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Tuesday's Ten - Reasons to go swimming in the rain How many times have you planned a bit of outdoor fun then looked out of the window only to think, 'Not today, it's raining'? In 2018 the UK had about 147 rain days, which means that a fair proportion of our get outside time was wet. Well today I am here to tell you that swimming in the rain is a great idea.

Return to the Cairngorms For the first few weeks after my return from my long walk in the Colorado Rockies I was content to wander round the fields and woods around my home. I also had much to do catching up with work stuff. Soon though I started to think about a camping trip to wilder places.

River Nidd Trail Section 1 I've broken this walk down into three sections, that are each completed over a weekend. The Saturday part is normally about 12 miles or so and the Sunday part is shorter, to allow us both some time at home in the afternoon, and ends up around 7 or 8 miles or so.

258 - Bob Scott's Bothy May 2019, and Chris and I were steadily working through my 'bothy walks' wish-list. Shenavall in Wester Ross had been all I had hoped for, a lovely bothy in a magnificent setting, and the delightful Ryvoan in the Cairngorms didn't disappoint either.

The Bog Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Follow.

A Hard-bitten Walker on the Bowscale to Souther Fell Round Tue 17 Sep 2019: I'd been wanting to do this full round for ages and, as it was lovely weather this particular day, decided it was as good a day as any!

The Walk London map - now that's champion! As you know, we Blondes love maps. So much so that we have to take one with us whenever we go outdoors, or even indoors to our favourite Dartmoor café. We have map cupboards, map quizzes and even a map towel. Can you imagine then how excited I was to be asked by map gurus Ordnance Survey to contribute to a brand new map of London?

The Great Outdoors November issue In the latest issue of The Great Outdoors I review ten lightweight insulated jackets, three very different water filters, and the lovely but expensive Klattermusen Loride 2.0 jacket. This issue features even more stunning photography than usual, starting with the cover, which shows the editor on Suilven in amazing light.

The water feels warm… is it hysteresis? Here are a couple of scenarios that lovers of the outdoors will recognise… Have you ever wondered why that happens? Why is the ground colder than the air and how can the sea possibly feel warm when there are so many cold raindrops falling into it?

Welcome Sight - Goats in the Hills In this time of what seems like non-stop frightful news about climate change, political upheaval, divisive and ofttimes nasty social disco…

A Pleasant Mood In Autumn It is amazing to walk in the mountains at this time of the year. A pleasant melancholy rests over the landscape. Not a mood that makes you sad, but a nice calm atmosphere after the summer’s g…

OWPG Award for Along the Divide - the Certificate The certificate for the Award for Along the Divide arrived today. I'm pleased all over again! Especially as the judges noted that "The Outdoor Book was particularly strongly contested this year". Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Chris Townsend Outdoors is a 'Pay As You Feel' website.

Tuesday's Ten - Things our outdoor spaces might like to say to us… Although we Blondes believe firmly in the importance of spending time outside, we also understand that any time we spend in the outdoors has an impact on the environment we are enjoying. This doesn't have to be a negative impact of course. Simply by taking home a bit of litter we are making a positive contribution.

A Swedish Mountain Walk Maybe you have an urge for mountains? Some of my readers did a search for a map of Kullaberg on my blog. I would recommend that you take a look at Kullaleden: KULLALEDEN.

River Nidd Trail Chris and I have been trying to align walking calendars since our aborted walk along the Cape Wrath Trail in May. Various things have prevented us from getting out together, not least my lack of enthusiasm for anything other than low level, unchallenging walking.

Rusty Railing - farewell to a landmark 'I'll meet you by the double railings'. Was the instruction I received the first time I headed down to the beach join my swimming group. I have been sea swimming with the group most days for nearly three years now and have grown to love the physical features that accompany my daily swim.

The Joy of Colours Why do two colors, put one next to the other, sing? Can one really explain this? No. ~ Pablo Picasso. All colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites. ~ Marc Chagall. Note I was inspired by Steve McCurry's blog. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

How many campervans does a girl need? I have learned a few things about campervan life since we purchased Ivanka our blue Toyota Hiace van. I have found out that a campervan is a wonderful way to explore the countryside, provides an exciting way to camp, make a great beach changing room and can help spread our outdoor adventures into the winter months.

Food & Resupply in the Colorado Rockies A key to planning on a long walk is knowing where you can resupply with food and other items. How many places are there? Will you have to leave the route to reach them? How many days food needs to be carried between supply points? How much are you prepared to carry?

Hiking in the Rain True nature lovers know that there's a certain joy to be had in hiking, regardless of weather. Hiking is just as pleasurable for the senses, whether you're under a clear, blue sky or when you're sloshing through muddy puddles with your boots.

A new way to Get Outside: the singing forager experience Autumn is a great time for foraging but it is important to learn from experts how to forage safely. Once you have learnt, you will need to remember which of the plants and fruits you are looking at are wild foods and which perhaps aren't.

Eskdale - Climbing Crags Exploration & Muncaster Fell This was a mini-break Richard and I had to Boot in Eskdale where I have an hotel I'm particularly fond of - especially their food! Eskdale is also just about my favourite Lakeland valley… All photos my Zenith manual film camera except where labelled.

Yoredale Way 2019 - Day 5 Interim report, until I get some time and calm down a bit. A great day's walk, with another lovely day's weather. Completely overshadowed by the shit show of a public transport system we have! Neither of the trains I've taken so far today has arrived on time.

Welcoming new people to the joy of Ramblers Scotland walks Can your group help new people try Ramblers group walks? We need groups that really want to recruit new walkers and are prepared to try something a bit different to help make it happen. You don't have to make up your mind straight away but at this stage we'd like to hear from you if you're interested in exploring this idea with us further.

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