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Britney Spears Shimmies Stunning Bikini Body In Masked Beach YogaBritney Spears Shimmies Stunning Bikini Body In Masked Beach Yoga.

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What is Chair Yoga? Exploring the Basics of Chair Yoga TechniqueThis gentle practice offers modified yoga poses supplemented with a chair to help students with restricted mobility stretch and move their bodies.

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Massage in the Time of the PandemicNope. My intuition says no. Dont do it. We cannot social distance during a massage. I know; you miss it. Me, too!

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Healthy bodies healthy minds through ‘yoga in park'To commemorate International Youth Day Karim Khan Afridi Welfare Foundation engaged with energetic young people in an activity titled, Yoga in the Park.Speaking on the occasion,...

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Yoga Versus CBT for Anxiety; Michelle Obama's DepressionSome of the top PTSD predictors in police officers? Displays of anxiety and depression early in their careers and a tendency to startle at sudden sounds.

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Get your yoga on at Shorefront ParkThe Village of Patchogues recreation and parks department is offering people a way to breathe in some fresh air while getting their namaste on at the same time.

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Business Insights: Riverbend Yoga Brings Calm in a CalamityVicky Delaney, owner of River Bend Yoga is no stranger to natural disaster. Since opening River Bend Yoga in 2014, Vicky and her tribe have been ousted from their lovely space in downtown Alton several times.

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Pre-Pregnancy ExerciseBefore the Coronavirus lockdown I attended the gym 2 – 3 times a week and did a mixture of strength training, cardio machines and classes such as circuits and Sh’bam.

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Be Still And Know That I Am God Is NOT A Mantra For Christian YogaPhoto taken at Bostons Museum of Fine Arts Years ago, when I first started researching Brooke Boon and Holy Yoga, I visited their website.

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Urdhva PadmasanaUrdhva Padmasana  one of my favorite postures, as it combines inversion, stretch and balance.

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New yoga studio takes over West Kelowna Hot Box Yoga spaceA new studio has moved into the space previously occupied by Hot Box Yoga in West Kelowna.

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New habits die easyMy plan to do HIIT Workouts three days a week and yoga for the other three hasn’t quite gone to plan.

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Disinformation Of TruthForce yourself to believe that it is all true and it is all real. That everything you hear and see and experience is there for you to be present with.

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Feel Better: How to Use Yoga Straps for Stretching and SupportIncorporating a yoga strap into your yoga practice—or even just a traditional stretching session—can result in longer, deeper stretches and help you ease into poses you didn’t think you were flexible enough for.

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Popularity of yoga class at Centennial Park prompts Blue Pearl to add one on Thursday morningsFrom Blue Pearl Yoga: Turns out the new Yoga in Centennial Park class is a big hit, so we have added another class.

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Back to School, Back to Self-Care, Especially during COVID-19Summer is almost over and many school systems are getting back to a school year unlike anything we can remember.

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Ashtanga Yoga's Rigorous Poses Have Helped My Mental Health So Much During the PandemicAshtanga yoga is a particularly physical and intense kind of yoga. Although it's challenging, I wouldn't have gotten through the pandemic without my practice.

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Co-Owner of Seventh Chakra Yoga Shares Tips on Meditating at HomeA meditation expert gives her advice.

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Battling anxiety? Yoga is just as effective as a therapy session, say expertsYoga can be used to treat anxiety, according to a study which has prompted calls for the practice to be clinically prescribed on the NHS.Scientists found that regular yoga practice was almost as.

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To Love the OneYour first step towards spirituality is seeing One inside yourself, and that One inside you, is the One inside everyone else.

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Top 4 lifestyle changes that come with regular yoga practiceThere are many who are still not convinced about the benefits of yoga. Here are four reasons that are essential benefits gained with regular yoga practice.

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National Relaxation Day: A Day for Tranquility and RecenteringWritten by Rachel Dong5 minute read August 15th is National Relaxation Day, a commemorative holiday for repose and tranquility.

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Summer Anxiety: Too Hot To HandleLet me start with a quick PSA: We are going through a heat wave, and these temperatures can be extra challenging for people with anxiety.

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Power Yoga Workout ~ Hips and HamstringsMichelle Goldstein is co-founder of Heart Alchemy Yoga, LA's fastest growing yoga and wellness YouTube channel.

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Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga Flow for Full Body BalanceWelcome to an Intermediate Vinayasa Yoga Balance Flow to FEEL WHOLE! Cultivate strength, focus and balance in body, mind and soul with me.

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Why Your Kiddos Absolutely Need to Play OutsideOn average, children spend six to nine hours per day in front of a screen.

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Sitting for too long can make your hips tight: 5 hip-opening yoga poses for youSitting for too long is the biggest cause of tight hips. These yoga poses can loosen the tightness and strengthen your hamstrings and gluteal muscles.

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How I started doing YogaHowever, as I continuously joined more yoga sessions, I feel greater peace not because there is an absence of pain, tensions, or challenges.

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How to prepare for the OlympiadThe future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. On a personal note, what you are you are because you dream to be it.

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Yoga With the Horses of Lucky OrphansThe summer is winding down and we're still dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. I think a lot of us thought that we'd be done with it by the time summer was over, but it looks as though we'll be kicking off a safely distanced fall in a few weeks.

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Dumbbells to Yoga Mats: 5 Inexpensive at-home gym equipment for your workoutsWhile some of us are still able to exercise outside safely with distancing rules on our walks and runs, many of us don't have the privilege for outdoor cardio.

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Yoga studio considers lawsuit after delayed reopeningUntil their studio can fully reopen, the operators of be. In Union Yoga are conducting classes in outdoor spaces, such as their parking lot and public parks.

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Ls 79 When?By Shiva Shakti Power Yoga.

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Ebru Evrim Yoga Pilates Activewear Studio Reopens for its loyal community!It had only been four months when Ebru had to close the doors to her brand new state of the art Yoga and Pilates studio which features her Exclusive Activewear range AS SEEN IN Closer Magazine this month.

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424: The Joy of Movement w Kelly McGonigalThe Joy of Movement with Kelly McGonigal - Many of us chase happiness in life but happy states are fleeting anomalies largely out of our control.

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Yoga for Masters SwimmersYoga is an incredible and accessible way for masters swimmers to address their mobility through the practice of mindful movement.

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Yoga is for LGBT+ people of colour, not just white womenThe yoga industry needs to work harder to make their spaces inclusive for Black, indigenous and people of colour and the LGBT+ community. Shared .

Yoga for sleep: A 5-minute routineIn the first article in a five-part series, fitness expert Stephanie Mansour, host of PBS show "Step It Up With Steph," shares this five-minute yoga routine to help you sleep better every single night.

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Stay fit and get rid of constipation-YogaSuffering constipation even having a healthy diet? All you need is to try this mudra which not only will reduce your constipation but also give you different benifits.

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Advanced 300 HR Yoga Teacher Training in IndiaLife always has a way of bringing you to the exact place you need at the exact right moment in time. After completing my 200 Hour YTT in Bali, along with two years of building experience as a yoga teacher, I knew that I was ready to take my learning to the next level by signing up for an advanced 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training. It was always...

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Liberation DemystifiedYoga is all about honesty. To live our yoga is to be willing to let our false self fall.

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Bhopal admin issues guidelines for reopening of gyms, yoga centresAccording to the guidelines issued on Tuesday, people will need to wear face shields while exercising and will also have to get their own mats.

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How Meditation and Yoga Are Stepping StonesThe purpose of meditation is to train the mind. It trains the mind to stillness.

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Yoga for Wellness classes taking place in WheelingA yoga class geared for anyone who has experienced trauma or is looking to reduce stress or anxiety has formed in the Ohio Valley.

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Learn Face Yoga With Koko Hayashi Who Also Trained Kim KardashianAs an online community that supports women, Supparetreat is collaborating with celebrity face yoga trainer Koko Hayashi to host a 60-minute face yoga workshop via Zoom this Sunday.

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Health and Wellness: Today's yoga session with Baba RamdevWatch the video to know more about the various yoga techniques which can completely transform your life.

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Egyptian youth wins 2nd place in global Yoga contestDaily News Egypt) Egyptian student Shams Abdullah Ali Ragab Mohamed has won second prize in the Global Video Blogging Contest, "My Life My Yoga", to mark International Yoga Day.

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Cat Yoga Continues in Dutchess County "Meow-E-Stay"Need to relax and see cute kitties? You can do both with Cat Yoga and the Dutchess County SPCA.

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How Are You, Bangs?  And Other Questions I Cant Really AnswerMy life had been a rollercoaster ride since I graduated high school. I guess thats natural given that its how you actually grow up  or at least, what the medical books say.


Epica Singer Simone Simons Says Yoga Has Changed Her LifeEpica's iconic frontwoman Simone Simons revealed what yoga means in her life by sharing a new photo of herself on the official Instagram account and showed off her flexible body.

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Best Yoga Shorts for WomenFrom down dog to Shavasana, these best yoga shorts for women work to keep you comfortable and dry all workout long.

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The End of the Fourth TrimesterIt has been 12 weeks since our little baby joined us in the world, and I truly cannot believe so much time has gone by.

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One Quiet MorningIt rained all night. The Morning earth is wet. The sun is already up. The summer smell is spreading slowly.

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Anxiety Release Chapter 2Truly any yoga asana or mindful practice you do will help to lessen anxiety. All of these practices help calm the mind, ground you, relax and release tension. I am of the belief that a Hatha, Yin, or Restorative practice are more helpful for anxiety than the livelier flow practices; this however is a personal bias as these are what work...

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TwoFer TuesdayThats what 90 degrees Fahrenheit calls for, a twofer special. Being a library blog author, I dont have the licensure to sling brews, but I do have the power to pass on programming.

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This healthy bowl pairs well with a Buckhead yoga classDish of the Week: Beauty and the Beet Bowl from Sama.

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Photos: Kangaroos join yoga classes at Barn Hill Preserve in East FelicianaYou may have heard of goat yoga, but at Barn Hill Preserve in East Feliciana Parish, kangaroos and peacocks roamed between yoga mats as Leslie Barnes taught a yoga class on Friday.

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Kangaroo yoga's a big hit at Barn Hill PreserveYou may have heard of goat yoga, but at Barn Hill Preserve kangaroos and peacocks roamed between yoga mats as Leslie Barnes taught a yoga class on Friday.

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How to Keep White Teeth as You AgeYour teeth are a critical part of your anatomy. They arent simply extensions of bone.

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Yamas: BrahmacharyaThis is one of the stickier of yoga's yamas, or ethical guidelines. Either it doesn't resonate with those it is presented to, or it poses too much of a boundary, or it hoovers in the ether as this elusive, misunderstood force.

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Thrive! Kriya Yoga Meditation Center Opens in Hidden Valley Lake: A Sanctuary for Peace in South Lake CountyYou may be thinking, "what, another yoga studio? " Well, no. Yoga is a comprehensive system of practice including the physical disciplines of yoga asanas.

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Yoga for StrengthLooking to build upper body strength with yoga, here is a difficult 20-minute upper body workout to build strength and flexibility in your back, chest, and shoulders!

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Strike a pose: Local farm offers yoga with alpacasGood Karma Ranch in Iron Station is a small, family-run farm that offers tours and sells goods made from alpaca fiber such as socks, gloves, scarves and blankets.

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Yoga Poses For HeadacheIf daily headache is causing trouble for you, then you should start doing these yoga poses.

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How Yoga Affects Your Emotions, According To Experts"It isn’t unusual to go into a yoga class feeling fine only to be hit with a wave of unexpected emotion," says Kathryn Budig, a yoga instructor for the online yoga platform Glo.

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Yoga classes around IbizaWhat's better than starting or ending your day with a yoga class? Doing so on an Ibiza beach or rooftop followed by some delectable food.

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Witchcraft: Let's Talk Books 8/11/20Photo by Julie Francis via Unsplash. I recently finished The Green Witch’s Grimoire: Your Complete Guide to Creating Your Own Book of Natural Magic by Arin Murphy-Hiscock.

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MetamorphosisHello friends, it’s been a while! A long while, to the tune of about 9 months or so?

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The Power of AutosuggestionThe Power of Autosuggestion Your mind will eventually lead you to where you wish to be.

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This is the summerThis is the summer of simple breakfasts: Greek yogurt with granola and blueberries in the blue-and-white bowls I bought from Carolyn.

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TuesdayTips: An Overview of Yoga BlocksIve written several blog posts about props. Theres little doubt that I am a fan of using them to enhance your yoga practice, no matter how long youve been doing yoga or what st...

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Pre Event Sports Massage!Sports massage on event day helps to prepare an athlete for competition, but your approach maybe different than massage for training or recovery.

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3 Tips For Returning to the Gym and Pool After LockdownSpecialist studios, public pools, gyms and the dreaded spin class have all been legally back for less than a fortnight. In hindsight, it is wild to believe that these doors were actually barred and locked for the grand total of 20 weeks in the UK. Within this weird and wonderful time, my love affair with barre blossomed and I thankfully...


Wednesday 8:30 pm CST Restorative Yoga + Yoga Nidra a midweek reset.This is a Zoom class  message me for information on how to join or better yet join my newsletter.

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Slow Flow for WisdomA simple but beautiful slow vinyasa yoga flow. This all-around flow practice will help you work with the concept of wisdom and how it can lead you to decrease your suffering and connect you with your belief in basic goodness.

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Day 3 on Self discovery: Breathing techniques to control mind and improve concentrationOnce you start practicing mindful breathing, everytime try to observe your thoughts on that 4 minutes of practice and do write it down.

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Lenovo Yoga C640: Abandoning Windows on ARMThe trade of LTE connectivity for all-day battery life and processing-power during an unprecedented work-from-home wave seemed like serendipitous timing. Shared .

Ebb and Flow with LUNAR, the new EP by AjeetLUNAR will be yours this Friday, August 14th, PRE-SAVE here! Each stage of the moons cycle has an essence and a feeling.

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Understanding the Flow of PranaPrana translates as "life force energy," "vital energy," "breath of life," or "vital principle." This Sanskrit term is used in yogic teachings as a general reference to the manifest energy of the entire universe.

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Tie Dye, Yoga And Retro Brands Are The Sportswear Trend Of 2020Online search platform Stylight has released a sportswear report, which details the styles and products that were trending this year.

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Orange Snow VisualizationTo make the most of visualization we need to open our mind and allow our imagination to wander through the garden of possibility.

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To Comprehend and Respect AnotherLatin root com = together in mind, prehendere = to grasp it, or pick it up To comprehend something means to pick it up and be one with it.

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Nature Yoga Sanctuary Closes Wicker Park Studio After 16 Years, But Virtual Training Will ContinueOwner Nicole Sopko said closing the business was a "necessary financial decision." Attendance in virtual classes dropped and soon the studio saw less than half its typical income.

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Introducing the minipod: the new way to practice hot yogaFor an ultimately socially-distant flow.

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LS 78 attentionLS 78 attention by Shiva Shakti Power Yoga.

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Online yoga sessions for TN prisonersInmates of central prisons across Tamil Nadu are attending yoga classes online to remain healthy and beat the coronavirus during the COVID-19 lockdown period.

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Top 5 Mystical Yoga Retreats The world overYoga is an exceptional thing to rehearse at any age. Yoga benefits the body, yet in addition the brain and soul.

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Summer Morning RoutineHaving a routine with kids can sometimes be tricky but I definitely think it is beneficial for everyone involved.

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Yoga for Back Pain ReliefToday, we have a yoga for back pain class for you. Almost everyone can relate to feeling back pain, tension, or tightness just from our day to day activities.

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Pilates and Yoga Studios Market: Worldwide Industry to Boost in the Period of 2020-2025The Pilates and Yoga Studios market study report provides a granular analysis of the industry vertical and elaborates on the market dynamics. Shared .

Why a Strong Core Can Help Reduce Low Back Pain.Cleveland Clinic @ClevelandClinic · 5m Back pain is a complex problem, but can strengthening core muscles with targeted exercise provide some relief?

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Why we should practice Yoga in during COVID-19The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented period in our modern society. Our future is uncertain.

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Global Yoga Bolster Market 2020 Key Players, Segmentation, Consumption, Demand, Growth, Opportunities and Presents "Global Yoga Bolster Market Insights and Forecast to 2026" New Document to its Studies Database.

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How to Make Gene-Hacked Rainbow Cotton That Stretches Like Yoga PantsAustralian scientists are genetically modifying cotton to make it also working to make synthetic-like, stretchy cotton.

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The Great VoidTHE HEART SUTRA In that great void, I am here, I am here, I am here.

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Yoga Teacher Training and Certification BangaloreA yoga teacher certification helps the teacher learn many things and improves their current knowledge on the subject.

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Best Yoga PantsThe relaxed silhouette of a classic pair of yoga pants can make working out, or just working, a bit easier these days.

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The Benefits of Yoga on Physical and Mental HealthWeve all heard that Yoga can have a big impact on your physical and mental health.

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De-stress with kitten yogaThree kittens from Young Williams Animal Center joined a yoga class Monday.

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Force a‰ PowerEveryones working so hard these days, trying to figure out how to parse the new COVID-19 reality, trying to deal with massive uncertainty and upheaval.

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Kerry Washington's Garden Yoga Instagram Series Is All We NeedKerry Washington started a garden yoga series on Instagram Live and it's everything our minds needed during this time.

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Free Community YogaFREE COMMUNITY YOGA ​ YOUR SOUL SHINE YOGA CO OP 843 Miller Valley Rd., Ste 201, Prescott, AZ 86301 815.900.0369 Friday, August 14...12-12:30 p.m.

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The Mantra Box: Home Spa EditionThis edition of the YBC Mantra Box includes natural skincare, bath and beauty products to help turn your home into a relaxing spa experience.

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Pandemic Fitness Favorites!During the pandemic, we have all had to make the transition to at-home workouts! If youre an avid gym-goer like me, this adjustment has been far from easy and but nonetheless we make it wo...

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Best Full Body YogaBest Full Body Yoga - 30 Minute Feel Good Flow is a great place to begin or continue your yoga journey.

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Cincinnati Zoo offering Yoga at the Zoo, Beastly BreakfastsThe big lawn by Swan Lake is the perfect setting for relaxing morning yoga, ” Cincinnati Zoo Director Thane Maynard said in a statement. “It’s so peaceful before the Zoo opens, and the animals will be coming out and vocalizing right when you finish your workout.”.

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The Buzz: Appleton's yoga studios struggle to find balanceStudents wear masks and practice social distancing during a yoga class at 95 Yoga House in Appleton.

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DIBAOLONG Comfy Yoga Jogger Pants Can Be Lived in All Day LongWhen it comes to the comfiest loungewear, these yoga jogger sweatpants from DIBAOLONG are the absolute real deal — details.

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14 Types of Yoga: How to Choose Which Is Best for YouOverwhelmed by the 14+ types of yoga? We've got you covered — even when it comes to paddleboard yoga.

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How to kill a cactusI’ve always had a pretty green thumb. Pretty sure it’s partially inherited, since my Dad kept and keeps lots of plants and had a beautiful fish tank when we grew up, whereas my poor Mom could kill a plastic plant.

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Yesterday Was Our Six Month Wedding Anniversary! Plus, An Overview of Our WeekendWe realized on Saturday that Sunday was our six month wedding anniversary! We didnt really have anything planned for the day other than paddleboard yoga in the morning.

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Self-Care Tips for Getting Better Faster!We all get sick, and you will get better much faster by taking care of you and resting!

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The best yoga mats 2020The best yoga mat to buy, whether you're a beginner or seasoned practitioner.

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A Woman And Her PhoneI wake up early after a restless night. I am tired mentally and physically. I need to relax and I look forward to my early morning walk in the awakening nature.

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Yoga philosophy and altruismYoga offers us a profound philosophy that goes beyond our individual purposes. This philosophy inspires us to connect with the world around us, and to live according to values contributing to the bigger picture.

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Day 11: Ch 09 Consequences of Disobeying Baba etc and Ch 10 The Mahima of Shri Sai SamarthFor more: ►Subscribe us on Youtube: Our Playlists: ►Spiritual Quest: ►Narada Bhakti Sutra: ►Bhagavad Gita Exposition: ►Uddhava Gita Exposition: ►Srimad Bhagavatam Exposition: ►Guru&.

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Everything You Need to Know About Ashtanga Yoga, the Perfect Blend of Cardio, Strength and RelaxationWhat is Ashtanga yoga exactly, and can beginners do it? Here, learn more about Ashtanga benefits and poses and how to get started with Ashtanga yoga at home.


2 Simple Yoga Poses For Reducing Stomach FatLack of abdominal strength usually manifests itself in the form of low back pain. Proper diet, combined with a good fitness routine, can definitely help you reduce belly fat to a large extent.

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Monday Talk: Yoga is science of humanity in which we learn how to become real human being: Guruji Yogi Satyam to Anurag SasonYoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices that originated in ancient India.

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I quit my job.Monday morning, I woke up full of energy. My morning workout went by so much quicker than usual; my mind was so far away from the exercise it was as if my body was going through the motion but I wasn't actually in the room. Shared .

Yoga Heals Body And Soul !YOGA is the ultimate connection between your MIND and SOUL. it is not only responsible for giving you a perfect shape and fit body but it purifies your soul too.

L I F I E S T A Shared .

Kundalini Horoscope: Aug 10-16, 2020.The Moon is waning. Our emotional reserves are dwindling as the Moon rises later and appears smaller and smaller in the night sky.

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Yoga myths #1 and #2I am going to try to encourage you by debunking some of the reasons why people think they can't do yoga and try to give you some tools and encouragement for overcoming some of the reasons you give.

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In Calcutta, a student.Yesterday was a very good one-the self was in its prime. Still, creative, aware, receptive.

In Calcutta, A Student. Shared .

Veteran homeopathy doctor from Mancherial wins Covid-19 with yoga ADr Gurrala Krishna Reddy, a senior homeopathic practitioner and yoga teacher of Mancherial town emerged as a warrior of Covid-19 pandemic by winning against the virus.

Telangana Today Shared .

Fundamentals of Ayurveda course with Irina VerwerThis 4-hour online course is packed full of information to give you a strong grounding in the concepts of Ayurveda, including its origins, the elements, what Doshas are and how to recognise when they're out of balance.

Ekhart Yoga Shared .

I did it!At 4:30pm on Friday, 8/7/2020, I clicked on the button for the very last video exam of my 300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training program!

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Day 2 on Self discovery: Breathing techniques to control mind and improve concentration1.Mindful breathing Everywhere you might have heard about mindfulness and mindful breathing. Here am going to explain my own self experienced method.

Kreshni Shared .

Jesseca Liu Says This Yoga Pose Can "Reshape Your Body In 3 Minutes"Is this why personal trainers hate her?

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Kid's Yoga on YoutubeOne day, Amelia noticed my wifes yoga mat sitting out and asked if we could do some yoga.

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Cosmic Gypsy Tarot and Music: August 10-16: Your Inner Truth and WisdomThis week we focus on trusting our own inner navigation system. We begin to recognize more deeply and honor what is true for US, not true for everyone else.

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Tie dye, yoga and retro brands: The top sportswear trends of 2020Online search platform Stylight has released a sportswear report detailing which styles and products were trending this year.

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Nurturing Your Nature"Nurture"; verb; “To care for and protect while they are growing”. As someone who is committed to constant learning, constant growing and evolving - this definition hit me right in the feels.

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Full Body Yoga Stretch For Sore MusclesAll you have to do is show up. When you make the decision to take care of yourself, all sorts of amazing things begin to happen.

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Finding all the resources you need within you.You havent heard from me in a while, but its time to hit the pen again :-) The recent situation  first the covid-19 outbreak, then confinement, the second wave of confinement.

Geraldine Chapelle Coaching Blog Shared .

Week 2 Run 3Come on, who stole the air last night? Even though it was a bit cooler during the day than it had been, last night was just the worst for sleeping.

Really (not) A Runner Shared .

Yoga sale: best deals on mats, leggings and moreAll the essentials - mats, blocks and activewear - for less.

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Yin LifeNot long before covid-19 shelter in place began, I discovered that there is, in fact a form of yoga I actually like.

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Urvashi Rautela does Eka Pada Rajakapotasana. Inspires us to hit the yoga matUrvashi Rautela recently shared a new post in which she can be seen doing the Eka Pada Rajakapotasana.

India Today Shared .

YOGA CLUB!All our videos are ad-free on the Cosmic Kids App! are cheeky! They laugh, have fun together and swing through trees, making heroic leaps all the time!

Cosmic Kids Yoga Shared .

Morning YogaToday we have a full body yoga class, of course, but this flow in particular was designed to help energize us, wake us up, and make us feel aware and ready to start the day by showing us a quick 15 minute deep stretch sequence that is perfect for the morning, or start of your day.

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The Yogic secret to happiness that you can use right nowWork is stressful, the partner is being a pain, your parents are sick, the plan was to study further, that did not happen, the salary is not enough, the colleagues are terrible, especially the manager.

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Lockdown LovesIt's been a little longer than I intended but I'm back with the next instalment of all the things I've been loving during lockdown.

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Observational Reason on Why I don't celebrate my Birthdays.Human beings are the most intelligent species on this planet according to the data comprised by human being themselves.

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Cit and CittaCitta ~ psyche, mind. That in us, which thinks it is the thing that sees ~ TKV Desikachar.

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Is British Yoga Really For All? Calls For Inclusivity In Wake Of Black Lives Matter ProtestsDespite having it roots in ancient India and promoting itself as "for all", the UK's yoga scene is said to be a very white space, and is facing calls for change in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests.

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These Yoga Practices Will Keep Your Dental Health KickingThese yoga practices will relieve the strain from the jaws and keep your dental health in a good shape. Shared .

MicrocosmI've kept a diary since the pandemic began. It's fascinating to read back. It documents my personal thoughts, issues, realisations and difficulties - microcosm - alongside the issues, anxieties and difficulties in society, politics and the world - macrocosm.

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Plans for Aberdeen yoga studio backed by councilPlans to convert an Aberdeen shop into a yoga studio have been approved by council chiefs.

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Yoga guru Ramdev's Patanjali considering a bid for title sponsorship of the IPL: ReportVivo's sudden exit means BCCI are hunting for a title sponsor ahead of the 13th edition that is scheduled to start on September 19. Shared .

IPL 2020 title sponsor: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev's Patanjali keen to enter the frayIPL 2020 title sponsor: Yoga guru Baba Ramdevs Patanjali keen to enter the fray. Other competitors are Amazon, Dream11, MyCircle11, Byjus etc.

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Lock Down and Senior Citizen.Part4I got retired from the services of KGSG Bank, an rural bank, in December 2019.

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Red Bank Fitness in the Park ReturnsYMCA of Greater Monmouth County President and CEO Laurie Goganzer said, "The Community YMCA is excited to once again lead Fitness in the Park to help keep our neighbors in Red Bank active."

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Three online yoga classes to try at homeWhether you're a beginner or experienced yogi - Wellbeing, Right now we reckon there are millions of people around the world practicing yoga in their living rooms.

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Try yoga 150m up in The Dubai FrameThe classes take place on the glass bottomed walkway of The Dubai Frame - so you'll need a head for heights for this one.

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Seasons of LifeIt’s a special feeling when the world shifts and your child is grown up and teaches you a life lesson. The papers below are that shift for me. My world shifting for the better, thanks to a few papers my daughter, Julia, wrote in college last year. They changed my world.

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Nicola BelenNicola Belen is a long-time listener of the show who has reached out to J a few times and is currently living in Hong Kong, they discuss her story and what things look like there with the pandemic.

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BhagavadGita's Strategies for Coping with the InevitableOne thing that is certain as soon as we are born is our death! Yes, death is an uncomfortable and a taboo topic, but is the bitter reality of life.

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Does your back feel stiff in the morning? Deepika Singh shares yoga asanas that can helpWith regular practice of yoga, one can avoid waking up with a stiff back. Here are some easy asanas to practice.

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The Energy of Your Food May Be Affecting Your HealthFor thousands of years, classical Chinese medicine has used nutrition to treat imbalances. Here, we make the practice's principles of energetics-based dietary therapy more digestible.

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Extreme Grounding NeededExtreme Grounding Needed Pool Yoga with YogaForce and Dosha Hey Guys, Annie here and I am the one writing this blog for a change.

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Yoga Therapy in Bangalore Indiranagar in the Wellness Centre at FLUXWe look at yoga not only as a form of practice that aligns the body and the mind but also as a way of therapy.

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'Flying asana': Man does yoga while surfing in the sea, netizens reminded of DragonBall Z's GokuThe video was posted by IFS officer Sushanta Nanda on his Twitter page.

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How to be when others won'tIm struggling lately with the concept of exploring spirituality and minimizing the volume of my ego while surrounded by people who arent on the same path.

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SUP: Local yoga studio gets paddling thanks to business grantImagine taking your Downward Dog or Warrior pose floating above pristine waters. One wrong s...

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Is Yoga Right for Me?Lets chat about the not so obvious benefits of yoga, to help determine if Yoga is right for you!

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Tribe Yoga And Wellness Offers Down Dogs And Spirit Of CommunityMembers of and visitors to Tribe Yoga and Wellness Studio say they have never felt more welcome, whether is a class at the studio or a virtual class at home since the onset of COVID-19.They say the studio is full of positive energy and that each instructor has their own style of teaching which makes each experience unique.

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The Five Kleshas  the roots of pain and suffering1.Avidya – Ignorance Being ignorant of our true nature, we experience pain and suffering. So, what is our truenature?


09/08/2020 / A Queen On FireWhat a weekend - it's still to warm for my liking. I'm glad it's over now, only because I get to meet the people who I'm going to work with as a support worker , and I also finally get my hair cut for the first time in about a year.

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Yogi, but first&I am here because I teach Yoga, more specifically I want to teach you Yoga.

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LS 77 longevityLS 77 longevity by Shiva Shakti Power Yoga.

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Spiritually Renew Your MindI have been a part of Jessica Shakir’s Beautiful Mind Academy for 2 weeks. The first week, we learned about the spiritual element of beauty and this week, we are focused on renewing our minds.

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At home with asanasEven students feel safer to continue practising yoga at home, said Suriya Krishna, a yoga teacher and owner of Krishna Su Yoga in HSR Layout.

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Soft heart practiceSaturday morning class. An effort to get out of bed and roll across the hallway to where my mat and camera is set up.

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The Core of the MatterImage courtesy of Rayner and Smale Weve all heard that to ensure a healthy, strong and pain-free back, we need to focus on maintaining or increasing our core strength.

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Abdominal bloating: Yoga asanas that can helpAbdominal bloating bloating can be an embarrassment. Try out a few yoga asanas that are meant specifically for getting rid of this condition.

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The Importance of the 8 Limbs of YogaWesternized yoga practices have lost the true meaning of yoga: the 8 limbs. Yoga is more than just a physical practice, it involves meditation, breathing practices, disciplines to live by on and off of the mat, and more.

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Breathwork for everyday.The breath is a powerful, vital part of our being. it is our life force, our energy.

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Fox Mysteriously Steals 100 ShoesWhy did the fox steal my shoes?  sounds like the start of a brain-teasing riddle or an annoyingly viral song.

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Why Sensibility Is Your SuperpowerSensibility is a superpower, here are eight reasons why Navigating the world for a sensible person can be tough as it is challenging to give opinions without worrying about the outcome and how it will impact others.


Massage for Back-Pain Relief!A regular massage is often considered to be a treat, rather than a necessity. Most people believe that having a massage is good for aches and pains, or can help if they’ve overdone the exercise.

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Beirut, bikers and wine yoga: the weekend's best photosThe Guardian's picture editors select photo highlights from around the world.

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Intermediate YogaPatreon: : - consult your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program. By using our videos, you understand and agree that neither Boho Beautiful Ltd.

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Lenovo ThinkPad X13 Yoga unboxing and first impressionsLenovo's ThinkPad X13 Yoga is the successor to the X390 Yoga, and along with 10th-gen processors, it now has Dolby Audio speakers and new Unified Communication keys, all in a 2.76-pound package.

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Detailed account at last #MentalHealthUpdateTrigger warning: what you are about to read below is a detailed personal account of mental health issues, avoid reading if necessary.

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Yin and Yang Inspiration SpreadTodays Yin and Yang inspiration spread is about change and instead of being afraid of what steps are necessary for that change and if you can manage to focus on what the next step is and t...

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Value management and attaining unconditional loveIn the satsang we create a sattvic atmosphere that makes it easier to focus on the knowledge.

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Jealousy, consistent effort and mastery of the mindRajas is the problem. Don't compare yourself to others. If you don't know who you are the bad values are obstacles and the good values are helpful.

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The Process of Spiritual lifeThe Process of Spiritual life, its really just a process of more and more identifying with this Conscious Presence&.

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Three years of mental healthI explain how Ive tried to shore up my mental health during three years of cancer treatment.

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The Power Of DecisionsThe power of decisions Everything that happens in our life starts with a decision. It is these moments of decisions that usually shape our lives.


Yoga for Neck and Shoulder PainThis yoga for neck and shoulder pain class is put together to safely introduce yoga poses that are designed to relieve pain and tension in the neck, shoulder, and upper back areas.

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A little about me&Me My name is Sophie, Im 27 and I work for a law firm in Leeds City Centre.

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Beginners Guided Yoga Nidra For AnxietyAir Wick Essential Mist Diffuser with the Lavender and Almond Blossom scent: the full collection of diffuser refills here: THE BASICS FREE PDF DAY CHAKRA CHALLENGE YOGA TEACHER TRAINING all been there.

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Namaste Noir: A Colorado yoga co-op seeks to diversify, heal racialized traumaA growing body of research asserts that racism and discrimination may be playing a larger factor than previously thought in elevating risks for obesity and chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer among people of color.

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Kerry Washington Has Legit Yoga SkillsKerry Washington has over 20 years of feature films and television projects in her rearview, and several on the horizon.

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Yoga studios change with the pandemicSue Parsley of Lenox Yoga believes the pandemic is an opportunity to learn to trust and let go of our preconceived notions.

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Ocean Sounds RelaxationOcean sounds with black screen for 12 hours designed to help you drift off into sleep.

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Large Waterfall SoundsThe audio is from Grand Marais waterfall in Michigan, USA. I have to admit that my video at the start is not of said waterfall.

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Yoga for fitness: The health benefits of Aerial Yoga; steps to perform exercisesAerial Yoga is the latest prop that is an innovative form of exercise for weight loss, flexibility and stamina building.

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Almost half the yoga centres in Rishikesh, regarded as the yoga capital of the country, forced to shut as many can't afford rentHaridwar: Most of the yoga centres at Rishikesh haven't been able to recover from the losses incurred during the pandemic-induced lockdown.

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A Friendly ReminderJust a quick word to remind us all that the only thing we are not being encouraged to do in life is to take care of each other.

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Earning Gold StarsMy first gold star for the day was my practice on my elliptical trainer. I made it to 35 minutes today!

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My Daily Splits Routine! !I thought Id share how I like to stretch my splits.

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Indians turn to unproven remedies amid shortage of Covid-19 drugsA controversial yoga guru with close ties to the prime minister has been promoting his own 'guaranteed cure' for the virus.

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Botanicam Partners with Cornelius Jones Jr. for CBD/Elite Yoga SweepstakesGrand prize to include a one-month membership to Jones' "Elite Yoga Burn" plus an assortment of CBD products.

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A Day Trip VisualizationWe are going into the magical world of visualization... allow your imagination to recreate the past.

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LS 76 Italian bikeItalian bike by Shiva Shakti Power Yoga.

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How to Pair Cannabis and YogaThis plant-practice pairing has been gaining traction in the yoga community. Here, how THC and CBD can impact your time on the mat.

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HouseHold AhimsaEvery product you buy, consume and throw away takes a toll on the environment. Production drains natural resources and creates pollution, while waste is a burden on Earth.

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Admiration to InfatuationWell done you, idiot! This is why you couldn’t go and talk to her – you become a bumbling, babbling, prattling donkey!

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The Sports Archives  Six Ways To Deal With Muscle SorenessHave you ever done an amazing workout and then really regretted it the next day because of DOMS?

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Post Sports Event Massage a€“ How Does It Help?After a big sports event your body will be stretched to its limits, and you will more than likely be feeling tired and sore.

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Inside JourneyDay 1 on self discovery When you think who you truely are. your mind starts giving answers and reasons based on the preset ideas and thoughts with which you grown up.

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A Limited Range of MotionIm still waiting for the results of the second MRI. The doctor says it can verify a slipped disk, or cancer.

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10 Minute Easy Morning Yoga for BeginnersPractice with me on OmStars commercial free! Over 1000 classes and thousands of hours of content:.

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New education policy brings hope for yoga, sports degree holdersThese youths with degrees of Bachelors in Physical Education to Diploma in Physical Education and Certificate in Physical Education , are hoping the change would create more jobs for them.

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Life in lockdown: how my health has changedIts been an interesting few months, hasnt it? As Ive spent the last few months at home, I thought Id look back and see how my health has changed.

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Yoga Saved My LifeAccording to a recent study, "Yoga may provide an additional or alternative strategy to engage people experiencing depression in meaningful physical activity.” This I wholeheartedly agree with as yoga played a crucial role in my depression and anxiety recovery process."

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Yoga to Reduce Stress and AnxietyNews and Updates for HR Professional in India -, Employer-Yoga benefits people by Unleashing Unparalleled Creativity, Increasing Energy, Reducing Stress and Increasing Focus.

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10 Common Symptoms of DepressionEvery year approximately 9.5 per cent of the American population suffers from depression. Depression is a grave illness that affects day to day life and destroys families.


Daily Dryland Swimming Workouts #138Today's workout will be a recovery day, allowing you to digest this week's work.

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How the Black community is using yoga to heal from the trauma of George Floyd's murderWhile yoga is not a cure-all, studies have shown that survivors of intimate partner violence, people who suffer from depression, and those who deal with high levels of stress benefit from the practice.

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Stretching out: A beginner's guide to 10 essential yoga posesYoga is a practice dating back thousands of years, first as an oral tradition from teachers to students, then collated into the Yoga Sutra, a 2,000-year-old treatise on yogic philosophy.

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Body: The Benefits Of YogaYoga is an ancient practice with origins in India stretching back thousands of years. Many practitioners find that it helps them achieve a sense of calmness and tranquility, along with numerous physical benefits.

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How I'm staying in shape as a Springboard DiverDuring the Summertime, most divers are working towards upgrades and training intensively. But this Summer everything came to a stop.

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Simba and Minerva in BaliArriving to Bali. Scuba Diving was a priority. Minerva asks for two tanks. Simba reluctantly pulls out his “gear”.

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Shadow And LightShadow and Light, aspects of our life. Ego to eternal light, a strife, life after life.

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Malaika Arora just showed us how to do the Low Lunge yoga pose; check it outThis yoga asana stretches out your thigh, groin area and opens your chest.

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Yoga VS Meditation: Which Is Better?Self-care has been an important and trending topic for the past few years. In this fast-growing world, we are busy with our daily chores and work but giving some time to yourself can be a game-changer.

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Gurugram: Gyms, yoga centres allowed to open, conditions applyThe district administration on Friday issued guidelines for “Unlock 3” in Gurugram. Following the Union ministry of home affairs guidelines, gyms and yoga centres have been allowed to reopen with immediate effect.

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Intense Rain on Car RoofThe sounds of distant traffic offered here add some variety that some enjoy. I hope this recording and dark screen are what you need to find a goods night sleep.

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10 streaming ideas you can make money fromWhat if you can just do what you love, even if its a game with a cat, and get paid for it?

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Conduct yogic kriyas in open spaces: GovtThe state health and family welfare department has issued Covid-19 guidelines in yoga centres and gymnasiums.

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Yoga Poses for Open, Strong ShouldersBeat shoulder tension and also strengthen your shoulder girdle with this yoga sequence.

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Yoga lessons for Covid-19 patientsNashik: Patients admitted at the dedicated Covid health centre in Sinnar will now get tips on yoga and respiratory exercises on television sets.

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Yoga studio survives by offering virtual classesRICHLAND, Wash.  Trying to run a small business is hard enough, but when you add a pandemic it can feel impossible. Shared .

Hello!Hi there! My name is Caelin, and this is my first blog. Id like to introduce myself.

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A Sequence to Create and Hold SpaceAs we continue with social distancing to protect ourselves and others during a pandemic, we have become more aware with this idea of "taking up space" in the world.

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Top Picks and Must HavesOur top picks and must haves for ethical, quality, and inspiring things that make our heart sing!

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Save $60 on the flexible Yoga Smart Tab Android tablet computerWhat do you get when you cross an ordinary tablet with a smart screen? Something like the Yoga Smart Tab, which you can carry around to watch YouTube or read Kindle books, but also set down on its stand and use with Google Assistant as if it were a Nest Hub.

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Save $60 on the versatile Yoga Smart Tab Android tabletIt's a tablet, it's an entertainment center, it's a smart display and it costs just $190.

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Healthy Morning HabitsWhether you want to lose weight or belly fat or just want to lead a healthy lifestyle, an effective and healthy morning routine is a must.


How Yoga Can Support Heart HealthWe've been told for years that exercise is good for us and we need to get more of it in order to avoid or manage some of the most common chronic health conditions facing American adults these days including diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

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The One Yoga Pose You Should Do Every MorningEase into your day with a calm mind and energized body by starting with the Cat-Cow yoga pose.


Only If You Were Present!I am sitting on my sofa thinking of the time when I was in a restaurant with my friends all disinterested because I wanted to be alone.

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Philadelphia Phillies' Spencer Howard used yoga to help him reach the majorsHoward, who is expected to make his major-league debut with Sunday's start against Atlanta, maxes out on his fastball around 98 m.p.h.

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What It's Like to Teach Yoga Over ZoomAmanda Valdes is 38-year-old instructor in New York, who has had to move home with her parent and teach classes online.

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Game of Thrones star leads yoga class in WolverhamptonA Game of Thrones star was in the Black Country today leading a yoga class in a city centre nightclub.

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07/08/2020 / A Queen On FireBloody hell, its warm today. I had to take a cold shower after I went to the gym because it is that warm.

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