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Woman Glues A Toy Horse To Her Phone And Now It's In Every Single Picture She Takes It turns out that Kai glued the horse to her phone in such a way that its face was just below the camera. This meant that every time she took a picture, the horse was in it! Bored Panda reached out to Kai and talked to her about her horse-phone and her sudden launch to internet fame.

Cat Sounds Like He's Saying "Well, Hi" In Thick Southern Accent Cat Sounds Like He's Saying "Well, Hi" In Thick Southern Accent - World's largest collection of cat memes and other animals.

Amazon Delivery Guy Finds Snacks By The Door, Reacts With The Purest "Happy Dance" The holiday season is upon us and thanks to the mighty internet, our shopping for Christmas has become much easier than it was a decade or two ago. Unfortunately, that also means that the season is quite hectic for those who deliver your goods to your front porch.

This Elderly Woman Was Scared Of Her Neighbor's Pit Bull Until He Saved Her Life Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. Pit bulls don't get a lot of love from people because of their ferocious reputation.

'Throuple' Say People Are Jealous of Their Relationship A "throuple" from Florida have spoken out about their unusual relationship. Keep scrolling to find out what they have to say… That time we brought Jess to the Bahamas\ud83d\ude02\ud83c\udfdd. #bahamas #treeo #poly #polyfidelity #polypride #thrice #wearethree #love #wehavefun #hisandhersandhers #allofus #triad #triplethreat #pretty.

Teacher Doesn't Like This 11-Year-Old Being Thankful For Getting Adopted By Two Dads, So These Three Girls Get Her Fired Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. An 11-year old faced harsh judgement from a substitute teacher when he said during a class discussion that he was thankful for his two adoptive dads.

Disney Is Now Selling Official Baby Yoda Merch Disney has announced that baby Yoda merchandise is officially available to buy right now, and we couldn't be more excited.

Kendall Jenner Mocked For Wearing 'Tiniest String Bikini In The World' Kendal Jenner has been brutally mocked online after she shared a photo of herself wearing what could be the tiniest bikini in the world…

Firefighter Shares A Tribute To His Dog That Passed Away And Every Pet Owner Can Relate American author and columnist W Bruce Cameron once said: "When you adopt a dog, you have a lot of very good days and one very bad day." He is, of course, referring to the inevitable day that every dog owner dreads. Like all pets, dogs become family starting day one.

Man Goes Christmas Tree Shopping Without Wife and Trolls Her With Hilarious Pics A man went viral after he expertly pranked his wife when shopping alone for the family Christmas tree… And her reaction was amazing.

38 'Little Absurd Stories' By Italian Artist Disse Italian artist Disse can see the world in a way you and I don't. They can spin it, turn it upside down, and show the different angle through short and immediate comics that will linger in our mind for quite some time, asking if we're twisted to even find them funny.

22 Times IKEA Customers Spotted Shark Plushies "Doing Human Things" At Their Stores IKEA first started selling Blåhaj a few years ago, but was recently convinced to relaunch the plush shark after fans petitioned for its comeback. Since then, the friendly-looking toy has appeared in countless social media posts, and some have even created separate Instagram accounts for their plushy pal.

20+ Photos That Prove Even Century-Old Dirt Can Be Cleaned Off If You Really Put Your Mind to It According to a survey done by the American Cleaning Institute, 33% of people admit that they don’t clean up very often, 41% of the respondents couldn’t remember when the last time was that they cleaned up their fridges. But the people from our article are nothing like that: they are ready to take on even the most hopeless cases.

People Are Sharing 'Rare' Insults That Take Them To The Next Level Just for a moment, try imagining a world where insults don't exist, where everyone tells the truth, and nobody swears. Ever. Sounds pretty boring, doesn't it? Nobody's excusing being nasty to other people, but insults tell us a lot about our background, our culture, as well as our outlook on life.

The Horrifying Reality of Consumer Genetic Testing Worse yet, actual doctors are worried that direct-to-consumer genetic testing paints an incomplete picture of risk, giving patients a false sense of security and leading them to neglect future screenings. Of the thousands of possible cancer-causing BRCA mutations, for example, 23andMe screens for only three.

5 Sex Scandals From Hollywood's Golden Age Sex scandals were rampant in the supposed Golden Age… they were just easier to cover up.

What the Singers We Couldn't Stop Listening to in the '90s Look Like Today Maria Carey’s songs were number-one singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart 14 times throughout the ’90s.

This Coffee Shop Employee Found A Genius Way To Deal With Jerk Customers, Asks People If She's Mean For Doing So They're shouting at the top of their voice. Their spit is flying everywhere. Their faces are red like a ripe tomato. And they're angry beyond belief. Rude customers are the bane of anyone who's ever worked in the service industry as a waiter, a server, or a cashier.

17 People That Had Nightmares After Visiting Their Hairdresser There are entire research projects dedicated to how age and life satisfaction influence our choice when it comes to our hairstyle. The more we love ourselves and the more we accept ourselves, the more our hairstyles actually fit us.

20 People Shared the Unpleasant Facts They Learned About Their Spouses After They Got Married When we are in love, it seems to us that our soulmate is absolutely perfect. But after this emotional illusion disappears and routine kicks in, family life can bring a lot of surprises: from some weird everyday habits to a mysterious past.

20+ Times When Customers Were Treated As If They Were Family Trying to increase their income, marketers keep coming up with more and more new tricks to lure us into stores. But, fortunately, there are still people that know that the best kind of advertisement is genuine care for your clients and customers.

10 Celebrities Who Have Unexpected Famous Relatives While most celebrities love to make every little detail of their lives a headline, there are some who have managed to keep a few things low-key.

10 Child Care Mistakes Every Parent Has Made at Least Once in Their Lives Parents try to give their children the world, but sometimes even they make mistakes that can affect their child for their whole life. In fact, there are a set of common parenting errors that young couples tend to make when they are raising their baby.

6 Hair Colors That Are Perfect for Your Skin and Facial Features and Can Make You Look Younger Over the years, gray hair could become a nightmare because it makes its entrance at right about the same time wrinkles begin to show up on your face. You may start thinking about how to look younger. Fortunately, a few tips can benefit you in these circumstances.

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