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Going Vegan in the Time of Corona In these dystopian times of spatial distancing and the curtailment of freedoms, we can choose to voluntarily change our approach to food. Thus, we could contribute to one undeniable positive effect of the COVID-19 pandemic - that upon the environment.

China may soon ban dog meat trade The agriculture ministry of China has released a draft policy that could illegalize canine meat consumption. Calling dogs a "special companion animal", the China's Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs excluded cats and dogs in a draft that "white lists" animals allowed to be raised for meat such as pigs, ducks, and chickens.

Alternatives to Dyeing Easter Eggs Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

From Hazelnut Praline Cakes to Fermented Carrots: 10 Vegan Recipes That Went Viral Last Week! When everyone's got their eyes on a recipe, you know it must have something special that you will want to try! That's the case for these 10 vegan viral recipes that went viral last week. They're some of the best, and trust us when we say that you don't want to miss out on these incredible viral recipes creations from our bloggers!

Cats, Dogs Caught in Coronavirus Crossfire, Worrying Animal Lovers According to posts and photos circulating on Chinese social media, some of the city's residential communities have been "capturing and killing" stray cats and dogs, purportedly to contain the spread of the virus. The posts show men in uniforms capturing the animals, suggesting local authorities may be involved.

15 Vegan Easter Recipes for a Party of Less than 10 People! Check out these all-vegan recipes to complete your Easter dinner with 10 people or less!

China to recognise dogs as pets and not food China has drawn up a draft policy to reclassify dogs as 'pets' rather than 'food' in a potential 'game-changer' for animal welfare. The country's government issued a draft list of animals considered fit to be used as livestock on Wednesday night, which included pigs, cows, chickens and sheep.

Foods and natural products that can uplift your spirits. We all Feel down sometimes and it can be for a few reasons like, the environment, poor nutrition or lifestyle, excess of stress, bad situations etc, the relationship between nutrition and mental health has been emerging and we all know about how they can influence each other.

Healthy Low Carb "Cheeze" Sauce When I first went vegan over a decade ago, one of the very first vegan sauces I ever learned to make was a nutritional yeast based "cheeze" sauce. It was a complicated ordeal involving using a french cooking technique of making a roux - a flour and oil based paste that needs constant whisking.

Kiwi, spinach, banana smoothie What you need for 1 smoothie :. A blender, cutting board, knife. 1 cup coconut milk or oat milk, the type you drink. 2 handfuls of spinach, well rinsed. 1 coconut yogurt. 1 kiwi, rinsed, sliced with skin on. 1/2 - 1 banana, peeled. Optional:. 1 teaspoon of Hawaiian spirulina powder, I buy Nutrex Hawaii brand from Amazon.

Edie Falco calls on NYC to ban live animal markets amid coronavirus The Brooklyn-born "Sopranos" actress and PETA representative sent a letter to Mayor Bill de Blasio Friday comparing the city's live poultry shops to the wet markets of Wuhan, China, where experts believe the virus originated.

WATCH: How A Plant-Based Diet Could Save The Healthcare System 'It's really sick care, not health care'

Coffee break - 15 Minute Vegan From those occupying the house layer above us came a recipe book. "15 minute vegan on a budget" by Katy Beskow. Before we begin, I am going to dump the "on a budget" part of the title. Some of the vegan ingredients used by Katy are expensive in the Algarve, because they are imported from the UK.

Inside Forest Green Rovers, the world's first carbon neutral football club Fully vegan and UN-approved, English club Forest Green Rovers has an encouragingly simple message for sports teams worldwide on lowering carbon emissions.

Major French Fashion Group Ditches Exotic Skins In 'Compassionate' Move 'Every item made out of exotic skins is a product of horrible suffering'

New coronavirus 'right around the corner' if wet markets don't close, warn activists Campaigners want the wet markets shut down because they have "endangered the health of the entire planet" as coronavirus is believed to have spread from one.

Onion Bhaji Recipe These onion bhajis leave a delicious blend of flavourful spices, fresh on your palate. Not only are they tasty, but they have the perfect texture and are both vegan and gluten-free.

Richa Chadha Opens Up About Veganism And Why It's A Smart Choice Here is everything about Richa Chadha's vegan diet and why she thinks that veganism is a smart choice for everyone. Richa Chadha reportedly said that she has always been a vegetarian and was slowly getting sick of diary products. The actor realised that today's dairy industry functions very differently in terms of numbers and mass productions.

Vegan delight: Albuquerque firm's plant-based burrito makes PETA top 10 Albuquerque pop-up Vegos offers plant-based New Mexican cuisine, and its meatless burrito has received national recognition. Vegos' Vegan Steak Burrito has been recognized nationally by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals as one of the top vegan burritos in the country.

Where to Order Vegan Desserts in NYC Social distancing can get a little lonely, so keep yourself company with plant-based sweets! Whether you are celebrating a birthday or just want to show yourself some extra love, there's no better way to do so than indulging in your favorite dessert. Here are 10 spots to order vegan treats in NYC.

Cruelty to animals WHILE the rest of Sindh was - and continues to be - under lockdown, hundreds of animals in Karachi's Empress Market perished due to suffocation and starvation. The market had shuttered down two weeks earlier, after a lockdown was first announced by the provincial government on March 22.

China to reclassify dogs as pets rather than livestock in response to COVID-19 CHINA will reclassify dogs as pets rather than livestock in an attempt to lessen the chance of a COVID-19 style outbreak in the future. WARNING this article contains image some readers may find distressing.

Petition Launched Against Ssoyoung - Mukang YouTuber Eating Animals Alive The petition against the YouTuber was launched on by Paolo Wang. "The Mukbang Youtuber ssoyoung is torturing animals before eating them alive," reads the petition's webpage.

Caramelized Carrot Dip How many ways can one make a hummus-inspired dip? The opportunities are endless. "Carrot dip" sounds exceptionally weird, but it is delightfully delicious. Don't take my word for it - make it yourself! It doesn't require any "weird" ingredients - I already had everything for this in my fridge!

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