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A selection of the latest VR news and blog posts.

The VR Job Hub: Big Opportunities Available The last Sunday of June is here meaning it is the last of The VR Job Hub for the month. With the weather still unable to make up it's mind on if it is summer or not yet one thing that is for sure is that it is always a good time to look for work opportunities.

Millions to enjoy ‘digital sex’: How VR headsets will mean the ‘end of flat porn' But VR tech industry insiders believe digital sex could give users the best understanding of "empathy" that they might not experience otherwise. Alex Novak, CEO at SexLikeReal, an adult-orientated VR company, exclusively told Daily Star Online: "VR has proven itself to be a perfect tool for empathy, and the best examples of this come from porn.

The Differences Between VR & AR To begin with, after the VR sensation, which was followed by AR a few years ago, playing Pokemon Go on your Android and iOS devices was and incredible experience. However, those two technologies were different - which brings us to the real question: what is a virtual reality?

Something For The Weekend: Steam Summer Sale VR Deals With both extensive single-player and multiplayer modes there's enough here for countless hours of gameplay, so you can comfortably sit cocooned inside these rolling machines of destruction and never get bored, because quite frankly, it's too much fun." - Read VRFocus' Senior Staff Writer Peter Graham's review of Battlezone.

Virtual Reality Indoor Skydiving Lets You Fly in Dubai, Hawaii or Switzerland Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. email address*. first name*. Sign Up.

TIGA Publish New In-Depth Guide To Better VR Accessibility The report has been written by veteran videogame accessibility specialist Ian Hamilton and shares a number of detailed overviews for the opportunities that come in making VR content suitable for a diversity of users.

5G trial to stream live virtual reality content in Singapore - Bangkok Post: news SINGAPORE: The targeted roll-out of the 5G network in Singapore by 2020 is picking up pace, with M1 and Chinese tech giant Huawei announcing on Thursday that they will be conducting a live demonstration of a 360-degree virtual reality content broadcast by the end of the month.

Valve Have Released A New VR Portal Demo Videogame and virtual reality content developer Valve has returned to the world of the ever popular Portal series with a new VR demo that has been designed to show off the new Knuckles EV2 controller.

Pimax Team with Vaqso To Offer Smells Within VR The Pimax 8K headset is still undergoing testing, and it is unknown when the device will be commercially available, but VRFocus will be sure to provide all the latest news. Subscribe to the VRFocus Newsletter for the latest industry updates.

AΦE: Whist review - an awesome virtual-reality dance experience Whist, its first major work, unites dance and virtual reality in a work that offers an intriguing new framework for performance. Wearing headsets, spectators proceed through a series of VR scenarios peopled by five performers.

Microsoft is considering the Snapdragon 1000 for future AR and VR devices, as well as desktop PCs Qualcomm has already made its intentions to creep into the x86 PC realm pretty clear. Windows on ARM is already happening, with some devices, like the ASUS "Primus" even in production stages. A newly unearthed Qualcomm job posting, for an engineer now sheds some light on just how serious Microsoft is looking into ARM.

To Be or Not to Be ~ Simulated Existence I guess you could call this post Who Am I ? Part 2, or Who are We? This quick entry is to refer you to some fascinating shows that may help increase one's understanding of the nature of reality and entertain you while doing so. While many readers are no longer pro - television, stay with me here and keep an open mind.

Valve Shows Off New VR Controllers With Portal-Themed Tech Demo Valve has a new VR controller to show off and they seem to be a big fan of the educational method of showing rather than telling. To achieve this, they've created a demo called Moondust, specifically geared toward giving developers a chance to try out some of the new functionality of the Knuckles EV2 VR controller.

Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories Showcases New PlayStation VR Gameplay Set your mind back to 2016 and you might recall a videogame by the name of Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories, a title in which players will need to survive in a city recently hit by a major earthquake.

New York Times Release AR Experience To Showcase The Aftermath Of The Fuego Volcano Eruption Previously the New York Times have produced a number of AR experiences including the InSight Mission to Mars, profiles of Winter Olympic athletes and an up-close examination of David Bowie's costumes. For more on the New York Times use of AR and immersive technology in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

ICAROS Secures Seven Figure Investment From Segnalita "The financing from SEGNALITA allows us to tap into new markets and, above all, to advance our research and development work in the health segment", says ICAROS co-founder and CEO Michael Schmidt."The user feedback and the results of the initial studies are impressive", adds cofounder and CEO Johannes Scholl.

Schell Games Unveil HoloLAB Champions, Bring Chemistry To VR Entertainment and educational videogame development studio Schell Games have unveiled their next title in the form of HoloLAB Champions. This new immersive virtual realty title puts users onto the center stage of a chemistry themed gameshow where knowing their science will be key to succeeding and winning a holo-brain trophy.

This Week In VR Sports: It's All About The Beautiful Game VRFocus brings you a number of sports related virtual reality and augmented reality stories every weekend and this time it is all about the football.

Smart start-ups transform healthcare with VR, games and holograms In a sparsely furnished room Ben Dunn wobbles and swivels as he tries to escape a sloth of zombie teddy bears. Mr Dunn, the 25-year-old head of start-up company Swibo, is testing its core product Swibo Tilt, which uses a smartphone app to turn a wobble board into a game controller, turning otherwise boring strength exercises into fun games.

Feedback Loup: Jurassic World VR Expedition at Dave & Busters The ride immerses you in Jurassic World where you act as a park ranger with the objective of "scanning" as many escaped dinosaurs as possible to return them to their cages. Up to four players can be on the ride, which utilizes hydraulics and fans to simulate the sensation of speeding through the park.

Valve second-gen VR controllers head to developers with squeeze-input Back in 2016, Valve debuted its vertically oriented "Knuckles" controller for use with SteamVR. The device remains exclusive to developers, but a new EV2 model has just been unveiled with a number of refinements that translate to improved controls in a VR environment, including new sensors that detect finger movement and grip strength.

ABI Research Provides New Report On Eight Technologies That Will Transform Manufacturing The eight areas the report covers include additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, augmented reality, blockchain, digital twins, edge intelligence, Industrial Internet of Things platforms, and Robotics. Within the manufacturing sector there has already been an increased adoption of IIot platforms and edge intelligence.

Marriott Caribbean & Latin America Resorts Release New AR App For Exploring Destinations The Portal to Paradise app features eight different Marriott resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico, allowing users to seamlessly experience a true-to-life taste of what awaits them on vacation. The app also lets user walk through each property and have a complete 360-degree view of everything that is around them.

Humaneyes Technologies Introduces 'vr Horizons' Education Program The University of Oklahoma, Stow-Munroe Falls City Schools and others are using the Vuze VR Camera to more effectively teach the principles of virtual reality and its power to create immersive experiences.

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