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Not All Cats Are Jerks: 15 Friendly Cat Breeds That Will Actually Give a Fluff About You Some people adore cats, while others aren’t really the biggest fans of the furry felines. The reason for that is the stigma surrounding them that they are not friendly, that they dislike you and consider you their slave, and other feline urban legends… We absolutely disagree!

16 Things You Had No Idea Were In Antarctica Of all the continents, Antarctica is probably the most mysterious. It was the last to be discovered and has never had a human population… or at least one permanently living there. That said, there are a lot of surprising things you might find there, both from history and from modern settlements.

20+ Halloween Nail Designs to Make Your Look Spookily Impressive Halloween is creeping closer… Boo! And that means that many people around the world have started to think about their look for Halloween-themed parties. Some people get inspired by villains from movies, others by fictional monsters.

Responsibility is Important, Karen Responsibility is Important, Karen - World's largest collection of cat memes and other animals.

20 Dads Who Totally Nailed the Texting Game Dads and texting can be a whole new genre of entertainment. It can be comedy, or tragedy, or a good ol’ roast session. They usually have no filter or shame, so be prepared to read everything. You’d better keep that in mind if you are going to teach them how to use their new smartphones.

Olympic Skier Showcases His Agile Parkour Skills on a Rube Goldberg Style Obstacle Course Swiss skier Andri Ragettli, who previously showed off his excellent parkour skills in 2017, has returned to further showcase his agile balance-focus talent with an incredible series of moves. These Rube Goldberg style moves include riding atop the handlebars of a bicycle and walking a tightrope while juggling three balls.

A Badass Ninjabread Man Cookie Baking Kit The online novelty food distributor Brand Castle has put a rather amusing twist on a classic holiday cookie. The traditional gingerbread man just sits quietly and politely wherever he is, however, this Ninjabread Man Cookie Baking Kit is a bit more badass.

8 Ways Eye Contact Can Change Your Life People usually make eye contact 30 to 60% of the time they are in a conversation. But to establish a real emotional connection, it should really be about 60 to 70%. Using eye contact to your advantage is a skill that can be mastered with practice.

An Incredible Skateboard Rig That Helps Kids With Cerebral Palsy and Other Disabilities Ride a Skateboard Steven Pinto and Daniel Paniagua of Studio Neuro work to ensure that children who have cerebral palsy and other disabilities get to enjoy the.

Autonomous Vision-Enabled Robotic Dog Poop Scooper Beetl Robotics has efficiently addressed the often procrastinated chore of picking after a dog with their robotic dog poop scooper.

20+ Animals That Had a Surprise in Store for Their Owners After living with our pets for years, we get used to their unusual habits and actions. But even the wisest pet owners aren’t always ready for the surprises that their 4-legged friends have in store for them: they grow 3 times bigger than they were meant to grow, they run away from home and find the way to their masters’ work, and they...

A Whimsical Grandfather Clock With a Sassy Stance While out thrifting one day, shopper Jessie Bultman found a wonderfully grandfather clock that was positioned in a rather "sassy" stance.

Brooklyn Beckham Is Dating a Model That Used to Work as a Victoria Beckham Lookalike So when news came in of Brooklyn's new girlfriend been a Victoria Beckham look-a-like, well… None of us were really that surprised. And they do say that all men end up marrying women who resemble their mothers, so maybe it isn't that weird… Okay, it's 100 percent weird.

Shocking Moment 'Drunk' Woman Grinds on Cop Arresting Her A drunk woman was being arrested by a male police officer when she began grinding on him and making inappropriate noises, and the clip has gone viral.

Voldemort's Robes Faded in Color Every Time a Horcrux Was Destroyed in 'Harry Potter' Movies We all know the Wizarding World is one of many secrets and everything we manage to uncover just makes the series better, but recently, one revelation about Harry Potter's arch-nemesis, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, has left us questioning if we had actually missed way more clues then we thought.

Kanye West Gave Kim Kardashian a $1 Million Birthday Present Kim Kardashian has just celebrated her thirty-ninth birthday and she has shared the generous gift that Kanye has bought for her this year…

Kindhearted People Helping Cats And Dogs Live a Better Life The people in the pictures below didn't have to do what they have done, but they still went out of their way to help these helpless cats and dogs who didn't know how to deal with certain situations. Your faith in humanity will be restored after seeing these pictures.

How Dogs and Cats React to the Noise of the Television or Music Left on When Their Humans Leave the House Today I Found Out host Simon Whistler reports on a 2017 study of British households who had dogs showed that a good percentage of the humans left the television or music playing when they left the house for the day. A separate study in the same played music for cats to understand the results.

A Big Brainless Unicellular Yellow Blob That Moves, Eats and Repairs Itself While Navigating Mazes A big yellow blob with very unique traits has made its first formal museum debut at the Parc Zoologique de Paris. This brainless, unicellular lemon-colored organism known as "Physarum polycephalum is neither plant nor animal nor fungus yet it can remarkably move, eat, repair itself when broken apart and even navigates mazes of varying shapes.

People Show What Fall Looks Like Around the World There is something special about the playfulness of enchanting colors that autumn brings. Leaves turning from green to yellow, everyone getting wrapped up in warm and cozy clothes, and going out on those crisp autumn days. Yes, autumn is indeed a magical time, and its unmatched beauty makes everyone want to become a professional photographer.

Forget About Pizza Rat: Cockroach Captured With a Cigarette is The New King of the Street Cockroach with a cigarrete.

Albino Ferret Enters Woman's Home And Turns It Into a B&B Albino ferret comes for a visit.

20 Fantastic Murals That'll Stop You in Your Tracks Street art gets a bad reputation sometimes and unfairly so, because it can bring color to the grayest areas of a city. Some of these works of art are so incredible, they make even the busiest people stop and take a breather — to enjoy the beauty or the message from these murals.

New Netflix Horror Has People 'Flushing Phones down the Toilet' Well, keep scrolling to learn more about this nail-biting flick, including a glimpse at the trailer for your viewing pleasure.

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