinched a spot in PETA's "Top 10 Vegan Hot Dogs of 2019" list with their "Hillbilly Chili Dawgs," arguably the most…

Sunday Menu I finally sat down this week and began to write out my recipes. I have been tracking how much I spend on food this year, and consistently, I am at under $12 a day. This includes three meals a day and a random sweet treat. As I put this together my mind explodes with ideas on how to share it with you.

Recipe - Heart-Healthy Lentil Soup Lately I've been on a bit of a health kick, and I've been creating and trying out new recipes that focus on being mostly sodium-free and made only with plant-based, whole foods. I've made a couple of dishes that weren't the best, but a couple days ago, I made a really tasty lentil soup.

Vegan Papaya Granola This recipe can easily be adapted to a festive Granola perfect for little Christmas gifts, by adding desiccated coconut and white chocolate Hazelnuts once the Granola is cooked and cooled. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

A vegan restaurant and natural wine bar is opening at First Street in Manchester Vegan restaurant Vertigo is opening a second site in Manchester, just six months after first launching on Cross Street. The plant-based establishment in the Royal Exchange building has flourished in its first months of trading, to the point that the team have decided to expand with a new, larger restaurant.

Plan to phase out fur farm approved by Cabinet Fur farming is to be phased out in Ireland under a bill to be brought forward by the Government. The move, which received Cabinet approval today, comes as a Solidarity-People Before Profit bill to outlaw fur farming is due to come before the Dáil on the 3 and 4 of July.

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