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Udon Noodles Inspired by Panda Express - 4 or 5 oz dry, uncooked udon noodles. - 1/2 large cabbage, thinly sliced. - 1 onion, sliced. - 8 oz mushrooms, sliced. - 4 carrots, julienned or shredded. - 1 garlic clove, minced. - 1 thumb fresh ginger, finely minced. Sauce ingredients. - 1/2 cup South River Tamari.

A Vegan Tour of Melbourne I don't visit Melbourne as much as I should or would like to. I'm sure you can understand that when given the opportunity to take time off and travel, you'd rather experience a new culture, rather than another city in your own country. However, of the few times I've travelled to Melbourne I have always been blown away by one thing: THE FOOD.

Found Gold One of the most challenging aspects of tackling a new lifestyle, especially one on the scale of a complete dietary change, is finding a personal niche in the new spot. The raw food lifestyle seems to be mostly people who are young and vibrant and have lived that way for all of their young lives.

Vanilla Extract: Make It At Home One of my many stories about being a dumb kid involved thinking that something that smelled as good as vanilla extract just HAD to be delicious. If you never tried tasting it by itself, let me save you the trouble: Reader, it does not taste good. Pure vanilla extract is made from vanilla beans and alcohol.

A vegan burger tastes like ‘normal’ fast food – and that’s supposed to be a compliment Hakatzav Hayarok, Tel Aviv's newest vegan restaurant, offers the classic American diner experience and aims to recreate the experience of eating meat as much as possible.

Vegan Golden Milk Cake with Coconut Frosting This delicious vegan golden milk cake has a beautiful, red orange color, a gently spiced interior, and a sweet coconut milk glaze.

Crispy Southern-Fried Tofu Treat from The Tofoo.Co Launched at Sainsbury's One of the most favored and popular sources of vegan protein, tofu, has an exciting new avatar right at your nearest Sainsbury's store in the UK. The Tofoo.Co is launching their Southern-inspired crunchy new treat for vegans. Know more here.

Trader Joe's Launched Budget Vegan Drink - Cold Brew Coconut Cream Latte A delicious cold brew latte crafted of creamy coconut milk cream just joined the shelves at the US supermarket chain Trader Joe's. The dairy-free drink is offered at an affordable price and comes in two flavors. Know more about Trader Joe's newly launched vegan drinks here.

Suspect charged with animal cruelty for setting dog, Tommie, on fire The case sparked widespread outrage and investigators are crediting information from the community with helping officers solve the case. "There are a lot of people to thank, but I'd like to single out all the citizens who contributed tips that pointed us in the right direction" said Interim Police Chief William C.

Beyond Meat Swells, as Coffee Retailer Tim Horton Tests Vegan Sausages The Canadian coffee chain, Tim Horton, is testing vegan sandwiches using sausages made by Beyond Meat for their updated breakfast menu. This has led to the plant-based meat maker's valuation to rise to another 16% on Wednesday. Know more here.

Meatballs Hello and welcome / welcome back to Cupcakes and Conundrums! Today I want to share with you all a dinner I made for myself and Jack the other night. I was really craving meatballs, so decided to make some meat free ones packed full of flavour. For the sauce.

Birthday Brunch: I surprised my boyfriend! It was my boyfriends 25th birthday earlier this month, and I wanted to make him a day filled with all his favorite things. Including all his favorite food of course. I documented it all in this video below. For breakfast I made him this fantastic savory breakfast that is most definitely the best I've ever had!

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Sweet Potato and Poblano Curry Pasta We've had the most satisfying few weeks of travel! As soon as we're back home, I usually spend the next few weeks cooking everything weird that my brain came up with each day away from home, which are all pent up and often scribbled in anything I find lying around.

What Is Vegan Leather, Anyway?! Vegan leather sounds like an oxymoron — because it is — but it’s also a better alternative to real leather.

Conscious living, what does it even mean? We're currently in an age where phrases such as "conscious living" are chucked around, and I fully admit I too am someone who adopts such words. And whilst I can live in my little bubble where everyone understands what I'm talking about, I like to check in and remind myself I have only been living this way for a couple of years.

7 dishes you need to try at The Modern Vegan This is a vegan restaurant, after all. The crowning glory of this behemoth is a couple of perfectly cooked asparagus spears. If you're craving that fried chick'n, but waffles aren't your bag, then go for the Louisiana Fried Chick'n.

Are Vegan Diets Healthy For Kids? Belgium's Royal Academy of Medicine recommended last week that children, teens, pregnant women and nursing mothers do not follow a vegan diet. An estimated 3% of Belgian children follow this type of vegetarianism that excludes meat, eggs, dairy products and all other animal-derived ingredients, according to the academy's statement.

Fermented Parsnips with Lemon, Ginger & Peppercorns You can do this with 2 quart masons or a 2 Liter swing top and some fermenting lids and weights. I have taken to pouring a bit of avocado or olive oil on top of my vegetables to help keep out the bacteria. The flavor is delicate and void of the bitterness I usually find in parsnips.

Internet Trolls Invited To Taste Vegan Meat And Share Their Views They had commented on pictures of products from plant-based startup This, which will be launching bacon, sea salt and black pepper chicken pieces and chicken tikka pieces in Holland and Barrett stores across the UK in June. This made a video, sharing some of the negative comments, before hosting the commentators.

First week "you wanna join our revolution?" no hesitation. no moment of waiting for some kind reason or expaination. i already had them in my mind as queer women of some kind.

RAP Snacks Chip Review - Cardi B & Lil Boosie First up, I tried Cardi B's. The bag has a caricature of her on the front and a real photo on the back. These chips are dairy-free! And They're very good. They're a perfect combination of the light sweetness of jerk seasonings and a kick of heat with the BBQ flavor.

My 5th Ayahuasca Healing For part 1 please click here. For me, it was so scary for me to feel everyone's fear in the room. I did not have this issue at all when I was in Peru. I am not sure if it is because of the environment or because of the people at the ceremony.

Utah Man Arrested For Threats Against YouTube Employees OREM, Utah - A Utah man is accused of making online threats to shoot YouTube employees, going so far as to drive to their Bay Area headquarters with a gun a little over a year after a woman carried out a shooting at the San Bruno office. David Levon Swanson was released from jail Sunday after posting $100,000 bail.

Reward offered for info about kitten found stuck in garbage can, covered in spray foam An animal rights organization has offered a $5,000 reward for information that leads to a conviction in the case of a kitten found trapped in a trash can and covered in spray foam earlier this month in Washington County.

BRITAIN TALKS: What happens when you challenge a vegan and a dairy farmer to find common ground? "But I've been called a kidnapper, a murderer and rapist, for looking after a dairy herd." Sarah says she is "very anti fox hunting" but Abi says her family allow hunts to cross their land. "The hunts are very important because they collect dead animals for us, and feed what they can to the hounds." Abi doesn't watch Netflix, or even Countryfile.

Farmer Blasts 'Vegan Vigilantes' Who Spread 'Lies On Social Media' But let people eat what they want. I don't have a problem with it." Dominika Piasecka is Media and PR officer for The Vegan Society. She refutes Henson's claims that people choose between local meat or vegan food that has been shipped around the world.

The Morrissey Effect: Part 2, Meat is Murder While my life has many chapters, these songs represent Volume 2 and 4 - catalytic turning points, culmination points. The eventual leaps of faith. There is a volume 3, but that was a totally different kind of slap on my face, from a different place. With both, it is hard to discuss the life I led before the leaps.

Lemony-Basil Orzo Salad This lemony-basil orzo salad is a my take on a pasta salad. It is fresh and light, and serves as a perfect side dish for your summer bbq. Enjoy! -Tomatoes contain cancer-fighting antioxidants, they improve heart health, helps improve vision and eye health, benefits skin health, and protects bone health.

Overnight Oats Make for a Happy Monday "Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day!" This always felt like a pointless statement my mom and teachers used to say that I was never convinced was true. BUT the more I learn about food and nutrition, the more I realize that eating breakfast makes me feel more awake and happier in the morning.

Six things people will ask you when you go vegan I set myself the challenge of following a strict plant-based diet for seven days to see just how doable it would be. A lifelong cheese-enjoyer and doner kebab advocate, I definitely didn't do it to save the animals.

Vegan Chickpea Salad I want to share a very easy and vegan recipe that you might take with you to work as lunch or to a park on the weekends. Chickpeas are rich in plant-based protein. A half-cup of cooked chickpeas gives you about 8 grams of protein - canned ones give less than the ones you cook at home.

Fill up with your own container at this new vegan, waste free store in Norwich From dried pasta to flour, rice, pulses and nuts to spices, oils and even tea, you can buy it by either 100g or for some smaller items, by the 10g. All you need to do is take your own jar along, fill up at the dispenser much like an old-fashioned sweet store, weigh it on the scales and pay.

Zoodles with avocado pesto Zoodles with a nice sauce - that's my favorite meal in the moment! It's incredibly healthy and soo delicious! With the amount of ingredients I've listed, you will have enough for 2 persons or for one very very hungry one! And it's also suitable as an alkaline lunch or dinner.

Mix & Match Vegan Dinner Bowls I've made no secret of my love of Buddha Bowls, Burrito Bowls, Asian Bowls…you name it and I've pulled together the ingredients for a delicious, nutritious meal.

White Bear Lake vegan clothing brand is now a White Bear Lake vegan smoothie shop PLNT BSD started with just a couple of T-shirts.

The Plant-Based Meal Builder Whether for my clients or for my family, I hear the same question almost every day: "What's for dinner?" A plant-based diet offers so many choices and possible combinations, answering this query can leave my head spinning.

Bodexpress brings a smile to the sport of kings At first, race commentators on TV tried to avoid the runaway colt's presence, refusing for a time to even mention Bodexpress by name, but social media users were not so rigid. Delighted at this independent horse's ability to run the race by itself, they crowned Bodexpress their favorite and saluted this crazy statement for animal rights.

From Chocolate Banana Pancakes to Potato Leek Quiche: Our Top 12 Vegan Recipes of the Day! Source: Chocolate Banana Pancakes. These Chocolate Banana Pancakes by Taryn Fitz-Gerald are pretty easy to make. It's just a matter of throwing all the ingredients into your blender or nutribullet, blending and then there you have it - perfect plant based pancake batter, ready to go.

Budget Supermarket Aldi Launches New Vegan Meat Products The final product is Mae's Kitchen Superfood Burgers, which are made from quinoa, couscous, pumpkin seeds, butternut squash, red pepper, and sweet potato, and retail at £1.29 for a two pack.

Miyoko's Vegan Cream Cheese Review Miyoko's Vegan Cream Cheese is the closest thing we've found to homemade. Oil-free, plant-based, and paleo-friendly. We've got ingredients and more info…

Black Pepper Tofu We have all experienced it. You place the food in your mouth; you like the taste and it isn't too spicy; you swallow it and take another bite; the heat begins to build… and build… suddenly you are regretting your choices. A deep regret that a glass of water will do nothing to placate.

TESCO Officially Announces Closure of Meat and Fish Counters across the UK As the demand for seafood and meat continues to dwindle, a huge decision has been recently announced by the United Kingdom's one of the most acclaimed retailer TESCO. The supermarket chain giant just recently circulated notices across a number of stores declaring the removal of fish and meat counters.

Don’t get mad at vegans—get mad at climate change According to his findings, while California has the third-highest search interest in vegan restaurants compared to other states, it only ranks 10th highest in the number of vegan restaurants per capita, at 8.7 restaurants per 100,000 residents. From a purely numbers stance, this bill is solving a problem by meeting a demand.

This is the best vegan supermarket burger There was a time when uttering the words "vegan burger" in a supermarket would prompt perplexity and, most likely, ridicule.

Staffordshire Vegan Festival Win a case of Blackfriars porridge oat bars in three flavours A vegan festival and fundraising day for charity and vegan outreach with over 60 vegan stalls where you will find vegan cake, pizza, chocolate, meals, charity tombola, household and beauty products, ethical groups, arts and crafts and animal rescues all in aid of a good cause!

Spicy Coconut Plantain Soy Bean Curry This dish is scrumptious, spicy and highly addictive-another soul-satisfying vegan dish. In a bowl mix the coconut flour, garlic, ginger, chili powder and the salt and pepper. Add a teaspoon of water at a time if you need more. Toss the cut plantains in this mixture to coat evenly.

National Pick Strawberries Day: 15 Sweet Vegan Recipes! Sweet strawberries are a seasonal delight! If you have a chance to go pick strawberries on this National Pick Strawberries Day, use those beautiful berries to make some of these recipes that you can find on our Food Monster App! Image Source: Strawberry Pop Tarts.

Vegan Leaders Corporate Initiatives - Program Success Stories In 2018, Vegan Leaders launched a coaching program to help motivated vegan employees incite a change in their workplace. The Vegan Leaders Corporate Initiatives Support Program - provides a coach and a step-by-step game plan for six months for those seeking assistance in the workplace.

Bluejennow is named best vegan weekend break in UK Bluejennow in Penzance is highlighted for its apparently well-known breakfast spread. Its entry at the top of the list by animal-rights campaign group Peta says: "Not only is this B&B in Penzance, Cornwall, vegan, it's also eco-friendly, as it's entirely powered by renewable energy.

This takeaway is selling VEGAN NUGGETS and they look just like McDonald's Chicken McNuggets This is great news for vegans.

Cross: Vegans, please leave your meat obsession at the door What I don't get is this obsession with creating stuff to look like meat. You gave it up, remember? Sorting out the who's who of anti-carnivores, there are vegetarians who choose vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds and nuts. Vegans, a higher order of vegetarian, do not eat any meat, or eggs, dairy or ingredients such as gelatin from animal collagen.

Mayim Bialik Partners With Vegan Restaurant in LA; Encourages to Go Vegan Mayim Bialik, the Big Bang Theory actor speaks about her veganism. A decade long vegan, compassionate star Bialik has wrapped up her highly anticipated and sought-after finale of the sitcom Big Bang Theory on 16th May. And the vegan actor/ author has already taken her next move.

Belsfield launches new vegan, vegetarian, gluten and dairy-free menus Four-star Laura Ashley hotel, The Belsfield, has launched four brand-new afternoon tea menus in order to appeal to a wide-range of diets. As well as a traditional afternoon tea menu, The Belsfield's two-AA Rosette chefs have created vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free afternoon tea menus.

Laura Ashley Hotel The Belsfield launches a completely vegan afternoon tea Luxury boutique hotel, Laura Ashley Hotel The Belsfield, has launched a brand-new vegan afternoon tea featuring a tempting array of sweet and savoury treats. Four-star luxury boutique hotel, Laura Ashley Hotel The Belsfield, has launched a brand new vegan afternoon tea.

A completely vegan grocery store is opening in Edinburgh A brand new all-vegan grocery store is opening its doors in Edinburgh this summer. A brand new dedicated vegan grocery store is opening its doors in Leith this summer to give the areas thriving vegan population a convenient place to pick up all of their groceries in one store.

The SURPRISING food the Queen’s grocer brought to the UK for the first time revealed THE QUEEN’s grocer Fortnum and Mason were responsible for bringing a food to the UK that is now a household favourite.

A victory, of sorts, for pig activists It's just wrong - particularly when there are so many plant-based alternatives to meat." Her one consolation is the thought that maybe, just maybe, the dismissal of charges against her signals a sea change in the way the justice system views animals - that, in effect, the Crown is recognizing the "right to rescue" as a legal form of protest.

Reduce violence, give inmates vegan meals This letter was sent to The Garden Island and to Nolan Espinda, Director of Department of Public Safety, Kauai Community Correctional Center. Dear Mr. Espinda,.

Little Caesars is the first national pizza chain to jump on the vegan meat bandwagon Little Caesars is the first national pizza chain to add a meat substitute to the menu. On Monday, the pizza chain announced that it is testing the Impossible Supreme Pizza, made with plant-based sausage from Impossible Foods, in Ft. Meyers, Florida; Albuquerque, New Mexico; and Yakima, Washington.

Four words: Vegan Garlic Butter Fries My journey to Veganism has been zig-zagged, with weird obstacles and struggles, but I'm happily and now comfortably okay to be open about it. I don't shout it from the rooftops, but of late I have felt more comfortable sharing it with people… and in doing so have found other "underground vegans" responding!

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Despite regulations, illegal pet trade in India remains a haven for undocumented wealth, criminal activity, funding terrorism Multiple regulations have been passed to protect animals in pet trade, none have been implemented fully.

Ultra-Realistic Vegan Sausages To Launch In Sainsbury's According to the company behind the bangers, they will fool meat-eaters, as the texture and flavor is so similar to their traditional animal-based counterparts.

A vegan's guide to… Malta The vegan scene is embraced with Mediterranean flair - passionately made, abundantly served and delicious, of course! Lara Sierra gives us a tour of the island. English is one of the two official languages spoken in Malta, so you shouldn't have any problems making yourself understood, even if you can't speak Maltese.

Mark Tami MP celebrates 50 years of animal welfare campaigning DEESIDE'S MP has celebrated half a decade of 'invaluable' animal welfare campaigning. This work was expanded to cover new species and regions and today the organisation works across seas, oceans and in more than 40 countries, rescuing more animals and securing more habitats than ever before.

Creamy Polenta with Mushroom Sauce and Braised Chard / Kremasta palenta sa umakom od gljiva i blitvom If you're looking for something cheap, quick and easy, look no further. This dish is all of the above and more. You can also easily veganize the recipe by using vegan butter and vegan cream. The veggie combo is also totally optional, so feel free to sub chard with kale, spinach, broccoli, green beans or whatever else your heart may desire.

Vegan Activists Storm McDonald's And Cover It In Fake Blood The animal rights campaigners, with the Brighton sector international grassroots organization DxE, entered the eatery wearing masks and carrying signs saying 'it's not food, it's violence'. They then sprayed the floor and windows with fake blood. One of the activists gave a speech, saying: "Born to be murdered, their flesh sold for profit.

New vegan food-delivery service comes to Abu Dhabi We've got some great news for all the vegans in Abu Dhabi. In fact, it's a brilliant announcement for anyone who appreciates amazing food in general. Takeaway food service BLOOM Vegan Kitchen only opened its kitchens up the road in Dubai in April, but it has been such a success that it will be expanding to the capital by the end of the month.

Vegan Dinner Ideas - Avocado Sauce Pasta Welcome back and hope you're having a great Monday! On Friday, I shared with you guys on my Instagram page this easy avocado sauce with spaghetti recipe. My nutribullet has become my most favourite cooking applicance and this recipe was no exception!

Countryfile presenter calls for agriculture to be taught at GCSEs to stop rise of 'vegan vigilantes' Countryfile presenter Adam Henson has expressed anger over the online intimidation increasingly dished out by militant vegans as he called for agriculture to be taught at GCSE level. Mr Henson, who owns a 1,600-acre working farm in the Cotswolds, believes people need to "make informed choices" around food.

Blueberry Coconut Walnut Pancakes These pancakes are the classic blueberry you know and love with a tropical twist. From creamy coconut milk to fresh shavings, they are melt in your mouth tender. They also taste like a Caribbean vacation. Need I say more? Ingredients. 2 cups whole wheat flour.

Mango Jello - Homemade Mango Jelly Mango Jello is an easy and delicious sweet jelly made with ripe mangoes and agar agar/ china grass. It is perfect for adding in falooda, mango milk, ice cream and other mango desserts and is a great way to use the mango in stock.

22 Dreamy Summer Travel Destinations 22 Dreamy Summer Travel Destinations, from my past blogposts. Croatia, Italy, NYC, Switzerland, Hawaii and and more!

Vegan food on school menu in Government's hot dinner initiative Children will have the option of a vegan or vegetarian school dinner as part of a pilot project to provide hot dinners to 7,200 children in 36 primary schools, starting in September. Meals that cater for pupils' religious and cultural dietary requirements will also be on the menu.

Fresh off the Press! This Week's Vegan News Roundup This week in vegan news, we reported on a variety of topics that we know that you don't want to miss out on hearing about. From some big-name brands working on further embracing the vegan community to features of some amazing brands we love, this week's news roundup is not one to miss.

Accountability post: Diet Unbelievably, I finally decided that I've had enough of being fat and happy. I've had such an amazing time post-pregnancy just "being myself" - eating what I wanted, and being body accepting and whatnot. The thing is, I'm finally not okay with how much weight I've put on!

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How to Heal Dry Cracked Feet! The dry weather does a number on my skin!! Including my feet. My heels become so cracked and dry. Luckily, I have found the solution! Bamboo Renew! Bamboo Renew is a body scrub that contains Walnut Shell powder, Bamboo, and an essential oil blend of Lemongrass, Mimosa Flower, and Litsea.

Is Margarine Vegan And Better Than Butter? According to Healthline, margarine has been a renowned butter substitute especially since most margarine products are plant-based and vegan-friendly. They are made by mixing water and vegetable oils such as canola, palm, corn, soybean and olive oils.

UK's First Vegan Members Club to Open in London The team behind BRIGHT Zine, an ethical lifestyle magazine, is opening an exclusive members' club featuring a co-working and events space in east London. Opening in June 2019, The BRIGHT Club will give members access to a private co-working space plus exclusive events.

Veganism at an All-Time High in South Africa Chef's Pencil, a culinary website featuring recipes and news from the food and restaurant industries, has released a study on the rise of veganism across the whole of the African content. According to the study, South Africa ranks 1st in Africa and 23rd world-wide for veganism popularity based on Google Trends data.

49% of Irish People Would Go Vegan for the Environment A study conducted by Wellwoman Vegan has found that almost half of Irish consumers would consider converting to veganism in order to help the environment. The results, published in the Irish Mirror last week, surveyed the Irish public, of which 71% were meat eaters.

PHOTO: Police Detain Owner After Multiple Donkeys Found With Swastikas in Be'er Sheva The Israel Police has always been attentive to social media, which led to the opening of searches and the detention of suspected animal abuse, as a donkey was found in Be'er Sheva on Shabbos with a swastika painted on it. The owner was learned to be a local man in his 40s, who was taken for questioning.

Products that Keep You Smelling Good Hello Toothpaste is both a totally cruelty-free and vegan brand. They do not test on animals and do not include animal products in their formula. Anything you buy from this company is approved for a vegan lifestyle. I personally have sensitive teeth and was concerned about switching from Sensodyne as this helps my teeth so much!

My Vegan Story My name is Hannah and I am new to the vegan lifestyle. About two months ago, I signed up for a monthly service that delivers vegan and cruelty free products to your front door as a present for my friend.

Is Prince Harry Vegan? In the past, Markle has revealed that she does follow a strict vegan diet, but only during the week. If she plans to raise baby Archie vegan, she will have to commit to an exclusively vegan diet herself.

King Oyster Mushrooms with Soy Sauce, Maple Syrup and Sesame Oil King oyster mushrooms, are large mushrooms, with plump white leg and brown cap. Unlike most mushrooms, the cap is not separated from the leg, and the leg is actually the tastier part. It has a somewhat meaty texture, often compared to abalone, or scallops, and it keeps its shape and size when cooked.

Buddha bowls Have all yous heard of Buddha bowls? They were very "in" a couple years ago with the blog community, and prior to that vegetarians like myself were eating bowls of grains, pulses, and veggies and just being like "this is food." All of the Buddha bowl recipes I've seen have been very intricate.

Doris Day: Singer, actress, animal rights activist - I really thought that Doris Day would live forever. I did not mean eternally but maybe about a hundred years. After all, she looked great when she emerged from seclusion in her Carmel by the Sea, California home to address the false news about her supposed death last December.

Blue Diamond Flavored Almonds Review My concerns of the environmental sins of almond plants get pushed aside when there are new flavors to try!Nuts, like almonds, make it very easy to snack on the go.

Chocolate Oat Milk I recently started making my own dairy-free milk using oats! I liked using oats because they are less expensive than nuts and it is quicker to make oat milk because there is a shorter soak time. I have noticed that separation does occur so make sure to store in a bottle with a lid and shake before use.

World Book of Records honors stand-up comedian Kapil Sharma MUMBAI: World Book of Records London has honored comedian-actor Kapil Sharma as the most viewed stand-up comedian in India and abroad. "It's a proud moment for all of us.

Weekend Reading - The Full Helping Here are some recipes and reads. I love the looks of Sarah's brown rice and sweet potato sushi. A great, all-purpose plant protein option: sesame tempeh crumbles. Not sure how I missed these in December, but Sophie's cauliflower steaks with pine nut salsa are so beautiful.

Https:// The ultimate insiders’ guide to Southern culture, recipes, travel, and events. Packed with recipes, decorating tips, entertaining ideas, and travel guides, we guarantee to deliver the best of the South right to you.

How to make Miguel Barclay's £1 vegan sweetcorn and courgette fritters These quick fritters make for an easy light bite.

Weekly Meal Plan: Anti-Inflammatory Vegan Meals! We're bringing you weekly ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert every day of the week, so that you can be sure you're eating right and making your body happy and fueled. Balanced, delicious meals are a lot easier when you have a guide to follow, and that's what your Weekly Meal Plan is here for!

15 Vegan Orange-Flavored Dessert Recipes For The Summer! Oranges are a wonderful fruit high in vitamin C. They can be eaten in both sweet and savory meals, and are so easy to incorporate into a plant-based diet. This roundup focuses on orange-flavored desserts. So, if you've been wanting to enjoy some orange-y desserts, you're in the right place.

Building a Skincare Routine 101 Building a skincare routine is important; not just so you can have a huge instagram worthy shelf of products but to ensure you're getting the best from your products, to make sure they're absorbing into your skin properly, and not clashing with other ingredients in your routine.

Ulverston baker spots market and delivers a vegan treat AN Ulverston woman has been spreading the positive message of veganism by creating an online cupcake business for people who are dairy intolerant. Vicky Niblo, 38, who is vegan herself, started up Ethicake, a plant-based food company, after she discovered her child could not consume dairy products.

Healthy Carrot Cake Muffins These carrot cake muffins are a healthy treat but still so delicious, you won’t be able to resist them.

Sticky shiitake mushrooms This is a vegan recipe from Bosh! which I made yesterday and devoured greedily. I swear this is one of the most delicious meals I've ever eaten and my photo doesn't really do it justice. As the Bosh recipe says 'If you're a fan of sticky, sweet, pan-asian cuisine you will absolutely LOVE this dish.

Black bean-beetroot patties These are one of Finnish classic foods. In Finland, we call these patties lindströmin pihvi. Everyone finn has eat those in school. Real version of these patties contains minced meat and beetroot but I made a vegetarian version that is easy to modify to vegan version.

'I support the right to protest but extreme vegan activists are doing it wrong' "Activism, protest and even illegal actions have long been essential tools in the armoury of civil protest."

Umm, This Vegan Pizza Might Even Taste Better Than The Real Thing Per serving : 332 calories, 8.9 g fat, 18.8 g carbs, 4 g sugar, 793 mg sodium, 7.9 g fiber, 13.5 g protein. Wait, avocado pizza? My dreams have come true. This pizza is like a fiesta on a plate. Get the recipe. Per serving: 171 calories, 4.1 g fat, 28.4 g carbs, 2.1 g sugar, 4.5 g fiber, 5.8 g protein.

Baked Vegan Falafel Burgers Baked Vegan Falafel Burgers are the ultimate summertime meal! Topped with tahini dressing, cucumbers, tomatoes, and your favorite fixings, this easy falafel recipe is perfect for lunch or dinner! Falafel sandwiches used to be my to-go lunch on busy days.

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George Will: Blaine paid a steep price for his bigotry, but children shouldn't have to Blaine was a House speaker, senator and two-time secretary of state, but he is remembered, if at all, for this doggerel: "Blaine, Blaine, James G. Blaine/ the continental liar from the state of Maine.

Rhubarb Meringue Pie Raparperi-marenkipiirakka. After the all the positive feedback from my lemon meringue pie, I decided to give the recipe a tweak and came up with this seasonal rhubarb version. Every year I come back with a giant bag of rhubarb from my sister-in-law's garden.

Pigeon Pie from GoT The series finale of Game of Thrones is tomorrow, so I wanted to party! This is a Pigeon Pie that they eat on the show, but made much more delicious because it's Vegan AND Gluten Free! The crust dough is delicate so be patient with it. My video has many tips and tricks to help you through the process!

Essano Superfoods Review If you aren't familiar with Essano they're vegan, cruelty-free, organic, made here in New Zealand and my favourite skincare product! The new Essano Superfoods range has rejuvenated my skin from dull to more vibrant and fewer breakouts. So what's the secret?

Climate change cynics are experts in ignoring the evidence David Quinn accepts that climate change is happening, which is welcome enough, but then goes on to undermine and question the…

Vegetarian Avocado Tacos About a year or so ago I went to a vegan restaurant down the street from my house with one of my friends who is vegetarian. We dined on "pulled pork" tacos that very nearly tasted not-at-all vegan, flash-fried "burnt" Brussels sprouts with a spicy-lime flavoring and beer battered avocado tacos.

With proposed ordinances to come before council Monday, WB feral cats becoming hot-button issue WILKES-BARRE - Trouble is brewing in Wilkes-Barre over a proposal for new city ordinances with the aims of keep the feral cat population in check, with the animal enforcement officer proposing them characterizing them as common sense solutions and animal activists suggesting they are cruel to the cats.

Hofstra Aepi on 'cease and desist' after dog 'keg stand' video goes viral Hofstra University's chapter of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity was suspended on Monday, May 13, after a five-second video clip purportedly showing fraternity members forcing a dog to ingest beer circulated across social media.

Crunchy, Savory Chickpea Snacks This easy snack is a great replacement for chips or Doritos when you are craving something salty and savory but don't want to reach for an unhealthy processed food. Kids at my daughter's elementary school enjoyed these snacks and were actually the ones who came up with the suggestion that they taste like Doritos!

Stormzy is not here for vegans and their love of avocados Stormzy has taken to Twitter to joke about vegans and their love of avocados and to be honest, we're with him. There are many better fruits out there, avo fans. 'Vegans think they're so sick. Ooh look at me with my avocado. Just f**k off,' he tweeted on Saturday night, clearly not paying attention to the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

Lentil pie recipe I recently bought a bulk bag of lentils, which is why there's been an overload of recipes with lentils in them lately. But everyone loves lentils, right? I've been digging this pastry too, which is why that's also been featured in a few recent recipes.

What I ate in Dubrovnik, Croatia It was lemonade that tasted ginger. The lemonade was decoated with cucumber. I had to smell the cucumber every time I drank. On top of chili were millet, guacamole, cashew nut sour cream, sweet potato chips, nacho, coriander, red chili pepper, black sesame.

Horse named Congrats Gal suddenly dies following race at Preakness BALTIMORE - A horse reportedly collapsed and died on Monday at Pimlico Racecourse in Baltimore, according to the Stronach Group and Maryland Jockey Club. They say Congrats Gal suffered a sudden death after the eighth race at the Miss Preakness Stakes.

Animal rights protesters march through Birmingham city centre A West Midlands Police officer said the march was pre-planned and was being supervised by officers who were expecting a two-loop procession. As well as general messages about changing your diet such as 'Friends not food', some messages were funny - 'I should be milking my oats'.

Chickpea and Red Bean Vegan Kofta This is by far the best vegan kofta I've ever had. The recipe is so easy and packed with nutrients. The taste is beyond amazing and you can store any excess dough in the freezer for later use. In a food processor, blend the chickpeas, red beans, spinach, spices, onion and garlic.

Scrub, scrub, scrub! I love to use a body scrub a few times a week to keep my skin nice and soft, especially as it can get quite dry. It really helps to keep skin smooth, and is meant to help other products such as cleansers and moisturisers work better. Here are my two favourites - Body Shop's almond milk and honey scrub and Superdrug's Vitamin E scrub.

Raw brownies It's been such a long ago I made raw brownies. And they are really so easy to make. You don't even need a recipe. A mix of nuts, dates and cacao powder and you can make the most delicious brownies. And if you add some coffee flavor or other spices, your brownies can make a lovely breakfast too.

Make your own milk There are a variety of different plant based milk out there. Most of them have been processed a lot and one can only guess how much or how little vitamins are left. So if you wanna be sure to have high quality vitamin and mineral rich milk - make your own!

My 5th & Last Ayahuasca Ceremony Part 1 After the 4 ayahuasca healing in Peru, I was ready to go back with a lighter heart. I felt much better and more relaxed and even though I realised not everything has been healed, I have let a lot of things go already and that should at least be able to last me a while without me breaking down.

Making your kids go vegan can mean jail time in Belgium On May 16, the Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium issued an opinion that will make it possible to imprison parents who enforce a vegan diet on their children. The academy determined that veganism for kids is "unethical" because it can lead to health problems for growing children, the Belgian publication Le Soir reports.

Animal rights activists to protest Halifax bull riding event Not everyone is happy that a bull riding competition will take place at the Scotiabank Centre on June 1. Although there were no bull riding events in Halifax between 2011 and 2018, Professional Bull Riders Canada returned last summer to host their first event in seven years.

Blueberry Vanilla Cake Do-Muffs I know you're probably thinking, "what in the world is a do-muff?" and I'm not really sure if it's even a real thing but… I JUST MADE IT ONE by combining a donut and a muffin! One of my favorite things is when you set out to make a beautifully delicious recipe and it fails but you're able to salvage it and make something fun from it!

From Maple Baklava Cheesecake to Potato and Chickpea Curry: 10 Vegan Recipes That Went Viral Last Week Give them a try because you definitely don't want to miss out on them! Our viral recipes are some of the best! Don't forget to check out these and many other recipes on our Food Monster App! Source: Creamy Garlic Pasta With Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Tomatoes.

Living the vegan high-life: Why is it the fastest growing food trend in 2018? You know that feeling when after a long day you step out of the tube station and you are in an urgent need of something. You are not quite sure what, but something that makes you stress-free, cure your pain caused by the world. And there it is. Your secret treat, greasy meat place.

Moroccan Inspired Meal Doesn't this just look like a couscous dish! What if I tell you it's not! For this Moroccan meal I actually used a different and unprocessed ingredient which tastes just as fluffy and delicious as couscous. What I always loved most about creating healthy meals, is using alternative ingredients to recreate a unhealthy option.

Fried Chickpea and Roast Vege Salad A spicy salad with crispy chickpeas and roast potatoes.

Eating my way through Bali The title says it all, really; try not to drool as much as I did writing this. Photography / photo lighting police, please accept my apologies for the less than ideal lighting. Seminyak / Canggu.

Vegan pecan and chocolate chip banana bread recipe This is one of the nicest versions of banana bread I've ever had and it's perfect for vegans, or if you need an emergency bake and are all out of eggs and butter.

Vegans in pig masks 'arrested' and carried out of McDonald’s after fake blood demo VEGAN activist stormed a popular McDonald’s, pouring fake blood…

Meera Sodha's vegan recipe for cauliflower, beetroot and asparagus salad The search for the perfect salad – one packed with flavour and interest – may have peaked with this tangy-crunchy roast veg and asparagus number.

Vegan activists storm McDonald's wearing PIG masks before spraying fake blood on the floor One of the female activists from Direct Action Everywhere was arrested in the McDonald's on London Road in Brighton. Protesters held signs saying: 'Dairy is scary'.

Vegan Supermarket Gold - Hellmann's Vegan Mayo I don't know how they've done it, but Hellmann's Vegan Mayo tastes even better than the real thing. And if you see a jar in your local supermarket, grab it. Fast. Because that shit sells out quicker than Spice Girls reunion tickets. And by the time you waltz back with that cheeky bag of Bournville Buttons, it'll be gone.

New vegan and vegetarian sweet shop opens in Plymouth Vegan and Veggie Confectionery opens on Saturday, May 18, 2019, in Plymouth Market, the brainchild of businesswomen, and vegetarian, Sarah Parker. Sarah, from Yealmpton, decided to open the stall, bringing in a range of crisps and candies new to the city, after getting fed up having to read the ingredients on the back of packets.

Should teachers tell pupils they are vegan? I saw you at VegFest on Saturday. Me: I'm sorry, I didn't see you. You should have said hello. Pupil 2: What's "VegFest"? Pupil 1: A Vegan festival. Whole class chorus: "Sir - are you vegan?!" Me:… What is a teacher to do? Quick read: Four steps to setting worthwhile homework.

We try the new vegetarian and vegan menu at The Wheatsheaf The Wheatsheaf, on Bargate, Grimsby, known as 'The Sheaf', launched a new vegetarian and vegan menu alongside their breakfast, main menu and dessert offerings earlier this year.

Asparagus from Nose to Tail White asparagus is quite a special treat since it is only around for such a short amount of time. We love eating it marinated as a salad, however there is always quite a bit of waste by the time these tender spears reach our plates.

Try these vegan recipes for under £1 FOR many of us, the ideal midweek supper is cheap, quick, and easy to throw together. Miguel Barclay, Instagram sensation and king of the £1 meal, has perfectly filled that slot with his One Pound Meals cookbooks, and now he's turned his attention to eating vegan on a shoestring.

Chickpea Flour Pancakes This is hands-down my new favorite brunch to make at home. The original recipe is from Running On Real Food, but I've adapted it for my taste as usual. I adore these because they are guilt-free and packed with protein. They take about 15-20 minutes to make.

New York city in a bind over proposed fur ban A proposal to ban the sale of fur clothing in the fashion capital is dividing the community.

Friday Favorites - TJ finds and Lipstain This week I picked two amazing finds at Trader Joes. First was the Freeze Dried Grape Slices. Impulse buy after a long busy day and stopped for some snacks. So glad I grabbed them. I loved them so much, I had to go back for a second bag! They are literally like delicious little candies with a hint of crunch.

Edinburgh Is Getting a 100% Vegan Supermarket Edinburgh is getting a vegan supermarket this summer. The new destination for plant-based groceries will stock specialty foods like vegan meat, dairy-free milk and cheese, snacks, and fresh produce, local news source Edinburgh Live reports.

Vegan options are everywhere nowadays as restaurants evolve to meat demand As more and more people in Sydney adopt plant-based diets, restaurants have been forced to evolve to satisfy their customers' appetites.

Why Vegans are Standing Up Against the Abortion Bans LIVEKINDLY's founder and CEO Jodi Monelle shared a post on her Instagram Story and our main page feed has been sharing custom designs since the laws passed earlier this week.

Is it silly to mourn a goldfish - or to wonder what our pets are thinking in general? In our conversation, they observed that it's important to remember that animals are individuals, not just "livestock." "The word 'livestock' has a whole bunch of clouds around it," Walter told Salon. "We're thinking about individuals and we're calling them 'stock,' like a can of corn on a shelf.

Vancouver bans shark fins for soup: might foie gras be next? Sharks are caught, their coveted fins hacked off while they are still alive, and their writhing bodies tossed back into the ocean to bleed to death. This is cruelty and waste of the highest order. So, I applaud Vancouver City Council, which this week voted to support a federal bill that would ban the importation of shark fins.

Make This Now So much of life is a Catch - 22. I like planning ahead, but I like to match things to my mood and you can't plan your mood ahead of time, can you? That would be nice though! Good moods every Friday please! Anyway, this is all to say spring is so up and down and I find it hard to match pre-planned meals to ever-changing weather.

Top Places to Eat and Drink during the Summer in Leeds Can you believe we’re now in May? Where does the time go! In summer I especially love cocktails and food outside. These are some of my favourite places to eat and drink round Leeds: The lock…

Vegan activists storm McDonald's and pour fake blood over floor VEGAN activists wearing pig masks stormed McDonald’s in the centre of the city and poured fake blood over the floor in front of horrified…

Impossible Foods Backed by WILL.I.AM and JAY-Z Raises $300M The vegan meat maker, Impossible Foods, in their latest round of funding garnered some $300 million ahead of their possible first public stock offering. The company has an extended star-trail behind its financial support. Know more here. The Silicon Valley startup is backed by sports stars and celebrities like Serena Williams and Katy Perry.

Marks & Spencer Expands Its Plant Kitchen Range With Vegan Dessert Pots UK retailer, Marks and Spencer has expanded its Plant Kitchen range, by adding two new vegan dessert pots. The dairy-free desserts, which are made primarily from coconut milk, include a chocolate mousse with chocolate ganache, sauce, and 'nibs', and a coconut pannacotta topped with mango and passionfruit compote.

Https:// Get energizing workout moves, healthy recipes, and advice on losing weight and feeling great from Find out how to manage diabetes and depression, prevent heart attacks, and more.

'Game of Thrones' fans love of direwolves may hurt huskies Direwolves, the mascots of House Stark on "Game of Thrones," have been a part of the HBO series since the first season, when they were introduced as pups. But as the show approaches its series finale Sunday, some animal rights activists are once again warning that fans' emotional bond to the animal characters could have unintended consequences.

Vegan Things to Do in L.A. This Weekend: May 17-19 Your curated list of vegan happenings this weekend.

Performing Baby Elephant Dies After Campaign For His Freedom Went Viral The three-year-old elephant was branded the 'real-life Dumbo' after eye-witnesses claim he was 'forced to perform in unnatural and distressing shows'

This Lettuce Is Too Clean I was told about a person who bought this strange lettuce leaf, new to them, and promptly decided to boil it. The grave rose is thriving. Surgery rose is…yeah, they all have strange designations. Cheap mistreated Irises came back strong. Yo, Dear Reader, I'm forever a man of my word and I am doing my best to eat salad…well, lettuce at least.

Vegan Grilled Cheese and Sausage Sandwich This rates pretty damned high on my list of grilled cheese sandwiches, and is, in my opinion, essential junk food to learn to make. You can use any vegan sausages you like, though I currently have a preference for the Quorn vegan Cumberland variety. This is a greatly satisfying lunch or supper that the kids will also love.

Three ingredient cookies The age old talk of oats being good for the soul has stuck in a world where new superfoods rise and fall on the daily. So we can be rest assured it's true! High in fiber, and being slow-release unrefined carbohydrates, oats are everything nutritionally plus versatile enough to be enjoyed in an abundance of ways.

Vegan Frappucinos You Can Enjoy at Starbucks this Summer Instead, enjoy a Caramel Frappucino*. These come with Frappucino Chips that are Not vegan. Instead, enjoy a Mocha Frappucino. If your store has the chocolate curls for on top and puts it on - don't worry! the dark chocolate curls are vegan. Omit caramel drizzle and it's vegan!

Veganism no longer a rarity Re: “Capitalism, red in tooth and claw, is going vegan”, Opinion and Analysis, May 16.

Romesh Ranganathan: 'People Hate Vegans Because They Know It's The Right Choice' 'Veganism has been shown to be like, one of the two best things you can do to save the planet. So why are you annoyed at me?'

What I Eat in a Day // easy vegan meals Getting back on track and trying to be healthy. I started the day with two mini bagels with Go Veggie vegan cream cheese and nutritional yeast. Then I airfried a small slab of tofu that I coated with nutritional yeast, turmeric, paprika, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, and black pepper.

Sponge Cake Batter Recipe This recipe is a great basis for any vegan cake you want to make. Use this recipe to create the base of your cake and then you add the desired flavors for example berries, chocolate or nuts etc. So the original recipe looks like that:. The veganised version looks like that:.

Bury's first vegan cafe has opened Allison Knight has taken her business from a market stall to permanent premises in just one year. She told our food and drink editor all about her brand new venture, which includes an eco-friendly shop.

How Do I Surrender? As a teenager I had a big load of trouble understanding surrendering. To my teenage mind I believed that it was a big load of BS and I believe now that was caused because of my young ego's love of control.

Pret a Manger 'To Buy Eat - And Turn 90 Stores Into Veggie & Vegan Outlets', Say Reports Pret a Manger has 400 stores in the UK - including four 'Veggie Pret' outlets, based in London and Manchester.

Raw Chunky Monkey Cake" I am OBSESSED with raw and no bake desserts at the moment! Honestly. I'm sure those who have been following me for a while now have seen the trend, but for those who haven't, I don't think it's a kick that will be ending anytime soon.

Rosario Dawson Claims This Diet Helps Calm Her Anxiety Rosario Dawson has long been in the public eye as an actress - and outspoken activist - and her relationship with presidential hopeful Cory Booker has only given her public persona an additional dimension under the public spotlight these days.

Patatas Bravas Patatas Bravas is a Spanish tapas dish consisting of fried potatoes in a spicy tomato based sauce. Quite often in restaurants the sauce is served on top of the potatoes. This looks pretty, but you end up left with dry potatoes at the bottom of the bowl as everyone takes the ones with the delicious sauce on first.

Sainsbury's launches crispy Southern-fried tofu bites from The Tofoo Co. Enjoy a taste of the deep South with these tasty new crispy Southern-fried tofu bites from The Tofoo Co. that have just launched in Sainsbury's.

The best vegan food trucks serving up delicious street food in the UK The best vegan street food that the United Kingdom has to offer: from Leeds to Brighton, discover the best vegan food trucks around Britain.

Vegan Chris Packham Receives CBE At Buckingham Palace Vegan TV presenter Chris Packham has been given his CBE medal at Buckingham Palace. The naturalist learned he would be appointed a CBE in the New Year's Honors thanks to his services to nature conservation. He was given his CBE medal by the Prince of Wales.

Foodie Friday: Vida Vegan Joined us for Foodie Friday to talk about their vegan cuisine that's now available at their new eatery in Southwest Bakersfield. The eatery is still in their 'soft opening.' Menu items include spicy Brunch purepas, burgers, tropical ceviche, coconut curry, a selection of fresh pastries and more.

How Quorn makes the filling for Greggs' vegan sausage rolls The unappetising formal name for this sought-after food is mycoprotein but it is better known to the growing ranks of vegetarians and vegans as the basis for products including mince, nuggets, burgers and now Gregg's sellout vegan sausage rolls.

Buddha Bros Vegan Festival Vegan Festival is coming to Himley this summer for it's 1st edition. We have LIVE music and DJ, tasty hot food, cosmetics, cakes, clothes, talks, drinks and more! There will also be face painting for children, a fun day out for all the family! Himley Country Hotel is situated just off the A449 on School Road.

VegMed UK Conference VegMed is Europe's biggest scientific conference on plant-based nutrition. The conference has been previously held in Berlin and is to be held in the UK for the first time in 2019 at King’s College London.

Eating…. I always encourage my friends to eat more vegetables and reduce or eliminate meat eating. Most of them shared with me that. "no protein", "no energy", "I love the taste.", "Easy to get hungry", "Why should I let go my favourite food?", "Family traditional food", "Need to dine with family"………bla.

Stroud Summer Vegan Fair We're excited to announce that fourth Stroud Vegan Fair happening this summer on Sunday 21 July! It will be the perfect opportunity for you to stock up on all your favourite vegan goodies from local vendors, as well as the chance to meet up with like minded individuals over a pint of vegan beer !

Baby elephant forced to dance for tourists dies after becoming so weak his legs snapped A 'skeletal' baby elephant who was forced to 'rave' for tourists in Thailand has died. The three-year-old, who spent his entire life at the infamous Phuket Zoo, was named 'Dumbo' by animal rights campaigners who filmed him being forced to dance and do tricks.

Vegan Cornish Pasty To Launch This May The Moroccan-inspired pastry is replacing Ginster's vegetarian pasty and is the brain child of Cornish Michelin star chef Chris Eden, who worked closely with Ginsters to recreate the product, which now has a vegan-friendly recipe. The new edition to the Ginster's family will be available to buy from the 20 May in Tescos, Morrisons and Asda.

100% Vegan Fashion Show Returns To London The event, which will be held on Brick Lane, has partnered with industry giants including Paul Mitchell haircare and Kat Von D make-up.

Brewed Awakenings in Downtown Appleton shares vegan and vegetarian recipes WLUK - Brewed Awakenings in Appleton is a spot that has something for everyone! Nora Asplund, owner and Tara Thompson, manager, joined FOX 11's Emily Deem on Good Day Wisconsin to share some of their vegan and vegetarian options for people! Brewed Awakenings is located in Downtown Appleton at 107 E.

The Vegan Society Volunteer Program On 26th April, we launched our brand-new volunteer webpages, to represent our new volunteer program. Volunteering is still a huge part of the culture here in the UK, and we're hearing more stories from across the world of volunteering becoming a new staple of modern society.

No Evil Foods to Take Over Kroger Shelves By Gabriella Anaya - May 17, 2019. Your favorite supermarket chain, Kroger, is on the way to continue catering to the plant-based community with the help of No Evil Foods, a company based in North Carolina with an awesome mission of bringing plant-based "meat" to not only the vegan community but to the general public.

Vegan Food Diary: What I Eat On A Weekday VS Weekend This post is bought to you by…. my own Instagram account! I'll be starting a new "Food Diary Friday" video series on my IGTV each week from next Friday, but first I thought I'd kick it all off on the blog with a comparison of my daily diet on a weekday vs a weekend.

It's Eurovision Time! Let's Create a Better Vision for Europe We need 1 million people across Europe to join the #EndTheCageAge campaign by signing the European Citizens' Initiative to ban the use of cages in animal farming.

Naturli' To Give Brits Vegan Ice Cream This Summer I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Vegans and non-dairy folks across the UK are in for a treat this Summer, and when I say a treat, I mean one that is cold, creamy, and delicious.

Vegan Food & Living Want to boost your energy levels and support bone health? Enter our competition to win a 12 month supply of super supplements.

The Vegan Filter: London's VeganTech Pioneer Goes Live Hunting for vegan products can be a challenge, especially online. The Vegan Filter makes vegan shopping easier across online grocery, fashion and cosmetics sites - and helps vegan retail brands move closer to their target customers.

Numbers Have you noticed that whenever someone from Raystede is challenged on this issue, they use the excuse that it's all for a good cause? They'll say something like "we have been targeted by animal rights people but we just get on with life as normal: saving thousands of animals".

NZ farmers react to the threat of vegan meat As the meat substitutes market takes off, countries like New Zealand that depend on agriculture, are finding creative ways to stay relevant among more conscious consumers. Michelle Hennessy reports. ▲ Hide Transcript. ▶ View Transcript.

My Cheat Day Recipe - Banana or Plantain Crisps Each time we are in the supermarket, the corner that appears to be most difficult to resist is the one with chips and the chocolates. Though the chips manufacturing giants might make high claims like hand-picked, hand-made, healthy, vegan and what not, we all know that these claims are just marketing gimmicks.

Fatburger Adds Vegan Cheese To Its Plant-Based Impossible Burger "We pride ourselves in being early adopters of innovative new menu items, and I anticipate the Daiya slice will do extremely well, just like our Impossible Burger." Back in early 2018, the chain announced that the plant-based Impossible Burger would become available at all its American locations, after becoming a 'best-selling' item in LA.

Zucchini Veggie Lasagna "Ricotta" Note: original recipe for "ricotta" is from my friend, Harry Logan, however instead of coconut cream he used 4 cloves of roasted garlic. As I couldn't use garlic in this lasagna, I opted to experiment with something completely different, coconut.

Emily Deschanel On Season 4 Of Animal Kingdom and the Legacy of Bones Bones star Emily Deschanel tracked down criminals as forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan on the Fox series. Now Deschanel, 42, plays Angela, a drug addict who cozies up to the Cody family in season four of TNT's crime drama Animal Kingdom. You spent 12 seasons upholding the law on Bones.

African Swine Flu Set to Kill 200 Million Pigs in China The growing epidemic will wipe out one third of China’s farmed pig population, creating a wake-up call about the devastating inefficiency of animal agriculture.

Binge-worthy cauliflower "Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie." Jim Davis, American cartoonist. The above quote is certainly Garfield worthy, but that kind of thinking is probably why many people shy away from not only full-on vegetarianism but the plant-slant lifestyle that I enjoy.

World Baking Day: Thandolwethu shares her favourite vegan brownie recipe Today is World Baking Day. To celebrate, Thandolwethu is sharing one of her favourite recipes. Finding the perfect brownie recipe - let alone a vegan one - is no easy task. It needs to have the right amount of gooey without being too sweet and causing a cavity!

Court asked to stop dolphin hunts in Wakayama town A court in Wakayama Prefecture began hearing arguments Friday over whether dolphin hunting violates animal cruelty laws. The plaintiffs are asking the district court to stop the permits from being issued. Wakayama Gov Yoshinobu Nisaka issues the permits for the village of Taiji, where the hunts have drawn protests.

ASOS Vegan Beauty Box - May 2019 It's been a while since I last purchased a beauty box and I realised this week that I hadn't checked in on ASOS' offering for a while. For those who don't know ASOS offer sporadic monthly boxes, I've had a few in the past, I think this is my fourth.

The Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing After hearing the term "dry skin brushing" being thrown around in the health community, I decided it was time to do some research to find out what it was all about. I was surprised by how many benefits the practice provides, the key benefit being that it helps to eliminate toxins from your body through your skin.

Wild amounts of Ramps We received a hefty donation of about 8kg of wild garlic or wild ramps about two weeks ago. The great thing about wild garlic is that it is just so delicious and just about as versatile and bulb-garlic. The less great thing about ramps is that the season is so short because the leaves are very fragile.

Vegan Mac & Cheese Not for lazy cooks – it takes about an hour to make this one, but it’s worth it!

Copycat Cheesecake Factory "Santa Fe" Cilantro-Lime Dressing - Oil-Free, Gluten-Free During my pre-vegan days this was most fave salad dressing and bread dipping sauce bar none! In my humble opinion if you're not using fresh ingredients it's probably not worth making. Just sayin'. Ingredients. - 3 large garlic gloves, peeled. - 1" piece fresh ginger, peeled and roughly chopped.

'Psychopath!': Safaree Samuels Slammed for Attacking Fur Ban After Declaring He's Vegan "Love and Hip Hop: New York" star Safaree Samuels is under fire for his apparent morally inconsistent actions. The 37-year-old television personality is taking action against a new fur ban proposal before the City Council in New York.

What Is A Thermal Cooker? Today I'm writing about my favorite kitchen appliance. And I think it's a rare find in American kitchens. It's the thermal cooker. I have a whole video showing how I cook beans in my thermal cooker. I'll embed the video at the end of this post. Why do I like my thermal cookers - that's right, I have two - so much?

Fast-Food Chain Fatburger Adds Vegan Cheese to Complement Impossible Burger Plant-based cheeseburgers are now available at select Fatburger locations across Los Angeles.

Vegan & Gluten Free Cactus Tacos — In this week’s Cooking Connection, we are making Nopales Tacos with Taco Arcada! This taco option is vegan and also gluten free. It’s main ingredient is cactus, yes! A nopal is a prickly pear cactus and a common ingredient in Mexican cooking.

Liquid Death Is Sustainable Water for Straight-Edge Vegans Could this be the most straight-edge water ever? Sustainable vegan water brand Liquid Death, founded by Mike Cessario, is here to shake up the beverage industry. Sold in cans decorated with oozing gold skulls and the slogan "murder your thirst," the new drink is 100 percent non-carbonated mountain water, sourced and canned in the Alps.

Chatting With 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Paper And Design Company - Ecojot Ecojot, the 100 % post-consumer recycled paper and design company, is a family run business led by siblings Mark and Carolyn Gavin, with Carolyn as a creative designer and Mark as sales and marketing. Raise Vegan had a chance to talk with Mark about the company's history, design, charitable ethos and more.

MorningStar Farms Says It's Going 100% VEGAN; Ditches Using 300 Million Eggs! MorningStar Farms will produce only 100% vegan food by 2021, increasing easy access to plant based food across the United States and Canada. The chickens of the world are happy about this, too, since it will eliminate the use of over 300 million egg whites annually.

Parents Raising Children Vegan Should Be Prosecuted, Claim Belgian Doctors One of the professors behind the report, Georges Casimir, says vegan parenting now qualifies as 'non-assistance to a person in danger' - a criminal offense that carries a prison sentence of up to two years.

My Go-To Plant Based Breakfasts This post is dedicated to the most important meal of the day - BREAKFAST. Not gunna lie, breakfast was the meal that I had the hardest time with after switching to a vegan diet.

Griddle cakes Every now and then I have a hankering for scones, but I have yet to bake a gluten-free version that makes the grade. However, this week's recipe is very similar in terms of ingredients to scones, but instead of the traditional oven baking, these "cakes" are cooked in a frying pan.

Alarming Plastic Pollution: Litter Found in the World's Deepest Point The amazing feats achieved by humans are unending. And as proud it can make us in achieving the unachieved, it should also make us equally more aware when our vices point fingers on us. In a record-breaking dive into the world's deepest point in the Pacific Ocean, researchers have found Plastic pollution.

People Are Freaking Out Because Meghan And Harry MIGHT Make Baby Archie Vegan Royal baby Archie might be raised vegan by parents Meghan Markle and Price Harry. A vegan diet is safe for babies if precautions are taken to ensure they get the proper nutrients.

Plant-Based Startup JUST Considers IPO After the unprecedented success of Beyond Meat’s first day of trading, JUST CEO Josh Tetrick teases that he may take his company public.

Drink your greens Depending on your geographic location, you may need to wait until next spring to try this. If that's the case, I'm sorry. I just got too caught up in trying to reclaim my yard to stop and post this before today. Let me preface the recipe with this. I am not asparagus's biggest fan.

New Vegan Eatery, Antico Cafe, Opens in East Hollywood Antico Cafe is located in East Hollywood and specializes in Israeli-Asian fusion with a vegan twist. Their menu starts off with early bird items like a vegetable panini, grilled cheese, and smoothie bowl-served until noon-and then moves into their midday to midnight menu options.

KFC customers are divided over advert encouraging potential vegans to try new bacon burger KFC have divided customers with its new campaign urging foodies to try their bacon burger before becoming vegan. The fast food chain has published a series of adverts across social media and in newspapers, urging people to buy their I Love You Bacon burger.

Cinnamon Girl Brings Vegan & Gluten-Free Treats To Park Slope PARK SLOPE - A third outpost of Cinnamon Girl has opened at 80 6th Avenue in the storefront that previously housed Muscle Maker Grill, Fiat Café, and Cubana Café. The bake shop/café/grocer debuted at 277 Nostrand Avenue in Bed-Stuy in 2010, with a second location opened at 583 Flatbush in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens about four years later.

30 puppies up for adoption at weekend STARS Petco event Whether you want to adopt a dog or cat or if you simply love animals, the perfect place to be this Saturday and Sunday is the Warwick Petco. There will be around 30 puppies and small dogs Saturday between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., with the ultimate goal that all the rescues get adopted to a forever home.

Protect your skin and glow with Skinny Tan! On holiday you need to protect your skin from harmful rays but we all still want that gorgeous glow. Problem solved! Get the #new @skinnytan #protectandglow gradual self tanning SPF Cream or Oil, £19.99! It's the perfect way to build a gradual tan whilst staying protected!

No tidal wave of consumers turning to veganism "ANTI‑meat extremism" may have recently spiked in news headlines, but there's no tidal wave of consumers turning to veganism, according to MLA's consumer insights. MLA research shows 93 percent of consumers perceive producers to be responsible custodians of the land.

How I Overcame My Resistance? As you all have read, I have been experiencing a lot of stress lately and semi physical symptoms were showing by giving me solar plexus pain. It wasn't exactly like real pain but a kind of severe strain on my energy which turned into something that feels like tangible pain in my solar plexus area.

The Battle for Rights of Nature Heats Up in the Great Lakes In February, the voters of Toledo, Ohio, passed a ballot initiative that gives Lake Erie and those who rely on the lake's ecosystem a bill of rights. The idea is to protect and preserve the ecosystem so that the life that depends on it - humans included - can have access to safe, fresh drinking water.

Complaint Filed with IRS and FBI Targeting Animal Rights Groups The nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom has filed a complaint with the IRS and FBI regarding alleged abuses of the tax code and/or criminal activity by PETA, Direct Action Everywhere, and Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation.

What's vegan at EDC - Vegan Food at EDC The Las Vegas Vegan Food Guide 2019 is out now. Get your copy today. Crowdsource vegan life in Vegas! Follow our Secret Vegans, Baby group for e Las Vegas Vegans, Baby group for vegan life in Vegas and @ShopVeganLV for the scoop on vegan products in Vegas and beyond.

EXCLUSIVE: Lucy Watson Feed Me Vegan Ready Meals Launch At Ocado All the meals, which launched in 155 Waitrose and Partners stores across the country last October, come in plastic-free packaging which is recyclable and biodegradable.

Arrest vegan parents who deny their kids meat, doctors say PARENTS who raise their growing children on a vegan diet should be prosecuted after a spate of deaths in schools and hospitals, doctors in Belgium have said.

Owner of Tiger Rescued From Filthy Houston Home Charged With Animal Cruelty HOUSTON - The ex-owner of a tiger rescued from a filthy cage in an abandoned house in Houston has been charged with animal cruelty. Houston police arrested 24-year-old Brittany Garza Wednesday on the misdemeanor count involving a non-livestock animal.

Guess and Sean Wotherspoon Are Launching Vegan Sneakers Vegan designer Sean Wotherspoon has teamed up with American clothing brand Guess to launch cruelty-free sneakers. YouTube star and Round Two co-founder Wotherspoon has been teasing the upcoming vegan shoe creation online.

American Vegan Lifestyle Brand By Chloe Will Open Even More London Restaurants Instagram-friendly American lifestyle brand By Chloe will open two new London restaurants this year at the O2 Arena and in Oxford Circus.

Donkey Abuse In African Abattoirs Revealed By Vegan Activists The investigation, by vegan charity PETA, shows what the organization describes as 'horrific abuse in government-sanctioned abattoirs in Mogotio and Naivasha, Kenya'. Donkey skins are boiled down to be used in drinks, sweets, and a traditional Chinese medicine called ejiao.

Our favourite vegan BBQ recipes From bean burgers to smoky, harissa aubergine, here are our favourite vegan-friendly BBQ recipes for everyone to enjoy.

Gingsters launch vegan pasty with loads of ingredients and a bargain price tag It's the year of vegan pastry treats and Ginsters are latest out of the traps with their vegan pasty.

Recipe - Indian Dirty Fries with Crispy Bhaji Onions The rise of street food has given us some amazing food innovations but nothing is as good as the march of 'dirty' food. Over-the-top, indulgent foods from the fast-food side of haute cuisine, they are irresistible. My friend Jonny put together this recipe for Indian Dirty Fries, a fantastic vegan dish everyone can enjoy.

Triple Chocolate No-Bake Cheesecake In my opinion free-from puddings are much harder that cakes, biscuits or treats. I have a fair few favourites, but I'm always looking for a new exciting pudding option. Do you have a go-to pudding favourite? I'd love some ideas to get excited about.

Hi, I'm Maggie I'm here to talk about some things that I love, like books, movies, makeup, and eating hummus. I spend a crazy amount of time ranting about what I'm currently reading and raving about the new coffee shop I just found in Brooklyn, so here's my little corner of the internet where I can do just that.

Nine Fine Nashville Restaurant Options for Vegans and Vegetarians Don't fret about giving up meat - Nashville has a slew of amazing vegan and vegetarian restaurants that won't make you miss a thing!

No bake Chocolate Coffee Bars Two of my favorite food and drink ever. I literally have both every single day. Not usually together though. I remember working at the coffee shop and we would have coffee taste testing days, as well as talk about what baked goods would pair well with what type of coffee.

Vegetarian and vegan fair in Leicester will serve street food from around the world Visitors will be able to enjoy vegetarian and vegan food, talks and even a city tour.

Chickpea Salad to Sweet and Sour Tofu: Our Top 12 Vegan Recipes of the Day! The vibrant lemon flavor with the crunch from the celery and bells peppers, coupled with the sweetness of the tomatoes and the flavor intensity of garlic and shallot, make this a healthy and delicious Chickpea Salad by Wendy Irene. It takes only minutes to prepare.

Ginsters now does a VEGAN pasty as it tries to recreate the success of Greggs' vegan sausage roll Ginsters is hoping its new creation will boost business as Greggs' vegan sausage roll has done for the bakery giant. Sales at Greggs have now topped £1billion a year. Ginsters is famous for its meat products, from Cornish pasties to sausage rolls. It's the first time in its 52-year history it's created a vegan treat.