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Virtual reality as sharp as the human eye can see? "Our peripheral vision is less detailed, at a much lower resolution." So Varjo's headset provides very high definition images only of the objects our eyes are focusing on at any particular moment, the rest of the scene is at lower resolution. It uses eye-tracking technology to tell which parts of the image it needs to render in high definition.

Magic Leap Shows Prototype Headset Progress Since 2014 At a sponsored GDC 2018 session, the still mysterious augmented reality company Magic Leap has revealed how their prototype hardware has evolved from 2014 to present day.

Games as Medicine - FDA Clearance Methods Noah Falstein, @nfalstein President, The Inspiracy Neurogaming Consultant. Technically software and games are cleared and not approved by the FDA. By background, Noah:. Table of Content:. Three reasons why games for health are growing quickly and are poised to be a very important thing.

Preview: Island Time - Nobody Really Likes Carl… The creative opportunities with this small tool set are satisfyingly imaginative, with Flight School Studio stating that people are actually still surprising them with unique ways of using the objects available. Things aren't quite as simple as they may sound, however.

USens Opens Beta Program To AR Engine uSensAR At the 2018 Game Developer Conference this week uSens Inc, a pioneer in HCI and computer vision augmented reality and virtual reality announced that it was opening up a beta program to it's upcoming Smartphone AR Engine, uSensAR.

GDC 2018: Magic Leap 'Developing for Spatial Computing' Session, Live Blog @ 4:00PM PT Magic Leap is hosting a sponsored session today at GDC 2018 which promises a "deep dive" on developing for augmented reality. Having released their SDK earlier this week, we're hoping to hear the company talk more specifically about what it's like to develop for the Magic Leap One headset.

Hands-on: Trained by Rocky in 'Creed', a Heart-pumping Innovation in Arcade VR Boxing Survios, the studio behind Raw Data and Sprint Vector, are gearing up to release a new VR game this year, an arcade boxing title that puts you in the shoes of Adonis Creed, son of Apollo Creed and protegé of Rocky Balboa.

VR and AR patent applications demonstrate Apple's work on ARKit headsets A new batch of Apple patent applications published on Thursday by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office shows Apple is still working on technology relating to virtual and augmented reality, with filings showing a multi-resolution system for creating VR content, headset concepts, and a 3D document editing system.

GDC 2018 'Day 3' Roundup - Oculus Go Details, Vive Focus Global Launch, New Qualcomm VRDK, and More Here's a roundup of news from the third day of our GDC 2018 coverage. Qualcomm's latest reference headset supports Vive Wave, HTC Vive Focus international launch, Oculus talks about their 2018 ecosystem, announces 'Positional Timewarp', reveals new Oculus Go details, and Unreal Engine's real-time ray-tracing demo.

Hands-on: Qualcomm 845 Headset With Tobii Eye-Tracking - Demoing the Future Oculus had its standalone device, the Oculus Go on demonstration for the first time and Qualcomm decided to showcase its vision of the future, the Snapdragon 845 Mobile VR Reference Design. As the name implies, Qualcomm's standalone headset isn't designed to be a consumer offering from the company.

NASA Embraces New Developments In Virtual Reality Technology Dwight Silverman, the Houston Chronicle's technology editor, recently visited the Johnson Space Center to take a look at their impending VR upgrades. He learned how they use it for astronaut training - both on the ground and on board the International Space Station.

10 New Companies Looking to Use Vuzix' Waveguide Optics Technology Vuzix Corporation, one of the leading suppliers of smart glasses and augmented reality technologies and products for consumer and enterprise markers, has revealed it is working with over a dozen new companies to explore new and exciting marker opportunists.

Ready Player One review "Virtually amazing" Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is a novel with such intricate parts and such nostalgia it should be next to impossible to film. In the hands of most directors it would have failed, luckily for Warner Bros. and us as an audience the great Steven Spielberg stepped up.

This VR Film Lets You Experience an Unwanted Pregnancy A Polish-Canadian filmmaker is using VR to challenge assumptions about women's right to choose. VR is often touted for its "magic" ability to immerse you in entirely new worlds.

Goertek's Next Generation VR HMD Reference Design Was Showcased At GDC Goertek, a global leader in system design and manufacturing, in partnership with Qualcomm, have been at the Game Developer Conference highlighting their virtual reality head-moutned display reference platform based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845.

Coatsink Suspects You'll Like Oculus Go Launch Title They Suspect Nothing The title will put players in the shoes of the last human on earth with the task of infiltrating a robot-only society by completing a series of bizarre human detection tests.

Playing with Virtual Realities Symposium The first event that I attended was a symposium, organized and hosted by Doctor Einav Katan-Schmid who is a performance philosopher based in Berlin. The symposium was held at an amazing venue in Berlin called Dock11.

Watch upcoming NBA games in VR There's no better way to feel like you are courtside and part of the action than watching an NBA game on VR! The NBA has two options for experiencing the NBA in VR. choose your product and see the upcoming schedule below:.

Creed: Rise to Glory is a VR boxing game that doesn't pull any punches My plan of spending decades completely neglecting every element of physical fitness has finally paid off: I am looking down at my body and seeing muscles. I am, at long last, swole. I feel like Michael B. Jordan, because I've got the physique of Michael B.

Get Your Virtual Pat-Down On In This TSA VR Simulator Experience what it's like to make airline travelers uncomfortable in the most awkward VR game on Steam. What's your favorite part about flying? Mine's the awesome amount of random food scattered throughout the terminal and the fact I could theoretically enjoy a Krispy Kreme with a glass of champagne.

Hawaii Convention Center Launches Concept3D's Mapping Platform Concept3D, a leader in bringing physical spaces into the digital world through 3D modeling, virtual reality, interactive maps and immersive virtual tour software have today announced that Hawaii Convention Center have launched their interactive map and tour platform.

Ark Park Review: Disappointasaurus I remember covering Ark: Survival Evolved's reveal all the way back in 2015 with some cynicism. The game itself looked great; a Jurassic Park adventure for the Minecraft-era, but developer Studio Wildcard's mention of VR support on both PC and PS4 seemed a promise too far.

Oculus Home to Get Multiplayer & User-generated Content This Summer At GDC 2018 this year, Oculus released word during their 'Inside Oculus 2018' developer talk that Home, the customizable user space for Rift, is gaining the ability to host multiple players as well as user-generated content.

Time Carnage Gets Set For Retail PlayStation VR Release, As Well As Digital Release Next Month Wales Interactive has today launched Time Carnage, a new wave shooter designed specifically for virtual reality, available both digitally and at retail on PlayStation VR, with the physical edition arriving first and a digital edition which includes the title releasing on Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift not long after.

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