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New Westworld season 2 poster has secret link to teaser video HBO just released the newest Westworld Season 2 poster, and it already sets the tone for the upcoming season. No longer are the hosts just playing through their loops as the guests use them for all their sinister desires. With Dolores and Maeve breaking free of their loops, they are taking arms against the guests.

Westworld Season 2 set decorator offers glimpse behind the scenes In Westworld Season 1, Robert Ford and Arnold built Westworld from the ground up as "pure creation." Likewise, Julie Ochipinti and her team tackle building the show's set pieces in the same way. Similarly, her team built the scenes from the ground up, often in the most unexpected places.

Tessa Thompson loves the Internet's obsession with her and goats It's a simple idea; however, even the actress herself enjoyed the delightful memes. Without further ado, let's look at some of the best Tessa Thompson as goat memes from around Twitter. Watch Westworld FREE With a 7-Day Risk-Free HBO Trial!

Westworld Season 2 title opens doors to new questions Since season 1 was called "The Maze", that title made sense. The maze became a symbol of the hosts and humans that went through some sort of awakening: Dolores and Maeve became sentient and young William found his true self. But what could "The Door" represent?

Jeffrey Wright talked about how viewers relate to Bernard With Westworld Season 2 right around the corner, we know one of the major players in the park's chaos will be Bernard. Due to Bernard shooting himself in the head after learning about his true identity, it will be interesting to see which side he aligns with: humans or hosts.

New Westworld Season 2 photos give as our first look at the new characters We've seen quite a bit of footage from Westworld Season 2; however, they still haven't revealed much. HBO has been very careful about revealing any spoilers or pertinent information. In fact, they didn't even feature any of the new characters in any of the trailers.

Westworld and Philosophy’ book dives deep into Westworld questions Sizemore and other lab-workers look out at the "park" from the lab's rooftop bar, take elevators up to the park, and so on. This means that it is not only the park that exists in a physically impossible world. The lab and welcoming facility are both part of the same world.

Westworld's pilot episode might contain the answers to Season 2 mysteries Westworld's dense narrative and secrets make it a joy to revisit, but it also serves as a refresher course. To be fair, we don't know much about the upcoming season, so many of us are trying to glean any secrets about Season 2. Surprisingly, there might be some clues hidden within the show's pilot episode.

HBO preview trailer reveals new Westworld Season 2 footage In the last month, we've seen HBO's marketing campaign for Westworld Season 2 kick into high gear. It began when they released a trailer for Westworld's highly-anticipated second season during the Super Bowl. All was quiet for a few weeks after the Super Bowl; however, HBO has recently taken things to the next level.

Gustaf Skarsgard talks about filming Westworld Season 2 However, he'll look to continue to keep his family's legacy going in Westworld Season 2. With all the buzz about the upcoming season focusing on the hosts causing chaos and mayhem throughout the park, it sounded as if acting was a little chaotic behind the scenes.

Strong empowered women will continue to shine on Westworld Heading into Season 2, the women of Westworld look to set the world on fire. Dolores and Maeve have both reached the center of the maze and mean to take control of their destinies. Recently, during the Westworld panel at SXSW 2018, Wood and Newton commented of the shape of things to come in Season 2.

WB Games announces pre-registration for Westworld mobile game We reported that a Westworld mobile game was in the works back in February, but that's all that we knew. The project was still in the testing phase and WB Games had released no details. Someone had leaked footage of the gameplay - which looked amazing - but that was about it.

The first footage of Shogunworld was shown at SXSW 2018 Between the Entertainment Weekly coverage and SXSW 2018, we have a much better idea of what to expect in Season 2. We know we the new season will be darker, and that all hell has broken loose in the park. But, we also know that Westworld Season 2 will venture outside of the park for the first time - beyond Delos headquarters of course.

Bernard will be "torn between two worlds" in Westworld Season 2 As we head into Westworld Season 2, one thing is clear: Bernard Lowe is a wild card. Dolores and Maeve have obvious agendas, but we have no idea where Bernard's loyalties lie. Sure, it's easy to assume that he'll side with the hosts, but nothing on Westworld is ever that simple.

Evan Rachel Wood comments on Dolores' dark motivation in Season 2 Thanks to a recent interview at SXSW 2018, we have a bit more insight into Dolores' motivation heading into Westworld Season 2. Watch Westworld FREE With a 7-Day Risk-Free HBO Trial! Well, according to Evan Rachel Wood, Dolores has a damn good reason for what she's doing.

Westworld theories wanted: Showrunners to interact with Redditors Westworld theories were flying out of the internet faster than the bullets from the Man in Black's gun. On the subreddit, r/westworld, fans did deep dives into each episode to conjure up the next major theory. That subreddit became so famous that even showrunner Jonathan Nolan said he would join and spark a little chaos.

What does Shogunworld's name reveal about the other parks? Westworld hinted at a samurai-themed park at the end of Season 1, but we knew very little about it. In fact, we didn't even know what its official name was. We've speculated about the mysterious park ad nauseum, but at the end of the day, we couldn't know for sure.

What role will Lawrence play in Westworld season 2? What does this mean for Westworld Season 2? Watch Westworld FREE With a 7-Day Risk-Free HBO Trial! Lawrence was first introduced and saved from hanging by the Man in Black. Then he joins the Man in Black to help him solve the riddle of the maze.

What's up with Dolores' new look in Westworld Season 2? We also don't know what time period this photo is from. We know that William and Logan will be a part of Westworld Season 2, so it's not outside the realm of possibilities. Sure, this could be a flashback, but that seems unlikely. We know that she wore a similar dress before.

Steven Ogg said Westworld season 2 is “just as wild” Westworld Season 2 is racing towards us like the Ghost Nation horde. Showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are keeping most of the story under wraps. But they did key us in on some of the characters coming back. For those of you speculating if Robert Ford made a new host to implant his mind, don't count on it.

Young Ford to appear in Westworld Season 2, but no hopkins Season, Charlotte Hale had Lee Sizemore sneak the defunct host Peter Abernathy out of Westworld with 35 years of data. But we are unsure if the host made it out of the park. What we do know is that Peter Abernathy was part of an earlier park story where he played a professor.

New Westworld images tease that Dolores and Maeve team-up in Season 2 Their stories featured many parallels and connections to one another, yet they barely interacted. They certainly weren't aware of the other's incredible journeys. This was mostly due to the contrast in timelines. Since Maeve's story mostly took place in the present and Dolores's story primarily took place in the past.

Will we see an army of drone hosts in Westworld Season 2? So what role will these hosts play in Westworld Season 2? Watch Westworld FREE With a 7-Day Risk-Free HBO Trial! If you thought the uncanny valley of the hosts in Westworld Season 1 bothered you, imagine the hulking drone hosts walking around Sweetwater.

Lisa Joy confirms Elsie will return in Westworld Season 2 By the end of Westworld Season 1, fans were unsure of which characters survived. Elsie and Stubbs were presumed dead, but no one knew for sure. Heading into Season 2, we still know very little about the show's new season. We do, however, know that several actors are coming back including Jimmi Simpson, Luke Hemsworth and Ben Barnes.

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