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HTC Reveals Vive Focus Plus, Coming Q2 2019 The enterprise-only standalone headset features dual 6DoF controllers and improved Fresnel lenses. Continuing their push towards enterprise VR technology, HTC has unveiled a new version of their HTC Vive Focus headset designed specifically for use by businesses and corporations.

Eminem Arrives On Oculus Headsets In Marshall From Detroit Felix and Paul Studios' Eminem project is now available on Oculus headsets. Marshall From Detroit is a 21-minute look into Marshall Mathers aka Eminem and his origins in Detroit. You can grab the 8 GB download for free on Oculus Go, Rift and Gear VR.

New Book Reveals Canceled Oculus Rift Successor Projects - UploadVR Blake Harris' new book The History Of The Future reveals two canceled Oculus Rift successor projects codenamed 'Tuzi' and 'Venice'. In October of last year, TechCrunch reported the cancellation of a Rift 2 project codenamed 'Caspar'. This means that a total of three reportedly canceled Rift successor projects are now public knowledge.

Dancing banana Last week the plums landed against my window. I had to use two umbrellas just to get a loaf of bread from the corner shop. Fruit assaulted me at the swimming pool too, when a bunch of melons rolled down the water slide and onto my shoulders.

Accessibility for disability One of the aspects during group meetings that we have wanted to be open-minded around, was the inclusion of disabilities in the store.

Gungrave VR and Gungrave VR U.N coming to PC on March 6 - Gematsu Gungrave VR and Gungrave VR U.N are coming to PC via Steam on March 6 with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift support, publisher XSEED Games announced. The pair of Gungrave titles first launched for PlayStation VR in the west in December 2018. Here is an overview of the games, via their Steam pages:.

Future of Storytelling Pop-Up VR Arcade Is Coming to Manhattan Tickets can be reserved online, and start at $100, offering access to all experiences except "Chained." Combo tickets that also include "Chained" are going for $150. "Chained: A Victorian Nightmare" first premiered in Los Angeles in December.

VR Game Releases For February 2019 As a point of emphasis: reach out to or to let us know about your upcoming VR game releases! Editor's Note: This list will be continuously updated. Tagged with: new releases, Oculus Home, psn, steam, the mage's tale.

Robotics, AR and VR are poised to reshape healthcare, starting in the operating room About 20 years ago, a medical device startup called Intuitive Surgical debuted the da Vinci robot and changed surgical practices in operating rooms across the United States.

Eminem's Virtual Reality Film "Marshall From Detroit" Now Available If ever you've been curious to see Detroit out of Eminem's very eyes, now is your chance. Last month, we showed you the trailer for the rapper's virtual reality film Marshall From Detroit, which would soon be premiering at Sundance at that point.

Researchers Discover Security Flaws In Bigscreen VR App The issues have since been addressed in a patch released by Bigscreen, Inc. Check out this full list of vulnerabilities presented by the research team:. It's what the team has chillingly labeled "Man-in-the-Room Attack", referencing their ability to secretly join a users server and view their session as an invisible avatar.

HTC revamps standalone VR headset to keep pace with Oculus while it looks to big business HTC has had a little bit of a rough ride these past few years. After betting the farm on VR, the company has had to make some substantial business strategy shifts to keep the division kicking in the face of a less-than-robust headset market and a behemoth margin-less competitor that's alright losing a few billion dollars.

ChromaGun PSVR Review: First-Person Puzzler Splashes Into VR Tagged with: ChromaGun VR.

Eminem's 360 Experience Marshall From Detroit Arrives Today on Oculus Here we used VR to tell a new side of Eminem's story, one where audiences will get closer than ever before to this musical icon." Check out the preview from last month below before it arrives on the Oculus Store as a free download.

Cooperative Innovations Closes £500K Seed Funding, Launches VR Animation Tech 'Ikabod' British virtual reality developer Cooperative Innovations - the team behind Raiders of Erda - has announced the closure of a seed funding round, securing the company £500K of investment. Alongside, the funding, the studio has released a proprietary VR animation technology, Ikabod.

HTC Vive Announces Focus Plus VR Headset With Dual 6DoF Controllers Adding the second controller will also make it easier for developers to port existing PC VR content, while making it physically more portable and natural to use, HTC Vive said. Both controllers feature an analog trigger that gives users the ability to control objects or interactions with pressure-sensitive input.

World's 1st Virtual Reality Cricket Tournament The grand finale decides the roaring champions of the iB Cricket Super Over League. This league is being broadcast on the OTT platform Viu.

Michael Guberti: Three ways to grow your business with virtual and augmented reality To best understand the various digital realities, let's identify some vocabulary of interest: augmented reality, virtual reality and X-reality. Augmented reality puts digital media into a live view of the real world, often through a camera on a smartphone.

HTC Highlights Vive Cosmos Controllers In New Video HTC recently posted a fresh look at the Vive Cosmos Controllers which support its new inside-out six degrees of freedom tracking system.

Eminem’s VR ‘Marshall From Detroit’ Sundance Title Releases Today Fans of Eminem will be happy to learn that his virtual reality experience, 'Marshall From Detroit', releases this morning for free on Oculus.

AT&T and VITAS Healthcare Launch Virtual Reality Study for Hospice Patients AT&T* and VITAS Healthcare, the nation's leading provider of end-of-life care, have launched a study that intends to combine 5G with virtual reality and augmented reality to test if it can help reduce chronic pain and anxiety for certain hospice patients.

5 Upcoming Oculus Exclusives That Could Carry 'Rift S' - UploadVR Stormland is a AAA open world co-op adventure from Insomniac Games. The game features a vast open world that is part procedural and part hand-crafted. It also features mechanics like crafting, gliding, and climbing. The graphics look incredible from what we've seen when we went hands-on with it.

The HTC Vive Focus Plus is a new Enterprise Focused Headset Coming Q2 2019 HTC still isn't aiming the new standalone device at consumers, solely focusing on the enterprise market with this redesign. Just like the original Vive Focus, the new headset will have everything built in and ready to go with one big exception. Instead of a 3 degrees of freedom controller, the Vive Focus Plus will include two 6DOF controllers.

HTC announces new Vive Focus with two updated motion controllers HTC has announced the Vive Focus Plus, a new version of its Vive Focus standalone headset that includes a pair of its updated motion controllers, which were first announced as developer hardware back in October.

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