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Favourite Outdoor Gear - Meet My Kathmandu Cup I know it is wrong to have favourites, but we all have a piece of favourite outdoor gear. For me this is my trusty Kathmandu…

Rewilding & Climate Change: tying it all together - and a petition to sign With climate change in the news this week due to Extinction Rebellion, David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg all successfully raising the profile of this crucial issue I've been thinking about how this relates to rewilding and nature. Climate change is ultimately a natural phenonmenon.

Short Walks - Bewick Hill Because the distance of the walk is not important - it's what you do with the walk. This one was necessarily fairly short - about 4 miles, in fact, and took roughly the same number of hours. A substantial amount of this time was spent lazing in the sun having lunch and chatting.

An elongated sound? Can a sound be elongated? The forest pigeons sound like a regiment of soldiers when there are more than three. The blackbird is phenomenal in causing noise when searching for food. But I recognise the grass snake by a sound that goes on and on. Depending on its size We also had the great pleasure of meeting the very cosy 'Salamander Team'.

The path to nowhere Many proper names in Dickens' novels give the impression that they were thought up in five seconds and never re-considered; as a result they are grotesque, multi-syllabled and implausible Sometimes your posts give the impression you are walking through a Dickens landscape, as with Docker's Nook and Skeggles Water, both mentioned without comment.

Hunters' Stone The Hunters' Stone sits on the road up to the Avon Dam and is fairly easily overlooked I suppose. Blonde Two and I have walked past it several times without noticing it! I is worth a little look though. It has on it carved the names of several of the Masters of Dartmoor Foxhounds.

Durham - a Beautiful Old City Day Out The day of my UFO Concert in Newcastle, we had a few hours to fill. I'd never been to Durham but it was only 15 minutes from Newcastle by train so Richard and I decided to go there. He'd been before so could act as my guide. All photos Richard's digi camera as I didn't take mine.

One Word Wednesday One word but then, being Blonde, we always have a bit more to say… . Sunday 23rd June - Beginner navigation. Saturday 31st August - Improver navigation. 27th-28th July - Wild camping workshop. 29th-30th August - Wild camping workshop.

A New Lens for Backpacking: Sony E 18-135 f3.5-f5.6 For several years my photography setup for backpacking and hillwalking has been Sony a6000 and NEX 7 bodies with Sony E 10-18mm and 16-50mm zoom lenses. This system went on the GR5 through the Alps walk last autumn and the Yosemite Valley to Death Valley walk two years before that.

Long Walks - Yorkshire Three Peaks This walk was yet another of Li Yang's ideas. All of this is highly irrelevant, obviously and, to quote said comedy politicians when avoiding a difficult question - "…. what is important…" is that as well as the usual Diane and David, we also had Marie and Michael, but no LTD cos I thought this was too far for him.

Tuesday's Ten - Reasons to Listen to Local Radio As I have mentioned before, I am a big fan of Radio Devon, it makes me laugh in the morning, keeps me company as I cook the tea and delivers all kinds of useful information. There is something about local radio that makes it approachable and infinitely more entertaining than more national radio stations.

MRT 4 - April 15 - Sedona Last night was definitely warmer than the previous two nights. Being at a lower elevation certainly made a difference. When we were packing up this morning, we heard a noise which almost sounded like a camp stove, which didn't make any sense since none of us cook on the trail.

Rambling about the Lake District, with a couple of wild camps thrown in Slater's Bridge, Little Langdale: A Delight The Pre-Walk Daunder took place this week. For those not in the know this is the…

MRT 3 - April 14 - Loy Canyon We all slept pretty good last night…probably because we were so worn out. But, we were ready to go again when our alarms went off at 6am. We managed to pack up a bit fast today. Hopefully we'll keep getting quicker as we get more into the routine.

An Easter Hymn Awake, thou wintry earth – Fling off thy sadness! Fair vernal flowers, laugh forth Your ancient gladness! Thomas Blackburn, An Easter Hymn.

Polar Bear Challenge - Completed Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce that, on March 31st 2019, I successfully completed the Devon and Cornwall Wild Swimming 2019 Gold Polar Bear Challenge. Between November 2018 and March 2019:. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge, haven't had one cold this winter and have suffered only numb toes, tingling fingers and rosy cheeks.

MRT 2 - April 13 - Sycamore Canyon Well, our first full day on the MRT was a big combination of pretty nice trail, pretty steep trail, and rocky wash walking. We can gauge the difficulty of the day by the amount of miles walked versus the amount of time we walked. So, including breaks, it took us 11.5 hours to hike 17 miles.

A Bijoux Backpack from Borrowdale to Buttermere and Back There was supposed to be three huming beans and a dog on this trip but towards the last minute JJ hurt himself somehow and had a small disaster concerning a caravan, so he couldn't come.

Postbridge If ever a place evokes memories for me, it is Postbridge. I have many happy memories of coming here as a child and returning never disappoints. There's much to see in this tiny Dartmoor village and if you've timed it right, there's a pub which does a good bowl of cheesy chips and a post office serving ice creams.

MRT 1 - April 12th - Parsons Trailhead Well, after what felt like a whirlwind of tasks, and to-do lists, we are back on a trail and back into the lifestyle that we love. We have been looking forward to hiking the MRT, hiking with our friend, Mace, and just seeing a new part of Arizona.

Gear I've reviewed for my TGO Online Column Packs, hats, stoves, jackets and more. Here's what I've been reviewing for The Great Outdoors magazine since last summer. I've neglected to post these links for a while so it's rather a long list. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Chris Townsend Outdoors is a 'Pay As You Feel' website.

Friday's Phrase This week's Friday's Phrase has been borrowed from a fellow Duke of Edinburgh's Award leader. One of her teams had completed their route planning but decided that they had included a hill too many and requested a change… You can imagine what the answer was!

Men's Small Please As you know, Blonde One and I are sometimes lucky enough to be sent items of outdoor gear to try out and review. This is obviously a very useful perk for two people who use their outdoor kit regularly and also need a fair few spares for the youngsters they work with.

Furesøen If not intensified sky, hurled through with birds and deep with the winds of homecoming. Rainer Marie Rilke. Furesøen is Denmark's deepest lake and a wonderful natural area. Opposite Næsseslottet, grebes have found their favourite nesting area. The birds are busy courting each other by shaking their head and bowing in an advanced mirror dance.

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