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Training in virtual reality paying dividends for UWSP hockey teams Three times a week, for the last eleven weeks, players from both, the men and women's hockey teams at UW Stevens Point have been participating in a study, that has them training…. in virtual reality.

Geoff Keighley: Half-Life: Alyx 'Reminds Me Why I Love This Industry' Geoff Keighley has responded to some questions on Half-Life: Alyx in an Ask Me Anything post on Reddit. While a lot of the questions asked were in relation to The Game Awards, coming next week, Geoff did respond to a few Half-Life: Alyx questions as well.

Perry County Public Schools launches KY's first Virtual Reality Academy On Thursday, Perry County Public Schools launched Kentucky's first Virtual Reality Academy at Perry Central High School. This academy will prepare students for opportunities in the digital economy.

Black Friday Sell-outs, Quest Link Cable Woes, Is Oculus Go Poison? We discuss VR selling out, Oculus Link cables, Vive Focus PC streaming, VR's growth, Oculus Go's worth, and interview Virtual Science Center's Director.

Snapchat Unveils Limited Edition Gucci Brand Spectacles With Insanely Bizarre Promo Video The experimental 3-minute short was filmed entirely using Spectacles 3. Earlier today, Snap Inc. unveiled a new Gucci-themed version of their latest Snapchat-friendly headset device, the Spectacles 3.

Here Are 7 Ways to Use Virtual Reality Marketing in Your Overall Strategy in 2020 Virtual reality is becoming more popular with each passing day. With systems like the PSVR, Oculus Rift, Vive and even Google Cardboard, people are immersing themselves in worlds and adventures in way never seen before. For businesses, this offers an opportunity for virtual reality marketing.

Snapdragon XR2 Chip to Enable Standalone Headsets with 3K×3K Resolution & 7 Cameras Qualcomm today announced Snapdragon XR2 5G, its latest chipset platform dedicated to the needs of standalone VR and AR headsets. The new platform is aimed at high-end devices with support for 3K × 3K displays at 90Hz, along with integrated 5G, accelerated AI processing, and up to seven simultaneous camera feeds for user and environment tracking.

VR Racer 'Death Lap' Releases On Oculus Quest And Rift Today OZWE Games' newest release, Death Lap, is out today on the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift with crossplay. The game had previously been listed under 'Coming Soon' on the Oculus Store without a set release date. The new title from OZWE Games, published by Oculus Studios, is a first-person arcade racer and shooter in VR.

Pimax Delay 8K VR Headset Models Again, 26 Months After Kickstarter Pimax provided an update on their Kickstarter campaign page indicating that their 8K VR headset models have been delayed once again. The initial Kickstarter promised that headsets would ship in January 2018. This delay is just the latest in many, and comes 26 months after the initial September 2017 Kickstarter campaign launch.

Alberta Innovates launches new VR health innovation program amid recent cuts, layoffs Alberta Innovates, a provincially-funded research and development organization, has launched what it is calling a "first-of-its-kind" program focused on Alberta's virtual, mixed, and augmented-reality ecosystem for health innovation.

Qualcomm Announces XR2 5G Aimed At Broader VR/AR Features Qualcomm offered the first details on its XR2 chipset geared toward enabling a broader set of features relevant to VR/AR headsets.

New mHealth Platform Pushes AR, VR Services Toward Remote Care Space New mHealth platforms are giving providers an opportunity to include AR and VR programs in remote patient monitoring and other telehealth services delivered to the home and other locations.

5G and face tracking: The weird future of VR headsets like Oculus Quest and HoloLens Qualcomm's new 5G-compatible Snapdragon XR2 chip, announced today, could be the processor that drives all future headsets like Oculus Quest, Hololens and others in the next year or more.

Das Boot VR Arena Experience Has You Taking Control Of A WWII U-Boat Work together with your crew as you go head-to-head with a British Destroyer. It's 1942 and you have just commandeered a class VII German WWII U-boat. Your mission is to seek out a convoy of Allied freighters, but you instead come ship-to-ship with a British destroyer.

Feel the Ups and Downs of Radial-G: Proteus in This Gameplay Footage A single-player experience where you compete against AI but with the addition of online leaderboards so you can challenge other players times, the gameplay modes are split down between Career, Race and Lap Attack. Career offers the core experience with a variety of modes plus the ability to unlock more vehicles as you progress.

Zombie Shooter 'Arizona Sunshine' Now Available on Oculus Quest, Trailer Here Arizona Sunshine, one of VR's early acclaimed titles, launched nearly three years ago on PC VR headsets, bringing with it VR gunplay and zombie-killing like few had ever experienced in the new medium. Arizona Sunshine has finally come to Oculus Quest.

The 10 Best SteamVR Games of 2019 Thanks to Steam's hardware agnostic approach, it's become the defacto repository of all things PC VR.

Oculus Quest Review : Facebook's VR Savior Is The Kit To Beat Facebook's latest standalone headset makes some heft promises. Does it keep them? UploadVR's full Oculus Quest review is right here.

Shuttle Commander Launches December 11 for PS VR Shuttle Commander, launching December 11 on PS4, puts you in the pilot's seat for some of America's most important missions following Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon.

Arizona Sunshine Available On Quest Now, Post-Launch DLC Is Cross-Buy Arizona Sunshine is now available on the Oculus Quest, and Vertigo Games have confirmed their post-launch content plans for the platform, which will bring all existing DLC and updates to the game over the next few months.

The Best VR Games of 2019 That's the idea, anyway, and 2019 was no stranger to groundbreaking, medium-defining games that made the most of it. These are our nominees for the best VR game of 2019. Click through the gallery above or scroll down the page for the full list!

Vertigo Games Detail DLC Roadmap for Arizona Sunshine on Oculus Quest Later today sees Vertigo Games and Jaywalkers Interactive launch a dedicated version of Arizona Sunshine for Oculus Quest. The title has been specially rebuilt for the standalone headset whilst retaining the features that have made the videogame so popular.

Ubisoft Blue Byte - Assassin's Creed: Beyond Medusa's Gate Location: This game is available from many locations, we played at VR Zone DC in Washington, DC. Players: 2 or 4, either of which is a great time. Price: Varies, based on location. Time to Escape: Approximately 60 Minutes. Back to the Animus! Theme:. From the Ubisoft Escape Games website:.

PC Gaming And VR 2019 Report Card: Forging Ahead, As Always Always at the cutting edge of whatever's happening in the world of video games. Pushing the boundaries with new technology, while almost always being the best place to play multiplatform games. 2019 was definitely an interesting year for PC gaming.

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