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The Boundary Stone Very early this morning I took a long walk across the moors, and I came across this old Boundary stone in the middle of nowhere. Nothing too unusual about that - there are a lot of them on the moors. But I always wonder how they decide where they should be and who owns which bit of moorland.

Dynamic Dartmoor We've mentioned in the past about being good at dynamic planning. This year has seen the need for some quite drastic dynamic planning thanks to the good old weather! The Trinity School expeditions this year have been plagued by all sorts of weather. We've had Storm Brian in October that rudely cut short the Gold DofE expedition.

TechNOlogy: The Best Places To Get Away From The Trappings Of Modern Living If you're sick of screens, weirded out by wifi, fed up with phones and tired of tablets, here are some great vacation spots from around the world in which you can commune with nature and leave the technological trappings of the world behind.

Making Plans for… Lonewalker I'm always wary of publishing my plans for the year ahead, just look back over my previous posts and see how many plans I've made and then abandoned or failed to follow through on.

One Word Wednesday #11 One Word Wednesday but of course… being Blonde… we always have more words to say! Image - 06:00 Dartmoor bivvy morning. 'After a long, cold night, the tea and chocolate tasted like a banquet.'

Nifty Ninety Peaks takes us to San Francisco Coit Tower / Telegraph Hill The Sierra Club's Nifty Ninety Peaks* Challenge doesn't just get us to the hills and mountains in our nearby r…

Outdoor leader - look after yourself! There is nothing like coming back after a break from something to make you think about what you are doing and how you are doing it. Recently I found myself back in the world of Duke of Edinburgh's Award expeditions with some DofE silver expedition training on Dartmoor.

One Pot Chorizo Stew Recipe I have a bit of a confession: I'm a one pot addict. I'm obsessed with the simplicity of throwing a bunch of ingredients into a pan and leaving them to stew. The end result is warm, hearty and perfect for camping.

Review - Thermarest pillow - the perfect addition to the camping kit list A recent trip to the outdoors retail world proved very successful. I didn't spend lots of money, nor did I come home with armfuls of kit that needs to be stored. What I did come home with is a very neat and compact addition to my camping gear selection.

March said to April… My pictures are from my walk the last three days. March said to April, I see three hogs upon a hill; And if you'll lend me three days I'll find a way to make them go. The first of them was wind and wet The second of them was snow and sleet, The third of them was such a freeze It froze the birds' noses to the trees.

The Essex Way: Part 4 - West Bergholt to Mistley After the big skies and open views of the previous sections, this one was a bit unexciting in comparison. Also, I did this section as a daywalk rather than planning to sleep out - which was just as well as there didn't seem like much of a choice of spots to secrete a tent either.

Short Dartmoor Walk - High Willhays Distance: 8.2 kilometres. Height gain: 238 metres. Terrain: army tracks, some open moorland, exposed to weather, two fords. North Dartmoor can be wilder and often more daunting than its softer, southern half.

Much Mooching in the Malvern Hills The Malvern Hills ahd been on my List of Things To Do for a couple of years. It's a long way from Pietowers, so a couple of days at least was required.

A Snow Walk up Creag Bheag A walking B1 first has just happened in the form of following a pre-planned route by Country Walking Magazine. If you've never read a copy of this magazine before then you don't know what you're missing! It's full of interesting stories and suggestions for where to go on your next adventure.

The Clever Camper Cookbook - Review and giveaway competition If you've ever taken a campervan away you'll know that cooking quick, easy and tasty meals is not always as straightforward as it seems. Those trusty staples from home might rely on that extra burner or grill that you're lacking, or perhaps some spices or other ingredients that make it just a little too complicated.

Hill walking and the unpredictable weather We all know that we've had some pretty extreme weather this year. We've had more storms, blizzards, floods and yellow, amber and red Met Office warnings than you can shake a stick at.

5 Hikes to Experience on a Cruise A decade ago, you probably hadn't even heard of a country called "Croatia." But in recent years, this eastern European nation has cultivated for itself quite a booming tourism industry. This is in part thanks to the rising popularity of Mediterranean cruises.

Dense mist, black night in the Cairngorms Visibility about ten feet. The headlamp beam bounced back off the dense mist. Where was I? I thought I knew. I checked ViewRanger. Coire Cas. At the car park. Really? Where were the buildings? The lights? Even at night there is usually much brightness here.

The Ancient Track Living in the country as I do, there are so many little known spots to explore. This is an ancient farm track a couple of miles from my house. It is ages since I was here last and walking down the track I disturbed some sheep who ran off into the nearest field.

One Word Wednesday #10 One Word Wednesday but of course… being Blonde… we always have more words to say! Image - one tent, two Blondes, the next morning! 'An entertaining and jocund pair.'

241 - Mynydd Du - The Black Mountain The English often find the Welsh language bewildering, with an 'alphabet soup' approach to spelling, but in reality, Welsh is fairly simple, with rules and sounds that don't keep changing as in English. I'm still not good enough to hold a conversation in Welsh, but my vocabulary of place names and hill terms is still growing.

The Grand Enchantment Trail After a short hiking season last year, we are eager to put on our packs and get walking. While we aren't sure of all our summer plans, we do know that we want to kick off the backpacking season by hiking the Grand Enchantment Trail.

Go Wild Hiking In Africa Be adventurous and rather than traveling your typical natural trail or hiking up a mountain a few miles away head to Africa. You might not think that this is the case due to heat and humidity, but there are parts of Africa that are brilliant for both hiking and camping.

Remembering Why I Write and Share Stories I think that connection and the fact that they spent most of their time outdoors as did I, created a common bond between myself and the main character. We lived in very different times but the simplicity of youth made it easy to ignore the decades in between.

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