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Friday 3 April - So what's been going on? "The spirit was already aloft, I was pulling on my boots" - W H Murray, Mountaineering in Scotland Well, nothing as far as hills are concerned what with the lockdown and trying to keep ourselves and others safe.

Great British Escapades Noun: an act or incident involving excitement, daring, or adventure. Ever since I was tiny, I've had a fondness for hurling myself in at the deep end. Literally. When I was born my mum was a swimming pool attendant which meant that my formative years were spent around the local pool.

Tent sorting Now, here's a very interesting question. How many 'one person' tents does one person need? 'One' you might think! Some people suggest that you can never have too many tents. Others suggest a formula for working it out. Personally I like to think that 3 is just about the right number.

More desert reminiscences - on this day on the Arizona Trail Twenty years ago on this day I woke after a night under the stars to bird song then spent the day walking through the Superstition Mountains on the Arizona Trail. In my journal I wrote: "a great day, but long and hard…. mainly due to the very rough, rugged terrain, but also the scenery - I spent some time looking and photographing".

Blues Turns To Hope There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in… Anthem by Leonard Cohen. Everywhere, there are stories of helpfulness, unity and creativity. There is light in the dark. There is a crack… I'll always remember this beautiful walk:. The wonderful light.

Wainwright walks 68: Wild out West! Hills: Burnbank Fell, Blake FellClassification: Wainwright When: Sunday 8 MarchWho: Me and the mountaineering minionDistance: About 5 miles at a rough guess.Time: About 3 ½ hours including breaks and faffingWeather: Does 'mediocre' work?

Year five: Ordnance Survey Get Outside Champions 2020 We are both well and still excited to be OS GetOutside Champions again! Although we are passionate about the outdoors, we all need to do that in a very different way for now. For us that's a Blonde mixture of outdoor equipment sorting, vegetable growing and local walking once a day.

Evening Around Me and LTD set off quite late, taking advantage of the fact that some eejit had been fiddling with all the clocks.

269 - Y Gamallt and the Migneint In my last blog post I made the comment that "You're never far from a mountain in Wales". It also has to be said that you're also never far from a bog! Regular hikers in the Peak District and Pennines can rightly lay claim on the blackest, foulest bogs in the UK, but Wales is up there in the 'Bog Top 10'.

Figueroa Mtn Freedom: Violating the COVID-19 Lockdown Order - Jack Elliott's Santa Barbara Adventure Jack is spot on with this post! It's far, far safer being spread out over wide areas in the mountains than it is cramming together on the lanes as I was today - never walked with so many people - and so closely! Not so sure he "is spot on" He has a very heavy political agenda.

Another memory from twenty years ago on the Arizona Trail On this day in 2000 I walked through the splendid White Canyon Wilderness on the Arizona Trail. Again much of the route was cross country following cairns. The views were tremendous and this was one of the most impressive sections of the walk. In the evening I wrote in my journal "fine desert canyon and mountain scenery all day".

Another Shortish Walk: Holy Well and Bitchburn Yet another 5 mile walk to prevent the brain from going completely off the rails. Actually, spending yesterday in the sun in the back garden with LTD snoozing away beside me was no bad thing.

Dog Yoga OK, so we had a day off today. It was lovely and warm in the sun in the back garden today. And it was Merlot Friday, so….Here, Lucky The Dog demonstrates various dogyoga positions which are ideal for the mental health on a warm and sunny spring-like day.

Keeping active at home   The Ramblers - Britain’s walking charity working to protect and expand the places people love to walk and promote walking for health and pleasure. Walking information, advice and campaigns, walking news and events, group led walks and an online library of walking routes.

Urban green space… Something lovely is happening… With UK lock down upon us I am pleased to report that here, in my tiny corner of Devon, everybody is taking their responsibilities to society very seriously and practising excellent social distancing. It is very quiet and still, apart from the birds who are having a marvellous spring but I have noticed something rather lovely happening.

Short Doggy Walks From Pietowers #1 and #2 There's something about quiet streets and no aircraft that reminds me of the streets of Earby on a Sunday afternoon in July when most of the town had gone off to Morecambe and Blackpool for a week when all the mills closed down for holiday week.

Far away and twenty years ago: On the Arizona Trail On this day twenty years ago I was on a cross-country section of the Arizona Trail, walking through the desert below Antelope Creek. Part of the day was spent in aptly named Bloodsucker Wash, though the bloodsuckers plants not vampires. In my journal I wrote "slow going picking a way through cactii and spiky catclaw and mesquite bushes.

Things Missing in 2020 and Things to Do Instead The Big Thing wot's disappeared from the list of events planned, and, even arranged, for 2020 is The Great Outdoors Challenge. For those who don't know, this is an annual event where walkers get the privilege of walking from the West Coast of Scotland to the East.

When you can't go… GROW! Growing your own vegetables is one way most of us can still Get Outside even if we are spending time in self isolation. You don't need a big garden or a greenhouse, you can grow at least some vegetables in most places as long as they have some light and enough water.

Boredom Brought The Mojo Back I hadn't realised how much I'd neglected to blog until Quinn made a comment asking if I was OK. I am OK, in fact I'm blooming. But Things have taken a turn - it's this Covid-19 bug and the consequent semi-lock down that we're starting to enjoy in the UK.

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Some reading for when we can return to the hills With plans for walks long and short on hold for the foreseeable future I'm spending time thinking about where I'll go when all this is over. Daydreaming is a way to cope. Over the years I've posted dozens of features on all aspects of walking on this site.

Music Review: The Woods by Hamish Napier Music is always a solace in difficult times like these. Much music is inspired by the outdoors and that's the case with a new album I've been listening to over the last few days, The Woods, by local musician and composer Hamish Napier. Commissioned by Cairngorms Connect The Woods is inspired by the Caledonian Forest.

Don't Make Me Go South of the River I've had to re-write this post a couple of times as events have moved faster than my speed of write-up. This walk was undertaken at the very start of March, when the "plague" referred to below had reached the UK, but had not escalated to the stage it's at now.

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