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Pictorial representation: what exactly is a map? I was sent a book for Christmas. A fantastic book that is full of maps but not maps as we navigators usually know them. Unless you wanted to walk along a Roman road to Rome, this book would be useless. It is however packed full of information set out on maps of countries and the world.

A Stormy Walk on Craigellachie And worst of all wind, howling shrieking wind that roars through the tree tops and crashes down mountainsides, deafening disorientating wind that upsets the balance of body and mind. Day after day after day.

Increasing Storm Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 2,030 other followers. Follow.

New Year, New Me! Regular readers will know I had a pretty shocking time last year when it came to long distance paths in particular and walking in general. I started out on five different long distance walks, and only one of them ended in the way I had planned.

This rollercoaster winter Yesterday it snowed heavily, the fields and and woods were white. Overnight the temperatures rose. This morning it was raining heavily and the snow had gone. That pattern has been repeated over and over again this month, accompanied by near constant strong winds.

Contour lines: what are they and how useful are they? Contour lines are the orange lines on an Ordnance Survey Explorer map that tell you height about sea level of the ground. The lines are usually 5 or 10 meters apart and show how steep the hill is according to how close together the lines are. Before you even start walking contour lines are helpful in planning your route.

What I've Been Reading Online No 17: Outdoors - hillwalking, long-distance hiking, mountaineering The last few weeks I've found a fair amount of interesting stuff to read online so again I'm splitting the piece in two, starting with outdoorsThe Quest in Scotland's Hills: John D Burns goes in search of a bothy in the Monadhliath.

Van life… An unexpected night near Woodhenge One of the most amazing things about life with a camper van is that you can stop and rest whenever you need to. Last week Mr B2 and I needed to get back home more promptly than planned from a family event in Margate. By the time we had cleared the London Underbelly, it was well past bedtime and obvious that we needed to stop for a rest.

More Artwork - Pets and Wildlife Unfortunately, as the weather for the last couple of months has been completely dire, I haven't been up any hills at all. Also, for the interesting gill I did a couple of months back, the film is still languishing in my camera waiting to be finished. So, I'm inflicting a couple more 'artwork' posts on you.

The white mountains of Denmark Møns Klint is an outstanding place. It's beautiful, dramatic and not without danger. Weather changes are guilty of many landslides over the years. Some of the latest landslides:. Sommerspiret, disappeared in 1988. In 1994, a part of Dronningestolen slipped down to the sea.

P2P recce with Judith, a UFO, and a wild camp. My adventures with walking, backpacking, running, cycling, amateur radio, traditional folk music and song…and loads of other stuff. The reason for this test is the continuing problem I have with posting using Open LiveWriter….

Monday 3 February - Easter Downhill, 361m OS map 58 Castle Hill is an alternative name for the hill. A warm balmy Spring day wandering among the hills north of Glendevon village eventually landed us on the 361m summit of Easter Downhill.

Storm Dennis: Five things you can do today to get ready to Get Outside This weekend we Blondes aren't teaching lots of lovely people how to winter wild camp on Dartmoor. Storm Dennis has put a scupper to that plan. Instead we have come to Dartmoor without our tent, and are snuggled up in the very lovely Forest Inn at Hexworthy.

266 - Moel Ty Mawr I've featured the Berwyns in this blog before - they are remote, wild hills, though nothing like as rough and gnarly as the nearby Rhinogs. Chris and I had last been out this way in 2016, with another two trips in 2014 so a return trip was long overdue - a new camera to try out was the final excuse needed.

Mölle with a view to Kullen On a wonderful sunny day in Sweden with bar frost. Photo by Hanna Greenwood - Mölle med udsigt til Kullen. Sigvard Hansen - Fiskerleje i Sverige Hansen, 1885. Sigvard Marius, 1859-1938, maler. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Between the storms: a snowshoe walk in the Cairngorms Storm Ciara fades away, Storm Dennis approaches. For one day the mountains are calm. Before the fury erupts again. Taking advantage of this brief lull I wandered across the foot of the Northern Corries of Cairn Gorm and up to Miadan Creag an Leth-choin.

Spring is nearly here Have you noticed the change in weather over the last week or so? If you ignore Storm Ciara, then you might well be thinking along the same lines as me: Spring is very nearly here! A recent walk along the coast path from Teignmouth to Starcross gave me plenty of evidence to think that the winter might nearly be finished for another year.

Book Review: Walking Through Shadows by Mike Cawthorne Mike Cawthorne is no stranger to the Scottish hills in winter. His first book, the excellent Hell of a Journey, is about a continuous winter walk over all the 1000 metre summits. Walking Through Shadows is also about a winter walk, but a very different one.

2019: a year in review This post has taken a bit of time to crawl out of my subconscious and actually make it onto my blog.

Storm coming up Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 2,017 other followers. Follow.

How to tie your walking boot laces… Walking with teenagers has many things that occur over and over again. It seems that tying laces is one of those commonalities. Every year, and almost every walk, teenagers have trouble tying their laces and keeping them tied. I wanted to send them a link for an instructional video to help them but I couldn't find one.

A living 800 years old cairn A tree says: A kernel is hidden in me, a spark, a thought, I am life from eternal life. The attempt and the risk that the eternal mother took with me is unique, unique the form and veins of…

When the sun is out… To be warmed by sunshine these days, you have to be faster than lightning. We have been lucky a few times. I even discovered a little park with a stunning view, flowers and shark fishing :-).

The Great Outdoors March issue The March issue of The Great Outdoors is out now. In it I review ten pairs of walking trousers and three insulated flasks. In a very interesting and informative piece Alex Roddie reviews the gear he used on his Cape Wrath Trail walk a year ago. The issue opens with a splendid night shot of Glencoe under a vast starry sky by Dougie Cunningham.

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