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VR Steampunk Opera 'Miranda' Is Visually Stunning But Needs ImprovementFull-body motion capture offers a unique, but flawed live theater experience.

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Will You Prefer Empire Or Republic In Star Wars: Squadrons?When it comes to choosing your Starfighter in Star Wars: Squadrons there are some big differences.

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VR Shooter Operation Serpens Set To Release On October 22Ginra Tech announced that Operation Serpens is set to release on October 22nd and aims to stand out among VR shooters.

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Like Wildfire It Starts in My ChestReckless but honest words leave me out my mouth like kerosene on a flame of doubt.

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Unboxing The New Oculus Quest 2 Live!I just received the new Oculus Quest 2 here at the studio and have been dying to get my first look at this new stand alone VR headset....

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Dynamic VR Film 'Agence' Lets You Play God With Tiny AI CreaturesAvailable now via Steam and Oculus Rift/Rift S for $2.99, Agence, an interactive VR film developed by Transitional Forms and the National Film Board of Canada, offers you the chance to answer these questions for yourself, granting you complete and total control over an adorable race of AI-powered creatures, "Agents," scattered across a series of...

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Natural Magic Expansion For Waltz Of The Wizard Coming 2021Aldin Dynamics is planning a major expansion to Waltz of the Wizard on Steam and Quest that'll add "Natural Magic" alongside large new areas.

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SideQuest Announces Developer Promotion Program And MoreAfter taking $650k in early investment last week, SideQuest detailed its plans for growth and its developer promotion program in a new Reddit post.

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Sony Patent Reveals VR Controller Design Seemingly Inspired by Valve IndexSony Interactive Entertainment recently published a patent for a VR motion controller that look suspiciously similar to Valves Index controllers, aka Knuckles.

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The Future of Your Office Is in a VR HeadsetWith a virtual-reality headset and a virtual meeting platform like Spatial, you can meet up and collaborate with your colleagues as if you were in a real office space.

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Latest News 2020: Virtual Reality in Gaming Market by Coronavirus-COVID19 Impact Analysis With Top Manufacturers AnalysisVirtual Reality in Gaming Market research report provides various levels of analysis such as industry analysis , market share analysis of top players, and company profiles, which together provide an overall view on the competitive landscape; emerging and high-growth segments of the Virtual Reality in Gaming market; high-growth regions; and...

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Quest Evolution: Inside the UpgradeWatch in immersive 360 video as we compare Quest and Quest 2, taking you inside some of the features, specs and experiences.

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F2P Shooter Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena Launches Next Week on PlayStation VRCompletely free to download and play, Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena will run on a seasonal model in a similar way to videogames like Firewall Zero Hour.

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Have VR Websites Arrived? The 20-Year Old Founder Of Spaces Thinks SoAlex Shortt and Benjamin Ha founded Spaces to free the world from drab, two dimensional, text-heavy websites.

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Details On Star Wars: Squadrons Progression, Ranked SystemWith only a few days until the release of Star Wars: Squadrons, we have some new details on the game's progression system, including competitive ranked matches.

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Ep.159In this episode, the FReality crew discusses the shipping of the HP Reverb G2, the New PSVR Controllers and the Futuristic first-person shooter Solaris!

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Far from home, refugees build digital heritage with virtual realityThe Partition in 1947, following Indias independence from British rule, triggered one of the biggest forced migrations in history, uprooting more than 12 million people and killing more than one million.

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How is the virtual world treating you?Readers, I am 56-years-old. Learned to use a computer in college. Back then I was amazed at the word processing because I was a writer.

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Captivating Short ‘Agence' is About Playing God With AIVenice VR Expanded 2020 had a superb selection of immersive content from 360-degree films to interactive experiences.

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Agence is an interactive VR 'film' that lets you train an evolving AIIf you could play god to artificial intelligence, should you? That's the question at the core of Agence, a new kind of VR film that lets you train AI.

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Agence Is A Fascinating VR Deep Dive Into Evolving AIOut today, Agence is a fascinating VR dynamic film with a crucial warning about AI by utilizing, well, AI.

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Why Are VR Headsets So Bulky?Show me someone who looks cool in a VR headset, and I'll show you a dork with no aesthetic sense.

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Sword Reverie Achieves Kickstarter Target, Eyes Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR SupportIf both of these are accomplished then there's still going to be a wait. Originally, the team had slated a PC early access release by the end of the year, that's no longer the case.

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The Future of Your Office Is in a VR HeadsetWith a virtual-reality headset and a virtual meeting platform like Spatial, you can meet up and collaborate with your colleagues as if you were in a real office space.

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You Can Go Back to the Office—You Just Need a Virtual-Reality HeadsetVirtual-reality offices and conference spaces—where you can meet up with holographic versions of your distant colleagues—is a great change from flat, boring video calls.

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Oldham Coliseum welcomes audiences back with innovative Covid-safe virtual reality theatreOLDHAM Colisuem is inviting audiences back into its historic building for a 360 degrees live action and animated virtual reality show, Petrichor.

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Augmented reality and nut-butter brand among Somerset firms selected for special schemeAUGMENTED reality, the circular economy and a nut-butter brand are among Somerset businesses selected for special help as part of a new scheme.

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Project Aria, Facebook's futuristic augmented reality glassesFacebook's Project Aria is a new research project that will help us build the first generation of wearable augmented reality devices.

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The Oculus Quest 2 is the VR System We've All Been Waiting ForThe Quest 2 by Oculus is the most advanced all-in-one VR console, offering cinematic sound, movement-perfected controllers and advanced processing power.

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PS5 might get new PSVR motion controllers for next-gen virtual realityMore signs point to PSVR 2 being a reality on PS5 thanks to a fresh-looking motion controller patent.

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Star Wars: Squadrons Everything You Need To Know  Release Date, VR Support, Gameplay Details, And MoreStar Wars: Squadrons is coming this October with full VR support and we'r eager for more details.

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Consumers enjoy online shopping via AR/VR, 3D content: ReportRead Article As millions of people stay home in the pandemic, immersive technologies such as augmented and virtual reality and 3D content can enhance consumer purchasing confidence and increase online sales, according to a new Accenture report.

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The Ename carillon  interiorWhen entering the west wing through the main entrance door, one sees a statue of Our Lady holding her child Jesus.

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Experience '7 Miracles' of Christ in an immersive virtual-reality feature filmThe film comprises seven episodes, which the trailer shows to include the healing of the blind and the crippled, the feeding of the multitudes, the resurrection of Lazarus, the stilling of the storm, and more over the course of the 70-minute feature.

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Virtual Reality Company in NZ Promoting 5G Gets "COVID" Support Funding From Crown EntityThe article was posted at Scoop on 17 Sept 2020. Read the notes under the Related heading when you have finished reading the article for some perspective.


PS5 pre-order latest following great news for PlayStation VR fansPS5 pre-order demand continues to outstrip the current stock available at retailers, with Sony reportedly hard at work building its PlayStation VR business. Shared .

Incredible Vr Mini Golf!'Walkbout Mini Golf VR' is now available on Oculus Rift/Rift S and Oculus Quest. Dive into this massive miniature golf experience featuring four 18-course holes and over 70 hidden golf balls to find and collect.

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Watch: Virtual reality simulations for aspiring health studentsStudents got in some "virtual" practice in Christchurch recently before they experience what it's like to work in the real life health sector.

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Optus connects 5G, VR for a future meeting roomThe WFH world has changed working, and the meeting room is next, with 5G and VR getting you to join in through more than just Zoom.

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The Black Imagination Series Begins with Live Virtual Reality Performances of New Short PlaysCrux and Blair Russell Productions announce the Black Imagination Series, an exploration of live performance in Virtual Reality. Shared .

Ilysia Is A New Sword Art-Style VR MMO In A Huge Open WorldIlysia is an ambitious new Sword Art-style VR MMO from indie development studio Team 21 that aims to capture the "glory days of MMORPGs" in virtual reality - it reached its Kickstarter goal within days and has since nearly doubled it.

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My Summer Car and Art Of Rally !Lets play : My Summer Car - We have started fresh, and are well on our way to complete the Satsuma.

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Design And Race Your Own Car With NASCAR Mobile AR RacingIt's no secret that professional sports have been hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to some smart decision-making on behalf of the NASCAR organization, however, the company has managed to draw big numbers with the iRacing Pro Series, a PC-powered virtual racing series composed of real NASCAR drivers following the actual NASCAR schedule.

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MetaStellar accepting flash fiction submissionsMetastellar, a new online magazine dedicated to speculative fiction, is now accepting submissions of flash fiction stories for paid publication.

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The VR Job Hub: Firesprite, Wookey and Ubisoft ReflectionsIf you are an employer looking for someone to fill an immersive technology related role – regardless of the industry – don’t forget you can send us the lowdown on the position and we’ll be sure to feature it in that following week’s feature.

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Ven VR Adventure: Q&A Interview About The Upcoming 3D PlatformerHere's a Q&A interview with the devs behind Ven VR Adventure, an upcoming 3D platformer in the same vein as Astro Bot and Moss coming soon to PSVR and PC VR.

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NewImages' Panelists Argue That What Doesn't Kill VR Makes It StrongerIt was all about the "Independent Creation in Times of COVID-19. The Impact of Pandemic on XR Artists" on Thursday, courtesy of the NewImages Festival - partnering up with French Immersion and Kaleidoscope.

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Ekto's robotic boots may solve VR locomotion problemsThe Pittsburgh-based company has revealed its first product: the Ekto One. It’s a pair of robotic boots that the company claims are capable of keeping you in one spot while you walk forward.

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What is Reverie?Well, I've finally decided to bite the bullet and start work on a project that has been rattling around in my head for several years now :'D So I figured I should try to explain what it is and where it's - hopefully - going.

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Growth in User-Generated Content Will Drive VR Market ExpansionSpeaking at a virtual panel organized by the NewImages Festival Thursday, leaders from the tech world shared a common message: The future durability of the VR market requires cultivating a user-base still in need of considerable development.

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Payton Preslee Asks 'Ink or Pink? ' in WankzVR's Latest"released yesterday. "The 51-minute has received notable acclaim in the 24 hours since the release as Paytons fans and VR aficionados alike continue to comment and show support for her performance," said"

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Porn Star Canela Skin Ain't Your Mama in VR Bangers' 8K 360 Adult MovieEven though you might have a wife in the real-life, there is nothing wrong if you enjoy VR porn movies – and, actually, these immersive virtual reality porn experiences can sometimes get truly inspirational for both young and older marriages, and perhaps you should invite your significant other to watch them together with you from time to...

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Lantronix Open-Q 865XR SoM Brings Snapdragon XR2 Processor Beyond Virtual RealityLantronix Open-Q 865XR is a Snapdragon XR2 SoM with 6GB RAM, 64GB storage designed for AI, video and imaging applications.

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Global Virtual Reality Content Creation Market: Industry Development Scenario and Forecast to 2025This market research study determines the increase in changes and the aspects which are likely to have an impact on the growth of the Global Virtual Reality Content C. Shared .

Virtual-reality opera comes to London stageOpera fans returning to Covent Garden this autumn may find themselves not only wearing masks, but virtual-reality headsets with goggles too.

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Havana ooh na-naEvery year, for my birthday, I treat myself to a little vacation. Since I cant do that this year, I decided to take another trip in SL!

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Pinfinity Partners With Star Wars, Marvel, Capcom On AR-Enhanced PinsUpgrade your wardrobe with animated AR pins of Transformers, Pac-Man, Dungeons and Dragons, and more.

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Virtual reality opera to be showcased at VIFFIt's a first in Canada. An immersive operatic experience and it's being showcased at this year's Vancouver international film festival immersed exhibition.

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XRHealth Debuts At-Home VR Therapy App For ADHDThere are caveats, but XRHealth’s app can be used in homes as an adjunct to other treatments, including medication and/or in-person therapy, via @Venturebeat.

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Solaris Offworld Combat ReviewSolaris: Offworld Combat is the next VR shooter from the Firewall Zero Hour devs. Read our full review to see how it fares on Rift and Quest!

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Oculus Quest Halo Strap Pro Review: A Cozy, If Cheaper FitCan a halo strap design work on Quest? Find our in our Oculus Quest Halo Strap Pro review!

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Magic Leap: How a hot AR headset startup nosedivedMagic Leap once generated huge buzz for the promise of its augmented reality headsets. But investors have since written off most of their funding.

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Consumers enjoy online shopping via AR/VR, 3D content: ReportNew Delhi: As millions of people stay home in the pandemic, immersive technologies such as augmented and virtual reality and 3D content can enhance consumer purchasing confidence and increase online sales, according to a new Accenture report.

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Gnomes and Goblins VR Review: Jon Favreau's attempt at Animal CrossingGnomes and Goblins gives PC VR players a chance to enter the world of forest-dwelling goblins, help them with their daily tasks, and even shrink down to their size to further explore the niceties of their lives.

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First Speakers Revealed for November's VRDays EuropeThere are going to be all sorts of live-streamed sessions taking place for this year's VRDays Europe, covering topics such as enterprise; XR gaming, healthcare; historical heritage, emerging technologies like 5G and AI; storytelling, training and much more.

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Budget Cuts ReviewCorporate satire is common across gaming but rarely focuses on issues faced by automation. Taking this concept into an action stealth title with murderous robots, Budget Cuts finally lands on PlayStation VR two years after its PC launch and it's been worth the wait.

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Total Virtual Reality Market to Reach Over US$4 Billion Despite COVID-19's Blow to the Location-Based VR Segment, Emerging TechOyster Bay, New York - 24 Sep 2020 - ABI Research, a global tech market advisory firm, expects the Virtual Reality market to grow in 2020, passing US$4...

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C1PHERSVIDEO BRIEF A cryptographic. prospect of human reconciliation with AI, VR and AR. Given ciphered messages for post-technology decoding, it is an intriguing possibility for him to piece the memorandums together from his findings.

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SideQuest raises $650,000 for testing apps and games for Oculus QuestSideloading platform SideQuest is taking $650K in early investment from BoostVC, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey, and The Fund.

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Facebook's VR isn't about gaming, it's about data — surprise, surpriseFacebook has announced the latest version of its successful standalone virtual reality headset, the Oculus Quest 2.

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HP Reverb G2 VR Headset to Ship in Early November for Pre-OrdersThe HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality headset finally has a more concrete release window after previously targeting a generic 'Fall' launch.

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PSVR 2 could get a big controller upgrade for PS5 virtual realityA patent for new VR controllers made by Sony shows the potential design and upgrades to the PS5's virtual reality gaming ability.

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Travel Trend: No passport. No ticket. Just a Virtual Reality headset to go around the worldHere are some of the best Virtual Reality travel experiences.

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Rethinking workforce strategies with AI, virtual reality: Research, IT News, ET CIONew roles will emerge to support a technology-driven workplace and the changing relationship between humans and machines. Shared .

946: "In Protest:" 360° Video of Black Lives Matter Movement, Memorials, and Many Ways to Bear Witness While BlackIn the aftermath of George Floyd's murder by three police officers on May 25th, 2020, there were Black Lives Matter protests that erupted around the.

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Mass Effect remasters push into 2021 and Xbox buys BethesdaThe Mass Effect remasters are moving from October to early 2021, and the GamesBeat Decides crew talks about that and more on this episode.

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This isn't working, time to pivot!Any good business leader will know when it is time to pivot. There comes a time when the best thing to do for the success of your company is to change directions.

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Oculus Quest 2 Live Stream #2Time for our 2nd live stream inside the Oculus Quest 2 headset. This time we will focus on Oculus LINK!

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IFA 2020: Live Streams, Complete News CoverageCES may be the largest consumer electronics show in the U.S., but IFA owns bragging rights as the largest CE show outside the states.

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Sony Patent Teases Major PlayStation VR Controller UpgradeA newly discovered patent shows what could be Sony's improved next-generation virtual reality controllers for the PlayStation 5.

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945: Unpacking the Facebook Connect AR Announcements with Doug North CookOculus Connect has been rebranded Facebook Connect, and what would have been Oculus Connect 7 is now Facebook Connect 1.

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Solaris: Offworld Combat Quest Gameplay VR LivestreamJoin us in our latest VR livestream as we play Solaris: Offworld Combat, the latest VR shooter from the creators of Firewall Zero Hour!

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The end of Oculus Rift S and how this will shape the future of VRIf you haven't heard, Facebook is discontinuing the Oculus Rift S and is instead focusing only on its Quest line of VR headsets.

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'Walkabout Mini Golf VR' Review: Simple and Addictive VR Putt-PuttAvailable now on Oculus Rift/Rift S and Oculus Quest for $14.99, Mighty Coconut's Walkabout Mini Golf VR offers a unique VR putt-putt experience complete with a wide range of uniquely crafted courses, tight putting controls, 5-player multiplayer functionality, and a heap of hidden collectibles to discover.

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Adele and rumoured love interest Skepta enjoy East London night out to play VR gamesAdele and Skepta have been spotted enjoying virtual reality games, according to sources, as they stepped out together in East London.Â. Shared .

Photo group go virtual for their 2020 exhibitionLeicester Forest Photographic Society's show goes online to beat Covid-19 restrictions.

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Bigscreen CEO: Facebook's 30% 'VR Tax' Hurts The IndustryBigscreen's CEO has been calling out how Facebook's 30% "VR tax" makes it hard for developers to even be profitable, nevermind compete.

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Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena comes to PlayStation VR October 8Experience various weapons and fast, dynamic battles for free. You can experience these real time battles in Quick match mode with up to four players, or hop into Mission Mode for some single-player action.

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Alvo Trailer Shows Fall 2020 Release For Upcoming VR ShooterThree years since the teaser trailer, we now have a new gameplay trailer for multiplayer VR FPS Alvo, coming to PSVR and Rift later this year.

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Giveaway: Oculus Quest 2 and Little Witch Academia VRYou can enter for a chance to win a BRAND NEW standalone Oculus Quest 2 VR headset right here on behalf of UNIVRS along with a copy of Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing!

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Bigscreen CEO: Facebook's 30% 'VR Tax' Hurts The IndustryBigscreen's CEO has been calling out how Facebook's 30% "VR tax" makes it hard for developers to even be profitable, nevermind compete.

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The VR Game Launch Roundup: Zombies, Spaceships and SwordplayThe next VR title from one of the biggest studios in the industry, Survios teamed up with AMC to create The Walking Dead Onslaught, featuring the characters from the TV show.

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Hideo Kojima: 'I Think The Next 2-3 Years Will Be Major For VR'Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding creator Hideo Kojima thinks the next two to three years will be "major" for VR and the people working in it.

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Virtual Reality in Manufacturing Industry Size, Share and StatisticsThe global virtual reality in manufacturing industry is expected to rise with an impressive CAGR and generate the highest revenue by 2026. Fortune Business Insights" in its latest report published this information."

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Review: Oculus Quest and Supernatural subscription packageWearing an Oculus Quest headset makes me forget that I'm tired, that I'm exercising, that I even have a body at all.

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Global $20.9 Bn Virtual Reality Markets, 2020-2025 with Google, Microsoft, HTC, Oculus VR, Samsung, Sony, HTC, EON Reality, Vuzix, CyberGlove Systems,DUBLIN, Sept. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - The "Virtual Reality Market with COVID-19 Impact Analysis - Global Forecast to 2025" report has been added to offering. Shared .

After Multiple Delays, 'Budget Cuts' Finally Arrives on PSVRThe Daily Roundup is our comprehensive coverage of the VR industry wrapped up into one daily email, delivered directly to your inbox.

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Facebook is turning VR into a platform — but some indie developers fear its powerFacebook-owned Oculus has become a cornerstone of the small but growing virtual reality ecosystem, but some indie developers feel locked out of its walled garden.

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Inside Lovecraft Country's Sanctum: An American Dream VR eventThe second Lovecraft Country: Sanctum VR event from HBO and The Mill welcomed travelers to a performance exploring the power of Black grief and Black joy, a celebration of the word and the voice featuring Jurnee Smollett. Shared .

Spice and Wolf VR 2 Confirmed for PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift, Won't Support Oculus QuestTaking to Twitter, Spicy Tails has confirmed that Spice and Wolf VR 2 will support PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go and Steam, with Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets not officially support - the suspects the title might work.

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Facebook plans an 'artificial reality' seen through its smart glassesThe tech could help colleagues bond through shared virtual experiences, but privacy campaigners have raised concerns.

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Fruit Flies Plug into the MatrixScientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.

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HP Reverb G2 to Begin Shipping November for Early Pre-order CustomersDeveloped in collaboration with Valve and Microsoft the HP Reverb G2 features technology from both companies as well as improved features over HP's previous headset.

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PR Meets VR: Reaching the Community in the Quarantine AgeClinton Crafton explores the ways a fire department can easily use virtual reality to spread fire safety messages and otherwise connect with the public.

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Decipher this: QDNEDs to succeed Samsungs VR and AR HMDsSamsung hasnt given up on head-mounted displays , or is at least willing to give them another shot due to recent technological breakthroughs it achieved.

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VR Pioneer Tony Parisi: Real-Time Technology Is Helping People Get the Job DoneSpeaking via live stream at NewImages Festival on Thursday, Tony Parisi, global head of AR/VR ad innovation at Unity Technologies, and one of virtual reality pioneers, made his point clear: real-time technologies that entertain us today will be used to help us work and communicate in the future.

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This Week's VR Game Roundup: OhShape PSVR, Solaris Offworld Combat and MoreDuring our last VR Game Roundup, there were several interesting games highlighted including an informative title about the human body and a boxercise game.

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PS5 VR Motion Controller is an Xbox-beating game-changerA PS5 with PS VR 2 and one of these VR tracking controllers is the stuff that gaming dreams are made of.

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Apple patents a futuristic VR/AR Headset that sends images directly to users' pupilsAccording to a PatentlyApple report, the device detailed in the patents works to direct a retinal projector system that provides dynamic focusing for a head mounted display.

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Audrey Royal Is 'Royally Screwed' for WankzVRAudrey Royal Is Royally Screwed for WankzVR Audrey Royal stars in WankzVR's latest VR release, an intimate experience titled Royally Screwed. "Since its August 13 release, Audreys return performance with WankzVR has gained her significant feedback in the websites active forum," said a rep.

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EON Reality partners with NEST to bring AR and VR center of excellence to KuwaitIn Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality News September 25, 2020  EON Reality, a provider of augmented and virtual reality based knowledge and skills transfer for industry and education&. Shared .

Spice and Wolf VR 2 confirmed for PlayStation VR, Switch, PC, Oculus Rift, and Oculus GoAnd while not officially supported, Spice and Wolf VR 2 “probably works” on Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

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VRParadise Releases its New Virtual Adult Club Named «Utopia 2089 »VRParadise Releases its New Club Named «Utopia 2089 » After a year of operating its initial club, the Gentlemens club and a strong recognition from the Steam community in 2019, VRParadise is releasing its new club Utopia 2089.

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The VR Download: SideQuest's Future, Solaris, PSVR Minecraft, No Man's Sky OriginsSideQuest's CEO Shane Harris virtually joined us to discuss securing investment, the future of the Oculus ecosystem, and much much more.

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How can virtual reality games help in making stroke patients recover fasterResearchers at the University of East Anglia have been putting virtual reality rehabilitation for stroke survivors to the test.

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HP Reverb G2 Release Date in November and Headset TweaksHP announced today that its upcoming Reverb G2 headset will begin shipping in early November to those who pre-ordered, and new pre-orders starting today will ship in December.

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HP preparing to ship Reverb G2 VR headsets in NovemberHP's Reverb G2 virtual reality headset is coming out in November but if your preorder today you won't get it until December.

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I Was Murdered!The internet's favorite social deception game is now available in VR thanks to this incredible Rec Room mod!

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'Solaris Offworld Combat' ImpressionsTwitter: : the Daily Roundup, the entire VR industry in one little email:.

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New PSVR Controllers Show Inside-Out Tracking, Index-Like Design In Fresh PatentNew PSVR 2 patent! These controllers seem to have inside-out tracking and finger-sensing.

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New PSVR Controllers Show Inside-Out Tracking In New PatentA newly-discovered patent filing gives us what may be our best look yet at new motion controllers for the unannounced PSVR 2.

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31: SideQuest's Future, Solaris, PSVR Minecraft, No Man's Sky OriginsSideQuest's CEO Shane Harris joins us to discuss securing investment and the future of the Oculus ecosystem.

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Apple and Facebook spin antitrust claims: 'We're misunderstood'In late July, a Congressional subcommittee successfully compelled four major tech company CEOs to formally answer questions over allegedly monopolistic business practices — a public spectacle marred only by COVID-19-related isolation of the attendees. Amazon, Facebook, and Google faced some of the heaviest questioning, but Apple...

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Oculus Quest 2Let's deep dive into the Oculus Quest 2 display in this newest DIVE INTO VR episode.

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Canada's National Film Board Sees Fruits of Investment in VRThough Canada's National Film Board has invested in interactive projects for well over a decade, 2020 has proven to be a banner year for the publicly funded organization, as three of their VR productions made waves across the international festival circuit.

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Animated VR Project '369' Focuses on Feminine DesireBrittany-based outfit Ten 2 Ten Films, an independent house run by producer Gwenaëlle Clauwaert, brings an eyebrow raising, and entirely uncommon, project to this year's NewImages' XR financing market.

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How Virtual Reality is Bringing 360° Music Videos to Life on CheddarJordan Freda, Creative Director of Australian artist Rhyme So's 'Hot' music video, joins 'Cheddar Innovates' to discuss what went into creating this video, and how virtual reality is bringing music videos to life.

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HP Reverb G2 Ships In November, New Orders Ship In DecemberThe upcoming HP Reverb G2 PC-powered headset should start arriving to the first buyers in early November, according to HP, but new orders arrive in December.

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Take Your Home Profile to the Arcade With VRstudios Sports new Player PortalThis interconnection between home and arcade isn't all VRstudios has planned. Coming soon is the Fury Sports Booth, designed to reduce the cost of operations for venues as it doesn't need to be attended by a member of staff.

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Solaris Offworld CombatJoin the Pre-Season launch of Solaris Offworld Combat - the online multiplayer VR Esport of the future.

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The first topic: an overview of the history of educational technologyTo understand learning educational technology, I focus on the paper A HISTORY OF E-LEARNING .I did not know about the history of E-learning.

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Holo-Light announces its ARES VR platform, enables simultaneous cooperation in AR and VRIn Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality News September 24, 2020  Holo-Light, a provider of augmented reality software and hardware for industry and enterprise, has today announced that it is&. Shared .

Blue Star Contemporary's 2020 Red Dot exhibition debuts with new augmented reality app experienceTags: San Antonio, Texas, Blue Star Contemporary, Red Dot, exhibition, fundraiser, art, buy art, contemporary art, augmented reality, Stoke, app, app store, google play store, apple, 30th anniversary, Blue Star Red Dot Art Sale, CÃsar A.

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Oculus VR Founder Palmer Luckey Backs Unofficial Quest App Store 'SideQuest'Among these investors is Palmer Luckey, the original founder of Oculus VR. According to TechCrunch, SideQuest aligns with Luckey's grand vision of an open VR ecosystem in which no one company maintains a "stranglehold" on the industry: “No HMD manufacturer should have a stranglehold on the VR ecosystem or unilateral control over what people...

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The Future of Purpose-Built Robotics; How Virtual Reality is Disrupting the Music Industry on CheddarOn this episode of 'Cheddar Innovates': NASA makes history by announcing it's sending the first woman to the moon in 2024; How robots are being used to help the elderly maintain their independence and stay connected to loved ones; How virtual reality is bringing music videos to life; A look at CuriosityStream's 'The Body Versus Coronavirus.'

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How Rebellion adapted Sniper Elite for PS VRAn in-depth look at how Rebellion is rebuilding its WWII shooter for virtual reality.

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Oculus Quest 2 VR Cover Now Available For Pre-OrderLook under the hood of the new Oculus Quest 2 and you'll find a new Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 chipset, 6GB of RAM, 2k per eye resolution with adjustable optics, and seven onboard cameras.

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The Best HTC Vive Games for 2020Here are the best HTC Vive games, paid and free including The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, Rec Room, Fallout 4 VR, Doom VFR, and more.

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Virtual Reality Conference takes place in Nanchang, ChinaFor a CCC certification for the Chinese market, China Certification offers the ideal service package for you to gain a CCC mark.

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Independent Filmmaker Dorian Goto Stone's Live-Action Virtual Reality Film "GEIMU" About a Medieval Japanese Game World Has Festival World Premiere atIndependent Filmmaker Dorian Goto Stone's Live-Action Virtual Reality Film "GEIMU" About a Medieval Japanese Game World Has Festival World Premiere at VIFF.

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Void Racer: Extreme ReviewVoid Racer: Extreme is a sci-fi racing game that marries the hover bikes and neon lights from Tron with the blazing fast speeds found in F-Zero and WipEout to deliver an exhilarating racing game for Oculus Quest that's only a little rough around the edges.

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Review: CubismMuch like a jigsaw where you’re sat at a table inspecting each piece, Cubism is a very close up, hands-on title, examining the various shapes you’ve been given and one by one placing them within the allotted outline.

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Apple Invents a Future VR/AR Headset that Delivers Images Directly to the user's Pupils via mini-projectorsToday the US Patent and Trademark Office published a continuation patent application from Apple titled "Dynamic Focus 3D Display." The focus of Apple's patent is on a direct retinal projector system that provides dynamic focusing for an HMD's display delivering superior quality virtual reality and/or augmented reality content over conventional...

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CES 2021: News, Reviews and AnalysisOnce the name CES stood for Consumer Electronics Show. But the trade show has evolved with the tech industry it reflects; tech touches our lives in a myriad of ways today, with smart cities and cars joining smartphones at the cutting edge, and the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence tying it all together.

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VR Resources Ltd kicks off drilling at Helca-Kilmer copper-gold breccia target in northwestern OntarioThe objective of this program is to complete the highest priority holes during the fall season when daylight hours for flying are workable, the company said.

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10 Games We Can't Wait to Play on Oculus Quest 2Quest 2 is on the horizon, and with its October 13th release date inching ever closer, you might want to know what new games were looking forward to playing on the companys next standalone headset.

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Virtual reality is a natural next step in remote learning"In the midst of the fall term during the COVID-19 pandemic, some U.S. universities are continuing the shift to remote learning while other colleges are only allowing 40-60 percent of students on campus."

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How Vr Training Can Help Turn Employees Into LeadersMore than your products or your services, the difference that gives your organization your competitive edge is your people.

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PlayStation CEO: VR Still Unproven But 'Really Intriguing'Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Jim Ryan says that VR is still unproven territory, but SIE is "really intrigued" as to where it could go.

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Oculus Quest 2 Pre-orders: Where, How and the BacklogThis festive season is all about gaming hardware, whether you're after the latest console generation in the form of PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, or want an improve virtual reality experience from Facebook.

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VR Rhythm Game OhShape Available On PSVR From TodayGet ready to contort your body into some strange shapes, because VR rhythm game OhShape launches on PSVR today!

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From the Great Wall to the Pyramids: Virtual Reality Is Seniors' Ticket to AdventureBob Gutworth glided over the jagged bluffs and hovered above wind-tossed fields of tall grass.

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Camp Marshmallow Review: A Dark And Twisted Must-Play For Oculus QuestCamp Marshmallow on SideQuest is a dark, twisted VR experience about life, death, and smores created by solo developer Chris Pavia thats available for free on Oculus Quest.

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Total Virtual Reality Market to Reach Over US$4 Billion Despite COVID-19's Blow to the Location-Based VR SegmentABI Research, a global tech market advisory firm, expects the Virtual Reality market to grow in 2020, passing US$4.6 billion despite some...

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LithoLike and comment on this video and subscribe to VRFocus for more virtual reality related videos.

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V&A announces Alice in Wonderland-themed VR experienceThe V&A and HTC VIVE Arts have announced an innovative partnership taking audiences on an immersive and mind-bending VR journey to the world of Alice in Wonderland with 'Curious Alice'.

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Create Movies on Your iPhone With Litho's First AR App 'Diorama'Essentially providing users with a way to create AR movies directly inside their mobile device, Diorama offers a selection of props to work with as well as integrating with the Google Poly library for an even wider array of digital objects.

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Best PlayStation VR deals: cheap PS4 bundlesImmerse yourself with the latest PS4 VR gaming technology.

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Use of virtual and augmented reality for new vehicle sales is here to stay:A partnered with MG Motor India for its new product line-up to create life-size AR compliant renders on Facebook and Instagram platforms, using Avataar's AI platform.

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Upcoming PC games: Best new games to look forward to in 2020Upcoming new PC games to get excited about exclusives, incoming releases and the best games to look for on Steam, Epic and more.

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Augmented reality could solve unskilled labor problem in warehousesOver the last decade, technology disruption within the warehousing industry has been telling. The need for expediting supply chains, compounded by the rise of e-commerce, has led warehouses to embrace workflow digitalization and process automation to a significant extent.

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Conversation with Dr. Skip RizzoWe had an overwhelming response to the first interview with Dr. Skip Rizzo, so we wanted to continue the conversation!

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LX 2048  Movie ReviewTL;DR – This is a film that raised a lot of interesting ideas, but never gives the time to provide them with all the justice they need to work within the story.

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Syblings: Episode 7While Leandrà has been busy at the The Compass, entrancing the crowd with a performance inspired by Poliamuel, her angel, Darren had been out walking.

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'Solaris Offworld Combat' Impressions a€“ Virtual Laser Tag with Competitive AmbitionsLaunching today, Solaris Offworld Combat is a team-based VR arena shooter from First Contact Entertainment, the studio behind the lauded Firewall: Zero Hour.

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XRHealth announces Virtual Reality therapy application to help treat ADHDIn Virtual Reality News September 24, 2020  XRHealth, a provider of therapeutic extended reality solutions, has recently announced a new virtual reality therapy application for people with&. Shared .

Miramar creatives encourage artists to try virtual reality workWhat happens when you spend three years working to create a virtual world for international audiences - only for a pandemic to disrupt it all?

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Here's What You Need to Know about The Metaverse of VRThe world of future technology relies on the techniques which are advancing every day. Before we proceed onto this content, let us tell you what a metaverse looks like.

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Testing The YAW VR Motion Simulator LiveI recently received the Yaw VR motion simulator here at the studio and have been having a blast with it the past couple of nights!

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HTC Vive Arts I Alice: Curiouser and CuriouserIn Wonderland nothing is as it seems. Use your senses to complete curious challenges. Race against the clock to capture the white rabbits missing glove.

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Curiouser and CuriouserLondon’s grand Victoria and Albert Museum has created its first-ever VR event, a marvelous little preview for its highly anticipated exhibition Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser, with special effects that bring the psychedelic wonders of the 19th century iconic novel to life.

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People Showing Up To Play A Multiplayer Virtual Reality First-Person Shooter Video GameSource: Wikimedia Commons The end of this dream took place in the evening, I was inside a fictional one-story building either in the alley or next to the alley by my parents yard, and I was there playing maybe a multiplayer virtual reality first-person shooter video game with a few family members.

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Institute Develops VR-based Fire Extinguishing Training SimulatorThe state-run Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute announced on Wednesday that it has developed a virtual reality fire extinguishing training simulator that allows firefighters to be trained in real-like fire environments.

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Kiwi virtual reality company JBA reinvents itself amid pandemicVirtual reality key to accelerating recruitment and training.

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Far from home, refugees build digital heritage with virtual realityThomson Reuters Foundation) - Growing up, Naseem Badar heard stories from her parents, uncles and aunts of how they fled for their lives from their village in northern India amidst bloody riots during the Partition and made their way to the newly created country of Pakistan.

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FEATURE-Far from home, refugees build digital heritage with virtual realitySept 24 - Growing up, Naseem Badar heard stories from her parents, uncles and aunts of how they fled for their lives from their village in northern India amidst bloody riots during the Partition and made their way to the newly created country of Pakistan.

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The Best Oculus Quest GamesThe Oculus Quest offers a fantastic virtual reality experience without the need for a gaming PC.

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PlayStation VR: 5 Common Problems and How to Solve ThemDespite being an incredible piece of hardware, the PSVR is still plagued with issues. This list features some of the most common problems and how to fix them.

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Facebook Reality Labs' Vision of the Future: 'Tools that Help People Feel Connected'VR and AR will converge to combine the real and virtual, as Facebook Reality Labs researchers, developers, and engineers aim to change how we see the world.

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Unofficial Quest Store 'SideQuest' Raises $650K From Oculus FounderSideQuest is an unofficial app store for Facebooks Oculus Quest headset which offers an avenue for developers to distribute apps without being subject to Oculus approval process.

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Virtual Reality Concert Company Sues Business Partner Over ‘Hostile Takeover'Los Angeles virtual reality company Red Pill VR Inc. enlisted Ogletree Deakins Nash Smoak and Stewart to sue a Canadian company it founded to develop virtual concert worlds after it reportedly refused to turn over proprietary source code.

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Without In-Person Meetings, Some in Wealth Management Turn To VRMorningstar and Fidelity have tapped virtual reality for a new conference experience and a first use-case for employee onboarding.

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Fight For Your Chance At A Free Copy Of Team-Based Shooter 'Frostpoint VR'You'll need to move quickly if you want to score one of the 3,000 free copies.

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Tell Me Something, GirlCrash through the surface, where they can’t hurt us. We’re far from the shallow now.

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Frostpoint Open Beta Starts Next Week, Play To Earn A CopyThe next VR game from inXile is epic-scale sci-fi shooter Frostpoint VR: Proving Grounds. Open Beta starts next week and you can earn a FREE copy by playing!

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V&A announces virtual reality eventThe V&A has teamed up with digital consultancy HTC Vive Arts to develop the initiative, which will take place on 22 October to coincide with the release of tickets for the Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser exhibition.

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SideQuest Takes Investment From BoostVC And Palmer LuckeySideloading platform SideQuest is taking $650K in early investment from BoostVC, Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey, and The Fund.

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Gnomes and Goblins Releases On Steam Four Years After PreviewThe full release of Gnomes and Goblins is now available to buy on Steam four years after a preview release.

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Explore an Even Richer, Diverse Universe in No Man's Sky's New Origins UpdateHello Games has released some pretty big updates for its procedurally generated sci-fi universe No Man's Sky over the years but the latest is one of the most extensive.

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NVIDIA CloudXR Expands with UK 5G Grant to The Grid FactoryNVIDIA RTX GPUs, virtualization software and CloudXR are helping The Grid Factory provide the expertise needed to bring XR to 5G.

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Oculus Quest 2 Halo Strap Mod Teased, Reveal Next MonthMeet the Oculus Quest 2 halo strap mod, an unofficial design being revealed next month from VR Panda.

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VR Multiplayer Shooter 'Grapple Tournament' Takes Aim At VR EsportsBelieve it or not, esports got its start in the ’60s when members of MIT’s “Tech Model Railroad Club” battled each other in a game of Spacewars, a game where players pilot a spaceship crippled with limited fuel and ammunition while attempting to outwit their opponents until there's only one ship left standing.

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10AM PT: VR Roulette Episode 3Related Posts The VR Download Episode 5 The VR Download Episode VR Roulette Episode 2 LIVE: Ski Doom, Cute Idols, And More!

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Facebook: Wireless Oculus Link Still Not 'Mature' EnoughA wireless Oculus Link option probably isn't happening any time soon; Facebook says the tech hasn't "matured" enough.

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Augmented Reality in Aerospace: Aerospace and Defence TrendsAugmented reality technology allows the user to see the real world overlaid with digital data.

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Play Frostpoint VR: Proving Grounds' Upcoming Open Beta to Earn a Free CopyScheduled for a 2020 launch for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Valve Index, Frostpoint VR: Proving Grounds is currently a purely team-based multiplayer FPS with one slight twist, human players aren't the only opponents to watch out for.

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No Man's Sky Origins Update Adds 'Millions' More PlanetsThree No Man's Sky Origins update adds 'millions' more planets alongside a huge new range of features to explore.

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Synth Riders' Rhythm Action Now at SynthesisVR Arcades WorldwideWe are pumped to bring Synth Riders to all our partners worldwide through SynthesisVR. After the exit of Beat Saber from commercial locations we believe Synth Riders will be a great addition and with Multiplayer and Party mode, a truly exciting game for VR locations, ” adds A Shabeer Sinnalebbe, CEO of Synthesis VR.

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All you need to know about Hitman 3Hitman 3 is the third sequel of the World of Assassins series and the eighth part of the Hitman series.

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Burning Man 2020 Was a Breakthrough for Virtual RealityFor the first time in its history, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, the annual Burning Man gathering transformed this year into an online event called the Multiverse.

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Drabble Wednesday: Toys, Pets and PieDrabble Wednesday disappeared last week due to getting the new book out, but it is back with three new shorts.

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Team Shooter 'Frostpoint VR' Heads into Open Beta Soon, Free Retail Copies AvailableThirdverse and inXile Entertainment today announced that Frostpoint VR: Proving Grounds, the upcoming team-based multiplayer shooter, is going into open beta starting next week.

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Frostpoint VR Open Beta Launches Soon with "Play to Own" OfferThirdverse and inXile Entertainment today announced that Frostpoint VR: Proving Grounds, the upcoming team-based multiplayer shooter, is going into open beta starting next week.

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AR VR powerhouse is 29 x 50mmLantronix has crammed a 15 Top/s augmented and virtual reality processor into a 29 x 50mm system-on-module.

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Immersive Virtual Reality Market Size, Forecast and Trends Analysis Research Report 2020-2025This report Added by Market Study Report, LLC, focuses on factors influencing the present scenario of the ' Immersive Virtual Reality market'. Shared .

How to watch 'Miranda,' LUMA and TCO's virtual theatrical production"Miranda: A Steam Punk VR Experience" will stream live for a total of nine showings on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

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Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre opens its virtual doorsTe Pae Christchurch Convention Centre has partnered with Christchurch-based extended reality technology company JIX Reality to launch a virtual tour of the centre.

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Gnomes and Goblins previewWell this was completely unexpected, and a very welcome surprise return for Jon Favreau and Jake Rowells Wevr title that seemed to have slipped into oblivion. Shared .

UEA researchers put virtual reality rehabilitation for stroke survivors to the testThey have created a new gaming platform which uses low cost videogame technology to improve the lives of stroke patients suffering from complex neurological syndromes caused by their stroke. Shared .

Atlas V Launches Production on VR Film 'The Little Mouse'French outfit Atlas V, the production company behind the critically acclaimed "Gloomy Eyes" and one of the industry leaders in narrative VR, has just launched production on its newest animated project, a 20-minute standalone film called "The Little Mouse." Sharing details of the project with Variety, Atlas V co-founder Antoine Cayrol called the...

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Trump's ‘Virtual Reality' Foreign PolicyLegitimate or not, President Trump's snapback of the Iran sanctions and his distorted reality based on "alternative facts" undermine the foundations of international politics.

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Virtual reality app oVRcome aims to fight phobiasIf you deal with a debilitating phobia, the app oVRcome could be for you. It's a virtual reality app that uses exposure therapy to help fearful people.

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Extended Reality offers financial services huge opportunitiesThe use of Extended Reality has the potential to disrupt the financial services industry, according to a new report by Synechron. Shared .

Ubisoft Announces ‘Assassin's Creed' and ‘Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell' VR GamesGaming giant reveals development is underway on two new unique immersive experiences, being built from the ground up exclusively for the Oculus platform.

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Virtual reality business, unable to reopen under COVID rules, files for bankruptcyA virtual reality business is facing a tough reality of its own - bankruptcy. The owners place the blame on COVID-19 and government regulations.

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Dudamel Heads Up A Virtual Reality Orchestra ProjectSymphony is an immersive, museum-like experience, scheduled to tour for 10 years.

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Michel Reilhac on How Festivals Are Launching a Joint VR PlatformResponding to an online distribution landscape driven primarily by the patterns of the video game industry, organizers of the leading international VR festivals have started on a plan to carve out a niche all for themselves - and for the artistically minded project their festivals champion.

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VR Content Producers Eye Online Distribution OpportunitiesThe ongoing effects of recent lockdowns coupled with an anticipated surge in consumer VR headset sales have made industry eyes look to online distribution pathways with more interest than ever before.

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VR headset market set for growth despite short-term COVID declineAccording to IDC Quarterly Augmented and Virtual Reality Headset Tracker, the market has faced a temporary setback this year as supply chain disruptions impacted volumes in the early months and expected product transitions have slowed the market mid-year.

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Review: Gnomes and GoblinsFirstly, if you’ve been following VRFocus’ coverage you’ll know Gnomes and Goblins isn’t the work of one studio, rather a collaborative effort involving Golem Creations, MWM and the director of films like Iron Man and The Jungle Book, Mr Jon Favreau.

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Virtua Sonic LivestreamWe're LIVE NOW with Virtua Sonic VR! Join us as we try to run as& Virtua Sonic VR Fan-Game Gets Blistering Fast Gameplay TrailerThere are lots of game franchises that we've thought would be good fits for VR& NO MAN'S SKY VR Multiplayer.

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Where To Pre-Order The Oculus Quest 2Those in the US will have to wait until late November to get their hands on the new Quest.

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My Summer CarWelcome to my livestream Lets play : My Summer Car - We have started fresh, and are well on our way to complete the Satsuma.

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Virtua Sonic Fan-Game Livestream: Gotta Go Fast In VR!Check out our livestream for Virtua Sonic VR! Join us as we try to run as fast as possible and collect tons of rings as the Blue Blur himself!

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VR Cover For Oculus Quest 2 Now Available For Pre-OrderA customizable facial interface and foam replacement set from VR Cover is now available for pre-order for Oculus Quest 2.

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5 Ways Solaris: Offworld Combat Is Like Unreal, Quake and DoomRelated Posts Solaris Hands-On Preview: 5 Ways It's Like Unreal Or Quake In VRSolaris: Offworld Combat is an intense, fast-paced shooter that channels the past to deliver something& Solaris: Offworld Combat Graphics Comparison Quest vs Solaris: Offworld Combat Oculus Quest vs Rift Graphics ComparisonSolaris: Offworld Combat is shaping up to be a...

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Editorial: Quest 2 and PSVR 2 Must Make Xbox VR HappenMicrosoft buying Bethesda means that, now more than ever, Quest 2 and PSVR 2 must help make Xbox VR happen.

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Minecraft VR is playable with PlayStation VR thanks to a free updateVR is an amazing way to explore Minecraft, and today, PlayStation VR is also supported.

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How Virtual Reality is Helping Medical ProfessionalsIn the 1980s and 90s, virtual reality was something like jetpacks - a nice idea but impractical and likely to be impossibly expensive if it was ever perfected.

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Dealing in virtual realityThis probably means India are looking to the UAE to help honour their international commitments.

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'Gnomes and Goblins' Review a€“ A Beautiful World Hiding an Inscrutable GameFour years after the release of a preview of the game, Gnomes and Goblins is finally here.

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Hollywood stars glam up virtual reality couture at the Emmy AwardsThey sure didn't miss having a stage or red carpet to look their best.

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Graded: Mitsubishi GalantWelcome to Graded. Here we discuss legendary marques, models, or trim packages and affix a letter grade to a selection of vehicles falling under that topic.

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Ilysia Kickstarter Hits Target and Multiple Stretch Goals as Campaign ContinuesIlysia is well on its way to become one of the most expansive VR MMORPG's, with Team 21 Studio planning myriad of things to do and places to explore, either by yourself or with a bunch of friends.

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Sony CEO: '99 Percent' Of PS4 Games Are Playable On PS5In a recent interview with The Washington Post last week, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO and President, Jim Ryan, stated that "99 percent" of all PS4 games will be backwards compatible and playable on PS5.

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Microsoft To Purchase ZeniMax Media, Parent Company Of Bethesda"This is a thrilling day for this company, our employees, and our fans. We have enjoyed a close partnership with Microsoft for decades, and this deal is a natural progression of those years working together," said ZeniMax Media's Chairman and CEOÂ Robert A. Altman.

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Solaris: Offworld Combat Graphics Comparison Quest vs RiftRelated Posts Solaris: Offworld Combat Oculus Quest vs Rift Graphics ComparisonSolaris: Offworld Combat is shaping up to be a big release for Quest and Rift& Solaris: Offworld Combat Delayed To September For Quest And RiftSolaris: Offworld Combat, the upcoming cross-play sci-fi VR first-person shooter for Oculus Quest and Rift,& The Walking Dead...

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Minecraft Is Now Available For PSVR As A Free UpdateMinecraft on PS4 received a free update today that adds PlayStation VR support to the game.

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Engineers pre-train AI computers to make them even more powerfulEngineers have developed a new machine-learning method that paves the way for artificial intelligence to be used in applications that until now have been deemed too sensitive.

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Report: Facebook Acquires Varifocal Startup Lemnis TechnologiesIts come to light that Lemnis Technologies, a startup creating varifocal optics for use in VR headsets, has reportedly been absorbed by Facebook in an acqui-hiring move.

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8th Wall Brings Augmented Reality to Bottles, Cans and CupsFirst-of-its-Kind Curved Image Target Technology Powers New WebAR Experiences on Food and Beverage Packaging—No App Required.

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XRHealth Announces VR Therapy Application to Treat ADHD by Improving Concentration, Reducing Impulsivity, and Increasing Attention SpanXRHealth, the leader in extended reality and therapeutic applications, announces a new VR therapy application for ADHD.

XRHealth Shared .

Best Oculus Quest and Quest 2 games: Top VR experiences to buyWe're rounding up some of the very best games you can get on Oculus Quest.

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What Is Solaris Offworld Combat?Solaris Offworld Combat is a new sci-fi competitive shooter, much like Overwatch. In this video, I explain how this game works, why it's the most fun on a wireless VR headset, and I show you one round of gameplay!

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XRHealth debuts at-home VR therapy app for ADHDADHD sufferers will soon have a new tool to develop concentration skills, thanks to a VR app that can help users focus while completing tasks.

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Beat Saber Multiplayer PSVR: Dev Warns Of DelayBeat Saber multiplayer PSVR support may be just a little further out than the Quest and PC VR versions.

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Addressing Systemic Biases with Virtual RealityWith the help of Virtual Reality, the systemic biases, can be mitigated. Thus the utilization of this technology of artificial intelligence would help in addressing the gender-biases and Racial-biases.

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Oculus Quest 2 Pre-Orders Backdated To November In US, Late October In UKPre-orders for the Oculus Quest 2 are now backdated on the official website, though it varies by the region.

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Mayflower 400: how we brought the pilgrims' ship to life using VR technologyRecreating the Mayflower and its crew and passengers from a few vague accounts took a lot of technical know-how.

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Research Report on Vr Headset Market by Current Industry Status, Growth Opportunities, Top Key Players, and Forecast to 2025Global Vr Headset industry report covers up-to-date industry information which is important to monitor performance and make critical conclusions for growth and. Shared .