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17 Teachers Who Would Beat Any Stand-Up Comedian Sometimes, teachers not only give their students knowledge but they also give them some humor lessons. This article will prove that teachers are not only smart, but they can also be very clever and funny.

25 True-Born Savages Who Seriously Crossed the Line We usually deal with somewhat “normal” people in our daily lives. Most of them are so civilized and well behaved that it just becomes boring at some point. Savage people, on the other hand, are the ones who just don’t care about how they’re perceived and want to have fun — and with them having fun, you have fun too!

Welcome to Guna Yala – Very FIRST Stereotypes-Free Territory with "Third Gender" or Gender Fluid People In a small indigenous island of Guna Yala off Panama’s eastern coast, a new term ‘third gender’ is becoming more popular and is breaking all stereotypes about the genders.Â. Read the details on Source: Pesantez Tours. Guna Yala, aka San Blas, is an indigenous province in northeast Panama.

9 Little-Known Ways to Use Paraffin Wax When you hear “paraffin wax, ” the first and probably the only association you have is with candles.

Amazingly Clear Remastered Footage of an Amazing 1969 Jimi Hendrix Show in Stockholm, Sweden In January of 1969, the late, great Jimi Hendrix performed at the Konserthuset in Stockholm, Sweden. For a long time, this amazing show was considered to be lost, but was luckily located in 2004 at the Swedish television station SVT just before heading for erasure.

Clever Packaging That Sorts Bananas According to Ripeness So They Can Be Properly Enjoyed Each Day The Korean grocery store E-Mart has created a brilliant campaign that encourages people to eat one banana per day.

Dangerous Beaches: Top 4 Things You Should Beware of Spending Time on the Beach! Check out this video to learn 4 things you should beware of spending time on the beach!

An Overjoyed Rescued Pet Duck Gleefully Greets Her Human at the Door When She Gets Home From Work A really sweet rescued pet muscovy duck named Petunia who lives indoors, excitedly greeted her human Chantel Grant at the door when she came home from work. Upon the sight of Grant, Petunia gleefully began quacking and wagging her tail feathers, seemingly in anticipation of the affection she'd be receiving in short order.

18 Fresh Comedies That Can Make Your Summer Evening Even Brighter Our life is abundant with challenges, but we persevere and find something good and positive in each day. In order to remind you that miracles do happen, we collected some comedies for you that contain a tangled bunch of jokes along with some serious messages.

A Silly Husky Hilariously Pretends to Be a Revving Dirt Bike for His Motorcycle Riding Human While visiting his parents, welder and motocross rider Greg Vannorden straddled his legs over a silly husky named Brodie and pretended to rev him up like a dirt bike. As if on cue, Brodie hilariously went along with the gag and provided the very accurate soundtrack as a motorcycle the moment Vannorden lovingly grabbed his ears.

Stunning Photo Series That Captures the Exquisitely Stark Sterile Symmetry of Synchronized Swimming For her beautiful ongoing photo series, which began with the book Swimming Pool, photographer Mária Švarbová captured the exquisite symmetry of synchronized swimmers paired with their likenesses as reflected in the stark, still, sterile waters of different pools built in Slovakia during the Soviet era.

Imaginative Man Builds a Video Game Inspired Folding Shed Door That Opens Geometrically Warwick Turvey, a very handy logistics professional who lives in Mackay, Queensland, Australia built a really wonderful shed door that folds open and close in a precise geometric manner. In an interview with Caters, Turvey stated that the inspiration for this unique door was "inspired by a combination of video game doors and unique artwork".

Myth Broken! Men Believe Women Have Sex 23 Times a Month – Guess Who's Wrong? The studies on myth and stereotypes added to a new book The Perils of Perception collected data on how often people aged 18-29 from Britain and the US have sex. The results are quite funny and unexpected!Â. Source: Giphy. People aged 18-29 from Britain and the US shared how often they had sex in the past 4 weeks.

17 Photos Where We Need 2 Pairs of Glasses to Catch the Twist We’ve gotten used to trusting a first impression, but what if the reality of the situation is more complicated? Sometimes we need to challenge ourselves to see things as they really are.

How the English Language Would Sound If Each Vowel Had a Single Consistent Phonetic Voicing American composer, writer, director, and filmmaker Aaron Alon explains the difficulty of learning the English language, specifically in regard to the vastly different ways vowels are pronounced.

10 Bizarre Foods That Appeared in Supermarkets in 2018, and We Don't Know What to Think No matter what your regular grocery list looks like, we bet you don’t have pink bread, floral seasoning, or plant-based milk on it. But very soon, things might change because we’ll see these and 8 more weird foods on the shelves of supermarkets. Do you want to know what else we should prepare for?

Internet Went Crazy Over Magical 'Matilda Challenge' and New Doja Cat's Viral Song 'B tch, I'm a Cow' That Makes Everybody Say Mooo! We all know how catchy dumb songs may be. First, we had 'What does the fox say?', then 'Pen-pineapple-apple-pen' and now the next stage is 'Mooo song' by Doja Cat. Moreover, don't miss one more fresh cool challenge. Follow to stay in touch!

The Familiar Process of Endlessly Scrolling Through Netflix In Order to Just Find Something to Watch In a hilarious video that hits close to home, vlogger James Rolfe of Cinemassacre shares the familiar process of scrolling endlessly through Netflix just to find something to watch.

An Intensely Focused K9 Police Dog Tries to Rip the Head Off a Jack-in-the-Box After It Pops Up A focused police dog named Ammo who works for the Redondo Beach K9 Team, watched intensely as his human partner Officer Kyle Lofstrom slowly wound the handle of a classic Jack-in-the-Box toy. When the top popped open and Jack appeared, Ammo wasted no time in hilariously trying to separate the pop-up toy's head from its body.

20 Animals We Thought Were Adorable Until They Yawned Yawning is one of the most natural yet mysterious processes in the body. But as you know, not just people can yawn but animals can as well. How cute and lovely they become before they yawn! Cute bunnies show a mouth full of teeth and monkeys fall asleep peacefully on a car roof.

Host Your WordPress Website at Laughing Squid You may not realize this, but Laughing Squid is also a web hosting company that focuses on WordPress hosting. The revenue from our hosting services helps support this blog. We recently announced that we are now offering Managed WordPress, a hosting service highly optimized for WordPress.

Advance Your Design Career With Parsons at Open Campus This post was sponsored by Parsons at Open Campus via Syndicate Ads. Spark a career transformation this fall with art and design courses and certificates with Parsons School of Design, recently named the #1 art and design school in the US.

Breaking News! At Least 22 Children Drowned After Boat Sinks in the Nile River in Sudan While Students Were On Their Way to School At least 22 students drowned when a boat was crossing the Nile River in Sudan. The boat was carrying more than 40 people when it capsized due to rough conditions. Keep on reading to know more. At least 22 people, the majority of whom are children, are dead after a boat sank in the River Nile in Sudan.

Trump News: Fake Relationships With Melania + 7 More Crazy Revelations We Found Out From Omarosa New Book 'Unhinged' We all heard about a new scandal in White House over former presidential aide Omarosa Manigault Newman’s newly published book Unhinged, about her 15-year relationship with Donald Trump. gathered craziest revelations from the book everybody's discussing now.Â.

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