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Mike Dodd: Finding the soul of the game He’d been getting all wound up, or as wound up as the man, labeled by anyone you ask as one of the nicest guys in the world, can get. He even dropped the f word not once, but twice. “Sorry about that, ” he said on SANDCAST: Beach Volleyball with Tri Bourne and Travis Mewhirter. SANDCAST: Beach Volleyball
Episode 23: Welcome to Volley Blues, Lordina aka Mother Lily In this super fun episode, we will sit down with the ever famous Lordina aka Mother Lily! We will be talking about the SEA Games campaigns of the Philippine Men's and Women's Volleyball Teams, Kat Tolentino's decision, our UAAP Final Four predictions, some PSL and PVL transfer rumors, blind items, Miss Universe, Judy Ann Santos and many more! Volley Blues
Fall Sports Wrap Up This week, we wrap up fall sports with some thoughts on volleyball and football. Football and basketball are mentioned in ‘3 stars’, then the week’s coverage plan is discussed in ‘where we’ll be’. ‘Looking Forward’ features some Christmas party talk, then ‘shoutouts’ wrap up the episode. The Courier Sports Corner
Episode 48 - Growing the Maverick Volleyball Club, Being a Builder and Financial Literacy with Greg Skotnicki In this episode, Frank and Thierry welcome MVC VP of Finance and Development Programs Greg Skotnicki to discuss the growth of an organization, how to become a builder, the importance of financial literacy and much more. - Why should a coach develop his administrative competencies? From The First Chair Podcast
The Free Agent Podcast: Who's playing with who in 2020 This week on SANDCAST, Tri Bourne and Travis Mewhirter break down all of the partner switches happening in United States beach volleyball. SANDCAST: Beach Volleyball
Episode 22: WE'RE BACK! Post Post Championship episode Join us as we discuss what happened in the last 5 months with the Lady Eagles, the Lady Eagles Alumnae and what to expect in the upcoming SEA Games. We will be covering what happened in the PVL Collegiate, our alumnae players playing in PVL and PSL, the super stressful SEA Grand Prix and SEA Games preparations. Volley Blues
29: Understanding Positions on a Volleyball Team Are you a new volleyball coach who is trying to understand the positions on a volleyball team? Are you trying to place players in positions but don't know where to start when looking at your roster? Let me help! Keep in mind… this information is highly generalized and more for younger and newer teams. Get The Pancake: A Podcast For Volleyball Coaches
"A great celebration" With a stack of pictures chronicling her volleyball life from middle school to her senior year at UVA, we ask setter Jennifer Wineholt to have a conversation with her younger self about the triumphs and disappointments she'll face along the way. Hoos Hittin' It: The UVA Volleyball Podcast
Theo Brunner has undergone his beach volleyball 'rebirth' Theo Brunner was in need, he says, of a rebirth. Not quite a religious ceremony, but something to revitalize a beach volleyball career that had, while not sunk, gone a bit sideways. There was the chronic calf injury that flared up, a nod to the fact that he hadn’t really taken a full off-season in several years. SANDCAST: Beach Volleyball
Boys Basketball Preview After we say farewell to Jon’s beard, we preview the county’s boys basketball season, wrapping up with predictions for deepest postseason run and player of the year. Football and volleyball take up the ‘3 stars’ segment, then the week’s coverage plan is outlined in ‘where we’ll be’. The Courier Sports Corner
28. 3 Tips for the Start of Club Volleyball Season It's that time of year again! Let me share three tips that I believe will make a HUGE difference in how you coach volleyball this year. Highly recommended for all coaches, but new volleyball coaches will especially benefit from the information in this podcast. Get The Pancake: A Podcast For Volleyball Coaches
Tim Brewster is getting his own type of education TEL AVIV, Israel – Tim Brewster was thousands of miles from his classrooms at UCLA. His seat in his 300-plus-student lectures was empty again, as it had been for the previous two weeks while he was in the Dominican Republic and the Middle East. SANDCAST: Beach Volleyball
Football Playoffs Preview After an update on Jon’s beard, we preview the football playoffs for Montgomery County’s eight teams that qualified and discuss some of the teams that narrowly missed the playoffs. Volleyball, cross country and football are mentioned in ‘3 stars’, then the week’s coverage plan is discussed in ‘where we’ll be’. The Courier Sports Corner
Take The Gold Edition with Maddison McKibbin Barnett and DJ Roueche are joined by one half of The McKibbon Brothers aka the bearded bros, Maddison McKibbon. Maddison was kind enough to sit in the entire episode as we discussed the AVP Player Awards Banquet, the Olympic race, his YouTube channel and even a little Snow Volleyball. The Net Live
Pisode 47 - Les leçons de vie d'une carrière légendaire avec Paul Gratton Dans cet épisode, Frank et Thierry accueillent Paul Gratton, capitaine de l'équipe olympique de 1984, ex-agent de joueur professionnel au Canada et membre du Temple de la Renommée de Volleyball Canada, pour discuter de sa carrière légendaire de volleyball, de ses diverses contributions considérables et des apprentissages qui découlent. From The First Chair Podcast
Volleyball Source - 11.09.2019 In this podcast, I talk with the #1 person in Canadian volleyball - Everett of Volleyball Source. We discuss a wide range of topics, including the biggest storylines of all the major professional leagues, how Canadian volleyball players are doing so far in the season, the ramifications of the international schedule, and university volleyball. FiveOne Volleyball
Karissa Cook and Allie Wheeler: The Snow Dog Desert Queens of Weird Karissa Cook is a self-dubbed “inside cat.” She doesn’t need to go anywhere to have fun. Doesn’t really need to see anybody, aside from her fiancé, Shayne Skov, and her pup. She’s good with that. SANDCAST: Beach Volleyball
Girls Basketball Preview After some election day talk, we get into our girls basketball season preview. Football and volleyball are mentioned in ‘3 stars’ and ‘Where we’ll be’. ‘Looking Forward’ and ‘Shoutouts’ wrap up the episode. The Courier Sports Corner
Interim Head Coach Kelly Surrency and Sloane Green talk about some of the updates to programs led by Interim Head Coaches. Congrats to Ellen Kimball and Fernando Morales who have been elevated since our recording! Around The Block
Episode 46 - Broaden Your Horizon with John Spack In this episode, Frank and Thierry welcome MVC 17U girls Head Coach John Spack to discuss the impact of his very successful summer program, Broaden Your Horizon. - John's bio - What is senior club volleyball? - Why did John start coaching volleyball? - Why does coach Spack work primarily with girls? From The First Chair Podcast
Football Playoff Picture After Jon recaps the musical ‘Cats, ’ we take a look at the county’s football playoff picture. Volleyball and cross country are the focus of ‘3 stars’, then the week’s coverage plan is outlines in ‘where we’ll be’. ‘Looking Forward’ and ‘Shoutouts’ wrap up the episode. The Courier Sports Corner
Plusliga Begins & Champions League Draw - Professional Volleyball Recap - 10.29.2019 In this episode, I go over the week of action in the world of professional volleyball, including the start of the Plusliga, a big debut from Sam Deroo in Russia, and Milano's hot start coming to an end. I also discuss the drawing of lots for the 4th round of the Champions League, and which teams I think will make it out of each of the five pools. FiveOne Volleyball
SANDCAST: Sponcil, Claes figuring it out - on and off the court - heading into Olympic year It was somewhere in the space between the Gstaad Major and the Espinho four-star when the façade came crashing down. How long had it been since Sarah Sponcil had decompressed? Relaxed? Reflected on all that had happened in her life in the past six blurs of months? SANDCAST: Beach Volleyball
State Champs! Jackson Academy Head Coach Melissa Denson wins her first State Championship. Around The Block
Kelley Larsen and Emily Stockman: Making LAX your new home There was a time – a very brief time in the middle of a jet-setting, globe-trotting season – where Kelley Larsen had the correct count of how many tournaments she and Emily Stockman had played at that point in the year. SANDCAST: Beach Volleyball
Volleyball Playoff Picture After finding out what makes a Texas Edition truck a Texas Edition truck, we look at the county’s volleyball playoff picture. The ‘3 stars’ segment highlights cross country and football, then ‘where we’ll be’ lays out the week’s coverage plan. The Courier Sports Corner
Italian Superlega 2019-2020 Round 1 Recap and Season Preview - Professional Volleyball Recap - 10.22.2019 In this episode, I recap the opening round of play in the Italian Superlega, as well as preview each of the 13 teams participating in the league this season. Who do I think will win the championship? Which new players in the league will be the next stars? FiveOne Volleyball
27. Inspiring Players with "THE CUORE PROJECT." Former US Olympian Lindsey Berg shares her passion project. Lindsey Napela Berg is a former Olympic and professional volleyball athlete, born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Lindsey played volleyball for the University of Minnesota and in three Olympic Games for the US national team, winning two Olympic silver medals. She is currently building a platform, THE CUORE PROJECT, to share, educate and inspire. Get The Pancake: A Podcast For Volleyball Coaches
Race to #1 Kelly Surrency and Sloane Green dive into the high school game. As the season begins to wind down, who will earn the title of National High School Champions? Around The Block
NORCECA, EuroVolley, and World Cup - International Volleyball Recap - 10.16.2019 In this episode, the FiveOne Volleyball podcast returns from a break to recap three major tournaments: NORCECA, EuroVolley, and the World Cup. I am joined once again by Rob St. FiveOne Volleyball
Two years and a lifetime of lessons from the podcast Of all the indelible moments we’ve had on SANDCAST these past two years – and there have been countless many, with massive lifetime milestones from both Tri Bourne and I – none stood out quite like the moments after our latest podcast, which published today. SANDCAST: Beach Volleyball
Episode 45 - Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation with Melissa Healy In this episode, Frank and Thierry welcome Team Canada Medical Coordinator and Athletic Therapist Melissa Healy to discuss the role of an athletic therapist, common injuries, prevention strategies and more. - Which teams from the national men's program was Melissa overseeing this past summer? From The First Chair Podcast
The County's Top Football Units This week, we highlight some of the county’s best football units. Cross country and volleyball are the focus of ‘3 stars’, then the week’s coverage plan is discussed in ‘where we’ll be’. ‘Looking forward’ and ‘Shoutouts’ wrap up the episode. The Courier Sports Corner
26. End of Season SUPER Episode for Volleyball Coaches In this week's volleyball podcast episode, you get TWO articles from getthepancake.com read to you, PLUS audio from the Get The Pancake YouTube channel is included. It's that time of the year when the end of the season is sneaking up on us… don't get caught by surprise! Get The Pancake: A Podcast For Volleyball Coaches
Keep the faith A second key player is lost for the season and the Wahoos must again adjust to adversity. First-year Jayna Francis is leaned on to perform, and third-year Tine Jarman is leaning on her faith. Hoos Hittin' It: The UVA Volleyball Podcast
Fair Pay to Play? Part 2 Kelly Surrency and Sloane Green discuss in more detail the Fair Pay to Play Act and their best guess on what could change over the next few years. Around The Block
Lee Feinswog and Ed Chan: 'And that's how we became publishing magnates' It took a matter of weeks for Lee Feinswog to rebound from being laid off. Not a month had gone by from the moment he received a call from the higher-ups at Turner, for whom he freelanced to write college volleyball stories on NCAA.com, when he began scrolling through his phone, idea and contact in hand. SANDCAST: Beach Volleyball
25. The Cornerstones of Success - Thoughts on John Wooden's Pyramid I thought this week I'd go more "motivational" and share a very small portion of one of the most influential books on my own personal coaching career. Get The Pancake: A Podcast For Volleyball Coaches
CULTURE with Jeff Nygaard He's done it all - Olympian, AVP Star, current USC Men's coach, and former partner of John Mayer. The one and only Jeff Nygaard joins the show to talk about team culture. Coach Your Brains Out: A Volleyball Coaching Podcast
JOHN DUNNING Rebroadcast of our interview with former Stanford Women's Volleyball Coach, John Dunning right after his retirement announcement. Coach Your Brains Out: A Volleyball Coaching Podcast