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Borderlands 3: what's up with console frame-rates? How well does Borderlands 3 perform on the current generation consoles? Digital Foundry coverage of the new Gearbox hit will be somewhat staggered since 2K failed to provide review code, but we do now have some idea of what the developer targeted and delivered on the enhanced consoles - Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro.

How to get the Banjo-Kazooie Ship in Sea of Thieves Sea of Thieves’ latest update brings a ton of great little features to the game, giving players even more to work towards. One of the newest things to make an appearance in the Pirate Emporium is the Bear and Bird items, including a Bear and Bird Ship Bundle.

Gears 5 is bland and boring and Microsoft should feel bad about it A reader insists that just because Gears 5 is a hit on Xbox One doesn’t mean it’s a good game, just that Game Pass is a good bargain.

Is NBA 2K20 the franchise's NBA Elite moment? Whether it's server issues, in-game purchases, bugs, glitches, or whatever else the NBA 2K community fancies chucking up a stink about, there always seems to be something plaguing the game's release.

Keanu is not one of Cyberpunk 2077's romance options, if you were wondering CD Projekt has previously said that romance—or just sex—will be 'heavily present in Cyberpunk,' but as we noted in our rundown of everything we know about the game, it hasn't answered the most pressing question of all: Will you be able to get busy with Keanu?

Member Berries: Nier This month’s feature takes at look at the less well known Nier title.

Gears 5's Microtransactions Feel Egregious But Are They Part of a Bigger Plan? The curious case of monetization and live service ambition in The Coalition's latest.

PlayStation Won This Generation Then The Xbox One X would be outselling the PS4. which it's not. The 360 could be argued to be a slighter more powerful console than the PS3. but it still ultimately lost in sales. and the PS2, being a significantly weaker console than the Xbox, sold leaps and bounds more than the OG Xbox.

Take 5: JDR's Gaming Conclusions - 13/09/19 In this week's Take 5 from JDR: Kojima's Death Stranding preview looks comprehensive, the UK puts loot box games on the defensive, and Google launches a subscription-based counteroffensive.

Video Games are Becoming Too Realistic Video Games are Becoming Too Realistic - Video games are starting to blur the lines between fantasy and reality in a way that is detrimental to the medium.

Wreckfest Review: I Hope You Have Insurance - Garage Band Gamers Modern day racers often avoid encouraging players from crashing into one another to succeed. Wreckfest throws that notion out the window and makes it the focus.

Box art revealed for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot The box art has been revealed for the physical version of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

Seven new titles now available on Xbox Game Pass A new month means more new titles on Xbox Game Pass. This month, there are seven new games and among them is one huge new release. We're obviously talking Gears 5 but there are six other great games now available for Game Pass subscribers to download and play.

Just Cause 4 discounted to under $20 on PS4 and Xbox One Amazon has further discounted the physical version of Just Cause 4 to $19.99 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Ranking The Top Five Remedy Entertainment Games With the recent release of the must-play thriller Control, we take a look at the top five games developed by Remedy Entertainment.

Watch Us Shoot The Swarm In 20 Minutes of Gears 5 Gameplay Gears of War is back in one of its biggest and best entries yet. You may have already read our review, but why not catch 20 minutes of high octane gameplay from Act 1 of the latest in the immensely popular shooter series!

The 10 Best Xbox One Games Xbox One may not have many exclusive games, but the platform itself has some classics. From first-person shooters to open world, here are the best.

Borderlands 3 - First Batch of SHiFT Codes and How to Redeem Them One of the more interesting features in Borderlands 2 that was brought to Borderlands 3 was the ability to receive keys to open a special chest that had powerful loot. The keys were largely given away via promotional codes distributed by Gearbox themselves.

Xbox Game Pass Quest Guide: The Quickest and Easiest Games to Complete this Month's Quests A new batch of Quests are out and here's how you can earn some Microsoft Reward points that you can use to buy things like Xbox Gift Cards and Months of Game Pass Ultimate. All by unlocking achievements!

GreedFall Review - Highly Pixelated 'While a lack of polish may hold GreedFall's combat back from being great, the game more than makes up for it with it's fantastic quest design and a narrative that doesn't pull any punches. The game is not perfect, but developer Spiders has nonetheless set a new bar in storytelling for themselves with it.' - Huzaifah Durrani.

Blasphemous Xbox One review: Is this Castlevania-like worth buying? Blasphemous is a Castlevania-like game where you have to explore a number of areas and fight terrifying monsters to lift a curse known as The Miracle. However, the truth is much more sinister than you think. To learn more about the game, check out this review.

Borderlands 3: unsatisfactory technical segment on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X With Borderlands 3 now on the market, the editors of Digital Foundry immediately took the opportunity to pass under their magnifying glass the work done on the technical part of the title, supported by that Unreal Engine 4 that in recent times, with Gears 5, has set new graphic standards, both on PC and on the Microsoft console.

Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris Producer Talks Differences vs. Anime, Lack of Switch Port, More Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris Producer Yosuke Futami provided additional information about the game during a preview event at Bandai Namco's HQ.

Control - ReadersGambit Remedy's Control blends years of work and understanding from past projects and brings it to a satisfying amalgamation of everything before, bar a few technical issues.

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