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Vegan Salads that Don't Suck!HEALTHY PLANT-BASED DELICIOUS SALADS No flavour bomb. Originally published here: This is such a tasty delicious salad and it’s so easy to make!

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DSM's vegan fish flavor to make waves in plant-based alternatives03 Mar 2021 - Royal DSM's new vegan flavor solution derived from algal oil is expected to elevate plant-based offerings by delivering an authentic fish taste and mouthfeel. Shared .

Worldwide Industry for Packaged Vegan Foods to 2027Dublin, March 03, 2021 - The "2021 Packaged Vegan Foods Market - Size, Share, COVID Impact Analysis and Forecast to 2027" report has been added to offering.

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Growing Green at HomeSustainability in organic way! The easiest and cheapest diet is& Growing your own fruits and vegetables at home!

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Burger King UK To Debut Vegan ChickenBurger King UK is reportedly launching vegan chicken nuggets and meat-free chicken burgers - says 50% of its menu will be plant-based by 2031.

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Taking the Courthouse by StormA pupil barrister recently uncovered the world's first 100% hemp barrister's wig - could this vegan alternative take the courtroom by storm?

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23 Vegan Mac and Cheese Recipes You Need to TryFrom kid-friendly to truffle-infused, these cheesy pasta recipes are perfect for any age and any craving. Shared .

Bath Vegan Market to go ahead this EasterA great opportunity for anyone thinking about going vegan to try new foods and pick up inspirational recipes. Shared .

Burger King UK Menu To Be 50 Percent Plant-Based by 2031United Kingdom locations of Burger King are actively replacing meat with plant-based options.

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23 Vegan Mac and Cheese Recipes You Need to TryFrom kid-friendly to truffle-infused, these cheesy pasta recipes are perfect for any age and any craving.

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Rewind: Revisiting Topics From The Last Three MonthsOver the last few months we took a "break" and then had a slew of collab and interview episodes which didn't leave space for us to do our usual follow up section.

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Offbeet Food forced to close over vegan donut-feudA HAMPSHIRE landowner has defended their decision to close an independent restaurant due to the sale of donuts.

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Top Five Favourite Spice Blends and Where to Use ThemUsing a wide variety of different spices is probably the easiest way to elevate your cooking.

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Eden Perfumes: 309Vegan friendly perfume has always been something that eluded me. I am someone that enjoys wearing perfume, and have spent the last few years using up some of my non-vegan favourites that I had a surplus of.

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Vegan firm Naissance expands with new HQNaissance, a vegan healthy living company, has expanded into new corporate headquarters after receiving a seven-figure loan from the Development Bank of Wales.

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Exactly how many horses have been killed in training? Animal Aid asks racing's regulatorsFollowing the publication of shocking images of Grand National winning trainer, Gordon Elliott, and amateur jockey, Rob James, sitting on newly dead horses, Animal Aid has written to racing’s regulators to ask how many horses die in training each year.

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Kumara, apple and lentil soup + 1-hr dinner rollsThis soup is a little sweet, a little spicy, hearty and tasty. the bread is soft and a lil sweet, and comes together in just one hour!

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Oat flakes are in each recipe. Change it with millet!Have you ever thought to replace oats in desert recipes with something else? In this post you will find an answer.

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Seared Broccolini with Chili Hazelnuts and Whipped TahiniA flavourful and hearty side dish. Seared broccolini with chili hazelnuts, whipped tahini, and wheat berries is easy to make and only has 10 ingredients.

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Plant Based DietI really have to get my weight under control. In the past few years I have experimented with trying to eat a plant based diet, but it was never anything which I stuck with.

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Thoughts on packing keto lunches:The entree is the easiest, because it involves protein that can be made and packed ahead of time. Shared .

Scots uni under fire for killing more than 18,000 fish meant for experimentsThe University of Stirling admitted culling thousands of fish after the pandemic put research on hold.

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Animal Protection Act Finally Approved in CubaOn February 26th, it was announced that an Animal Protection Act was finally approved. Animal protectors have campaigned for many years to obtain it.

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Greg Doucette Lies About TRTGreg Doucette has claimed he's coming off HRT in an attempt to help heal the tendons around his elbow.

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What I Ate TuesdayBreakfast is a little late getting off the ground because I decide to soak for awhile and watch my backyard birds at the feeder before launching into the day.

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Popular Oakland restaurant Vegan Mob is expanding to a new SF location this monthA new restaurant at 949 Ruff Drive in San Jose is expected to open as soon as next Tuesday for pickup and delivery, while a soft opening of a new pop-up location at City Stations in San Francisco, at 701 Valencia St., will take place March 20.

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Diet Dog Fight: Keto vs VeganA few weeks ago, I tucked a paper into my bookmarks to read later. When I finally got time last weekend on nights and read it, I actually thought it was quite a good trial and worth sharing with you, which is why I'm making this video and why I've escaped to this beautiful, scenic location to get away from my kids.

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VegTechTM: The Global Vegan Impact and Innovation IndexTM and Live Ticker Launch on The Plantbased Business Hourtm WebsitePlant Powered Consulting Founder Elysabeth Alfano and Investor Sasha Goodman Create the First Global List and Index of Publicly Traded Plant-based Stocks Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA, March 1, 2021 - The first global index and list of publicly traded plant-based stocks, VegTechTM: The Global Vegan Impact and Innovation IndexTM launches today on.

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Who Else Wants to Shop like a Dairy-Free Pro?Hey friends, So, you finally decided that you wanted to switch to a dairy-free lifestyle, but you have no idea which products to stock your kitchen with.

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Rise in number of dangerous pets including caiman in DorsetNearly 4,000 dangerous wild animals are kept as pets in the UK - including two in Dorset - a figure that has been steadily rising since the turn of the millenium.

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Volvo To Go Leather-FreeSwedish car company Volvo is going fully electric by 2030 and phasing out leather interiors to meet its sustainability goals.

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3 of My Favorite Restaurants with Dairy-Free OptionsHey friends, Picture this: you haven’t seen or hung out with your best friends in a few weeks because life has caught up to all of you.

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A vegan and gluten-free guide to The Garden of Unearthly Delights and GluttonyFor Fringe-goers with dietary restrictions, the festival season can be difficult to navigate. Here's our pick of where to eat when at the Garden of Unearthly Delights and Gluttony during Adelaide Fringe 2021.

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UpmaUpma is an Indian dish made with fine semolina. It’s commonly eaten in a number of Indian states, but everyone has their own spin on it.

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Vegan-ish: How To Make A Part-Time Plant-Eating Lifestyle Even EasierSimple Feast has meal kits to make living a plant-based lifestyle easy. Check out Simple Feast's vegan recipes and embrace sustainability.

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Vegan sprouts coconut stir fryHomemade Moong and Chana sprouts steamed and cooked in coconut mixture. You eat this as a side for Brown rice, Quinoa or eat as is or make a salad bowl.

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How to make 2-ingredient vegan 'chicken'A viral cooking video is currently doing the TikTok rounds in which a user makes vegan 'chicken' from just two ingredients - and the internet has had some very strong reactions...

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‘Worst zoo for elephants': Memphis Zoo responds to animal activist's claimsMemphis Zoo has responded to an elephant activist's list that ranked them number eight on a list of zoos unfit for elephants.

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McDonald's adding plant-based burger "McPlant" in agreement with Beyond MeatHas announced the establishment of a three-year global strategic agreement with McDonald’s Corporation. As part of the agreement, Beyond Meat will be McDonald’s preferred supplier for the patty in the McPlantÂ, a new plant-based burger being tested in select McDonald’s markets globally.

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Iconic Celebrity Rapper CupcakKe Says She's ‘100% Committed' to Going VeganVegan rapper CupcakKe announced to her 600,000 fans on Twitter that she is beginning her plant-based journey and going vegan.

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Correcting the record on animal agriculture and sustainabilityWhile environmental and animal rights activist groups continue to spread misinformation, the animal will continue to find solutions.

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Spicy Butternut Squash, Bean and Spinach CurryGuilty of being a sucker for a good veggie curry, one-pot deliciousness with the kick of spice that’s guaranteed to provide warmth 🔥 Have to admit that butter beans aren’t what I’d normally go for , but they actually turned out to be&.

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Brain BreakthroughsYour brain weighs only three pounds, yet it's fundamental to everything you think and everything you do.

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5 Actions to Help Animals This Women's History MonthFemales of all species are oppressed under the patriarchy, not just women. So we're fighting for all females this Women's History Month.

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Vegan Restaurants NYC: From Soul Food to Cafes Across New York CityNew York City's vegan restaurants are at the top of their game — here are 25 of our favorites.

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Nosh On PETA's Favorite Meat-Free Picks This National Meatball DayNorfolk, Va. - Mamma mia! National Meatball Day—March 9—is just around the corner! As interest in going vegan climbs to all-time highs and conscientious eaters recognize the beef and dairy industries’ role in climate change, more people than ever are looking for animal - and eco-friendly meatballs that rival their...

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Looking for a Sign to Go Vegan? PETA Put One on the Naro!To make ends meet during the pandemic shutdown, Naro Expanded Cinema is renting space on its marquees—and this week, it's displaying this message from To make ends meet during the pandemic shutdown, Naro Expanded Cinema is renting space on its marquees—and this week, it's displaying this message from PETA.

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PETA Spotlight: Dolores Huerta and Other Female Icons You Never Knew Were Veg!In honor of Women's History Month , PETA has chosen local icon Dolores Huerta as one of five In honor of Women's History Month , PETA has chosen local icon Dolores Huerta as one of five female trailblazers to celebrate—and the millions who look up to these women as role models may be surprised to learn that their work for social justice...

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PETA ‘Skeletons' to Rattle Canada GooseTomorrow, a pack of PETA protesters wearing skull masks and fake Canada Goose coats will descend on the company's SoHo store and play recordings of Tomorrow, a pack of PETA protesters wearing skull masks and fake Canada Goose coats will descend on the company's SoHo store and play recordings of trapped coyotes screaming to remind passersby that...

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PETA Spotlight: Coretta Scott King and Other Female Icons You Never Knew Were Veg!In honor of Women's History Month , PETA has chosen Coretta Scott King as one of five female In honor of Women's History Month , PETA has chosen Coretta Scott King as one of five female trailblazers to celebrate—and the millions who look up to these women as role models may be surprised to learn that their work for social justice includes...

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Raspberry, kiwi and cream tartsOk, this is the last pastry dish lined up for now, and were ending it with something sweet!

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Vegan Gluten Free Baked Chocolate DoughnutsDon't we all just need some sprinkles in our life? Some color to brighten our day?

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Lizzo's Almost-Vegan Take On The TikTok Feta Pasta Is Turning HeadsLizzo is making us dinner as we sit here and drool over this innovative and healthy pasta recipe in "fresh photos with the bomb lighting." Her recipe consists of "hella basil," grapeseed oil, cherry tomatoes, garlic, honey, some chili flakes, Banza chickpea pasta, and Spero plant-based goat cheese. Shared .

March 9: Ellen Ecker Ogden, The New Heirloom Garden, Designs, Recipes, and Heirloom Plants for Cooks Who Love to GardenListen: Tuesday, March 9, 2021, 4pm ET by going to PRN, The Progressive Radio Network.

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Cruelty-Free Drugstore ShampoosShampoo is a part of many people's daily routine, but are there any brands that don't rely on cruel practices in testing?

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March 16: Josh Balk, Farm Animal ProtectionOmowale Adewale, Brotha Vegan, Black Men Speak on Food, Identity, Health, and Society.

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Opinion: Lifestyle vs. BeliefMoby, VEGAN FOR LIFE Every part of America has its own lifestyle. The South differs from the mid-West, which differs from the Southwest, which vastly differs from the West Coast and so on and so forth.

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Dude Dinners, Pizza Mukbangs and A Jason Lunchtime Taste TestOur Dinner Service. Apple Cider Vinegar: Tofu Press Nutritional Yeast : Vegan Cook Book: Cook Book: to earth veganism with Paul and Jason.

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30 Women-Owned Vegan Businesses to Support TodayThese badass, sustainably focused, plant-based, innovative companies are changing the world one compassionate product at a time. Shared .

Gordon Elliott has shown that horse racing isn't a love affair between man and animalThe trainer has damaged his sports delicate contract with the public after he was photographed sitting on a mares corpse, says the Guardian columnist Zoe Williams.

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Burger King plots greener future with new vegan and vegetarian mealsCEO of fast food giant says beefburgers will be swopped for plant-based burgers in new climate push. Shared .

Beginning again  How Im navigating the windy roads of this human experience?Song: exist for love  aurora Hi! Its been a while and I feel as if I head every blog post with that same very apology aha.

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TendliA Maharashtrian style ivy gourd / kovakkai / tindora stir fry that is packed with some great flavors like ginger, peanuts and coconut, makes for a great accompaniment for rice or rotis.

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Hitting two birds with one stone with AXIS-Y Cera-Heart My Type Duo CreamGot combination skin? Hunting for a moisturizer that perfectly suits your needs? Thank yourself for coming here.

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Red bean curry Something VeganTo a pan over medium-high heat, add oil, onion, and salt. Cook, stirring often, until the onion starts to brown.

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Chipotle Refried Bean Tostadas with Chili-Spiced Mango and Pineapple SalsaIngredients 3 corn tortillas 1/2 can pinto beans 1/4 yellow onion 1/4 teaspoon chipotle powder 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder sea salt black pepper 1/4 cup salsa 1 scallion chopped 2 tablespoons fresh cilantro 1/4 cup fresh / frozen mango chunks 1/4 cup fresh / frozen pineapple chunks 1 tablespoon lime juice 1 teaspoon mild chili&.

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Healthy Overnight OatsI love a breakfast or any meal for that matter that I can make in no time.

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30 Vegan Easter Recipes Everyone Will Love, From Apps To DessertsLooking for easy, healthy vegan Easter recipes for your holiday meal? From savory appetizers to sweet desserts, these picks will satisfy everyone at your table.

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Jason Momoa Promotes Sustainable Fashion With New Vegan Sneakers Made From AlgaeWith environmental concerns on the rise, celebrities are choosing sustainable fashion practices and promoting an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

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VegTechtm: The Global Vegan Impact and Innovation Indextm and Live Ticker Launch for the First Vegan Dow Jones-type IndexThe first global index and list of publicly traded plant-based stocks, VegTech: The Global Vegan Impact and Innovation Index launches...

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Is a vegan diet healthy for runners?Sports dietitian and vegan researcher Nanci Guest says runners can stay healthy on a vegan diet if they do it right.

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PETA Spotlight: Five Female Icons You Never Knew Were Veg!In honor of Women's History Month , PETA has chosen five female trailblazers to celebrate—and the In honor of Women's History Month , PETA has chosen five female trailblazers to celebrate—and the millions who look up to them as role models may be surprised to learn that their work for social justice includes animal protection.

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Rise in number of dangerous pets including caiman in DorsetNearly 4,000 dangerous wild animals are kept as pets in the UK - including two in Dorset - a figure that has been steadily rising since the turn of the millenium.

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H&M To Debut Vegan Cactus Leather In Upcoming CollectionFashion giant H&M is to launch vegan cactus leather from award-winning brand Deserto in its upcoming collection, entitled Science Story...

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Seneca Park Zoo named a 'worst zoo for elephants' by animal advocacy groupAn animal advocacy group has Seneca Park Zoo in its sights, but international zoo accreditors have praised the zoo's elephant program.

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Feeding GA Families: Everybody Deserves Healthy MealsFeeding GA Families is a 5013 state-licensed non-profit food pantry and community services agency aimed at combating food insecurity in our communities with the assistance of farmers, food banks, grocery stores, small businesses, corporate donors and sponsorships, and volunteers.

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Vegan Easter egg costing £32.95 is flavoured with tomato, spinach and carrot'You really can taste the underlying vegetables' in the vEGGie, made by London-based Rococo Chocolates, which also uses beetroot and sweetcorn to give it its unique flavour.

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5 Women's History Month Multi-Issue IconsFor Women's History Month , PETA is sharing information about five iconic women who you may not know were veg.

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In Las Vegas, vegetarian and vegan cuisine even appeals to meat-eatersThe Wynn and Encore have restaurants dedicated to the vegan and vegetarian eater. In addition, meat-free and dairy-free menus exist at every eatery, and vegan chef Tal Ronnen works closely with each chef to create unique, delicious and healthy recipes for every manner of cuisine, be it Italian, Japanese, American or Chinese.

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Forager Just Became the First Dairy-Free Brand to Launch Vegan Queso FrescoForager Project is turning its cashew yogurt into organic vegan cheeses that melt and stretch like dairy. Shared .

From Zucchini Noodles with Pesto to the Best Vegan Chili: Our Top Eight Vegan Recipes of the Day!Our newest recipes include Israeli couscous to zucchini noodles with pesto so if you're looking for something new and delicious, these recipes are it!

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Mushroom and Spinach Risotto"Sue's Vegetarian Kitchen" While, according to a legend, a young glassblower's apprentice of the Fabbrica del Duomo di, who used to use saffron as a pigment, added it to a rice dish at a wedding feast, the first recipe identifiable as risotto dates from 1809.

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Forager Enters Dairy-Free Cheese Market with Vegan Queso FrescoForager Project is turning its cashew yogurt into organic vegan cheeses that melt and stretch like dairy.

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Courgette banana breadYes, you read it right. The first recipe on this blog is one of those amazing mum tricks to get your little ones to eat more greens without even realising.

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Luxury chocolatier unveils vegan chocolate egg flavoured with tomato, spinach and carrotThe vEGGie, made by London-based Rococo Chocolates, is accompanied by six vegetable-shaped chocolates in three flavours. Shared .

Bolognese Stuffed Butternut SquashHearty rich bolognese nestled in a warming butternut squash base, served on crispy kale leaves and topped with a yoghurt tahini dressing.

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Life LessonsI recorded a lovely kitchen vlog today sharing some of my most constant thoughts of late - and when I came to edit and upload it - I realised that my dropping the mic in the soup last night had in fact killed it, crackling terribly.

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A cup of tea, a chance to dreamShe flicks her wet hair back behind her shoulders and the cold wetness gave her bare shoulders goosebumps.

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TiffinsSometimes nothing but a rich, decadent slab of chocolate will do. Although Im partial to almost any tiffin, I prefer those with really dark chocolate.

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the ‘five-a-day' vegan Easter Egg from Rococo Chocolates, available eggsclusively at has teamed up with London-based luxury chocolatier, Rococo Chocolates, to create The vEGGie, a vegan, vegetable-infused Easter Egg.

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India leans into better vegan options across the boardVegan menus in India are expanding, with a rise in home grown mock meats, dairy-free cheese and desserts, as more people experiment with plant-based diets.

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The Dutch Government Has Broken Promises and Made No Progress in Replacing Experiments on AnimalsHere's how the Dutch government is failing in its mission to become a world leader in animal-free innovation - costing hundreds of thousands of lives.

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How This Mom-Son Duo Brought 'Special Milk' To India That Needs No AnimalsThe younger generation, today, is coming up with brilliant entrepreneurial concepts in various sectors. Away from the quintessential world of engineering and doctors, the youth is looking from agriculture to dairy.

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What I Ate TodayWe decided to wing it on this weeks menu at home, meaning I didnt spend most of Sunday in the kitchen on food prep like I have been doing lately.

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Exotic Skins Exposed: Snakes Inflated to Death, Crocodiles StabbedPETA Asia exposes workers pumping pythons full of compressed air to kill them for the global trade in snakeskin for the fashion industry.

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30 Women-Owned Vegan Businesses to Support TodayThese badass, sustainably focused, plant-based, innovative companies are changing the world one compassionate product at a time.

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Europe's Vegan Market Grew by 49% in 2 YearsA new study from the Smart Protein Project and ProVeg International reveals the growth of Europe's vegan market over the last two years.


Why You Should Never Watch Live Zoo CamerasThese animals should be free to roam in nature. When we watch them on live zoo cameras, we’re viewing footage of a prison holding innocent individuals captive in claustrophobic cells.

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What Life Is Like for Orcas in CaptivityCaptive orcas exploited for human entertainment suffer both psychologically and physically.

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Augustinus Bader's The Rich Cream Is Now VeganThe company has reformulated its best-selling product following consumer demand.

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Yogurtland Just Launched Its First Oat Milk Frozen Yogurt and It Tastes Like Oatmeal CookiesFrozen yogurt chain Yogurtland now offers a Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookie vegan flavor at participating locations nationwide.

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We Have the Meats: Best Vegan Butcher ShopsAFrom seasoned steak to juicy ribs, these vegan meat shops work wonders with vegetables and a cleaver.Â.

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PETA Billboards Call For End to Fur Farming in Italy and DenmarkFollowing COVID-19 outbreaks on fur farms in both countries, PETA has placed three billboards in Denmark and eleven billboards in Italy calling on governments to close fur farms for good.

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Easy Vegan Recipes To Celebrate Plant Power DayIt’s Plant Power Day on 7 March 2021 and here’s everything you need to know about it.

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February 28, 2021 Meal Prep  RecipesGathered ingredients, barely takes up as much room as usual So this Meal Prep Session was quite the ordeal.

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Anger as Offbeet Food forced to close over vegan donut-feudA HAMPSHIRE business man has been left "extremely stressed" after he has been forced to close for selling donuts.

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How to follow a vegan diet during pregnancyWhile opting to go strictly vegan during pregnancy is possible, dietitian Mia Smith advises talking to a registered dietitian before making the switch.

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You guyses its not even that badOk so I decided something needed to change to be a better me and I’m trying something new.

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Vegan Brothy Chickpeas Pasta with Tomato and Spinach!Healthy, Soupy, Warm and Soulful Vegan pasta with Plant based ingredients!

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February 28, 2021 Meal PrepNot gonna lie, this is the smallest ingredient gather yet An adventure into the Vegetarian lifestyle.

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Live Q&A Near Death Experience VideoZOMBIE E-Book Patreon: I Print Myself: : : vegan? Best Speech Amazon Store VItamins + Camera: Lens: : Kitchen Knife: MAILBOX The Vegan Zombie PO Box 2194 Liverpool, NY ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

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Horlicks Vegan to Arrive in the UKIconic British brand Horlicks announces the launch of Horlicks Vegan for foodservice, a dairy-free Horlicks blend that provides foodservice operators with a vegan ingredient that can be used to create an extensive range of on-trend, dairy-free menu options.

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First black-owned, vegan market in San Antonio: Vegan Family ReunionNaomi Hendrix Oyegoke, Chef + Owner of Rooted Vegan Cuisine brings a variety of vegan choices you can find at Vegan Family Reunion which is the first fully black-owned vegan market in San Antonio.

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Wearing Jason Momoa's New Vegan Sneakers Kind of Makes You a SuperheroAquaman Jason Momoa is saving the planet with biodegradable vegan sneakers made with algae. Shared .

Sweet Potato and Lentil Taco Filling2 medium sweet potatoes, peeled and diced 1/2 yellow onion, diced 1 red pepper, sliced into thin pieces 1 jalapeño, diced 2 tbsp olive oil 1/4 tsp garlic powder 1/4 tsp onion powder 1/2 tsp oregano 1/2 tsp cayenne 1/2 tsp smoked paprika 1/2 tsp salt Pepper to taste 1 can of lentils, rinsed and drained 2 green onions, sliced 1 cup of red...

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Veggie PizzaHey there! If you occasionally like to indulge in meals, this one is definitely for you!

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Reckless bill would bar Iowa's local animal ordinancesThe problem of overreach in state government is not a new one in Iowa, but it has reached a new low with the filing of Senate Study Bill 1195, which would eliminate the rights of communities to regulate activities and enterprises involving animals within their jurisdictions.

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Letters to the editor: LV readers on transphobia, natural lawns, the bottle bill and animal rights12SharesBy Heather Dunn, Iowa City As a trans woman I'm tired of bullies! I'm tired of the bullies in our state government who try to vilify us, erase us, deny us our rights based off their narrow ideology rather than modern science and medicine.

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A Rose To RiseI am so very tired. All those speckles of green are the rose budding. I really cant believe I got this far.

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Spicy Pumpkin SoupRoots, roots and some pumpkin: A soup to use all the seasonal goods of autumn and late winter.

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Grocery Tour Series for Vegans: Food LionIn Virginia at least, the two grocery stores you can find in rural areas are usually Walmart and Food Lion.

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Upton's Breakroom creates a vegan fish fry out of banana blossomsUpton's Breakroom unleashes the power of banana blossoms for Lent.

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One-pot miso soup with mushrooms and gnocchiRecipes for miso soup typically call for kombu dashi to be made separately, but I like to boil the kombu and shiitake directly in the same pot.

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Chilli Mushrooms and Butter Bean MashInspired by an Ottolenghi recipe, re-worked by me for a quicker, meat free midweek meal.

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Vegan Smoothie And Yogurt Bowls100% Vegan Ale-Aged Cashew Cheese Stuffed Beyond Cheeseburger, Potato Salad and Jalapeno Ranch.

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As a Black Man, I Felt Uncomfortable Becoming an Animal ActivistAnimal liberation won't happen until Black, Brown, and Indigenous people have equity in the animal protection movement.

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CRAVE Launches Rice Milk Vegan Chocolate Covered in Tasty Toppings RangeVegan and free-from snack brand, CRAVE, has launched two new rice milk chocolate bars covered with tasty toppings.

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Vegan Collagen: What to KnowCollagen supplements are usually made from animal products. But there's a rising demand for vegan collagen.

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Hot ChocolateIts March which means winter is technically coming to an end very soon. But until the weather gets warmer, I will still drink lots of hot beverages.

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Judge Denies Lowered Bail For Animal Rights Activist Accused In Failed Murder-For-Hire PlotA judge has denied a request to lower the $3 million bail of an animal rights activist accused of plotting to kill her estranged husband's girlfriend.

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Sag Aloo Shepherd's PieI was scrolling through my instagram feed recently and this photo from the brilliant Anna Jones caught my eye I had the pleasure of cooking with Anna at Demuth's Cookery School back in 2015 Here we are at the end of the class I've given my version a few minor tweaks and adjusted it to&.

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Follow Your Heart Launches Squeezable Vegan Pancake BatterAfter several years of perfecting their pourable vegan pancake and waffle batter, Follow Your Heart is finally debuting their new product—Rocket Cakes!

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Roasted Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato SoupAlthough we started this channel in 2015 it wasn't really until late 2017 that we started to work hard at it, due to things outside of our control.

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March 2: Dan Pucci and Craig Cavallo, AMERICAN CIDER: A Modern Guide to a Historic BeverageListen: Tuesday, March 2, 2021, 4pm ET by going to PRN, The Progressive Radio Network.

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Black-Owned Vegan Meat Brand Strikes $300,000 Deal with Shark Tank's Mark CubanBlack-owned brand Everything Legendary sells $250,000 worth of vegan burgers 24 hours after the Shark Tank episode airs. Shared .

Kaima Cosmetics  multichrome and glitter pigmentsShades outlined in photo below What it is : Glitters and multichrome pigments, for use on makeup looks.

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The New Vintage Kitchen! A Vermont innkeeper's collection of seasonal vintage recipes, reimagined for today's cooks.Jacob's Cattle Beans with Pasta and Arugula is a hearty vegetarian meal, full of nutrition and deep, delicious flavors.

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RECIPE: The Ultimate Sprouted Veggie BurgerNext burger night, treat your fam to this delicious sprouted veggie burger. It’s jam-packed with wholesome ingredients, lots of fiber, vitamins, minerals, as well as clean plant protein.

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Lizzo made a vegan version of that viral feta pasta, and it looks good as hellDespite being vegan, Lizzo made a vegan version of the TikTok pasta, and it was a success.

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Thank You for 100 Followers!I know. I havent been writing. I want to say that I was busy, but that isnt true.

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Best Places To Enjoy Vegan Food In ManchesterThe craze for vegan food has dynamically scaled upwards in recent years. Blame it on the people who are keen to try meat-free menus, either way, vegan cooking has become mainstream, and there is no doubt about it.

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18 Cozy Vegan Soup Recipes to Warm You Up!Disclaimer: This page may include affiliate links, and I could earn a commission if you purchase through these links.

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Recipe: One-Pot Broth simmered chick-peas, veggies, and riceTest out this quick, warm, and filling recipe which uses cupboard staples.

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My Near Death ExperienceVEGAN ZOMBIE E-Book Beanies, Hoodies, Aprons: : Crew Apparel: : I Amazon Store VItamins + Camera: Lens: : Kitchen Knife: MAILBOX The Vegan Zombie PO Box 2194 Liverpool, NY 13089.

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Hot and Spicy Tofu and Oyster Mushrooms w/Pickled Bok ChoySome days you just feel like getting weird with it and on those days, well, you get weird with it.

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Recipe: Roasted Cauliflower with Curried Carrot PureeYellow and orange are the best colors for food! Vegan comfort food can be healthy, quick, flavorful and beautiful!

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Chocolate Bar and Cacao Fruit On The Beach What We Eat In A DayJoin my Patreon for more vids, podcasts, yoga classes and more! Please support us thaaaannks!

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All I want for Valentine's is&Pink soup! We are on our way to the Nuca Garage Sale, and on a cold day like this spent with hunting treasures, all we will need is some pink soup to warm us up.

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Aldi RefurbAlthough we started this channel in 2015 it wasn't really until late 2017 that we started to work hard at it, due to things outside of our control.

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Celebrity Rapper CupcakKe Says She's '100% Committed' To Going VeganCelebrity rapper CupcakKe, aka Elizabeth Eden Harris, told her 604,000 Twitter followers she's 100% committed to going vegan...

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Clive's Purely Plants claims world first with vegan quiche lorraineThe quiche is made with a "signature" egg replacement made from okara - the whey from making soya blend - which it says gives the NPD "the perfect eggy, quiche texture", combined with tempeh marinaded with smoked paprika and maple syrup.

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Let's Talk About Peanut ButterWhat ingredients are in your jar of peanut butter? Do you know without looking? Most popular brands have labels that look something like: "Peanuts, Sugar, 2% Or Less Of: Fully Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils , Mono And Diglycerides, Salt." When I think about healthy habits and making the right decisions for my body, mono&.

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Spinach Banana PancakesGet ready to add some extra goodness to your healthy pancake obsession. These Spinach Banana Pancakes will revolutionise your morning ritual.

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Tofu and Wild Rice SaladIngredients 6 oz basmati rice 2 oz wild rice 9 oz firm tofu, drained and cubed 1 oz preserved lemon, finely chopped 4 oz bunch of fresh parsley, chopped Dressing 1 garlic clove, crushed 2 tsp clear agave syrup 2 tsp of the preserved lemon juice 1 tbsp cider vinegar 1 tbsp olive oil 1&.

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PETA condemn Gordon Elliott photo of trainer sitting on dead horseThe Irishman claims he sat on the dead horse after taking a phone call "without thinking"

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Spinach GnocchiThis recipe is something I’ve tried out a few times, mostly making up the measurements as I go.

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Bolton is more vegan-friendly than London, says new reportBolton is one of the UK's top five most vegan-friendly towns and cities, according to a new report.

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The Six Vegan Food Groups1) WHOLE GRAINS and POTATOES 2) LEGUMES 3) GREEN and YELLOW VEGETABLES 4) NUTS and SEEDS 5) FRUITS 6) VITAMIN and MINERAL FOODS All the nutritional requirements for human health that were just presented can be conveniently met by consuming ample portions each day from the “Six Vegan” Food Groups that follow.

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Vegan Hot Dog Shop to Open in SeattleSeattle vegan food truck Cycle Dogs is taking over the space of the former No Bones Beach Club with plans to expand on its food truck menu.

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5 Sources Of Calcium You Can Add To Your Vegan DietA vegan diet restricts the consumption of animal-based products. Shared .

Canelo Celebration CakeNamed after the boxer, Canelo, this cinnamon roll inspired cake is anything but healthy. As a wellness coach, it's not the sort of thing I'd usually post but we all need treats sometimes and this is just too good not to share.

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How to Make Vegan FudgeAn easy and delicious vegan version of classic fudge.

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Vegan MUKBANG: Bibimbap, Hamburger Steak, Tofu Sushi, Stew and CroissantBusiness inquiries ONLY Instagram: @cheaplazyvegan Website/blog Facebook Twitter Personal Instagram: @ I USE and DISCOUNT : These are affiliate links, meaning I will make a small commission / reward if you purchase any products using these links.

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Avocado Pesto PastaHello Spring! and hello to fresh new delicious recipes. I dont know about you but theres something about pesto I find myself craving it so much more during the warmer months.

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Northampton vegan doughnut company launches collaboration with new gym and adjoining coffee shopThe owner of the gym says the business is all about ‘balance' so they do not want to ‘demonise' any foods.

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Vegan Nigerian From Divine FlavoredMy self-education in West African food continues with Divine Flavored, a sometime caterer, food truck, and restaurant serving Nigerian food.

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Extra Schmear, Please! Vegan Cream Cheese Alternatives Make for Happy Bagels.Major brands as well as independent newcomers alike are putting new plant-based, dairy-free cream cheeses, made from nuts, seeds, and soy, on the table.

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15 Vegan Recipes to Easily Make Gluten-FreeMake smart gluten-free swaps such as spiralizing squash, using almond and coconut flour, opting for lentils or quinoa, and even making your own condiments.

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New Edinburgh pop-up market sells everything from vegan street food to gin and cakesA cracking line-up of businesses will be heading along to Leith this weekend as the market opens up for the first time.

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The Basics of Cooking BeansI’m pushing beans again because I’m trying really hard to get you to eat them several times a week. Although I'm not denying that canned beans are fast, easy, and nutrient-dense, cooking dried beans is definitely worth the little bit of extra effort.

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How to Make Cinnamon Rolls, Easy Vegan RecipeThese sinful cinnamon rolls will melt in your mouth. The recipe is completely vegan and you could never tell the difference.

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A Vegan Grocery Store Now Accepts Bitcoin As PaymentCanada-based Vegan Supply now accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment.


Starbucks Launches Non-Dairy Drinks, a Protein Box, and Oat MilkStarbucks releases a selection of plant-based menu items at its stores nationwide. The move follows a promise to shift to plant-based products.

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Loryma develops vegan fish alternative from wheat componentsWheat ingredients specialist, Loryma, has introduced a new vegan fish alternative combining wheat components.

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Starbucks Just Launched Its First Vegan Protein Box NationwideStarbucks is rolling out a new vegan food option, along with Oatly's oat milk, to most of its locations across the United States. Shared .

Mumbai Welcomes New 100% Vegan Store, Launched By GreendA 100% vegan store by Greend is now open in Powai, Mumbai!

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Pupil barrister trials UK's first vegan wigSamuel March's hemp-based prototype draws praise from legal profession.

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Bengali Palong Shaak Bhaja: Low-Carb, Vegan and Nutritious Spinach Recipe That You Must TryOne of the very first food references from Bengal is a short verse from Prakritapaingala, compiled by anonymous authors in the 13th century.

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March 2021: LeeksThough my Grandma is always adamant that spring only really starts after the 21st of March, I do find myself searching for those early signs of the changing seasons.

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Over Half Of Brits To Buy Vegan Easter Treats This Year, Says SurveyA poll says 54.8% of Brits are 'likely to buy vegan alternative products to traditional Easter food this year'.

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Exotic Pets on the rise in Cambridgeshire a€“ are you living next door to some of the worlda€™s deadliest creatures?A new survey shows Cambridgeshire is home to nearly 70 exotic pets including crocodiles, an alligator and monkeys.

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Get an exclusive 20% off Vegan Minds for better focusVegan Minds - Memory and Focus is helping people be sharp and perform at their best every day through a unique formula including BacoMind, clinically shown to improve memory recall and retention, Ginkgo for cognitive performance and optimal B-Vitamins.

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One Planet Pizza launches UK's first vegan Mac N Cheese PizzaThe plant-based pizza pioneers,  One Planet Pizza,  are launching the UK’s first frozen Plant-Based Mac N Cheese Pizza, of the ultimate comfort food collaboration for hungry consumers. The MAC is a limited-edition pizza, which is not only luxuriously indulgent but is also kind to the planet.

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Animal Aid calls for Gordon Elliott to be banned from racingAnimal Aid has called for the immediate ban from racing of Grand National winning trainer Gordon Elliott, who was dropped as a Betfair ambassador this morning, following the publication of a photo of Elliott sitting on a dead horse.

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Bluetongue animals face 'slaughter and destruction' after returning to Cartagena PortThe cows have been kept in what an animal rights activist called hellish conditions.

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Morrisons Opened a Vegan Junk Food Restaurant in CamdenMorrisons' new vegan junk food concept, Street Vegan, will serve classic comfort foods such as burgers and hot dogs.


Glow Up with These 11 Black Women-Owned Vegan Beauty BrandsChoose between glittery eyeshadows, nude lipsticks made for darker skin tones, and brightly-hued matte nail polishes.

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Factory farming model incorporates abuses, so we need to adopt something radically newDirect Action Everywhere investigator: Given recent innovations, maybe we don't need to eat or use animals at all.

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Mumbai Welcomes New 100% Vegan Store By GreendA 100% vegan store by Greend is now open in Powai, Mumbai!

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BOON Unveils New Packaging For Its Bean-Based Vegan MeatsDutch brand BOON has revealed updated packaging for its bean-based meat alternatives. The colourfully rebranded products are now available at Albert Heijn stores in the Netherlands.

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Bigger by the Day #4-370lb Deadlifts and Just Egg Taste TestI've had a small setback with a minor leg injury but I can still deadlift and I hit a 370x5 pr.

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Here are some of the world's most vegan-friendly placesYou must definitely consider them for your next trip, especially if you are a vegan traveller.

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Root The Future And Dear Tummy Launch 'Vegan Basket' At IconsiamIconsiam's G Floor now has a supermarket section dedicated to vegan foods and delicacies, making it easier for people to swap out meat and other animal products, like dairy and egg, in their daily diet.

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Odd News Roundup: Cuba approves animal welfare law after civil society pressure; Dubai cat cafe hopes rescues will find purr-fect new homes and moreCuba has approved a long called-for decree on animal welfare in what some rights activists are hailing as an unusual triumph of civil society in the Communist-run country where animal sacrifice and cock and dog fighting remain commonplace.

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Plant Based Grazing Boards Are The Hottest Trend For The Vegan CrowdA grazing or charcuterie board is a selection of finger foods curated on one board for beautiful presentation and is one of this year's hottest trends.

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Vegan Lingo For A Rapidly Growing Plant-Based WorldThink vegans hug trees and grow hemp in their backyard? They do, but they also roll in a Tesla TSLA and invest in the latest bio tech companies.

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How to Make Nut ButtersFor a long time I never considered that I could make something like peanut butter or almond butter at home.

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Vegan barrister wigs to be produced in the UK for the first timeIn a break from a 200-year-old tradition, wigs made out of hemp could be the new norm according to its inventor Samuel March.

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100 Shipping Containers in India to Become Mini Tempeh FactoriesTempeh Today aims to produce 10,000 metric tons of tempeh each year to help reduce India's protein deficit.

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Cool shopping and educational sitesSome cool sites for diamonds, vegan pet food, and tuition-free college credit!

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Our Allotment AdventuresThe Vegan Bromley Library is #ThoseVeganGuys # adventure, allotment gardening, allotment gardening for beginners, allotment plot uk, allotment uk, allotment vlog, down to earth veganism, gardening uk, gay couple, gay couple storyline, gay couple youtubers channels, grow your own, lgbtq, our allotment, planning an allotment, plot 25,those vegan...

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"Clueless" About Vitamins? Alicia Silverstone's New Vegan Gummies Can HelpVegan activist and actress Alicia Silverstone just launched a line of functional vegan apple cider gummies. Shared .

Why are vegan products more expensive than their non-vegan equivalent? Hannah Sirkett, Rosebery SchoolI became vegan in January 202, joining the Veganuary bandwagon. Since then, in just over a year, I have already noticed a massive increase in the...

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Modern Meat Introduces Vegan Cheese Line, KitscheezeVANCOUVER, BC, Feb XX, 2021 /CNW/  Modern Meat Inc., or , an award-winning plant-based food manufacturer, is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, kitskitchen Health Foods Inc.

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How to Save Cut ApplesYou need to try this life hack! It saves me so much time and tastes even better then regular apples!

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Judge refuses to lower $3M bond for Colorado animal rights activist accused of murder-for-hire plot gone badA Colorado judge refused on Friday to change the multimillion-dollar bond requirements for a prominent Colorado animal rights activist and attorney accused of trying to hire ranch hands to kill her estranged husband's new love interest, who previously worked as the family's au pair, Fox News has confirmed.

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Date and Walnut Truffles-Super-Easy and Healthy Freezer Snack!My name is Michelle Cehn, and I'm the founder of World of Vegan and a vegan filmmaker on a mission to change the world one video at a time.

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Granola Cluster CookiesVegan, can be gluten free and/or nut free) Half granola  half cookie, this recipe is the perfect balance of crunch and chew!

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Sweet Treats: Make this tempting mango and cashew vegan cheesecakeIf you follow a mostly or full plant-based diet, this vegan cheesecake recipe is one to add to your repertoire.

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Opening Alert: New Vegan Spot, Willow, Wows With Creative Comfort Food"It's been a tough year for New York, and restaurants have taken a big hit."

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How to Make Your Own Vegan Feta Pasta!There are so many vegan feta pasta recipes that use dairy-free alternatives to feta cheese and we've scoured the internet to find some of the best!

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Omari McQueen, 12-Year-Old Jamaican Chef Publishes Vegan CookbookOmari McQueen has accomplished a lot for a 12-year-old. The youngest founder of a vegan restaurant and television chef has introduced a new cookbook.

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Beer Review: Galaxy IPA  Pretty Decent Beer Co.Todays review takes us back to my wonderful local brewery Pretty Decent who are still keeping up with producing a new brew a week!

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Thousands sign petition against trophy hunter who proudly posed with heart of dead giraffeA trophy hunter is facing fierce criticism after posing with the heart of a giraffe she had just shot dead.

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Lebanese Mujadara with Lemon-Herb VinaigretteThis mouthwatering plant-based meal will impress everyone at the table!

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Vegan Bacon Cheddar Jalapeno DipStep aside spinach dip! This hearty, two-cheese dip from Chef Charity Morgan melds a touch of heat from fiery cream cheese with the smoky flavor of vegan bacon for a dip that's absolutely irresistible. Shared .

Bigger by the day #3 All Kinds of GainsMy pec is almost 100% healed and I'm back to benching heavy with 240lb on the incline press and I was able to hit a 167lb pr on the overhead press and a 240lb pr on the barbell row.

Vegan Gains Shared .

We try a taste of Peru delivered by Leicester's plant-based food specialist Pomelo and RocketMenus change every week and are inspired by cuisines around the world.

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A new vegan 'fish' and chip shop has opened in ManchesterThere's one pretty major ingredient missing from Manchester's newest chippy.

Manchester Evening News Shared .

Is It Hard To Be VeganThis is a question for those who wanna to try veganism or just those who are curious.

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Morning Rice "Pudding" BakeOur alternative to those delicious, but not celiac friendly, homemade oat bar recipes! As a single mom who has to rush from place to place each day, I am always on the lookout for a recipe that tastes great, offers me portability in a meal , and is providing me with some fruit and whole grains.

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Radical is not a dirty word with Kristy AlgerThis show includes an interview with Kristy Alger, animal liberationist and author. Kristy's blog Writing Liberation is available on Medium and Kristy spoke with us about her book Five Essays for Freedom: A Political Primer for Animal Advocates.

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Power plants: the vegan food boomOatlyHow much for a glass of milk made from oats? Try $10 billion. That is the predicted valuation of Swedish vegan milk-maker Oatly, which is planning a stock market listing in the US.

The Sunday Times Shared .

Billie Eilish Documentary Just LaunchedNew film Billie Eilish: The World's a Little Blurry focuses on the vegan pop star and is available for streaming on Apple TV+.

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Saturday Night MUKBANG Live! !Tonight we shall be eating, once again, from the fabulous Lily's. We'll be trying out their vegan pizzas.

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Spain orders culling of hundreds of bulls aboard Karim AllahAnimals rights activists raised alarm over cattle suffering aboard a transport ship after Turkey denied it port for fear of disease.

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Man guilty of animal cruelty charges in death of dogs, including 4-month-old puppyThe Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Animals announced that Ammon Stolzfus, of Honey Brook, has pleaded guilty to five misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty.

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Is Veganism Really that Environmentally Friendly? By Emily Richardson, Wimbledon High SchoolIt seems as though with each new day a different type of diet appears. Healthy eating, better known as 'clean eating', has become a trend thanks to the likes of social media - and this has greatly influenced the popularity of niche diets such as veganism.

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NadaMoo! Just Launched a Sugar-Free Vegan Ice Cream LineTexas-based vegan brand NadaMoo! just launched a new organic coconut milk-based ice cream line in simple flavors with no added sugars. Shared .

RAW TILL 4 In Costa Rica What I Eat In A Day Fruit and Pasta!Join my Patreon for more vids, podcasts, yoga classes and more! Please support us thaaaannks!

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Vegan Guide to dineL.A. Restaurant WeekLifting up LA's hard hit—but resilient—dining community, dineL.A. Restaurant Week is back March 1-14. We're rounding up the top vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants participating in the event's first ever spring season since its inception 13 years ago.

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'Vegans don't understand' damage they cause, farmer arguesThis farmer explained how his attempts to cultivate crops synonymous with a vegan diet brought everlasting damage to the ecosystem in his land.

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Cuba approves animal welfare law after civil society pressureCuba has approved a long called-for decree on animal welfare in what some rights activists are hailing as an unusual triumph of civil society in the Communist-run country where animal sacrifice and cock and dog fighting remain commonplace.

U.S. Shared .

Are You a Salad Lover?Salads today are a plethora of culinary textures, vibrant colors, diverse seasonings and exotic ingredients.

Musaafir The Bedouin's Travel Site Shared .

Pistachio Apricot MuffinsAs the United States is in the midst of American Heart Month, I thought a heart-healthy recipe would be fitting.

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Over 850 cows on pariah ship in Mediterranean facing slaughter after bluetongue fearsThe cattle have spent months crossing the Mediterranean - suffering days without food - after fears over a bluetongue infection.

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Must Try Unusual Oatmeal RecipesBusiness inquiries ONLY Instagram: @cheaplazyvegan Website/blog Facebook Twitter Personal Instagram: @ I USE and DISCOUNT : These are affiliate links, meaning I will make a small commission / reward if you purchase any products using these links.

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Zero WasteIn today's episode, I share my experience setting up 1,000-gallon rain catchment tanks and diverting the grey water from our sinks and showers to our gardens — instead of the sewer.

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Tom Kerridge To Open ‘Predominantly Vegan' Fast-Food RestaurantTom Kerridge will open Bad Vegan this summer and offer 100% vegan main meals, with the option of adding non-vegan toppings and sides.

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Jason Momoa Launches Vegan Sneakers Made From AlgaeJason Momoa launched the two vegan sneakers with So iLL as part of the On The Roam range, featuring biodegradable materials and algae.

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Moku Foods Launches Flagship Vegan Mushroom JerkyPlant-based start-up, Moku Foods, launched three flavors of vegan mushroom jerky to provide a healthy alternative to others on the market.

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Episode 581: Sentientism ft. Jamie WoodhouseJamie Woodhouse joins us this week for an intriguing, dare-we-say captivating, conversation about &#; a philosophical worldview that encompasses vegan values.

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Katy Beskow's 15-minute light vegan mealsCarrot and coriander fritters, charred mushroom steaks, a crushed white bean and dill open sandwich, and a satay salad.

The Guardian Shared .

Vegan BBQ Pulled Jackfruit SlidersJackfruit's signature tangy, slightly sweet flavor and meaty texture when shredded lends itself well to the smoky, sweet and sour notes of barbecue sauce. Shared .

Fox Hunting Crumbling In CumberlandAnother week, another hunt gone. This time the Cumberland Foxhounds have ‘merged' with their neighbours, the Cumberland Farmers Foxhounds.

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Teddy's have launched a new vegan 99 and it's available nowTeddy's has long been one of Dublin's most popular places to get an ice cream and their new vegan 99 is sure to attract plenty of new customers. Shared .

We break down the surprising culinary trends and innovations set to shape your dining in the year ahead, each pioneered by trailblazing chefs adaptingThe 12 biggest global food trends for 2021, from vegan innovations to letterbox cocktails.

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Vegan mango ‘cheesecake' recipeNot convinced vegan desserts can be luxurious? Why not try Ching-He Huang's recipe for creamy mango and cashew ‘‘cheesecake" and be transported to a tropical island."

Yorkshire Post Shared .

Sixteenleo vs Vegan Gains ft. That Vegan Teacher

Vegan Gains Shared .

Cattle stranded on ship in Spain must be destroyed, say vetsSpanish officials recommend 864 cows that have been at sea for two months are no longer fit for transport.

The Guardian Shared .