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Generic Roller Coaster Land MONDAY 2/17/20 - The show is live despite many people having the day off for Presidents' Day. Chaka Khan turns heads with her National Anthem. The stripper who fell off a two story poll has a new job she wants to explore. Shawn sees the worst movie he's ever seen. The News Junkie
Gyrating Like Sex FRIDAY 2/14/20 - Shawn screws up Valentine's Day. Shawn is weirded out by a new Netflix show. Russian radio is turning heads in Kansas City. A man on dialysis is upset he can no longer bring his life-sized President Trump cutout to treatment. The News Junkie
Shawn Lawson the Stripper THURSDAY 2/13/20 - Another planet-killing asteroid gets close to Earth. A doctor has a troubling admission in his suicide note. Astronaut Christiona Koch updates on life on the ground after a record amount of time in space. A new dating app focuses more on personality and less on pictures. The News Junkie
OK B-Word WEDNESDAY 2/12/20 - New Hampshire has a primary winner, but some voters have odd systems for picking a candidate. A postponed controversial movie finally gets a release date. Shawn has a new career opportunity for the show. Macaulay Culkin speaks about Michael Jackson again. The News Junkie
Brooms at Attention! TUESDAY 2/11/20 - Shawn is disappointed at C-Lane. The Coronavirus gets its own song. Shawn is tickled by a video out of Hawaii that could be getting a TikTok user in a lot of trouble. Sabrina reveals who has died onscreen more than any other actor. The News Junkie
Dog-Faced Pony Soldier MONDAY 2/10/20 - Joe Biden gets old-school with his insults. Eminem surprises at an otherwise mediocre Oscars. Dispatchers are skeptical after a video shows a stripper falling off a two-story pole. Brazzers offers a musical based on a popular category of porn videos. The News Junkie
We May Have to Evaporate FRIDAY 2/7/20: Burger King jumps on board with anti-Valentine's promotions. A TikTok user says their cat can speak. Baby Yoda is already breaking toy records. A man in Sarasota finds himself in jail for the 66th time. The News Junkie
Cry Me A Cockroach THURSDAY 2/6/20: The impeachment trial is over and some reactions are a little more radical than others. The San Diego Zoo has the perfect Valentine's Day promotion. A man is suing over the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Erykah Badu is the next to get a vagina scent. The News Junkie
Bagels? WEDNESDAY 2/5/20: C-Lane returns from a bout with possibly the coronavirus. The 'Golden Ratio' determines a new world's most handsome man. The two dumbest drug dealers ever get arrested in North Florida. The News Junkie
Sabrina Returns From New Orleans Sabrina is back from New Orleans and C-Lane may or may not be dead. Absolute chaos in Iowa after the vote, why a guy put two women on blast, and the new social network that is taking over. The News Junkie
C-Lane Has The Corona Virus? It's the day after the Super Bowl and Clane is mysteriously absent. We go over the crazy Super Bowl moment that no one is talking about, hit the controversy over the halftime show and someone named Bob FREAKS OUT. The News Junkie
Marketing and Monetization - Naresh Vissa #67 Naresh Vissa joined us today. When it comes to marketing and monetization, the two go hand-in-hand. Using digital marketing you can turbo-charge your podcast listenership. It means uploading your podcast to multiple platforms. Getting your show out there. Viral Podcasting
Fireball Fritz Friday FRIDAY 1/31/20: Shawn and C-Lane want to play a prank on the Jim Colbert Show. Everyone gears up for the Super Bowl, while C-Lane explores whether you can find lodging in Miami. A teacher loses his job over medical marijuana. The News Junkie
Real Radio 104.1 THURSDAY 1/30/20: Fritz joins the show while Sabrina is off to New Orleans. Shawn takes a couple spins on the Wheel of Hot Takes while trying to determine if C-Lane is really as chill as his radio persona. The News Junkie
Clown Pound Town WEDNESDAY 1/29/20: Shawn is humored by a lack of enthusiasm for Cleveland. Michael Bloomberg is awkward when it comes to dog petting. Super Bowl snacks go up for debate. A clown couple is looking for a third to spice up things in the clown bedroom. The News Junkie
I'd Have a Beer With _________ TUESDAY 1/28/20: Vermont wants emojis on license plates. A football coach is in hot water after a survey question. A woman warns her fellow sex-toy enthusiasts after a slip-up causes her to need emergency surgery. The News Junkie
Do it for Mamba MONDAY 1/27/20: Teammates, fans and celebrities alike react to the tragic news of the passing of basketball star Kobe Bryant over the weekend. C-Lane returns from a weekend in New Orleans a little worse for the wear. The News Junkie
Friday's Podcast FRIDAY 1/24/20: Everybody talks about how much they miss C-Lane. The News Junkie
Did Shawn Cry? THURSDAY 1/23/20: A special guest joins us for the show today and he's been brutally shamed all day. Did Shawn cry during the most ridiculous moment of the show? A white police officer swears he's actually black. The News Junkie
Pettifogging Cool WEDNESDAY 1/22/20: Posting this for a second time because the first one isn't showing up. #fingerscrossed. The News Junkie
Not That Song! TUESDAY 1/21/20: People are lashing out at a popular song. Cruisers set sail for a 111-day voyage. A comedian comes under fire for a joke she made about Greta Thunberg. Akon gets his own city. The News Junkie
Brace for Impact MONDAY 1/20/20: Rob Lowe takes shots for his hat on Twitter. A weekend fight doesn't last long. A man dies during a concert performance. Another man almost does the same. Sabrina sees Celine Dion just days after a major life event. The News Junkie
Touch EVERYTHING. FRIDAY 1/17/20: Shawn and C-Lane broadcast live from Orlando Science Center for OTRONICON 2020. The News Junkie
"Yeah, Good." THURSDAY 1/16/20: CNN releases audio from after the Democratic debate. A woman makes a scene in a Miami airport. A YouTuber has a less-than-believable response to outrage over a stunt he pulled. Boosie Badazz responds to rumors and plugs his latest brand. The News Junkie
Aren't You Famous? WEDNESDAY 1/15/20: A plane is forced to dump its fuel in an awkward spot. Universal Japan reveals more about Super Nintendo World. The Jeopardy Greatest of All Time tournament comes to a close. Timbaland comes out of hiding after losing a bunch of weight. The News Junkie
HIT THE BUTTON ALREADY! TUESDAY 1/14/20: LSU fans troll Clemson's mascot during the National Championship Game. Shawn is infuriated with a needless invention featured on Shark Tank. An unlikely actor enters the tampon game. The News Junkie
Wooooooooooo! MONDAY 1/13/20: Shawn is annoyed by a football fan. A fertile turtle single-handedly saves its species. A student tries changing the name of his high school. Gwyneth Paltrow's candles sell out fast. Mom's freak out over a bad word in a burger ad. The News Junkie
CHICKEEEEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FRIDAY 1/10/20: Shawn may be on board with The Bachelor. Jobs at Taco Bell may be getting more lucrative. Beds in the Olympic Village are getting cheaper. A couple gets in to a fist-fight over a talk show. A woman loses $10k over an unfortunate mix-up. The News Junkie
Uncle Father-in-Law THURSDAY 1/9/20: The Royal Family takes over the news. A columnists tweets send up some red flags. Shawn thinks we should bring back a controversial practice. Holy Land backs off on some of their entertainment offerings. A cousin couple wants their rights. The News Junkie
24 Bings WEDNESDAY 1/8/2020: The Girl Scouts get a new cookie. Two idiots think they can scam the lottery system. A man has a clever way of getting his charges dropped. The first Fritz on the Street of 2020 fires off with a bang. The News Junkie
Warning: Lots of Poop TUESDAY 1/7/20: An NBA star plays through a gruesome injury. Tempe, Arizona gets a graffiti superhero. A Volusia woman is arrested for quite a heinous crime. The News Junkie
Happy New Year! MONDAY 1/6/20: Shawn, Sabrina, and C-Lane return from a lengthy holiday break to kick start a new year of shows. The News Junkie
So long, 2019… FRIDAY 12/20/19: The News Junkie participates in the Real Radio 104.1 Telethon benefiting the Central Florida Coalition for the Homeless. The entire station performs a radio version of Dickens' A Christmas Carol. The News Junkie
Powered by Jameson WEDNESDAY 12/18/19: The show broadcasts live from Elixir in Downtown Orlando for the kickoff to Just OK VI. Fritz comes out for a live finale of Fritz on the Street. The News Junkie
Live from Universal Orlando TUESDAY 12/17/19: The News Junkie celebrates the holidays live at Universal Orlando Resort. The News Junkie
Make It Snow! MONDAY 12/16/19: Shawn has movie issues. Texters argue over the worst Christmas song. The fake white power sign hits the news again. The News Junkie
Back to Space FRIDAY 12/13/19: The News Junkie broadcasts live from Kennedy Space Center. The News Junkie
I'm Santa Clause THURSDAY 12/12/19: Shawn and Sabrina appear masked once again on Fox 35. A hacker gets creepy with Nest cameras. A tech startup makes an impressive delivery. A man shows up to a prostitution sting naked. A beloved TV show triggers a fist fight. The News Junkie
The Deadliest Fart WEDNESDAY 12/11/19: Apple's new Mac Pro may only be for the super rich. Time Magazine announces the Person of the Year. A school administrator is under fire for her Halloween costume. The News Junkie TUESDAY 12/10/19: Someone is trying to start a war on porn. A dance troupe has been crashing holiday parades in Central Florida. A Twitter user gets creepy about Taylor Swift's eggs. A Las Vegas resident is doing weird things with pigeons. The News Junkie
Let It Snow MONDAY 12/9/19: Walmart has to take a Christmas sweater off their website. Amy K returns after two weeks off. The Pelaton girl lands another gig. A TV reporter speaks out after getting her ass smacked during a live shot at a marathon. The News Junkie
Can't Post Here, Fat! FRIDAY 12/6/19: Chipotle is changing the game on calling in sick. A soccer player leaves the mitch mid-game for an unusual reason. The first Baby Yoda tattoo is NOT a very good one. A Tampa family fights back against porch pirates. The News Junkie
Chicken or Tuna? THURSDAY 12/5/19: The show recaps the 7th annual bike drive. Tales of white window-less vans run rampant on social media. A woman rages over a bad haircut. Andrew Yang gets weird about whipped cream. A hungover C-Lane is unclear about what's in his salad. The News Junkie
BIKE BIKE BIKE!!! WEDNESDAY 12/4/19: The News Junkie broadcasts live from ACE Cafe in downtown Orlando for the 7th annual holiday bike drive. Bikes are collected. Drinks are had. The News Junkie
Fired Up. Ready to Go. TUESDAY 12/3/19: Joe Biden's aides aren't super great at getting a crowd ready. People are weirded out by a Peloton ad. Russians find a pet preserved in ice. A potato shortage could part us with one of our favorite side dishes. C-Lane sifts through Pete Davidson's NDA. The News Junkie
Stop Changing the Tree! MONDAY 12/2/19: Joe Biden has an interesting weekend. High schools are changing the way they teach science. C-Lane has an interesting Black Friday. A man uses an interesting weapon to fend off the London Bridge attacker. The News Junkie
Thanksgiving Eve WEDNESDAY 11/27/19: Shawn finds the most expensive Thanksgiving dinner. A hospital may have messed up royally. Callers chime in on why they go Black Friday shopping. Jim Colbert brings a present, but Shawn manages to screw it up. The News Junkie
Shotgun, No Shells TUESDAY 11/26/19: Shawn has a test to see if you may have cancer. A childhood game leads to an arrest for a brother and sister. Rodney the Gator Hunter shares iguana catching stories. Moses takes phone calls on child support and expunging your record. The News Junkie
When Digital Economics Strikes the Home and the Office - Naresh Vissa The digital economy went bust in 2001. Companies started seeking better more cost-effective ways of doing business. Now you can outsource everything, services and manufacturing, etc. It’s more efficient and improves the bottom line. When the next recession hits, it will be the next transformation of the global economy. Viral Podcasting
The Most Offensive Song MONDAY 11/25/19: C-Lane returns from a long weekend in Nashville, including a visit to a news-worthy bar. Shawn finds a massively offensive song that led to a teacher's firing. A restaurant coming to the Disney area has Central Floridians excited. The News Junkie