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Daisy • Sep 9, 2016

Hi everyone! I'm Daisy, I'm 17 and really interested in Veganism! I became Vegetarian around 3 weeks ago and I feel amazing to know I'm helping animals and not eating them and I really don't think I'll ever eat meat nor fish again. My questions for you guys are:
-My mum is not too keen on Veganism and views it as a very limiting diet, so how can I persuade her to allow me to become Vegan?
-Is veganism hard? (I understand that it's become easier in recent years, but I truly want to know whether things like eating out are harder now you're a vegan?
-What do you eat when you're going to a friend/family's house when they all eat meat/dairy etc?
-What benefits have you noticed since becoming a vegan?
Thank you! I really hope I can soon adopt the vegan way of life and join you all on an amazing journey to helping animals!

Natalie • Sep 10, 2016

Hi Daisy! I'm Nat. I've been vegan for around 6 years and I work at a vegan healthfood shop in the Midlands. Good on you for making a compassionate lifestyle choice to go veggie, and for thinking about veganism. I always say that nothing tastes as good as being vegan feels :-)

I would recommend that you sign up to one of the 30 day vegan challenges as this is a really good starting point - they can give you information and advice so that you can do a vegan diet properly. Your mum is likely concerned that you won't be healthy and happy on a vegan diet so it might help to show her that you can do it responsibly and making sure you think about nutrition. A good plant-based diet is healthier than a meat-based one, with lower risk of things like obesity and heart disease. One of the health benefits of being vegan I've noticed is that I haven't been ill with anything other than a minor cold in 6 years! I'm healthy and very happy :-) I'll send you some links that you might find helpful...

Natalie • Sep 10, 2016

Happy Cow is a great website for finding places to eat vegan food in the UK and throughout the world. But there are LOADS more options than this - most places to eat have veggie and vegan options either on the menu, or you can get in touch and ask them.

If your friends and family are happy to support you in your chosen diet then eating at their house shouldn't be a problem. Friends of mine have been happy to make meals that we can all eat together - veg curry, spag bol with veggie mince, etc. There are loads of options that would mean you don't have to have a separate meal to them. You can take your own vegan milk along for tea and coffee. I've also found that since becoming vegan I've made many wonderful vegan friends and we often eat together - there is a great vegan community in the UK, online and offline. Whereabouts are you based? I could tell you if you have a local vegan group.

Natalie • Sep 10, 2016

For new vegans I recommend the Vegan Gossip facebook group - very supportive people who are happy to answer any questions you might have.

It is becoming really easy to be vegan! Supermarkets and restaurants are increasing their vegan options and ranges and more people understand what vegan means. I haven't found it difficult and in the 6 years that I've been vegan I've seen a massive increase in new vegan products - great cheeses, milks, meat free foods. Anything you can think of really! If you don't have a shop near you that sells this stuff then there are websites that you can order from such as www.veggiestuff.com and veganstore.co.uk

Some websites to help you:

Finally there are lots of vegan festivals happening all over the UK. Maybe you could visit one with mum and you guys could get some info together :-)

Hope some of this helps! x

Vegan Talk • Sep 10, 2016

Hi Daisy,

Like yourself, I was vegetarian before going vegan.

1) It's much easier if you can get your mum to support you. I'd recommend going to a local bookstore with your mum and picking out a couple of good vegan cookbooks together. Look for books with healthy whole food recipes.

2) Veganism is easier if you prepare your own meals rather than eating processed foods and ready meals. Every major store sells fruit and vegetables and there are lots of vegan alternatives such as vegan cheeses and plant milks to help you transition. Look for a local health food store and you'll probably find more choice than you ever thought possible.

3) You might have to take your own snacks or meals to friends and family gatherings. Take the best vegan food you can and take some extra to share! Vegan food at parties tends to go pretty quickly even if there's not many vegans there.

Hope this helps!

L Austin • Oct 7, 2016

You and your mum may be interested to see what these people had to say about all this some 40 years ago!;


Blume • Jan 31, 2018

Hi Daisy (and everybody) :)

How is it going with the vegetarian/ vegan thing?

Lovely regards


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