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Classic Gear: Rohan Bags Bags page in the 1987 Rohan Catalogue with pictures of me on the Continental Divide Trail Third in the Classic Gear series that appeared in The Great Outdoors last year. This time, some revolutionary trousers. Lightweight, windproof, fast drying, and comfortable walking trousers have been standard wear for many years.

Tuesday's Ten - Life Skills you Gain from Camping With just 17% of parents feeling confident about their ability to build a campfire bringing up children who really want to do just that, as well as put up a tent, build a raft and go fishing we appear to have reached a tricky situation, especially as we all know just how good a bit of Get Outside is for us.

Book Review: Lonely Scotland A guide to hunting, trapping and wildlife persecution in Scotland Hill goers often encounter traps in the woods and hills. How do you know if they are legal or not? This new guide from OneKind will tell you. A disturbing number of different traps are described, both legal and illegal, though note that the former are only legal if set correctly.

Sunday 6 May - Ben Effrey and Craig Rossie. Map LR 58 "The spirit was already aloft, I was pulling on my boots" - W H Murray, Mountaineering in Scotland A lovely day, a short drive, easy parking and, for us, a new summit in the Ochils, Ben Effrey.

249 - Invermallie Bothy and the Commandos of Achnacarry On our 2017 Scottish trip, Chris and I had visited a couple of bothies in the course of our mountain walking.

Outdoor Wordage July was an unusual month for writing work; a paucity for the first three weeks led to a plethora for the last. Writing jobs, it would appear, are like buses. To help myself keep calm over my latest slack period I have been indulging in word puzzles.

Hen Harrier Day Highland 2018 The day red grouse are blasted out of the sky by people who enjoy killing small birds. And in the name of ensuring there are plenty of grouse to kill many other birds and animals that might eat the grouse are slaughtered year round.

Nidderdale–The Upper Bits I was somewhat delayed by a cosy, stark but ultimately unmemorable dream. Which is why me and LTD didn't arrive till eleven o'clock.The objective of today's assignment was to bag Woodale Moss - on 11 August when the grouse-shooting starts on 12 August, or 13 August cos they don't generally shoot on Sundays.

Cycling the Scottish C2C As I lay I listened to the sounds of two fisherman exchanging anecodates and laughter in the warm, summer air while they packed up their gear. They'd spent another Saturday evening in relaxed company fishing the Tweed at an altogether slower pace of life.

What are my eco-credentials? The environmental minefield As a lover of the outdoors it is only right that I should consider, from time to time, my impact on the environment I love. This is all very well but recently my mind has become obsessed / confused/befuddled with trying to piece together what exactly my impact is and how I can change it.

The nasty effects of altitude Mountain trekking is brilliant. It gives a sense of immense satisfaction after a hard, long slog up a relentlessly steep hill. It also reminds you that you are a tiny tiny piece of an amazing world. One of the biggest challenges when climbing mountains is the altitude.

Glen Etive Under Threat Glen Etive is a lovely glen in the Western Highlands, surrounded by fine rugged mountains laced with deep narrow ravines and corries down which tumble fast flowing streams. The latter have attracted the eye of developers and there are plans for run of the river hydro schemes on seven of them.

Friday's Phrase Why is there a pineapple on top of the pile of Trinity School rucksacks?

Accessibility Guide to UK’s National Parks Others just have a couple each. Dartmoor does better with a bunch We at the Pieblog applaud the publication of the guide and hope that it will be helpful.

M&G Go For A Walk During a visit to the town of Bad Urach yesterday, we popped into the Tourist Office and picked up some information, including a booklet of local walking routes. A panoramic shot of part of the market square in Bad Urach - an attractive little town of half-timbered houses.

Extreme hill walking: Oukaimedem mountain The high point of the trek through the High Atlas mountain range with the Trinity School team was summiting Oukaimeden mountain. It stands at 3258 metres high and is not insignificant. The team will testify to that! We began our assent at the ski lodge in the tiny resort of Oukaimeden.

Hitting Peak #50 with hike to White Hill With all of the huge fires raging in California, lately we've not known what kind of views and air quality we will encounter when setting of…

Once More Unto The Beach, Dear Friends Englishmen now abed would think themnselves accursed they were not here…So, me and LTD and Dawn went nack to fave spots in Northumberland.

Tuesday's Ten - Things you might find in the sea The summer holidays have arrived and, down here in Devon, so have the crowds. Pasty sales have multiplied as have journey times, traffic jams and numbers of people in the sea. There are other things in the sea too, some of which only really appear in the summer.

Castleton To Home The tweet says it all really. Over the past 7 months, I've had so many ups and downs with this PF - good days, bad days, days when the pain/and or mental anguish has reduced me to tears - that even though I knew it was time to get back out on a solo camp, I will admit to feeling somewhat nervous about it.

Tomato "The spirit was already aloft, I was pulling on my boots" - W H Murray, Mountaineering in Scotland This tomato has ripened on our indoor plant - an experiment while at home this summer. We will share it tonight. New blog name redirect - I've change the name of my blog If not redirected please click on the link below.

Tremendous Trinity Teamwork I have seen for myself proof that the whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts on the recent World Challenge trip to Morocco with the fabulous young people from Trinity School. The team were a diverse bunch of students who brought with them a huge variety of skills, qualities and needs.

Head in the clouds When two of my loves come together - textiles and the fells - in a picture I've made for a very dear friend, and called Many More Mountains…

Welcoming Greater Protection for Ancient Woodland Woodlands are a walker's friend. They offer shade from the sun, shelter from the rain, carpets of bluebells in the spring, a kaleidoscope of colour in the autumn and even chance to challenge the kids with some tree climbing.

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