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Newspaper Makes An Unfortunate Typo On Julia Roberts Headline And People Make The Best Of It Now it's not for us to criticize another publication when they make a typo in their headlines, it can happen and it has happened to us here at Bored Panda too. However, this one, made by the Post-Journal a local newspaper in Jamestown, upstate New York, was as glaring as it was hilariously awkward.

53 'Elf Of The Shelf' Ideas That'll Make You Laugh Or At Least Admire People's Creativity Your image is too large, maximum file size is 8 MB.

Inexpensive, Simple Crafts to Do With Your Kids This Christmas We've gathered a bunch of fun, Christmas-y crafts that you can make with kids of all ages. You can even use them to decorate your home! It's a win-win-win situation, here, and isn't that what Christmas is really about? So, grab some pipe cleaners and cotton balls, pull your favorite holiday tunes up on Spotify, and let's get to crafting!

Einstein, Quarks, and String Theory — Space Facts That Will Impress the Pants off Your Friends But I promise you, space is cool - and we need to take the time to learn about it. And, if you're going to ask, watching 2001: A Space Odyssey doesn't count.

These Funny Look-Alike Objects Will Have You Doing a Double-Take Sometimes we see unexpected objects in unexpected places. These pictures are like Rorschach tests from the real world. Doughnuts, water coolers and piles of blankets that suddenly look like E.T., a married couple, and Cookie Monster.

Man Opens Mysterious Christmas Gift From 1970 and It Doesn’t Disappoint Adrian Pearce of Edmonton, Canada is a perfect example of that. Every year, he places the unopened gift his high school ex-girlfriend gave him for Christmas under his tree and just stares at it. Talk about holding a grudge! If I would have received a gift from an old flame, it would have been opened and then thrown in the fire.

Who's Kylie Jenner Dating? List of Top 7 Men KUWTK Reality Star Loves and Hookups Kylie Jenner has been known for dating famous rappers, but who are these people in particular? Check out on the list of top 7 men Kylie Jenner was associated with.Â. Travis Scott is a critically acclaimed rapper and a current Kylie's boyfriend.

11 Types of Hugs and What Each Says About Your Relationship The US National Hugging Day, which has already become international, is celebrated on the 21st of January. According to scientists, hugs bring plenty of benefits such as strengthening the immune system, reducing stress, and even boosting self-esteem.

What's Up, Elon: The 60 Minutes Interview Relealed Musk Doesn't Respect the SEC, Nobody Reviews His Tweets + More keeps in touch with the latest hot news and announcements from the most famous tech inventor and entrepreneur – Elon Musk. Here’s what you might have missed. Source: cbsnews.

Lawyers Tell Us Their Worst ‘Oh Crap’ Moment A recent AskReddit thread asked people - specifically, lawyers - to share the stories of their "oh crap" moments. The moments could be good or really, really bad. Many people replied with stories that might make you look forward to the next time you get summoned for jury duty.

These Bizarre Restaurants Might Make You Lose Your Appetite The restaurants featured here seem to be plagued by all sorts of issues. Some have bad service, while others have bad food, and many more problems.

These Inappropriate Christmas Decorations Are About to Ruin Your Whole Holiday These Christmas decorations shouldn't be used by anybody. Hi Dad. I'm Dad.

PETA Asked People to Stop Using ‘Anti-Animal Phrases’ and the Responses Are Priceless PETA, the animal organization, has asked people to stop using 'Anti-Animal Phrases' and people on the Internet have responded hilariously.

These Photos of Miserable Men Waiting While Their Wives Shop Are so Relatable A post shared by Miserable Men\u2122\ufe0f on Aug 29, 2018 at 5:37pm PDT. This picture is priceless. He's napping, but he's really upset about it. A post shared by Miserable Men\u2122\ufe0f on Jun 10, 2018 at 1:33pm PDT. I like how this group wore matching t-shirts for their big outing.

Admit It: You Did Every Single One of These Things as a Child I am pretty sure that every kid who grew up in the '90s did the following 30 things. If you didn't, my theory could be completely wrong. Or, maybe you're the weird outlier that somehow proves the theory. Look, I'm not a scientist. Scroll through this gallery and keep a mental checklist of the things that you relate to.

29 Photos Explaining Why the Internet Went Crazy Over Maine Coons What do we know about Maine Coons? First of all, they’re the biggest house cats. Second, they have a crazy amount of fur. Third, they are a little bit arrogant. Fourth, their ancient ancestors have some mysterious magic.

Christmas Hypocrisy: Dog Edition Life is not fair…when you're a dog. via reddit.

Christmas Drinking Game Hey look, someone on TV is wearing a Santa hat, drink! via reddit.

4m Fancy and Luxurious Houses Meghan and Kate Left After Royal Wedding – You Can Actually Buy It! Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle now live in fancy and luxurious cottages, but not many know where they lived before the Royal wedding.Â. Check out on the stunning apartments of Meghan and Kate before the Royal life. Source: Shutterstock.

Christmas in Los Angeles Sucks Gus Johnson sings a heart-wrenching song about why Christmas in Los Angeles sucks. In addition to this blog, Laughing Squid is also a web hosting company that focuses on Managed WordPress hosting. The revenue from our hosting services helps support this blog.

A Badass One Man Ska Cover of 'Linus & Lucy' In celebration of the 2018 holiday season, the very talented multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Hunter of Skatune Network performed a badass cover of the Vince Guaraldi Trio instrumental "Linus And Lucy" from classic animated television special A Charlie Brown Christmas based on comic strip Peanuts.

Musician in Toe Socks Plays a Walking Bass Line With His Feet While Playing a Mean Guitar With His Hands Musician Davidlap who, like bassist Davie504 asks his fans to challenge him through social media and like Rob Scallon enjoys finding unusual ways to play his instruments, quite amusingly put on a pair of brightly colored toe socks and proceeded to play a nice blues jam with his hands on a guitar and a bass at his feet.

15 Actors Behind Famous Movie Characters That Are Hard to Recognize In the movie industry, actors often look much different on film than they do in real life. They cut and dye their hair, gain or lose weight, and spend many hours with makeup artists every day to transform into someone else.

Miss World 2018: Vanessa Ponce de Leon the First Miss Mexico to be Crowned! Vanessa Ponce de Leon made history on Saturday to become the first Miss Mexico to be crowned Miss World.Â.

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