West Hams performance

Conversation started by Owen

Owen • Nov 19, 2017

What kind of display was that, they were absolutely clueless, what the he'll you done Moyes!! Absolutely hopeless and embarrassing display! What is your view, or is it not worth talking about, because that's how I feel!

Ian Gravett • Aug 14, 2019

Remember all the guff last season, 'Our season starts this week' then we lose at home to Bournemouth, then Away at Arsenal. Our season started last week with a demoralising home defeat to Man City. Excuses that 'Oh well it's City!' Remember we won up there, and drew at home not that long ago, look at their quality on the bench. May I remind people that the Club have spent £40m+ on 2 players in the past 2 seasons. We have quality players too and they need to get their act together and soon.

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