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Naked Vegan Burger This recipe is inspired by "the best vegan burgers in the world" by Marta Dymek and by Australian food style where 'avos' are almost in every meal. Enjoy this Polish-Australian cuisine fusion! Ingredients for 10 burgers:.

9 Spots for Vegan Cookies in Los Angeles The most essential eats north of the city.

Rise of the Spanish vegans Pacma - which promotes veganism to fight global warming and wants to ban zoos, circuses, bullfighting, fishing and hunting - is predicted to send one or two MEPs to the European Parliament in May, joining a small club of animal rights parties with a representative in the European assembly.

Stop saying kids can ride your elephants, and you better not try it, N.J. tells circus A circus touting elephant rides and other performances no longer allowed in New Jersey is being called out by the state attorney general's office, four days before the first of 11 scheduled shows in Edison and Trenton. The website for Florida-based Garden Bros.

Frozen Food Giant Birds Eye Acknowledges Veganism Birds Eye has announced the launch of new plant-based options as part of a vegan line called Green Cuisine, which will debut with vegan sausages, burgers, and Swedish style meatballs, available from 21st March in Asda stores UK.

Kraft Heinz Selects Vegan Startups for Incubator Programme Food giant Kraft Heinz revealed the five startups selected for the second Springboard incubator programme class, dedicated to scaling and accelerating food and beverage brands which fall into at least one of these categories: natural and organic, specialty and craft, health and performance, and experiential brands.

Masterchef Features First Ever Vegan Episode In this week's episode, the remaining contestants of Masterchef UK were challenged to make their dishes entirely with plant-based ingredients. The episode's special guest was Michelin-starred vegan chef Alexis Gauthier, owner of Gauthier Soho, a completely plant-based restaurant in London.

Piñatex Collars by Noggins & Binkles We are absolutely obsessed with our new Piñatex collar from Noggins and Binkles. Noggins and Binkles always succeeds in making accessories that are both stylish and environmentally conscious. When we first stumbled across Noggins and Binkle's Piñatex collars we had no idea what Piñatex was.

Dwindling Demand and Activists force closed Pig Slaughterhouse in the UK Credit: By Sonsedska Yuliia/ Shutterstock. by Debayan Paul - March 21, 2019. A pig slaughterhouse is being force-closed due to unflinching vegan activism and falling preference for pork in an area. To know more, read on.

Hungry Tiger What: Quirky bar with pinball machines, a patio, and vegan snacks. Where: 213 SE 12th Ave., Central Eastside, Portland. Perfect for: A relaxed night out with a big group. To me, Hungry Tiger is the type of bar you wish you had in your neighborhood. It's got a fun divey atmosphere, a good mix of drink options, and pinball.

Chopped Challenge: Very Berry Mexican Rice Another Chopped Challenge but from Food 4 Less. I typed up things listed on Food 4 Less as on sale plus a few other items to mix things up. I plugged it into a random list generator and got:. enchilada sauce - blackberries - kidney beans. I'm looking at this thinking this is going to be rough.

The Dooming Chips: Man killed Seagull who swooped down on his Chips Some incidents draw a line between regret and absurd humor - a man killing a seagull because it swooped down on his chips? It has resemblance with cartoon animations. Cartoons met their short-lived doom while trying to steal something or irritate the more powerful.

Cake decorating I’ve been having fun making and decorating cakes lately. I’m going to put some pictures up in chronologic order, because I’ve been improving lot!

Disgraced trophy hunter who killed a sleeping lion REFUSES to comment on the shocking video Gorney, is a very nice lion. A very nice lion.' As Gorney approaches the lion, poking it with his rifle to make sure it is dead, Vallaro adds: 'Beautiful.

Recipe #92: Quinoa & Sweet Potato Skillet Meal The meat was not missed in this meal. This was a delicious vegetarian dinner that was so hearty and it was super protein packed from the beans and quinoa. It was also really easy to put together, aside from a little bit of chopping, and the best part is that it only uses one pan/skillet.

In the Talk of the Town: Newbie Vegan Products Launched Last Week. A lot of newborns hit the shelves every month in the vegan cards. Some are commercially billion-worth, whereas some a wish-come-true to an anticipating vegan. Either way, amidst criticisms and receptions, we've seen the graph of vegan product launch soring and not dwindling at any cost.

BW's Treefort 2019 Playlist: Boise Vegans Talk Tofu, Environmentalism and 'Vegan Shaming' at Foodfort "You'd actually save more water by not eating one pound of meat than you would by not showering for six months. That's how much water it takes to make one pound of meat," Pound said, a claim that earned shocked exclamations not just from the crowd but from the rest of the panel.

Going Meatless? Fill Your Plate With These Plant-Based Complete Protein Foods Complete protein foods have all nine essential amino acids, whereas other protein-rich foods might not necessarily contain all essential amino acids, says Brigitte Zeitlin, RD, founder of BZ Nutrition in New York City. If you've eliminated on your meat intake, you need to make sure you're eating plenty of plant-based complete protein foods.

Travelling zero waste - Prague This week I have been extremely lucky and am travelling to the beautiful city of Prague to give a presentation on Lush and their innovative approach to packaging. I thought it would be a nice idea to log my efforts to travel with as little waste as possible.

10 Easy Homemade Candy Bar Recipes That Are Vegan! There are plenty of ways to make your own plant-based confectionaries that will satisfy your sweet tooth, and we've gathered 10 of our favorite recipes from the Food Monster App to get you started. Let's get snacking! Image Source: Healthy Copycat Snickers Bars.

Beyond Meat Might Wreak Havoc On Meat Industry With Latest Slash In Prices Beyond meat started with a simple question to itself - why do we need animals to derive meat, and why can't it be crafted directly from plants? And the answer, say of instance, was the outgrowing sell of vegan Beyond Burger from the shelves of Californian supermarkets, last year.

Roasted Garlic & Pepper Couscous // Recipe It's easy, tasty and healthy. Perfect as a snack on its own, with salad or a side dish for chicken or fish. It can be eaten hot or cold and keeps refrigerated in an air tight container for about 5 days; good for weekly meal prepping or a make ahead dish for a party buffet.

Orzo with Basil, and Pine Nuts When we were first married, my husband Patrick and I lived in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. There's this delicious little sandwich shop on Main Street called The Robin's Nest. If you live in or are visiting Salt Lake I highly recommend it.

Locals freakin' over vegan delivery guys BY GABE HERMAN - In recent months, police have been cracking down on groups of delivery people who congregate outside of the popular vegan restaurant by Chloe as they wait to pick delivery orders for apps like Postmates.

Sea-Food that never Swam! Sophie's Kitchen makes Vegan Sea-Food accessible Undoubtedly, these days the vegan palate is being teased with whatnot? A settling vegan of today is spoiled with no compromise on taste at all! Name a thing; you've got a vegan something to it. For those few left-outs, rest assured the ever-innovative vegan food industry will catch up even before you know!

KFC To Trial Vegan Options This Year Animal-rights organization, PETA, who submitted the petition, said: "PETA is calling on KFC to dish up delicious all-vegan fried chicken that could spare millions of sensitive birds the horrors of the abattoir. "Chickens used for food endure systemic abuse in today's meat industry.

Vegan Chocolate Orange Bon Bons OK I admit, molded chocolates can be intimidating to try to make, but if you look online you can purchase a mold for under $10, and you're off and running. Here's the thing, vegan chocolate bon bons are very hard to find in stores, so if you or your loved ones are vegan, this experiment will be very rewarding!

10 Delicious Vegan Cake Recipes Through this website, you are able to link to other websites which are not under the control of Aglow Lifestyle. We have no control over the nature, content, and availability of those sites. The inclusion of any links does not necessarily imply a recommendation or endorse the views expressed within them.

'I'm Really, Really Sorry': Vegan Vlogger Apologizes After She's Caught Eating Fish - A popular vlogger, who touts the health benefits of a raw vegan diet, is being slammed on social media after she was caught eating fish at a restaurant. Yovana Mendoza Ayres, who goes by the name Rawvana on her social media channels, was briefly featured in another vlogger's video last week with a plate of fish in front of her.

Birds Eye launches 'naturally coloured' vegan rainbow mini waffles Aiming to add a little colour to dinner time, Birds Eye have launched new colourful mini waffles that contain a mix of real potato and vibrant vegetables.

Montreal lawyer challenges order to euthanize pit bull involved in attack MONTREAL - A prominent Montreal lawyer was in court Thursday in an attempt to save a pit bull-type dog that attacked six people last summer from being put down. Anne-France Goldwater argued the section of the municipal bylaw that orders a dog to be euthanized once declared dangerous contravenes provincial animal welfare legislation.

Vegan influencer outed for eating meat in video Raw vegan celebrity Instagrammer / YouTuber Yovana Mendoza Ayre, known as @rawvana on Instragam, was seen in a video with a plate containing fish, and now a lot of people are upset about it. In the video, it looks like she is trying to hide the fish from the camera.

Lawyer Anne-France Goldwater in court to fight for life of dog that attacked 6 people Anne-France Goldwater, a prominent family lawyer and well-known defender of animal rights, is asking the court to spare the dog's life and allow it to be moved to a shelter for dangerous dogs in the state of New York.

Heather Mills expands vegan 'meat' biz: 'We are ahead of the game on quality, texture and manufacturing' Country of origin labelling. Sustainability. Dual Quality Food. Food prices. Natural and clean label. Sugar, salt and fat reduction. All Events. Shows and Conferences. Editorial Webinars. Online Events. VBites, the self-proclaimed 'pioneer of plant-based foods', was created by Heather Mills in 1993.

New Eco-Friendly Vegan Sneakers Are Made From Pineapples The kicks are made by Dutch footwear brand, Mercer Amsterdam, which says it is the first brand in the luxury sneaker segment to use innovative Piñatex in its designs.

The Sunday Times launch £5,000 award for aspiring food writers in memory of AA Gill Gill died in 2016 from what he described as “the Full English” of cancer.

Defenders of Animals push to microchip all dogs, cats Driven by a passion for the safety and welfare of animals, a Rhode Island group is pushing for 22 animal protection bills currently in the General Assembly, including a proposal seeking the mandatory microchipping of dogs and cats. Since 1978, Providence-based Defenders of Animals Inc.

Vegetarian / vegan recipes But mostly it's a time for fish. Try these recipes for whole baked fish, Estero style; baked salmon with watercress sauce; and lacquered swordfish with green onions. -Fish tacos continue to be popular. The fish in this recipe is battered and served on warm tortillas with crunchy cabbage and topped with a cilantro tartar sauce.

I'm vegan and I spend about $175 a month on groceries — here's exactly what I buy I spend about $175 a month on vegan staples like rice, tofu, vegetables, and pasta at grocery stores outside San Francisco.

Del Taco offers yet more evidence of our vegan fast-food future Despite the best efforts of Big Meat, vegetarian and vegan restaurant options are here to stay, and now they're beginning to encroach on previously uncharted territory: the world of fast food.

Mark your calendars. The Modern Vegan opens in San Diego April 27. "We are really excited to share our food with everyone in California," says The Modern Vegan owner Gia Schultz. "The support in Vegas from those who travel from Southern California has been incredible." The space, located at 4332 30th St., is about 600-square-feet bigger than the Las Vegas location, measuring in at 3,200 square-feet.

A new vegan street food cafe is set to open in Devon "There will be no cardboard sandwiches served at the cafe." Liz is also on the look out for staff to work at Nourish when the cafe opens. She said: "We're looking for an enthusiastic, happy and reliable team at Nourish.

Usher shares his Slutty Vegan fandom with his followers Your subscription to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution funds in-depth reporting and investigations that keep you informed. Thank you for supporting real journalism.

Vegan Journalist Who Was Threatened After Writing About Dairy To Share His Story Chas Newkey-Burden is best known in vegan circles for his viral Guardian article 'Dairy is scary. The public are waking up to the darkest part of farming'. He will talk about writing for the mainstream media at the upcoming Brighton VegFest.

It took one mass shooting for New Zealand to ban assault weapons For example, assault weapons only need a slight modification - like being equipped with a lower-capacity magazine - to fall under a less restrictive category that doesn't require registration, letting some possibly very deadly weapons fall through the cracks.

Birds Eye launches vegan meat alternatives "We have successfully been able to recreate the taste and texture of popular meat products, helping families reduce their meat consumption through healthy options without compromising on flavour." Birds Eye's new launch comes in line with their involvement with the Veg Power initiative, encouraging children to eat more vegetables.

Seitan smoked salmon Soft, sashimi style seitan with a lovely fishy smoky flavour is here. It takes the whole kitchen cupboard to make but it's totally worth it. Plus the reviews for supermarket vegan salmon are hit and miss, and I can't be bothered trying at their prices.

Animal rights group calls OHSU's primate lab the worst in U.S. Morning Briefing for Thursday, March 21 Here’s a quick look at Oregon’s top stories on Thursday, March 21, 2019.

Brigitte Bardot facing racism prosecution for slurs towards Indian Ocean islanders Brigitte Bardot is facing prosecution for inciting racial hatred after calling people from a French island in the Indian Ocean "savages".

Kid Chef Indian Veggie Masala Kids can make yummy Indian dish with organic cauliflower, potato, peas and a tasty tomato sauce, served over brown rice. Masala is any of a number of spice mixtures ground into a paste or powder for use in Indian cooking. This healthy mix of veggies is full of energy for active kids.

Butternut Squash Stroganoff! Oh yeah! It's already the 21st of March!! The weeks are flying by! I don't mind though. Bring on summer!!. This is an absolut favourite of mine!! So delicious and freezer friendly, I actually made this over a month ago and it's been sitting in the freezer.

Boris Johnson's fox-hunting enthusiast donor With Theresa May's premiership on the ropes, there's an expectation of a Tory leadership contest later this year. It follows that Conservative heavyweights are currently working their hardest to lay the groundwork for a future campaign.

Vegan tasting menu served up by Isle of Wight College students VEGAN cuisine was served up by hospitality students at the Isle of Wight College. With the help of the executive chef from Ventnor Botanic Garden, Brad Roe, the students prepared a vegan tasting menu. The carefully prepared menu included plants and spices from the botanic garden.

What really happens to the cute new-born lambs in spring Yesterday we were met with the first day of spring and it's this time of year that we start to take notice of the cute baby animals. Growing up I would visit a place called white post farm and pet the new born lambs and hold the little chicks.

Breyers expands into dairy-free with vegan launch Low-calorie ice cream brand Breyers, is launching a vegan-friendly ice cream variant to “answer consumer demands for low-calorie, vegan friendly ice cream.

Pet dog is left dangling off a window by the neck as owner punishes it for 'soiling in the house' The pet was being punished by its owner for soiling in the house, according to animal rights volunteers who found the abused dog in Guangzhou, Guangdong province. Heart-breaking footage shows the cream-coloured pooch being tied to the window grille with a short rope and left in the backyard, leaving him dangling by its neck and unable to lie down.

New populist star emerges from Dutch local elections We aren’t just Public Radio, we are The Public’s Radio. Hear us on WNPN 89.3FM across Rhode Island and the Southcoast of Massachusetts.

Vegan Blueberry Banana Pancakes Who doesn't love pancakes especially guiltless delicious vegan pancakes! These fluffy pancakes are very easy to make and perfect for a weekend morning at home paired with a good cup of coffee. Grind the rolled oats using a multi mixer. Braun MQ5137 MultiQuick 5 Hand Blender - Black.

Lush Launches 'Zero Waste' Refillable Lipstick Case For Its Vegan Make-Up The cruelty-free giant says the case, which is plastic-free and recyclable, has a 'vintage design'

Spring cleaning life plus vegan coconut truffles I wasn't intending to go through my cupboards today and do a spring clean but as it happens thats exactly what happened. I was just about to add a tablespoon of sweetener to a pan of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries when I stopped myslef. Instead I decided to look at the lable.

Palestinian Man and Israeli Animal Rights Group Perform Cross-Border Parrot Rescue Check Out China Takes Major Step in The Fight Against Dog Meat! Feeling inspired to also help birds? Sign this petition to stop British developers from obtaining licenses to kill protected birds! For more Animal, Life, Vegan Food, Health, and Recipe content published daily, don't forget to subscribe to the One Green Planet Newsletter!

Vegans Buy Shares In Fashion Group - To Persuade It To Ditch Wool Clothing giant boohoo recently U-turned on its decision to drop wool, following pressure from the wool industry. Now animal rights charity PETA will attend its annual general meeting to advocate for sheep.

Vegan Activists Document Horrific Animal Suffering Around The World The activists and photographers embarked on the project 10 months ago, when they left their London lives to start documenting the plight of animals who are exploited and abused around the world.

Pro-hunting thug 'breaks saboteur's nose' with headbutt Shocking bodycam footage shows pro-fox hunting thugs confront a group of hunt saboteurs and allegedly break one of their noses. The group of animal rights campaigners say they were hounded through a field as they followed a hunt from a distance on Saturday.

Gordon Ramsay in a Beef with Piers Morgan Over Veganism In what will probably come as no shock to anyone, Piers Morgan is beefing with Gordon Ramsay about veganism.

Guidance issued on high-welfare sheep shearing Industry organisations have produced a guide reminding farmers and professional contractors how to handle sheep during shearing to ensure they are not stressed or injured.

PETA US Becomes boohoo Shareholder to Push for Reinstatement of Wool Ban Following boohoo's wool ban "ewe"-turn, PETA US has purchased a share in the company to help protect lambs and sheep.

Oaty Flapjack Cookies Support Us These light, fluffy and delicious oaty flapjack bar cookies feature chocolate, coconut, peanut butter, dates, apricots and a lot more deliciousness! The sweet and salty flavor of oats shines through in cookie form, making this a tasty and healthy treat.

Healthier indulgence? Adult beverage company expands vegan and gluten-free offerings FoodIngredientsFirst is the source for news, analysis and insights on the food ingredients sector. Key topics of focus include business news, ingredient launches, research and development and ingredient applications. Content is boosted by video interviews and support from Innova Market Insights and The World of Food Ingredients.

Low Carb Diet Linked With Atrial Fibrillation, Study Surprises Atkins Diet Advocates Planning to go on a high protein low carb diet to shed weight fast? With the shocking results delivered by a recent study, you might want to put a plug on the restrictive low carb diets. They aren't as healthy as you always thought them to be and risks include atrial fibrillation.

Green Delight Soup / Zelena juhica sreće Since spring is now officially here, I have a super healthy and vibrant green soup for you. If you're looking for ways to pack more nutrients into your diet, definitely check this recipe out. I used radish leaves in here because I had those on hand after buying a big bunch of radishes.

McDonald's Acknowledges 'Rising Demand For Vegan Options' With New Launches The global fast-food giant has launched a number of animal-free options in recent times. It says its customers are asking for more, and it's 'always open to suggestions'

Crispy Edamame Since turning to a more plant based diet, I have been on the lookout for some good protein options. Edamame contains some amazing health benefits such as high protein, high fiber, and contains all 9 essential amino acids. When I meal prep, I try to make different components that I can mix and match throughout the week.

A festival celebrating cats and vegan street food is coming to London Love cats and vegan street food? Then make sure you head to London this summer to Catfest festival where you will find feline celebrities, cat-themed cocktails, films, music, talks and vegan street food. The day-and-night festival for cat lovers will take place at Beckenham Place Mansion on June 29th and will host over 50 exhibitors.

Top 10 vegan alternatives to fish!
 March 30 is International World Day for the End of Fishing: a day highlighting the plight of fish. Here's some of our favourite plant-based alternatives.

How Much Water Should You Drink? The most common water drinking rule and the one schools teach children is, "drink 8 glasses of water a day". I was taught that in my school era and I really thought that was the best when I was a child.

Found an abandoned baby animal this spring? Police say don't touch it While it's hard to resist stepping in when an adorable baby bunny or tiny squirrel appears to be in trouble, the county's Animal Protection Police have a favor to ask: Don't. Baby animals left alone may not necessarily be abandoned, and many species hide their young for safety while leaving them alone of extended periods of time, police said.

Why vegan campaigns need to stop reaching for the low-hanging fruit This blog post includes data from research into seven UK-based reduction and vegan campaigns, drawing on the largest sample of meat reducers, pescatarians, vegetarians, and vegans in any research project to date. Research was conducted for my PhD in Social Policy at the University of Kent, using a mixed-methods, longitudinal approach.

Vegan Youtube Star Rawvana Is Slammed After She Was Filmed Eating Fish At A Restaurant Something that I've learned is that everybody is different," she added. The video, which has racked up nearly 130,000 views as of Monday afternoon, has 5,800 dislikes compared to the 2,400 likes.

There's a Concerning Trend of Pet Owners Wanting to Turn Their Carnivore Animals Vegan Cats and dogs may be carnivores, but that hasn't stopped a surprising number of pet owners from wistfully wishing they could switch their furry friends to a plant-based diet - or even already doing so. Of 3,673 cat - and dog-owning humans surveyed around the world, a whopping 35 percent expressed interest in turning their meat-eating pets vegan.

Thursday briefing: May's Brexit broadside It is now time for MPs to decide." A number of MPs and pundits said they believed May had probably gambled away any chance of receiving renewed support for her deal by angering MPs.

Why this Leeds eaterie offers the 'next generation' of vegan food Leeds based vegan eatery Knaves Kitchen has launched a new menu just before its first birthday. Opening in Spring 2018, Knaves Kitchen, located in legendary Call Lane dive bar Oporto, focuses on flavourful, comforting and down to earth food.

Dutch footwear brand creates vegan trainers made from pineapples Mercer Amsterdam partnered up with Pinatex who use pineapple leaves to create faux leather. They teamed up to create vegan trainers.

Easy Vegan-Friendly Peanut Butter Fudge! Plus 3 Ingredient Chocolate And Nutella Fudge! So it was another first for me today, FUDGE! Being I have never made this before I figured I should start with something really EASY! I sourced and found 3 recipes online I choose to learn. I have listed them below, even though these recipes are quite simple, they didn't lack in flavour or taste.

Veg Vindaloo - 5th Element Copycat Recipe The photo does not do it justice… I finally made a copycat version of my fave dish at my fave Indian restaurant here in Palm Coast. Oh HaPpY DaY! Veg Vindaloo. Serves 2 hungry vegans. Ingredients. - 1 small eggplant, peeled and cut into chunks. - 8 oz mushrooms, halved or quartered if large.

When God was a chicken Lately I've been spending time with Lenny, the chicken which hatched from a Campbell's soup can painted by Andy Warhol. I've been accused of making Len up, as though the cure for my social anxiety was all in my mind. In any case, we've been touring the places I know.

Highland Park: Vegan German Food at Hinterhof Beer Garden I recently checked out Hinterhof, a vegan German beer hall in Highland Park. I love German / Austrian food and was excited to try the Hinterhof. I will never go vegan or vegetarian but I do eat it occasionally as I consider it a "cuisine" rather than lifestyle choice.

Restaurant review: Vegan Friendly Foods makes comfort dishes for everyone As my friend and I walked into Vegan Friendly Foods, the sky had darkened with the threat of rain. We found a well-suited refuge in the comfort of the locally-owned vegan restaurant.

The Journey To My Slant // Nidusha E Kannan From the title, you might think that this blog is about my experiences of a journey to a popular hiking destination where I must have had an incredible life changing moment.

Small changes i've made to reduce my negative footprint Since adopting a more sustainable, minimal, conscious life i have adapted small changes that end up having a pretty big impact. small changes are just as important as the big ones. in my mind there…

Discovery of sea lion shot in head on B.C. island renews debate between conservationists, fishing industry Conservation group has shared pictures that it says depict a sea lion found shot in the head, prompting another round of debate between animal rights groups and the local fishing industry as an annual fishery gets underway.

Teenaged Activist Greta Thunberg Raises Global Awareness of Veganism Over one million participants from 100 countries in over 2000 cities took part in the largest Fridays-for-Future demonstrations to date on 15th March. Climate change activist Greta Thunberg fascinates not only children and young adults, but people of all ages.

Startup Inventions to Tackle Agricultural Waste in India Air pollution originating from farm waste costs India $30 billion annually and is the leading risk factor for acute respiratory diseases in the country. Numerous startups have come up with sustainable solutions to help India tackle the issue of agricultural pollution.

Compass Group Presents New Plant-Based Bowls The Compass Group has recently expanded its healthy food range "Vitalien Balance" to include two innovative plant-based bowls. The vegan "Creole Bowl" and the vegetarian "Flower Power Bowl" will soon be available at lunchtime in selected company restaurants.

Fluffy Almond Cookies I was in the mood for simple almond cookies, so I whipped this together and then ate half of them before I knew it. They are oil-free and happen to be vegan. Since we are using applesauce instead of butter or oil, they come out a lot more fluffy than the basic cookie.

Vegan News Round Up: Latest News You Should Know We're here to bring you a round-up of all of the vegan news that happened over this past week. In case you missed anything, we've got you covered. Here is your weekly vegan news round-up for the week ending March 16.

Frozen Food Giant Birds Eye Expand Its Vegan Options "We have successfully been able to recreate the taste and texture of popular meat products, helping families reduce their meat consumption through healthy options without compromising on flavor." Last year, Birds Eye launched a range of veggie bowls, in response to the increasing popularity of reducing meat intake.

Dijon Brussel Sprouts Bowl NThis looks like exactly the kind of meal we avoid, which is to say "bowls." Have you noticed how almost all vegan recipes these days seem to be "bowls?" It is wild, and we are wildly unimpressed by bowl recipes. This one gets a pass because it is actually, surprisingly delicious.

The Revenge Of The Chickens: Flock Kills Fox That Tried To Eat Them If you've had somebody arguing with you over how chickens don't have emotions, maybe show them this news. Not only they 'feel' things, a flock of some badass chickens actually killed a fox on a French farm. I have been terrified of chickens because they can actually be mean sometimes.

I said NO to wearing make up and it has changed my life… It might not seem a big deal to some people but wearing make up has always been a daily thing for me. Ever since I began high school around 18 years go I started dabbling with make up and became interested in how my mum did her own. She would help me to find the right shades / types of product to use and how to apply them.

For these vegans in the Palestinian territories, food is a form of protest "We will boycott them until they take a clear stand against the Israeli occupation and until they recognize that our human rights are also important," Ahmed said. Israel has long presented itself as a vegan haven in a meat-eating region, Ahmed said.

The 5 things you can learn from my Old Ghost Ultra "Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others." - Otto Von Bismarck. It's been almost four weeks since my trot on the Old Ghost Road. My feet have healed, my ego callused and the paint has dried enough on my post race emotions to begin to dissect and rebuild.

10 dogs taken from Vernon Hills house remain with animal control The 10 dogs removed from a Vernon Hills house March 9 after a police search involving an unrelated matter remain in the custody of Lake County Animal Care and Control and likely will for some time.

Eggs are not healthy I think the main reason people ingest eggs are because they do not know what an egg actually is or what the egg industry does to baby chicks. What Eggs Are:. The eggs that people consume are unfertilized eggs. Eggs are part of the ovulation cycle. In other words, if you eat eggs, you are consuming discharge from a hen.

The History of Packaged Food Packaged food, the worst type of food around. Yet why is it so popular? What is the history of Packaged food? Why was it created? Packaged food started during WW2. Soldiers needed food to survive. Yet fresh vegetables, berries, fruit, and grains; would not have been edible, after a week or even a month.

Could NHS's Free Milk Service Be Discriminatory? NHS's free milk service has come under debate lately due to its discriminatory terms. Find out more about it here… NHS's latest Healthy Start programme provides vouchers that can be exchanged for fruits, vegetables, vitamins, and milk. But the milk offered covers only cow's milk with options for whole milk, skimmed milk and semi skimmed milk.

EXCLUSIVE: Footwear Brand Seven Feet Apart Debut Its First Vegan Sneaker Range The company says it will consider ditching leather and go fully vegan if it sees the demand.

Impending Life As a Pesky-tarian I am not a fan of fish, never have been and likely never will be. However, according to the results of my recent food allergy test, I may need to work on recalibrating my taste buds. Some results were not at all shocking.

Boston City Council Passes Groundbreaking Food Justice Ordinance "This will have ripple effects throughout the entire nation," she added. The GFPP, sponsored by Boston City Councilor At-Large Michelle Wu, affects public food purchasers, the largest of which is the Boston Public Schools, which has a $18 million food budget.

Animal rights group calls OHSU's primate lab 'worst' in the country An animal rights group that has filed multiple claims with the United States Department of Agriculture against Oregon Health and Science University's primate lab has now labeled the facility the "Worst U.S.

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Death Of 21 Horses Leads To Indefinite Suspension Of Races California's Santa Anita racetrack had to suspend horse races indefinitely, after 21 horses had to be put down, due to the injuries sustained by them mysteriously over the last two months. The Los Angeles area park announced the major decision after a 4 year old racehorse had to be euthanized for the injuries sustained on her leg.

Balsamic Kale Salad w/Herb Roasted Veggies Sending positive vibes this Wednesday and wishing everyone over this hump day! Hope y'all have a lovely rest of the week. Lunch today is a tangy Kale and Red cabbage salad, with herb roasted mushrooms, garlic roasted broccoli and blistered shishito peppers, all topped off with roasted sesame seeds.

Left Readies to Jump the… Snark? Just when you think the mainstreaming of reparations, wealth confiscation, Medicare-for-All, and every other idea from the wish list of every socialist fruit-juice drinker has gone to the limit, one more comes along. The New Republic, a once-serious magazine, informs us:.

Animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot stirs fury in Reunion with 'racist' comments SAINT-DENIS-DE-LA-REUNION, France - The highest ranking official on the French island of Reunion filed a legal suit against former film star and animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot on Wednesday after receiving a letter deemed "racist" by the authorities.

As concern for the welfare of farm animals grows, will consumers put their money where their mouths are? BC Egg developed a barn fitness policy that includes more than the usual four inspections per year of older facilities, Lowe explains. For egg producers like Easterbrook, this proposed change doesn't address the more immediate issue of battery cage use, which "limits the quality of life" of chickens, he maintains.

Drug companies urged to make vegan-friendly feeds for people battling eating disorders The Royal College of Psychiatry, the British Dietetic Association and the charity Beat have issued a report saying more needs to be done to ensure vegans' needs are met in UK hospitals.

Victory! Spain's Supreme Court Puts an End to Torture of Bulls at 'Toro de la Vega' Festival Back in 2016, we celebrated as the regional government of Castilla y León outlawed the stabbing to death of bulls at the festival, but soon after this decision was made, the Tordesillas City Council filed an appeal in the Supreme Court arguing that there was no reason to prohibit the killing.

How to Cook: Aubergine Parmigiana A delicious Italian dish that is suitable for any budget.

How to make 'boring rice' not boring When I can’t be bothered to cook properly, one pot rice meals are the easiest thing to make! I don’t use a particular rice each time, I just buy whatever’s cheapest but here are m…

World's Biggest Vegan Fast Food Chain On Track To Open Over 200 Outlets Copper Branch says it will hit the 50-store mark in April with 15 new restaurant openings in North America - with a further 150 to open by 2020.

Side Dishes: Pinkies up, vegans! And a Turkey tour CLICK HERE to report a typo. Is there more to this story? We'd like to hear from you about this or any other stories you think we should know about. Email [email protected]

'It's fantastic that it's becoming so mainstream': Vegan store's success as it doubles in size The Little Vegan Market, located in Dundas Market, is doubling in size and has also been nominated for a national award. Charlotte Bottomley and Matthew Wilson own the business, and they're pleasantly surprised by their success. "When we opened it was a bit of a risk really, because we weren't sure how it would go down," said Matthew.

Crispy Brussels Sprouts with Cashew Cheese For the Brussels Sprouts. For the Cashew Cheese. Follow @ValueVegetarian on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to see all of our vegetarian endeavors! Use this recipe? Tag us with the hashtag #ValueVeggies! Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

The vegan cheese shop that's caused a stink with farmers La Fauxmagerie is unlike any other cheesemonger: there is not a single dairy product in sight and what they sell isn't actually cheese at all. Or at least, it isn't cheese as you know it. Every 'cheese' truckle or wheel on display is actually made entirely from plant-based sources like coconut oil and blended cashews.

Atlanta's Slutty Vegan Pop-Up Will Have One Night in Oakland Might possibly maybe stay open a little longer. In an interview with KCBS, manager Steve Corbelli teased the notion that the store could be open a little longer than its planned closing date of April 20. "There might be a possibility where we could stay open a little longer," Corbelli told KCBS.

Homemade Almond Milk and Vegan Croissants! The vegan croissants were a one-off treat, but the almond milk is something that I plan to start doing consistently now that I have all the right tools. I've been loving Koffie ende Koeck's vegan croissants lately, but I'm all for not breaking the bank and trying to replicate recipes at home.

Birds Eye launches vegan meat-alternative range Frozen food specialists Birds Eye has announced the launch of its first range of vegan products. Birds Eye are well known for their range of frozen foods, in particular, their petit pois and garden peas. Now the company is making its first foray into the world of vegan meat-alternatives in a bit to compete with brands such as Quorn.

What I eat in a day // hummus edition In this what I eat in a day post I wanted to highlight one of my favorite vegan foods to eat and cook with, and that is hummus. For these recipes I used Sabra's classic hummus. Breakfast: Tofu scramble, spinach, white rice, and a cheesy hummus sauce. First, I made the white rice.

Flora now makes all products vegan Worldwide margarine brand Flora, has announced its switch to becoming a completely plant-based company. Flora previously offered a vegan spread, but now all items are dairy-free. The updated recipe has no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours and is approved by The Vegan Society.

Masterchef celebrates vegan cuisine in first ever plant-based episode Masterchef celebrates vegan food with its first ever episode dedicated to plant-based cuisine. The Great British Bake Off hit the headlines last year when it hosted its first ever entirely vegan episode celebrating vegan baking, and now Masterchef is following their lead as it airs its first ever episode dedicated to plant-based cuisine.

Brigitte Bardot faces prosecution for inciting racial hatred Brigitte Bardot is facing prosecution for inciting racial hatred after calling the people of the French Indian Ocean island of Réunion "degenerate savages". The 84-year-old film star turned animal rights activist lashed out at the islanders in an open letter to the local authorities, accusing them of mistreating livestock and pets.

Johnson & Johnson Ditches 'Forced Swim' Tests On Animals Following Vegan Pressure The global giant says it will stop using the discredited 'swim tests' in the future, in its own laboratories, or outside ones.

Oh Delish, It's the Vegan Street Fair, in NoHo A place for plant plates? Many local dine-arounders are always on the look-out for such signs, the sort of prominent notices that might appear on a web site, a social page, or in a restaurant's window. But, if you're vegan, such signs can appear too infrequently, meaning you must muddle through the few okay-for-you menu choices at other eateries.

S43 brewery launches two vegan American-style craft beers from County Durham base Ultimately our brand message is 'for the love of beer', and whether this is through traditional English ales or American craft beers we simply want our consumers to appreciate our beers.' "To launch these new beers, we have collaborated with a young creative team to ensure our brand message is communicated effectively to our existing market.

Hella Herbivore Launches Vegan Pop-Ups in Denver To learn about Hella Herbivore's next pop up, follow Carino's Instagram and Facebook pages. Carino also has his own YouTube page with video instructions on how to create veganized recipes.

Brexit and Animal Protection: Help Us Get a #BetterDealForAnimals Under the Lisbon Treaty, animals in the EU are recognised as sentient beings whose welfare must be protected – but because of Brexit, animals in the UK are in danger of losing that legal protection.

Over 25% Of People Feed Their Companion Cats And Dogs A Vegan Diet, Says Poll While most people agree that as omnivores, dogs can be very healthy on a well-planned vegan diet, there is more debate around cats, as they are natural carnivores.

This Company Just Launched A Line of Vegan Allergy-Friendly Baking Mixes! Working around food allergies on a plant-based diet can be tricky, and even more difficult when it comes to baking. However, many companies are starting to create products and production facilities that are allergy-friendly.

Teriyaki Tofu This recipe is an amazing Asian-inspired vegetarian dish that's low-carb and easily modified to become Vegan. I served it with some stir-fry veg but noodles would also be great. Calories - 201. Ingredients:. Method:. Bon Appétit!

Air Fryer Tofu Reuben I love a good hot sandwich. There's just something about buttered crispy bread and having to use two spatulas to flip it so the fillings don't fall out. This reuben is filled with tofu, sauerkraut, and homemade thousand island dressing.

This is what China's new animal testing laws mean for the beauty industry CHINA HAS LONG been criticised for its attitude towards animal testing, leading many makeup lovers and beauty influencers alike to boycott brands who sell in the country. Source: Shutterstock / ARTFULLY PHOTOGRAPHER.

Ben & Jerry's Release A Fourth Vegan Ice Cream Flavour Ben and Jerry's have added a fourth flavour to their vegan range. Coconutterly Caramel'd is made with vegan caramel, cookies and coconut. It's GMO certified, made with fairtrade ice cream and is the only coconut ice cream in the Non-Dairy range.

QuestLove’s Vegan Cheesesteak Will Be Available in Venues Across the Country! Source: Portobello Cheesesteak. A vegan take on the traditional cheesesteak: meaty to the tooth, the savory sautéed mushrooms mix with peppers and onions in a toasted roll to create a delicious sub. Top this Portobello Cheesesteak recipe from Vegan Junk Food, Lane Gold with loads of cheese for melty goodness.

Bristol pie scoops gold at British Pie Awards but VEGAN entry triumphs overall The British Pie Awards recognises the best-made pies in the country.

What a top vegan athlete eats in a day - Harry Runs Ever wondered what a pro, plant-powered ultra runner eats in a day? Find out tonight 8:30pm as we chat to trail athlete Harry Jones, live on Wild Ginger Running YouTube channel.

This Month, Gayle King Is Loving Vegan Food and…Sustainable High Heels?! O's editor at large also tries eco-friendly high heels and shades.

Meet Sunglass Cat - the cat with a rare eye condition and 400k Instagram fans Since last year, California, where Bagel lives, pet shops are only allowed to sell animals from shelters or other rescue organisations, which is amazing, and inevitably other states will follow. Usually animals with special needs and aggressive dogs are the first to be put to sleep, along with kittens and puppies.

One in four pet-owners feed their animals a vegan diet Veganism has been on the rise among humans for a while, but new research shows the trend has started to gain momentum in the animal kingdom. A survey of more than 3,670 dog and cat owners from around the world found that 35 per cent are interested in putting their pets on a vegan diet while 27 per cent already have.

Homecoming Falafels: The Triumphant Return That's right, we couldn't resist the pull of mighty olde England and we returned once more to the glorious homeland. I wanted to see Brexit in all its fanfare - putting the Great back into Great Britain. So, we drove for 3 days across land and sea, and arrived back in the old country - to witness history in the making.

Gordon Ramsay Launches Vegan Breakfast Including Tofu Eggs The chef said he didn't realize 'tofu eggs' were so tasty, as he announced news of the dish on social media today.

Liberation Pledgers Won't Eat At A Table Serving Meat: I'm Vegan, But Can't Do It The Liberation Pledge asks people to show respect for victims of violence, and demonstrate against the brutal system of animal exploitation, by refusing to 'sit at a table where a victim's body is being eaten'.

It's Now Or Never: UN Declares 12 Years Left To Act For Climate Change By Piyaset/ Shutterstock. by Debayan Paul - March 20, 2019. The environment has reached an extent where hypothesis about unwanted climate-change is manifesting in real-life. They are no more just anticipation of the future. Sounds scary? Well, it may be.

Plant City Vegan Food Hall Coming to Providence in June Matthew Kenney is a two-time James Beard Award-nominated Rising Star Chef and he has been named one of America's Best New Chefs by Food and Wine magazine. He has been a leader in plant-based cuisine and has published thirteen books.

10 Delicious Ways to Make Snickerdoodles Cookies Vegan! Delight your loved ones by whipping up a batch of one of these 10 amazing snickerdoodle recipes from our Food Monster App and sharing the love! Image Source: Easy Snickerdoodle Cookies. Classic Easy Snickerdoodle Cookies from Fabio Gallo! A soft and chewy puffed up cookie with the right amount of cinnamon and a hint of vanilla.

New Documentary About Veganism And Religion To Premiere In London The screening of A Prayer For Compassion, at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square, is hosted by Plant Based News in collaboration with vegan zine Bright Zine.

McDonald's vegan McNuggets: Do people want to eat them? There are other factors at play, not just the ingredients that go into the food." Sarah says many vegans have concerns about companies like McDonalds paying a fair wage to workers and the environmental impact of its food production. We're asking McDonalds for a response to that.

Vegan Food & Living April 2019 Get set for Easter with the April issue of Vegan Food and Living. Easter is fast approaching, so if you're starting to think about which sweet and savoury delights you're going to enjoy over the long weekend, look no further than the April issue of Vegan Food and Living.

Vegan burger joint to launch retail range The brand, which opened its first restaurant in Reading at the beginning of the year, said it had secured an exclusive listing with one of the big four retailers and would hit freezers in July.

Last Pictures of Kenya's Elephant Queen: She was a sight to behold If you think animals are beings without dignity, you might like to reconsider the thought. The images of Kenya's one of the last remaining 'super tusker' have surfaced online, clicked by British photographer - Will Burrard-Lucas. She was an astounding elephant and dignity as if oozes out from the images of hers.

French Fashion Label Zadig & Voltaire Ditches Fur Winning Vegan Praise It joins a growing list of designers and retailers that have recently banned fur, including Jean Paul Gaultier, Gucci, Versace, Armani, and Burberry.

Lush removes eggs from all its beauty products over concern for animal welfare Lush has announced its decision to remove eggs from all of its products. The natural beauty brand had previously used free-range eggs in its face masks and hair treatments.

Rekorderlig Cider is going 100% vegan in time for summer Swedish brand Rekorderlig has announced it will be making all of its premium ciders suitable for vegans.

10 Reasons to Love Brussels Sprouts Love them or hate them, Brussels sprouts are packed with nutrients and have many health benefits. They're a very versatile ingredient, too, and they can roasted, pan seared, added to salads, stir-fried, or even used as a pizza topping!

Tomato, Garlic & Red Chilli Chutney Once upon a time, whilst doing our normal Indian Food shop, I came across vibrant Red Chillies I thought to myself what could I make with them? As I was making Dhoklas I thought a Chutney would be a great accompaniment.

Dulce de Leche Cupcakes 110g/4oz/1 cup self-raising flour, sifted. 110g/4oz/1/2 cup castor sugar. 110/4oz/ ½ cup vegan butter, softened. 2 vegan eggs. 1 tsp vanilla extract. Ingredients:. To Decorate. 110 g 4 oz/ ½ cup vegan butter, softened. 225 g/8 oz/ 2 cups icing sugar, plus extra for dusting.

Playing Chicken Who is responsible for enforcing state anti-animal cruelty laws at our local farms? The answer is, apparently, no one. Last September, 58 activists with Direct Action Everywhere were arrested for trying to provide aid to wounded, sick and starving chickens at a Petaluma farm.

Three vegan afternoon teas to try in Dubai Egg mayo sandwiches, clotted cream-laden scones, all-butter pastries. While afternoon tea is a delightful traditional treat, for vegans it's often been somewhat troublesome. However, plant-based diners can now enjoy an afternoon snack at several locations in Dubai, without having to ask for any menu amendments.

Avocado Chickpea Salad Sandwiches & Lettuce Wraps Vegan avocado chickpea salad is flavourful, full of protein and healthy fats, and is perfect for stuffing into lettuce leaves / sandwiches for quick lunches.

Trophy hunter seen creeping up on sleeping lion and shooting it is identified as Illinois man Others suggested penalties for the actions of Gorney as shown in the video. 'In my book that should be 5 years in jail. Grotesque,' one user wrote.

20th Street Pizza: A vegan slice shop from Blackbird's Mark Mebus Mebus, whose flagship Blackbird Pizza is in Northern Liberties, is keeping the menu simple.

'Cancer and erectile dysfunction': Vegan activists target supermarkets 'Sticker bombers' are targeting meat and dairy products in Australian supermarkets in a subtle new form of vegan activism.

Robeson supervisor spearheads new animal-control effort She says she's trying to protect animals while avoiding having the township pay higher ARL costs.

Pan con tomate If it looks like I'm pairing toast with jam with my chickpeas and green stuff, you're close! Behold, pan con tomate y garbanzos con espinicas. Pan con tomate is one of the easiest, peasiest, and most delicious appetizers on God's green Earth.

A Vegan Feast is Coming to One of Perth's Best Greek Restaurants The menu stars all-plant versions of Hellenic classics including spanakopita, dolmades and baklava.

Slaughter-Bound Calf Escapes on Expressway, Earning New Name and a Life of Leisure Allie Feldman Taylor, the president of Voters for Animal Rights, said there are about 80 slaughterhouses in New York City. Ms. Hansen said if one of them comes forward and claims an escaped animal, it is returned to them. But that rarely happens. "Probably because of public outcry," she said.

In Iowa, ag-gag is reborn. What does that mean for other states? In January, Iowa became the latest state to have its ag-gag law overturned by the courts, a victory for free speech and animal-rights advocates. But the victory was short-lived.

A Step Into Vegan Cookin' Transitioning from eating meat to mostly plant-based was not an easy task! I tried several times. Failing, eating meat every once in awhile… Until finally about 2 years ago, my best friend, Caroline, influenced me to cut meat out of my life cold turkey.

Vegan Snack Recipe: Herb Cashew Cheese/Dip I have a life changing recipe. I am so serious. I know that I say this a lot, but I feel very strongly about this. How would you describe to someone what eating something so beautiful it's like you are going to heaven is like? Well, in short, that is this recipe.

Kaleslaw - crispy, crunchy, creamy, tangy and chewy Kaleslaw has been my go-to salad all winter. Thanks to affordable, mixed bags of already shredded kale, cabbage, broccoli and Brussel sprouts, I can make this salad in less than 10 minutes and it will last for several days in the fridge. It also travels well in packed lunches.

Caramelized Cabbage & Onion Pasta This simple pasta dish is full of earthy flavors thanks to cabbage, onion, and a few slices of vegan bacon. A perfect winter dish!

Vegini Launches Innovative Vegan Products in the To-Go Sector The Austrian brand vegini is launching three new vegan snack products for the to-go segment in April, just in time for the beginning of spring. The products come as mini balls in three flavours in a practical cup, with paprika or BBQ dip sauce and a small fork in the lid.

Vegan Blogger Accused of Worst Possible Thing The vegan influencer community has been shaken yet again by a major scandal, and at the center of this affair lies the gravest offense someone in the fraternity could make: eating meat.

Punching Snowdrops Into The Ground I put up a rope to keep them from escaping. Part of a planned water feature. Aka a bird bath and this, maybe some stones. The other sprayer nozzles need more sun and are fiddly. Self-seeded viola.

Vegan Mayo I made a Malt Vinegar Aioli recipe for y'all a couple months ago but there has been some requests for a straight up mayonnaise recipe. They're very similar recipes, with just a couple changes I wanted to share. Be sure to watch my video for more visuals and fun!

Texas Wildflowers To Bloom Early This Year: Nature's Way Of Encouraging Conservation? The environment is ailing more than ever. The circumstances can now be seen gradually gripping the echelons of earth. Say for instance, the raising sea level has cost complete wipe-out of a rodent specie native to north Australian island.

Vegan nugget stir fry I feel like this recipe is a complete cop out given how easy it is but I'm a piece of shit and haven't written a post since LAST YEAR and desperately need to write something. Also this is an incredibly easy dinner to make if you can't really be arsed to cook, I pulled it together with things I had kicking around in the back of the fridge.

Gamja Jorim Do not let the name scare you, this is essentially a great side dish for so many meals, and I promise the ingredients aren't too "strange". I was doing an Asian inspired meal so this seemed like the perfect side dish for my meal. This recipe is super easy and packed with delicious flavor.

Vegan Festival returns to St. George's Hall The Live A Better Life Vegan Fair, Liverpool's biggest vegan event, will take over St George's Hall offering delicious food and advice for Scousers interested in all things vegan. The Live A Better Life vegan fairs have been running in Liverpool since 2013 and have been attended by more than 21,000 people.

Sustainable sipping: Enjoying the Vegan cocktail menu at Dirty Martini With the rising popularity of Veganuary and more people making sustainable lifestyle choices, veganism is becoming more mainstream. With that in mind, Londoners are seeking more options when drinking or dining out. For a short time only, Dirty Martini have a limited-edition vegan cocktail menu.

Seaweed Salad: The Lazy Remix Seaweed is underrated for as a food but it's super high in magnesium, iron, and calcium. I use it in miso soup or mix it with rice. Both are GREAT hangover foods for an Asian girl on a bender. It expands and hydrates in a minute so you can add to a dish quickly.

Podcast #53: What Is Sugar and Which Sugars Are Healthy A List of Bone Char Free Sugar Companies. Thanks for listening. Please follow me on Instagram @ordinaryvegan and please join our health and wellness community on Facebook, over 310,000 strong. I am devoted to keeping you healthy, and as many of you know, I began creating my own line of CBD oil made from hemp to assist you.

Kebabs in Chinese marinade This works well with chips as a bit of comfort food but switch it up with a salad and pita bread and you have a good vegan bbq option. Metal skewers are a great option if you think you will use them even just a few times a year - better than keep buying packs of wooden skewers in plastic wrapping that you need to soak.

ELF Cosmetics Instant Lift Brow Pencil Review: Pardon my french folks, but, I didn't think a $2.00 brow pencil from Elf Cosmetics could shape and lift my brows so beautifully in the matter of minutes. My brows are back on fleek!!! It's been awhile. lol. I was going bare brow for quite sometime. Ashy blonde brows and copper blonde hair is not very sexy.

Jennifer Lopez slammed by PETA over 'blood-soaked' crocodile handbag Jennifer Lopez has angered animal rights activists by showing off a luxury crocodile hide handbag worth more than $100,000. The star was spotted with the Hermes Himalaya Birkin crocodile bag, known as the world's rarest, while out and about in New York City with her fiance Alex Rodriguez on Sunday.

Https:// Food & Wine goes way beyond mere eating and drinking. We're on a mission to find the most exciting places, new experiences, emerging trends and sensations.

A Rodent Breed Pays Hefty For Climate Change - Goes Extinct! How far can you imagine paying back to Mother Nature for the damage we constructively did and continue to do to nature? Well, I believe not as much as the horrors of a rodent breed native to Australia - Bramble Cay melomys. Their whole kind went extinct owing to human-induced climate change.

Breaded tofu strips recipe I've shared this sweet and sour sauce before, but this time I wanted to use it as a dip. Aquafaba, being the wonder food that it is, is a perfect substitute for an egg to coat the tofu with breadcrumbs. The tofu I used is made from gram flour, but any firm tofu should work.

Woman Attacked by Jaguar After Crossing Barrier to Take a Selfie A woman in Arizona suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries after being attacked by a jaguar when she crossed a barrier at a zoo to take a selfie.

Many pet owners keen to have vegan pets Published in the journal PLoS One, the survey found that 35 per cent of pet owners whose pets ate conventional diets were interested in switching their animals to a vegan diet. More than half of them added, though, that they had certain stipulations that had to be met first before they would make the switch.

Riding Solo in Vienna, Austria Austria isn't the first country that comes to mind when you think of "spring break," but it's actually a great spring destination! I spent a week in the land of mountains, lakes, palaces, opera houses, and so much more. I went by myself, but was so lucky to have friends that lived in Austria for a year give me recommendations for my trip.

Pumpkin Seed Butter Energy Balls Sometimes, you just need something to hold you over. It is 2:30 pm, you are at work or in the school pick up line and you need something healthy and full of good for you carbs and plant based protein to help you get through until dinner.

New Zealand's domestic spies, obsessed with illegally surveilling environmental activists, missed a heavily armed right-wing terrorist This was especially dire under former PM John Key, who is personally implicated in the illegal surveillance. Key was also a notorious enabler of offshore money-laundering, massively expanding NZ's role in the global dark money network, and the surveillance the state engaged in helped shield financial criminals from scrutiny.

Ere Perez: Oat Milk Foundation I'm finally reviewing this very popular, super hyped about product! If you've been looking into clean beauty, especially base products, I almost guarantee you've heard something about the Ere Perez Oat Milk Foundation. It's one of the more affordable clean beauty foundations on the market, it's also vegan and cruelty free!

What I ate in Vilnius, Lithuania Pie filling moved like jelly. Yellow part was like mango and lemon jelly, and the white part was like lemon vanilla jelly. It was refreshing. And I'll tell you in advance. I ate a lot of cake. I'm sorry if you don't like cake. Chocolate cream on top was delicious.

Founder of Cumbrian zoo where 500 animals died plans horse ranch A planning application under the name David Rivera was submitted this month and looks likely to be approved by the Lake District National Park Authority, to the anger of animal rights campaigners.

Questlove partners with Impossible Meat to make vegan cheesesteak Philly's favorite Late Night musician Questlove announced on Tuesday he has partnered with Impossible Meat and Live Nation to bring a vegan cheesesteak to Citizens Bank Park during all Phillies home games.

A vegan YouTuber has been caught eating fish at a restaurant, obviously Rawvana is a vegan YouTuber with a combined total of 2.8 million subscribers. But now, she is also the vegan YouTuber who got caught eating fish at a restaurant. And she's being dragged by her fans and everyone in the vegan community. Basically, she went on a holiday to Mexico, with a friend who is also a vlogger.

Oumph! wins three awards at World Food Innovation Awards Plant-based food brand, Oumph! has won three different awards at the World Food Innovation Awards 2019. Pulled Oumph! won Best Plant-Based Product, with the brand also winning Best Street Food Brand and Best Foodservice / Catering Product categories. The judging panel said: "Oumph!

10 Vegan Jokes That Will Make You Cringe Almost every herbivore will have found themselves as the butt of jokes about vegans and veganism…and then accused of having no sense of hummus.

Sweet Potato breakfast bowl Even though this breakfast was higher calorie, it was SO filling and delicious. I never thought putting this together would be as satisfying as it was. Sweet potato breakfast bowl. Ingredients; ⦁ One medium / large sweet potato ⦁ 1/2 Medium avocado ⦁ two large hard boiled eggs ⦁ 1 3/4 cups baby spinach.

Many pet owners keen to have vegan pets, University of Guelph study finds A surprising number of pet owners, particularly those who are vegan, are interested in feeding their pets a plant-based diet, according to new University of Guelph research.

Veganism on the rise Lunchtime is a good opportunity to increase food-to-go sales among vegan and vegetarian consumers, by offering a range of suitable sandwiches, wraps and salads that work with their lifestyles. It is important, however, to give consumers a balance.

Testing on dogs at Michigan lab to end immediately, DowDuPont division says MIDLAND, MI - Corteva Agriscience, a division of DowDuPont, has ended a study that involved testing on dogs, as the testing is no longer required by regulators in Brazil, the company announced Monday, March 18. The company's announcement comes after an undercover investigation by the Humane Society of the United States.

'Not Your Mom? Not Your Milk!' Vegan Billboard Commemorates Cows Killed In Truck Smash Choose Vegan." "The terror and pain that these trapped cows likely felt as a train barreled into them are hard to imagine," PETA Executive Vice President, Tracy Reiman, said in a statement.

Woody Harrelson producing vegan documentary series Wicked Healthy World Vegan actor and producer Woody Harrelson is partnering with plant-based chefs Derek and Chad Sarno for a new documentary series called 'Wicked Healthy World'. The series, executively produced by Harrelson, will feature vegan chefs, farmers and innovators from all over the world, exploring how we can work together towards a sustainable food system.

The best places to buy vegan leather shoes Well-done vegan leather is officially going mainstream, with some of the top retailers offering a wide selection of styles. You don't have to hunt far and wide for beautiful vegan leather shoes suitable for every occasion. The brands mentioned on this list have been featured by Who What Wear, Ethical Elephant, Racked, and The Strategist.

Sweet Potato Noodles with 5-Minute Vegan Alfredo Sauce Enter: sweet potato noodles! Sweet potato noodles are pretty great all on their own, but the creamy, 5-minute vegan alfredo sauce here is the real star. I have to be mindful of my marinara sauce consumption these days, which is fine by me because I'm obsessed with this easy blender cream sauce.

Jowelle to take legal action in defence of animals After communications broke down in 2018 with Minister of Rural Development and Local Government Kazim Hosein, animal rights activist, Jowelle De Souza is ready to take the Government to court to enact legislation to protect animals. It is not an avenue she wants to use, but De Souza says she is prepared to do so to protect the rights of animals.

Supreme Court puts definitive end to torture of bull at Toro de la Vega The ruling rejects an appeal filed by Tordesillas town hall, which argued that there was no reason to prohibit the killing of the animal at the festivities by a crowd armed with spears.

Chronic Tacos Will Offer Vegan ‘Meat’ Crumbles! Bringing Beyond Meat into our stores really enhances The Taco Life experience that we provide for our guests and we're excited to have a delicious and healthy plant-based option as part of that." Customers will be able to enjoy the Beyond Beef Crumbles in any item of their choosing, not just tacos.

Sainsbury's becomes the first UK supermarket to sell tempeh Vegan start-up company Plant Power is on a mission to make tempeh mainstream in the UK and Europe as it launches its first range of products in Sainsbury's. Tofu is a staple in vegan kitchens as it's brilliant for absorbing flavours and adding texture to dishes, and now it's time to tofu's cooler younger brother - tempeh!

Dairy Disneyland: One Farm's Quest to Save Industrial Agriculture Is Fair Oaks Farms bringing transparency to large-scale agriculture-or something more like propaganda?

Vegan Oumph! Scoops Three Gongs At Major World Food Innovation Awards Has won first prize in three categories at the prestigious World Food Innovation Awards. The meat-alternative 'Pulled Oumph!' product beat out all the competition in the Best Plant-Based Product; Best Street Food Brand; and Best Foodservice / Catering Product sections.

Rhythm 108 goes vegan after reformulating snack bar range Rhythm 108 is now 100% vegan as it releases its new and improved vegan All Day Snack Bar range. Rhythm 108 has replaced all animal ingredients and reformulated the recipes of the products in its All Day Snack Bar range to ensure all of the products in its range are 100% vegan.

Experiments First of all, I wanted to share this lovely photo of my breakfast fruit with you. The colours alone cheer me up and make me feel very abundant! Anyway, last year, I got an email from my bin company saying that they could no longer recycle plastic wrapping.

McDonald's launches vegan chicken nuggets in Norway McDonald's has become the latest fast food company to launch a new vegan option: McVegan nuggets. The plant-based offering is currently being offered in some of its Norway outlets. A spokesperson for the global fast food chain confirmed to Today that the vegan nuggets are made with mashed potato, chickpeas, onion, carrots and corn.

I Made Vegan Cookies! If you can't guess by the title of this post… I am going to tell you about the cookies that I made that are vegan. No, I am not going vegan but I have friends that are. We had a little game night and they made lunch so I made dessert! I had my friend pick a recipe that she thought looked good and that was fairly easy for me to make.

Gordon Ramsay Adds Vegan Roast to Menu at Bread Street Kitchen Can somebody please pinch me? Notorious bad boy chef and vocal basher of all things vegan, Gordon Ramsay, has added a vegan roast to the menu at his London based restaurant, Bread Street Kitchen. The celebrity chef, who previously said that he was a member of PETA, people eating tasty animals, seems to have gotten over his allergy to vegans.

Hungry Black Man to Host a Vegan Soul Food Festival in Miami Beach The countdown is on to Soul Vegan Festival, Miami Beach's edible event dedicated to plant-based African American, Caribbean, and Hispanic-inspired foods. The fest, which kicks off on Saturday, March 23, is a collaboration with the Hungry Black Man, a concept created by Starex Smith.

Vegan Food & Living Awards 2019… The Winners! It's time to celebrate the people, products and companies that you voted as your favourites… The last few years have been absolutely incredible for veganism, with new products appearing on what almost seems like a weekly basis. We thought it was about time we celebrated them with the first ever Vegan Food and Living Awards.

Flora goes completely vegan and removes dairy from their entire spread range The brand launched a dairy-free spread in 2016 but continued to produce other versions that contained animal products. Now Flora Original, Flora Light and Flora Buttery will be suitable for vegans. The new products have been certified by The Vegan Society to help shoppers identify that they are free from dairy.

'Ditch Milk' Says Massive London Advert By Vegan Oatly Brand The large mural in east London's Shoreditch follows the Swedish company's hugely successful campaign which had the slogan 'It's like milk, but for humans'

Middlesbrough's First Vegan Store Doubles In Size Business is booming for Middlesbrough's first vegan food store which is doubling in size less than a year after opening. The Little Vegan Market in Dundas Market has also been nominated for a prestigious national award. The business is run by Charlotte Bottomley and Matthew Wilson who say they are pleasantly surprised by their success.

Vegan lovers Smalling and model wife Sam enjoy dinner date at Frankie & Benny's after Man Utd star snubbed by England After being overlooked for international duty, Smalling's partner posted a picture on Instagram of the couple enjoying a dinner date at Frankie and Benny's. Sam captioned the post: "Like two naughty kids in @frankieandbennys. "We'd had a long day and no time to cook so couldn't resist when we drove past the vegan options are immense!

Vegan in birmingham I am from the Midlands in the UK. You can't tell from my blog but I have the accent. I'm not from Birmingham but people from elsewhere will still say "om frum burminnum" when they first hear me speak.

Rainy Day Chai Support Us This chai is designed to make you feel good! With pungent and astringent spices, it makes for a great herbal drink on a rainy spring day. Bring the water to boil on the stove top. Add the spices and simmer for 20-25 minutes. Reduce heat to low and add the dried tulsi, let steep for 3-5 more minutes.

The vegan revolution is coming for your shoe cupboard! Here's how to get involved like Meghan Markle With more and more brands offering animal-friendly alternatives, shoes of the vegan variety are undoubtedly at the top of the footwear agenda. Of course veganism is currently big news, especially amongst the 'woke' generation.

Raw Key Lime Pie Support Us This key lime is the ultimate treat! It's raw, contains few ingredients, healthy, and delicious! In a food processor place the crust ingredients and blend until fine sticky crumbles form Clean the food processor and add the avocados. Blend thoroughly until smooth.

Turmeric, Two Ways Some of my readers may remember my post from last year, when I wrote about living with Recurrent Corneal Erosion Syndrome and how juicing is one of the main ways I keep that beast under control. The importance of juicing is primarily about lowering inflammation in my body, but I don't rely on juicing alone to do this job.

Masterchef Goes Vegan For Episode: Guest Judge Says It Is 'Future Of Food' Last night's episode of the UK version of the show featured vegan chef Alexis Gauthier who says he ditched animal products when he had a midlife crisis.

Husband tells pregnant wife who's been vegan her whole life to eat meat for baby But one pregnant woman was left dumbfounded when her husband told her to change her vegan lifestyle and start eating meat for the 'baby's health'. The mum-to-be explained that she has been vegan her whole life and her parents and siblings too are on a plant-based diet.

Vegan, gluten - and dairy-free cherry bakewell slice recipe Using a 20cm - square foil tray makes these easy to transport. 16 slices. For the base. For the cherry filling. For the frangipane. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future.

Vegan and gluten-free berry parfait granola cup recipe You can fill these with whatever you like and you don't need a bowl or spoon to eat them. About 10. For the granola cups. For the berry parfait. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future.

Vegan and gluten-free chocolate chip cookie dough slab recipe There is just something about chewy raw cookie dough that totally hits the spot.

Iconic Beverly Hills Seafood Restaurant Debuts Vegan Menu After nearly two decades in operation, the famed modern Asian restaurant has introduced a slew of plant-based options for patrons to enjoy.

Wild Food Cafe - March 2019 At the weekend my Husband and I went to see a recording of one of my fave podcasts - Secret Dinosaur Cult hosted by comedians Sofie Hagen and Jodie Mitchell they cover trauma and daddy issues all through the lens of dinosaurs. If you've never listened I recommend you get on that!

The 11 Best New Vegan Products Coming in 2019 Vegan products dominated this year's Natural Products Expo West, the world's largest trade show for all things related to natural living, and VegNews editors sampled them all. Out of thousands of innovative and game-changing products, we awarded our 12th annual Best of Show Awards to these 11 incredible new vegan products.

Seoul is home to South Korea's first ever vegan grocery store Located in the Haebangchon neighborhood of Seoul, Vegan Space opened its doors last August, becoming the first store of its kind. While the space itself is a tight 20 square-metres, it's packed with goods like vegan Korean kimchi, vegan wine, Beyond Meat patties, tempeh, spices and vegan shampoo.

What's the Power in Acceptance? I had a huge problem with acceptance before and I am not sure how good at it I am still. I used to believe that acceptance equals surrender equals defeat and submission to a undesirable situation which is what should not be, what I could change, and ultimately what I can control.