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VegHist Ep 14: Diet Reform. On consumerism, lebensreform, and Gandhi; with Ramachandra Guha; at...Ian McDonald
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Vegan Keto Lemon Blueberry Donuts Ever since I got my white chocolate macadamia donut recipe to work, I have been excitedly creating new donut flavors. Every donut recipe can also be turned into muffins and mini-muffins, too! These donuts were inspired by my discovery of lemon extract in my pantry.

Vegan Keto Matcha Chai Ice Cream I love frozen sweets, and I love exotic flavors. My toddler loves to steal these right out of my hands! Lol. This recipe makes six 3 oz popsicles. You could also pour it into an ice cream machine, or freeze it as ice cubes and use a food processor or high speed blender to make the ice cream consistency.

Acne scars Check out this zit i have. yes. it is under my nostril. it is causing me palpable pain and i really wanna pop it. the problem is that whenever i've popped zits in the past i end up with gigantic dark acne scars. i really don't need a scar right under my nose right now.

Up Next: Good4U Food Habits Melting the chocolate and adding a bit of the avocado to cool it down before adding to the whipped aqua faba remains my go-to trick to combine liquids yet keep their consistency. Vegan Chocolate Mousse Recipe: 1 can of aqua faba quite a bit of maple syrup, A grade, to your own taste 1 t of vanilla bean 1 avocado 100 g of chocolate.

My morning smoothie! It took a while for me to find a recipe that i can throw in a cup and run out the door in five minutes AND be healthy! I was trying out a few recipes, mainly ones I'd scanned from Pinterest and they'd call for a pinch of fairy dust with a squeeze of leprechaun juice and i just couldn't keep up with it.

Vegan creamy mushroom pasta I survived, well actually enjoyed it, bar some cheese related slip ups. I don't think you'll ever get a vegan cheese that tastes like and melts like real cheese.

What's WRITE About ALISA! People today are realizing more than ever, perhaps, that the old adage "you are what you eat," is absolutely true. We see news stories every day about something in our cupboard causing cancer, attributing to that stubborn belly fat, or making your kids bounce off the walls.

The Persnickety Living Journey Begins The idea of this blog has been mulling around in my brain for some time now. My goal here is to share ideas about not just living better, but also about how to live in a way that doesn't negatively impact the world we live in.

This Week's Vegan Winners and Losers Find out who makes delicious food, and who is just being actually quite rude. This week's vegan winners and losers - week beginning 18/06/2018. Going up… Asos. I'm actually so excited to see that Asos will stop selling all mohair, silk, cashmere, and feathers!

A review of Spark:York, where York is the new York I'm not going to start this post by lying. 23 shipping containers, in York? Huh? I wasn't too sure I liked the sound of it when it was first announced, but it certainly sounded intriguing and something different for York. Then I found out where it would be - well come on Piccadilly needed something new and was so neglected.

Marathon Training Update Week 2 Already a day late posting on week 2…oops! I had a really good week of training! I managed to do every single run I also really enjoyed my runs this week, including my long run! The only day I felt like I didn't really want to go out was on Wednesday.

Vegan guide to Oaxaca - Oaxaca de Juárez Oaxaca city is well known throughout the culinary world as the place to go in Mexico to get mole. It isn't sweet at all, the chocolate isn't sweetened before it's put in but the mole itself can be made sweeter with plantains or dried fruit.

Orange Cream Popsicle Gorgeous homemade orange and vanilla flavored pops are one of the easiest desserts to put together. I like to call them 'SUNSHINE POPS' coz of the bright orange color. This one bowl recipe uses simple ingredients and is a perfect dessert for the summer!

The Curried Courgette 'Spaghetti' When I eat on my own, I can't be bothered preparing an elaborated meal. I made this dish with three ingredients and in less than 10 minutes, it's super easy and fun to eat! Needless to say that it's also very much healthy and clean. Ingredients. Procedure.

In 'Jurassic World,' a dino-sized animal-rights parable NEW YORK - The dinosaurs of "Jurassic Park" are many things. They are special-effects wonders. They are unruly house guests. And they are some of the biggest, most foot-stomping metaphors around.

Vegan Gluten-Free Brownies with Maple Glaze Sorry about the minor pause on the blog post, but unfortunately I was in a pretty bad car accident that took me away from finding and creating new recipes! During the last couple days of recovering post accident I was having some major cravings for something sweet.

Me Mondays This morning got off to a positive start. I did wake up way too early, because I needed to tinkle and my brain did that thing where for a split second it forgets that it's sad. Then I remembered, and I couldn't get back off after that. Despite feeling really sluggish I forced myself to get up and went out for my morning run.

What Did 82-Year-Old Woman With Dementia Eat To Reverse Symptoms? Do you remember the story of this lovely lady who changed her diet to help regain memory a few months ago? Sylvia had suffered from dementia for a couple of years and the treatment did not seem to make such a big difference. So her son did some research and he decided to incorporate more memory-promoting foods to his mother's diet.

Health Warrior Chia Bar Coconut: Switching my protein bars When I was training like crazy, one thing I was always shopping for and on the look for was protein bars. One of the ones I keep coming back to is Health Warrior. Although I generally like coconut I don't always like it in certain foods. But this is fucking magical.

Vegan Runner Fiona Oakes Racks Up Another Record Top vegan athlete Fiona Oakes has racked up another world record to add to her impressive resume. This time the distance runner, who is also well known for running a major animal sanctuary, took on a unique challenge. After training for several ultra stage runs this year, Oakes had to drop her plans when a nearby farm came up for sale.

Schmidt's Deodorant This is legit, the best working and smelling natural deodorant on the market. I'm a former product queen, as my dad always called me. At any given time I had chapsticks, lotions, perfumes, deodorants, body sprays and probably small random critters all tucked in my gigantic purse.

Vegan couple turn love for animals into multi-million pound business A Glasgow couple have turned their love for animals into an expanding vegan business with annual turnover of more than £2m. Karris and Scott McCulloch launched TheVeganKind subscription box service in 2013 after struggling to easily find vegan options on the high street.

RECIPE: Tofu & Sweet Potato Turmeric Curry This is one of my all time fave things to cook if I'm in the mood for comfort food. I also find that the turmeric really helps with my inflammation. It's super easy and doesn't require that much standing up in the kitchen shopping things up. And if you can find ready chopped tofu, sweet potato and other veggies, then this recipe gets even easier!

French Fine Dining Restaurant Gauthier To Go Vegan Gauthier Soho used to serve more than 20kg of foie gras every week a few years ago. Now it serves a vegan tasting menu which is becoming increasingly popular. Chef and Owner Alexis Gauthier is gradually shifting the menu to be in line with his own vegan lifestyle.

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