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The Fairies I believe in everything until it’s disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it’s in your mind. Who’s to say that dreams and nightmares aren&#…

A night with a Madwoman. And a gear test. My adventures with walking, backpacking, running, cycling, amateur radio, traditional folk music and song…and loads of other stuff. It was all a bit last minute. I needed to get out for some serious brain-straightening peace and quiet, plus I had some new kit to test out.

Everest Anywhere Alongside the Country Walking Magazine's Walk 1000 miles challenge, Trail Magazine are running their own challenge entitled 'Everest Anywhere'. This one is about recording the meters that you climb over a year in an effort to climb the height of Everest: a mere 8848 meters.

Arnside to Kirkby Lonsdale Another example would be being say upstairs in a house and working out mentally where, relatively, the rooms below were located - my brain struggles with those kinds of manipulation…….

A Little Desultory Bagging in North Wales My daughter sent me a little phrase book at Christmas - "Teach Your Dog Welsh". I've managed to reach him to respond to several useful phrases such as "Stedd" "Shwmae", "Paid" and "Amswer cinio". In truth, he would respond to any language providing you do the correct gestures.

Tuesday's Ten - Outdoor Hypothetical Questions If had to write a blog post, would you rather write it about the day you left your boots up a mountain and had to walk down barefoot or the day you forgot your swimming togs and had to walk up the beach naked?

Do Ducks Smile? People were queuing in parks, woods, everywhere. All the houses stood back empty. The sun was shining, and the air was warm. The buzzards circled high above. Children flew kites on the meadow, and…

British Owls Need Your Ears Birds of prey are some of the UK's most majestic animals and owls hold a special place in many of our hearts. British owls face ongoing challenges with changes to nesting sites, hunting habitats, populations levels of their prey and light pollution.

Ticks on Dartmoor in February? Whatever next? Despite having cute names like, 'hedgehog tick' and 'red sheep tick', ticks are bad news for both ourselves and our pets and are becoming more prevalent in the UK. If you take a look at the UK tick threat map, you will see that the whole of the South West has been classified as having a high risk of tick threat.

Thoughts on the Cairn Gorm fiasco Cairn Gorm, the sixth highest hill in Britain and one that gives its name to the whole mountain area and to a national park, is the centre of a fiasco. This has been brewing and bubbling for many years, ever since the controversial funicular railway that runs up its slopes was first proposed in the 1990s.

Walk 1000 miles Country Walking magazine have again launched their Walk 1000 miles campaign in an effort to help us all get fitter and healthier and enjoy being outside more. I've decided to join in this year and have been religiously logging my efforts so far. My Progress Tracker is well underway.

After the fight There’s been a fight going on!” My first thought was that some people couldn’t agree on the bill at the little restaurant by the pond. But it turned out much more poetic.

Back on track in the Pentlands Hills: Black Hill Classification: Sub 2000 Scottish MarilynWhen: Tuesday 5 FebruaryWho: Me and the mountaineering minionDistance: About 7 ½ milesTime: 3 hours 20 minutesWeather: Started cold and clear but clouded overPost walk drink: Tempest pale alePost walk watering hole: The Hanging Bat craft beer barMishaps: Transport.

24-hours on The Ben: a tale from furth of the Cairngorms It was all so very long ago now. If you'd asked me I'd have ventured that it must be about 10 years ago, but a check of the guidebook shows it was longer - March 2001 in fact, when so many of the mountains were off limits because of foot and mouth.

DofE 20 Conditions No-one will dispute the value of Duke of Edinburgh's Award expeditions. They give participants a suitable level of challenge in order that they can successfully achieve this important section of their Award without ending up being put off expeditioning for the rest of their lives!

MacRitchie Nature Trail On our way back from Bali we stopped off at Singapore for a few days as we have been told by so many people what a great place it is to visit. On the last day we were there we decided that we wanted to see a bit of wildlife, which is surprisingly abundant in this city.

Yes, It's That Tree Again… Cate and Chris are seasoned backpackers and wild campers. Over the years, they have steadily been picking off many of the UK long distance trails. They're not averse to short trips either and, living near us, have spent many a night out in the Dark Peak.

Remembering Steve Perry Steve Perry on the summit of Ben Hope at the end of his winter Munros round Last week a mountain accident on Ben Hope shook the outdoor world. Deaths in the mountains are always tragic and sad but this one affected more people than most as the two mountaineers involved, Steve Perry and Andy Nesbit, were very well-known and well-liked.

Tuesday's Ten - things you need to know about sleeping bags We Blondes are off on our Winter Wild Camping weekend course this weekend and we will be sharing our top wild camping tips with our lucky course attendees. One of the most important items in your wild camping kit has to be your sleeping bag.

Dust of Snow The sun shines from a sparkling blue sky and I feel an urge to see the thick patches of snow spread over my nearest landscape of wilderness. The snow has already started to melt when I walk into th…

Can my phone step counter help me with navigation? The question above about using phone step counters to judge distance was one posed, very sensibly, by one of our navigation trainees. Successful navigation using a map and compass is all about two very important Ds - Direction and Distance.

Video on gear for winter hillwalking I've just uploaded a video of the gear I use for winter hillwalking. My first video like this. Took three attempts - frozen camera, inaudible audio, wind noise all problems. There's a weird colour change two-thirds of the way through that I can't get rid of or explain.

Huntingdon Clapper Bridge It's easy to think that all of the artifacts and stone structures on Dartmoor have been there for hundreds or thousands of years. Certainly lots of them have. On my walk on the South Moor I had the pleasure of visiting the clapper bridge at Huntingdon which crosses the Western Wella Brook.

How to Winterproof Your Walks Walking in the winter months does present a few extra challenges, but nothing that can't be overcome with the right equipment. From keeping warm to keeping your feet dry, here we explore the iFootpath's guide to winter-proofing your walks… The inevitable fact of the wetter and colder months is that many of the footpaths become muddy.

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