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Review: Google Daydream View's virtual reality is something to see The company's second-generation Daydream View, a $99 product that began selling Thursday in U.S. stores, takes the company further from those early experiments. It's a well-designed upgrade to a previous version of the Daydream, and also compares well with other entry-level VR viewers like the Samsung Gear VR.

A 'Pearl' in the Rough Pearl, an animated VR film by Patrick Osborne and Google is a stand out in the hit or miss culture of VR storytelling. The story and characters are broad, and simple, but as alive as anything you've seen before. Beautiful and effective. The singular camera placement is specific and well chosen.

Battle Royale-style game is looking rad in VR The future of gaming / military training programs inches ever closer with this week's litany of VR Battle Royale style games.

Puzzle Title GNOG Coming To PC VR Quirky virtual reality puzzle title GNOG will soon be headed to Steam for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive according to a tweet from developers KO OP. The title had previously been released on the PlayStation VR, with some hints at plans for a ARKit-powered version for iPhone.

Launch Trailer for VR Fairy Tale Luna Luna has drawn attention with its vibrant, hand-drawn style and its appeal towards children as a kind of modern, interactive take on a fairy tale. The developers at Funomena have now released a new trailer to celebrate the launch of the title.

Field trips of the future? In a new paper in the journal Science, McCauley discusses the pros and cons of VR and augmented reality as environmental science teaching tools. "While they have a place in the pedagogical toolbox, the newest technologies aren't necessarily the best options," he said.

Review: Light Tracer Overall, Light Tracer is a well-crafted VR platform title. Once you get used to the controls, it becomes challenging enough to keep you coming back for more. There are some very frustrating elements, but not enough to spoil the gameplay entirely. Having said that, Light Tracer is at its best when played in relatively small doses.

Link: Making Stuff User-Friendly I provide a little insight into the world of user-interfaces in real-world application, and blur the line between what makes a user interface work for a professional business application and what works for gaming applications. Go ahead, give it a read if you'd like.

Pokemon Go Halloween Update The long-awaited addition of the 3rd Generation Pokemon is coming soon, with some ghostly goings on in the new Pokemon Go Halloween Update. Developer Niantic have revealed that some selected Pokemon from the Hoenn region will be added to the pool of available Pokemon in a Halloween update.

Face Shots As The Hockey Goalie With This Virtual Reality Game Goalie VR puts you in the net with up to five friends using the Goalie VR mobile app to take shots straight at you. Using the HTC VIVE or Oculus Rift, you attempt to block each shot with your stick or body. Get The Latest Sports Tech News In Your Inbox!

The Gallery Episode 2 Review: A World Of Pure Imagination Though a big step up from Episode 1, there's a lingering feeling that the developer is keeping its aces up its sleeve for when the fireworks really start to fly, and I'm longing to see what will happen when everything comes to ahead and the storytelling becomes more immediate.

'Walking Dead' Claws Deeper Into VR in AMC's New Virtual-Reality App Now you can experience the full terror of turning into a zombie from "The Walking Dead" in AMC's new virtual-reality app - if you're into that sort of thing.

Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR Update Adds Arcade mode, Practice mode and More Currently in Steam Early Access is developer 10Ants Hill sporting title Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR for HTC Vive. Since its launch in July the videogame has seen several updates released with the latest being the biggest yet. The new update adds a range of features to the table tennis experience, with the main addition being an Arcade mode.

AMC is launching its own VR app with a 360-degree scene from The Walking Dead Television networks and movie studios have been regularly leaning on virtual reality as a marketing tool, and today AMC announced that it has launched its own app dedicated to VR tie-in material.

The Guardian remains committed to VR, despite limited commercial opportunities "The Guardian is showing the brand community and viewers that it's looking at journalism in new ways, finding new hooks," said Mark Holden, global strategy director at Starcom.

Location-Based VR Horror Experiences With DarkCorner Real-world interactive elements bring immersive horror to new levels. There's a reason the horror genre is so popular among VR developers and 360° video creators. The immersive technology pairs perfectly with the frightening medium, enhancing the atmosphere and jump scares ten-fold.

The Social Matrix: How The Cloud Can Activate A Billion Virtual Reality Users Every technology needs a corresponding business model to thrive. Facebook's technology is a social matrix which intelligently channels user generated content interspersed with advertising through a massive social network. Powering the model requires billions of living, active users.

'The Gallery - Ep. 2 : Heart of the Emberstone' Review - Longer, Stronger and Well Worth the Wait The Gallery - Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone comes a year and a half after Call of the Starseed, episode one in the narrative-based adventure puzzle game series.

HTC Files Tradmark For HTC Vive Eclipse In Europe Lets Go Digital originally discovered the Trademark application for the HTC Vive Eclipse after checking various Trademark databases across the world, finding the application originally in New Zealand. The same application has now made its way to Europe.

Croteam's philosophical puzzler The Talos Principle is now available in VR Croteam's excellent philosophical sci-fi puzzler The Talos Principle has just launched in a brand-new VR guise for Oculus and Vive. The Talos Principle VR is a standalone version of the critically acclaimed first-person puzzler, which originally launched back in 2014, and includes the four-episode Road to Gehenna expansion.

When VR meets human emotions By its very nature, virtual reality is an immersive medium. But for Rama Allen, that bar is higher. The interactive artist and Executive Creative Director at Th…

The New Google Daydream View VR Headset Has Arrived It's the small changes that will make you stay in VR longer. At first glance, the second generation of Google's Daydream View VR headset may not look much different.

8K VR Panoramic Camera Coming Soon from Detu As virtual reality and 360-degree video becomes more popular and more accessible, the technology that powers those experiences is also changing, to offer clearer, higher-quality picture. This in turn fuels demand for high-quality cameras to record better experiences.

Adobe's Project SonicScape Visualizes Audio For Easier 360 Editing Adobe previewed a concept it is working on that would make it easier for creators working on VR videos to place and align sound. Producing high-quality 360-degree video content has traditionally been a difficult affair at all stages of production, from capture to delivery.

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