Vegan knitwear

Conversation started by Kate

Kate • Nov 24, 2016


I'm a postgradute knitwear design student looking to start my own vegan knitwear brand.

I'd be really interested to hear everyone's views on where they stand on wearing wool.
Is second hand wool better? Should we campaigning for better treatment of sheep instead of boycotting the wool industry?

I would be delighted if anyone can take 2 minutes to fill in my online survey
It's just for my market research project and all answers are collected anoymously

Looking forward to hearing your views!

Thank you so much!


Dorit • Feb 23, 2017

As a life long plant based person, I prefer not having wool in anything at all. I do not understand how it can be vegan and wool at the same time. Unless you have found a way to make it from a non animal source? Otherwise if it is 2nd hand as you mentioned above, it is still wool and does not make a difference to me. Thanks for asking! I have also filled out your survey.BEST to you,

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