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I'd like to become vegan-questions to ask you all!Daisy
16 y.o. veganboy. Wrote ebook and donates to charityFruitysimon
VegHist Ep 14: Diet Reform. On consumerism, lebensreform, and Gandhi; with Ramachandra Guha; at...Ian McDonald
Let's Give It Up for Cleveland VegFest 2017!Susanne Kirlew
Eat More Plants! Crap Like A Champ!Kimberly

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Chipotle Jackfruit Sandos Can I share a secret with you? If you need to seriously impress meat-eating family members at a holiday party, make something with jackfruit in it. I guarantee they… a) never knew such a wildly meaty fruit existed, and… b) will absolutely love it.

Coconut & Chickpea Curry with Spiced Rice My go-to meal is definitely a curry! Whenever I make this I don't really follow a recipe. I throw things in the wok until it tastes how I want it to taste. It's super versatile, you can put in any veggies you want. I also like adding kumara, corn or potato.

Copper Branch…. First visit and I will definitely be going back! August 15 2018 - by Erin Shea. So our community is very fortunate to have this lovely building, with this beautiful copper roof, right in the heart of downtown Brooklin. But what's even more fortunate…. is in that building is Copper Branch Power foods!

Fruit for Breakfast - Vegan At the Yoga Detox Health retreat in the Philippines we had fruit for breakfast. Now before this 30-day retreat I wouldn't have thought it possible to have enough energy on just fruit.

Vegan millennials don't deserve to be sneered at How can you tell if someone's a vegan? Don't worry, they'll tell you - or so the joke goes. Having been a strict vegan for two years I can confirm that I do indeed tell a lot of people, but not to show off my ethical credentials, more to avoid the embarrassment of being served a ribeye steak at a dinner party.

Quick, simple, tasty vegan recipes for students You can feel a silent scream go round the room when you tell friends and family that you are a vegan. The truth is, it has never been easier to embrace veganism - it has gone mainstream, with more than 3.5 million Brits moving to a plant-based diet.

Weird Science: Can Lab-Grown Meat Be Considered Vegetarian / Vegan? I support sustainable and humane animal raising. How are we to know is this "meat" is animal, vegetable or even human. No Petri dish sirloin for me! Soylent green next?" To answer the question, it has to do with where the stem cells come from, so for example, while plants can move, they do not have muscle.

Todo Verde Wants To Decolonize Your Diet With Vegan Ceviche "That was something that, as a vegan, seemed unattainable," Ramirez says. Her aspirations go far beyond beyond mastering faux fish and queso fresco. Ramirez, the 34-year-old founder of Todo Verde, wants to decolonize your diet while creating a focal point for health and wellness in East L.A.

Allow Your Vegetation To Be Your Medication Yesterday I had a visit with my gastroenterologist for my Chron's Disease and I'm happy to report that my Chron's is in full remission. Most high in Christ for that one. It has been one hell of a journey when I think back to the state of health that I was in.

My sea baptism On Saturday I was baptised in the sea in Bournemouth by the best disciple I know - my dad. It was emotional! This momentous event had been a long time coming since I had previously chosen a path of new age spirituality and occultism which I believed I would remain on until the end of my life.

Scrummy Chocolate Swirl Shortbread Shortbread isn't a recipe that I've really mastered. It takes a lot of patience and arm strength. I was a bit skeptical to try this recipe, but I'm glad I did! It turned out really well, and although it's not the most photogenic, I definitely think it's worth a blog post!

Animal rights activists to protest Kelowna's RibFest launch Animal rights activists plan on sinking their teeth into an annual event they say is unethical and unhealthy. "A group of concerned Kelowna citizens as well as groups will be present at the Ribfest media launch at 1 p.m.," read an email from Karen Stiewe.

Egg and Toast Cups Make breakfast easier to eat by baking your eggs inside a toast crust for a portable meal with these vegetarian-friendly* Egg and Toast Cups. Just roll out the bread and slice in half, place into a muffin tin, crack an egg inside the toast crust, and bake!

UK Dairy Drops £1.2 Million On Advertising To Combat Growing Vegan Movement UK Dairy and the Agriculture And Horticulture Development Board have put £1.2 down on an updated version of last year's dairy advertising campaign - designed to target millennials and combat the vegan message.

This Guy Devoured a Slab of Raw, Bloody Meat to Taunt a Vegan Festival Sporting a ponytail and a tank top that reads "GO VEGAN AND DIE," the dude just starts tearing into a massive hunk of what looks like beef, which attendees said was "literally dripping" with blood, the Independent reports.

Teriyaki Tempeh Sandwich This dude is pretty simple of a sandwich, but super delicious. It's something that we all are thinking, "Why didn't I think of that already?" So enjoy. Teriyaki Tempeh Sandwich. Prep Time - 3 minutes Cook Time - 5 minutes. Ingredients. Instructions. Our favorites are:.

Dairy-Free Cream Cheese Dip I'm excited to announce the name has changed!! Not to worry though, I do plan on continuing to post allergy friendly recipes whenever I get the chance. Pinky Promise. I have one last announcement before getting into this dip! I started another blog. It's a place where I post my writings and such, currently it's mostly poems.

A BERRY good day! There's something about summer that gets me excited - maybe it's the thought of days relaxing, summer sun or FRUIT PICKING. Well…yeh! If there is one thing about this time of year that I love then it's the abundance of summer fruits that come out to say hello!

Spicy Asian Slaw With the hot weather this summer, I was looking for new ways to "spice-up" my salads, and also a way to use the ingredients of this slaw with out cooking them as this would have cause my greenhouse of a kitchen to self-combust, and me along with it.

Kelly Osbourne To Host Event Honoring Vegan Undercover Heroes Speaking about the impact of MFA's work, a spokesperson told Plant Based News: "Mercy For Animals has conducted more than 60 undercover investigations, which have shed a bright light on the dark world of factory farming, resulting in.

Zambrero Debuts Vegan Cheese At Restaurants Across Australia Australia's Mexican-inspired quick-service chain Zambrero has added vegan cheese to the menu in its restaurants across Australia. Mylife's Biocheese Cheddar Flavour will now be available at the company's 170 restaurants nationwide and can be added to a number of menu items.

A Dairy Free Review of Pizza Lounge - Dallas, TX Before eating at Pizza Lounge I thought vegan pizza at restaurants was just a myth. I had previously eaten at Pizza Lounge when I visited for a short weekend. A little over a month later I'm a Dallas local. Now I can eat Pizza Lounge whenever! Two words: vegan pizza!!

Over 100,000 People Sign Petition To Save Racehorses Over 100,000 people have signed a petition encouraging the Government to set up an independent regulatory body to protect racehorses. The petition, backed by comedian Ricky Gervais, was started by animal rights organisation Animal Aid.

Recipe: Banana Energy Bites I am so excited to share this with you. I love quick and simple recipes that end up delicious and filling-and these fit the bill. Yesterday I spent no less than twenty minutes looking for a recipe in which I could use some of my super ripe bananas-and another fifteen minutes looking for the right "energy ball" recipe.

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