16 y.o. veganboy. Wrote ebook and donates to charity

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Fruitysimon • Aug 18, 2017

Hello everybody!

I'm Simon and I'm 16 y.o. "vegan-boy" who just wrote ebook featuring over 100 of my favorite recipes, my personal story, insights, tips, my food staples and more.

I also decided to transfer 100% of the profit to the Mercy for Animals organization (mercyforanimals.org).

I'm vegan for the period of almost 2 years and share my favorite food on my instagram (Fruitysimon) where I try to show that veganism is easy, delicious, cheap and healthy way to live. To this day I try to inspire all my eight thousand followers.

The ebook is dedicated to all vegans, non-vegans or transitioning people who are seeking more informations about this lifestyle.

If you're curious about the ebook you can find all the informations here:

My website: fruitysimonblog.wordpress.com

My instagram: instagram.com/fruitysimon

Magazine that recently wrote about me: www.livekindly.co/...

I have put a lot of work into this ebook and hope that I can hopefully share the vegan message with as many people as possible..

My goal is to reach 10,000 dollars for the donation which is roughly about ~2480 sold units.

I was wondering if you can help me forward the message by sharing it with your friends so we can reach the goal soon. Also if you're interested and want to participate you can buy the ebook (3.99€): fruitysimonblog.wordpress.com

Thank you,



Meal5 • Sep 26, 2017

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