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The Eden Way A couple of months ago I finished writing my latest guide book; The Eden Way. This is the third and final book in a series of three guides, following the rivers that rise on the ridge above the Mallerstang valley on the border of Cumbria and North Yorkshire.

Fat Pigeon - Garden World Cup Did you know that all wood pigeons, when they coo, are actually having an argument? I tell you, it's true; their discussion goes something like this… 'I'm the pigeon! 'No I'm the pigeon!' 'No I'm the pigeon!' 'Your not!' Have a listen next time you are near to a pair of the daft, chubby entertainers.

South West Coast Path Section 11 Morwenstow to Bude The stretch of coast path from Hartland Quay to Bude has long since vexed me. It is 15 miles in length and I have always though possibly more than I could do in one day both for practical and fitness reasons.

DofE - Three Generations There is a lot to be said for longevity and Blonde One and I have recently experienced a very lovely result of our years working together with young people in the outdoors.

On this day thirty years ago I began my walk the length of the Canadian Rockies June 23rd 1988 I set out on one of my most ambitious walks, to hike the length of the Canadian Rockies, which had not been done before. I was inspired to do the walk by Ben Gadd's superb Handbook of the Canadian Rockies, which I'd bought the year before when I was in the Rockies for a ski tour.

Blue Light, Blue Water, White Clouds: A Long Day from Friedrichshafen The journey home from Friedrichshafen was long and mostly uninspiring but there were moments of beauty and splendour, all painted in blue and white. The day began well with an early morning stroll along the lake front in Frierichshafen looking out over the brilliant blue water to distant snow-flecked mountains.

Paradise Lane Can't complain about the mass of incidental detail in this account, as well as a sentence which genteelly includes "Alighting" and "don". But my mind was on other things. The notice you have photographed refers to a shortish lane. Imagine if this practice were to gain in popularity throughout the land.

OutDoor At Friedrichshafen Well, that's the last OutDoor Show at Friedrichshafen over. I went for three of the four days which is quite enough. After a while pack back systems, brightly coloured trail shoes and lightweight waterproofs all begin to merge together. I've described the interesting stuff I saw in three reports for The Great Outdoors website.

The Mountain Through a gap in the trees, I catch my first glimpse of the end of the loch. At the head of the glen, rises the Mountain, for the moment innocuous amidst its neighbours, happy to take a back seat for now. The path weaves a seemingly random course through the wood, one moment going up and the next down.

New Zealand - How to Pitch a Tarp When we arrived at Maitai Beach Department of Conservation Campsite in New Zealand we discovered the following:.

359 Ardpatrick to Kilberry and Ormsary Today I get up very early, and drive back towards Kilberry, arriving in good time to catch bus number 447. There are only 2 passengers. Myself and a sleepy-looking schoolgirl. The bus driver seems surprised by my choice of destination - the turnoff to Ardpatrick.

One Word Wednesday #24 One Word Wednesday but of course… being Blonde… we always have more words to say!

South West Coast Path Section 27 Porthleven to The Lizard This was a most unexpected day. Following my disaster with the fog the day before I had high hopes of a change in the weather today. Imagine my disappointment when I looked out of the window of my hotel in Tintagel to see fog so thick I could barely see my car in the car park immediately outside.

358 Tarbert to Ardpatrick The worst that can happen is you end up pushing it uphill and freewheeling downhill, but without a bike you'd have to walk the whole way, anyway. So you can't lose. You can't lose. Unless, of course you fall off. I haven't ridden a bike for 30 years.

246 - Return to Beinn Eighe Our trip to Scotland in 2017 had been blessed with good weather, but my day on Beinn Eighe had included a bitterly cold wind that didn't encourage hanging about, and I wanted to see a bit more of the mountain and to enjoy it at a more leisurely pace.

Campfire Recipe Secrets - There are Logs and There are Logs Last summer Mr B2 and I cooked around one meal each week over a wood fire. I love the challenge of open fire cooking and developing campfire recipes, it brings everything down to the basics, brings out my nurturing skills and can make for a very companionable way to spend the evening.

Bothy news - Corrour and Garbh Coire Refuge For the first time in more than 10 years Corrour Bothy will be without a toilet - temporarily at least. Renovations will mean it'll be out of action for about a month.

The idyllic mass grave People are passing by without paying any attention to the hawthorn grove in the forest at the gate of Taarbæk. I often wonder if they are aware of the story. Beneath the hawthorns is a mass grave. A grave for the victims of a cholera epidemic in Copenhagen back in 1853.

The Pros and Cons of Hiking Alone Well, that will be quite an adventure! But, have you considered the dangers lurking in the trails? Most probably not! Hiking alone can offer amazing memories, but that has some perks and disadvantages. Have you ever heard anything in life that is all good?

New Zealand - Hammocking Down Under If you have read my post about New Zealand biosecurity checks, you will know that Mr B2 and I took a fair amount of outdoor and camping kit on our trip. I am pleased to announce that we used all of it, bivvy bags, sleeping bags, sleeping mat, hammocks and tarp, but maybe not in the ways that we had intended to.

Product Review: Olight H1 Nova Headtorch LED lighting technology has been developing fast and so I've been looking forward to testing out a new, lightweight headtorch from Olight. Here's my review of the mid-range battery-powered headtorch, the H1 Nova, which packs a powerful punch into a small product.

357 Clachan to Tarbert So, I must keep looking and listening out for a second car approaching at the same time, and be prepared to jump up onto the verge if I need to. This means my attention has to be focused on the road, and I can't relax and get into the swing of the walk.

A Pommie Guide to New Zealand: Campsite Showers New Zealand DOC campsites or 'camp grounds' are pretty good at providing showers. However if, when camping in New Zealand and camping at New Zealand DOC campsites for the first time, you were to expect the hot, tiled and slightly slimy variety of shower that you find at most UK campsites, you might be disappointed.

356 pm Tayinloan to Clachan The bus drops me off, and I walk up the narrow lane from Tayinloan village, heading towards the ferry terminal. There's not much at the ferry port. A café, a small waiting area for vehicles, and a signboard giving details of the next sailing to the Isle of Gigha.

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