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Up for Grabs FRIDAY 11/15/19: Alejandro joins the show while Sabrina battles termites. An NFL player is in big trouble for a fight on the field. Survivor gets awkward. A woman is catching blowback after saying she was going to charge her family for Thanksgiving dinner. The News Junkie
Will Anyone Pass Out? THURSDAY 11/14/19: Shawn and Sabrina make an appearance on the morning news, despite Shawn being loopy. A woman in China has a smartphone-related injury. Miami needs your help getting rid of cats. Reality TV steps in to the world of drug cartel. The News Junkie
Vertical Stigmata WEDNESDAY 11/13/19: Alejandro joins and Sabrina hosts the show while Shawn is out sick. PETA has a new Christmas sweater. A suspect is arrested in the arson at Beefy King. Fritz presents an exhibition round of Fritz on the Street. The News Junkie
Stick Out Your Tongue! TUESDAY 11/12/19: A gender reveal is taken to new heights. Tech is putting their eggs in a not-so-new basket. Police think they can tell if you've been smoking weed with a new test. North Carolina parents are upset with a job fair giveaway. The News Junkie
Happy Veteran's Day MONDAY 11/11/19: Twitter wants more emojis. A new dog toy has a very suggestive look. The Epstein meme infiltrates College Football. Oprah tells everyone what they should be spending their money on. Shawn is upset about a robot video. The News Junkie
Generation Beta THURSDAY 11/7/19: Uber and Lyft want you to sell your car. James Dean is appearing in a new movie. An Epstein truther gets one over on a San Diego airport. C-Lane goes classic on Facebook. The News Junkie
Gyno. Tomorrow. 9:30. WEDNESDAY 11/6/19: The crew has to be at work early for a meeting. Shawn is concerned about a new feature for Apple AirPods. McDonalds goes into throwback mode. A reporter on a hot mic claims an important story was buried by her network. offers parenting skills to a podcast. The News Junkie
Arbitrary and Capri Sun MONDAY 11/5/19: Shawn is finally excited about a football story. The Popeye's Chicken Sandwich craze reaches peak insanity. A Seth Meyers stand-up will debut a new feature for Netflix. A kid is banned from Fortnite and a new Karen emerges. The News Junkie
ORDER!!!! MONDAY 11/4/19: Two offensive entries make it into Halloween Costume Court. Shawn is enthralled with British Parliament. McDonalds gets a new CEO. C-Lane has ideas for a new advertising venue. The News Junkie
Battling Back from Financial Ruin - Heather Havenwood Heather Havenwood was always different. While her friends in Texas were simply looking to get married and have a family, she always wanted to be an entrepreneur. She teamed up with a person she thought was trustworthy. They were succeeding beyond her expectations and then the unthinkable happened. Viral Podcasting
Spooooooooky Halloween! THURSDAY 10/31/19: The News Junkie gets spookified as we prepare for Halloween Night 2019. The News Junkie
Late Podcast Wednesday WEDNESDAY 10/30/19: Sorry it's late! - C-Lane. The News Junkie
On Company Time TUESDAY 10/29/19: Americans fall in love with the dog involved with the killing of an ISIS leader. A man is fired from his job for a meme he posted to Facebook. A snafu puts the wrong phone number in the hands of middle schoolers. Too much thinking can shorten your life. The News Junkie
621 MONDAY 10/28/19: President Trump and Instagram models shake up the World Series. An Ocala driver gets a startling surprise. Sabrina runs down some of celebrities' biggest fears. Airline passengers cope in different ways after an engine failure. The News Junkie
Tropical Depression FRIDAY 10/25/19: XFL players get offered super-low salaries. Shawn brings a sackful of breakfast burritos. C-Lane bitches about access to Diet Coke. A jail in Key West has an interesting amenity for inmates. The News Junkie
Why Terrorists Hate Us WEDNESDAY 1/23/19: A bartender goes viral for her beer service. Shawn stirs up drama with the dispatchers. Coolio is announced as headliner for JUST OK VI. A reporter is fired for an automotive lash-out. McAfee lists the most dangerous celebrities on the internet. The News Junkie
The B-Word TUESDAY 1/22/19: A homecoming party with an awesome flyer gets busted. K-Mart takes heat for a children's Halloween costume. A shuttered website was out to expose President Trump's campaign supporters. A Massachusetts representative finds a new way to get called names. The News Junkie
Honey Bun Phase MONDAY 10/21/19: An NFL player gets height-shamed. A Central Florida resident hoards over 200 animals. Neiman Marcus releases its annual Christmas catalog. A theme-park-goer is upset with a bottomless soda promotion. The News Junkie
You Can Get Fired For That? FRIDAY 10/18/19: A TV host gets flack for telling a story about her past leading the show to question some of the stories THEY tell. A viral app is making it hard for trial users to cancel their subscriptions. The News Junkie
Working for Robots THURSDAY 10/17/19: A woman is banned from having kids after setting a record. A real-life Joker can't stop himself from laughing in awkward situations. Dominos Pizza unveils an automated system to check the quality of your pizza. The News Junkie
Stock Market Coupons WEDNESDAY 10/16/19: An incident with police in Kissimmee gains national attention. Shawn recaps the latest Democratic debate, including a gaffe or two. A mystery apocalypse family gets noticed when one of the members escapes. A man with a McLovin ID gets arrested. The News Junkie
21st Century Renaissance Man and Podcaster - Paul Gibbons Episode #64 Paul Gibbons is a fellow podcaster using science and philosophy to further his audience’s knowledge. He’s opinionated and very secure in his beliefs, but that doesn’t mean he’s not open-minded. He’s willing to look at the facts and change his opinion when required. Viral Podcasting
Make Me a Pogo Stick TUESDAY 10/15/19: Markeith Loyd finds himself in an interesting position during his trial. Lebron James catches heat for some China-related tweets. ATMs may soon be spitting out free money after an oddly-named malware attack. The News Junkie
Return of the Iguana MONDAY 10/14/19: A Panera employee loses their job over a video. A Florida woman reunites with her dog over a decade after losing her. A pop star could be responsible for putting a hex on a hockey team. The News Junkie
Live From Universal! FRIDAY 10/11/19: The News Junkie broadcasts live from Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Nights 2019. The News Junkie
Save This Bird! THURSDAY 10/10/19: Sabrina is back after being off and comes to the rescue of an injured animal that just wanted to fly into a window! The News Junkie
Crushing Podcasting with Goal Setting - Lunide Louis #65 Lunide Louis has a gift and she decided to share it with an audience. But she didn't have one. So she started a podcast with very ambitious audience goals and so far she's exceeded. But her morning wake-up and goal setting program looks like a winner and that's why we're bringing here to you. Viral Podcasting
Should've Been A Farmer WEDNESDAY 10/9/19: Fritz joins the show while Sabrina's out. Findings in a study of adults seems sad but plausible. C-Lane finally sees Joker and Shawn is swimming in memes about the movie. A slew of smack talking precedes an exhibition match of Fritz on the Street. The News Junkie
Keep That Dolphin Still! TUESDAY 10/8/19: The NBA situation in China continues. Shawn deals with very first world car problems. Ellen strikes back at critics. Netflix's "Big Mouth" catches flack over a pansexual character. The News Junkie
Forever Hold Your Peace MONDAY 10/7/19: The greatest story in the world leaves a lot of people scratching their heads. Shawn sees the new Joker movie everyone is going crazy over. Jim Colbert explains what it's like going out drinking with C-Lane. The News Junkie
Vodka Day! FRIDAY 10/4/19: Shawn twists C-Lanes arm super hard to celebrate National Vodka Day, and that is why the podcast is late. The News Junkie
Mr Soap Dispenser THURSDAY 10/3/19: President Trump goes full Nickelback on Twitter. A coach is under fire for being too successful. Travelers will have some new options using AirBnB. The show learns that in some states, you can be sued for being a homewrecker. Shawn has new tips for men trying to conceive. The News Junkie
Look Ma, We're on TV! WEDNESDAY 10/2/19: A theme park character and a Korean golfer both get in big trouble for hand gestures. The show goes on Facebook Live for the first time, and Sabrina comes prepared. Jim Belushi comes out of hiding and wants you to smoke his weed. The News Junkie
Can I See the Manager? TUESDAY 10/1/19: Red meat may not be so bad for you after all. New laws go into effect as October kicks into gear. Facebook looks to slow down pirating. A Utah man has a bison problem. The show explores when it's appropriate to send back food with the help of a new article from Uproxx. The News Junkie
Real Radio 104.1 MONDAY 9/30/19: Robert De Niro talks Trump on CNN. Antonio Brown asks for homework help on Twitter. Aaron Carter gets weirder. We all find out that our addresses could be reduced down to just three words. The News Junkie
1999 Called, It Wants It's Commercial Back FRIDAY 9/27/19: C-Lane has a traumatic moment that nobody cares about. Japan takes air travel to the next level. A teacher is in trouble for a question on a quiz. A well-endowed man is accused of stealing. Shawn and Sabrina try to welcome back an old phrase, much to C-Lane's dismay. The News Junkie
The Fresh Pudge of Bel Air THURSDAY 9/26/19: Amazon is going overboard with Echo devices. New-age police officers run into new-age problems. A classic shopping destination finally gets a website. Will Smith puts on a few pounds. The News Junkie
A Vested Interest WEDNESDAY 9/25/19: Nancy Pelosi talks impeachment. Students are upset over a UCF professor's suspension and the potential troubles that could come with it. Shawn takes heat from a caller in the discussion about vaping. A painting of Channing Tatum catches big bucks. The News Junkie
Shawn vs Climate Kids TUESDAY 9/24/19: The upcoming Joker movie is causing concern for some parents. A "Do you know who I am?" video turns out to be a work. An autistic child gets a rather harsh re-assignment in school. Shawn tries to debunk some of the controversy surrounding climate change. The News Junkie
The Greatest Story MONDAY 9/23/19: Tropical Storm names get super basic. Drama continues for Antonio Brown. Amy Kaufeldt recaps her experience at the Real Radio Poker Tournament. A McDonalds in California tries to address it's problem with the homeless. C-Lane makes a jingle for a brand new segment, but not everyone is on board. The News Junkie
Slap Them Cheeks FRIDAY 9/20/19: SOMETHING is happening at Area 51, but it's not clear what. Flu season is on the way, and some of the facts associated with it are staggering. Kanye West enters into the croc market. Everybody has a weird day. The News Junkie
Bombs Over Ocala THURSDAY 9/19/19: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau isn't having the best day. C-Lane does some fact checking on one of Shawn's stories. A British couple has trouble finding servers for their wedding. Shawn brings back on old bit. The News Junkie
Viral Podcast - New Equipment, New Capabilities #63 21.Aug.19 You know that we're big believers in the constant quest to upgrade our equipment. Two recent additions have made a meaningful contribution to the quality of our shows and the ability to facilitate and expedite our workflow. First we purchased a slightly used Shure KSM 313 Microphone. Viral Podcasting
That's A Lot of Semen WEDNESDAY 9/18/19: Sabrina and C-Lane's days start very differently. Central Florida is still very dangerous to a certain group of people. Aaron Carter is getting weirder. People watch and wait after a man scales a local TV tower. A team of firefighters gets more than they bargained for. The News Junkie
Masquerader, Airwoman, and the Grass Widower TUESDAY 9/17/19: The show might be eligible to cash in from another class action lawsuit. Shawn is disturbed by a photography trend and a new mascot. Sean Spicer turns heads during his Dancing with the Stars debut. A website tries to classify the show using only pictures. The News Junkie
Ugly on the Internet MONDAY 9/16/19: A journalist fights back against criticism of her photos. A Missouri woman fights to keep her monkeys. C-Lane bemoans a doctor's visit. A protest at an airport doesn't go the way it was planned. The News Junkie
Full Moon Friday the 13th FRIDAY 9/13/19: Sabrina takes over the big chair while Shawn spends some time in New Orleans and some special guests come to set her straight. Fritz explores the supernatural on one of the spookier days of the year. A sexual warning from doctors leaves a few scratching their heads. The News Junkie
Un-Justified THURSDAY 9/12/19: The war on vaping continues with sights set on flavored e-cigarettes. Allegations arise that could mean big trouble for a popular racing horse. A white couple who spent half a million dollars on in-vitro fertilization didn't get what they signed up for. The News Junkie
Brown Frown WEDNESDAY 9/11/19: C-Lane returns from vacation celebrating a birthday. Shawn may be leaving Team Apple. More trouble arises for the newest member of New England Patriots. A psychic goes down for scamming a woman for over a million dollars. The News Junkie
Shawn and Sabrina's Motorbike Adventure TUESDAY 9/10/11: The show broadcasts live from Universal Studios. C-Lane shows up a whole day later to post the podcast. The News Junkie