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Classic Gear Hilleberg Akto The Akto on Stob Coire Easain on my walk over the Munros and Tops Next in the Classic Gear series that appeared in The Great Outdoors last year: a favourite solo tent. Back in 1996 I was looking for a strong light tent for my walk over the Munros and Tops.

Ion8 Leak Proof Sports Water Bottle Ion8 Leak Proof Sports Water Bottle. The newly supercharged Ion8 Leak Proof Sports Water Bottle offers rapid hydration with a super sleek design. Whether you're in the car, on the trail or in the gym the Ion8 Leak Proof Sports Water Bottle is perfect.

The North Face Men's Mountain Sneaker The North Face Men's Mountain Sneaker. The North Face Men's Mountain Sneaker from Outdoor Supply offer superior comfort, fit and stability - making them perfect for even the most difficult of dry weather terrain. The breathable lightweight fabrics help keep your body temperature down and keep your feet dry and incredibly comfortable.

Hip Op - Back to Work I'm now back at work after my hip replacement… I was mostly okay but decided to take the train as I've only had a couple of very short attempts at driving and it's over 100 miles to drive to work - even the short journeys don't seem very comfortable so far!

Product review: Olight M1T Raider torch The Olight M1T Raider is a rugged, waterproof and multi-purpose torch that's likely to withstand a lifetime of use. Olight specialise in LED lighting and sell a range of torches and headtorches suitable for walking, camping, hunting and general outdoor use.

Sabres And Liberators Four RAF Sabre jets from No 66 Squadron had taken part in "Exercise Dividend" practicing air defences against a simulated attack on Britain by Soviet nuclear bombers.

What is Dartmoor made of? Some people think it is made of sugar and spice and all things nice but what it's actually made of is a tad harder. Granite in fact. The granite tors are what defines Dartmoor and helps to keep the visitors coming, either to climb them or use them as checkpoints on a walk.

A Stormy Day on Beinn Eighe with Torridon Outdoors Unusually my first venture into the hills after my GR5 walk wasn't in the Cairngorms but far to the west in Torridon. Back in the spring I'd been offered a couple of nights in The Torridon hotel and The Torridon Inn plus a day out with one of their instructors / guides, the deal being that I'd write about the experience.

Though wind may blow and rain may fall… Farewell we call to hearth and hall! Though wind may blow and rain may fall. We must away ere the break of day. Far over wood and mountain tall. By J.R.R. Tolkien, Lord of the Rings. It's time to wander!

A humbling experience There are many many things that keep me giving up my time to run outdoor activities. I have had the honour of working with some amazing people: adults and children. I have seen some truly incredible transformations as a result of teenagers overcoming challenges in the outside world.

Another fabulous blog: Splodz Blogz The fabulous Zoe is one of our fellow OS Get Outside Champions and is doing a great job of encouraging other people to get out and enjoy our great outdoors. Her blog Splodz Blogz is a fab read all of the time but was especially good on the 4th October as she continued with her series of interviews with outdoorsy people.

Camping on the GR5 Trail through the French Alps When I set out on the GR5 I intended to camp as often as possible. I knew that you can stay in accommodation every night as there are many mountain refuges and settlements along the way but camping in wild places is a major part of long walks for me and I had no intention of not doing so.

Cornish coastal wanderings - and a hill with an amusing name Hills: Brown WillyMarilyns: DittoCounty Tops: DittoWhen: Wednesday 10th OctoberWho: Me and the mountaineering minionWeather: Good, but very windy at timesBog factor: Dried out Post walk drink: St Austell Proper JobPost walk watering hole: Our cottage.

Tuesday's Ten - Dartmoor Tors At the end of our talk at the National Trust South West Outdoor Festival we Blondes asked the 'any questions' question. We did this with confidence because we had a few friends in the audience who we knew would step in to cover any embarrassing silences.

Alex and Bob`s Blue Sky Scotland This is the last section of my day walk from Seton Sands to Musselburgh. It was action packed with many points of interest, hence splitting it into three different parts. This is the sea wall at Prestonpans, guarding the town from the winter storms that batter this coastline on occasions.

Snapshots of Bali – Part 2 Soon after I posted Part 1 of my Snapshots of Bali news filtered through of the devestating earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Palu and Sulawesi. The pictures on TV have been utterly heartbreaking. With 2,000 people killed and another 5,000 still missing this disaster is one of the deadliest since the massive Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004.

Resund Bridge It’s not advisable to walk on Øresund Bridge, and certainly not allowed, but with a car-free day it would give me a dizzying experience of happiness. Enjoy the interesting facts on Wikipedia:…

How to survive an outdoor festival Believe it or not the National Trust's South West Outdoor Festival was my first visit to a festival of any kind and I am pleased to say that I really enjoyed it. We Blondes weren't just there for fun though as we were representing Ordnance Survey in our role as Get Outside Champions.

The Great Outdoors November Issue: GR5 Gear & Other Stuff The latest issue of The Great Outdoors has just been published. In it I describe the gear I used on my walk through the Alps on the GR5 Trail, a venture I finished just a few days ago. The piece was written eight days into the walk, when the weather had been warm and mostly sunny, though with some thunderstorms and torrential rain.

Four Types of Camera, Which one Works Best for You? Have you wondered what camera would be best for you when in the outdoors? Should you use a smartphone or upgrade to a compact, DSLR or mirrorless camera? This blog post is my personal view of which cameras are best for taking pictures when you are in the outdoors, based on my own experience and the research I did when recently buying a camera.

B2 50 Sleeps for 50 Years - September Progress At the beginning of January, I set myself the Get Outside challenge of sleeping outdoors for 50 nights in 2018. September's calendar was scarily full so I entered the month not expecting to get many outdoor sleeps in. Luckily three opportunities presented themselves in all of that busyness.

Out now: my latest book, the story of my Scottish Watershed walk, Along The Divide. Whilst I was away walking the GR5 trail through the Alps my book on a previous long walk, the Scottish Watershed, was published. Now I'm back I need to get on with promoting it so here's a plug!

Endmoor and a bit of paparazzi How often do you hear check-out operators ask for the store's card, and when one proffers used fivers, not electronically trackable plastic, show signs of deprivation - although some whisper 'I agree with you, actually' - usually ladies 'of a certain age' - part of my pathetic attempts to stay the flood of 'data'.

The Haze in Autumn Withered woods, dried up rivers. People talk about summer in October. About confused bird nesting. Chestnut trees and rhododendrons are in bloom. Today I heard this advice in the radio: Enjoy the weather and don't think. Søllerød Naturpark.

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