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Westworld: Showrunners tease that season 3 will be a radical shift Westworld season 3 may be a distant thought for now, but showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy Nolan are already discussing what's in store for the critically-acclaimed series when it returns.

Westworld: Creators were inspired by horror for James Delos' last moments John Grillo, Westworld Director of Photography for the episode, told SYFY WIRE in an interview about all of the creative influences that went into the making of the episode and how he collaborated with showrunner and director, Lisa Joy.

Westworld fan creations: Drawings of Logan and the Man in Black by Ben Lalli Westworld fans are the most intelligent and creative in the world of fandom, I may be biased but I believe this with all my heart. It's no surprise fans have expressed their love for the show through a myriad of artistic mediums such as art, crafts, tattoos, cosplay, music, fan fiction, and poetry.

Westworld: How Jimmi Simpson bridged William and the MIB As part of TV Guide's best performances video series, a set of interviews with actors on the secrets behind the scenes of their Emmy nominated performances, Jimmi Simpson explains how he connected William to the Man in Black, and the difficulties he met with the complex nature of William's transformation.

Westworld and the incredible visual effects for the season 2 finale Westworld has visual effects embedded within every moment, unlike anything we've ever seen before. Honestly, VFX has reached such a perfection that the audience often has no idea that what they are seeing is actually placed in through complicated and tedious work.

Westworld fan creations: Meet the photographer behind the photo series He and I spoke about the details behind this passion project, and in the article I told all you lovely fans that I'd be speaking to the photographer who captured those moments. Thanks to Elijah, the introduction was made and here we are! Aside from her obvious talent as a photographer, Eliza makes quite the prop master.

Throwback Thursday: The best Westworld theory about Bernard Discovering that Bernard is a host is arguably the most astonishing surprise that the Westworld creators gave the fandom. It wasn't that Bernard couldn't be a host that caught viewers off guard, it was that his background made it extremely unlikely.

Will Alexa's A.I. development lead us closer to a real Westworld? And what they're particularly interested in seeing is how the device responds to human interaction and as Westworld fans, we know how dangerous sentient robots can be. Alexa formally responded to tough questions such as profanities or proclamations of love with "I don't know" and responses similar to that.

Westworld fan creations: Dolores and Teddy photo series by Elijah So who was responsible for capturing such gorgeous photographs? Enter Eliza! And aside from her obvious talent as a photographer, she makes quite the prop master too. It was Eliza who created the milk can prop for the shoot as well as edit a particular shot to look like the "Journey Into Night" scene from the season one finale.

30 books you'll want to read if you loved Westworld This exciting thriller will keep you on your toes. Another classic. Supercomputer gains sentience and self-awareness and aids humans in a revolution against their corrupt governmental system.

Westworld: What was the plan for Kissy? Back in 2014 before the Westworld pilot was even filmed, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news about Eddie Rouse joining the cast and provided a description of the character he would play.

Westworld fan creations: Drawing of Akecheta by Francesca Biagini However, like most creative types, Francesca says: "When I start a drawing or any other kind of artwork, I can't stop until it's done." I found her work by scouring Instagram for Westworld fan art and her drawing of Akecheta, played masterfully by Zahn McClarnon.

Ed Harris's Westworld Emmy submission revealed A black shadow cast over all the Westworld hosts, especially Dolores; he is like a revenant that takes the souls of everyone who he sweeps past. Yes, this is dramatic and maybe is me exaggerating a little, but there is hardly anyone who has come out a better person from knowing the MIB.

Microsoft XBox avatars can now show their Westworld pride If you're a Microsoft XBox gamer and a Westworld enthusiast you'll be psyched to learn that there are Westworld outfits available for download on the avatar marketplace. While most avatar outfits can cost money, the ensembles are available for free for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows 10 PC and mobile game players.

Westworld: Thandie Newton's Emmy submission episode revealed When looking at Newton's four most Emmy-worthy scenes from the past season of Westworld, only one of the scenes came from "Akane No Mai." Ultimately it's still the best choice for Newton's Emmy submission as the episode focused on Maeve so heavily and provided the most opportunity to showcase Newton's talents from start to finish.

Meet the creator of the notorious Player-Piano rolls in Westworld! The Westworld production team had no choice but to reach out to Stephen Kent Goodman, the proprietor of a company that provides music transcription services for player pianos to create custom music rolls for the self-playing piano on set.

Westworld: Interview on AI and cybersecurity with Avi Chesla We're going to discuss myths and realities with regard to Westworld and general misconceptions, how machine learning can mimic or even replicate human behavior, the implications of Westworld on the cybersecurity community, and more. Join us for a chat on the robot uprising from a science and tech point of view!

Westworld fan creations: Dolores and Maeve cosplay by Christina Westworld fans are the most intelligent and creative in the world of fandom, I may be biased but I believe this with all my heart. I have found quite a few gems that inspired me to write a series of fan creation articles like this one. In this article, I am featuring cosplay outfits by Christina.

Westworld: Jeffrey Wright submits episode for Emmy nomination According to the Gold Derby, Jeffrey Wright has entered the Westworld episode, "The Passenger" as his Emmy submission for Lead Actor in a Drama Series nomination. "The Passenger" is the 90-minute season finale and 10th episode of the Westworld season two.

Westworld: HBO boss responds to series backlash during TCAs During the TCA's, HBO boss, Casey Bloys addressed a question from one of the TCA corps that was inquiring about the backlash leaving us to wonder if the concern will impact season three's story. Bloys immediately came to the defense of the show and disagreed about the backlash being widespread.

Westworld: Evan Rachel Wood shares BTS photos and videos As Westworld began wrapping up its second season, the cast began releasing some of their personal pictures taken on the set. It's always such a treat for fans to get a peek behind the curtain of what goes on behind the scenes. Especially for an intense show such as Westworld.

Westworld: The 10 best quotes of season 2 and why we love them Relive the Westworld journey to the Valley Beyond with these quotes that best defined this season's most important topics. Here are the10 most memorable quotes from Westworld season 2! Caution: Westworld season two spoilers ahead! Bernard's response to Dolores sets up the embodiment of what she hopes for all hosts.

Westworld: The Man in Black and Blade Runner theory All of this would mean that in the post-credits scene, the host version of Emily is testing the host Man in Black so he can become the perfect machine for finding and destroying hosts operating autonomously. If Delos can perfect him, other Blade Runner-esque hosts can be created and rolled out as well.

Westworld-esque ghost town sells for $1 million! As the reporting article from Business Insider puts it "the ghost town perfectly captures the essence of the Wild Wild West, frozen in time." The goal is to turn this land into a premier destination but Westworld fans wouldn't mind an immersive experience, would we?

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