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Filling In Some Gaps. More Details On NXT To USA, Including Money, Commentary And Overall Feel. Those pesky little details. Over the last week or two, the biggest story in wrestling has been the future of NXT, which was pretty clearly going to be moving somewhere. The announcement came down on Tuesday with news of NXT moving to the USA Network for a two hour live show every week starting on September 28.

I Wouldn't Have Bet On That. A Surprising New Team Forms On SmackDown Live. Wrestlers have a tendency to get together for various reasons. Some of these might be better than others, but there is no denying that it happens a lot and isn't likely to change anytime soon. It helps a lot as well as putting two or more wrestlers together can give them both something to do, which can get them out of mediocrity in a hurry.

WWE Cancels Upcoming NXT Tapings In the preparation for NXT's Live premiere, the company has canceled the upcoming tapings of the development brand, scheduled to take place on September 11th and September 12th respectively from Full Sail Live. WWE sent out a mail to the ticketholders of the taping to confirm the cancellation.

WWE Legend Praises Buddy Murphy After This Week's SmackDown As noted, this week's WWE SmackDown saw Buddy Murphy pick up a big singles win over Daniel Bryan. WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley took to Twitter and praised Murphy for this match and last week's loss to Roman Reigns. "Watching #SmackDown on DVR, so I'm a little late to the pardukey, but @WWE_Murphy is the real deal, isn't he?

Shinsuke Nakamura and Sami Zayn Join Forces on WWE SmackDown, Commercial Break Footage of The Miz This week's WWE SmackDown saw Sami Zayn and WWE Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura form a new alliance. The two veterans joined forces during an episode of MizTV, which ended with The Miz being taken out. Above is video from the MizTV segment and below is footage of The Miz struggling during the commercial break.

411MANIA - Daniel Bryan Reveals Roman Reigns’ Mystery Attacker on SmackDown Daniel Bryan promised to reveal Roman Reigns' mysterious attacker on Smackdown, and the alleged culprit has a familiar face. As you can see below, Bryan and Rowan revealed the attacker who is a lookalike for Rowan himself.

411MANIA - WWE News: Bayley On Her Match With Charlotte Flair at Clash of Champions, Andrade and Zelina Vega Talk Smackdown Win Bayley appeared in a new video after Smackdown discussing her upcoming match with Charlotte Flair at Clash of Champions. You can see the video below, where she says it was only a matter of time before Flair challenged her, and that Flair is too wrapped up in her own head to understand Bayley's goals in building the Smackdown women's division:.

The Global Revolution Are you ready for a revolution? Mizfan and Jeff are BACK! Join us this week as we return to wXw just in time for their version of the Royal Rumble, Shortcut to the Top, plus a special Canadian shoot style tournament known as AMBITION. We breakdown all the matches along the way and talk about what you should take the time to check them out.

Podcast: Pardon The Interruption - Smackdown Review Who really attacked Roman Reigns and who is moving on in The King Of The Ring? Bilal explores! Comment below and follow me on Twitter! Subscribe on Spotify or iTunes! Download the MP3 directly.

Post-SmackDown Fight Size Update: Double Rowan, Buddy's Big Win, Chad Gable Is Short, More Here is your 8/20/19 post-SmackDown Fight Size update. - Kofi Kingston got the better of Randy Orton on Tuesday. You can watch the segment in the video above. - Buddy Murphy scored a big win over Daniel Bryan. - The Revival issued a SmackDown Tag Team Title challenge to The New Day.

411MANIA - WWE News: Tommaso Ciampa Not Happy About NXT on USA Network Art, Dance Break During Smackdown Commercials There's one person at least who isn't happy about NXT's move to USA Network, or at least the announcement art, and that's Tommaso Ciampa. WWE posted video of Ciampa reacting to the fact that he wasn't included in the artwork announcing the brand's move to USA Network.

Talks Of WWE Possibly Cancelling 205 Live Latest report suggest that some officials see 205 Live as a failed experiement and WWE could be cancelling the show. Click to read.

Roman Reigns Mystery Attacker Revealed on WWE SmackDown, Buddy Murphy Gets a Big Win The closing segment of tonight's WWE SmackDown saw Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan finally reveal the mystery attacker to Roman Reigns. As seen below, the bearded man looks just like Rowan, which goes back to Buddy Murphy saying he saw Rowan at the scene of the first attempted attack backstage several weeks ago.

Bayley Ready To Elevate Women's Division, Andrade And Zelina Feel Destined For King Of The Ring Bayley is ready to elevate the women's division in wrestling, and Andrade and Zelina are ready to take on the rest of the King of the Ring tournament.

205 LIVE Results For August 20, 2019: Team Oney Lorcan VS Team Drew Gulak And More Tonight's episode of 205 Live featured a 10-man "Captain's Challenge" tag team match with Team Oney Lorcan against Team Drew Gulak. Find out the results of what happened after the jump… The latest edition of SmackDown Live for August 20, 2019 took place at the Denny Sanford Premier Center in Sioux Falls, SD.

Andrade and Elias Advance to the Next Round In the WWE King of the Ring Tournament, Update on Matches The 2019 King of the Ring tournament continued on tonight's WWE SmackDown as Andrade and WWE 24/7 Champion Elias advanced to the next round. Tonight's first round matches saw Andrade defeat Apollo Crews while Elias defeated Kevin Owens, with an assist from Shane McMahon.

411MANIA - Andrade and Elias Advance in King of the Ring Tournament Two more stars have advanced to the quarterfinals of the King of the Ring tournament in Andrade and Elias. The two won their first-round matches on tonight's Smackdown, as Andrade defeated Apollo Crews and Elias beat Kevin Owens with the help of Shane McMahon coming in to making a fast count after revealing a referee's shirt.

6 Takeaways From WWE SmackDown The August 20th episode of WWE SmackDown aired live from the Denny Sanford Premier Center in Sioux Falls, SD. In addition to the takeaways below, SmackDown went off the air with Daniel Bryan claiming that a Rowan lookalike was the person that attacked Roman Reigns.

Daniel Bryan Reveals That A Rowan Lookalike Was Roman Reigns' Attacker Daniel Bryan finally unveiled who was behind the attacks on Roman Reigns throughout the last couple of weeks, and it was an unexpected - and unknown - face. At the end of tonight's episode, Bryan finally pulled Reigns into the backstage area, where he had a man underneath a black tarp.

411MANIA - Sami Zayn Allies With Shinsuke Nakamura, Miz Gets Beaten Down Sami Zayn has found his new calling, and it's alongside Shinsuke Nakamura as seen on Smackdown. Zayn came out on this week's episode during the Miz TV segment with Nakamura and said he was going to help Nakamura by being his mouthpiece. Nakamura then attacked Miz and took him out.

Andrade And Elias Advance To WWE King Of The Ring Quarterfinals SmackDown's first two quarterfinal entrants in the King of the Ring tournament are set.

Another Name Set for AEW's Women's Casino Battle Royale Another Name Set for AEW's Women’s Casino Battle Royale Wrestling News and Rumors.

SMACKDOWN LIVE Highlights For August 20, 2019: Elias VS Kevin Owens, Andrade VS Apollo Crews And More Tonight's episode of SmackDown Live featured the continuation of the King of the Ring tournament with Andrade against Apollo Crews, Kevin Owens against Elias and more. Find out what happened after the jump… The latest edition of SmackDown Live for August 20, 2019 took place at the Denny Sanford Premier Center in Sioux Falls, SD.

Sami Zayn Is The New Mouthpiece For Shinsuke Nakamura; Miz Laid Out On WWE SmackDown Miz tried to get answers out of Nakamura, but to no avail as Zayn chastised Miz for "not getting it." Fed up with the questions, Nakamura laid a beatdown on The Miz, much to the chagrin of Zayn. Keep up with everything happening on tonight's episode of WWE SmackDown with Fightful's ongoing coverage.

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