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Monkey, Puppies and Other Ridiculous and Weird Things Musicians Demand in Dressing Rooms The fans love to get into the celebs' life, however, sometimes what they find there is weird, cute or not really pleasant. And the things that musicians demand in dressing rooms can say a lot about the person. But who are we to judge?Â. prepared for you the list of the most ridiculous riders of all time.

Police Post Strange Footage of UFO Hovering in Middle of Thunderstorm The Guardian says there could be a number of reasons for the recent drop in UFO statistics, but the most possible is that "people simply don't care anymore." A post shared by Thrill Seekers Paradise on Feb 19, 2019 at 9:05am PST.

Woman Sends Photos to Car Insurance Agency Without Any Pictures of Her Car Alyssa Stringfellow from Arkansas was left red-faced when she tried to get insured on her grandmother's car, as instead of sending pictures of the vehicle as requested, she sent something completely different. This could simply be the naivety of youth, we hear you say.

40 Romantic Movies to Perk Up Your Date Night In Some of these movies are well-known, some you may have never heard of, and some will make you laugh while others will make you cry. They’re all emotional to different degrees and in different ways! Either way, it’s so nice to watch something touching with that special someone on your sweet date night at home.

11 Psychological Hacks for Those Who Lack Confidence How often do you think that you would get your dream job and have a better life if you were a more confident person? Not everyone is born with confidence, but you can develop it.

Rainbow List: 7 Famous and Fabulous Drag Queens for 2019 The brightest and the most fabulous ones - meet top 7 drag queens of all time onÂ. Source: Getty Images. RuPaul Andre Charles,  58, is American drag queen that is famous for producing and hosting the reality competition series RuPaul's Drag Race.

14 Dramatic Photos That Show Our Planet Before and After Human Intervention Have you ever noticed how much the places we are familiar with have changed over time? Rivers turn into swamps, forests grow in place of disappearing glaciers, and plants appear in the middle of nowhere. Many of these changes happen on their own.

25 Animals That Are So in Love With Things, They Can't Hold It Any Longer All living creatures are meant to love. This is what nature made us like, and it’s what drives us and makes us the best versions of ourselves. And we really are full of love and tend to express it in many different ways and situations because it’s an inherent part of us.

5 Best Apps To Hide Your Nude Pictures – This is Some "Military Grade" Protection! Sometimes you just want to show a picture to your friend or a relative and then they start swiping and you start freaking out because there are some pictures nobody can see. But worry no more, there’s a perfect way to hide your secrets. prepared you a list of 5 best apps to hide your nudes.

12 Surefire Ways to Spot a Liar in a Couple of Seconds According to statistics, we receive about 90% of the information about whether someone is an honest person from their body language. We analyze the body’s position and the person’s voice tone to understand their mood.

Parents Get Real About Giving Their Kids 'Screen Time' And honestly, it's hard to keep up with your own resolutions about how much screen time you'll allow your child, especially when they are screaming and crying and annoying you to no end. Occasionally, it's easier to plop them in front of the TV so you can like, pay your bills, instead of trying to come up with some other way to occupy them.

What 27 Celebrities Who Rose to Fame in the '80s and '90s Look Like Now Perhaps many of us have already forgotten the names of celebrities who were shining brightly in the ’80s and ’90s but still, many of us can still hum along to tunes like, “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul” and remember the faces of actors from The Addams Family and Crocodile Dundee.

Woman Accosts Parents on Sidewalk During Their Baby’s First Photo Shoot A woman accosts parents for taking photos of their baby on the sidewalk of a beautiful, affluent neighborhood, and it's caught all on tape.

I Can Has Cheezburger? - Crafted from the finest Internets.

20 Astonishing Inventions We Wish We Had at Home Life can be hard at times and sometimes we just wish there were superheroes to help us get through it. Thankfully, science helps us create marvels to make our lives easier, more productive, and more enjoyable.

Jussie Smollett's Character Cut From 'Empire' The police take hate crimes seriously. When it was first reported, they launched a full investigation. They interviewed more than one hundred people for this case, and they spent hours going through surveillance footage. It was a monumental waste of police time, especially when there are real crimes that need to be solved.

The Simple Warnings People Should Take More Seriously These are both infuriating and eye-opening.

Viral Twitter Thread Reveals the Reason Women Need to Have Control of Their Own Bodies Twitter user Salome Strangelove went completely viral when she shared a story that made it 100% clear why women need to be in control of their own bodies, and if you make it to the end without tearing up a little then you're basically heartless.

A Woman Finds a Squirrel With Long Curly Teeth and Takes Him to Save His Life A passionate animal lover from Barrhead named Jannet found a squirrel with unusually long and curved teeth which prevented it from eating food normally. The animal looked too skinny and had a small chance of surviving much longer so Jannet decided to help him.

Definitive Proof That ‘The Good Place’ Is a Better Show Than ‘The Office’ Side: The Good Place is a better show than The Office. Yes, I know. You love The Office. You've seen every season 20 times and the episode where Jim and Pam get married at Niagara Falls 40 times.

Son Hilariously Documents His Father's Obsession With Building an Arsenal of Facebook Memes Filmmaker Dylan LeVine hilariously documented his birthday candle-phobic father Vincent's obsession with Facebook and in particular, his overwhelming need to build an arsenal of memes, just in case.

Footage of Canadian Weatherman Percy Saltzman Drawing the Forecast Onto a Chalkboard Map in 1967 CBC archival footage from 1967 shows renowned Canadian weatherman Percy Saltzman impressively drawing a rather intricate low pressure weather pattern onto a chalkboard map while he explained the weather patterns in great detail. In this clip from 1967, CBC Weatherman Percy Saltzman chalks up the day's weather map that's lousy with lows.

Sex Button, Lick App, Sexcereal and Other Naughty Devices to Help You Be Amazing in Bed! made a list of the weirdest gadgets that can improve your sexual life!

Swimming With Gentle Giant Whale Sharks as They Feed off Isla Mujeres, Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula In the gorgeous underwater mini-documentary "There Be Giants", British filmmaker Simon Spear captured footage of the incredible bounty of life that lies beneath the waters of Isla Mujeres, Mexico. One such visitor to this municipality on the Yucatan peninsula is the whale shark, the largest non-cetacean animal in the world.

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